THE RETURN FROM THE EVENT Wall‟s Cornetto ice-cream is the market leader in the impulse, cone

ice-cream segment of the market. Innovations are introduced on a yearly basis, each time coupled with thematic and tactical activation to support the new variant launch. With the objective to launch of 2 variant flavours, Sweetheart Brownies and Almond Praline Love, and gain a 15% increase in sales over the next 6 month ,Cornetto has always positioned itself as the „conduit for love‟ , a social lubricant to enhance the bonding experience between opposite genders. Cornetto launch a Cornetto Love Spark campaign by combining two different genders, a rising and beautiful singer from Indonesia and Malaysian heartthrob. They choose a rising start from Indonesia Gita Gutawa and Dafi from Malaysia recorded an exclusive love duet which leads to a fully integrated campaign including an SMS contest, an online forum and a radio singing competition, culminating in a live concert with artists and consumers. With the tagline “When you plus me, two become one” in their campaign poster, it cause a new sensation in the marketing advertisement in Indonesia and Malaysia, especially. With all mediums worked in perfect synergy resulting in Cornetto‟s sales growth of 25% in just one month during the YTD Mac/April 2008 surpassing past 10 years‟ records. In just three weeks, a remarkable 6579 participants called in versus around more 3000 participant for station‟s own radio contests. With overwhelming participation and requests for Cornetto‟s theme song, it stayed on the charts for a record-breaking 18 weeks. Newly-appointed brand ambassadors, Indonesian singer Gita Gutawa and local heartthrob Dafi brought the fresh love-song to life .The Cornetto Love Sparks theme song “Dua Hati Menjadi Satu” reached the top 3 on Carta 30 (Top 30) for 4 weeks and stayed on the charts for a total of 18 weeks. On the other hand, “Dua Hati Menjadi Satu” had been on Carta Era (Era Hit List) for 9 weeks in total as well as having hit the no. 1 spot on Era‟s Indonesian chart show, called Ngetop@Era. The news frenzy generated massive PR value worth over RM3.5 million. It is due to the uniqueness of this Indo-Mal music collaboration and partly to the allusion of a possible 'love story' blossoming between the 2 young artistes, the campaign received over 50 great, influential and memorable stories over 5 months in mainstream newspapers, lifestyle magazines, entertainment magazines, television and online media. News coverage received hit total circulation rate of 5,147,670 with an estimated reach of approximately 15 million readers .During the finale concert more than 3,500 crowds swarmed the many road shows and it hit Walls target to achieve the greater campaign competiting with their competitor such

as Nestle. Result from this campaign, the Cornetto‟s brand ambassadors were offered several endorsement deals following the Cornetto Love Sparks campaign. The result of the vote from one of the website , consist of 11,606 voter , show that Wall achieve their target and become one of the leader in the ice-cream brand in Malaysia.


16.67% 6.41% 1.28% 7.69% 8.97%

15.38% 5.13%

Favourite Ice-cream


By the very nature of advertising and the process that goes into message development, there are innumerable ways to devise the creative advertisement. From the above advertisement of Cornetto Love Spark campaign that being conduct and arrange by the agency MINDSHARE MALAYSIA in Kuala Lumpur, it show a lot of emotional creative style in this campaign. Emotional creative style is one of the creative style in symbolic or experiential orientation. It shows the image of romance, joy, happiness and excitement in their advertisement campaign. The tagline „Two become one’ was the manifestation of the product itself, two flavours in one ice cream cone (Sweetheart Brownies variant is made from Butter Vanilla + Butter Chocolate Hazelnut ice cream and the Almond Praline Love variant is made from Caramel + Chocolate ice cream). Music also part of the important component of the advertising landscape. Music also can be interpreted as an expression of love. It is effectively communicating the essence of the brand while engaging and resonating with consumers. It formed the affinity conduit between Wall‟s Cornetto and the youth, providing as a platform to bring people together. The concept was then given even more traction by getting talents from both Indonesia and Malaysia to collaborate in producing a hit song that would help generate buzz as well as create goodwill between the people from both countries.To seamlessly blend the brand‟s essence of „conduit for love‟ with the concept of „Two Become One‟, the team created a campaign creatively expressed as “Cornetto Love Sparks”.

The concept was brought to life through a theme song “Dua Hati Menjadi Satu (Two Hearts Become One)” performed by Dafi of Malaysia and Gita Gutawa of Indonesia. They became Cornetto‟s brand ambassadors and played an active role in a 2-phase holistic campaign. A conscious effort was made to focus on a campaign that would target the mass Malay youth segment aged between 15-25 years, as they remained the staunch supporters for Cornetto.In order to understand them even better, an extensive qualitative study was conducted. One the very dominant behaviour, it was proven that what was emerged were their affinity with Indonesian movies, music, artistes and even fashion. The singers and actors were idolized and their songs are placed on repeats whole day long. It became really cool to be mimicking what they did and how they conducted themselves, from dressing to choice of food and beverages. Based on this insight, the client and agency collaboratively unveiled the nexus for this regional campaign - „Two Become One‟. Various strategy being made to achieve this campaign starting from the collaboration of both ambassador , the attractive advertising, the campaign throughout Malaysia either by the road show, website, radio contest, SMS contest and finally the finale of the campaign , the concert that consist of their ambassador and another artist. The tagline”Two Become One’ stays true to Cornetto‟s essence as the „conduit for love‟ .

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