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Breathing Love

This can be a very profound practice. It is something that anyone can do. It is very simple. By attuning to it and following it, you can be led and assisted toward being and becoming. Allow yourself to be guided by feeling, inspiration, and the ever-refining inner qualities of breath. Start with anything that inspires the feeling of love. It can be an event, a person, a situation anything at all. You start with where you are. Breathe this feeling, this love. Let it intensify and feel yourself being drawn into it and it filling you. Sit there with it a bit. Let thoughts or distractions slowly fade. Fill yourself with the interest of experience. Then, upon the mind and thought put a sense of your highest conception/feeling/sense of the Divine. Your ideal of That Which IS; that which supports all things, all form, all being; that which gives of itself all life. It is that which you now put your attention on and toward. As you do, you let go of the element(s) which initially assisted you in feeling love. You continue and deepen the breathing of Love, but you replace the smaller with the Divine Ideal. It is this that you love. And, as you do so, and as you breathe love, you let yourself be filled on the in-breath with all this Love of The Being, the One From Which All Comes. It fills and becomes you. And on the out-breath you feel yourself dissolve into this Being as much as you can. It is that which you breathe and are breathed by - breath, breather, and breathed, losing yourself in Oneself of Love; Being lifted, supported, carried, supplied, filled, and led to what is needed; becoming yourself in Oneself. Breathe with and through your whole body with the heart as the center. Feel your breath filling, radiating, filling, radiating. Forget your body, feel the Love and Your ideal ... becoming ... larger ... and ... more ... refined ....... And so as "you" grow more into the love that is, and toward that Ideal that IS "you" and as "your" Ideal stronger becomes, let flip the "I" the sense of two and One becomes what is and was always. And from the point of view and being, - as much as possible - let loose the bonds of little, let go of self-defined.

Break/move from two eye toward one breath be breathed more included as one the forms and the bodies the mind and the thoughts, the "person" through which/whom you show yourself/express are more and more vehicle your body grows larger both wider and higher and much more refined extending in harmony notes/tones more refined including less form, less left - grows to the edge and at the edge let go to what is beyond. Do not be in forms now nor seek replication of experience past or told by another if planets are organs they are so small go further the heart/sun one becoming be-comes let loose of these steps/stages perspective grows more the heart/love/breath is one and not stopping yet form looses loses - flowing in river - ocean no less the breathelove love breathes and is-breath the is/love i-am/amnot loses and looses and be comes and is ..

i dentity changes ... re-members - and knows OM Hari OM Feel. Experience. Be.

After a while,

...., still tasting/being/including/connecting to smaller and being in denser -

as much as you can live extended in "person" ... if you have considerations, questions, concerns, let the intuition - the guidance of the Being Divine - fill you or tend you toward the realization and understanding - the filling of your need. It is always according to your capacity and intent. Let it be part of your practice that this increases and that blocks be lifted and dissolved, and that you get what you need to in order to make the next step. It is then up to you to discern it and to decide to follow it - or not. It should be emphasized that this is not another psychological tool to use to feel better. It is also not a means whereby you then apply it primarily for the purpose of secondary purposes, divination, or problem solving. Its primary emphasis is on remembering and becoming. However, while you are in the state of being that this practice assists one toward, you can then turn to the Divine, the Ideal, the One in a more real way, with increased attention, receptivity, and from a higher point of view. In this way you may be guided toward resolution, and the door opened for further growth. Keep in mind that as you progress, part of the intention and function of this practice is to allow you to move beyond the separateness of breather and breathed, lover and love, being and becoming - to be - if you can consider it, desire it, and allow it. If you do this breathing it will deepen and guide you "home"; and if you do this once, you can then contact it - to where it has grown - at any time, through the breath and feeling. In the course of the day, let it fill you in spare moments. Put you attention on it in the 15 seconds of time

walking down a hallway; in the car waiting for the light to change; in the laundry as the clothes dry; in the restaurant waiting to be served. Let it lead you and guide you, and rest upon it with the opening of heart, and the blessings and guidance of the Ideal - increasing both capacity and intent. This then becomes the breath of love. The way of living follows. This can be a very profound practice. It is something that anyone can do. It is very simple; yet by attuning to it and following it, you can be led and assisted toward being and becoming. Allow yourself to be guided by feeling, inspiration, and the ever-refining inner qualities of breath. An admonition: Because this is simple do not deceive yourself that it is easy. Because anyone can do it, do not deceive yourself that you can rely only upon your own actions. Because there is guidance and intuition, do not think that it is only from "you". Leave open the possibilities that all can take place; that you can be led eventually to really learn; that you will find that dependence and reliance that goes beyond your person; and that you may be asked to do more than you think now. It is by waiting upon the table that one becomes a waiter; by writing that one learns the art of the novelist; and by association that one finds the keys to the tuning of the heart. It is not the doctor who prescribes for himself who also sees the disease clearly. Let yourself be led to what is needed. Breath Love.