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A Family Tradition...


Nunzio Di Sano is born in bronte,the land of the pistachio. Today he is the holder of the firm F.S.D. Dried fruit Di Sano S.r.l , begins its activity in the middle 60s with the distribution of this small fruit in the local pastry-making confectionery. The efforts, the passion, the perseverance and the deman of the product encourage him in his first investment. He acquires a small warehouse where he could manufacture and select the pistachio, in order to guarantee the best quality of dried fruit to his clients, and to create a gap between him and the other firm holders.


Pistachio 100% Bronte (Italy) origin Pistachio 100% Iran origin Pistachio 100% Turkish origin Pistachio 100% California origin Pistacchio 100% Syrian origin

Green Emerald Green Green-Yellow Green Green-Yellow Green Green-Yellow Green Grenn-Yellow


What gives us today the possibility to suggest the right product for your manufacturing is a life time experience in quality terms. The technical modernisation and the absolute alimentary safety are the cornerstone of our firm. There is and there will always be a special care for the Bronte Pistachio, witch has recently lost credibility. The F.S.D. committed herself in the safeguard and promotion of this product, in order to make it recognizable among the others.


Husked Pistachio Husked salted Pistachio

Big 18/20 Big 18/20


TODAY TO BUY Mr. Di Sanos abilities in maintaining an high quality standard PISTACHIO FROM BRONTE in manufacturing draws the attention of many north Italy and Europe firms. The request of the Bronte pistachio increases, NOT MEANS TO BUY due to the great selection made by Di Sanos. PISTACHIO OF BRONTE...
The huge demand allows the firm to transfer to Milan, the fulcrum of Italian economy and the perfect link to the others European metropolis. Beside the Bronte pistachio, the firm brings along from the Sicilian lands the exquisite almonds and many others dried fruit. It begins a period of growth, thanks to the collaboration with other firms from all over the world, such as Greece, Turkey and Iran. This allows Mr Di Sano to become specialist in the production of other countries dried fruit manufactures, and to establish a relationship based on honesty and friendship with the foreign firms.

Selected Pistachios 100% free from husks and external bodies Selected unhusked Pistachio Grains 1-2 mm of Pistachio Grains 2-4 mm of Pistachio Grains 4-6 mm of Pistachio Pistachios flour Pistachios Dough 100% Pure (for ice-cream parlour and pastry-making confectionery) Pistachios Dough for Petit Four Pistachios Cream Pistachios Topping Pistachios Brittle Coated Pistachio Grains of Brittle and Coated Pistachio Variegated of Pistachio and Coated Pistachio Variegated of Pistachio Toasting of the product in different gradations as the client desires. CONFECTIONS for Dried Fruit: Bins/Big Bag from 600 kg - 700 kg - 1000 kg Sacks from 25 kg Big 12,5 kg - 5 kg Boxes from investments are made in order to increase Vacuum-pack from 6 kg - 5 kg - 3 quality of- the products. the production and the kg - 2,5kg 1kg - 0,5 kg Packs from 2 kg - 1 kg - 0,500 kg - 0,250kg - 0,100kg- 0,050 kg.

The acquisition of an automatic equipment

There are also equipments for the specific weight measure, even though F.S.D. FRUTTAthe visual control and SECCA DI SANO S.r.l. the hand cleaning made by the skilled workers Via Sesia 40/o 20089 Rozzano (MI) Tel: +39 is always a constant +39 02 89201977 02 8255684 Fax: presence.

CONFECTIONS husk procedure (the first infrared sorting for the un for Semi-processed Liquids: Tanks from 1000 kg - 600 kg machines by Sortex) - 5 kg Bucket Bag from 20 kg - 10 kgbrings a significant renewal Tins from 5 kg - obtaining 100% perfect cleaning. in 3,5 kg Pots from 1 kg - 0,50 kg - 0,250 kg.

Our productivity in processing EXPIRIENCE, OUR Pistachio goes from 8.000 Kg 10.000 Kg daily. OUR PASSION,

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