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level: College (3-4 years: Junior, Senior) Subject or discipline: Business Studies Title: Analyzing Bank of America after Purchasing Countrywide Number of sources: 15 Provide digital sources used: No 1 Page summary: No Paper format: APA # of pages: 30 Spacing: Double spaced # of words: 8250 # of slides: ppt icon 0 Paper details: Please fowllow the outline below to complete the essay. I have also uploaded the outline as additional materials for clear view. Please title each section as shown in the outline Introduction Countrywide Financial was the giant corporation that was able to make a mockery of the mortgage lending industry by not having any ethics to conduct business or check and balances in place, like compliance. When the bubble burst and countrywide was in trouble Bank of America (BofA) stepped in to help. By doing this, they bit off more than they can chew and they were in more financial trouble than initially calculated. However that was not the major impact, they lost their brand recognition and cost them to lose a major part in their business Purpose o By looking at Countrywide and Bank of America which were giants; one might say they drove the markets in their own fields, mortgage and banking respectfully, which were dubbed To Big to Fail. o Clarify what they did to get there and also what we can learn from their mistakes so we may avoid them in the future. Scope o complete an external analyses of the mortgage/banking industry before and after the crisis. o In-depth/internal analysis of Countrywide/Bank of America and how they contributed to the bubble bursting and the consequences they suffered. Business Context

-Analyze the industry and broader environment of the banking and mortgage system and its regulations. -Countrywide Home Loans and their methods of lending -What led them to being taken over by Bank of America. -Analyze what happened to Bank of America when they bought Countrywide -What happened to Bank of Americas Reputation -What regulations and restraints Bank of America had to overcome -What happened to the labor force at Bank of America -Analyze main competitors and how are they doing compared to B of A -How many settlements it took to eliminate Countrywides debts -List the settlements in sequential order and briefly explain each one -What assets did B of A sell to create cash flow Current Business Strategies -Describe and analyze the regulators and regulations of Mortgage and banking sector -What common threads of strategy does the industry leaders use -Describe current strategies of Bank of America -What strategies do they have to rebuild and restructure the company to compete in todays marketplace -What future plans do they have -Bank of America exits the mortgage/correspondent business Current Business Capabilities 1.Business Processes. -Describe the processes that enable the functioning of Bank of Americas day-today operation -Explain how this functions support the achievement of the operational goals. -How are they integrated and can they measure if the process works 2. Supporting IT tools -Describe technology being used by banks and regulators -From those tools which ones are being utilized by Bank of America -Did Bank of America create any special or specific technology to advance 3. Internal organization. -Define Bank of America as an organization -Bank of Americas structures current approach -Overview of management team for Bank of America -What is Bank of Americas Core Values -What is NEW BAC and what they expect out of it

4. Ethical and legal environment. -Describe the ethical considerations and processes of Bank of America. -Describe what Shared Vision/Mission is and what does it mean for Bank of America. -Why is having a shared vision and mission important for an organization? -Draw the Stakeholder/Responsibility Matrix, explain the strengths and weaknesses of each element: 1)economic, 2)legal, 3) social, and 4)ethical. -A drawing and incorporation (Description) of the Stakeholder/Responsibility matrix for Bank of America and their ethics practices. -From that matrix explaining the strengths and weaknesses of each element as applied to Bank of America business practices a)economic, b)legal, c) social, d)ethical. 5. Financial analysis. -Overview of the banking/financial sector -Brief overview of the main competitors financials -Financial Analyze of Bank of America based on the financial statements for the past three years. 6. Management and control systems. -Analyze Bank of America using the perspectives from the Financial Accounting. -Overview and brief description of top/ senior management -What recent management changes have been made SWOT Analysis -Explain SWOT Analysis -Analysis Bank of America using SWOT analyis Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats Porters Five Factors/Forces Model -Explain porters Five Factors -Describe the Bank of Americas crisis and regulations using Porters Five Factors

-Did the bank utilize Selective Abandonment Assessment o Conclusion Overview of the this paper, what have we learned and what can be taken away from this o Recommendations and solutions based on the analysis of this paper give 8 to 10 recommendations and solutions (ex:what can be done better, more sufficient, better guidelines, etc) Comments from Support Team: Fee: 6750