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The First of the 3 Spirits

The 1 Spirit


The Spirit of the past. The candle. PAST MEMORY REMEMBER LEARN

The Candle

Description: Like a child Supernatural medium Emblem Light Tunic of purest white An angel figure A Messenger

It represents:

Light Purity Memories Scrooge's Past Hope: the light of hope Scrooge has a chance to change Recollection of memories

A Miracle: From the gospel, The christ cured the handicaped man in the clerk's house by saying the following words: Rise and Walk Similarly, the candle says to Scrooge: Rise! And walk with me!

A Miracle


Hope Cure Light Resurection Physical rebirth Those who suffer could be released from it.

Hope Cure Light Resurection Mental & Psychological Rebirth Scrooge suffers psychologically and spiritually.

First Visit

Recollection of memories. We learn how Scrooge became a stingy miserable person. The place where Scrooge grew up.

To Wake up: the child inside Scrooge, the purity and to force him to remember and to feel similar emotions.

2 visit


Little Fan Scrooge's sister The moment she came to take him back home at Christmas time. Traumatic experience for Scrooge. We learn about his relationship with his father.

3 Visit


Scrooge as an apprentice to Mr. Fezziwig. Celebrating Christmas Scrooge recalls his memories. He watches himself celebrating Christmas.

4 Visit


Belle, Scrooge's exfiancee. You fear the world too much, she answered gently. Gain, engrosses you Fear Rejection Spiritual & Psychological sterility.

Spiritual & Psychological Sterility

They tranform into a Monster. The Monster of Gain The Monster of Greed Sterility transforms into fertility. The fertility of material, short-term. Material is short-term, it fades through time.

Spiritual Fertility.

Scrooge must regain time He must regain spiritual and psychological fertility. He will bloom from a dry tree to a beautiful blossom tree again. From Winter to Spring.

From Winter to Spring. Ebenezer recalls !

Past appears to Scrooge.

To Demonstrate the necessity to change his ways. Dickens shows to the reader how Scrooge came to be the person he is and why he dislikes christmas. His father is described as a cold and unloving man by his beloved sister Fan. Belle: She describes Scrooge's change and his obsession with money. Alienation and the broke off their engagement.

The Allegory of Christmas Carol.

Past represents memory. Memory is a force that connects the different stages of a person's life. Candle's glowing head suggests the illuminating power of the mind. Each episode of scenes shows a younger Scrooge, who still possesses the ability to love. Scrooge watches himself become cold and greedy. The tour though his memories forces Scrooge to recall the emotional Scrooge of the past.

Candles of C. Kavafi.
The days of the future stand in front of us Like a line of candles all alight---Golden and warm and lively little candles. The days that are past are left behind, A mournful row of candles that are out; The nearer ones are still smoking, Candles cold, and melted, candles bent., I dont want to see them; their shapes hurt me, It hurts me to remember the light of them at first. I look before me at my lighted candles, I dont want to turn around and see with horror How quickly the dark line is lengthening, How quickly the candles multiply that have been put out.


PAST Memories Unhappy memories Suffering Traumatic experiences we don't want to remember. Afraid to look behind.

FUTURE Hope Better days Time Eliminate pain Prosperous Future only when if Scrooge takes in consideration his Present.

The 2 Ghost of Christmas Present.