F-101 : Business English and Communication F-102 : Computer Applications in Business F-103 : Financial Accounting - I F-104 : Business Mathematics – I

F-105 : Business Finance F-106 : Microeconomics F-107 : Business Mathematics - II F-108 : Fundamentals of Business and Management Viva Voce


F-201 : Financial Accounting - II F-202 : Business Statistics - I F-203 : Macroeconomics F-204 : Principles of Marketing F-205 : Legal Environment of Business

F-206 : Financial Management F-207 : Business Statistics - II F-208 : International Trade and Finance F-209 : Auditing and Business Taxation F-210 : Principles of Insurance Viva Voce

in Financial Decision Making F-407 : Security Pricing and Portfolio Theory F-408 : Corporate Finance F-409 : Real Estate Finance .THIRD YEAR PROGRAM FIFTH SEMESTER F-301 : Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Development F-302 : Cost and Management Accounting F-303 : Capital Budgeting and Project Management F-304 : Financial Markets and Institutions F-305 : Economics of Money and Banking SIXTH SEMESTER F-306: Entrepreneurship and Business Project Development F-307: Analysis of Security Investment F-308: Business Forecasting F-309: Law and Practice of Banking F-310: Government Finance Viva Voce FOURTH YEAR PROGRAM SEVENTH SEMESTER F-401 : Financial Reporting and Analysis F-402 : Finance and Development F-403 : Investment Banking and Lease Financing F-404 : E-Commerce and E-Banking F-405 : Working Capital Management EIGHTH SEMESTER F-406 : Financial Information System and I.T.

Ethics and Business Policy Operations Research Financial Engineering Mathematical Methods of Finance Rural Finance Finance Theory Financial and Information Economics Investment Banking and Lease Financing Rural Financial Markets and Micro Finance E-Commerce and Electronic Banking International Business Monetary Economics Entrepreneurship and Business Project Development FIS and IT in Financial Decision Making Securities Law .F-410 : Business Policy. These are: FINANCE GROUP: Compulsory Courses : F-501: F-502: F-503: F-504: F-505: F-506: Management of Financial Institutions Corporate Governance and Restructuring Financial Derivatives Fixed Income Securities Portfolio Management Cases in Financial Decision Making Optinal Courses:(Any Four) F-507: F-508: F-509: F-510: F-511: F-512: F-513: F-514: F-515: F-516: F-517: F-518: F-519: F-520: F-521: F-522: F-523: F-524: F-525: International Financial Management Project Appraisal and Management Financial Analysis and Control Financial Markets and Institutions Corporate Strategy. Ethics and Strategy Viva Voce AREAS OF CONCENTRATION AND COURSE TITLES Students having 4 (four) year BBA degree in Finance will select any one of the following areas of concentration.

Ethics and Strategy Industrial Organization .F-526: F-527: F-528: F-529: F-530: F-531: F-532: F-533: F-534: F-535: F-536: F-537: Foreign Exchange and International Risk Management Government Finance Finance and Development Production Management Valuation of Firms Real Estate Finance Business Research Methodology and Econometrics Industrial Organization Working Capital Management Market Microstructure Corporate Finance Seminar in Finance INSURANCE GROUP : Compulsory Corses: I-501: Principles of Insurance I-502: Property. Pecuniary and Liability Insurance I-503: Life Insurance I-504: Marketing of Insurance Services I-505: Law and Practice of Insurance I-506: Actuarial Science and Pricing of Insurance I-507: Risk Management I-508: Management and Accounting of Insurance Companies Optional Courses : (Any Two) I-509: I-510: I-511: I-512: I-513: I-514: I-515: I-516: I-517: I-518: I-519: I-520: I-521: I-522: I-523: I-524: I-525: I-526: I-527: Insurance Fund management Regulation and Supervision of Insurance Business Security Analysis and Portfolio Management FIS and IT in Financial Decision Making Finance and Development Real Estate Finance Business Research Methodology and Econometrics Competition and Insurance Market Structure Health Insurance Financial Markets and Institutions Economics of Money and Banking Actuarial Modeling Project Appraisal and Management Portfolio Management Mathematical Models of Finance Working Capital Management Entrepreneurship and Business Project Development Business Policy.

30-407.15406 Wed: 9. in Financial Decision Making F-407: Security Pricing and Portfolio Theory F-408: Corporate Finance F-409: Real Estate Finance F-410: Business Policy. Ethics and Strategy .30-409.00-410. 12. 2.00-408.30407 Thu: F-406: Financial Information System and I. 11.30-406. 12.I-528: I-529: I-530: I-531: Fixed Income Securities Financial Derivatives Financial Engineering Seminar in Insurance Sat: 2.00-409 Tue: 11.30-408 Mon: 9. 12.15-408 Sun: 11.T. 11.00-410.

2010 Road Trips: From Arambagh to DU Campus 7:50 am BRTC 8:30 am BRTC 9:00 am BRTC 10:00 am BRTC From DU Campus to Arambagh 12:00 pm Curzon Hall BRTC-VC Chattor 1:30 pm Curzon Hall BRTC 2:30 pmCurzon Hall BRTC -VC Chattor 3:45 pm Curzon Hall BRTC On ThursdayDown trip 12:00pm Curzon Hall BRTC-VC Chattor 1:30 pm Curzon Hall BRTC 2:30pm Curzon Hall BRTC .Created at: July 9.

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