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the environmental benefits are obvious: steel is 100% recyclable.Residential Steel Roofing Systems More than just a roof over your head Your home is more than just a roof over your head.and such protection begins with… the roof over your head! If you’re contemplating re-roofing. remember that a properly installed steel roof requires little maintenance and will last significantly longer than. Plus. It’s the birthplace of many fond memories. and a reflection of your true self. asphalt shingles. meaning nothing ends up in a landfill. A steel roof can also help save energy by keeping your home or cottage cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. a haven of peace and soothing familiarity. then steel is the durable choice. Home building. renovating or building new. But when looking for roofing materials. for example. renovation and repairs can be daunting undertakings. Something so important in your life deserves the best protection. .

slate. Steel roofing holds up better than any other roofing material under conditions of heavy rain. hail. Ask your retailer for color samples. 3 . Low to No Maintenance: Coupled with its weather-resistant qualities. fasteners. caulking and flashings—everything you and your contractor need for a proper installation without all the guesswork! FAQ: Why steel roofing? Life Expectancy: Steel roofs last longer than non-metallic roofs. A reduction in heating and cooling costs is another benefit—especially cooling costs since many of Vicwest's steel roofing profiles use solar reflective pigments within their coating. or wood shake shingles. metal roofing also offers a wide array of colors to choose from. high winds. Heavier roof materials may require a home to undergo structural repairs which can result in thousands of additional costs. it cannot catch on fire. clay tile and asphalt shingle—but with all the durable qualities that steel offers. extreme temperatures. Style Variety: Steel roofing is available in a wide range of styles. steel roofs resist the growth of mold and mildew making them virtually maintenance-free. With new technologies in painted surfaces. and even earthquakes. with a lifespan of up to 50 years or even more! Fire and Weather Resistant: Because steel is a non-combustible material. Vicwest steel roofing products are available in a wide range of colors. Lightweight: Steel roofs ease the stress on a home’s structure since it is much lighter than materials such as tile. Cost Effective: Steel roofing can be quite cost effective compared to expensive clay tiles.Vicwest Home & Cottage Steel Roofing: Curb appeal starts at the top! Vicwest offers a choice among 12 of the most popular steel and stone coated steel roofing profiles in a broad spectrum of traditional and designer colors to help you complete your design vision. It can mimic other types of materials such as wood shingle. All of our steel roofing systems feature coordinating trims. closures.

substance and simplicity VicElite is a classic “standing seam” profile that uses a hidden fastener installation system to produce clean.VicElite Style. Fasteners at the overlap of each panel are completely hidden under the snap-together closure. VicElite is available in 29 gauge steel. crisp lines. or as an accent on backyard structures • Low maintenance solution for new construction or re-roof applications • Lightweight and extremely durable • Wide variety of colors • Minimal visible fasteners • 40-year limited finish warranty • Will not warp. crack or chip • Mold and mildew resistant • Minimum 30% recycled content and 100% recyclable at the end of its life span 4 . Steel Roofing Systems • Perfect for the home or cottage. This profile must be installed on a solid substrate.

Prestige 20” profile spans an additional 4” between ribs Snap Rib The seamlessness of a board and batten design Snap Rib is a true board and batten design with a hidden fastener system to create clean. It can also be installed without hidden fasteners. crisp lines. the Snap Rib profiles are RCABC (Roofing Contractors Association of British Columbia) approved. It will enrich the appearance of. sophisticated color palette (including natural and metallic finishes) that will add style to your home’s architectural appeal. As well. Snap Rib I features a lengthened lap. which is excellent for fastening direct to solid deck. This profile must be installed on a solid substrate. 5 . Manufactured in British Columbia for decades. it can be installed with or without hidden fasteners and is available in 24 or 26 gauge steel. This profile can also be curved to match your design needs and is available in 24 or 26 gauge steel. your next project. and add life and value to.Prestige 16” & 20” A durable and attractive way to add value to your home Available in 20” or 16” panels Enhance your next project with Prestige .our elegant batten-style roofing panel. Prestige is available in a rich. while Snap Rib II uses a clip fastening method for extra strength. making it an excellent choice for installation over open sheathing.

NOTE: Panels can be reversed to minimize material loss. Result: a cost-effective material and installation process. UltraVic is available in 29 gauge steel. incomparable snow load capacity and increased rigidity. UltraVic Available in our widest variety of colors UltraVic is a classic metal roofing profile that is easy to install — the perfect solution for home and cottage owners seeking an economical.SuperVic Efficient and cost effective Our SuperVic profile gives you a classic look in a cost-effective roofing solution. 6 . 28 or 30 gauge steel. resulting in fewer supports and exposed fasteners. making SuperVic the perfect choice for long-term protection on a limited budget. low maintenance roofing solution. This profile has a 36-inch coverage area per sheet. with exposed fasteners allowing for quick installation. Its superior strength and snug fit allow spans over 20” (508 mm) wide. This profile can also be curved to match your design needs and is available in 26. Extra strengthening in the side laps and intermediate ribs give UltraVic improved weather protection.

Courtland The look of slate. cost effective. the Courtland profile is very lightweight. and it offers extreme protection against heavy rain. This pre-painted panelized profile is installed direct to deck or alternately on battens. with the resistance of steel Courtland is engineered to replicate the look of Victorian slate. Will not crack. rot. wind and hail. Unlike wood shake shingles. peel or split. our Woodland steel profile offers protection against extreme weather and is an ideal material when fire resistance is a concern. curl. Looks great on historical homes and commercial restoration projects alike. Unlike slate. however. 7 .Woodland The best of natural wood – without the drawbacks Woodland reproduces the look of natural wood shakes without the drawbacks or costs involved in using treated wood.

tile. 8 . With traditional roofing materials such as asphalt or “composition” shingles. with none of the structural drawbacks. yet it is more economical to install and also more durable. A stone coated steel roof looks just like the real thing. shingle or cedar shake look.Stone Coated Steel Roofing Imitation without limitations Whether you’re looking for a slate. re-roofing may be required every 10 to 15 years – or even sooner! By comparison. could very well be the last roof you will ever buy. a stone coated steel roof. which carries a limited lifetime warranty. It also provides fire resistance and superior protection against extreme weather conditions. Vicwest has a stone coated steel roof profile to match.

This textured finish reflects the remarkable beauty of rustic woodshakes while providing your home with a long-lasting. 9 . Tudor Slate A match of modern innovation and old Victorian panache The Tudor Slate profile is an attractive roofing alternative that recreates the look of old Victorian slate with all the benefits of steel. Tudor Slate is a product of Allmet Roofing Systems distributed by Vicwest. strong winds and large hail. Compliments Victorian era homes and farm houses alike. high durability Manufactured from high quality Galvalume™ steel that is coated with an acrylic basecoat. It is very lightweight and provides extreme resistance against heavy rain. ceramic earth-stone granules are then embedded over this basecoat and sealed with a clear acrylic glaze. Ridgewood is a product of Allmet Roofing Systems distributed by Vicwest.Ridgewood Low maintenance. durable and fade-resistant protection for a lifetime of enjoyment.

unlike asphalt shingles. A low-profile roofing tile. your Guardian roof will be maintenance-free for as long as you own your home. Guardian is time-tested and proven to withstand the toughest weather extremes. Guardian Shingle is a product of Allmet Roofing Systems distributed by Vicwest. cottage or backyard structure. Guardian Shingle A traditional. it comes with the considerable backing of a lifetime limited warranty. 10 . Granite Ridge delivers the aesthetics of asphalt shingles but is a much more durable choice — available in three standard colors sure to match any homes exterior. then Guardian is the ideal solution. more traditional looking roof but prefer the longevity only steel can offer. In fact.Granite Ridge An elegant. May sometimes be installed over existing asphalt shingles. Granite Ridge shingles are a product of Allmet Roofing Systems distributed by Vicwest. cracking or curling. you'll never have to worry about rotting. Less than half the weight of wood shakes and eight times lighter than tile. low-profile roofing tile If you want a subtle. And. It's the perfect solution for new and existing roofing applications. So rest assured. architectural shingle appearance Granite Ridge architectural shingles create an elegant shingle-like look that will compliment any home.

the Talavera panel. it is extremely lightweight. a modern version of their beautiful clay tile craftsmanship. The design of Talavera pays tribute to the traditional tile profiles found for centuries in Europe and Latin America. Stone Coated Steel Roofing • Can install directly over asphalt shingles • Can be used on homes. garden sheds. wind and hail 11 .Talavera A tribute to a time when tile making was an art form Inspired by the Talavera artisans of ancient Mexico. like all of Vicwest’s steel roofing profiles. including commercial and institutional buildings • Perfectly complements stucco exteriors and the Vicwest granular finished cladding profiles • Direct to deck or batten mounted • Suitable for new construction • Available in several architectural colors • Corresponding trims and accessories • Will not crack. gazebos and boathouses – virtually any roof application with a roof pitch greater than 4:12. alternately. is designed to be installed directly on the deck or. on battens. cottages. chip or flake • Extremely lightweight • Resistant to fire. Talavera is a product of Allmet Roofing Systems distributed by Vicwest. The continuous design provides a flat section that allows for superior footing over conventional tiles and.

The contents herein are for general information and illustrative purposes only and are not intended to serve as any type of advice. Board & Batten: a type of exterior siding or roofing that has alternating wide boards and narrow strips. Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the information included in this brochure and it is believed that the information contained herein is accurate and reliable as of the date of publication. does not warrant or represent the accuracy or reliability of any information included in this brochure. however. no maintenance finish that exhibits remarkable color and gloss retention. Any reliance on any information without consultation with Vicwest or a duly authorized representative shall be at the user's own risk. this Silicone Modified Polyester (SMP) paint system uses a proprietary resin to create a hard-wearing. Stone Coated: Refers to a roofs exterior finish. ©2010. superior chalk resistance to stains. v i c we s t . abrasions and metal marking Side Lap: the amount by which one material (tile. Standing Seam: a type of roofing panel that is attached to the roof substructure/ foundation primarily with a concealed clip or a concealed-fastener system In accordance with ongoing efforts to improve our products and their performance. Ask about them at your local building supply store or visit the Residential section of our website. called battens WeatherX®: manufactured by Valspar. Vicwest. etc.Residential Roofing: Glossary of Terms Trims & Accessories A full range of accessories are available.) overlaps the adjacent one along its side or edge Roof Pitch: relates to the slope and inclination angle of a roof in building construction Gauge: Refers to the steel substrate thickness. cured then sealed using a clear acrylic glaze for added weather protection. Vicwest reserves the right to change without notice the specifications contained herein. New to Residential Roofing? Below is a glossary of terms that will assist you in determining which roof profile fits your project needs. The lower the gauge the stronger the steel Span: Refers to the width of the profile. c o m . shingle. Typically comprised of ceramic or organic stone bonded to the pre-painted base coat. Vicwest – All rights reserved VW00041EN04/10 w w w. Solid Substrate: can be any solid roof surface such as plywood or an existing roof also referred to as solid deck Open Sheathing: is any roof assembly whereby no solid substrate is in place Panelized Profile: Roofing Profiles in which are installed using an approximate 48" horizontal panels as opposed to roofing sheets in which vary in length and are installed vertically.

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