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Uncomfortable Clowns ms #77 by James Hart III Copyright © 2013 Published by BlazeVOX [books] All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced without the publisher’s written permission, except for brief quotations in reviews. Printed in the United States of America Interior design and typesetting by Geoffrey Gatza Cover art by Jim Punntingham Author depiction is by Anita Schmaltz First Edition ISBN: 978-1-60964-108-5 Library of Congress Control Number: 2012956020 BlazeVOX [books] 76 Inwood Place Buffalo, NY 14209 Editor@blazevox.org

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For Detroit: and this resurrection ‘of The ghosts of the corridor’ ‘old tribe’- “taught me by the brilliance of my Father” also for b.b,(whom this book not be possible) for fun, the pixies etc. if it could never… betwixt us we could validate all vanity and prove (love?), possible ever xo J3 (a trasH Jem for my sister Hedda ‘I your joke of light’ and the White Print collective: Jhon, Em, James (la C), and Kim (keep pushing the daisies up)! For my elders more than gracious comments on the text, These masters: to Ken, Bill and Jerry! “I was denied a place at the elders feast…” ( maybe I’ll shom… hollderlin etc. thnx for the invite! (maybe I’ll show To Geoffrey whose presence and poetry challenge me Love, to all rising underground communities everywhere To Buffalo James Hart III

. . .there is an adventure of faith, according to which one is always the clown of one's own faith. the comedian of one's own ideal. ... which in turn conditions the sentiment of grace. —Giles Deleuze Difference & Repetition

“couple killer each and every time” —Elliot Smith


advent edge dawn her mouth is her moon

manic summer discomfort sumer

misspeling an iradiates on the edges after the earth

down of bottle depression not to say a love poet passing through glass


shattered cry and put back together

her face kiss her face different unscrew the empty when

dream l was going to to the dance wither went somehow noarrival

I tell you my secret weddmg coffin\ stars desert stars are also, near the

sky and ground


stric struck nine strict less clock tops topple the bottle follow the moon

paper cut that

sliver of metal


mickey mouse has fingers yet she doesn't and try at this point to touch time black back to the notebook

so.- so what beer


line of second

and many other numbers

one more

I'm just like a ghost of a life might look like a picture story book when your through


beautifly bruises cloud darkness misses ms. or mis quarks understood rain and a red sun between two trees where the second is the first dis co ball mirror differences some very small dark song with my voice mute kiss gone inaudible and I know no one will love me song - over-


a queer skeleton make any fear I am going to make everything beautiful in my head

angels angles

and in the corner of my ear a bottle rocket doesn't pop Father and scared red


put your little death kisses into it that's right two step

fuck me is the name of the game shes wearing steal stileto heals in the coffin switch bladeish tap tap at the door

curdle little girls last name


it might not be pretty but I'll do my best

pull my baby teeth hang on by strings of a piano

the shape of the door lock moonish with edge of the sky I walk so hi withe dge of sky I cry and die the parking lot sand looks like a desert a necessary shadow l.m.b.f limit limb \ of I found a dollar in the grass


these are my eyes

I'd rather little green fly particular creepy ice cream truck music

hydroplane tin is as if is as if is as if

escape velocity between traffix


the same music will play again differently edges of my Father stop I'm silenced now in the correlations of my writing sisters hands are also swell I am falling into delusion still understood

a marridge in green


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