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First Sultan’s Trail Conference
Carski Drum – Tsarigradksi Put
Common Cultural Heritage in the Past and Today January 30 - February 3, 2013, Novi Sad (Vojvodina, Serbia) – Osijek (Croatia)
The Sultan’s Trail Foundation is pleased to announce the First Symposium On The Historical Route from Vienna to Istanbul, a multidisciplinary conference held from January 30 until February 4, 2013 in Novi Sad and Osijek.

Sultan’s Trail: Path of Peace
A new, historical long distance hiking trail from Vienna to Istanbul The Sultan’s Trail is an ancient Roman – Ottoman road from Vienna to Istanbul symbolizing ages of relations between East and West. The path owes its name to Süleyman Kanuni, sultan of the Ottoman Empire, who made the trip from Istanbul to Vienna for the first time in 1529, and then again in 1532, both times famously failing to penetrate the city of Vienna. He finally died on this very road in 1566, during his last field trip to Szigetvar. Part of his body was buried there. Recognizing the Ottoman leader’s role in connecting East and West, the Sultan’s Trail is an homage to the great sultan Süleyman. Almost 500 years later, the Sultan’s Trail has gained renewed relevance as an important link between East and West, in the light of the European Union’s recent and future eastward expansion. It directly connects Member States with candidate states, building on ages of cross-fertilization and a shared cultural heritage dating back to the old Ottoman days. Unlike then, the Sultan’s Trail nowadays constitutes a path of peace, a meeting place for people of all faiths and cultures. The trail starts at the Stephan’s Dom in the centre of Vienna. The clocks of this church are made of the remelted Ottoman canons. The path passes through Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia and Bulgaria and ends at the tomb of the Sultan, behind the Süleymaniye mosque, in Istanbul, Turkey. In addition to its historical and symbolic significance, the Sultan’s Trail also holds great economic potential. Often passing through secluded, rural areas, the exploitation of the path can contribute greatly to the opening up of such underdeveloped regions through the direct support of the host communities. The Sultan’s Trail Foundation builds on interregional and transnational cooperation in its aim to boost the development of the tourist sectors of the host countries. The emphasis herein will be on stimulating job creation combined with a limited impact on the local environment and culture. Since walking is the most natural form of moving over the planet, the Sultan’s Trail provides an opportunity par excellence for the development of sustainable tourism.
St. Sultan’s Trail – A European Cultural Route Hagestraat 10, 2011 CV Haarlem, The Netherlands Triodos Bank: 254640060 IBAN: NL60 TRIO 0254 6400 60 BIC: TRIONL2U e-mail: Tel: +31 23 7070047 Cell phone: +31 650 890 696 Chamber of Commerce: 54257662 btw nr. NL. 851231007 B01

pilgrims’ accounts. NL. political and socioeconomic significance of the Sultan’s Trail.sultanstrail. the development of study programmes. The recently established NGO Sultan’s Trail Foundation. The aim of the conference is to create a platform for historians. i. and the publication of joint works. architecture and history of medieval (Roman and Byzantine) and Ottoman. setting out the path and developing a network of accommodations along the e-mail: info@sultanstrail. 2011 CV Haarlem. heraldry. cartography. Numerous experienced long distance hikers have already explored parts of the Sultan’s Trail between 2009 and 2012. Sultan’s Trail – A European Cultural Route Hagestraat 10. shedding new light on and thereby boosting the debate on the historical. The conference brings together scholars (wishing to be) involved in this dense scientific network in order for them to directly exchange ideas.000 BC and present day. To be involved in this scientific network means taking part in permanent international relations between experts from a wide range of Tel: +31 23 7070047 Cell phone: +31 650 890 696 Chamber of Commerce: 54257662 btw nr.e. art historians. They share the same opinion: "It was sometimes pioneering but the experience was full of authenticity. with the hope of broadening perspectives on the Sultan’s Trail’s cultural and material legacy. the conference organizers would also be keen to include scholars who can explore the following fields of study: music on the Sultan’s Trail. lodges and hotels. and literary critics to share their studies on textual and visual representations of the Sultan’s Trail. the conference will serve as an opportunity for an interdisciplinary dialogue among the participants. In addition to the anticipated papers relating to art. diplomats’ accounts. the varied landscape and the hospitality of the local people contributed greatly to this experience." Academic Network In line with the route’s historical significance as a link between various cultures and peoples from East and West. A number of scholars from a wide variety of countries have already made a start in this. has taken the lead in this.STICHTING SULTAN’S TRAIL – A EUROPEAN CULTURAL ROUTE While the Sultan’s Trail partly uses existing European long distance paths. By investigating the medieval. including parts of the E8 and the Danube cycling path. based in the Netherlands. other parts of the trail still have to be developed. cultural. early modern and modern Sultan’s Trail in text and images. the exchange of master and doctoral students. The many natural and historical highlights. 851231007 B01 . in the exchange of ideas. numismatics. The Netherlands Triodos Bank: 254640060 IBAN: NL60 TRIO 0254 6400 60 BIC: TRIONL2U www. the launch of joint scientific projects. Roman and Ottoman itineraries. tombstones. the Via Militaris between 1. St. The Sultan’s Trail Foundation seeks to develop an international network of the same designation. and modern route. prints and paintings. in private houses. archaeological excavations. historic photographs.

250 words should be sent via e-mail by October 31. Author. thematically aligned papers will also be selected for an edited book of the same name. Banquet February 1 – Transport to Osijek Sessions. Cultural Programme. Affiliation CV with publications e-mail: info@sultanstrail. successful candidates will be Tel: +31 23 7070047 Cell phone: +31 650 890 696 Chamber of Commerce: 54257662 btw nr. Submission Modalities Proposals for papers should not exceed 500 words and must include the following:       Title of the paper. The Netherlands Triodos Bank: 254640060 IBAN: NL60 TRIO 0254 6400 60 BIC: TRIONL2U www.sultanstrail. Banquet February 2 – Closing Deadline for proposals: 30 October 2012 Announcement of the selected proposals: 15 November 2012 Coordination and selection of papers: Mehmet Tutuncu (mehmet@sultanstrail. 851231007 B01 . On November ) Calendar of Events January 30 – Arrival in Novi Sad January 31 – Registration.sultanstrail. Specific. 2011 CV ) Organization and coordination: Lisanne Post ( lisanne@sultanstrail.sultanstrail. NL. Materials and methods used. Sessions.STICHTING SULTAN’S TRAIL – A EUROPEAN CULTURAL ROUTE Participation Those wishing to participate should contact the conference organizers as soon as possible to register interest. Opening Ceremony. Sultan’s Trail – A European Cultural Route Hagestraat 10. Limited travel bursaries are available for participants without a university affiliation. Abstracts of 200 . Excursion February 4 – Departure from Osijek For more information please visit the website of the Sultan’s Trail Foundation: www. Please send your proposals to: mehmet@sultanstrail.

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