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Multi Level Governance in Room for the River

Liesbeth van Riet Paap Stakeholder manager Room for the River Program

Content Clip: Introduction: Theory: Practice: Conclusion and questions Room for the River The Netherlands, short impression From distributive to integrative approach Multi level Governance

The Netherlands

The Dutch created the Netherlands

The Netherlands during the Roman time

The Netherlands during the Middle Ages

The Netherlands in the 21th century

But sometimes it went wrong

Saint Elisabeth flood 1441

Flooding 1995

Flooding 1953

From distributive approach to integrative approach


Distributive approach

Integrative approach

Distributive approach (one level)


Integrative approach

Characteristics: Knowledge is power

Focus on own points of view Acceptability Winners and losers Attitude: for or against First Delta Program 1953

Time consuming Complicated Expensive

Distributive approach


Integrative approach

2 major national railway projects went off the rails, by far exceeding their plans to budget and time Struggle for future legitimacy of Ministries, Provinces, Waterboards Development of new ideas: multifunctional use of floodplains the river is your friend not your enemy impossible to make dikes higher and higher high costs when a dike breaks

Distributive approach


Integrative approach (multi level governance)

Characteristics: Knowledge exchange Take in account the other partys role Sincere interest in each other interests Winners and winners Build up relationships

Room for the River: 39 projects and 5 Stakeholders Arenas

The Elected:


The Appointed: civil servant The Construction Company

The Media The Public

4 Stakeholders and their interest !

National Government
Politicians Civil servants

Project team Room for the River

Local Government
Politicians Civil servants

Construction Company

Safety Reelection Future legitemacy

Action Scope Time Money

Spacial quality Reelection Future legitemacy

Money Keep their competitive edge

What is their role !

National Government Project team Room for the River Local Government Contractors

Contract Contract Contract Audits Facilitate, review, audits Review Justify Justify Justify

How to deal with different interests and roles?

Multi level: Transparency on all information Meetings ( Elected, Appointed, directors, projectmanagers, projectleaders) Training on process and content

Actor analyses during training

Facing problems 1

Economic crisis

cut backs no finance for operation & maintenance

Reorganization of the Ministries and Waterboards New participants job rotation elections (political cycle)

Facing problems 2 Political cycle:

Year 1: Honeymoon weeks Get to know the job Making new plans Year 2 en 3: Policy making Decision making Realisation Year 4: Party politics List of candidats Prepairing the campagne

Facing problems 3 New participants by election

Room for the River Second Delta Program

Room for the River Second Delta Program





November 19th 2012: International and Scientific Watercongres in Rotterdam

Conclusion The proof of the pudding is in the eating

Multi level Governance

Room for the river: on time not financial exceeded

Thank you for your attention Questions?