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The Super-Physical Breath Psychological Equilibrium 8 17 III. VI. The Will to be Well Interior Relaxation 46 53 Imagine Yourself Well IX. XI.<^0 CONTENTS CHAPTER I. of Body. VII. VIII. The Real Living The Right Use of Life 60 66 81 X. XII. Mind and Soul The Finer Curative Forces Living in the Absolute 95 . Nourishing the Body Nourishing the Mind 24 31 39 V. IV. PAGE Full Supply of Vital Energy 1 II.

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and many stages in human development. each one of which has proven its own efficacy and power in no uncertain manner. to study each chapter carefully so as to become thoroughly familiar with the place. therefore. Therehave many methods of fore. . Upon the following pages many methods are presented. each one of these methods has helped its thousands and its tens of thousands. The reader is advised. and will continue to do so. ical when needs arise for healing or phys- and personal upbuilding. there are special personal needs. many Later.INTRODUCTORY STATEMENT There are many states and conditions of mind. and selecting. Also. it is necessary to healing and many ways to open the doors to personal emancipation and well being. indeed. those methods that make the deepest and most positive appeal. the possibility and the application of each method. for the present. the best methods for the occasion will readily suggest themselves.

however. . the metaphysical spiritual —causing worthy methods and the to- all good things to work gether for greater and greater good. to gain that wider consciousness through which we —the may INTRODUCTORY STATEMENT definite results and may effort. harmoniously. be secured in the least time with the least The larger purpose should be. all psychological.

or in the maintenance of health. to enter the so long as that system vital energy. we realize that the first essential in the attain- ment of health. or- ganic or functional. and wish to continue in good health. The ity First Essential. in the regaining of health. to supply the must necessarily be human system with all the vital energy that mind and body can appropriate and employ. if we I . —Recognizing the valid- and the certainty of the law just presented. we must take immediate steps to keep the system brim full of vital energy under every circumstance. or. if we have good health. is human system abudantly supplied with And it is absolutely impossible for any form of disease to remain in the human system after a full supply of vital energy has been provided for every part of that system. physical or mental. In brief.HEALING YOURSELF CHAPTER I FULL SUPPLY OF VITAL ENERGY The Great Law. for any — It is absolutely impossible form of disease.

proper methods must be taken to revitalize and recharge the sys- . —When all the energy in the living system has been used for the day. but do not permit the least to lie dormant. First. to so energy may be prevented absolutely. Live and work to full capacity. But do not live and work beyond your present capacity. can. then do only as much as you know you have the available energy to do at present. and also. Use all the energy you have every day. we must learn to retain what energy we have. to adopt such methods as may prove directly conducive to the increase of vital energy. Permit no waste. and aim to increase your capacity before you increase your activity. —Our purpose must all be.2 HEALING YOURSELF wish to regain health. we must proceed to recharge and revitalize the entire system until the full supply of energy has been secured. and learn to produce more and more as growth and advancement may demand. to How live. Revitalization. Practical Methods. in wholesome and constructive work. increase your capacity and know that you waste of vital think and act that — . The first and simplest rule to observe is that of moderation in all things. that is. Believe that you can do as much as you like. Act only in conformity with present capacity. Proceed. Take good care of the energy you have.

force and energy. or to turn thought and attention into some other In brief. because it is al- ways the law everywhere that the more we expect the more we receive. The practice of turning thought and attention into other channels for thirty minutes several times every day is one of the best methods known for recharging the sys- tem with energy. and call into action muscles and faculties that have not been used for a time. running low. recreation and Should you feel the energy of the system sleep. However. permit the muscles and the channel. full faith that all our expectations will be real- . through change of activity. and thus keeping mind and body fully supplied at all times. 3 And this is accomplished in the natural way. we must never permit anxiety to accompany our expectations we must. in all things. Source of Energy. largely for the purpose of gaining a It is new supply of life. The real source of vital energy is found in the subconscious mind. faculties you have been using to relax. the simplest and quickest way to recuperate is to go and do something else. highly important. therefore. to go to sleep with the expectation of gaining a larger supply of energy than we ever possessed before. and we enter the subconscious whenever we go to — sleep. and make it our purpose to live and act in the . be calm and serene.FULL SUPPLY OF VITAL ENERGY tern.

This is most important if you would have an abundance of energy. and never — permit yourself to violate this rule. use it constructively. —In order that the system may at all times. Under every circumstance. will and use it in the full conviction that you immediately receive more. but see that every action is calm. Try to feel serene and strong at the same time. orderly and in perfect poise. and at all times.4 ized. Work with all the energy you have. use it in poise. Again. with full force. but apply that energy in poise. HEALING YOURSELF The fact is. regardless of conditions or demands. How to Work. life. serene faith than in anything world. and also avoid the habit of doing less than you can do. but invariably combine the expression of power with a deep feeling of peace. we should . for remember that we always lose what energy we do not use. live the full current. And you will find that this simple practice of trying to feel serene and strong at the same time will work wonders for you. in your own system. else in the How be full to Live. Use all the energy you have. that there is more power in a calm. of life and energy serene full. Avoid nervous rush. Live a large life and a powerful life. work in poise. and retain it all. but turn on the Give harmonious and constructive expression to all the power there is in you.

We must not only avoid the misuse of the body. and keep the mind in a clean. The fact is. that one hour of severe mental deanger. If one hour of such a state of mind can destroy more than threefourths of your energy. but also the misuse of the mind. then live in the absolute faith that pectations will be realized. And. or similar states of energy down to a point where you have less than one-fourth as much as you had before. people are losing vital energy. everything must be avoided that may tend to produce such waste. will have this very effect. 5 Expect your ex- more expect much expect everything you want . or similar states. therefore. Very Important. if —All be prevented we wish be the action physical or mental. lofty. we have something here that must not be ignored for a moment.. all waste of energy must to have continuous and perfect health. FULL SUPPLY OF VITAL ENERGY consider the great law of expectation. harmonious condition this: at all times. fear or worry. Remember lower your vitality and you will always be well. Such states therefore as mind must never be tolerated for a single moment. And pression may lower your vital it is too true that mental depression. —We find in every human system a tendency to lose energy. most unconsciously. Special Exercise. We must thereDo nothing to fore eliminate such states absolutely. In fact. . .

and you will feel far stronger. Then try to feel that you are holding all of this energy in your own system through the power of your mind. for the time being. Repeat the exercise several times every day until it becomes second nature for your mind to hold within your own system all the energy you generate. —Realizing the is fact that the sub- conscious mind the real source of energy. and you are beginning to realize what a power you would become if you could always retain all the energy you generate. pre- own system. In fact. we must . and that the subconscious will invariably respond to our conscious directions. Thus you prevent all loss permanently. try to take conscious hold of this energy and keep it all in yourself. you will feel more and more energy accumulating in every part of your being until you actually feel as if you were recharged. in our the energy we generate and this a very short time through We the following exercise: Take a few moments several times every day. You have.6 HEALING YOURSELF But this loss most of the time. In a moment. than ever before. vent. both in mind and body. all may be accomplished in can learn to hold. prevented all loss. we should make it a . and we can. And you are. Full Supply. and turn attention upon the energy that fills your physical and mental system.

so long as that system is brim full of vital energy. be accomplished by turning attention upon the subconscious at frequent intervals. we shall we shall always be strong. a long. and. Results will positively follow. therefore. . The permanent increase of vital energy may be secured by directing the subconscious to express. . and will to arouse more and more vital energy from within. And as always be well. we life. —We know the great law. this full and abundant supply. shall live we learn this great art. no ailment whatever can enter the human system. we may secure more and more as we desire. The Aim that in View. a larger supply. Turn the positive will upon the subconscious. Our aim in view therefore must be to possess. — The subconscious can. and actually declaring to the subconscious that this full supply be maintained.FULL SUPPLY OF VITAL ENERGY 7 point to direct the subconscious every day to keep the system. at all times. active and enjoy every moment to the highest degree. and with determination and fully expect to receive the increase that you have in mind. absolutely This may full of vital energy every moment. The is amount of latent energy in the great within limitless. in mind and body. Proceed calmly. Increase of Energy. physical and mental.

in consequence. and. that the physical atmosphere is charged with certain vital forces. breathe. and we always find that the population of such localities feel stronger. 8 . is not composed of physical elements alone. and that invariably tend to increase the vital energy of the system. We also find that cer- have the happy faculty of drawing into their systems a greater supply than tain individuals usual of this atmospheric life force. or life energies. The physical atmosphere with which we are surrounded. and portions of which we inhale with every breath.CHAPTER II THE SUPER-PHYSICAL BREATH Important Fact. — And when we The fact we take into the system something more besides the air that enters the lungs. that are drawn more or less into the physical system when we breathe. is. and accomplish a great deal more. both in the physical and the of activity. more energetic and more mental fields alive. In some localities the atmosphere contains more of this vital force than elsewhere. regardless of where they may live.

the atmosphere in every locality may change its energyproducing power with every change in climatic conditions. therefore. we may increase remarkably both our working capacity and our joy of living. that there is an abundance of this life energy in the atmosphere of any locality. because it is when we feel as if we were literally charged with these highly re-' fined life energies that life becomes nothing less than supreme joy. for the fact is. And it is then that we want — . therefore. And when we can draw into the system a great deal more of this energy than is required for perfect health. upon conditions as they come and go in the external. through the energizing breath. draw into our systems as much of this force as we can hold or apply.. The Energizing Breath. regardless of climatic conditions and we can. We cannot depend. under every circumstance. This latter fact is most evident. but we can depend upon our own power to extract from the atmosphere all the life energy we may desire. or the super-physical breath. besides. THE SUPER-PHYSICAL BREATH 9 have far more energy. because the human system does require a certain amount of this atmospheric energy in order to maintain perfect health. This must become our purpose. than the majority. It is not aways convenient to select those localities where the atmosphere has the most energy.

we receive but a scant supply of this energy. but if the atmosphere does not happen mands of nature. however. and that your body will have greater vitality and better health with every increase of this supply that you rerealize that you can draw . we make a special effort to life draw into the system an extra supply of energy with every inhalation. and in consequence do not feel as strong or as well as usual. breathing. and achieve wonupon this planet. In the new way of man- we do not rely merely upon in the usual what energy may be received to live for HEALING YOURSELF an indefinite period. and to be well to be well charged. your system a far greater supply of these energies. we inhale what we can appropriate of the derfully — physical atmosphere. so as to supply certain deif the atmosphere happens charged at the time. In the usual way of breathing. —Realize that the atmosphere Then into you breathe is charged with certain vital energies and that a certain supply of these energies is taken into the system with every breath. we draw into the system considerable life energy with every inhalation. And this we can readily do if we observe a few important laws in connection with general breathing and special exercises in breathing. How to Begin. The New Way.

in the same manner.THE SUPER-PHYSICAL BREATH n ceive. but breathing. General Exercise. increase your physical and mental power remarkably every year for an be too weak to move around. to attract more of all this finer energy. In ordinary physical breathing. although your body can. you indefinite period. make your body so strong and so vigorous that you will actually feel as if you were You electrically charged through and through. And you can. desire with depth of feeling to draw more and more of this energy into your system with every breath. The fact is. no matter how low your vitality may be. energy at whether you think this of your breathing or not. The result will be that . —Whenever you breathe consciously. think deeply of the vital energy of the atmosphere. the object is in super- physical to secure a life greater and a greater supply of that finer energy that permeates the atmosphere everywhere. restore your physical system to full health and vigor. in your general breathing. may by drawing more energy from the atmosphere into your system. the object is simply to secure oxygen for the lungs. through the super-physical breath. And as you make a special and a conscious effort. you will soon develop the faculty of attracting more of times. and as you inhale. can. that. with every breath.

place your mind and thought in touch with those forces. in every kind of atmosphere or climatic conwill you and dition. In this connection. In order to draw more and more of this life force into your system as you . holding the breath a few sec- gin to breathe. Special Exercise. a position that will permit of a free and easy exercise of the lungs. Then beexhaling slowly. and being particular to note that the lungs are filled comfortably. Try to get into conscious touch with the finer forces of these currents. and as you do so turn your attention upon the finef life currents of the at- mosphere. and deeply desire to draw them into your system as you inhale. See that there is an abundance of fresh air in the room. and you will receive a far greater supply of life energy from the atmosphere than usual. —Be seated in a comfortable position. through and through. gently and deeply. The Chief Secret. halation. it is most important to realize that the finer forces of the atmosphere that surround you will obey Therefore if you the desires of your mind. — . with each succeeding inContinue this mode of breathing for ten or fifteen minutes.12 HEALING YOURSELF always have more energy than usual. those forces will actually obey. and try to draw a goodly supply of those forces into your system with every inhalation. inhaling and onds after each inhalation.

And this closer contact may be secured. that atmosphere. gently and in poise. try to During this special draw an extra supply of atmos- — pheric energy into your system with every inhalation. repeating the entire process again and again. the chief secret is 13 to get your mind into such close contact with the finer side of that you can actually feel it coming into every atom of your body with every breath. you can get into perfect touch with that finer force. Then inhale again. and by using the mind in the attitude of that finer feeling. and as you exhale.THE SUPER-PHYSICAL BREATH breathe. as before. as a permanent addition to your physical and mental power. At the close of this exer- you will feel that you have a great deal more . cise. concentrating attention. try to feel that all the extra energy received is retained in the system. within you and about and perseverance this finer feeling will come. by thinking deeply and frequently of the finer energies of the force. as much as possible. the chief secret in the super-physical Further Information. exercise. for ten or fifteen minutes. giving new life and vitality to every nerve and cell. thereby masfeel the finer forces With practice tering breath. try to feel that this finer energy pene- trating every fiber in your being. upon that finer feeling in yourself that can you. then as you hold your breath for a few is seconds.

. i 4 HEALING YOURSELF vitality in your system than you ever felt before. preferably in the morning and early in the afternoon but it is an excellent . even though you did not get fully into the real secret of the exercise. this increase of energy will soon pro- vide you with sufficient health-giving vitality to eliminate completely every trace of disease. The crease of energy and vitality and where the body is ailing. practice to employ the or two any time during the day the opportunity. all darkness must entirely disappear. same process for a minute when you have result will be a steady in. it is impos- any form of disease to remain in that system any more. be carried away. This Positive Results. therefore. But when you do get fully into the real secret of this exercise. is to fill the system thoroughly with vital energy positively this and super-physical breathing can under every circumstance. and restore your system absolutely to full health vigor. and you will feel However. and And here it is well to repeat the great fact. do ." strong enough "to move the world. When the room is filled with light. One of the great secrets to perfect health." do not permit yourself to calm and continue in poise. you will actually feel like a "live wire. that whenever the physical system becomes filled thoroughly sible for with vital energy. Be special exercise — may be taken twice a day.

And this is indeed a great achievement in itself. that permeates the atmosphere everywhere. we realize that the further application of the super-physical breath holds. within itself. most remarkable possibilities. The reason why we speak of this process as super-physical breathing is found in the fact that it deals with the attrac- — and appropriation of forces that are finer than the usual physical forces. and that we can learn to draw.THE SUPER-PHYSICAL BREATH 15 Further Application. to a plane of action where we may draw upon the tremendous forces of nature in its finer and inexhaustible domains. physical in its It is in every sense superit application. more and . We find that we may. But when we find that we are surrounded with a limitless sea of inexhaustible energy. and lifted up. through the simpler application of this breathing. supply the physical system with more and more vital energy until the body becomes strong enough to put every form of disease out of the way. advanced and perfected to a much greater degree of effectiveness. It is therefore physical breathing extended. but provides those finer life energies that alone can give the physical vitality system that greater measure of and force required for the highest state of vigorous health and power. This being true. so to speak. and that it is a higher form of breathing added to the ordinary tion physical breathing.

upon this vast sea of energy through what we speak of as the super-physical breath.16 HEALING YOURSELF more. application of this great secret will And our conclusion must be. that we will not delay this practice or study an- other day. . but proceed at once to master this remarkable secret in every form and manner. we realize what the further mean.

interior discord. 17 . or in nerv- ous conditions. The majority of all the ills that come to the human family have their we should — origin. and therefore. —Learn to live continu- and you will cure yourself absolutely of any and every nervous ailment you may have and this is of vast importance. either in loss of vital energy. all in the system. in less and would continue than a year. that psychological is. woman and child in the world would attain to what we shall here A — speak of as psychological equilibrium. find. The Reason Why. Wonderful Remedy. If every man. that more than ninety per cent of all the ailments of mankind would have disappeared completely. . But har- equilibrium means interior mony and balance. to live in that equilibrium. is when such an equilibrium nervous conditions and every form of nervousness will cease to exist maintained. as there are very few people ally in a state of psychological equilibrium.CHAPTER III PSYCHOLOGICAL EQUILIBRIUM Remarkable Fact.

18 to be HEALING YOURSELF : of some kind. Your nerves will always be strong. and you will avoid all nervous or mental ailments in the future. If you do not feel harmonious in the within all through the day. found that are not addicted to nervousness And more than this continue to live in this equilibrium. But if you do feel harmonious in the within all through the day. — . that when the mind is always well the body will always be well. every organ in your body must perform its function perfectly. you are addicted to nervousness. — . at any time. you are living in a state of psychological equilibrium and the spirit of health is abroad in every part of your system. work itself out into all kinds of functional or organic ailments. and interior discord may. If you wish to be well. In brief. Then note the answer. And here we should remember. and your mind in perfect harmony and balance. but no physical organ can perform its function perfectly unless it can act continually The in a state of interior harmony and poise. Remember This. Watch yourself closely for one whole day. you are troubled with interior discord. with a view of ascertaining whether or not every element in your being has continued to act in perfect harmony and balance. ask yourself if you can actually feel harmonious in the within during that entire day. A Personal Experiment.

the invisible. The result is that adverse conditions will arise. And whenever finer and act and work the psychological side is disturbed. being composed. the the forces. the intangible. It is absolutely necessary therefore to maintain interior times. in brief. not of physical substance or matter. if not checked. any disturbance that you may feel in the within will produce a similar disturbance in the organs of the body. their duty. Sides. The physiological side system that can be psychological side human weighed and measured. agitated.PSYCHOLOGICAL EQUILIBRIUM very 19 moment you feel nervous. may develop into serious ailments. The that part of the is the interior. disturbed or discordant in the within. : —There are two latter is sides to the human system the physiological the and the psycho- And governs the former. which. you are undermining the natural and harmonious actions of your physical organs and they will fail to do . thereby preventing those . and. sum total of all under-currents. restless. and such harmony at all harmony may be realized through the attainment of psychological equilibrium. but that are than the body. feelings. but of energies proceeding from mind and soul. emotions. The Two logical. there will be a corresponding disturbance in the physiological that is. chemical processes and interior activities that live in the body.

try to feel this interior peace and power combine in your system every moment. But do not try hard. — When we speak of the state of psychological equilibrium. Our aim must be to keep all the psychological factors within us in harmony and in balance.20 HEALING YOURSELF organs from doing their work as they should. but an even temper is a state of mind that exists merely on the surface. We all realize the value of an even temper if we wish to gain or retain perfect health. feel exceedingly strong. . Try for one whole day to First Experiment. our ideal in view must ever be to maintain that deep interior harmony and calm. however. However active you may be with mind or body. The experiment will be extremely interesting. The Ideal in View. The within must be charged with power. and will mark a most important turning point in your life. and alive through and through with perfect peace. An Even Temper. because this is indispensable to the highest degree of perfect health. Simply know what you want to do then know that you can. it is a mere effect of deeper states of poise within. . wherein we feel that we are inwardly strong and — inwardly serene at the same time—and at all times. In the attainment of perfect health. we are dealing with the life deepest state of feeling and that we possess. — and perfectly serene in the within.

. In brief. General Exercise. every the body will be in perfect health. balance and harmony among the psychological factors before we can have equilibrium. those finer and deeper forces within us. try to live in the very soul of . invariably proceeds Physical health from interior harmony. are in order. and when are in all the psychological or interior factors cell in harmony. that govern the body. Dwell deeply and constantly upon this mental picture until you can actually feel the spirit of this harmony and equilibrium gaining a deeper and deeper foothold in your system. this interior state of perfect equilibrium and try to realize the active presence of this state in every atom of your being. therefore. and this feeling will become deeper and stronger every day until it becomes a permanent part of your consciousness. idea of —Form in your mind a clear what the psychological factors really are. Then proceed to picture in your mind a state of being wherein all those factors are in harmony and equilibrium. we must have equilibrium. balance and harmony among the physical The body can be in order only when factors.PSYCHOLOGICAL EQUILIBRIUM 21 We are dealing with those factors and forces all within us that govern solutely. physical conditions ab- And. You will soon begin to feel the harmony you have in mind.

nerve and cell in your entire body. the mentalities of all the organs in your body. all your emotions. positive and determined.: 22 HEALING YOURSELF Special Exercise. and surely. Then concentrate upon field. be calm. —Take ten minutes two or equilibrium. by thinking of them as acting in a finer interior field within your finer forces and elements in system. the mental life of every fibre and cell. with a deep. create interior interior . the under-currents of ical processes. the your personality. Turn tors in attention upon all the psychological facyour system. briefly. everything in your system that you can think of as being psychological. you will steadily. among all the elements and factors in that When concentrating. strong desire to feel and realize absolute har- mony and equilibrium field. In other words. three times every day for the purpose of establishing permanently absolutely factors. the phys- the creative forces of mind and body. Then group all of these factors in your imagination. among through the power of concentration and proceed as follows the psychological . and. the interior workings of your system. including your feelings. turn your attention upon the psychological field within your that own personality. and hold in your mind the idea of harmony so deeply that the feeling of this harmony will penetrate every Thus fibre.

PSYCHOLOGICAL EQUILIBRIUM harmony throughout your will all 23 entire system. that so perfect harmony within you there be perfect health in every nerve. harmony and your physical long as there will cell in perfect health will be realized in Very Important. . is of the highest importance. and this when equilibrium has become a permanent life. establish psychological equilibrium You among the factors and elements within you. you will find that order. therefore. state in your deeper life. harmony must be perfect. fibre and your system. The attainment of psychoan attainment But this interior logical equilibrium. is —Remember this.

to enjoy a feast. Forget your troubles. Light-heartedness and good cheer should prevail at this hour and during this hour radiate happiness. but a very important part of your life. Second Rule.. and be happy. Do not merely eat to live. eat. and do not merely live to eat. CHAPTER IV NOURISHING THE BODY First Rule. . if you have any. You have come difficulties or weighty themes. away from problems. — oughly digested. there is a happy medium. and give no serious thought to anything whatever. Make your eating not the whole of your Enlife. joy your meals and enjoy them thoroughly. make it a feast in every sense of the term. A meal that is thoroughly enjoyed will be thor. —When you enter the dining room. Please remember this great 24 . therefore. . drink and be merry. And you Realize that when you are in the dining room you are in another world. array yourself in the garment of joy. . count it your privilege to can. Talk happiness think happiness feel happiness Live in the spirit of mental sunshine. so.

but the result of your state of mind. for a perfect diges- tion is not only necessary to the best expression of the body. clean and correctly prepared.NOURISHING THE BODY fact. See that the food is nourishing. wholesome. it is clearly evident that mind and soul can act as they should only when the body is in perfect condition. And as the body is the instrument of mind and soul. 25 And it is a great fact. Your indigestion. that a state of mind can upset your entire even convert the digestive juices of into poisonous elements. that attitude So long as you are you cannot digest anything. do not be too particular. — Then make up your mind to enjoy it all to the full. will not be the result of your food. In making the proper selection of your food. disagreeable disagreeable system. therefore. and realize that every meal the will be thoroughly digested if thoroughly en- joyed. Do not go to the table in in a fault-finding attitude. but also to the best expression of mind and the soul. Think of your body as a musical Then remember that the perfect instrument. Remember. Everything in your system works better when digestion is good. harmony of that instrument depends so much on a perfect digestion. The piano must be perfectly tuned if the music is to be perfect in harmony and superior in quality. and your system So do not blame the . Third Rule.

they nourish the system but in part. and be glad. Turn on a goodly supply of mental sunshine. get your mind right. When you are in the dining room. and they lead to many ailments. Never eat when cross. But see that your mind is right before you enter the dining room. upset. nervous. things And by all means. agitated. First. It If your body is your duty and your privilege. both. and you can digest every bit of it. Most food is harmless. . take your time. therefore." The fact is you can eat anything that is wholesome and nourishing. Throw these off. you can accomplish more in one hour than you can in three when digestion Sufficient time for your meals. therefore. and permit mind and body to remain relaxed and care-free for about thirty minutes more. never get into the habit of thinking that you cannot eat "this" or digest "that. Fourth Rule. When your meals are properly digested. You owe this time to your body. is not good. for the present and the future. money and pleasure. which means loss of time. is a good investment. Hurried eating means nothing but loss all along the line.26 HEALING YOURSELF food. so. Take all the time neces- sary to fully enjoy your meals. worried or in a state of fear. Be good to your physical body. and partake of your meals in the spirit of sunshine and joy. if you think so. Hurried — meals are never digested perfectly.

the longer you and the easier you young as long as you live. and. continue to masticate every mouthful as long as it can be tasted. This is one of the most important secrets to a perfect digestion. And the better you nourish your body the better will be your health. Fifth Rule. if you continue to masticate every mouthful as long as it can be tasted.NOURISHING THE BODY is 27 you long and serve you well. will live. Therefore. On the contrary. in addition. the entire meal will be well digested.— It circulation be full is highly important that the and vigorous throughout the digestive system. And your stomach will gain in strength every day. continue to taste your food as long as you can that is. A full circulation will not only . will find it to stay Sixth Rule. the stronger you will be. both physically and mentally. it is a fact that a thoroughly masticated meal will give from ten to gained. do not ignore this first part of the process. one hundred per cent more nourishment to the body than a meal partaken of in the usual manner. until perfect health and vigor is rethe very . In addition to this. digestion. — Consider the entire process of and remember that this process begins moment you can taste your food. and eat moderately. It matters not how weak your stomach may be. contribute immensely treated well it will serve to the joys of existence.

During this concentration we should deeply desire the increase of the circulation throughout that region. therefore. And when the digestive organs do not act as nature intended. This matter. If there seems to be considerable difficulty with digestion this method may also be applied for a few moments immediately after each meal. at all times to see that Make it a point full is vigorous all your circulation is through your body. when combined with the other secrets to and good health. and we shall find it an excellent practice to concentrate the mind. especially upon the lower parts of the abdominal region. but will also give a more immediate and a more perfect distribution to the nourishing elements secured from the food. There and noth- . with a will. and this method alone will cure almost any ailment of the digestive system. and deeply feel the desired action taking place. upon the abdominal region. This simple method will add remarkably to the vigor of the digestive organs.28 HEALING YOURSELF promote digestion. deeply. It will always give relief. for a few moments preceding every meal. and we should try to feel that increase actually taking place. several times every day. gently and peacefully. should receive our best attention. use this method thorConcentrate oughly. will cure every ailment that may be con- nected with the digestive process in any form or manner.

NOURISHING THE BODY 29 ing that will do more than a good circulation to keep the body clean. in the spirit of good cheer. Seventh Rule. Eat what you want. Anything that is wholesome and propif erly prepared may be partaken of freely. In fact. To nourish the body properly it is not necessary to adopt any particular system — of diet. with finer elements and energies and. so to speak. thought. par- taken of in joy. All food is charged. And you can increase the circulation in any part of your body through right and harmonious use of mind. feeling. at every meal. but also finer elements. if we recognize these in our own minds. Think of your food as not merely having physical elements. what your system seems to require. and you will find that people who are following "fads" in foods. think of every meal as a royal feast. and think of it all as good very good. Never be a "crank" about your food. but only as much as you need. wholesome and well. Then eat. concentration and will. Eighth Rule. are forever "dieting" to keep their digestion in order. we will assimilate them more thoroughly. always selecting the wholesome and the clean. and so it will be to — you. — . and thereby . Take the common sense way and select freely from all kinds of food. and enjoy every meal as you would a royal feast. A "cranky mind" is an enemy to good digestion.



add remarkably to the vitality of the system. Train your mind to think of your food as having, stored up in every atom, life-giving energies, in addition to nourishing properties and elements and you will soon find that every meal will give you far more energy, vitality and working capacity than you ever realized before. In addition, you will find yourself gaining more and more of that finer force that makes the human personality something more than a physical body with a nervous system. And, as we all desire our personalities to attain that "something more" state of being, this part of our theme will be found extremely important.

Fundamental Law.
the body.

—As the mind





body will be in order, and vice versa. When the mind is in good health, the body will be in good health. When the mind begins to lose hold upon life, the body will gradually weaken until personal existence cannot be maintained any longer. When the mind lays hold upon more and more life, the body
in order, the
will steadily


gain in the possession of

life, until


is sufficient life


vitality, in

every organ

in the body, to eliminate every ailment in the


and prevent

ailments in the future.

When the mind is young, the body will be young. And whatever is realized in the mind will be expressed through the body.

See that the mind




else will

be right in the



Leading Essential.

—To keep


every part of the mind must be properly nour-


the real secret in nourishing the


to see that every part of the





In the body,

and the nourishment that produces growth in the mind, it is growth that produces nourishment. Food for the Mind. It is new thought that constitutes the proper food for the mind; and the more new thought the mind is given the privilege to create, the better the mind will be nourished. To create new thought the mind must constantly advance towards the new, into the new, and up into the larger and the higher. And such an advancement can only follow a deep, strong and ceaseless interest in the new, the superior, and the most perfect everywhere. Mental Expansion. If mental expansion be
stantly interested in the new, the larger
it is


become perpetual, and youth will become perpetual. The body cannot become old so long as the mind continues to grow; and as long as every part of the mind is active and alive, every part of the body will be strong, wholesome and well. When parts of the mind become inactive, groups of cells here and there in many parts of the body will also become inactive; and inactive cells not only become obperpetual, health will
stacles to the natural functions of the body, but


these cells will soon harden





the hardening of the


that produces old


The hardening of

the cells also produces


ailments, because nature cannot do

however. Therefore. withers. through the nervous system. if certain parts of the mind should — . We must remember this. This condition may take place however well the body may be nourished. and tend to change or improve as the mind improves. the whole mind must be well nourished and the only mind that is well nourished is the growing mind. and when the mind starves the body dries up. The mind that does not change will starve. cell. although it is well to give proper nourishment to the body. . Very Important. and as every cell responds absolutely to the actions of the mind. To keep every part of the mind alive. no cell can be dead so long as every part of the mind is alive. and also that every cell is directly influenced by the mind. it is more important to give proper nourishment to the mind. all the cells in the body tend to act as the mind acts. In fact. that every cell in the body is closely connected. part of the mind is alive. The Growing Mind. fibre The mind and atom is in vital touch with every ical in the phys- body. and remember it well. for a single cell in the body to harden or ossify so long as every It is impossible. tend to become what the mind becomes. for. with the mind.NOURISHING THE MIND 33 work properly when dead and hardened cells are scattered in groups here and there all through the body. — becomes old and ossified. The mind feeds on change.

Practical Methods. and to change perpetually into more perfect states and degrees of the new. renew your mind and be well. And an inactive cell soon becomes a dead. and we must keep our eyes open to the new. old age or inability in one or absolutely necessary. in any direction. In brief. and the new in higher and greater things. therefore. arouse and attract our attention. and thoroughly wide awake in every form and manner. with an interest that is thoroughly alive.34 HEALING YOURSELF become inactive. that every part of the ber the great law. It is we wish to to mind be —that the whole mind continue grow. hardened or ossified cell. if retain health many ways. or under any Everything that is new must circumstance. expand and develop perpetually. and youth. And the to new —deeply and renew the mind we must be interested vitally interested in the in new along all lines. advancing. We must learn to live for the . — In the rememalive first place. we must develop an intense passion for the new the new in all things. expanding life and we must become enthused over every step in progress that the race may take. The entire soul must — be aroused with a ceaseless desire to realize the new. a great many of the cells in the body would also fall into inactivity. growing. which means the coming of disease. everywhere. must become a positive force And this process in the system —so .

with a deep. and when the mind is renewed. there will be no dead or hardened cells to give the body trouble. But when all the cells are alive. Continue this process for a few moments. And awaken within yourself a .NOURISHING THE MIND positive thrilled 35 cell is and so strong that every with the spirit of a first fiber and —The thing do wake up the mind—every part of the mind. in all things. in The result of this simple exer- a very short time. the body is renewed in a entire body. A cell that is alive cannot be sick. health. that an awakened mind will renew itself very quickly. Special Exercise. in consequence. and repeat several times every day. and. to new life. First Exercise. To proceed. cise alone will. strong desire to become mentally wide awake in every form and manner. for the fact similar manner. look for at all your purpose to the new everywhere. order and harmony will prevail throughout the system. the coming of good health. It is the dead cells and hardened cells that cause all the trouble. every cell in This means the body will be thoroughly alive. there can be no disease in that body whatever. apply the will upon every part of the mind. is to And remember that the moment every part of the mind is thoroughly wide awake. for when all the cells in the body are thoroughly alive. renew the is. and it — Make times.

with the greatest enthusiasm. And it is such a mind that will become a growing mind. tention. and the mind that is continually wide awake to the new will continue to be a growing mind. An Excellent Practice. think of the ties new. but will also train the grow. of your mind in the to arouse to the force of all your whole mind to become wide awake growth and progress at work in the world. This same practice will make every part of the mind more and more alive. think of new possibiliand new developments and engage your at.36 HEALING YOURSELF Try to interest every part new along all lines and try . Also begin the day by resolving to think more new things than you ever thought of in any day in the past. and this means that every cell in the body will become more and more to — . deeper and a stronger interest in every manifestation of the new. This will keep the mind awake to the new all through the day. Whenever you have a moment to spare. it The only effect will be remarkable. the body will continue to be well. in every- thing new you can observe at the time. Begin the day by resolving to see how many new things you can find during the day. as will not awaken many parts of the mind that have here- mind in the art of discerning the new. the larger and the greater in all things. which is most important because so long as the mind continues tofore been dormant.

and the growing mind is the whatever the ailment or difficulty may be. The Great Law. and what happens to the mind happens to the body also. to be a growing mind. or lack of abundant life.NOURISHING THE MIND alive is 37 it —the very purpose we have alive. accordingly. remedy of — will continue to live so long as it is properly But the mind of man has not been mind has weakened from year to year. while in search of the new. impossible for the body to get sick or get old so long as the mind continues The growing mind greatest is the one great preventative for sickness or age. Everything must be nourished if it is to continue to live. all of which could have been prenourished. is not nourished by what comes from without. It is new mind. the vented through the proper nourishment of the The mind. and everything all. The great . See that your mind continues every day. however. properly nourished. and the only thought that is new to mind is the thought created by that any individual mind itself secret. From this weakness. for absolutely impossible for a cell to be sick that is thoroughly that it is And here it is well to repeat to grow. in view. has come ailments and age. thought alone that can nourish the mind. or by what may be received from external sources. and you will always have health and youth. no matter how long you may live. and every hour.

from the most simple to the most sublime. if mental expansion be made perpetual. and youth will become perpetual. — . Such a mind will indeed be a growing mind.38 HEALING YOURSELF mind is therefore. and so long as the mind continues to grow the body will continue to be well. And. also. in nourishing the to train the whole mind to develop an intense passion for the new the new in all things. health will become perpetual.

turn the tide of no matter what the difficulties or circumstances may be. if we would always Will. human powers and majority have never called forth into action at any time. life however. within possibilities that the itself. And being true. can. And this is especially true in the realization of perfect health. and contains. when applied. The Power of act before Will. but should invariably act with all We 39 . Whatever we do. —We must always the will to we can act. in our favor. should never act in a halfhearted way. whether the action be more we express in the action the more powerful and effective will that action be. The will is one of the most important factors in the system.CHAPTER VI THE WILL TO BE WELL Know will. This physical or mental. And the reason is evident. results will depend largely upon how much will we give to the work or purpose in hand. These powers. we should always turn on the full cur- rent of the will. the its and must understand the true function. —We be well. therefore.

and you aid nature. both directly and indirectly. and for you. in the realization of that purpose. You inspire all the elements and forces within you to leave the side of weakness. the more energy and — power you cause action. or build up a greater measure of health. current of the will. and you aid nature immensely. be very great indeed. the vigor and the Turn on the full virility of your entire system.40 HEALING YOURSELF we possess. the greatest and best results possible. The more will you apply along any line of action. power and strength. Be Well. Important Fact. until all the power within you is working with you. You turn conditions round about completely. The same rule holds good your purpose to gain health. same line of Continue to with force. and you will gradually draw more and more energy into that purpose. to flow into the will. up the strength. and go over to the side of life. Will to be well. the power and will We should al- ways will to be our best. so that the things . when we come will will to to do our best. and The increase. upon any purpose or project. in building Will to be strong. measure results. Then you can certainly get results. You turn the tide of life in your own favor. and you cause all the energies within you to work Will to in — for better and better health. determina- tion and persistence.

Turn the power of the will upon all the conditions of your health and train yourself. for greater strength. to will greater vitality and better health into every part of your system. Second Exercise. Then will more and more life. and for everything that can add to your greatest welfare and highest good. Third Exercise. for better health. Turn the power of the will upon that part of your body that may need better health. The power of the soul can never fail. and your will your true will is the power of the soul in positive. and be tremendously in earnest. will. that part of the and — . more and more. you use the and always will will what you want to be. Take positive hold of your First Exercise. Try to feel that the force of your will comes forth from the great and invincible powers of the soul and try to feel that whatever you will to realize or attain must come to pass. and through. if current of the will. full power of the will for more energy. power health into. Take hold — — of the will in this way. that were against you will henceforth be for you. henceforth. —the to be You can do full all these things. And whenever you use the will feel deeply. — — . determined expression.— THE WILL TO BE WELL 41 . and be determined. and in every instance feel deeply. many times every day. to apply the and always for more life.

an unlimited amount of vitality. and the full power of mind and soul. which. The Strong Mind. and will to be well. then we may always have perfect health. Think of that part of the body. until you can actually feel every with vigor and virility. and will to be well. or use your mind in any form or manner. upon that part of the body. in turn. with depth of feeling. And this is a When power we all want to posthe mind can control the body perfectly. sess. and .42 HEALING YOURSELF cell thrill body. master over the body. And know that the power of your will comes from the limitless power of your own invincible soul. because you know that the results you desire must positively follow. You may therefore have unbounded faith in what you are doing. Make your entire mental world positive and strong. And always remem- — ber to combine deep feeling with every exercise or expression of the tant. the stronger the mind becomes the greater becomes your power to master and regulate every part of your body. the stronger will the under every circumstance. deep will means a strong mind. use more and more of the will. Whenever you think. will. Concentrate all your thought. This is most impor- because the deeper the feeling. And a strong. means greater power of mind over all The mind is by right the physical conditions. Therefore.

into every nerve. with the full power of will. especially in health. Will to express more personal power in every movement of the body. positive. alive. to positive action. strong and virile. Will to pull through. do not permit yourself to ever think of giving up. will gain in The result will be that you full every form and manner. wholesome. into every function. personality strong. Use the full power of the Make your will upon your entire personality. The forces in your system will never give up so long as you refuse to give up. For the fact is. Will to have — more personal power. into every force. fiber. And there is no condition in your system that the . Will more life and more energy into every every cell in your body. it is absolutely impossible for any ailment whatever to enter Do Not Give In. that so long as you hold on. in vigor and When you apply the power of the will upon every part of the personality. Personal Power. all the vital energies within you. or giving in. into Be determined to be personally And use the full power of the will with this im- portant end in view. When conditions in your system seem adverse. and in every action of the soul. you arouse. energizing life. in every feeling of the mind. — your system. and when your personality is thoroughly alive.THE WILL TO BE WELL 43 an abundance of rich. the forces of life in your system will be on your side working in your favor.

This. Then well will to proceed. Most Important. knowing what it is. under every circumstance. and determine to express more of the power of will in every act of the will. that will power is soul power that the real power of the will comes from the soul and that the soul is positively invincible. and working positively. will deeper and more positive. and you will come out with full victory. in your will. think of your will. and the full force of your own determined will. will. Will to stand by the powers within you. to be well. —Take several moments. — . under every circumstance. even in a few days. in itself. strengthen the will remarkably. and you will find that you can give a great deal more power and effective ac- . continuous encouragement. and with a greater realization of freedom than you ever knew before. and those powThey will positively see ers will stand by you. that is. Special Exercise. through your will. with full force. cannot overcome if you give them sufficient time. will simply will to more. knowing that the limitless power is of the soul back of your will.44 forces of HEALING YOURSELF life. . stronger. and give special attention to the making of the First. more and more deeply. in this realization to will to be Continue. three or four times every day. in your system. Train your mind to realize. you through.

provided directions. proceed to train the mind to express more into will everything in your entire system. that the subconscious will invariably does whatever it is directed to do. concentrate the with deep feeling and more determined action. and deeper action to every will. greater volume. the stronger and deeper will the will become. will. tively. greater mind greater force. direct your subconscious ness. through your will. and working posiforce. And as the will develops in force. Second. upon the various faculties and qualities in your mind. And results will increase the limitless more deeply soul is you feel that the back of your will. positiveness and power. greater positive- expression of your power. we feel deeply when we give the and continue to be tremendously in earnest.— THE WILL TO BE WELL tion to everything . The more you apply the foregoing methods and principles. and upon the various functions in your personality. you will find that — you will gain ground continually in the building up of mind and body. In fact. to give Third. This is most important and here we should remember. power of the with full your will. in . Gaining Ground. provided you make it the great rule of your life to will to be well. 45 you purpose or undertake.

and the that have served their purpose must be eliminated. when fully realized. the entire physical and mental system must be reconstructed and made over new. And this opportunity. there must be periods set aside. and new ones built up instead. renewal and reconstruction must be given the opportunity to complete their work thor- oughly. and all the natural processes of repair. and conditions of old age could never gain a foothold in a single organ or cell in the body. If all the functions of nature are to perform their duties properly. In brief. consti- tutes complete recuperation. Important Fact.CHAPTER VII INTERIOR RELAXATION The First Principle. every day. oughly at — If the entire human system would be im- were given the opportunity least once to recuperate thorit every day. The energies that have been utilized must cells be replaced. at least once in every twenty-four hours. 46 . —Nature demands re- cuperation. for complete recuperation. possible for disease of any kind to enter the sys- tem.

that complete re- cuperation would mean. both the interior and the exterior phases of the personality. the within towards the without. the human system continues to give expression to all its forces — and elements. Thus the two great essentials to health and youth would be provided. Second Principle. the process of relaxation must originate in the within. . Meaning of Relaxation. . complete renewal of the cells and second.INTERIOR RELAXATION And all 47 the reason why is this. and relaxation is thorough only when it becomes. in every form and manner. first. what we may well term. Complete recuperation of mind and body can take place only when the entire The — human system is thoroughly relaxed. interior relaxation. is The exterior side of the personality in a posi- tive attitude. or on the subconscious side of life. That is. and it is impossible for old age conditions to gain is a foothold anywhere so long as nature the privilege to given renew every cell in the system the its very moment the former cell has fully served purpose. because it is impossible for any kind of disease to enter the human system so long as there is a full supply of vital energy. and all life and power moves from In other words. In the usual state of conscious activity. the thorough recharging of every part of the system with vital energy. and must penetrate.

and a serene. regardless of time. all the elements and forces of move from the without towards the The process of expression discontinues. the various organs. five gradually come over your This exercise can be taken to advantage. lax. gently and peacefully. that the system within. But when relaxation takes place. —Whenever you wish to re- turn attention towards the within. toward a state of interior calm. which means that power and capacity will continue to life . Results. for or ten minutes every two or three hours during the day. and in this process a large part of the available energy utilized. and should be taken. is.48 all HEALING YOURSELF the energies of the system are going out into. or towards the subconscious. In a few moments you will feel relaxed entire all the way through. restful feeling will personality. and through. to carry out the active functions of mind and body. and the exterior phase of the personality becomes passive instead of positive. at frequent intervals. —The value of this exercise will be found in the realization of renewed supply of and energy. the course of action in the system is re- versed." fully expecting all the forces of your system to turn about and move. General Exercise. is and many of the cells complete their period of usefulness. and "let go. with unfailing punctuality before every meal. place or circumstance.

And when this exercise is taken before meals. 49 to the mark all through the day and this mean more work and better work invariably. before every meal. so that the process of digestion can be carried on perfectly. necessary processes And in may take order that these place. if well. when we relax. to all kinds of ailments or an- noyances in your digestive functions. second. The human system is repaired. for. the working forces are personality. And these two essentials are pro- vided perfectly outer side of pression is terior relaxation. there are two exterior phases of every must be provided. The Third Principle. withdrawn from the external elements of the and our conscious actions are "let go" so that all our feelings are permitted to "sink in" to the deeper subconscious life. for all time. minutes. five you relax thoroughly. First. the becomes passive. when we are in a state of inThat is. the cell must be passive. Subconscious activity is abso- .INTERIOR RELAXATION be up will . the system will be recharged with vitality. and. renewed and recharged by the subcon- — scious side of life. positive ex- life discontinued. And here it is well to remember that the subconscious always works in perfect peace. consciousness must function prinessentials that cipally through the interior phases of every cell at the time. you can say fareIn fact. where all is peaceful and serene.

And we shall find that the purpose of sleep will.SO lutely still HEALING YOURSELF at all times. by making it a esses do not practice to enter a state of interior relaxation for at least ten minutes before we are ready to go to sleep. sq therefore feel deeply. In many instances. but nature has been interfered with in so many ways. or during the latter part of the afternoon. nature is able to provide perfect relaxation just as we are fall- ing asleep. And this is the state you should enter when you are to realize interior relaxation. Relax Before Sleep. We should provide this assistance. in this simple practice. . that many of the natural proc- perform their functions properly unless assisted by mind or thought. Know that the within is always peaceful and still and know that your own mind and personality will also become peaceful and still the moment you come in conscious touch with terior relaxation. the subconscious side of your life is work perfectly. for the purpose of entering completely into a perfect state of in- Begin by turning attention upon the within. —Take thirty minutes every- day. therefore. Special Exercise. —We can enjoy sleep only when we going to relax thoroughly for some time before sleep. preferably early in the evening. . be realized to the fullest and the most perfect degree. you may know feel absolutely that still when you doing its and in the within.

The elements and forces within you always proin and picture the . all you need do is to turn your attention upon that mental picture whenever you wish to enter the relaxed state. moving inwardly. Gradually. your mind. Repeat these various processes. gently. towards the subconscious side. Further Exercise. Breathe peacefully and gently at the time. in the deep. In other words. that whatever you can picture in your mind. when you can "mentally see" a perfect state of interior relaxation.INTERIOR RELAXATION the within. and as you "let go" of the contents of your lungs with each exhalation. For the fact is." Then and calm of the subconscious side. quiet faith that perfect and interior relaxation is being realized. that you can realize at any time. them "sink in" to the stillness of Continue by thinking quietly of your external personality as being perfectly passive. — . that you can actually see a mental picture of this state whenever you so desire. also "let go" of your ings own feel- — letting the within. you will find your conscious feeling in a state where you can actually feel that your interior life is fully relaxed and this is the real purpose you have in view. forces of your system. 51 the forces renity Try to feel that all within you are moving towards the se"let go. as clearly as possible. Your object should be to become so familiar with the state of interior relaxation. serenely.

or even in one-fourth. jectively And as you relax. it is possible to secure complete recovery the time in one-half. It is ceed at once to do whatever you can perfectly picture in your highly im- portant. more frequently. constitute one of the greatest curative agents known to modern science. the value of which will be nothing less than extraordinary. to learn to "mentally see" the relaxed state as you know it Special Information. And they who will learn to apply these two factors perfectly. renewal and recuperation to work more perfectly and more quickly in that part of the body. . In fact. not less than three or four times every day.52 HEALING YOURSELF mind as doing. when is subjective concentration and interior relaxation are combined upon that part of the body that ailing. good health. usually required by nature herself under similar circumstances. in combination. therefore. it is you are not in most important that you relax —When to be. concentrate subupon that part of the body that may lack in health and vigor. that these tration We can truthfully say. two great factors subjective concenand interior relaxation when perfectly — combined. therefore. will acquire a secret. if you relax at the same time. When you concentrate subjectively upon any part of the body. you think of the finer life that permeates the physical side and therefore. thereby hasten- ing recovery to a marked degree. you will cause the processes of repair.

and it is the imaging faculty that determines what we are to think. and try to feel. and we think as we imagine. what you wish to become. Train your imagination. Therefore. what you do not want. Form a mental picture of yourself. See yourself well and strong with the eye of the mind. gain or realize but never imagine. The First Rule. every day. Continue to imagine.CHAPTER VIII IMAGINE YOURSELF WELL The Principle. and be what we wish we must first learn to use the imaging faculty according to fundamental principle and exact science. we wish to think. We are as we think. if — we are to think as to be. Imagine that you have become what you wish to be. . General Exercise. — . under every circumstance. The mind always creates what we imagine. in a most positive manner. in your imagination. — 53 . for a moment. to comply with this rule and gradually you will find that all the conditions of mind and body are becoming more and more as you wish them to be. as you wish to be in mind and body.

what you have imagined. Make a special effort. building and creating. as their patterns. that we imagine with the deepest of feeling and the greatest of force. many times every day. This . imagine yourself perfectly well. to this end. possible. and in fact. and as deeply as in earnest. as frequently as possible. The human system is constantly filled with creative energies. and they always select those things. Imagine yourself sick. these energies are at work night and day. and those same energies will proceed at once to create perfect health in every part of your system. And be tremendously Important Fact. Train your mind to enter as deeply as possible into every correct move you make with the imagination. in your system. Think of this perfect picture of yourself. and the creative energies will create that condition. vivid and intense. deeply felt and thoroughly alive through and through. But your imagination must be positive.54 HEALING YOURSELF through and through. Imagine any condition in yourself. as much as possible. and be determined to see and feel the perfect picture you have formed of yourself. and if you give much force and feeling to that imagination. the creative energies — within you will thereby create. provided the imagination be deep. like In manner. the very ailment you imagine that you have. whenever you have a moment to spare.

The Great Law. wholesome and constructive manner during every — — moment of existence.IMAGINE YOURSELF WELL 55 fact proves that the power of imagination is a marvelous power in truth. right. More than ninety per cent of the ailments that appear in the human system come largely from the misuse of the imagination. proceed to concentrate upon . preferably alone. Then picture. the per- and the ideal. we shall constantly grow into higher and higher realizations of the true. And it is a positive fact that no sickness could appear in the life of any living entity where the power of imagination was applied in a positive. Take ten or fifteen minutes Special Exercise. that you can actually see it in the light of your own marvelous imagination. the Thus we gain freedom perfect and the ideal. When — the imagination of man is right. Remember This. of silence. And having formed the picture in the within. Think of this perfect picture. so deeply. and so vividly. from the lesser or the wrong by constantly rising into the greater and the right. the perfect form of health and power that you wish to realize in your external personality. in the within. Turn your attention upon the great within of your own mind and fect — soul. everything in the life of man will be When we imagine only the true. the greatest there is in man.

The of this exercise will be that you will ac- tually create. Focus attention so absolutely upon that picture. and appearance of external youth.56 HEALING YOURSELF all that picture with power you possess. in the within. in the within. and picture. thought and feeling upon any condition in your system. and repeated frequently. vigorous. that you know nothing else the mental whatever for the time being. — — a counterpart of yourself having qualities brief. Remarkable Law. virile alive with the fire and splendor of youth. Persevere until your concentration becomes perfect. Then con- — — centrate upon this internal form of virility and Re- youth. and you create that condition invariably. with all the power you possess. as was indicated in the preceding exercise. and repeat the exercise result two or three times every day. peat many times every day and the result will be . whatever we create in the within will positively creation. or new upon which you concentrate with And such determination and mental power. all the elements. that very form. provided the power of concentration is directed inwardly. upon the great within. Concentrate mind. Turn your attention Interesting Experiment. in the same deep and powerful manner. in the within. In imagine the internal existence of a new physical form young. . express itself in the outer personality.

in the within. limitless in its and the truth is. Whatever we create same will positively express it- — self in the outer personality. and will thereby restore natural youth to the physical body something to which every physical form is enity — titled as long as life continues in that form. possibility of this law extraordinary — The in fact. In brief. the The Unfailing Truth. an- —a personality with youth. from within. in a thorough and effective manner. the newly created personality of youth and viril- from within will remove all the conditions of age that may exist in the outer personality. will come forth into the outer physical form. in the within. that any man. the full power of this remarkable law. in every mode and manner. is . life and power. and cause the outer physical form to regain. The fact is that the creative energies in your system can restore any part of — .IMAGINE YOURSELF WELL other personality 57 that you will actually create. And gradually this young personality. could regain the appearance of thirtyfive if he would apply. all the elements. even though he might have the appearance field own of ninety. provided they are properly directed by the marvelous power of imagination. And the creative energies within can create any condition or quality we desire. conditions and powers of youth. just as darkness is dispelled by the light. Curative Power.

and this imagination alone can do. your imagination must be perfect. that you will create. at any than that of building for the true.58 HEALING YOURSELF The curative is power But they must be given the proper direction. Train your imagination to your body to perfect health. but your feeling must be deep. Proceed still farther by concentrating all the power of mind and soul upon what you now imagine in that part of your body. — . of those energies positively limitless. You will create perfect health and a superabundance of vital energy at the very point where your concentration is directed. by trying to see and feel what you imagine that is. Proceed farther. in your world. Then imagine that part of the body perfectly well. in your life.part of the body that is ailing. and imagine that you feel perfectly well throughout that part of your system. . the sublime. imagine that you see every fiber perfect and whole. for any other purpose imagination. These are the results that you will positively secure. Proceed by turning your attention to that . time. . Never use the power of Vitally Important. Focus attention absolutely upon what you now see and feel in that organ or muscle or nerve and the very thing you imagine. the wonderful. Imagine always the higher. and you must be tremendously in earnest. the perfect and the ideal in yourself. the greater. your concentration must be absolute.

IMAGINE YOURSELF WELL 59 look towards the heights and create the richness and the glory of the heights for every part of your world. here and now. .

To live more life we must feel more — deeply the reality of scious feeling life itself. that is. and at . physical or we must increase life. Third Rule. and we increase by constantly living more/ Second Rule. life life. We do not really live until we live in the very spirit of life and to live in the 60 . All power comes from mental. our con- must penetrate into the very spirit of life so that we can actually realize ourselves in the limitless life-current. Important Fact. To live more we must express more life through every channel of consciousness and this expression must be positive and strong. and in every part of the system. increase power. — .CHAPTER IX THE REAL LIVING OF LIFE First Rale. the same time perfectly poised and deeply serene. at all times. Learn to give a more positive — expression of life into every part of body. —Learn To to live more. mind and soul. We do not really live until we can feel the limitless life-current pulsating in every fiber and vein. interior action of life. Learn to feel the real.

to constantly live more. limitless. The Real Cause. And to maintain an abundance of life. we would advancement . the ailments. and therefore we are not true to the soul unless we so live that this advancement of the soul may be promoted. Fourth Rule. so long as there is an abundance of life.THE REAL LIVING OF LIFE spirit of life is to feel. more and more deeply. and we may move upward and onward with this current if we learn to live. of whatever life. without any interruption whatever. into a greater and more powerful life. we must place ourselves in perfect harmony with the law of advancement. And to promote this continuous advancement of the soul we must enter. trace —If we should undertake to its any particular ailment back to find that cause to be the real cause. current is forever moving forward into more life. 6* through and through. more and more — — perfectly. the law is. —All nature. invincible life. Remember This. under any circumstances. power of ceaseless. in the very spirit of real life. can be traced to insufficient But it is impossible for any ailment to enter the system. into a larger into a higher life. In order to live more. into the spirit of life — into the interior force of the great invincible life current. This life. The soul was made to advance continuously to move upward and onward eternally. in the fullest and most thorough manner.

are not receiving our supply of life at the time.62 of life HEALING YOURSELF coming to a full stop. or under any circumstance. are not filled is with the life of that current. Continue to advance in the within in the soul during every moment of ex- — — — istence. that is. The consequences will be that ailments. and. that we fail to receive our full supply of the life force within us supply is is not replenished at the time. To state it briefly. For the fact is. for the time being. mental inefficiency. or adversity and wrong in general. and. The purpose of life Be is to move upward and onward eternally. and our not sufficient to carry on. true to that purpose. wrongs and troubles of many kinds will follow. Do not come to a stop at any time. and you will ever receive . we cause our supply of life to diminish whenever we come to a stop in our growth or advancement. And whenever we diminish our natural life supply of we make it impossible for mind and body to perform their functious perfectly. that whenever we come to a full stop in our advancement or growth. we lose hold upon the real life current. The result life . therefore. conditions arise in the system that may lead to physical ailments. we step aside from the life-current. because whenever we make such a stop. The Great Law. we step aside from the life current. the natural functions of existence. in a perfect manner. Accordingly.

Make this imagination so clear and so vivid that you can actually see that current moving upward and onward eternally. Continue to live and move and have your being in the very spirit of the great life current. appropriate and apply. that you will enter more and more deeply into the very spirit of limitless life. through and through. If you do not realize at once the Fifth Rule. through the entire domain of your soul. and with invincible force. existence of the life-current within you. proceed to imagine the interior existence of that current. pletely. limitless life. Then imagine that you are in that current. Deep Feeling. ailments. Be in that current eternally. You will then be in the full force of limitless life and when you are in that life you will be so full of life that there will be no room. weakness or wrong. You will have turned on the full light of life and power. and all darkness will have disappeared com- — . moving with that current into more and more of the one invincible. and imagine that you actually feel the full force of that life and that current in every fiber and vein. for discord. Proceed more deeply into this realization. with all the life you can realize. do not step aside for a moment. anywhere in your system.THE REAL LIVING OF LIFE 63 more and more life. and you will always be filled. The result will be. —Know the truth that there is .

ideal. as well. then entire system will — indeed shall that is we begin to live more all the true life —the life ever becoming larger. richer. . and your become pure. and forever more. We shall not only gain health and freedom. Know this great truth then proceed to feel.64 HEALING YOURSELF life —that a life to within you the force and power of limitless great. but shall. invincible life-current is eternally passing through your soul. We must first learn to live and move and have our being in the great that is life-current —the limitless life that is all within us and all about us everywhere. vigorous. Give more life to every atom in your system. giving more and more every element in your soul. more and more deeply. more beautiful. that is the secret to complete emancipation. We must first learn to live more. more perfect. You will constantly receive more and more life. more thoroughly you will enter into the full power of that current. the very spirit of this wonderful life-current. The True Life. But we must first gain possession of more life. wholesome. powerful. gain more and more of worthy and desirable in human existence. And the more deeply you feel this current. virile and absolutely well. When we enter into the spirit of the full life and the real life within us. you will live more and more every moment and to live more. the force and . And to learn these things we must place ourselves in perfect har- .

wholeness. and in real living there is is peace. live constantly in the spirit of this law so that into the deeper we may more is moment. and of all that is worthy and good in life. the spiritual life.THE REAL LIVING OF LIFE mony with that great law of the soul that all life to is 65 ever prompting forever. Then all that is good must inevitably follow and in a constantly increasing measure. Our is liv- ing must become real living. there is . the larger the richer the greater life. We must life. there . every life. move upward and onward enter. The great secret then is this. there power. life. purity. enter forever and ever into more life. there — freedom and there is perpetual increase of real life.

must be to find and continue the right use of all three in perfect harmony. the mind and this soul . BODY. according to its true nature and real function. exclusive of the others but our purpose . There are many things that can be done to the end that this right use of body. it is absolutely necessary that complete and continuous harmony be established three great factors in the human entity —body. mind and soul may be maintained. under all circumstances.CHAPTER X THE RIGHT USE OF First Principle. and the same is true with regard to the mind and soul but it is not possible for any one of these three factors . or of the mind. and one of the first essentials to end is the right use of these three factors in their respective fields of expression. The body must be used. but the first essential is to inspire 66 . MIND AND SOUL —In order that perfect health among may be realized and maintained in the human system. or of the soul. to be used as it should unless all three are used as they should. For this reason our purpose must not be confined to the right use of the body.

at least to a certain extent. and must continue to inspire every element within you all through life. the great rule in physical culture is. main- . The value of this rule becomes more and more evident the more perfectly we realize the fact that life can find expression only through those physical in order to fibers that are exercised or that are given a certain amount of action every day and . this resolution so strong that every part of mind and soul will feel the power of that resolution. from this mo- ment on. In we should resolve. to use the body. Every element and force in the human body should be placed in action. to ex- ercise daily every muscle in the body. and to the most perfect degree. every day. the mind and the soul according to their true nature. other words. MIND AND SOUL 67 every element and force in the system with a strong. and in consequence we will develop within ourselves a second nature. but your resolution must be strong and positive. The law is. so to speak. and we should make body. The result will be that the entire system will respond more and more to what we have resolved to do. having a tendency to promote the right use of everything that exists within us. Second Principle. whatever you make up your mind to do that every power within you will help you to do. and there- — fore.USE OF BODY. continuous desire to bring about this right use at once.

and expect results mentally. through the use of a number of well-known is exercises. and also the full expression of life. that is. it is weakened. in addition. as anyone can.68 HEALING YOURSELF tain health all through the system. nor should they be carried out in a mechanical manner. The rule should be. day. with full faith other words. however. perpetual renewal of all the elements all through the body. ascertain what necessary to place every muscle in motion every But these exercises when applied should never be strenuous. To outline such a system of exercise will not be nec- essary here. and thereby originate old age conditions. and. to try to combine the mind with the exercise. may harden or ossify. train the ercise. and enthusiasm. muscle remains dormant or unused for some time. vitality and virility first is through every fiber things. when taking physical exercise. demands perpetual youth all through the body. and this is exceedingly important. therefore. as a . the life force should be expressed continually through every part of the system. In mind to enter into the ex- You will thereby call into action the finer energies of the body as well as the purely physical energies. Perfect When a health. One of the do in this connection to adopt a simple system of physical exercise that will insure the placing of every muscle into action at least for a few moments every day. to and cell.

the results will invariably be the increase of life and energy all through the physical system. In addition. as well as the physical forces. it is —In the right use of the body life absolutely necessary that the force be fiber expressed and exercised in every the body. cell and of it can is absolutely filled every day and continually with the life force. healthy body demands the full expression the forces of the personality. every organ will perform its functions more perfectly. and to this end. try to picture or imagine the full ex- pression of life in every part of your body. Third Principle. Besides this. we should aim to No cell be in good health unless secure a stronger and more complete expression mind for a of the ality. This mode of concentration should be taken for a few moments several times every day. and arouse at the time a strong desire for the full expression of the life force in every fiber and cell. vital energy and working capacity. and if it is made strong.USE OF BODY. and there will be a decided increase in vitality. life force throughout the physical person- To proceed. concentrate your few moments upon the different parts of the body. and enter into the exercise with the deepest depth of feeling that you can possibly realize at the time. the finer nerve forces and vital forces. positive. MIND AND SOUL of all 69 good. Every cell will be made more active. deep and penetrating. a .

Fourth Principle. kind- sympathy. The mind should be wholesome at all times and under all circumstances. and. necessary that tire personality. and therefore no adverse mental state must be permitted at any time. This exercise. To cultivate a wholesome mind the first essential is to train the mind to entertain har- mony. the greater becomes the joy of living. — We cannot use the mind rightly unless every state of mind is wholesome. but we should think .70 HEALING YOURSELF life deeper realization of the be gained for the body. purity. more life we feel in the body. mental sunshine. therethings. that we should not simply think through the brain. we learn to think with the enis. Fifth Principle. positiveness. and the tendency to always look for the good and true and the beautiful in everybody and everything. aspiration. will accomplish many and should be entered into with earnestness and enthusiasm. and every form of wrong thinking should be eliminated completely. fore. that the more abundant will and we know full well. that it is practically impossible for ailments of any kind to enter the body so long as the mind is thoroughly wholesome. harmonious and constructive. ness. loftiness of thought. The law is this. the cultivation of a wholesome mind becomes one of the great essentials in the attainment of perfect health. therefore. it is —In the right use of the mind.

In addition. Then as you feel your mind entering into this quality with genuine desired. so that the enjoyment and the thought may. produce results more. try to think fiber of the entire personality whenever you use the mind in any way. every cell in the system should act as a channel for the expression of mental power. extend its activities the personality. whenever you think. life. ability. ity interest. that try to ex- tend mental action to every effort to cell in to a certain extent. more and to different parts of your body.USE OF BODY. 71 throughout the entire personal form in fact. the personality . you will find do this will and as the principle is practhat the mind will. MIND AND SOUL through every nerve and . In other words. personal worth. To accomplish this. Later you will discover that you . enter into the personality and find expression through various parts of the personal form. power. and the exercise may be as follows: Take any quality such as health. invariably think of the entire personality. or any quality and turn your attention upon that qualwith the deepest of interest. try to project the activity of the mind is. to a certain extent at least. or whenever you enjoy. down through The mere tised. or whenever you entertain a wholesome or constructive state of mind. take special moments every day for the purpose of training the mind to use the whole of the personal form as a channel for thought.

because ality. in addition to the remarkable increase of mental power. when the mind begins to express itself through the entire personality. when the The reason for this is evident. No mind can become powerful so long as it uses the brain only. which is extremely important. and it is then that you are really beginning to build up for yourself a powerful mind. This principle. will also establish greater harmony between mind and body. . as well as through every force in the personality. through all the nerve fibers and through every physical cell in the system.72 HEALING YOURSELF can actually feel the action of thought in every fiber in your system. so that the complete mastery of the body by the mind may be realized and the mind . because the mind cannot control the body so long as it finds expression only through the to such brain but . but itself when it begins to through the entire brain. then every part of the body will become more responsive to mental action. mind can use the entire person- the scope of mental action will increase an extent that the free and easy expression of every mental force may be promoted thoroughly and completely. through then the channels of expression for the mind will become so numerous and so extensive that all the latent forces and powers of the vast mental world will begin to come forth in greater and greater measure. express all the nerve centers.

USE OF BODY. cause life it will tend to develop those finer states of that are always perfect life wholesome and pure and in harmony with the true order of the higher within. create more ideal and more perfect conditions in the mental world and every condition that is created in the mental world will. and establish those . MIND AND SOUL 73 should exercise complete mastery over the body because in this way alone can the physical instru- ment be maintained every circumstance. in perfect condition under mind should aim to fashion all thought in the image and likeness of the ideal. and the reason for this is found in the fact that we do not think the truth unless we are constantly aiming to enter into the realization of higher and greater truth. we should select a number of the highest and best ideals that think of. sooner or later. To we can carry out this principle. . We do not use the mind properly unSixth Principle. find expression in the physical personality. less —The we are always thinking towards the ideal. we must think towards the ideal. when thinking towards the ideal. The effect of this process upon health is readily discerned. because the mind will. The same practice of thinking towards the ideal will tend to perfect all the expressions of life through the mind or the body and this is most important be. and to enter into the realization of higher and greater truth.

this principle must be continued with faith. and at every opportunity express a strong and intense desire for the mind to work up towards those ideals. as the real self. .74 HEALING YOURSELF and dis- ideals before the mental vision as clearly tinctly as possible. or reach out for the higher realization of the truth and the power that we know those However. Seventh Principle. right use of the soul —The is first essential in the to think of the soul as the real you. heart. Then we should frequently turn attention upon those ideals. as the real individuality. No effort must be half-hearted. the application of ideals to possess. therefore power to lead and . we shall soon succeed in renewing the mind upon a higher plane of thought and life. We must develop a passionate love for the ideal. thing in the the full human It is the soul alone that has the full light it is the soul alone that has to guide. and the entire system must become so filled with intense desires for the ideal that every fiber and atom will respond to the force of those desires. but every effort must be wholeAnd as we proceed with the whole hearted. and and the life thereby transform the entire personality in the image and likeness of those higher and finer things that we are realizing in our growing consciousness of the ideal. and as the real and permanent master over everysystem. determination and enthusiasm.

It is the soul alone that knows what should be done or what can be done therefore. On the contrary. But our living in the soul will not weaken the body. that we invariably express throughout the per- . the result will be great gain in every possible manner. know what should be done at any time or under any circum- In the application of this principle. because all life and power comes from the higher. in the soul When we learn to actually live we shall be able to gain possession of a far greater measure of life and power. and the wisdom to stance. vide everything necessary for the lower and this is self-evident. and as this higher realization is gained. the more fully we live in the soul the more life and power we will express both in mind and body therefore. and we should to also think of the soul as having the power do everything right. think of the soul as the real and as the rul- ing power in everything we do. the soul must occupy the throne. we should train ourselves to self. and whatever we gain possession of in consciousness. we will find that rise our consciousness will gradually more and more into the realization of the soul life. live in the higher. The law is this.USE OF BODY. MIND AND SOUL nothing can be right in mind and body unless is 75 it inspired by the soul. that when we we become more able to pro. To apply this principle. we will begin to live in the soul instead of in the body where we previously lived.

or from any adverse condition what- We shall find that the power of the when expressed in the body. harmonious and powerful. Eighth Principle. But we must remember that in the personality will not tible to the ills this refining process make us more more from suscepis of life. The soul should be lived in every element and in every atom of the body. the protection will beill come so complete that no sonal can befall the per- form henceforth. spirit. the more perfectly the soul is lived in mind and body.76 sonality. wholesome. the harmony and the power that we will realize in feel the soul life in The soul is . the greater will be the purity. — We should not simply be conscious of the soul. every part of always pure. but or we are living in we should live the life of the soul throughout our entire system and then make that living so full. HEALING YOURSELF In addition to other gains that will be realized in this manner. can protect the body. the wholeness. so strong and so thorough that we . the and more im- mune from ever. therefore. all weakness. can actually mind and body. the personality becomes all ills. tire personality will we will find that the en- be refined and made superior. full and positive. conscious of the great truth that the soul. and when this spiritual expression becomes strong. It is the contrary that refined true. for the fact is that the spiritual the personality becomes.

In brief. whatever we those three we should always recognize all factors as being indispensable factors in every . mind and soul should be — present to the fullest possible degree. learn to live in the soul. the wholesome is expressed in every atom. in other words. there will not be room for discord. the perfect. . in every thought. power and harmony. that is. disease. or any adverse condition whatever. and always in peace. positive desire for this expression. feeling and action do. Ninth Principle. To apply this principle. Then enter so deeply into this consciousness of the soul that you can actually feel the life and the power of the soul. and by giving this desire added force and determination under every available opportunity. weakness.USE OF BODY. the strong. proceed by training your consciousness to realize as fully as possible the existence of the soul life. always perfect. This will mean the coming forth into the presonality of that which is always well. The conscious realization of the existence of body. 77 Perfect health must follow because when the pure. always wholesome. throughout your personality but you should increase this expression by creating a find expression strong. This feeling will gradually . and learn to give the soul life to every fiber in your being. try to become more and more conscious of the soul. MIND AND SOUL every part of mind and body.

and in health as well as in all desirable attainments. to produce a more balanced and more harmonious state of relationship among these three great factors . The practice of recognizing mind and soul in everything we do. and the practice of giving fuller expression to body. whether physical or mental or both. and in all attainments and achievements we may have in view. the mental and the physical. whether soul to everything of mind or body. Our aim should be to consider body. We should always make it a point to combine mind and body in all life. expression of body. forces and powers that exist within us on all planes. second. first. in all enjoyment and in all functioning of the personality. mind and . and also that the largest and best from the spiritual. And the greatest results must naturally follow where these three factors work together in — harmony. mind and soul are trained more and more to work together in all the actions of life.— 78 HEALING YOURSELF life. and most perfect expression posgive We should always make it a point to we do. find the fullest sible. to produce a larger and a more perfect manifestation of the elements. mind and soul in everything we do will tend. it is highly important that body. mind and soul harmonize. and. and should always think of the soul as taking part in every action. Through this practice the three great factors body. and to the most perfect degree possible.

mental or spiritual. we Tenth Principle. Under all cir- we should think of the soul as being absolutely perfect in every form it and manner. every part of the mind will. the body will naturally respond. is invariably the direct effect of the present devel- opment and conscious realization of the mind. with all its conditions and states of expression. the complete. we understand fully how . In the attainment of health. — is always perfect. the wonderful and the sublime in the soul. and will give expression to the higher and the better in all its functions and manifestations. The soul and can be used as it should cumstances. the higher and the better. when the mind ascends into the realization of the perfect. Therefore. therefore. take on more and more of all that is high and lofty and perfect in the soul. we should encourage and prompt the mind to act more and more fully towards the perfection of the soul. whether the plane of expression be physical. accordingly. Therefore.USE OF BODY. The body. The mind grows more grows more and more fully into the realization of perfect as the perfection of the soul. because such action will invariably tend to develop the realization of perfection in every part of the mind. MIND AND SOUL soul in everything that 79 carry forward into expression. When the mind continues to ascend towards the marvelous. in life only when constantly recognized as perfect.

is first place. which will finally culminate in complete emancipation. as the mind grows in the consciousness of that perfect health that always exists in the soul. the perfect health of the soul mind takes on the as the mind grows into body becomes like the consciousness of the perfect health of the soul . this principle should receive The application of our best attention. and in the third place. the the mind. This will mean a wonderful change for the better. we realize that the soul well in the second place. the application of this principle must ders. .80 HEALING YOURSELF work wonIn the . therefore grows in the expression and manifestation of perfect health. and should be entered into with unbounded faith and enthusiasm.

When the mind is in states of mind. — that state. and mind is in a higher or finer state of action the at the time. but become so perfectly still that you can actually feel the stillness. greater influence over the body. as fine.CHAPTER XI THE FINER CURATIVE FORCES Finer States of Mind. in fact. Therefore. . and as deep as tions of the possible and one of the first essentials to this end is to become mentally serene not only serene in a general sense. it invariably gives expression to very fine energies. Those energies invariably have the power to penetrate all conditions of the system. whenever we proceed to apply wholesome and constructive we should try and make the acmind as high. —Whenever the mind if is in action certain forces are expressed. of life and soul throughout your system. to eliminate every condition that is not in har- 81 . and. the forces expressed will be both finer and more powerful and we realize that the finer energies of the mind have the power to exercise a far '. over the entire personality.

perfect health mony with There is and the perfect expression of true being. and whenever the and will right is established in the deeper life of the sysall tem. .82 HEALING YOURSELF perfect peace. building up. harmonizing and making things right in every form and manner. highly refined state of mind. work through the interior currents. a current belief that in order to change physical conditions. of mental force but this the reverse that force that is is true. we must is exercise a great deal . it is It is not a great deal of necessary. . no matter what the conditions might be. but a deep. not true in fact. because such a state gives expression to those purer. for sity through some time. the right will invariably manifest the external organs or through form of the system. When we of the mind. healing. or the undercurrents. serene. life all And we realize that if these highly refined life all currents could continue in expression the system. every day. more wholesome and more harmonious power to penetrate currents that have the through the system. and gradually re-establish perfect health and perfect harmony throughout the deeper life of the system. all adver- would finally be eliminated. proceed to cultivate this conscious expression of the finer forces and the finer states we build up a constructive process that will steadily take hold of the finer side of life. purifying.

and try to feel that we are actually reposing in that beautiful state state of perfect —the harmony. interior sense. in fact. or at the .. so to speak. we would find that we should not have to do anything else to regain perfect health. —those life currents that invariably can and will restore or- harmony. The reason for this is will we found in the fact that feeling conditions and manifestations. al- ways in perfect harmony and health. because that state of will gradually mind alone and steadily place in action all those higher and finer life currents der. of the great laws to be considered in this imis this. 83 this finer understanding of our first object should be to train ourselves to enter into this higher. If we would continue in this state. and. The Finer Energies of Thought and Feeling. regardless of physical condi- begin to manifest perfect health from that very hour. it goes down to the very root. that always goes beneath is. wholeness and freedom to every part of mind and body. peace and wholeness. that whenever we actually feel perfectly well. serene state more refined and more of the mind. in real being. of all expreslife. — One portant study tions. THE FINER CURATIVE FORCES Whenever we gain life. we place in action a health producing life force at the very root. health. resting there in the full realization of the great truth that we are. sions of so that whenever we feel well in this deep.

and. therefore. in- power to feel well in the within at all times and under all circumstances. of course. all the spirit of youth would be expressed the system. line thorough and continof feeling that we have is We all know that if we could feel young in this interior sense. that this interior feeling uous along the chosen. that is the way we become outwardly. It is true that the power to enter into this deep interior . in the interior state of con- sciousness. we must not fail to apply it.84 HEALING YOURSELF all very beginning. wholesome. monious. the member that the way we feel inwardly. expressions and manifesta- The result. This is a law that cannot fail. and continually. therefore. therefore. we will naturally manifest health all through the system and. through and we would gradually change the physical personality until it manifested the same condition of youth that we had continued to feel in the within. provided. that is. When we harmony establish at the very beginning of wholeness and all the mani- festations of life — . must be that all ex- pressions and manifestations will become the way we feel. we realize the immense importance of cultivating that deep. In this connection we must reterior feeling of perfect health. of tions. instead of simply like to believing that we would be more youthful. that is. healthful and harhealth.

85 in- and feel the way we wish to feel. we to realize that every effort that we may make awaken the larger subconscious life will . may . there- fore. we all are in the within perfectly well that is. and. we always are well and therefore we always should is.THE FINER CURATIVE FORCES feeling. we should dwell on the great truth that the soul is always well. When we know this truth. we should proceed toward this attainment with the greatest enthu- siasm possible. The Subconscious Forces. we know scientific principle. finer and that contains such a large number of the currents as the subconscious . that feel well in the within. much practice and concentrated action but an attainment that we all can reach. To that establish this deep feeling. And knowing that we invariably become in the withvolve it is out as we feel in the within. is that our effort to feel perfectly well in the within is based upon a are simply trying to feel what eternally true and that we absolutely and —that in the within. and with the application of all the truth and information we have been able to gain on the subject. then we should proceed to enter into tUe feeling of that healfh and that wholeness that constitutes a permanent part of the soul life. consciousness in the life —There field is no is field of human mind that so vast. we shall gain largely by realizing continually the great fact .

In dealing with the subconscious we are dealing with a large subject. with a view of awakening the higher and the finer life currents from within. we should realize that the subconscious mind will invariably respond to our conscious directions. that . at least to some measure. there are finer or are awakened and expressed ters more powerful than those forces that when the mind enwhat we may call spiritual exaltation. in this connection will result in great gain both for the realization of perfect health and for the of life realization of greater personal power. —Among the many forces none that are that may be found in the higher and finer states of consciousness.86 HEALING YOURSELF life. too large for detailed analysis in this connection. but in order to secure the best results in the simplest manner. will be followed by response from within. Every effort we make. and that whatever direction we may make to the subconscious. ality — therefore. invariably result in the expression of a larger measure of especially the finer and higher states of life. we will find that the finer life currents from within will express themselves more and more until the outer person- becomes literally charged with life and power from within life and power of a very high and fine order. and as we learn to apply the law through which the conscious mind directs the subconscious for greater action. Spiritual Exaltation.

although we can produce this remarkable spirit. the true and the absolute becomes an actual realiza- — tion. we will . At certain times the mind is lifted and wonderfully exalted beyond material things. 87 when the consciousness. where power is immense. Besides encies that e :altation in ourselves by turning our attention to the highest and purest state of spiritual being that then with all the power of life W(i can imagine — and mind and thought and soul.THE FINER CURATIVE FORCES is. where the light of truth is as brilliant as the shining sun. mind is placed in an exalted state of There are many experiences in by the past as well as in the present. beyond anything in the objective lifted up into another world. When we proceed in this attitude. there are many other tendmay come in daily life that tend to exalt the mind. and there are many lines of thought. We know that to exalt the faith invariably has a tendency mind. that have the same tendency to lift the mind into the this. so to speak. desire to realize the high spiritual state upon which attention has been directed. such as worship in all its phases. and where the consciousness of the perfect. illustrating the fact that marvelous cures can be produced what we term the exaltation of spirit. and we shall find it profitable to employ any or all means that may have this tendncy.

88 gradually HEALING YOURSELF turn all the energies will of life up- ward. is In many instances this exalted state reached in a few moments of such consecrated effort. — we invariably do. healthful and thoroughly good in every way a power that has the power to fill the entire being of man through and through and give expression to the pure. therefore. we can. the harmonious and the perfect in every part of mind or personality. whole. disappears instantaneously. rising continually in the scale of consciousness and lifting the entire mind upward into higher and finer states of being. and that power acts as . give expression to that power. through such consecrated effort. according to the law. every adverse condition of the body . the wholesome. since we become conscious of this marvelous power when we enter spiritual exaltation. and those energies begin to work to- ward the higher. it enters —a power that into a world of pure spirit is and marvelous power perfect. this. but under any circumstance. until the state of glorious exaltation is realized. that The reason why is is when consciousness exalted. that we invariably manifest in mind and body. and. clean. steadily and surely lift the mind more and more until the exalted state is realized absolutely and when we do enter the exalted state. In this connection we should also remember the great law that whatever we become conscious of.

and week after week. that is. If they would continue in this way faithfully. until selves in the exalted state. and restoring absolute harmony and perfection to every part of the human entity. removing all adversity and discord before it. and a desire that thrills every atom. they would not continue very long in their present adverse condition. try to realize this wonderful state of spiritual exaltation. or would gradually rise more and more into the higher and finer. pouring through the system like a powerful life current. purifying the entire system and making every part of the system absolutely pure and whole. a yearning that is irresistible. the power that we become conscious of through spiritual exaltation will exall through mind and body. Remarkable Possibilities. and then with the whole of life. some glorious day they would find themand when this expe- . if necessary. would proceed at once to train their minds to enter more and more into this state of exaltation. proceed. they should turn attention To upon the high- est and finest state of being that can be realized and imagined. press itself In brief.THE FINER CURATIVE FORCES 89 a consuming fire. they would finally lift the mind out of the bondage in which they have been living. day after day. or like a powerful refining current. distressing ailments who have and who have tried so many If people — things without results.

spirit is . therefore. because the higher and finer powers from above have come down into the physical being. a marvelous change would come speedily. Here we must remember that it is impossible for any ailment to continue in the body after the mind has been exalted in the spirit.90 rience HEALING YOURSELF was realized. with new and harmonious states of consciousness. with of mind. complete renewal of the brought about. with new and powerful states flooded with highly refined forces. entire system is The possibilities. are remarkable. the lifting of life into the higher and the finer and the perfect. and the restoration of that perfect state of being that we know to be our inheritance from life —that perfect state of being that invariably finds expression all through the sysgiven full tem when the power of the freedom in mind and body. and in brief. indeed and among all great means of healing there is no method that is more remarkable or more powerful than that of spiritual exaltation. changing everything and bringing about a new order absolutely. with new and new and wholesome states of being. the entire system new life. in connection with what we term spiritual exaltation. that are within easy reach of everybody. because whenever that exaltation is literally is realized. It invariably means the absolute changing of everything.

Spiritualising Process.



we may

term the spiritualizing process constitutes one of the most direct and one of the most effective means of cure that is known and it consists, first, in realizing the power and the presence of the

spirit in the

system; and, second, in taking hold

of the power consciously, and directing
ever healing




illustrate, there


be a condition in your system that you wish to
change, and your object will be to spiritualize that
part of the body or you will want that part of the


and you wish to apply the spiritualization process to that organ or function or part, whatever it may be. You proceed in this manner. You first realize the fact that you have conscious possession of certain






that are




pure white energies with healing on their wings. You realize that you have full conscious possession of those forces
highly refined

your own being. You realize that you can dithem as you may desire, and cause those forces to act in any part of the body as you will. Thus you turn your attention to that part of the body that needs attention, and while concentrating there positively and with deep, calm feeling, you think that you are directing those spiritual forces all the way through that part of the body, causing those forces to move to and fro in that




part of the body, literally penetrating every fiber

and nerve, and entering into every atom, spiritualizing every element through and through in
that part of the system.
Briefly, that part of the



being spiritualized by the moving to and

fro of those





rents that are purely spiritual and that invariably


for purity, harmony, health, wholeness and

perfection of being.



method you are not only

lishing a spiritual process in that part of the body,

but you are also giving expression to the higher


finer life currents that invariably find exis di-

pression wherever the power of the spirit


result will be that

you can almost see

those finer spiritual forces with the eye of the

gently but positively



the atoms, elements, veins and fibers of your sys-

tem, penetrating them

all in this



ner, giving powerful expression to this gentle,

peaceful, harmonizing process.



can almost see this wonderful, spiritual process taking place and as you continue you will begin

to feel that physical conditions are gradually los-

ing their hold or dwindling away, or changing, or

modifying, according to the powerful expressions
of this deep, fine and health-producing force of
the spirit.

The undercurrents and

the inner


including the chemical actions of the body, are



being acted upon, and are being influenced to

change so as to harmonize perfectly with the true
order of things.

A greater power is in their presharmony and

and therefore the lesser powers of the body obey perfectly, and proceed at once to resume
fine art to take

a state of order,

We realize that it is a very
of these wonderful spiritual


life currents, direct

them through consciousness, through the finer and more serene control of the will, and thus cause those higher forces to pass through and spiritualize any part of the body. And we should
repeat frequently, until those finer forces, those

pure white spiritual energies, gain complete mastery of the situation.

For here we must rememand the true;

ber that those spiritual forces always
the good and the right

work for and when

they do secure mastery of the situation in any
part of the body, the good and the right and the
true will prevail in that part of the body.

be well

cipation will have been secured; health, life



have been restored, and

all will


train the


to apply this process,


to enter

must develop a deep, serene state of mind, and try more and more deeply into that perfect faith and perfect realization of the spirit wherein

we absolutely know that we are in conscious touch with the powers of the spirit. Then we realize

positive and yet serene manner. and wherever we may direct those highly refined spiritual forces. They will spiritualize and make perfect. all ailments and all discord must instantaneously Results. for peace. and wherever conditions are made perfect or spiritualized in any part of the human system. We must also remember that there are no obstacles in the physical world to that power. We must be able to say to the body.94 that HEALING YOURSELF we can the direct those finer life currents and express them anywhere." Then all physical conditions must obey absolutely and resume that higher. always restoring perfect order. largely perfect state of being that is invariably produced by the presence and the power of the greater. . finer and more disappear. "The greater is at hand. however. or direct any part of the body. just as readily as we can move hand physically. always harmonizing. for harmony. will depend very upon our realization of the great truth that whenever we apply the spiritual process we are giving expression to higher power. there those forces will proceed to act in a strong. That power can overcome any and every obstacle and it always works for health. always refining. . always healing. and for the life more abundant.

. CHAPTER XII LIVING IN THE ABSOLUTE The Absolute State of Being. meaning that the soul will continue to give expression to a larger and a larger measure of its own inherent life or divinity. how that we may approach everything that is must first con- tain the possibility of perfection within itself. ever continue for all time becoming more perfect. is. However. we cannot conceive of any process as ever coming to an end. and yet there is one thing that we realize no matter the subject. all its own inherent qualities and powers. The absolute and perfect in the extreme sense of those terms and when we speak of the absolute. of which must be abso- 95 . or where all perfecting processes have com- pleted their work. of the absolute of being that that really —When we speak it we have life reference to that state contains is changeless because everything that is can hold that . We say that the soul will to rise in the scale. and that to be perfected is. we refer to that state of perfection that has reached the cli- max. everything is limitless in life.

the present time the absolute state of being and cir- here let without not conditions. all time more and more it and we know that if the soul did not have within itself absolute perfection. if the soul never comes to an end in its process of development. and cumscribed in any way. However.96 lute HEALING YOURSELF —containing within themselves . limitless state of real being. would in its development come to an end some time. but contains everything in the perfect. or its real spiritual life. and continue thus for an endless period of time. —When we we consider the we realize that shall it is quietly and deeply. we say that the soul growth and development continues to give expression to more and more of that which is inherent in the soul. we must come to the conclusion that the soul already has within itself everything that can be expressed through an endless period of advancement and ascension. all that any- quality can contain in its in brief. But if the soul can continue to give expression to more and more of its inherent qualities. The soul must necessarily have within it itself absolute perfection if to express can continue for perfection. without limitations. it must necessarily possess within us remember that the absolute is is itself at . absolute. but continues to rise in the scale for eternity. because have to think something that . The Unconditioned.

In approaching such a state of conscious- ness. in truth. and there is nothing in that state that is undeveloped. let us imagine an absolute state of being where the mind would be conscious of a perfection that could not be made more where the mind would be conscious of a life that was so beautiful that it could not be made more beautiful and where the mind was conscious of power and wisdom of all the qualiall that Divine Being could ties of the Divine perfect. and more serene When we it enter state of contem- begin to understand what means to live in the absolute.LIVING IN THE ABSOLUTE 97 cannot be discerned unless we enter into the very spirit of Divine Wisdom. physical bodies. — imply. We can realize this only as we develop spiritual consciousness. the first great truth that we would discover would be that there are no conditions in the absolute state. In contrast to this higher consciousness we find when we look upon our manifested side of tions . that the life is full of changing condiand when we look upon the mind we find . but we cannot enter into that spirit unless we are absolutely serene and the whole of highest life consecrated to the very we can we into this deeper plation. but this is all things are as they can be in the most extreme or something that cannot be described in words. think or know. in the absolute state highest form of being. As we approach that state.

no conditions. still we must make a distinction between being perfect in the absolute. we would not acThe reason for this is evisecure the greater sup- we cannot we will necessarily continue in the same state . that there are degrees of manifestation derstanding in brief. although the absolute state contains within itself everything that we can conceive of as existing in perfect being. Contains Everything. but in trying to grow or express ourselves with- out drawing upon the within. we find that. no growth. no advancement. and is a part of the great plan but in the absolute state there are no changes. We would do this. complish very much. and manifesting perfection in the outer life. —When we consider this wonderful theme very closely. however. to improve upon that process continually through life. and in this connection there are three views that we can take of the subject. and try. because every- thing in the absolute state has reached the All in All. in the best manner we know.98 HEALING YOURSELF and un. This is true of the entire person. ality. there are certain states that are constantly improving or in a process of perpetual growth. dent. The first view would be simply to consider the external side of life in a process of growth. because if ply. without any regard to what we might possess in the within.

we know is this. need give no further thought to external changes. that the principle of that manifestation live.LIVING IN THE ABSOLUTE of development is 99 all along until the greater supply secured. our object would be to enter as deeply as possible into the consciousness of divine solute state. We must also consider manifestation. which would be to give no attention to external growth whatever. life. or cannot really without giving expression to more and more The giving of expression to more life in- volves the giving of expression to everything that pertains to life or that comes from life all the powers. life. In taking this view. or realize the ab- and seemingly . and. qualities and talents that exist in the — human it is entity. this would be the is proper course to pursue but there to this great theme. that we do not really live. Here we must also remember that not possible to manifest perfect being by . therefore. which could only follow after we had placed ourselves in contact with the absolute life within. The fact that we are growing and constantly manifesting more and more in life proves that there is a purpose in such manifestation and act of all there . but simply live in the belief that We might take a we were perfect now. another side The truth is that the mere becoming conscious of perfect being is not is in life. second view.

how- ever. while we are in that state that we feel absolutely free from conditions. to hide our- selves in absolute consciousness. to a third view of this subject. . and not that come them. This must not be our object. or try to with- draw from manifested or in any into that state of abstraction way enter where we become more or less unconscious of things in the external.ioo HEALING YOURSELF There are other essentials as simply working for the consciousness of perfect being. But this is not the truth. and a taken the view confine great many advanced minds have that real freedom can come only as we consciousness more and more to this abstract state ties of external where we become oblivious to the sensibililife. —Realizing then the great truth that growth. We find. manifestation and expression are necessary factors in real living. and that that our object in trying to live in the absolute should be for the purpose of manifesting a greater and a greater measure of the lute being. we have become insensible we have necessarily overHowever. we come is. that this state of obliviousness to conditions means to them. The Higher Understanding. we shall un- derstand as we proceed. although we know that it is possible at certain times to enter so comin a pletely into the abstract that we become measure oblivious generally to conditions. life of abso- Our purpose must not be life.

hiding itself. and neglecting the personality the personality either but in every instance. but sooner like a clock shall or later the clock will run down. we may . isolate ourselves from personal conditions for a time. there are advanced . in the abstract. natural processes will go on in the personality as before. and it may be a delightful experience and during that time. so that there was no gain and much loss on the manifested side. —There are many il- lustrations in history of this practice of the ego so to speak. In other words. weakened or met with dissolution. In the mean- time. the personality that has been may continue to run wound up. there may have tained in the process of growth and after real gain. LIVING IN THE ABSOLUTE 101 We realize know that.. the ego will be drawn out suddenly into manifested life to take care of its instrument. and we tention. and in a measure freedom from pain and will life. illness. . still growth and manifestation our external be taking place as usual in will continue its The body changes and the mind will continue to seek new forms of expression. although we may live for a time in abstract consciousness. all been considerable loss susand development we shall find that there has been no Dwelling in the Abstract. shall soon find that the personality will require further at- The fact is. True. and the personality have to receive attention.

sonality is — Considering is. we find that it is absolutely perfect. but in most instances this is neither necessary nor desirable. and it matters not what happens to it so long as the soul finds absolute truth. in the possession of a personality. When we consider the external side. the more rational view of this subject. and thereby withdraw consciousness from the world of sense. and it is the highest light that we all seek. we are face to face with the great problem of adjusting ourselves to these two great phases of the truth. proves that our being here is for a purpose . we must come to the conclusion that the fact that we are here in this sphere of existence. and when we consider the real I spiritual side or the Am. But. It is not the highest light on this great subject.102 HEALING YOURSELF minds who argue that the personality is of no value in any case. it is There may be times when well to enter the abstract for a short period. . whatever our view may be of that subject. that that the per- necessary as an instrument of the soul. we find it undeveloped. and that we should enter more and more and growth into the consciousness of the ab- solute in order that in the we may further manifestation personality. and also that ceived this personality in order that it we have rewe may use as an instrument in fulfilling our purpose in this realm of existence. serving a great purpose. The Great Problem.

It this statement. In- although inherently perfect. the state. the deeper you enter the absolute greater becomes your desire to manifest more and more of the absolute in and through your external being. to us. and also that real living will increase or perfect itself only as we cause the perfect being in the I itself Am is to manifest more and more in the outer life. not complete in is its beyond all limitations. therefore. and you may discern that absolute being beyond further growth. In other words. The statement has been made that even though the Infinite is perfect. and yet the moment you become conscious of the absolute state you will realize that this state inherently demands perfect. continuous manifestation. is con- sciousness of life unless that life manifested . enter into consciousness of the absolute. it is most delightful leads to the conclusion that we are just as necesis sary to the Infinite as the Infinite finite life. But we shall find the solution of this prob- lem as we realize that growth in the personality depends more and more upon the deepening of consciousness in the absolute. You may changeless. Wonderful Truth. still the Infinite cannot be satisfied unless divine ex- — pression through the great family of is made constant and whatever . human souls may think of we to believe.LIVING IN THE ABSOLUTE in 103 need of neither growth nor further develop- ment.

is still manifestation through the personality ab- solutely necessary to the conscious existence of the I Am. Our conclusion here must be that although the individual I Am is perfect in being. The truth is that if we are just as necessary to God as God is to us. we have therein the real principle all and the real need of divine unity. The more we think of this. the more reasonable it becomes. the more desirable it becomes and the more beautiful it becomes and we .104 HEALING YOURSELF more and more through the countless souls of the cosmos. and we can con- . If there were no manifestation the I Am would simply exist in a state of unconscious abstraction. I The Am cannot live consciously without giv- ing expression to sion to life life. and the giving of expresdemands an instrument through which that expression can take place. The same idea is applicable to the individual I Am and the manifested life of the personality. We God must admit that it is inconceivable to think of to the other. living in the absolute. find in the realization of this truth the very se- cret of secrets concerning the nearness between God and man. but the the family of if neither human souls as being one with were necessary fact that they are all necessary to each other gives an eternal reason for endless unity between the Infinite and every soul in existence.

We must have a reason for things things must explain their existence or state of being in a satisfactory manner and if anything exists at all there must be some cause for that However. that is. we meet the great law that whatever we become conscious of. therefore. rather the higher understanding of this great theme. we can find no cause for existence. the other view. Absolute Consciousness. but we discover before us a wonderful path—a path of endless existence and ascension too marvelous to even imagine.LIVING IN THE ABSOLUTE ceive of all if its 105 no reason why the I Am should exist at existence simply meant eternal sleep in the absolute. perfecting the personality and enlarging the life of the soul. that we grow and develop in the manifested life as we gain a deeper and a deeper consciousness of perfect being. Beginning with this higher view of life. — and proceed and deeper into the marvelous state of absolute being. When we take this other or higher view of absolute consciousness. becoming conscious of more and more of the absolute in orto penetrate deeper der that we may manifest the greater life of the absolute. thus expanding the mind. We must accept. existence that would mean nothing more than an isolation in an abstract state. that we invariably . we find not only a reasonable cause for all existence and all experience. or . or eternal sleep.

therefore. great fact that whenever we become unconscious of weakness or sickness or discord those conditions disappear entirely from the personality. or any condition whatever in absolute consciousness. must be to become conscious of a larger and a larger measure of the limitless life and the perfect life that al- ready exists inherently in absolute being. thereby making existence upon all planes richer. There can be no such conditions. and the more deeply we penetrate absolute consciousness. secure emancipation from adverse condiIn this connection we must consider the tions. how we or limitations. We know that in absolute being there can be no sick- ness or weakness or discord of any kind. the And more we will manifest in the without. and that you wish to become unconscious of that pain. the further we get away from all forms of conditions The question then is. through the gaining of absolute consciousness. The problem in more we become conscious of. may. more wonderful and more ideal at every step of the endless way. We will suppose that you have a pain in your body.106 express. the — this connection is how to apply this principle to the attainment of health and emancipation. HEALING YOURSELF Our purpose. because we become . But here let us remember that there is a difference between becoming unconscious of a pain and insensible to a pain. Health and Emancipation.

consciousness immediately admits the existence of that pain. and that it began through the violation of some law you at once become conscious . This may seem fact. be- cause mind and body are so closely related that the mind must give its consent to a process before that process can begin or continue anywhere in the physical system. but it is a strictly scientific It is absolutely true to natural law. from the is field of action of that pain and the fact . when we become unconscious of a pain. and when you cease to be conscious of that pain the forces in that part of the system can produce pain no longer. We will of that discord. and immediately your consciousness admits the existence of discord in that place —the existence of certain duce pain. then.LIVING IN THE ABSOLUTE insensible to a pain only 107 when our nerves are we find a marked difference. Here. its activities that can pro- Your consciousness continues to give consent to those activities continuing in that mode of action that will sooner or later produce pain. that those forces in your system that were pro- ducing the pain cannot act in that manner unless you continue to be conscious of the pain. However. strange. we do so by withdrawing consciousness deadened. and when the pain comes. . suppose again that there is discord in your system. You must be conscious of the pain in order that those forces can produce that pain.

the pain will cease to be. This is a law that we can reason out and prove for ourselves very readily. and therefore what those activities produced previously will not be produced any more. and there is where we find the consciousness of the absolute life to be indispensable. thereby giving those activities permission to continue in the producing of However. —The problem to are conscious of it is there to is with- draw consciousness from any that state of activity we do not care to encourage. and we will soon be able to understand how no form of action can continue anywhere in the system unless we —unless consciousness continue. those activities will subside or cease altogether.108 HEALING YOURSELF more pain. permitting those conditions The Great Secret. and they would no longer produce pain. those activities would cease. and the very moment its consciousness would refuse to activities. a state we cannot withdraw consciousness from of discord unless we can direct conscious- ness upon the opposite state —a state of harmony. The fact is that whenever you withdraw consciousness from any field of activity in your physical system. in other words. and nature will resume normal conditions. that is. . grant further permission to those withdraw presence from that part of the body. We know that we cannot cease the consciousness of the lesser until we gain consciousness of the greater.

to the very highest states of consciousness and. but we can become conscious of perfect being. Such a consciousness would require an eternity. an indication to how and where we should turn attention. or even to imagine the existence of such a state. from those conditions. so near to the absolute state that we can form a clear conception of the life of the However. the very reverse of the absolute Therefore. although we may not always be able to form a perfect concepstill tion of the absolute state of perfect being.LIVING IN THE ABSOLUTE And we place only 109 can withdraw consciousness from any- when we are able to direct consciousis ness to that which the very reverse. that does not we may become conscious mean that we have become conscious of all there is in perfect being. And here we should re- member that although of perfect being. we can never become con- . that we must continue to approach the absolute so as to become more and more conscious of the Understanding the Absolute. personal life. if we wish to withdraw consciousness consecrate conis. we can form mental conceptions that are so simi- lar to that state that they will give us. it necessary to give much thought . however. for the time being. In the state. we must sciousness to the absolute state. —To understand we shall what find it means to be in the absolute state. we can draw absolute. we find a bundle of con- ditions. absolute.

Art of Overcoming. then you are in absolute consciousness. because again. Resuming our consideration of the possibility of withdrawing consciousness from conditions by entering more and AM AM — more deeply into absolute consciousness. there is a chronic ailment in your system and if you know that the forces of nature are perpetuating that ailment simply because your own consciousness gives consent. you may continue to penetrate more and more deeply into that state for eternity. all true that who are spiritually awakened are conscious less of the absolute. we shall find that this practice will value in daily there are a life. The illustration given prove of exceptional with fact. you realize that you can overcome that condition and find emancipation by ceasing to give conscious consent to the . regard to pain will hold elsewhere. more or and there are times when they can draw I so near to perfect being that they can really feel that they are in reality the AM. in number of illustrations that could be scious of HEALING YOURSELF all that is in the absolute. and. However. and the more deeply you penetrate into that state the larger the I becomes in your conscious understanding. We will suppose further that . And here you should remember that whenever you can feel that you and the I are one and the same. It is that would require an eternity.

method is far more effective. will no longer give cause to the discord or the disease that in that place. the method of withdrawing consciousness from the world of conditions by consecrating consciousness upon the abshall find that the other solute. therefore. that if there is an ailment in your system you may secure emancipation from that ailment and overcome it and become unconscious of those activities by becoming more fully conscious of the absolute. which is unconditioned. in Here we find the who deny the existence of They continue their denial until consciousness becomes more or less oblivious. Image the True. to not necessary deny the existence of disease in order to withthe field of discordant draw consciousness from activity. But it is not necessary to deny the existence of dis- ease. both to the disease and to that part of the body. We You realize. —We shall find it an excellent . and wherein all things are absolutely perfect. the fact when consciousness withdraws from any it place in the system. that is. that is. However. chief secret of those disease. although the tive as it method is more or less effec- helps consciousness to get away from being that that form of confused activity. containing the All in All. may be in action the forces of nature can to reproduce that it is no longer proceed as before particular ailment.LIVING IN THE ABSOLUTE perpetuation of that ailment.



practice to try to imagine the reality of the absolute state,

and try to imagine that it is a state wherein there are no conditions a state that in-

volves the complete, the perfect, the All that



Divine Being and when

we imagine such

a state

and try

to direct consciousness

upon that

or try to combine our


present consciousness

with the consciousness of that
will enter so deeply into the


shall find

that in every instance our present consciousness

unconditioned state

of the absolute that

we become unconscious

Thus consciousness withdraw from the world of discord and confusion, and will no longer take part in the producing of ailment or pain; and here let us remember that when our own consciousness no
conditions in the without.

longer takes part in the producing of ailment or
it is

impossible for ailments or pain to con-

tinue another



mind or body.





a great truth, a most wonderful truth,

and the more deeply conscious we become of the vastness and possibility of this truth, the sooner


shall realize

complete emancipation, absolute

health and

those higher and

more beautiful
in the

states of being that

consciousness of

we know we can find the ideal. Our purpose,
more and more


must be

to enter


into the consciousness of the ideal,

in in

truth, the consciousness of absolute being

absolute being every ideal
is real;


have entered that state
that every ideal
is real,

and when we where we know and feel

then indeed are

in the spirit of the absolute
light of eternal truth.



in the pure, white






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