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27 January, 2013

Message One

Salvation: Starting with Evangelism
Matthew 28:16-20
Isaiah 6:1,8 In the year that king Uzziah died I saw also the Lord sitting upon a throne, high and lifted up, Also I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, Whom shall I send, and who will go for us? Then said I, Here am I; send me.

1. When the world is in a mess, sometimes it hurts ______ 2. Satan has some agents, allied in coming against God’s ________ 3. Chaos continues when we mishandle ______ part of the world God puts in our hands Saving Point #1. Jesus Christ was put through hell in order to ______ for your hell.

1. God has a way of utilizing __________ to drive us to him, so he can bring a message to us that he then wants to use through us 2. God often allows our world to get rocked in order to ________________________ set us up to meet with the Master on a mountaintop 3. A true disciple must practice obedience to the Word in spite of ____________________ in their world 4. After you believe Jesus for yourself and experience him as ________, he gives you power to evangelize, because you’ve got authorization from on high for an assignment down here A. All-power because he conquered __________ B. All-power for an assignment to ____ and make a difference by making disciples C. Since we have the rights to reproduce ____________, we have all-power to make disciples of all nations 5. If you handle God’s business, then God will have your ________

The first essential is to get __________ and start growing, because participating in God’s plan of discipleship providentially puts the pieces of your world together

Saving Point #2. Calvary was a crisis that substituted the Christ for the ________________. Saving Point #3. To put our ________ in perspective, we need to come to church and see the Lord, and put ourselves low enough before the Lord that he is lifted up.

Saving Point #4. While God will let you get saved and still have ____________, the call and commission is for those who believe and worship him


Discipleship: The Essentials for Life


.:. Having “all __________” means an ability to influence, the competency and capacity to exercise mastery, and the right to use the force necessary to put your will in effect .:. ________________________ means you’ve been with Jesus, so you can do in Hebrews 4:7 To day if ye will hear his others what Jesus has done in you voice, harden not your hearts.
TODAY • Nursing Mothers new room available for use (room 2) • Huddle Groups Sign up in the lobby to attend one next Sunday on Superbowl Sunday night! • SNL Sunday Night Live! for kids, 5:00P.M. TUESDAY • Pinterest Live ladies’ craft circle in the gym, 10:00A.M. WEDNESDAY 7:00P.M. • AWANA program for kids 2yrs-6th Grade • Devotional study for adults in the auditorium SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 10 • Baptisms Sign up in the lobby to let us know you would like to be baptized, 9:00 or 10:45A.M.

The Master’s Plan (mission): Make a difference by making disciples. The Master’s Program (method): By going with the gospel, marking believers out as a church by baptism, and then instructing them in being saints.

Fast Facts

Discipleship! We can't make cookie cutter Jesus copies. If we could, Christianity would be counterfeited by the Devil. Instead, Christianity has to come passed-down through human DNA in a one-on-one process called Discipleship. Come learn how to pass-on life with Christ to someone else, Sunday nights at 5:00PM!

I. THE PLAN, 16-17 A. An Appointment, 16 B. An Appearance, 17 II. THE POWER, 18 III. THE PROCESS, 19-20a A. Going, 19a B. Baptizing, 19b C. Teaching, 20a IV. THE PRIZE, 20b

Next Up! Security: Payment to Erase Your Pain, Isaiah 53:4-5 Rev. W. Alan Shelby @HBCBlueSprings

Sun Feb 3 Sun Feb 10 Sun Feb 17 Sun Feb 24 Sun Mar 3 #2 Security: Payment to Erase Your Pain, Isa 53:4-5 #3 Baptism: Your Bridge to Holiness, Rom 6:1-11 #4 The Spirit: Making Dead Bones Dance, Ezek 37:1-14 #5 Bible: Wrestling for Your Blessing, Gen 32:9-12,24-26 #6 Prayer: Our Communication Circuit, John 14:12-14

Start with Salvation!
Matthew 28

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