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Once upon a time, in a beautiful Kindergarten classroom a little boy named Joe sat smiling with his chin in his right hand and his elbow planted firmly on his desk. You would think that he was listening intently to what the teacher was saying, however Joe was thinking about the new and improved him. He was thinking about how cool his new friends (he just made that morning) taught he was. Joe's father had just gotten a promotion, and a promotion meant more money. Joe's father celebrated his promotion with his family by taking them on a serious shopping trip. Hence the cool new clothes, Next-Gen android wrist watch for receiving and making calls, plus the hybrid sneakers that can be converted from a sneaker to a roller blade and back just by pulling a few straps. All Joe could think about when he looked at the teacher teach was how the kids who didn't even talk to him because they felt they were way too cool exclaimed when they saw him walk into the school hallway with his new clothing accessories. They actually walked up to him and started talking to him.

Joe liked how the eyes of everybody was on him that morning. Now anything he said was funny and most of the kids were eager to smile at him when he spoke. Joe felt it that things would never be the same for him again. As far as his father had a lot of money he would wear cool clothes. As far as he acted cool in cool clothes he would look cool for sure. As far as he maintained good hygiene and used a deodorant not based on how effective it is but on how popular and expensive it is he would smell cool. As far he had things that the official cool kids in school didn't have he'll have something they want. As far as he has something they didn't have, he had something they wanted. As far as he had something they wanted, they would want him to hang with them. And if you hang out with the cool kids, then you are certified as a citizen of the world called coolsville. During recess that day, Joe spent all his time talking to the cool kids. The more he talked to them, the more he secretly studied what they liked and didn't like. Joe was determined to be a living encyclopedia of all the things they liked. He would totally change his lifestyle to suite what they admired and they would tag him the coolest person they've ever seen. After school that day, when Joe was happily telling his Mum that everybody thinks he is cool now just because of his clothes, Joe's Mum wasn't too happy about it. Joe was shocked, he taught his Mum who he was very close to would be happy for him or at least think it's nice.

Joe's Mum told Joe that if those friends of his are only around him because of the things he had and not who he is then they are certainly not really friends in the first place. "What about your old friends?", Mum asked. "You know, the ones that liked you even without the stylish clothes." "They are still there Mum", Joe replied, ignorantly hoping the conversation would end. "What do you mean they are still there? - What does that mean?" Mum's eyebrows furrowed deep. She was getting really angry that son might have done what she was thinking her son had done. "Wait a minute", Mum said as a new question that was more strategic in getting the answer came into her mind. "When was the last time you talked to your old friends after you made the new ones?" "Em.. em.. er..." Joe was nervous about answering the question. It was not that he was afraid of his Mum. Discipline in their home was based on Love, Understanding, and Punishment. As in: I LOVE you that is why I would DISCIPLINE you who should have the UNDERSTANDING that without PUNISHMENT properly dished out when deserved I would be giving you the reins to drive yourself into a bottomless pit of self-destruction. Mum folded her arms. She always did that when someone had made her really really angry and she was trying to maintain control. Mum also started breathing in & out therapeutically and humming her favorite Christian

song in her head, mixing her current emotions with emotions inspired by thinking of God's love and meditating on the fact that he is always with you no matter what you are going through for as he said: he would never leave you nor forsake you. Mum did these things to calm her down anytime she felt anger strongly rising up within her and guess what, it always worked. "Well... I.. I haven't really had time to talk to my old friends ever since I made new friends." Mum just started at him with her hands folded. Her eyes had that look that spoke. It was a look that said, 'You realize what you did was wrong.' And it said it in a strongly convincing way that made you feel conviction straight in your heart. Mum heaved as she took a deep breathe in. She sat down and told Joe to sit down too. Then she started to talk to her son about friendships, life, and the decision he made. 20 minutes later Joe had made up his mind that he was going to change back to being himself and not live his life to impress others just to meet up with their definition of cool. The next day Joe went back to school in good clean clothes but not expensive ones. He also avoided the so called cool kids and hung out with his old friends and other people who didn't mind that he was not wearing

expensive clothing before they deem him worthy to talk to. However, after Joe heard some comments from those who adored the so called cool kids about him almost becoming one of them, Joe began to miss the life at the top of the popularity food chain. Joe spent so much time thinking about it so much so that later that night be couldn't sleep. He just thought, and thought, and thought. The next day Joe decided to put on expensive clothes and hang out with the cool kids. He felt her had to do it , he missed popularity so much. Joe ended up getting expelled that day along with some so-called popular kids who coaxed him to pull a very expensive prank. Joe got badly beaten up by the popular kids who got expelled with him. They blamed him and said that it was because he didn't pull the prank slyly enough that they were caught. As Joe sat on the ground with an injured lip said to himself, "If only I had stuck to my Mum's advise all of this would never have happened." Now he sat down alone on the pavement with no cool friends that he had jeopardized his future for, and her also didn't have his old friends too because the prank he pulled was targeted at them and not the teachers alone.

Now he knew that besides God he only has his Mum; whose heart he would break when he breaks the News to her that he has been expelled.

The End.

WHY I WROTE THIS STORY: I wrote this story so that people would know that it is dangerous to make friends with people based on what you have or what you can give them and not on who you are as a person.

WHAT YOU'VE GAINED FROM READING THIS STORY: - You would now stop trying to impress people just so they can accept you. - You more know that any friends that is gotten by

material things is not a true friend and would not be there for you in your time of need unless you pay them to be there. - You would not make friends based on what you can get from them yourself.

SALVATION PRAYER: Say this prayer audibly if you’ve never given your heart to Jesus before and mean it with all your heart: “Dear God, I come to you in the name of Jesus. Your word

says that, ‘… whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved’ (Acts 2:21). So now I call upon the name of Jesus, and I ask that you save me. I ask Jesus to come into my heart to be the Lord of my life. I believe in my heart and confess with my mouth that Jesus Christ is the son of God. I believe he came, died and rose from the dead to set me free from sin and to reconcile me with you, Father. I receive eternal life into my spirit now. I thank you because now I am saved. I am now Born – Again. I am now one of your kids.”

PRAYER FOR THE RETURNING BACK SLIDER (ONLY): “Dear Father God, I ask for your mercy and forgiveness for turning my back on you. I come back to you today in

total sincerity and like the parable of the prodigal son, I thank you for receiving me back with Joy and Gladness. I confess that Jesus Christ is the lord of my life and God the father is my Daddy. Hallelujah!”

PRAYER TO RECEIVE THE HOLY SPIRIT: “Dear heavenly Father, I thank you for making me born again. Your word says that you would freely give the Holy Spirit to all those who ask (Luke 11: 13). I ask that you

give me your Holy Spirit to live in me. And as I’ve asked I’ve also receive by faith. I thank you Father for your precious gift. In Jesus name. Amen.”



Alfred Benjamin King is a Christian who loves to read fiction and non-fiction books. Ever since

High School he has had a reputation for being quiet. He hates noise, avoids people who talk too much, and loves to sit quietly and think. After he has spent a lot of hours either thinking up a new story (or thinking about life in general), or reading a book, or writing a new story; he loves switching between channels to catch a hot sermon in progress with the volume turned low. He is not really a TV person and sometimes can go days without even putting on a Television. He feels guilty if he spends too much time watching Television because he knows he could be doing a hundred more profitable things with his time. Alfred Benjamin King loves beautiful gardens and greatly values fresh air. He realizes that the word of God is his Life - Source and he cannot do without it. He ranks Wisdom higher than any material thing in this world. He understands that the reason why God didn't whisk him away to heaven immediately after he gave his life to Christ was because God wants him to stay on earth and win souls. So winning souls and flooding lives with the gospel (which is the answer to all human problems) is the first thing he thinks about when he gets out of bed every morning. He also realizes that one of the ways that God wants him to use to fulfill his purpose on earth is to write both fiction and non-fiction books. So writing to Alfred Benjamin King is a God - given mandate and not a career. Alfred Benjamin King has no career. He just has A


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