Read the following information and discuss in pairs what you think…

You are a landlord of a private flat, one of your tenants has recently been acting in a very strange way, so you decide to go into her room when you know she is out. This is what you find: 1. lots of unpaid credit card bills (most of which are very high) 2. a passport application form 3. a bank statement showing her account to be overdrawn by a large amount of money 4. a foreign telephone number of somebody called Antonio 5. a lonely planet guide book to Spain

A few days later, after some more strange behavior, you decide to go into her flat again. This is what you find: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. more unpaid bills, including a telephone bill with lots of very long calls to Spain a one-way plane ticket for Barcelona, dated for 3 days time 3000 Euros in cash a bottle of suntan lotion a pair of sunglasses a photograph of a dark skinned young man on a beach

One week later, you haven’t seen your tenant for 6 days, so you decide to investigate further. This is what you find: 1. A letter from someone called Antonio explaining that he is married with 2 children 2. a broken pair of sunglasses 3. an empty bottle of vodka 4. 2 empty bottles of painkillers 5. an unopened letter with ‘dear mum’ written on the front

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