KỲ THI HỌC SINH GIỎI CẤP THÀNH PHỐ LỚP 9 – THCS KHÓA NGÀY: 23/3/2011 – NĂM HỌC: 2010-2011 MÔN: TIẾNG ANH Thời gian làm bài: 150 phút

Recording One: Listen to the recording carefully, then decide whether each of the statements is True or False. Write TRUE or FALSE in your Answer Sheet. 1. Marcus was tired after having some swimming practice yesterday. 2. Catherine finds it hard to understand why Marcus has so much homework. 3. Marcus agrees that he could change his weekend activities. 4. Marcus enjoys going out with his friends at the weekend. 5. Catherine thinks visiting the museum was a good experience for Marcus. 6. It often takes Marcus about an hour or so to do his homework. . 7. Catherine offers to show Marcus the maths homework she has already done. 8. Marcus worries that his teacher might be angry if Catherine helps him. 9. Catherine suggests having a competition between them in order to work faster. 10. After talking to Catherine, Marcus feels more confident about his homework. Recording Two: Listen to the recording carefully, then, on your answer sheet, write a short answer to each question about the passage. 6. Which desk at the airport is the man now? 7. What flight did the man arrive on? 8. When is his return flight? 9. Who is he going to stay with? 10. Which other city does he want to see during his stay in Boston? PART TWO: USE OF ENGLISH Choose the word or phrase (A, B, C, or D) that best completes the sentence. (20 pts) 1. The more _______, the better the result will be. A. you put in your effort B. efforts you make C. you make an effort D. of your efforts 2. It‟s about time _______ more careful in his work. A. that Pete be B. Pete were C. for Pete being D. Pete was 3. They _______ for their coming examination. A. ought to be prepared well B. had prepared better C. had better be well-prepared D. should have been better prepared 4. Doctors advise _______ less fat in your diets. A. to take in B. taking in C. you taking in D. for you to smoke 5. If only we _______ it differently. A. did B. had done C. would do D. are doing 6. It was the first time _______ to a science center. A. I‟d been B. I was C. I would have been D. I was being 7. They decided to name the new baby boy _______ Grandpa. A. of B. after C. with D. as 8. Would you please _______ from smoking until you are out of the airport building? A. refrain B. exclude C. resist D. restrain 9. Though twin sisters, they are poles _______. A. away B. different C. apart D. afar 10. ______ in his back that he couldn‟t sleep. A. Such was the pain B. So was the pain C. Such a pain was it D. So painful it was 11. The minister stated that no real alternative _______ the plan existed. A. to B. for C. with D. on 12. It seems that your teacher is _______ fault in this case. A. under B. with C. for D. at 13. I expect the new trend will soon _______ here. A. come along B. catch on C. take up D. identify with 14. The teacher _______ great emphasis on learning vocabulary. A. makes B. puts C. does D. gives 15. The child _______ his father. A. bears a striking resemblance to B. stands to reason with C. makes a point of D. goes under the knife of 16. The girl _______ becoming a supermodel. A. loses touch with B. has her heart set on C. has a voice in D. is rained out of 17. We don‟t have cupboards so we _______ boxes. A. do away with B. make allowance for C. make do with D. keep an eye on 18. The scheme is too expensive to be _______ at the present moment. A. compatible B. liable C. feasible D. accessible 19. A: “We‟d be better off staying in that youth hostel!” B: “________” A. It‟s far from the truth. B. I‟m not convinced! C. Let‟s find one now. D. Thank you very much.










if I sleep in a very cold (7)_______ room I may dream that I am on an expedition to the North Pole. let B. this TV program should be carefully censored. The seaside was a place to be (2)______ of illnesses. cured B. At that time. I‟m just OK. easy C. Thank you very much. C or D) for each blank space. The Beatles were probably the (1)______ known pop group in the world. (contest) 5. advantage D. After that B LO G C H UY 2 EN A N H . He bought that tie in a _______ shop at the airport. recovered D. (zoo) 6. The invention of the railways (1)______ this possible. rising incomes (10)______ many ordinary workers and their families could have a week‟s holiday at the seaside. produced C. they may say that if you dream of (9)_______ in the sky you are a person who desires power. (10 pts) 1. (phenomenon) 3. sense C. For example. (2)______ have been a great many groups that have achieved enormous fame. Finally. Of course. A. the government (5)______ four „Bank Holidays‟ – national holiday days. fares D. there may be spelling mistakes in it. and doctors recommended bathing in the sea and drinking sea water. At first they went on day-trips. tolls 12. A. Holidaymakers enjoyed being (13)______. A. off C. lasts Fill in each of the blanks in the following passage with ONE suitable word. got D. opened 7. and eating ice-cream. Never mind. Then they started writing their (7)______ songs and that was when they became really popular. profit 10. caused B. cater D. spare 14. ordinary working people had very little time (4)______. For instance. out B. however. The city council is thinking of building a(n) _______ system. taste B. Several _______ have been eliminated so far. As a result of her good _______. pleasure 9. here and there C. Use the correct form of the word given to fill in each blank. what you dream of at night is probably (2)_______ to your experiences during the day. This (6)______ people to have a day or two out. meant D. raise B. (educate) 4. Other dreams. she‟s made a lot of achievements in her life. Put the words given in the correct blanks. taking (9)______ of special cheap tickets on the railways. People known as (8)_______ study and analyze dreams psychologically. They were the first pop group to achieve great success from songs they had written (8)______. In all _______. resulted 11. By the 1880‟s. A. now and then 8. on 15. families attended concerts and read books from libraries. (bring) 2. restful D. if you had spent a (3)_______ day at the beach. brought 6. (read) B. (ground) 7. D. offered D. See you around. Some of these dreams are remembered vividly. A. allowed B. A. His contribution to the development of sports makes him a(n) _______ figure. remains B. away D. A. provided C. these (10)_______ may not be accepted by everyone. cold or thirsty. fees B. board C. installed B. sitting on the beach. you may dream about your day‟s experience as you sleep. A. PART THREE. They were four boys from the north of England and (4)______ of them had any training (5)______ music. idle B. Instead. B. in B. Contrary to what some people believe. the English seaside (15)______ popular. which (7)______ gave them a (8)______ for leisure and the seaside. A. continues D. CLOZE TESTS Read the passage and choose the best option (A. The composition should be _______. However. It‟s my pleasure! Word Forms A. lodge 13. are forgotten as soon as we wake up. Rail (11)______ were reduced and cheap hotels were built to (12)______ them. For instance. so it is perhaps difficult now to imagine (3)______ sensational The Beatles were at the time. in 1871. For example. Our dreams may also have something to do with our fears and (4)_______. A. our dreams may (6)_______ these feelings. if you long to win first prize in a high-jump contest. benefit B. from 5. had 2. stays C. Cheap entertainment was (14)______ offer and holidaymakers went to have fun. C. bathing in the sea. A. you may dream of yourself winning the (5)_______. They started by performing and (6)______ songs by black Americans and they had some success with these songs. His success in the field of mathematics is _______. increase D. our dreams are not „messages‟ from beyond. made C. seldom D. our „external‟ environment may also affect our dreams.20. PASSAGE A (15 pts) British families started going on holiday to the seaside around the middle of the 19th century. bonuses C. to D. accommodate B. You have to use their correct forms to make a meaningful passage. PASSAGE B (30 pts) In the 1960s. (duty) 9. for C. (20pts) flight analyze inclusion interpret practice color memory consist relate condition long compete We have dreams (1)_______ every night. A. Neither do they tell us anything about our future. introduced D. spread C. add 4. remedied C. A. I‟m fine.” A. _______ is the study of animals and their behaviors. Today. The Beatles changed pop music. favour D. A. The first holidaymakers were quite rich and went for their health and education. hardly ever B. opportunity C. they will be successful in their project. presented C. _______. Since then. 1. improved 3. (replace) 8. A. B. If we are hungry. (probable) 10. Also to (3)______ their knowledge. Nice talking to you. A: “________” B: “And you. There are two extra words that you cannot use. with more than 18 million holidays taken there each year.

Edison believed that the phonograph could be used by business to _____. Edison also thought it could be adapted for phonographic books for people with visual impairments. the only invention he stumbled upon rather than deliberately set out to find. A. This (24)______ that the global warming we are now experiencing is a result only of the carbon dioxide we have dumped (25)______ the atmosphere up to the 1960s. telephone. A. important D. It was thought that the phonograph could be used to save telephone messages. accidental B. modified D. confusing D. uses D. substituting a sound recording for correspondence. typewriter 10. A. Edison B. The device that had begun as a complement to the telephone was now seen as an adjunct to the typewriter. and typewriter‟ in paragraph 3 in order to _____. The author mentions „The electric light. phonograph B. the use of (26)_____ fuels has increased rapidly. The word device in line 17 refers to _____. an inventor of the late 1800's. Musical entertainment was one of the first uses he predicted for the phonograph. point out accomplishments of offices in the late 1800's 8. could be swept away. musical entertainment C. The paperless business office was anticipated well before the advent of personal computers and modems. PASSAGE C (30 pts) Although the rise in the global temperature by 4 per cent predicted by many scientists (16)______ not sound like much. The author uses the phrase stumbled upon in the passage to indicate that Edison's invention of the phonograph was ___. Office technology in the United States in the late 1800's D. he then had to find a use for it. because they are located at the sea level. When used as a dictating machine. show how office work was organized in the late 1800's B. save money B. Reading Comprehension (40 pts) Choose the item (A. speed of mail delivery D. C or D) that best completes the unfinished statement about the passage. provide examples of inventions that improved office efficiency in the late 1800's D. improve accounting procedures 9. facilitating the task of managing the larger business organization of the late nineteenth century. regular C. shortly after the clamor surrounding the invention had died down. sold B. electric light C.” Edison had grasped the idea of mass production using standardized parts. But the effects of rising sea levels will be much (30)______ for the developing countries. They stopped doing live (12)______ in 1966 because it had become too dangerous for them – their fans‟ excitement was (13)______ that they surrounded them and tried to take their clothes (14)______ souvenirs! However. According to the passage. and business communication. like a sewing machine. Edison believed the phonograph could be used to improve all of the following EXCEPT ____. A. always said that the phonograph was his only real discovery. Miami. Chief among these was its employment as a dictating machine for people in business. education 6. PASSAGE A Thomas Edison. and the ability to record speech opened up several commercial uses.” he wrote in 1878. The word one in line 3 refers to _____. method of production B LO G C H UY 3 EN A N H . A. What does the passage mainly discuss? A. The Beatles did not have a long (10)______. entertainment 4. future impact on business D. popular 3. A. Having invented it. and for talking clocks. Throughout the world. The impact of the telephone on businesses 2.it became (9)______ for groups and singers to write their songs. PART FOUR. “This machine. But just as it (23)______ several minutes for a kettle to begin warming. A. hurried 7. for the teaching of public speaking. According to the passage. create new jobs D. Their first hit record was in 1963 and they (11)______ up in 1970. B. it is the difference between now and the last Ice (17)______. telephone D. tiresome B. and typewriter were slowly changing the way business was conducted in the United States. Since then. Many of the world‟s great cities are at (28)______. Thomas Edison compared the phonograph to the sewing machine in terms of its _____. “can only be built on the American principle of interchangeability of parts. it may have taken the oceans thirty years to swell. With a meter rise in sea levels. Various inventions of Thomas Edison C. presented C. today some of their songs (15)______ as famous as they were when they first came out. A talking machine could be used to replace the tedious exchange of letters with the recorded message of the speaker on a phonograph cylinder. The word tedious in line 9 is closest in meaning to _____. 1. The electric light. disorganized C. indicate problems that existed in offices in the late 1800's C. 200 million could become homeless. make office work easier to manage C. business communication B. At the same time that Edison was imagining the phonograph as the ultimate business tool. he also made a prophetic statement about its future. in addition to providing entertainment. but we (19)______ know some things. The advantage was that the recipient got an exact record of the sender's message as it was dictated. telephone. Scientists working for the United Nations and European governments have been warning that (27)______ the Dutch and the people of East Anglia will need to do will be to build more extensive sea defenses. The discovery and potential uses of the phonograph B. variety of uses B. The word adapted in line 5 is closest in meaning to _____. A. A. phonograph C. and the oceans have (22)______ by at least 10 cm. politics. many people can sing part of a Beatles song if you ask them. Edison hoped that the phonograph would transform office work. The inventor hoped that the cylinder could be sent through the mail with the ease of a letter. when huge glaciers covered Europe and most of Britain. cost of manufacture C. (29)______ entirely built on a sandbank. Heat the kettle and the (20)______ inside it expands. rotated 5. The inventor claimed that it would change education. the phonograph promised to further ease the burden of business administration by mechanizing correspondence. The temperature of the world has climbed more than half a (21)______ this century. although it was by no means the only one. (18)______ knows exactly what would happen on a warmer world.

The author‟s purpose in the passage is to _______. planes D. In spite of her initial reluctance to take the job. 11. history book C. cleaner. To encourage the use of electric vehicles. urban planners and utility engineers are focusing on infrastructure systems to support and make the best use of the new cars. three-wheeled neighborhood cars. however. aggression D. everyday life will stay much in the future C. or attend a concert. which will no doubt take place on automated freeways capable of handling five times the number of vehicles that can be carried by a freeway today. and more economical than their predecessors. A. The word “hybrid” in the line 15 is closest in meaning to _______. A. so tell him I‟m ill. the most convenient parking in transportation centers might be reserved for electric cars. (accomplishments)  Take ___________________________________________________________ 8. Several new types of automobile engines have already been developed that run on alternative sources of power. as well ______________________________________________________ B 2. lightening 19. inexpensive C. small cars. methanol. The word “foresee” in the line 13 could best be replaced with _______. (failed)  Had it _________________________________________________________ 6. more convenient than they are today B. or electric/gasoline hybrid cars for longer trips. bikes. concentrated D. the neighborhood of the future D. narrate a story about alternative energy vehicles D. transportation experts foresee a new assortment of electric vehicles entering everyday life: shorter-range commuter electric cars. trains C. A. is the only zero-emission option presently available. including me. dine. The teacher may ask why I‟m absent. buses. electricity B. This passage would be likely be found in a _______. Public charging facilities will need to be as common as today‟s gas stations. (first)  Reluctant _____________________________________________________ 4. equipped with charging devices C. combination B. A. According to the passage. hydrogen. steam. but the car of the future will be far more pollution-free than those on the road today. electric shuttle buses 14. A. In the second paragraph the author implies that _______. but he sings expressively. Be proud of what you have accomplished so far. popular psychology periodical D. long-range B. electric delivery vans. Although electric vehicles will not be truly practical until a powerful. hazardous C. His last letter to me was written 3 months ago. compact battery or other dependable source of current is available. (expression)  Though no _____________________________________________________ 9. credit cards C. censor 20. (taken) C H UY THE END OF THE TEST EN 4 LO A N H (respectful) . I think the hardware of that computer was infected with viruses. a single electric vehicle will eventually replace several models of transportation D. and neighborhood vehicles all meeting at transit centers that would have facilities for charging and renting. count on B. criticize conventional vehicles B. (once)  Novak beat ________________________________________________________ G PASSAGE B Today‟s cars are smaller. (heard)  It is _______________________________________________ 7. Roger was defeated one more time by Novak in the Indian Wells tournament.  The more _____________________________________________________ 3. one-person three-wheelers. and trolleys. 1. A. A. The passage would most likely be followed by details about _______. my respect for the composer increased. trolleys 12. Public parking spots on the street or in commercial lots will need to be equipped with devices that allow drivers to charge their batteries while they shop. describe the possibilities for transportation in the future 13. she‟s got on very well. a dependable source of electric energy will eventually be developed B. As I listened to the music on repeated occasions. imagine D. futuristic D. trains. Planners foresee electric shuttle buses. The word “charging” in this passage refers to _______. as common as today‟s gas station 17. automated PART FIVE: SENTENCE TRANSFORMATION (20 points) Rewrite each sentence in such away that it means almost the same as the one printed before it. support the invention of electric cars C. public parking lots of the future will be _______. safer. His charming manners deceived several people. and program. medical journal B. (opinion)  That computer _________________________________________________ 5. square 15. A. (reason)  Should ___________________________________________________________ 10. textbook on urban planning 18. A. much larger than they are today D. invent C. vans B. Electricity. The word “compact “in line 5 is closest in meaning to _______. automated freeways B. Use the word in brackets. I. As automakers work to develop practical electrical vehicles. A. such as electricity. pollution restrictions in the future C. electric vehicles are not practical for the future 16. He‟s not a professional singer. compressed natural gas. Your warning helped prevent my failure in the test. Commuters will be able to rent a variety of electric cars to suit their needs: lights trucks. The following electrical vehicles are all mentioned in passage EXCEPT _______.

EN 6. C.KEY PART ONE. C. TRUE PART TWO: USE OF ENGLISH Choose the word or phrase (A. puts 15. (1pt each) 1. Passport / Immigration (desk) 7. had better be well-prepared 4. B. contestants 5. C. FALSE 5. A. (1pt each) 1. underground 7. C. A. FALSE 7. B. A. A. off 5. allowed 7. B. New York 6. C. D. C. A. There are two extra words that you cannot use. C. irreplaceable 8. TRUE 4. refrain 9. Such was the pain Word Forms A. B. to 12. B. D. B. PASSAGE A (1pt each) 1. B. fares 12. remains LO (1) practically (2) related (3) memorable (4) longings (5) competition G B. B. B. D. D. B. C or D) for each blank space. C. accommodate 13. on 15. taking in 5. I’m not convinced! 20. his uncle 10. duty-free 9. taste 9. Zoology H C 1 B PART THREE. had done 6. A. FALSE 3. made 2. at 13. Use the correct form of the word given to fill in each blank. (2pts each) (6) include (7) air-conditioned (8) psychoanalysts (9) flying (10) interpretations UY 11. increase 4. C. phenomenal 3. meant 11. B. 14 July 9. advantage 10. FALSE 10. C. A. proofread A N H . Put the words given in the correct blanks. make do with 18. idle 14. TRUE Recording Two: (1pt each) 6. introduced 6. A. A. A. or D) that best completes the sentence. cured 3. FALSE 8. upbringing 2. apart 10. Nice talking to you. has her heart set on 17. feasible 19. CLOZE TESTS Read the passage and choose the best option (A. probability 10. You have to use their correct forms to make a meaningful passage. British Airways (flight) 8. A. B. now and then 8. catch on 14. efforts you make 2. I’d been 7. Educationally 4. A. TRUE 9. after 8. bears a striking resemblance to 16. FALSE 2. Pete was 3. LISTENING Recording One: (1pt each) 1.

equipped with charging devices 17. electricity 19. modified 5. A.  The more I listened to the music. C. C 11. was taken in by his charming manners. 10.  That computer had its hardware infected with viruses. concentrated 15.  Novak beat Roger once more / once again in the Indian Wells tournament. imagine 20. B. she’s got on very well. a dependable source of electric energy will eventually be developed 16. planes 12. C. describe the possibilities for transportation in the future 13.  I. 6.  Reluctant to take the job as / though she was / might be at first. B LO G PART FIVE: SENTENCE TRANSFORMATION (20 points) Rewrite each sentence in such away that it means almost the same as the one printed before it.  It is 3 months since I last heard from him. Use the word in brackets. A. automated freeways 14. tell him I’m ill. variety of uses A N H (16) does / may / might (17) Age (18) No-one / Nobody (19) do (20) water . provide examples of inventions that improved office efficiency in the late 1800's 8. C. A. he sings with expression. the more respectful to the composer I was / felt. Reading Comprehension Choose the item (A. B. 2. PASSAGE A (2pts each) 1.  Should the teacher ask for the reason why I’m absent. 4. A. A. 3. C. I would / might have failed (in) the test. phonograph 10. 7. speed of mail delivery 6. PASSAGE B (2pts each) (1) best (2) there (3) how (4) none (5) in (6) recording (7) own (8) themselves (9) common (10) career (11) split (12) performances (13) such (14) as (15) remain PASSAGE C (2pts each) (21) degree (22) risen (23) takes (24) means (25) into (26) fossil (27) what (28) risk (29) almost (30) worse 1. as well as several people. 5. C. A. D. D.Fill in each of the blanks in the following passage with ONE suitable word. C. tiresome 7.  Take pride in the accomplishments you have made / gained / attained so far. A. A. C or D) that best completes the unfinished statement about the passage. A. uses 4. in my opinion. accidental 3. textbook on urban planning 18. C. 9. 8.  Had it not been for your warning. B. make office work easier to manage 9. combination H UY THE END PASSAGE B (2pts each) EN 2 PART FOUR.  Though no professional singer. The discovery and potential uses of the phonograph 2.

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