MR. JAYVEE L. JAVIER Vice President for Administration Laguna College of Business and Arts MR. ELISEO Q. BATIKIN Administration Officer Laguna College of Business and Arts SECURITY SURVEY SEPTEMBER 20, 2010




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A. AUTHORITY : Letter request to Mr. Eliseo Q. Batikin, Administrations Officer, dated 08 September 2010, to conduct physical security survey at Laguna College of Business and Arts. B. PURPOSE: To determine possible security weaknesses of present security system of establishment and provide recommendations and changes which could enhance safety and security of lives and properties. I. GENERAL: a. Reference: Map and location of the vicinity. b. Date of Survey: September 17, 2010 c. Name and address of the establishment: Laguna College of Business and Arts. P. Burgos Street, Calamba City d. Type of establishment: The Company is engaged in educational institution. A non sectarian form where it houses preparatory school, kindergarten, primary, high school and college e. Name and position of person interviewed: Mr. Leo Ferares, Security Officer, Trigold Security Agency. II. PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION OF ESTABLISHMENT: 1. Laguna College of Business and Arts are constructed from heavy materials, its engineering materials and construction was especially designed to withstand earthquake and other devastating calamities. 2. The site and location of Laguna College of Business and Arts is situated in an elevated portion approximately 30 meters above sea level. 3. There are lots of neighboring establishments, from the west, a grocery, residential houses, banks and food outlets. At the north side, residential houses, church of INC, foreign exchange, merchandizing that sells school supplies, From the south, the newly built Calamba Public Market, that

2. IV. earthquake. 8. 3. from the east. . same as north. The establishment is not subject to phenomena. Light range illuminates more or less 10 meters from where the guards are posted. LCBA has auxiliary power in case brown out occurred at the campus. the other two (2) gates located at south side which is Pabalan Street 2. and vehicles are authorized to park outside in front of school premises supervise by school Marshall (company guard). such as typhoons. another gate located in at Pabalan Street. is made of steel materials designed for security purposes. Burgos Street. PROTECTIVE LIGHTINGS: 1. some residential houses and public elementary school? 4. from the west vehicular route will pass to Pabalan Street. motor vehicle are not allowed inside the campus. GATES: 1. Entrance gates at is made of hardwood materials with a height of 10 feet. 7. the perimeter fence is designed to thwart possible intruder and constructed for security purposes. Gates are used by students. east and west. faculties as entrance and exit. III. 5. 4. Lights installed gate entrance hallway is illuminated by 40 watts fluorescent light. 6. PHYSICAL SECURITY SYSTEM: PERIMETER BARRIER: The main compound is surrounded with perimeter fence made of concrete materials with a height of 10 feet. MERALCO is the main source electrical power at the campus. 4. Burgos Street. Number of employees more or less 50 persons. flash floods the area is in the right location where it stands. south. Police precincts located at the heart of the city approximately 500 meters away from the school in case of emergency for immediate reinforcement. There are two (2) entrance gates at the east side which is located in P. Vehicle routes bound for LCBA that came from the north will pass through P. C.Which composed of wet and dry section. 3.Entrance gate which is located in Pabalan Street is also made of hardwood materials with a height of 10 feet and installed with top guard 3 feet in high. Area of establishment approximately 3 hectares.

6. CONTROL OF PERSONNEL. 3. including J. V. Safe of records and important matters are entrusted to in charge working to that specific place. BUILDING SECURITY: 1. In every building there is a comfort room from ground floor to second floor. 9. Firefighting equipment is adequate especially to fire extinguishers but the conditions of other fire equipments are deteriorated. 7. 2. Strict implementations on ID policy identification cards must be wearing while you are inside the campus. The other building the so called science building is equipped with black and CCTV fronting the hallway of its classrooms it is located at the second floor and first floor of the said building. Visitors must register at information area for security purposes afterwards they will be issued visitors identification cards. There are two entrances of Administration building from the south entrance of the building going to second floor. 2. 8. Lock/keys are in the custody of school marshals where keys deposited in the box. After school hour’s buildings lights will be turned off only perimeter lights or guards posted in their specific place have sources of lights. Lights from neighboring establishments. 6.5. VI. VISITORS AND VEHICLES: 1. Fire extinguishers at Rizal Building can be found in every wall which was placed outside the classrooms other fire equipments can be found at the corner of the building. schedule depends upon on the waste management system. Fire equipments in Administration building are located at the entrance of second floor near the stairway as well as the science building. including the street lights help illuminate the façade of its schools. 5. . comfort rooms are cleaned and sanitized. from the west exit entrance going down to ground floor. Garbage disposal is done by the waste management of the city they’ll pick up and haul to designated places. The science building the entrance point going to second floor is west exit point is south going to ground floor. 10. Building is equipped with surveillance camera or CCTV located in the second floor of Administration Building fronting the hallway of its classrooms. a 2 storey building has no CCTV. sanitary condition of these comfort room is well maintain. Gonzales Building and Mario Llamas building. Rizal Building a newly constructed building. Lights will be put off at 6 in the morning and will be lighted at 6 in the evening. 4.

VI. based in Makati City. 2. FIRE: 1. for women blouse and pants their standard uniform. . students. registrar’s office. VII. Fire department is located at Hall of Justice of Calamba one kilometer away from the school. 2. Office of the President and Office of the Vice President for Administration. Telecommunication line is modern and functional . 6. 5. IX. Present security agency that detailed in that school is Trigold security agency. Security Guards assigned in entrance and exit inspect and conduct frisking to visitors. Areas that are restricted to unauthorized person are the accounting office. Smoking is not allowed inside the campus. No color coding of ID in the said establishment. Short sleeve barong is the standard uniform for men. 2. VEHICLES: 1. 2. SECURITY GUARD FORCE: 1. 3. Emergency fire alarm is installed in every floor of the building. THEFT CONTROL: 1. 4. Materials are recorded in logbooks for outgoing and incoming to prevent/control losses of property owned by the company. IX. Fire exit is adequate enough in any case of fire and emergency. VIII. No stay in workers or School personnel inside the school. Visiting hours is 8:00 in the morning to 5:00 o’clock in the afternoon. Vehicles are not allowed inside the campus they are allowed to park outside. faculty. Security guard force is adequate it is backed by nine school marshals to beef up the existing agency guard. 3. List of specimen signature must be examined thoroughly of the authorizing company officials. 4. security marshals assigned in that specific place are in charge of vehicles.3. employees who will enter the school premises before they can go to their respective places. OBSERVATION: 1. and Dean’s office.


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