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4 moods, positions of assemblage point abstract cores abstract, humanity's link with abyss, jumping into alignment alignment -> see will, intent alignment of amber emanations alignment, perception allies allies allies allies world, pink backgrd, chalk lines allies, forms, dangers allies, inorg. bngs, mirror technique allies, inorganic beings allies, surem ally ally ally ally, grabbing ally, techniques for aquiring ally, techniques for aquiring art of stalking assemblage point assemblage point assemblage point assemblage point assemblage point assemblage point assemblage point, dimple assemblage point, limit of known assemblage point, movement of assemblage point, moving assemblage point, shift and movement assemblage point, training assemblage pt, eman, cocoon assemblage pt, realizations, movement assuming responsibility Atlanteans, Tula, old seers attention attention -> see first,second,third awareness awareness, left side awareness, left side, sorcerers, seers bank of fog bank of fog -> see parallel lines

silence silence silence second fire fire fire fire second teachings fire separate fire fire being-in fire journey tales journey separate separate silence fire fire fire fire fire silence fire fire silence silence silence fire fire fire journey eagle's second fire eagle's fire eagle's

265 all 57 204-215 66,168,173,183,205-218,223,285-290 295 138 232-246,252-253 55,139-152,162-164 51-53 287,291 38-44 93 90-112

all 3 sets of 6 =18 total, 6 in book

267 113-114,192-201 301-302 see notes 39,83-94 305-307 228-230 232-235 14 113 137-144 150-159,170-184 168-169,170-184 171-181,216-226,232,237,243-250,254-266,273-291 240, 249 moving: hunger,fear,love, hate, mysticism, unbending intent. 3rd point. war, deprivation, stress, fatigue, sorrow, helplessness. real difficulty is having energy, curtailing self-reflection. 158-159, 216-226,232,237,243-250,254-266,273-291 294-295 shift constantly to unknown, return to limit of known, when released moves across entire cocoon aligning all emanations at once. 169 like dying, reconnection to greater power. outburst of energy. 228 241 shift: small movement within normal band. movement: profound change, possibly to other bands within total luminous mass of energy fields. 143 185-186 195-196,201-202 61-66 15,20-26,31-33 240, 266 82 301 60 108-109,158-162 all living beings are struggling to die. what stops death is awareness.

inorganic beings...are more like an electric current. organic beings are more like heat waves. Another time, forever awake

bank of fog, barrier of perception bank of fog, sulphur dunes barrier of perception -> see bank of fog battle of power, bank of fog becoming accessible to power being inaccessible bird of freedom black magicians bones of warriors boundaries of feeling bubble of perception burying in earth to heal circular force clusters of emanations -> see assemb.point collisions, sorcerer, nagual compassion, self-pity, empathy completeness -> see holes in luminosity completeness/feeling the world configuration, group energy controlled folly controlled folly controlled folly coyote, changing into coyote, talking crack between the worlds crack between the worlds crack between the worlds, women's crows crows cubic centimeter of chance cubic centimeter of chance cycles, human dangerous objects/ruins

fire eagle's journey journey journey silence tales journey eagle's tales eagle's fire silence silence separate eagle's eagle's separate silence second journey second teachings second journey tales journey tales second eagle's

254-257,284,290 239-247 156-171 118-119 90-95 43 20-21 136 89 252-256,272-275 17-18 227-229 33 51 4-5 306 212-214 76-92 266 206 296-300 270-271 185-187 161-162 38-41,72,135,149 180 278 114,156 256 26

takes a lot of energy

dark side of man death death death death death death death as an adviser death defier, 'the tenant' death defiers death, black shadow of death, dance death, eagle death, fog of crystals death, idea of death, lights of death, locale of, old seers

fire fire journey second separate separate tales journey fire fire silence journey eagle's separate silence separate fire

130 167, 231 294 227-228,281 150-151 193-197 113-115 53-62 233-234,249-253 230 37 187-192 245 90 129 48-49 294

All archeologic ruins in Mexico, esp. the Toltec pyramids, are harmful to modern man. Not only do the ruins of past cultures hold dangerous elements; anything which is the object of an obsessive concern has a harmful potential.

see notes see notes

death, nagual & tonal death, not an enemy death, striking at gap decisions, making detachment devil's weed devil's weed, bodily flight devil's weed, cutting devil's weed, lizard divination devil's weed, mixture devil's weed, second portion diableros, helpers directions, one's disrupting routines dome, vision of double double beings dreaming dreaming dreaming dreaming dreaming dreaming dreaming dreaming dreamin dreaming awake dreaming body dreaming body dreaming body, 'the other' dreaming body, dual life dreaming dead dreaming position dreaming position dreaming position dreaming together dreaming together dreaming, colors dreaming, double dreaming, double dreaming, double dreaming, fluffy cotton bags dreaming, flying dreaming, four stages of dreaming, ghost dreaming, luminous body dreaming, naguals dreaming, places to dreaming, setting up dreaming, slumber, dreaming body

tales silence silence tales separate teachings teachings teachings teachings teachings teachings teachings second journey second second eagle's being-in eagle's eagle's fire journey journey journey second tales being-in fire fire fire silence being-in eagle's fire fire eagle's fire eagle's second tales tales eagle's eagle's eagle's eagle's eagle's being-in eagle's journey fire

174 131 39 217-218 150 21,54-67,72-79 214 121-122 109-120,125-127,153-161 107-125 105-130 184-185 39-40 98-102 211-213 136-137,194-195 218 261,264 55-63,212-213,251-267 175-184,219,236 118-120 184-187 237-238 158-161 9-12,238 241 174-183,249,268 266 269 53 302 260-261 177-183,219,229 272,294 131-167 183-184 253 267-270 41-50 56-78 257 143-145 133 59 24-29 127 251 126-128,141-143 249

death is not destroyer or enemy. only worthy opponent. death is the active force. life is the arena. we move only when we feel the pressure of death. see notes

see notes see notes

dreaming -> while asleep ; dreaming body -> while awake see notes

close to mold of man & barrier of perception.

left and right side awareness total freedom

normal sleep, slumber: edge of man's band. dreaming, practice: midsection. old seers: replica of body. new seers: heightened awareness -to >

blob of light (dreaming body). dreaming, sulphurous sand dunes eagle's 156 dreaming, time to do, position eagle's 142 dreaming, with a headband journey 163-164 dreaming-awake/in other worlds being-in 190 eagle eagle's 181,245-246,309 eagle fire 163 eagle fire 50-57 eagle -> see emanations eagle's command fire 125, 129 eagle's command fire 257,294 eagle's formula eagle's 122-123 eagle's gift -> see fire, third att., total freedom,,earth's boost eagle's gift -> see nagual, rule of eagle's gift, energy fire 295-296 eagle, challenge eagle's 298 eagle, eagle's gift earth's boost earth's boost earth, cocoon, emanations earth, loving the easterly women edge, the -> see holes in luminosity eight points/worlds eight points/worlds emanations emanations emanations -> see luminous, lines in world emanations, 48 bands emanations, clusters (bands) emanations, clusters of, skimming emanations, eagle's emanations, Eagle's emanations, earth, universe emanations, seven bands of inorganic aw. emanations, three bundles energy energy in surroundings, men, animals energy in surroundings, sorcerers energy, casts of amber energy, sorcery entities of the night/mountains equality (of everything) erasing personal history erasing personal history erasing personal history evil side of man fire fire fire fire tales eagle's separate tales fire fire fire fire fire fire fire eagle's fire fire fire silence silence fire silence journey journey eagle's journey tales silence 78 211-213 249 204-207,213 291 195-199 258 95-96 116-120 204-207,214, 219-223,243,253 162-163,167 129-130161-169,209 143-144 254,257,272,279, 287 44,50-62,68 264 246 163-165 261 177 177 164 10 207-215 294 271-272 28-35 238-242 284

reason for existence; enhancing awareness

Warriors have only one thing in mind- their freedom. To die and be eaten by the eagle is no challenge, but to sneak around the Eagle and be free is the ultimate audacity. see notes

see notes


putting irreplaceable energy on mold of man. animals detect areas with special levels of energy. most animals frightened of these except mountain lions and coyotes. humans on foot trails rest on spots with positive level of energy. sorcerer's increased energy, derived from curtailment of self-reflection, allows greater range of perception. warriors: < less energy < pink pale-green blue pure amber > more energy >

see notes stupidity

feeling important separate 7-8 feelings, pushing out of body journey 231-232 finding one's spot, making choices tales 217-218 finding one's spot, sitio journey 71-75 finding one's spot, sitio teachings 29-35 fire from within fire 1200 fire from within, total awareness,total freedom. fire from within silence 228 fire from within -> see third attention, eagle's gift, total freedom, earth's boost fire from within, intent silence 124 fire from within, opening cocoon fire 227 first attention fire 73,75,87,115 first attention -> see tonal first attention, tonal fire 243 first effect of sorcery apprenticeship silence 138 first principle of sorcery silence 138 flying forgetting freedom freedom freedom, bird of, nagual, warrior's path freedom, detatchment freedom, sorcerers ticket to freedom, waiting futility gait of power gait of power gap (in luminous cocoon) second eagle's being-in fire being-in eagle's silence fire fire journey tales fire 158-166 222 184 268 291 128-129 215 121 294 204-207 236-237 226

see notes see notes

shift between normal and heightened awareness. not first principle. ruthlessness, movement of assemblage point to place of no pity. not first effect

(riddle of the spirit). sorcerer's ticket to freedom was his death. trick is being aware of condition of being dead. of controlling men, assembling other worlds, self-importance. organic: bowl-like depression, inorganic: long thread. assemblage point: minor shift: colors & shapes, considerable shift: drugs,power plants; numbness & coldness, drastic shift: trauma/disease; death. see rolling force.

gap, hairline/bowl-like gap, nagual's; tenant Garden of Eden, silent knowledge gaze, warrior's gazing gazing gazing, at rolling force genaro's lesson at waterfall gifts (of power) glory glow of awareness glow of awareness (see will, assemb.) glow of awareness -> see assemblage point goals, realizations God gourd, guaje guardian of the other world guardian of the other world having to believe healer, heightened awareness

fire fire silence tales second second fire separate separate eagle's fire fire being-in fire second separate separate tales silence

232 252-253 122 234-236 240 284-298 228 100-108 30-36 242 59,170,173,182,287 62 211 256,26041-42 113-133 169-170 107-115 141

see notes

see notes

heightened -> see left-side heightened awareness fire heightened awareness silence heightened awareness silence heightened awareness, dreaming awake being-in heightened awareness, movement of assemblage pointsilence heightened awareness, total freedom fire heyoka shield flight 7th holes in luminosity second holes in luminosity, emptiness second holes in sounds separate human alternatives, possibilities fire human feelings, hot and cold currents of air silence human formeagle's 223 human form second human form, formlessness eagle's human form, freedom eagle's human form, losing eagle's human form, losing, shields fire human form, shields fire human form/mold second human-like creatures eagle's impeccability fire impeccability second impeccability silence impeccability tales impeccability -> see warrior impeccability, energy fire impeccability, ticket to silence intent, requirements of inorganic beings (see allies) fire inorganic beings, allies fire instruments, extension of senses fire intensity eagle's intent eagle's intent fire intent fire intent fire intent silence intent silence intent -> see alignment, will intent, 3rd basis fire intent, 4 stages intent, connecting link, cleaning intent, eyes, seeing intent, requirements of intent, underlying order intent, using, warrior's waysilence intent, will, alignmentsilence internal dialogue silence silence eagle's silence silence 123 122 fire

63-64,118-119,128,273-274,284 49 239 167 218 294 see East 130-136,233-235 95-96,117-121 220-226 75 229 169-171,228,284 129 65-66 115-117 222-223 222-223 153-157 194 126 236,274 248 6-7,196 179 192 87 162-169 48 170-171 149-153,240,245 137,171-174, 179-183 (unbending) 218,227,231,235 256-258,270,285,293-295 60 239,241,244, 264 173 247 12 309-310 192 48 158 1st basis: alignment (of emanations inside cocoon to those outside cocoon), 2nd basis: will - energy of alignment, 3rd basis: intent - purposeful guiding of will. 1) rusty, unworthy link. 2) succeeds in cleaning it. 3) learns to manipulate it. 4) accept the designs of the abstract. impeccability, ticket to

frugality, thoughtfulness, simplicity, innocence, lack of self-reflection

internal dialogue internal dialogue, inner silence intuition, reason inventions from other worlds inventory inventory inventory

fire fire being-in being-in fire fire silence

158,205-206,213 256,286,293-294 218 202 255 83-84 185

jimson weed-> see devil's weed junkyard of infinity silence 54 knowledge tales` 27-28 knowledge, advancing fire 157 depressing, finding new quarters knowledge, going to separate 88 knowledge, going to teachings 51 see notes knowledge, moth of tales 16-40 knowledge,coning to being-in 247 abstract-women, concrete-men last battle on earth journey109-112 leather harness (for curing) eagle's 187 leather harness, game, of eagle's 66-67 left side awareness fire 147,232,274,277 left-side awareness -> see heightened, second attention, shift to the left left-side awareness, heightened fire 171-172,175,181 (point of no doubts), 184 life force eagle's 249 lines of the world journey 232,298 lines of the world -> see luminous,seeing,emanations, etc. little smoke teachings 21,111-113,130-143,154-160,170,182,196 little smoke, allies separate 6-9 little smoke, body disappearing teachings 215 see notes little smoke, devil's weed teachings 161-162 see notes little smoke, mixture teachings 130-132 little smoke, mixture & pipe teachings 68-72 see notes little smoke, mixture & smoking teachings 79-82 see notes little smoke, smoking teachings 133-135 little smoke, smoking, crows teachings 162-176 see notes living strategically separate 182 see notes losing self-importance journey 40-43 luminosity second 233 luminosity second 280-281 luminosity -> see emanations, seeing, lines of the world, etc. luminosity, casts of pink fire 168 plants: poisonous: pale yellow, medicinal: bright violet, power: bright or murky white. luminous being journey luminous being tales 9,25,97-98 luminous beings eagle's 24-28,32 luminous beings fire 220 luminous beings second 137-138 luminous beings, holes, roots eagle's 49-50 luminous body eagle's 291 luminous body, recharging second 267-268 luminous coc. -> see holes in lum. luminous cocoon fire 204-207,220,229 luminous cocoon fire 58-62,68,116-128,171 luminous cocoon silence 227 oblong or spherical luminous masses of countless static,

when it fails: 1. enlarge inventory, 2. world of self-reflect collapses. inventory is the mind.

luminous cocoon -> see gap luminous cocoon, cracking luminous cocoon, dent luminous cocoon, eggs luminous cocoon, emanations luminous cocoon, front plate, man's band luminous cocoon, inorganic containers luminous cocoon, midline luminous cocoon, shell luminous eggs luminous fibers luminous fibers luminous fibers -> see eman, will luminous filaments luminous shell, dent magical beings, deer maiz-pinto (power object) man of knowledge man of knowledgejourney man of knowledgejourney man of knowledge man of knowledge man of knowledge, becoming a man of knowledge, being man of knowledge, structural analysis masks mastery of awareness

yet vibrant fields of energy. only sorcerers are capable of injecting movement into these spheres. fire fire eagle's fire90 fire fire fire fire second separate tales fire eagle's journey teachings fire 193 233 separate84-92 tales separate teachings teachings being-in fire 225-226 ,252. 117-119 223 219-220 161,165,168 280 232,251-252 233 23,106-108 113 224 256 101-104 23 18 see notes see notes see notes 41 20-22 82-87 189-234 183 114-115 14 41-42 21,88-105 60-72 91-94 36-50143-153 52-57 104-105 245 9 256-267 149-151 138-140 seeing rolling force: 1.deliberate- minimal danger. 2.involuntary (physical fatigue,emotional exhaustion, disease, fright, drunkeness)- extremely dangerous.

see notes

mastery of awareness -> see stalking, intent, dreaming mastery of intent,awareness silence Mescalito second Mescalito teachings Mescalito, discussions about separate Mescalito, finding teachings Mescalito, mitote teachings Mescalito, mitote, omen separate Mescalito, truthful life teachings Mexico, countryside, cities fire modality of the time silence mold of man fire mood of a warrior journey mood of a warrior, no pity journey mushrooms -> see little smoke mysteries, sadness fire mystery of humans, stupidity fire nagual second nagual tales nagual tales nagual tales

outline: eagle,emanations,cocoon,awareness,perception,alignment, assemblage point,petty tyrants,glow of awareness.

see notes

see notes

273,283 186 220-221 140-145 184-195 see notes 207-208,213,216,220,229-260,271-278 see notes

nagual -> see tonal nagual woman nagual woman, Carol nagual's blow nagual's party -> see east,north,south,west nagual, freedom of nagual, rule of nagual, witnessing naguals party of warriors naguals, 4 compressed balls naguals, real or fake naguals, sorcerers, gurus northerly women not-doing not-doing not-doing not-doing not-doing, crate, lying, suspension nuclear war number four, power, completeness number three, change, movement, omens, interpreting other world other worlds, 'Silvio Manuel' world other worlds, black world, allies other worlds, luminescent, white clouds other worlds, reddish, dark, hot other worlds, yellow dunes, diaph. light parallel being parallel lines parallel lines -> see bank of fog parallel lines, crack between worlds path with a heart path with a heart paths petty tyrants petty tyrants -> see three phase prog. petty tyrants, old seers peyote -> see Mescalito philosophy place of no doubt plants, talking to points of protection (in wilderness) portal of intent, heightened awarenes power power power power power power power power -> see becoming accessible power animals

eagle's fire fire fire eagle's tales eagle's silence silence being-in eagle's eagle's journey journey tales eagle's separate second eagle's silence eagle's fire fire fire fire fire eagle's eagle's eagle's teachings teachings teachings fire fire being-in fire separate journey ssilence fire flight 7th journey journey journey second tales separate98-99

122-130 281 116-118,129 210 176-181 164-172 231 12 40 185 208-210 139-141 217-239 247-254 249-250 236-239 80 44 232-233 33 265-266 289 287-290 215 208 87-88,158,294 241-247 107 160-161 152-153 25-45 172-174 218-220. 278 94 102-103 105 173 130 125-126 152-155 164-170 275 195 illuminating thought process, greek to present ` because you know everything 2. because you don't know anything. see notes see notes see notes classifications p.30, Yaquis p.44

see notes

see notes


see notes see notes

power food power intrusions -> see feelings, pushing power objects power objects, finding crystals power place power place, physical point of reference power plants power plants power plantstales242-246 power plants, cocoons power plants, dreams power spot, silvio manuel's house power spots power spots, avoiding power, flow of life-force from S. to N. power, hunting power, personal power, personal power, place of power, storing personal quartz crystals -> see power objects rationality, assemblage point rattlesnake form reaffirmations from the world reason, concern, silent knowledge reason, regimes of knowledge reason, self-absorbtion reason, silent knowledge reason, sorcerer's world recapitulation recapitulation religion riddle of the mind,heart,spirit ring of power ring of power, sorcerer's ring of power, sorcerer's rings of power rolling force rolling the eyes roots of living creatures ruthlessness, eyes ruthlessness, self-image, self-importance Sabastian, nagual saber-toothed tiger sacateca's dance, will second attention second attention second attention second attention

journey teachings journey journey fire fire second fire fire eagle's eagle's journey eagle's journey tales tales journey journey fire eagle's journey silence being-in fire silence being-in eagle's silence second silence journey journey journey second fire fire eagle's silence silence fire eagle's separate being-in eagle's eagle's second

153, 164 22-24 243-246 182-184 113 256-259 168 264 162-163 87-88,245 170 192 194-205 231 9 134-140 214 278 71-72 23-25 260, 261 218 84-85 169 170 289-294 145 235-236 14 252-253 280 301 266-267 221-229,252 258 237-238 144 170 233, 250 58 10-15 266 167-169 23 283,296 cocoons 5'x12' see notes Sonoran

see notes

idea of individual self appears. lost connection to silent knowledge.

see notes under conditions of impatience, despair, anger, sadness. self-pity

Some part of us is always kept under lock and key because we are afraid of it, and that to our reason, that part of us was like an insane relative that we keep locked in a dungeon. sec.att.: it is a quagmire so complex and bizarre that sober seers go into it

second attention -> see dreaming, left-side awareness, nagual, shift, unknown second attention, dreaming fire 77

second attention, focusing seeing seeing seeing seeing seeing seeing seeing seeing seeing seeing seeing seeing -> see lines of, emana,lumin,etc. seeing, (people (48) ) seeing, dreaming seeing, naguals seeing, voice of seers seers, enemies of seers, new seers, old, secret knowledge

silence eagle's fire fire fire fire journey journey second separate silence tales tales fire being-in fire fire fire fire fire

124 41-42 170-173,+181,204,209-210,219-229,255-270,272,276,288 188 two groups of humans : about others. 2. do not. 48-93 76,79-80,83-87, 118,128-131,137-144,162-169 233 see notes 299-302 see notes 220 23,25,36-38,77-92,148-154,167-170,191,194,199,252 see notes 116 57-58,229, 230 26-39 219 128 66-67 17-19 170 15 88-93 never try seeing without dreaming.

only under the strictest conditions. the great difficulty is that the entrance into the second attention is utterly easy and its lure nearly irresistible.

The voice of seeing for the new seers is... the glow of awareness playing on the Eagle's emanations. warrior's path, indolence, laziness, self-importance. b.dark regions b.water greater (magical) properties: flames,fluidity ; lesser prop: heat,wetness 3a.above: wind,rain,thunder,sun b.below: fog,springs,night,moon 4a.loud b.silent. 5a.moving b.stationary self-pity self-importance -> see feeling/losing

seers, old/new self-absorbtion, reason self-image, self-importance, ruthlessness self-importance self-importance, melancholy self-reflection self-reflection, cutting chains of self-reflection, infinity, 3rd attention self-reflection, shattering mirror of sentient being, earth sex sexual energy sexual energy, dreamers shadows shadows shield carrier, rules of shields shields, protect from tumbler shift below shift below shift below shift to the left shift, lateral shift, lateral

fire fire silence fire fire fire silence being-in silence fire eagle's fire silence journey second flight 7th tales fire fire fire fire fire fire fire

233 84-85 170 26-29 134 85, 88 108 301 178 204-207,214 43 69-72 55 234-235 297 140 75 222 140-142 145 167 128 139-140 246

woman seers actually in depth (sometimes referred to as width) (lateral?) left shift is natural preference of most human beings.

shift, lateral fire 249 assemblage point runs along either edge of man's band during normal sleep. shift, lateral fire 265-266 seeing a wall of fog and the mold of man. shift, lateral fire 288 lateral shift in organic band: mold of man, wall of fog, plain with yellow dunes, world of white diaphanous light & apparitions. 1st inorganic band: black world. 2nd inorg. band: Silvio Manuel world. A shift, midsection fire 249 dreaming: midsection of man's band silence, sadness eagle's 147 silent knowledge silence 239 silent knowledge, direct contact with intent silence 124 silent knowledge, older side of man silence 166 sleeping, when upset or healing rests silence 45 smoke second 259-261 smoke -> see little smoke sobering effects: fire 81 anger,fear,humor. somersault of thought into the inconcievable silence 132 descent of the spirit, breaking perceptual barriers. sending scouts. Sonoran desert fire 152 sorcerer's explanation tales 232,252-256,272-278 sorcerer's ideas silence 249 inner world- not social ideas, unknown, personal death. sorcerer's reality being-in 168 sorcerer's world journey 300-302 see notes sorcerer's world, rules & regulations being-in 186 sorcerer, being a separate 148-153 sorcerer, killing a second 126 sorcerer, morality and beauty silence 102 sorcerer, strategy of tales 234 sorcerers past, point of reference silence 22 sorcerers, conquerors who became fire 19 sorcerers, never look for anyone silence 215 never approach anyone. only accepts company of people who are dead. sorcery tales 13 sorcery -> see second attention, stalkingdreaming, spirit, Toltec, will, ring of, little smoke, devil's, mescal, etc. sorcery, will, key joint separate 199-200 see notes soul, recovering teachings 177-188 southerly women eagle's 192-195 spirit catcher separate 160-163 spirit catcher separate 226-228 Spirit, Descent of silence 108 spirit, handling silence58 spirit, hardness and transformation silence 172 Spirit, Knock of silence60 Spirit, Knock of the silence Spirit, Manifestations of the silence25 Spirit, Trickery of the silence 72 dusting the link, or stalking oneself splitting a man second 194 stalkers classification of human race silence 266 domestic, self-centered, indifferent stalking eagle's 212-214 stalking fire 171-174 stalking second 221-224 stalking silence 128 stalking practices; objectionability fire 187-199 stalking, attributes of warriorship fire 29 stalking, controlled folly eagle's 250-251 stalking, dreaming, intent fire 19-20

stalking, four steps silence 87 ruthlessness, cunning, patience, sweetness stalking, principles of eagle's 280-283 stalking, results of eagle's 293 stalking, rule of eagle's 281-282 stalking,intent,dreaming position fire 170 stopping the internal dialogue tales 12-14 stopping the internal dialogue tales 236-240 see notes stopping the world journey 133 stopping the world journey 233 see notes stopping the world journey 298-300 strings, tossing (rocks) journey 180-181 sun second 137 surem -> see allies task's, dreaming eagle's 59 third attention eagle's 23-24 third attention fire 77 third attention -> see fire, eagle's gift,total freedom, earth's boost third attention, going into eagle's 315-316 third attention, other world second 314-316 third attention, total awareness eagle's 243 third point silence 260 third point of reference silence 242 perceive two places at once. three phase progression fire 32 1. petty tyrants 2. unknown 3. unknowable Tibetan book of the dead separate 193-194 Time eagle's 296 time, not having journey 107-111 Toltec power arrangement second 302 Toltecs second 240 Toltecs, awareness, lineages fire 15-21 Tonal tales 132-145 Tonal tales 173-1807,191-196,230-260,271-278,283-284 see notes tonal & nagual second 282-283 tonal & nagual tales 119-132 see notes tonal & nagual tales 172-196 see notes tonal & nagual, viewing tales 208 tonal -> see nagual tonal, shrinking; & nagual tales 155-161 see notes total freedom, consciousness fire 247 total freedom, total awareness fire 294-295 burn with the force of alignment(will), turned into force of intent thru impeccability. Intent is alignment of all amber emanations. totality of oneself eagle's 223 totality of oneself second 283 totality of oneself tales 6-9,207 tumbler fire 221-229 tumbler's boost fire 247 see notes tumbler, rolling force fire 231 understanding fire 64 understanding, trophy silence 179 return victorious to spirit, from descent into hell (chains of self-reflection), bringing trophies (understanding). units of meaning separate 9-10 unknown fire 88 unknown -> see second attention

unknown, flame unknown, quest for freedom unknown, unknowable using the darkness vessels walking, right way of wall of fog -> see bank of fog warrior warrior warrior warrior's last stand warrior's path, abstract warrior's way warrior's way warrior('s purpose) warrior, beginning and ending with self warrior, behavior warrior, being a warrior, being a warrior, choosing warrior, humbleness warrior, humbleness, freedom warrior, impeccability warrior, spirit of warrior, unbiased witness warrior, war water hole, spirit of westerly women wheel of time, 'cosmic vagina' will will will will will will will -> see glow of awareness, intent will, manipulating with fingers will, sorcery, key joint wind wind windigo winds, four wisdom, sadness worthy opponent (la Catalina) worthy opponent (la Catalina) worthy opponent (la Catalina) worthy opponent, la Catalina, shift below

fire fire fire separate fire journey eagle's journey tales journey silence fire separate second silence silence separate separate second tales eagle's fire separate fire silence separate eagle's eagle's eagle's fire separate separate tales tales eagle's separate second journey flight 7th second fire journey separate tales fire

122 152 46-47,130,206-207 25 166-167 38 110 119 6-7,27,)46-53,154-155,195-196,228 187-192 51 178 47 222-224 51 126-7 144-146 149-152 271 19 224 213 213-220 152-153 170 154-180 199-208 307-308 140,146-148 79,89,137,173,188,218 145-152 80 234-235',244,254,273,276-277 81-82,-98,113,178-180 254-255 199-200 35 85-90 125 44-45 12 255-272 201-213 246-247 146

see notes

self becomes abstract and impersonal permanent guard against roughness. magical and ruthless see notes We only choose once. We choose either to be warriors or to be ordinary men. A second choice does not exist. Not on this earth. to withstand earth's boost. see notes struggle against individual self.

see notes see notes see notes see notes mountain spirit with 'heart of ice', lures one to there death.