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Braccio Idraulico
Have you ever seen a car lifted into the air at an auto repair place? Have you ever wondered how an elevator can lift a load of people up into the air? Well, after this event, you'll have a better understanding of how these work, because you're going to look at hydraulic systems. Hydraulic systems use a liquid, usually oil, to transmit force. This system works on the same principles as other mechanical systems and trades force for distance. Hydraulic systems are used on construction sites and in elevators. They help users perform tasks that they would not have the strength to do without the help of hydraulic machinery. They are able to perform tasks that involve large amounts of weight with seemingly little effort. Well, enough jargons, if you are ready to feel the brute force of 'the incompressible water', this is your haven. May the force be with you……

To fabricate a hydraulic robotic arm which can lift heavy loads and place at desired spot.

The event comprises of two rounds-prelims and mains.

The objective of the bot in prelims is to pick loads and place them in a basket. Loads will of different weights and will be placed at varying distances and heights.
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The time taken shall be equivalent to negative points added to total points earned. Different loads will have different points. . Points Criteria Prelims Different loads and different locations will fetch different points accordingly.The basket shall be placed at a height and will be fixed to a pedestal. Finals Time allotted will be same as prelims. Participants are required to pick the weights and place them on a platform in a specified pattern. Mains Robots successfully completing the prelims shall be allowed to move to finals. Points will be awarded on the basis of stacking position. Stacking of weights will be done as heavy weights at bottom and lighter weights at top. Two time-outs can be allowed in case of mechanical failure which will cost negative points. A Maximum of 5 min will be given to each team to complete the task. The objective in mains is to stack the weights in a given pattern.

Stay tuned. the arm possessing the least weight shall be declared victorious.in/ev ents/robotica/braccio. LEGO kits or its spare parts or premade mechanical parts are not allowed. The arm should be compact in order to efficiently negotiate the arena. NOTE: . In case of a tie. Readymade gearboxes can be used but no other part of the robot should contain any readymade components. like the Facebook page: Click herefor the facebook page Tutorials Click here for tutorial 1 Click here for tutorial 2 Click here for tutorial 3 concetto. even though it will be able to rotate about its axis imparting rotational motion to the body. Damage to the arena is unacceptable and will lead to immediate disqualification. No two teams can have a common member.) Instructions Each team can consist of a maximum of 5 members. 230V 50Hz AC supply will be provided.co. there is always a solution if you 'C' (just kidding. an electromagnet attached at end of the arm will undertake the job of lifting and placing the loads. Hydraulic arm set-ups will be scrutinized before the start of event and those violating the above norms will be disqualified. The team members can belong to different institutes or colleges. The base of the arm will be rigidly fixed to the platform.Redef ining Renaissance | Robotica Mechanism Specifications The robotic arm shall be operated by a hydraulic drive. For prelims. Measurements of arena are provided in the arena snapshots itself.10/9/12 Concetto 2012 . The toppling of mechanism is not a problem.html 3/5 . DEPENDING UPON CIRCUMSTANCES AND EVENT CO-ORDINATOR SHALL HOLD THE DISCRETIONARY AUTHORITY FOR THE SAME. we will provide the C-clamp. The base must fit in a square of side 20 cm.QUALIFICATION/DISQUALIFICATION RULES ARE LIABLE TO CHANGE.

com Like 1.com Kushagra Kumar +91 9122799709 erkushagra@ymail.co. All rights reserved.mayur33@gmail.html 4/5 . Contacts Event Coordinator Mayur Choudhari +91 8986892311 choudhari.6k Tw eet #concetto © Concetto 2012. Back to top Events Robotica Coding Design and Build Quizzes Online Events E-Summit Gaming Case Study & Paper Meet Misc.Redef ining Renaissance | Robotica Click here for a pdf tutorial.com Shilpi Jaiswal shilpijaiswal09@gmail.com Event Organiser Amit Kumar +91 8521749988 yadavamitkumar007@yahoo. Workshops Ethical Hacking concetto.in/ev ents/robotica/braccio.10/9/12 Concetto 2012 .

concetto. Nihit Kumar Singh and Mohit Punjabi.in/ev ents/robotica/braccio.Redef ining Renaissance | Robotica iMACBOTZ 3D Game Designing & Scripting Lean Six Sigma Let's Talk Amit Raj Mohammad Akram Feroz Harsh Snehanshu Website developed by: Swapnil Gupta. Siddharth Behera.co.html 5/5 .10/9/12 Concetto 2012 .