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An Internship report submitted to the department of Institute Of Business and Information Technology for Punjab University, Lahore in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the degree of BBIT.

I dedicate my report to my esteemed teachers who motivate me, teach me and help me during making this report. I feel highly honored to present and express my respect and gratitude to my respected teachers whose behavior is always encouraging and sympathetic.

CHAPTER 1 The Organization 1. History and background..8 o Vision.9 o Mission.10 o Our Values 2. Products & Services..12 o Roles played by MEL...12 3. Profile of the company..13 o Administration.13 4. Organizational Structure...14 o Aims and objectives.14 o Composition.16 o Management.....16 o Advisory committee.17 5. Description of various departments...17 o Commercial department.......17 o Information technology department....18 o Quality control and assurance department...18 o D&D department...19 o STORE department...19 o HRM department..20 o Heat treatment department...22 o Finance and accounts23 o Production department o Maintenance department.. 6. Appraisals and problems....24

First of all I am thankful to Allah Almighty for giving me opportunity, ability and courage to accomplish my internship report. I gratefully acknowledge and express my gratitude to my Parents for providing me unflinching encouragement and support in various ways whenever I felt low and dishearten. To my sisters and brothers, whose prayers and support were always there to help me. I owe my gratitude to number of people who help me to plan and write this internship report. This includes Mr. Mansoor, Director of IBIT who gave us an Opportunity to enhance our capabilities. This internship program has been very helpful for me because I have learnt a lot by applying theoretical knowledge in practical field. And I thanks to department supervisors who were very good to me as they guide me all mechanisms of department in which worked It is pleasure to pay tribute to my all treasured Friends for their emotional support and sincere advice

Chapter 1 1. Company History and Background

Company History and Background

Millat equipment limited

Millat Equipment Limited (MEL): It started its operations in 2004. MEL specializes in the manufacture of power train parts thus making the country self reliant in these components. Millat Group is Pakistan's leading engineering concern in automobile sector and has a history that spans almost half a century. Finally in the 2006 Millat started its production and made a unique place in the market. MILLAT TRACTORS was established in 1964 in the name of Rana Tractors and Equipment to introduce Massey Ferguson tractors in Pakistan by importing Complete Built up (CBU) tractors from UK. An assembly plant was set up in Karachi in 1964 to assemble tractors imported in semi-knocked down (SKD) condition which in 1967 was shifted to Lahore. Millat Group has played a pivotal role in transfer of technology and transformation of a fledging local light engineering sector into a robust, vibrant, quality conscious Auto Vending Industry. Millat Tractors Limited made the Millat equipment Limited Its modern facilities are equipped for manufacturing of broad range of: 1-Transmission Shafts 2-Spur Gears 3-Helical Gears 4-Spiral & Straight Bevel Gears Sub assemblies, like Hydraulic Pump for Massey Ferguson brand of tractors.


Millat equipment limited is, an ISO 9001:2008 certified company is the most technologically advanced transmission shaft and gears manufacturing company in Pakistan .The company acquired a Gear manufacturing setup from M/S ACGO LIMITED UK (owners of the Massey Ferguson brand of tractors) with and understanding to buy back the transmission components after meeting the local requirement of AGCO Licensee in Pakistan (M/S Millat Tractors Limited) M/S AGCO Limited provides all the technical support regarding products design, developments, specifications, and standards to produce world class quality components. Milllat Equipment Limited is equipped with complete in-house gear manufacturing facility supported by state of the art inspection and testing equipment to assure quality as per standards. Our modern manufacturing facility is located at 10 KM , raiwind road , Lahore, Pakistan.


To be a preferred choice for customers and suppliers, competing in the domestic and overseas markets by continuously delivering value on a long term basis by high performance team driven by innovation and adherence of health, safety and environmental principles.

Millat to be a global group of companies, recognized for a range of quality products with innovative design capabilities.


1-Ethics employees are trained with full concentration and respect, the way you want to be 1. treated and moral values are always followed. There is open door policy every customer is welcomed very warmly. 2-Compassion employees as well as the customer ideas and suggestions are respected, listened and understood as they are our own; by putting yourself in others shoes. The communication gap is kept always minimum between the HODs and the employees to decrease the risks and to enhance the performance. 3-Team work the team work is an important value of the company all the employees work with each other in a friendly environment so that all the confusions and problems could be removed in a easy way. 4-Consistency being consistent in mastering and maintaining standards of the equipments is the main value of the company. 5-Innovation constant creativity in Research, Development and design for value addition and exceeding expectations of customers, and employees. The pipeline is made which equipments are under process.

1. Products & Services

Roles played by the MEL:
Millat Equipment Limited produces a number of products including Carry Units, Coupler, Differential, Internal Spur Gears, Shaft, Spiral Bevel and Spur Gears.


Millat equipment limited is, an ISO 9001:2008 certified company is the most technologically advanced transmission equipment making company. Millat Equipment Limited (MEL) is part of Millat Group comprising of three other companies: Millat Tractors Limited (MLT), Bolan Casting Limited (BCL)& Millat Industrial product Limited (MIPL).


There are total 139 executive staff which is running the company, managing operational work and inspecting all activities related to transmission parts and market which includes the CEO, 2 DGM, 4 SM, 6 managers, 14 DM, 28 AM, 57 JE, 10 JE who are managing and controlling all the production and operational activities.

1. Profile of the company:

Administration Board of Directors Sikandar Mustafa Khan (Chairman) Shahid Shahbaz Toor (Chief Executive) Sohail Bashir Rana Mian Muhammad Saleem Latif Khalid Hashmi Laeeq-ud-Din Ansari

Company Secretary Mian Muhammad Saleem Chief Financial Officer Sohail Ahmed Nisar Auditors Ilyas Saeed & Co (Chartered Accountants Lahore) Legal Advisors Walker Martineau Saleem (Advocate & Legal Consultants) Registered Address 8.8-K.M. Lahore Sheikhupura Road, Shahdra, Lahore. Plant Site 10-K.M. Raiwind Road, Lahore. Principal Bankers Habib Bank Limited Bank Al-Habib Limited Habib Metropolitan Bank Limited MCB Limited

4.Organizational Structure




Deputy General Manager(DGM) Fianace

Deputy General Manager(DGM) Heat Treatment(HT)

Sr.Manager Maintenance

SM Production& Material Management

Sr.Manager Design & Development(D&D)

Sr.Manager Stores & Technical Training

Consultant Quality Assurance(QA)

Manager Human Resource & Administration(HR&A)

Deputy Manager(DM) Information Technonlogy(IT)

Deputy Manager(DM) Commercial


Since its commissioning in 2004, MEL has continued to build a solid reputation for quality, service and reliability, and has provided high quality product that meets the rapidly changing and demanding requirements of the gear industry. To achieve these objectives, MEL has embraced the continuous improvement philosophy while implementing cutting edge technology available for the machining, heat treatment and inspection of our products. We are approved supplier of Pakistans Pioneer Tractor Manufacturing Company, Millat Tractors Limited; along with our export clientele like Turkey, UK, Italy, Poland and India, and have great pleasure in maintaining reliable customer relations. OBJECTIVE Constantly Endeavour to be market leader in terms of market share and technology pace-setters in areas of operations and to continuously improve efficiency and competitive strength. To offer customers quality products and support services at competitive prices and to their satisfaction. By continuously improving performance, aim to generate earnings sufficient to ensure a secure future for the Company and to protect and increase shareholders' return. To enhance creativity and job satisfaction, provide employees opportunity for personal development. Be an integral part of national economy with a strong sense of responsibility to society and the environment.

MELs primary goal is to ensure customer satisfaction by improving its manufacturing processes, Eliminating waste, Delivering product on time at a competitive price through a committed team,

Innovation and adhering to Health & Safety Standards for MEL team.

To enhance our product range, following products are in the pipeline:

Balancer Unit -MF No. 4111K059 Axle Shaft- MF No. 1678303 M1 Wheel Axle Standard Duty-MF#884850 M

Our Products :


Description of various departments:

Design and development department Functions

Take input from by customer (through MEL commercial dept.) Classification of customers Detail of input data New product development Current product development Design and development Drafting Documentations

Rafey Zaman Durrani SR.Manager D&D

Jahanzeb Hashmi Manager D&D

Arslan Haider DM D&D

Shahid Iqbal DM D&D

AR Rathore DM Tool Room

Arslan Haider(AM) M Ahsen (AM)

JE (2 No.)

JE(02 no.) Draft Men(03 No)

Technician (16 No.) Workers (07 No.)

New development Vender Development Design Services Testing equipments Tool room services and prototyping

FUNCTIONS Procurement Purchase of all products Cash out flows/ inflows is done here Purchase goods and services Effective and efficient procurement in order to increase the overall competitiveness of company


Muhammad Azeem DM Procurement

Sohail Anjum AM Procurement

JE Local Procurement

Assistant -01 No.

SERVICES All the works related to the procurement during the projects is handled with the help of production department


FUNCTIONS Compensation Recruitment/selection Insurance Performance appraisals Training and development program Administration and security Over time duties maintenance Night shifts Attendance Fulfillment of shortage of employees

SERVICES Pre purchase. Awareness of product Post purchasewarranty claim


Shahzad Nadeem Manager HR & Admin

Ch.Asif Ali AM HR

Fahad Mushtaq JE Payroll

Kishwar JE Payroll

Shafiq AM HR

M Zahoor(JE Admin Khaleel-JE Gate Office

Technician-09 Noi. Apprentice-04 No. Workers -31 No.

Finance department
Daily basis the cash position is recorded and made and the current status is sent to the CFO and DGM . Recording and reporting is included in general activities. Income tax and shield tax is managed here. Stock flows Facilitating the venders Time recorded payments Input output flow of cash

Prepare financial projections Budgeting Insurance Future forecasting


Sohail Ahmad Nisar DG Manager Finance

Je/Trainee Finance-06 No

Dispatch Rider -01 No

Saeed Iqbal DM Accounts &b Financial Reporting

Faisal Mian AM Cost & Budgeting & MIS

Azhar Qureshi AM Accounts

JE Accou ts-02 No.

Trainee -01 No.


FUNCTIONS Manufacture components gears shafts and many other components. Folllowing operations are being performed in the department 1-Soft production Hobbing operation Broaching operation

2-Heat treatment 3-Hard production

Simple turnings & grinding Shaving

SERVICES Heat treatment of the equipments and simply the soft and hard production is done here

Nisar Ahmad Mirani Sr.Manager Production & Material Mangement

Zunnuren Usman DM Production

Muzammil Hassan DM Production

Syed Nabeel Ali AM Materioal Management

Asif Javed-Am CNC Tauqeer Ahmad-AM SG M Rohan-AM CWP Raheel Rafiq-AM Hyd Pump Naveed Matloob-AM Shaft

Khawar Zaman_AM shaft Hamza Mahmod_AM Diff& RG

Badar Saeed (JE Material Management) Rana Iftikhar-JE MM

JE CNC-02 JE SG-03 JE-CWP-03 JE Hyd Pump-01 JE Shaft-03

JE Shaft-01 JE Differential-01 JE RG-01

Assistant MM-01

Technicians(193 No.) Workers(139 No.)


Deals with inventory Receive products Approve products Purchase products Packing and binding Store products Issue products


M Saeed Qureshi Sr.Manager Store

M Amir AM Store Cost & Budgeting

JE Store -03 No.

Technician-15 No. Workers-26 No.

SERVICE The basic service of this department is to store the products at the safe place.


FUNCTIONS Integration of modules, inventory , payrolls ,computers and servers management All the modules are IT oriented Online ARP Add new modules to enhance the business Increase the efficiency of the work Efficient output of projects


Zagham Ali DM IT

Khizar Mahmood AM Programming

JE Network

AM Programming-01 No.

Network Technician-01 No.

SERVICES Records are present online so have easy access


FUNCTIONS Quality test Maintenance of standards Line inspection Rectification and reworking of products Demand and quality is achieved Approval of products for production Superior product development

Ch Muhammad Akram Consultatn QA

Faisal Ch. Manager QA & ISO Cordinator


Athar Rasool(AM QA Lab) Usama Yasin(AM QA Lab)

JE Incoming Inspections

Hafeez Farooqi AM QA (Hydraulic Pump)

Abdullah Haroon DM QA (Instruments & Gauges)

Arshad Bashir AM QA(Production line))

Arslan Management Trainee(MT)

JE Instruments & Gauges

Quality Inspectors (08 No.)

Quality Inspectors (05 No.)

Quality Inspectors (08 No.)

Quality Inspectors (04 No.)

Quality Inspectors (30 No.)

SERVICES It ensures that defect free products are produced


FUNCTIONS Gas carbonizing Nitriting Induction hardening Phosphating


Shahabaz Ahmad DG.Manager HT

Abdul Munnan DM HT

Ahmed Riaz-AM HT Attique -AM HT

JE HT-01

Technician Electrical -08 No. Workers-68 No.

SERVICES The main function of the heat treatment department is the hard production and soft production the maintenance of the heat and amount of the carbon management produced during the production.

FUNCTIONS They maintain and repair the machinery. They recycle the oil drained in the lower plates Check the quality of the oil and maintain the carbon level to the minimum level. Take the report from the quality control department and maintain the quality standards and the policies. Maintain the product design throughout the production.

Planning operations, Managing execution of events, Management of assets (parts, tools and equipment inventories), Knowledge-base data on:
o o o

Maintenance service history, Serial numbered parts, Reliability data: MTBF, MTTB (mean time to breakdown), MTBR (mean time between removals),

o o

Maintenance and repair documentation and best practices, Warranty/guarantee documents.

Arif Ahmas Abbasi SR Manager Maintenance

Kashif Siddiqui DM

Tariq Mahmood Dm Electrical & Workshop

M Abid Aleem Manager Mechanical ,Maintenance & Utilities

Planning & Documentation

Safdar Ali AM Electrical Maintenance

M Ramzan(AM Tech.) Nazir(AM Tech) M Atif(AM Mech.) Arshad Iqbal(AM Mech)

Adnan (MT Electrical) JE Electrical(05 No.)

JE Mechancial(05 No.)

Abdul Sattar JE P&D

Tech. Electrical (18 No.) Workers (01 No.)

Technicians ( 23 No.) Workers (06 No.)

Assistant P&D


4. Appraisals & Problems:

In the second week I worked under MAM ASMA and deeply analyzed all the departments in the mean while I was told to make a detailed report on the quality control department.

Quality Control Department: It is concerned with the checking of product to the specifications, within an aim of providing that product is defect free and to detect & eliminate errors which may be present

Quality Assurance: It involves the all planned and systematic actions necessary to provide adequate confidence that a product or service will satisfy any given requirements for quality.

Section of QA Department: In-coming section Line inspection Laboratories

Functions of Incoming section of Quality Control Approval of New Components Inspection of components according to approved drawings First piece approvals(FPA) Inspection of Raw Material Inspection of Forgings and castings according to approved drawings Liaison with supplier regarding problematic components Coordination with production line to avoid production loss due to forging/casting fault Inspection of semi-finished components Inspection of semi-finish components as per approved drawings and QC plans Liaison with supplier regarding problematic components Development of gauges from vendor for components inspection Resolve production line problems to avoid production loss Surveillance of storage & packing of incoming material

Pilot Lot

Flow Chart for Incoming Material:


Forging/Finish blanks





Quality Control



Blank Sizes Surface Hardness Metallography Chemical Analysis

Blank sizes Surface Finsih

Reporting to





Metrological Observations In-Coming Inspection Part Name Chec k No Elemen t Detail Drawin g call off Sample -1 Sample -2 Sample -3 Sample -4 Sample -5 Sample -6

MFG Local Part No. Sample QTY Remark s

Functions of Line inspection Stage wise inspection as per stage QC plan Inspection of Soft components Inspection of Hard components Finish Dispatch to store with FTN note Documentation of Data for OK, rejected,CA & Re-work parts Advising and facilitating corrective actions on production line Vigilance on stocking of WIP on production line

Part Name Pcs No.

Non Confirmatory Report(NCR) Quality Control Part No. QTY Received Operation Drawing Observed Error QTY Description Call Off

Dated NCR# Decided

R=RejectedCA= Concession ally Accepted.RW=Re-work

Quality Control Department Inspection Master Card Part Description MF# Local# Name: Sr# 1 2 3 4 5 Spline 25T 6 7 Gear 69.65 69.70 --Characteristics Groove Dia Groove Width Bearing Dia Bearing Dia Prepared By: Reviewed By: Date: Rev No. D.C.O. Maximum(mm) Minimum(mm) 47.24 47.04 1.829 41.579 50.19 1.729 41.523 50.089

Gauges Required Description Number Special Caliper G.10245 Slip G.1019 G. Caliper Gauge G.24984 Spline Gauge G.10091 Spline Ring G.16520 Gauge(GO) Spline Ring G.16519 Gauge(NonGo) Pin Size 6.27mm G.8900

Flow Chart for Line Inspection



Line Rejection

Quality Control(Metrology)

Re Work

HT Rejection

Heat Treatment


Quality Control(Meatllography)

HT Re Work

Production(Finishing operation)


Quality Control

Re Work


Functions of Laboratories: Metallurgy lab Hardness testing: In case of incoming material, Surface hardness of forgings checked on brinall tester confirming to specified value while after heat treatment in production line this test

involves surface hardness of heat treated components checked in Rockwell tester to specified limit. Traverse Hardness (Depth) is measured by Micro-Vickers Hardness tester Metallographic Analysis: It involves Grain size, Grain flow, Inclusion of Non metallic materials, Heat treatment pattern & required Micro-structure analysis.

Chemical Analysis: Here it is tested chemical composition of material used for forging and other related supplies. Mechanical Lab Calibration of gauges and Measuring instruments

Chemical Analysis Report(Ferrous Alloys) To: Date: Sr # 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Description Grade Required %C %P %S Department: Vendor Name: %Cr %Mg %Mn Remarks

Inspection of tooth profile and lead angle

Sampling Plan Lot Number of Samples 2.5% AQL Upto 90 5 D=0 91-150 8 D=0 151-280 13 D=0 281-500 20 D=1 501-1200 23 D=2 1201-3200 50 D=3 3200-Over 50 D=5 AQL=Acceptance quality level. AQL 4% for forging AQL 2.5% for Turned Comp D= Defective Level 4% AQL D=0 D=1 D=2 D=2 D=3 D=5 D=5

Equipment Available: Metallurgical lab: Present: Testers: 1. Brinall Hardness Tester(01) 2. Rockwell Hardness Tester(01) 3. Micro-Hardness Tester with Monitor(01) Machines for surface preparation 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Belt type rough Grinder(01) Stationary Grinder (04 stations) Rotary grinders & polishers dual (with 8 disc. Dia with & without head unit)(02) Hot mounting press ,pneumatic(01) Microscope with digital camera(01)

Chemical Lab: Glassware, weighing scale, Muffle furnace, Distillation paint, Carbon Sulpher apparatus Other Equipment: 1. Ultrasonic Flaw Detector(01) 2. Coolant Cutoff Machine 12 wheel(with complete re-circulation system)(01) 1. Future: 2. Rockwell Hardness Tester(01) 3. Magnaflux crack detector(01)

4. Cutting Machine Local Mechanical Lab. Present: Involute profile tester(up gradation in progress) Conventional Measuring instruments Conventional & special Gauges(Spline gauges, master gears, comparators etc) Future Roll Tester Universal Measuring machine Machine to measure over pin/ball dia. Inspection Frequencies: In-coming: Forging and Semi-finish components as per sampling plan Production line: As per frequencies defined in Quality plans (as per MF QC plans, inspection of 1 piece carried out in case of Tool change, power failure) Laboratory: Metallographic & chemical analysis: A: Forging: 01 piece out of lot received. 01 piece out of 500 pieces (from one month supply. If lot rejected then next two successive supplies will be checked) B: In-House Heat treated components: Normal frequency is 01 out of 500 pieces Critical components: CW, pinion & cross= as per QC plan

Hardness testing: Applied on each supply @ 5% for incoming and in-house production

In the third week i was supervised by the MAM ASMA RAHEEM who told me to do the SWOT analysis of the MILLAT EQUIPMENT LIMITED to highlight the internal and external factors.


o o o o o Good team work Capability to produce low volumes Environmentally friendly machines carbon eliminators are used Capacity of Technical ability Training and development programs for employees

o o o o o o o o

o o o o o o

Qualitative and standardize material is usage Recycling of oils High level of motivation Awareness to quality Active and young staff Regulation of the rules Strong business relationship with its partners Specific, knowledgeable and experienced employees. Capability to produce low volumes competitively and capture niche markets Presence of world class automotive manufacturers in each segment Availability of low cost human resource OEMs quality standards are largely achievable High growth and demand in the market Good entrepreneurial skills Good mechanical skills CNC, HT, Machining, AGCO machinery, are key feature of MEL.

o One of the best Pakistani company making gears and shafts o We dont have to extensively market our products when we launched our company because we already had a customer in market due to Millat tractors o In house development o Increased product line o High caliber technical strength of employees o Back up support o High quality material from best companies of Pakistan o Potential for high market growth due to wide gap in population to vehicle ratio o Export potential in niche markets o Domestic replacement parts market (if smuggling curtailed) o Global spare parts market of discontinued vehicles o Emerging Afghanistan, Nepal, o Bangladesh, Iraq, Sri Lanka markets o Great potential all over the world for tractors and trailer parts market


o o o o o o o o

Problems in awareness of quality No internal hiring Not all the employees are experienced and knowledgeable engineers Manufacturing failures in the equipment production Human errors contribute significantly to excessive waste and quality Need of worker empowerment Need to strengthen the HR Need to increase the loyalty and motivation level


o No long term vision or policy o Product design & engineering capabilities constrained due to absence of economies of scale o Lack of Tooling and die manufacturing facilities o Lack of skilled manpower for modern machinery o Lack of well equipped facilities for product testing and research & development o High cost of utilities o High cost of financing and leasing o Availability of raw material especially steel o Absence of membership in any Trade Block e.g., Steel Mills o Too many regulatory & taxation agencies

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o A new competitor in the home market Price wars with local competitors A competitor has a new, innovative product or service Competitors has a superior access to distribution channels Taxation is introduced on product and services Routine becomes more standardizes procedures Lack of awareness in customers Poor image of the country Regional conflicts Smuggling, under-invoicing and dumping of auto parts Phasing out of administrative control under WTO regime Continuous depreciation of rupee against top world currencies Curtailment of Gas

In the third week i was supervised by the MAM ASMA RAHEEM who told me to compare the big 4 competitors companies facilities and product line.


Today, MS is the largest forging house in the country-known for its vigilant attention to quality and customer satisfaction. From exporting over 50% of our output to being the major supplier of quality forgings to leading automotive companies and machining houses, MS has evolved into an illustrious example for the aspirants of our field. Over the years, this has earned MS an unparalleled list of valued customers, both nationally and worldwide.MS pioneered the production of automotive forgings in Pakistan.

MS is providing three types of facilities Design Forging Machining

Toughness and safety are the hallmarks for the forged components. Our diverse manufacturing program enables us to forge, heat treat and machine products of reasonable complexity through: A variety of forging press lines ranging from 250 to 4000 MT. Through case hardening in temperature controlled salt bath furnaces providing close hardness ranges and better metallographic structures. CNC machining and turning centers which ensure the precision required to produce components in accordance with the technical requirements of the customer's specifications. State of the art inspection and measuring equipment which can satisfy the quality demands placed by the buyers.

Products are divided into 6 major categories: Motorcycles Cars/Suvs Agriculture Tractors Off highway axels Industrial Conveyor System/ Fifth Wheels Engine Value Train

This category contains 5 major products Bridge Fork Connecting Rod Crankshaft Folk Shifter

Arm Braccio Brake Cam Connecting Rod End Yoke Flange Flange Yoke Hub (Daihatsu) Pitman Arm Right Arm Spring Seat Steering Knuckle Steering knuckle (Suzuki) Suspension Arm Tube Yoke Tube Yoke & End Yoke & Flange Yoke Wheel Hubs

3-Agriculture Tractors
Arm Hyd Lift Assy Dust Sheild Assy Dust Sheild

Cam Shaft Connecting Rod Differential Cross Gear Blank Hub MF Rear Axle Shaft Shifter Fork

4-Off highway axels

Axle Shaft Connecting Rod Corona Corona Disco Spintore Flangia Completa Forcella Greeza Ring Gear Support Ring Gear Support Satellite Satellite Planet Gear Stub Axle Torsion Arm

5-Industrial Conveyor System/ Fifth Wheels

Double Wheel Bracket Inverted Trolley Bracket Jaw # 2 Jaw 1 Lockbar Maillon Poussoir Spring Seat Standard Bracket 6'' Support De Frein Suspension Bracket Trolley Bracket Trolley Bracket-4"

6-Engine Value Train

Bearing Pedestal Bridge Valve

Busshing Assembly Forcella Greeza Rocker Arms Swing Followers


Infinity Engineering (Pvt) Ltd specializes in Designing, Forging, Precision Machining and Heat Treatment of automotive and engineering components. Centering on our companys philosophy of Consistent Pursuing on innovation and quality improvement, we have come to acquire quality managing certificates of TS16949: 2009, ISO 9001: 2008 & ISO 14001: 2004. After more than two decades of efforts and dedication, we are equipped with professional team of engineers backed by modern technology and machinery to professionally manufacture highly engineered automotive components.


CAD / CAM Solution CAE / Linear / Non Linear Static & Dynamic Analysis Reverse Engineering

Forging is a process in which a metal is heated and placed in a die and a compressive force is applied.
Heat treatment

Induction hardening, Hardening & tempering using neutral salt baths, Liquid Carburizing. Stress Relieving

CNC Turning Centers, CNC Machining Centers CNC Drilling Tapping Centers, Horizontal and Vertical Grinning

Tractor parts Massey Ferguson

Crank Shaft Cam Shaft Carrier Unit-Reduction Unit Clutch Assembly Clutch Assembly (18867438M91) Clutch Assembly(<>) Brake Actuator Connecting Rod Tie Rod /Draglink Worm Shaft Oil Pump Knuckle Leveling Box Hydraulic Pump

New Holland /FIAT Tractors Crank Shaft Clutch Assembly Clutch Assembly (5145715) Cam Shaft Gear reduction/driven/PTO Axle Shaft Sleeve Splitter Planetary Housing Connecting Rod Oil Pump Break Actuator Lever Relay Worm Shaft


Pakistan Machine Tool Factory (Pvt) Ltd. (PMTF) is a precision engineering goods manufacturing enterprise in Pakistan, established in technical collaboration with M/s. Oerlikon Buhrle & Co. of Switzerland who are the world's renowned manufacturers of Machine Tools. The factory came into regular production in 1971. PMTF has rich experience in Designing and Manufacturing of precision engineering goods and its facilities include Designing, Machining, Forging, Heat Treatment, Assembly, Die Casting etc. PMTF is certified to ISO 9001.Quality Assurance System and has excellent Quality Control and Testing facilities to meet the international quality requirement.

Design Centre Machining Tool Room Material Testing Heat Treating Forging Machine Tool Rebuilding

PMTF Products range include:


Heavy duty & light duty Milling Machines (Horizontal, Universal & Vertical) Vertical Copying Milling & Boring Machines Turret Milling Machine Precision Centre Lathes Universal Radial Drilling Machine (Portable) Pantograph Engraving Machine Special Purpose Machine Tools Manual Arbor Press

CNC Lathe C4N Economical Solution CNC TURNING CENTRE LC3 CNC Milling Machine LN2 for Training Institute Desktop CNC Lathe LC0 for Training Institute Turret Milling Machine LK5N CNC Vertical Machining Center LN7

Gear and Shafts for Agriculture Tractors like Massey Ferguson (MF 240, MF 375),and Fiat (Fiat 480, Fiat 640). Traction Gears and Pinions for Locomotives

Gears for various Industrial applications Components for Bedford Trucks & Buses etc.


Aluminum Pressure Die Cast components for Honda Motorcycle Model CD 70 & CG 125, and Suzuki Motorcycle; Model A80. Aluminum Pressure Die Cast components for Domestic Appliances Aluminum Pressure Die Cast components of Gas Meter for Gas distribution industries. Aluminum Pressure Die Cast components for Suzuki Car Model SB 308

Gears for various Industrial Applications. Spares for various plants/machinery. Machines / Equipments as per customer's design / requirement. Wind Mill (Upcoming Project


Millat Equipment Limited is one of the leading manufacturing organizations in Pakistan producing transmission gears. The company acquired a Gear manufacturing setup from M/S ACGO LIMITED UK (owners of the Massey Ferguson brand of tractors) with and understanding to buy back the transmission components after meeting the local requirement of AGCO Licensee in Pakistan (M/S Millat Tractors Limited) M/S AGCO Limited provides all the technical support regarding products design, developments, specifications, and standards to produce world class quality components. Milllat Equipment Lilmited is equipped with complete in-house gear manufacturing facility supported by state of the art inspection and testing equipment to assure quality as per standards. Our modern manufacturing facility is located at 10 KM, Raiwind Road, Lahore, Pakistan.


Design and development Machining

Tool Room Material Testing Heat Treating Forging

Heat Treatment is another operation in MEL which include continuous and batch type gas carburizing, gas nitriding and induction hardening facility. Heat treatment equipment also includes tempering furnaces, rotary health Furnaces with endothermic gas generator for controlled atmosphere.

Endo Gas Generator: ENDOTHERMIC gas generator for constant supply of endothermic gas to Gas Carburizing Furnaces Continuous Carburizing Furnaces: Continuous gas carburizing furnaces for hypoid gears and shaft, with double track and computerized control. Firtst of its type in Pakistan. Batch Carburizing Furnaces: 5 batch type sealed quench furnaces for all type of gear, shaft and pinion. Each furnaces has oxygen probing system for controlling surface carbon potential of the components during the process which ensures a high standard of quality. Nitriding: Electrically heated gas nitriding furnace for nitriding of ring gears. Rotary Heath Furnace: Gas fired rotary hearth furnace for reheating of gears in inert atmosphere. Quenching Press: Quenching presses for hypoid and other gears. Induction Hardening: Induction hardening of ring gears and shaft having power range from 35 to 300 KW. Tempering Furnace: Continuous and bath type tempering furnace having temperature range for 0C - 500C. Shot Blasting Machines: Shot blasting machines for gears and shafts. The bed dia of machines ranges from 8 to 10 ft with dust extractor unit. Sand Blasting Machines: Manually operated to clean left over scale by shot blasting in narrow corners. Phosphating Plant: There is a line of phosphating process used for gear of differential casing