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Student Thumb Verification

A project proposal submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the course Presentation Skills in Information Technology (IT 132 / ICT 133) at the University of San Carlos Talamban Campus.


Caballero, Val Chung, Heno Joshua Maderazo, John Montenegro, Carlos Don Rojas, Ma. Roselle


Submitted to:

Jose Eric P. Bacong, MAEd Department of Computer Science

October 2012

1. Introduction
Proper education that is inquired in schools and universities are considered as an important aspect in the students lives because through these they are able to develop skills and acquire knowledge in preparation for the future. Schools are regarded as a students second home, and therefore safety is the top priority and a major concern for all. In relation to this, the use of identification cards or otherwise known as I.D.s should be an important possession upon entering the campus because it serves as a confirmation that you belong and that you are a part of the school. With regards to the need of a more advanced and accurate form of security measures, we would like to propose a more highly developed type of system in detecting official students in the university; the Student Thumb Verification. The Student Thumb Verification is a security system that scans the thumb marks of anyone who wishes to enter the campus and verifies if such person is an official student of the university.

2. Problem
In every school campuses certain unfortunate events occur often times. Most of these happenings are considered to be dangerous or impose a threat to the schools employees, the schools properties, and most especially to the students welfare and safety. A common problem would be the misplacement of students school I.D.s in to the hands of outsiders who enter the schools premises disguised as campus students undetected by security officers. There have been numerous reports about theft crimes committed by unknown individuals who are able to swiftly pass by the entrance hall unnoticed by security guards. The application of the Student Thumb Verification to all entrance and exit positions of the university would certainly lower the risks of thievery within the school premises and ensure to the students, employees and visitors their protection.

3. Objectives
To enhance the schools safety measures for the benefit of students, employees, visitors and the schools belongings.

To minimize the probability of those outsiders with unnecessary purposes from entering the school premises. To have a more accurate record of who goes in and out of the campus.

4. Solution
In order for the university to give the satisfying assurance in providing safety and adequate means of security within the school campus to the students, employees, visitors and school belongings, the Student Thumb Verification system can contribute a big difference.

5. Resources / Methods / Management / Schedule

6. Costs