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Conditions with a link to gluten intolerance include:

Common symptoms of gluten intolerance are:

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coeliac disease, (which is also known as: gluten-sensitive enteropathy, non-tropical sprue, coeliac sprue, primary malabsorption, or ideopathic steatorrhoea), dermatitis herpetiformis, and possibly also: autism, depression, diabetes, infertility, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), multiple sclerosis, regional enteritis, rheumatoid arthritis, schizophrenia, and Sjögren's syndrome.

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flatulence (‘wind’) after eating gluten-containing foods; abdominal distension; stools (‘poos’) which are pale, bulky, greasy and smelly; diarrhoea; headache; nausea and vomiting; heartburn after pasta, pizza or pastry; poor appetite and drowsiness after eating; muscle cramps and spasms; bone or joint pains; anaemia, with weight loss; obesity; oedema (puffy swollen legs); constipation; any of the symptoms listed flaring up under stress.

however. Examples of wheat products and foods that may contain wheat include: Wheat Products Whole wheat or enriched flour High gluten flour High protein flour Bran Farina Graham flour Bulgur Durum Semolina Wheat malt Wheat starch Modified starch Starch Wheat-Containing Ingredients Gluten Gelatinized starch Hydrolyzed vegetable protein Vital gluten Wheat bran Wheat germ Wheat gluten Vegetable gum Vegetable starch Wheat-Containing Food Many breads. Manufacturers occasionally change recipes. eczema. hay fever. including ice cream and catsup. Many wheat products are now available "gluten free" and will say so on the label. and even anaphylaxis. called gluten. and a trigger food may be added to the new recipe. because many foods that people do not think of as containing wheat or wheat products actually do contain these products. which can include stomach upset.Wheat Allergy Foods made with wheat are staples of the American diet. and other baked goods Bread crumbs Crackers Many cereals Couscous Cracker meal Pasta Spelt © Copyright 1995-2006 The Cleveland Clinic Foundation. asthma. may contain wheat flour. check the label each time you use the product. All rights reserved . many people are allergic to proteins found in wheat. Always check the label ingredients before you use a product. however. If you are allergic to gluten strictly avoiding wheat and wheat products containing gluten is the only way to prevent a reaction. cookies. In addition. Avoiding such foods is difficult. Many processed foods. cakes.

wholemeal. vermicelli. hot breakfast cereal (eg. maltodextrin. bran • Ready-made smoothies. granary flour. cakes and patisserie. • Prepared meat products: Sausages. • Batter: pancakes. brown flour. bread (white. stock cubes • Monosodium glutamate • Malt. durum wheat • Bread flour. bran flakes.Here's a list of just some of the foods you need to watch out for: Baked goods: pizza. wholemeal flour. brown. chilled. semolina. lasagne. fish in sauce. oatcakes. spaghetti. couscous. gravy mix. dried or canned soup and stew • Many diet and low fat products (flour is used as a thickener in place of oil or fat) • Prepared fish: Crab sticks. crispbreads • Pasta: macaroni. self raising flour. strong flour • Baking powder (most contains flour) • Packet suet (which is coated in flour) • Possibly also oatmeal: porridge. ice cream wafers. malt toffee. Take a Break etc. malt extract. granary and rye bread). wheat germ. malt vinegar. yorkshire pudding. prawnies. etc.) • Some cheap brands of instant coffee! • Bought grated cheese (which is coated in flour) • Soya sauce (usually fermented with wheat) • Cook-in sauces. ravioli. • Many types of ice cream • Most breakfast cereals and cereal bars (except good quality cornflakes and Rice Krispies). muesli. yoghurt. flapjacks • The golden rule is: Always Check the Label! . crackers. burgers. fish pie etc. rye flour. potato products. grills (these mostly contain breadcrumbs) • Almost all ready meals (tv dinners). KitKat. fish and chips • Breadcrumbs: coatings and toppings on fish. Readybrek. Penguin. as well as all chocolate coated biscuits and wafers (Club. plain flour. noodles etc. maltase. Oatsosimple). biscuits. pastry (pies. Maltesers • Bulgar. pasties. some fruit juices • Some cheaper brands of chocolate • Many chocolate bars and ice lollies. sausage rolls).

or sherbet. rice. barley flour. soybean. or triticale Desserts Custards. waffles. Cornmeal. commercial frosting. Wheat products are found in many foods. wheat. muffins. or soybean or rice to which no wheat bread unless made without has been added wheat flour or wheat products Cereals made from farina. Bavarian creams Cakes. cocoa NOT ALLOWED Cereal beverages. all milks. root beer Instant chocolate drink mixes Breads & Cereals Ry-Krisp. rusk. it is important to read food labels. potato. or other cereals made from pure corn. rice. In order to avoid foods that contain wheat. carbonated beverages. decaffeinated coffee. or those with wheat products or malt added Pretzels. barley. breads. Oatmeal. ale. potato starch. rice flour. icing. pastries. or bread crumbs Pure corn. french toast. biscuits. or . prepared mixes. rice wafers Whole wheat. enriched. oats. FOODS Beverages ALLOWED Coffee. rolls puffed rice. crackers Semolina. ice cream cones rye cookies made without wheat products Cookies. flour. arrowroot. arrowroot. coffee substitutes Beverages made from wheat products: beer. and Oatmeal cream of rice. waffles. pancakes. ice cream. bread stuffing. fruit juices. dumplings. arrowroot flour Prepared mixes for pancakes. potato. or white bread. spelt. rolls. tea. cornstarch. popovers oat flour.Wheat Allergy Diet General guidelines for wheat allergy: The key to an allergy-free diet is to avoid all foods or products containing the food you are allergic to. or rye bread Graham or gluten bread made without wheat flour or wheat products Donuts. sweet rolls. Cornbread. A wheat allergy is an abnormal response of the body to the protein found in wheat.

milk drink containing powdered wheat cereal or products Cottage cheese with modified starch or other wheat-containing ingredients Potatoes & White and sweet potatoes Substitutes Rice Scalloped potatoes Noodles. turkey. or vegetable fats and oils. dried. animal. Fish. frankfurters. or broth Homemade soups made Soups with noodles.Cornstarch. ham. luncheon meats. alphabets. Graham crackers. donuts Souffles or creamed eggs made with wheat products Any salad dressing thickened or gravy with wheat flour or products Strained fruits with added cereals All breaded or floured meats. pork. tapioca. or rice packaged pudding puddings wheat flour Water or meringues Gelatin Eggs Fats Eggs prepared any way without wheat products Butter. chicken. Poultry roasted or fried: beef. Products cheese. veal. or fish "All meat" wieners or luncheon meats prepared without wheat flour fillers or wheat products Milk & Milk Milk. cream Salad dressings or gravy prepared without wheat flour or products Fruit All fresh. some cottage cheese Malted milk. bologna. and other pasta products prepared with wheat or semolina flour Cream soups unless made without wheat flour Soup Clear bouillon. buttermilk. meats containing filler such as meatloaf. lamb. margarine. canned. consommé. spaghetti. or frozen fruits and fruit juices fruit containing ices. sausage. macaroni. Baked. or prepared meat patties Meat. yogurt. without wheat products . broiled. boiled.

1 1/4 cups rye flour 1 cup potato flour 1 1/3 cups rolled oats or oat flour 1/2 cup potato four plus 1/2 cup rye flour 5/8 cup potato starch 5/8 cup rice flour plus 1/3 cup rye flour How to read a label for an wheat-free diet: Be sure to avoid foods that contain any of the following ingredients: • • • • • • • • • bread crumbs bran cereal extract couscous cracker meal enriched flour farina gluten graham flour . frozen. pickles. chocolate candy containing malt. olives. soy sauce Vegetables All fresh. candy with cereal extract Vegetables combined with wheat products Breaded or floured vegetables Miscellane ous Salt. flavoring extracts. Worcestershire sauce. jellies. or spaghetti Soup thickened with wheat flour Sweets Corn syrup.dumplings. herbs. or canned vegetables. molasses. prepared oriental food seasoned with MSG. chili powder. meat tenderizers containing MSG. condiments. peanut butter Malt products. and vegetable juices Information for using wheat substitutes: 1-cup wheat flour equals: • • • • • • • 1 cup rye meal 1 . gravies thickened with wheat flour Monosodium glutamate (MSG). sugar Chocolates. nuts. honey. jams. popcorn.

• • • • • • • • • • high gluten flour high protein flour spelt vital gluten wheat bran wheat germ wheat gluten wheat malt wheat starch whole wheat flour Other possible sources of wheat or wheat products: Ingredients that may indicate the presence of wheat protein: • • • • • • • • • • gelatinized starch hydrolyzed vegetable protein kamut modified food starch modified starch natural flavoring soy sauce starch vegetable gum vegetable starch .