Writings 3
This is part 3 of a series of writings I have done on Enchanted Forest.ning. Information I share with members on site words that come to me at certain times during a scenario or an event relative at that time and hope all can learn something from them. As I have always dedicated myself into speaking truth too all and is up to them to utilize if they feel it can work for them or validates them too reinforce a thought they had. Please also check our other magazines from articles posted by other members on variety of topics. Thank you Much Peace Shadow of Enchanted Forest

Healing..Keeping energies in check
Posted by §haÐðw

I just want to make a quick reminder for those who find themselves healing folks or receiving healing from others..There are many different ways either can occur depending on ones method of use..if Reiki or sending energy of any kind. I suggest that before offering any of the methods.. to make sure your energy is in check..make sure is no hidden regression or stress ..if be it been at walmart and someone ran over you with shopping cart..or cut you off in traffic..anything of this nature can become residual energy you don’t want to pass on. and if you are receiving you want to make sure their energy is also in check before you acquire any negative residual from them..Sometimes some may not admit or realize they are harboring a negative energy at times.

Some of us have the ability to set aside issues to concentrate on our primary concern in helping others.. but we must still make sure we have those dividers up and are sure our energy is in right place..some will attempt just to have recognition of doing something for you and is few reasons why this is.. I would say anytime you know someone has been having a hard time..I let them keep their energy for them..they need it as well. there will be always those in good stand with their energy..its not short of abundance by no means..

Even I have had a bad day and did not appear for Earth healing ..I did not allow myself in position to filter in wrong energy..I just will refuse it..or if i know someone has had troubling times and offer which is very nice..again I just tell them Thank you for your very kind offer but you can use those energies for yourself..Is nothing wrong in that and your protecting each other in this..there are many ways to prepare yourself with grounding..depending on method you prefer..if your in bad mood..simply walk out ..look at a tree and see if you can find bird nest..look at a flower count the the cracks in the concrete or wood..this alone can ground you enough to calm many ways.. I understand many want to help others and will offer their way of doing so..just don’t put you and them in a position we all know how it works with residuals it can transfer..and you don’t want that.. some of us know ..don’t push it ..step back..will be others who can help and are is not uncommon we all have bad days and sometimes does linger..I just got my first strike in youtube over some snitch there so I definitely am harboring thoughts am keeping it in check..but wouldn’t offer energy right now..they may go zombie on me and go burn youtube down..but you get the this is just a reminder Peace and Happy Healing Shadow

Dragon and the Warrior
Posted by §haÐðw
Deep in a Forest late one night stood up on a cliff a 12 foot tall Fire Dragon looking over the valley. quiet and peaceful all animals and Forest inhabitants were all asleep. you could hear the water running through the creek in the distance with a full moon over looking the valley. At night this Dragon always looked over the forest to make sure all were protected why they nestled in their little homes. for hours this dragon stood looking over the valley enjoying the peace and quietness. Then one night he was hearing something screeching as if in danger .he looked to the rugged cliff to the right of him and seen something coming his way and out of nowhere over the ridge was a small dragon came flying over the edge in great fear and leaped behind the big dragon and landed on its side and laid against a rock. The big dragon noticed a cut on its neck. and at that time he heard something else come running over the ridge and it was a warrior with a battle axe and was the one chasing this little dragon. this warrior was suited up in Armor with helmet and was from a nearby village on the other side of mountain from the forest. The Big dragon raised out his wings as the warrior came across the ridge and the warrior stopped with a big surprise in front of him. as the Big dragon looked onto the warrior ..the Big dragon had laid his tail over the little dragons neck and you could see this flowing energy going through the tail over the Little dragon and was healing the neck wound.

The warrior just stood there and stared in amazement he knew the Fire Dragon was too big to take on then all sudden the Big dragons wings started lighting up on edges with blue electricity flowing through the wing edges up and down. The big Dragon told the warrior in a very deep gravel voice ..he had 2 choices and the Dragon pointed his left arm out toward the sky and waved his arm in a slow circle. all sudden you could see a circular motion of different colors starting to show..first yellow went all the way around..then green ..then blue. white and gold and they got faster and faster making a complete circle and within that circle was nothing a deep dark black hole. he had opened a Star gate. the warrior stood there in amazement and started to explain only reason he was after this Little dragon was because it had attacked the warriors sheep on his farm. The Dragon raised his left hand once again but this time pulled up a hologram screen and in that screen was an image of sheep in the field grazing on the warriors land. then out of nowhere 2-3 wolves popped up and had attacked these sheep and while this was happening..the little dragon had dived down to help the sheep and the wolves took then was too late and when the warrior showed up there was his dead sheep and this little dragon.. so when the Big fire dragon had shown this to the warrior that he had made wrong judgment on the little dragon. That his 2 choices were to either be casted in to that circular colored star gate to disappear forever or to agree to care for that little dragon that was trying to protect his sheep..

The Warrior asked who this big dragon was. the big dragon just replied..I am known as the great fire dragon..the protector of all and am never seen except for my shadow over the valley. The warrior then knew he had made wrong judgment and agreed to care for the little dragon and Thanked the big Fire dragon for sparing him his life from eternity of nothing in the black hole and offered further assistance if the big dragon ever needed..From then on they became known as the Warrior and the Dragon

note :: I have a very strong feeling this is one story of many alike that are the reason Dragons were driven away.. we are protectors not killers and too often you hear about wild animals like bears and wolves that do exactly what the dragon was accused of many many times. The dragons really never left ..they always been here but keep their distance and protect from outside this realm.. goes to show how Humanity can destroy something so precious to the point of being driven off and cheated themselves of the greatest creatures that ever existed. same as many do with animals today as with dolphins or whales or let species go extinct..all misunderstood due to their uniqueness. Peace Shadow

Cant always win but can help all you can when you can..from our own experiences
Posted by §haÐðw

I know through the 4 years of Forest I have done allot of writing..some may seem a little cryptic or not so understandable..but is a direct way of putting it out there..with out sugar coating things.. some are better at then I am I will admit or more patient..or better explainable then I. During these 4 years I either had several people say "couldn’t said it no better Shadow" or not say anything at all..even if they read my writing and get something out of what its there for.. and this is not stuff I read about..I don’t read many books as is. My writings come from my own experiences..and I feel if I walk into a door and hurt myself..and I see someone else about to do the same..I am going to say hey ..would suggest not doing that because it hurts..but hey your choice..just saying lol.. I am sure are those who been out there don’t exactly agree what I write much less understand it..but at least they are nice enough to not attack me for it..and know that if it don’t sound right for them ..they move on. my writings or my work doesn’t fit many as is. and are not expected to.. I share what I have learned and the best ways that I dealt with things to keep me going through some times. that many others have been through..

I am not going to go through my history or try to seem all been there and done that..but I can say so far I have been able to help many..if not with a paragraph maybe with a few words..if it helps someone find a new direction that helps them..that is what I try to achieve. Its not like I do it for I said I know from experience meaning I have been there..and to help another is what I try to do.. as far as someone saying well a person needs to learn the hard way themselves...which happens in many different ways without support..but in most cases most are here looking for support or true friendship of those who actually do understand.. There is nothing wrong in giving someone a short cut to look at ..and is up to them they think will work..not like I push anyone to do anything.. lately I have been attacked by a couple of people..who have accused me of several things that I am quite opposite of.. I have explained to my best ability but too these no matter what I said I was wrong..even saying the power is held within the listener.. my work does not fit everyone..but I have tried to learn from others in their ways so I could better understand their needs so I could better assist them to someone who knew more I did about a situation..we have many here..and is not hard for me to step aside and let someone else guide someone at all.. its not really rocket science what’s going on here..I like to keep things simple myself.. I am confident in what I do ..I am confident in my intents

its just when I have worked so hard to show fairness and truth..I am accused of something that i am not that will probably get passed around.. as one rumor was giving false hope and false illusions by believing in power within in us to manifest change.. to not fear ..I am sorry is no reason to fear..if you think about why you fear ..minus missing family or the pain it would cause them the rest is material.. That’s me though..have had my few near deaths and came luck..chance..or just wasn’t my why fear..I say don’t Fear Nibiru..I was apparently wrong n that by a member..but sorry I just don’t.. If we didn’t Fear can imagine what we could accomplish..fear holds many back..from there’s where the twist is on that deal..experiencing more without fear..instead of experiencing with fear that holds you back.. but I am wrong lol..according to a couple. If anyone ever has a question about something I write and they just don’t understand which I am known to be confusing so doesn’t surprise me..all you got to do is ask..not attack I will explain the best of my ability ways are just different then some ..and if my ways can help others ..then they more then welcome to try it..if not then I know is hundreds of other methods on this site..and as long as you find it to help you in life or to further in your path..I am all for it..

opinions always long as one don’t try to enforce it on others as their way is the only right way.. my way is my way if it doesn’t work..I wont be offended..because I know if it helps 1 or a dozen ..that’s great in it self. I didn’t even ask to be where I am..but I am one of those deals where I blame dam aliens or someone..some body did but I am in position to help or be there when I can to help someone. And if im not saying a few lucky smart words I am keeping site safe and active best of my ability.. I want to Thank those whoever they are that didn’t agree with me at times..or understand Thank you for being polite enough to not attack me like I have been lately..I know I am not going to win them all.. and I have no problem explaining myself more if thing I don’t like is being attacked ..for who i am and the way i do or is me and always will be.. and will continue doing what I been doing for last 4 years. and I have an awesome team now..can always ask them for assistance..they don’t mind So Thanks to everyone and i hope some of my work helps some of you out there..its only you it benefits in this time..I get my check for my work when this mission of life of mine is over .. more or less they holding my tin star with smiley lol.. Huggs and much peace Shadow

looking through Multi Dimensions
Posted by §haÐðw

Many find themselves astral traveling from one place or another..even some who I use to know astral battle when the veil seemed allot thinner a year or 2 ago..I am not sensing or hearing about it as much now. This is more of a note of observance for myself and maybe to others who find it hard to understand other dimensions. as with some meditate to get to a level of consciousness to travel beyond this Earthly realm I myself have never had to go in to deep meditation to do this I do however try to block out as much of anything I can from my mind..and thoughts of the day or ideas pertaining to what is to be done next of the Human/Earth reality/agenda. I have noticed that when I erase what I can from the mind I start seeing weird things which I always remind not everything in other realms or of other universal aspects will not be comprehended so easily through our minds .things will not appear normal or anything we are use to and when this happens many find themselves trying to make a vision of something to be familiar to them.. many which I have noted have done this with words or a language they may receive as a message ..I always say pronounce it as you hear it..don’t try to make a "NORMAL" common word you may very well not be of any language you know of. as with most you recognize the energy you receive or feel around the messenger or the environment you are being seen as being a positive calm energy or one of chaos and negative energy it is very easy to distinct these at universal level.

as I have seen many come through claiming to be of a dark negative energy. or try to perceive to be when they are nothing like the true energy of the universe its usually for attention and is why I get impatient. everyone deserves recognition for what they do they strive to exist and don’t even put yourself above others to take from them emotionally very selfish and self righteous. when I look I see many things of odd shapes and sizes some light some odd figures even some that may look scary to us. even if you were to see a face of a praying mantas in your thoughts..would you freek and automatically assume that its something bad? I am sure many would. but the thing is Praying Mantas are known to be Earth guardians with true solid intent in that and you have to remember the energy you perceive in what your getting when visioning. but don’t be so haste in assuming something is bad if it is not of our NORM. allot of things out there we will not understand I see through many dimensions sometime is a message there sometimes is not but is at same time keeping my connection with all of them. when I see the odd shapes of Light like blurred squares of light in water..maybe all I need to see is the color it puts off although I may not understand for what it represents..but over all to me is good specially if is white, Light blue, Gold, green. It is obvious allot is going on in Universe that it deals with in itself..and will not show us more then we need..for us to inform others to make recognition of something that with our light we can change.. but the Universe tends to cover its own end of the job or work with all its means and ways we would never understand.

Don’t try so hard to envision something your familiar with.. feel the energyz around it and if is good energy get what you can of it may take days for it to click like clock work for it to hit you subconsciously on what it means..signs, symbols, names, places..The positive is when we progress the negative is what we leave behind the old dogmas of the past which to this day still plague many. And for those who are out just for themselves ..attention or to feed the negative..will be dealt with properly they sacrifice their souls for this one lifetime of "why me" and thinking of themselves only..can possible spend an eternity with thousands like them all thinking of themselves so the attention they seek to be recognized will never come when all others are doing the same around them.. This post can be few multi discussions but is how I work is all I know and is my way. Learn to be more positive and see things more positive and you will attract more positive ..will be recognized more and more as you seek for answers and truth. Take your self to another level of positive consciousness ..don’t allow yourself to be stuck in the mundane we are capable of many things if we allow it and all are not the same or with same purpose but all together make a whole for a Positive progressive present (NOW). ask me where my words come from...wasn’t from school or anyone writing it our for me or on the news so where else would it come from but a conscious at a different level of knowing that even I wont fully understand that I wont perceive 100% . Peace Thank you Shadow

Hype to not fall for before it gets started
Posted by §haÐðw

There seems to always be something to keep people in fear ..and it can last for eons..lately it seems to be within few years thing goes by then another comes one big giant soap opera.. even many of us believe that 2012 will be a positive turning point..even the Mayans says it means new beginning..not long ago we were givin a date for apocolypse ..that fell thru and another date was givin and that fell thru.. all like Y2K..Many tho wish for bad things to happen..when they give something negative energy as in destruction..they will these things to happen for their own selfish escape Life and dealing with ..and one never knows when its their own Karma that got them here or a mission they are here to finish.. but would wish ill will on all and feed energy to a negative happening escape , give up. and now I hear is a new thing which I am sure will keep us entertained for another 4 years..full of fear mongering hypothetical theories and formulas , numerology symbols , diagrams found , and of course the most trust worthy NASA pics(sarcasm). The new rumor going on or fixing to start is ::Van Allen radiation belt is to hit Earth in 2016 and wipe out don’t be surprised when you see this going day people will give up on fear and all buck up and say come at dare take it confront reality as it comes and not have fear..because this could go on nothing writ in stone..we can change things with energy we give..but when you got so many wishing ill will..vs those trying to give positive energy for progression..always going to be a battle..and one day people will give up on will lose its joy for them..excitement, and hope of taking an early leave just to get away..I have told people I have had many past lives and this one is not my last..Live your fullest and don’t let fear overwhelm you or induce it on others..just so your not alone..which is also another fact for many I speak of general life and net..if you trust in your guides gods and goddess you know your took care of no matter what happens..and they are entrusted to care for any left behind..when you doubt yourself and a chance for positive future your doubting their work .well just a quick heads up..I knew would be something new always has to be.. the source of info is the questionable ones their intent Peace Shadow

Disagreeing or agreeing with a belief of a path
Posted by §haÐðw

I understand are few different paths here and we utilize different means and ways..Lightworkers do their thing with their belief and with the Pagans and Wiccans ..and the Native myself has come to understand allot about each of these in my position.. And I am speaking of a Positive aspect to all these. I hoped to find Unity within all these paths..being we worked for the betterment of all. no matter our means and not be ridiculed or criticized by others from a different path..part of it is we don’t all have to understand what another path presents in their means of accomplishing a task to help someone in a positive manner. That is not for us to question or are we required to understand the knowledge behind it..we all have our different ways..None should looked down on.. as long as their intent is within positive means I see some like to doubt others because of their methods or what they believe in.. and respond to things not relative to their means or understanding to try to prove a path wrong for their ways..This is wrong . it is up to each person what they feel they should read and utilize to help them on their path for not up to someone else to correct them in that when they not of that path..or have put their selves high above everyone else to think they know all.. Even with all the knowledge I have gained from some great Elders and mentors..does not put me at their level.. by no means ..

If I have a question or doubt will ask in a nice way..not straight out of accusing them for being wrong ..for which I may not understand their ways because the fact each are very different and are called to different ways and means and paths..We are all so much alike in what we want and try to succeed in for the betterment of all..Best way to learn if one is not sure is ask nicely a person will get better response and best accurate answers a person can give them from their knowledge. I do not like seeing one attack another due to lack of understanding..their belief and path and attack them for their ways..that’s purely judging them..just because it doesn’t mend with how you work.. I don’t work like anyone else here..are many similar ..but is what it is we are all different..And I feel privileged from being able to learn from so many that I have I didn’t do it by attacking them.. I simple asked..If I stated my thought relative to it..would also would be my question in how its relative ..but that’s the learning process.. So if you don’t agree with what or how someone works is not up to me or you or anyone to contradict them..all you got to do is ask to get a better understanding. I am not about watching drama come out of differences in belief far as I know with all the paths here we are here for several reasons but all are of positive intent..and if you are of positive intent then approach a situation as such..never attack or criticize another for what they think is legitimize. If I say I work with energies and crystals and aliens ..then so be long as my intent is positive ..that’s how I work..I use a Higher source I am directly connected to..that is no where for anyone to displace me due to their belief..intent is the most fundamental thing of the end of it all.. We will never get above dogmas when people are discrediting others in their means of doing..

I myself have not once told one of these elders they off their rocker because I believe in Universal instead I feel honored to even know them. but yet lightworkers seem to get the short end of stick because we are a little out be it most of us didn’t ask for just happened..and we live by it we use it ..for the same purpose and the next for bringing about positive change. I do have a problem with Galactic federation of light for it is known the hurry up and wait all a scheme in itself ..but many i see here are not GFOL. So I hope people can be more positive when approaching others .leave their opinion or thoughts for comparison..sometimes things or ways can be mixed to help further our ways of doing.. I hope with this we all can come together ..I rarely doubt any of those I have learned from ..but am confident in my way of doing things..I will simply just ask..without attacking them. in the process.. Much peace and thank you We all can learn from one another and still believe in ourselves to make things happen Shadow

USE Your own messages of Love and Positive words of encouragement
Posted by §haÐðw

I had recently been told I should learn to except some writings from certain groups ..and in the past me and Breeze have found that allot of messages are prefabricated and just passed around to the mass its more fake then with real emotion its extra syrup on the pancakes and always the same and have been since the 80's I find these post responsible for putting false promises on people in society..assuring things be better soon and yet 20 years pass by and we still at that place we were before..I don’t think these messages hit close to home or reality and thus me and Breeze said we didn’t want those messages here. Like with Galactic Federation of in itself is a corporation sending false messages to hurry up and wait the ships will be here. we use to get frantic peeps come to chat wanting to jump on ships where are they? they couldn’t handle earth no if GFOL gave them the option they could leave at anytime..false What we do know that people us ourselves have the intellect and the wisdom to spread messages of Joy and Hope and positive outlook from our own minds..not depending on others to spread same repetitive messages over and over since when are we dependant on a organization that have done this for ages. what we would like to see is people speak from their own hearts which I have in the past and no allot is not sugar coated I don’t like being sweet talked to myself tell me what’s up and be done ..These GFOL post have constantly gave people promise of a perfect world to string them along its a form of manipulation to coax people like giving a kid candy .We would all like to see that perfect world and maybe one day we will and maybe some who have been looking for those ships for so many years will finally see them and take them to that paradise planet they so seek.. to me Earth is that Paradise planet .. so dig down and pull up your own words..and keep it real. Thank you Peace Shadow

"Is What Is" Letting go of Expectations
Posted by §haÐðw

"Is what is" means things are as they are. sometimes we build ourselves on expectations meaning to or not. and when one is let down by their expectations of others is only their own fault. We learn to manifest what we want by our actions not by others. as some would expect a reaction from another or expect a certain behavior from someone and many times it don’t happen. and then we feel let down. We set our expectations too high as with little gratitude for doing a good job would be expected or some gratuitous would be appreciated for a job well done.. and when you don’t get that your left feeling unfulfilled. This is when you learn to trust in yourself more and know that you did a good job or did the best you could and be confident and know you gave it your all. Many times we find ourselves in a position of giving our all and feel as if you get nothing in return..from family loved one or friends..The thing is if you are confident you did your best ..then know it and that be it..for many times we are not rewarded in the present but later after we are gone for our accomplishments ..whether you think is a failure or not..the main thing is you tried and gave it your best..the intent behind it goes along way. At times you ask yourself many questions to figure out what went wrong in a situation..and can be many answers for many various reasons. sometimes you may never know. People tend to give up from lack of acknowledgement or return for their actions and want answers..all you really can do to cut out expectations is to learn is what it is. The now is now not past or future you cant blame past in all occasions you cant blame the future . If now is not what it seems it should be..I always say anything is possible at any givin moment..meaning don’t give up hope no matter how bleek things may long as you try and continue you never know when a change is around the corner and sometimes can be many corners we turn before it happens..maybe is a test till you realize to except things as is..and leave out expectations.

It may seem like the whole old world you knew disappears from you ..but will always be a new day to day we live to continue on forward doing the best we can. never give up hope and if things fail it just wasn’t meant to be or the time frame just isn’t right..but never blame many times we hear the phrase before its with movies or music..that still are as good now as they were back when. Sometimes we are just ahead of time maybe..don’t always try to give it a negative feedback or reason.. or bring fault on to yourself. sometimes are things that seem to work against you even if they are..don’t give them that power that they had any effect in it what so ever. and keep trying eventually you will click into that right zone or space like a second hand in watch piece. when you feel down and out about something not working out ..or coming into play as you would Expect..just know and tell yourself at the moment..It Is what Is.. I use that term allot when things seem to not go right I have had to pull myself from expectations from allot I do . seems sometimes people or even forces work against me but I cant let them have that power to stop me. until I am ready to do something different for the right reason.. I will never give anyone or force the pleasure of thinking they have effected me in my solid intents. no matter what my Higher sources know of my intents and by them will be rewarded for it. This can be defined into all kind of situations.. when you learn to drop expectations and take things as is..never cut yourself short of an upcoming opportunity for change or that time space to click.. having high expectations will cut your short and can leave you feeling confused and not understand .that alone will mess up your whole vibrational flow of progression and hinders you from moving on.. When things don’t seem to be right or you don’t feel to get a return or notice of an action..just know it is what is and you still give your self possibilities. This could go more to in depths many ways but I am good at keeping to the main points. so one reading doesn’t lose site much into what is being said..initially Thank you Much Peace Shadow

Paths~MaGiC~Dedication~Knowledge~Wisdom ~Non Fiction~
Posted by §haÐðw

Sounds like work don’t it? Well it is...I can not only speak from my experiences in the last 4 years..but those of stories from those that been on their path for over 40 years..and even those that had it passed down to them from their parents and their Grandparents. When one chooses a path or even in search of something they can relate to..takes time. reading exploring asking questions. I have found many who thought they were Wiccan but are pulled toward Native American ways ..or vice that’s not uncommon.. is allot of relation to them both even if one is Celtic derived from Europe and the native beliefs of America. When you figure out what path your on..or relate to..then there are those who will want to choose their Goddess. as with me I am not primarily of the Pagan path but which seems lately compared to what I see from many I am more so then those that claim to be..of the new generation allot of Elders here ..way more intel with this path then I. and when you choose your Goddess you have to choose them wisely for each has her purpose and ways.. and if you teeter off the path or found using it in a way your not suppose is known the Goddess will allow you to fall till you correct it..some will even say ok so you want to cause mishap and mayhem..I can help you do that for YOU.. meaning what you dish out to others the Goddess will dish out to you.. The one thing they don’t like is being lead astray from the paths main purpose in life..that is simply disrespect to the highest level in the path. There are some who want to be Pagan and Wiccan to utilize the Magic or spells within. which I think Foxxy has covered some of this in her previous post about plagans not read it in awhile so don’t want to be tripping on her words . For just the last 4 years alone I am seeing something from the outside ..considering my primary path is Lightworker..not the GFOL type between me and the Universe only with what I do. and my 10 guides and Angels and other sources I am told I have access to..but yet have asked for it. But I am very dedicated to my cause ..I never change from day to day my cause it remains constant and has for 4 years now.

But from what I am seeing with most paths is a falling away when there are some wishing the paths to stand equal with all others to help correct modern paradigm have just as many falling off..I have found many prefer seclusion .they wont admit it ..but I see it..some people somewhere down the their misconception about the paths from Harry Potter or something as such..magic and spells.. others got their impression from like Hokus pokus. But what they are not seeing all the Elders that are around them with true knowledge and Wisdom.. which leads to the Real magic and spells to work..via intent. That’s one of the main factors for it to work and why its failed for some..when you base your intent on self satisfaction a quick way..your intent is no way possible in the right place thus magic and spells don’t work. they just wont and many give up on their path simply for this reason. Somewhere down the line many have lost their dedication to the path or wanting to truly fit into a path other then mainstream religion..You have to be honest and pure in your intents..then you will see magic work..I do it all the time. It just doesn’t come with flashy colored glitter and a poof of cloud with flash of light..would be more interesting but then that would just be cosmetic.. Because my intent is true I can use real magic and the way I work can be a spell with my words of truth that resonates with one. and many who have talked to me I am sure can validate that. and no is not being making myself a know it all or anything ..its just stating fact ..I have been really concerned about the path and the knowledge even we have here that’s not being utilized. one day all this knowledge will be lost like the great tablets of the past..then they will spend many years trying to refind it one day..There is no one hardly seeming to want to pass down this Wisdom and knowledge for the future. and with all we have here and in the world ..I am very amazed by this. I can understand not having time for this or that and needing a fast resolution..but these Elders were probably in worse state with jobs family living and still kept passing down the knowledge. It makes me no div what one does I am just stating the importance of continuing a path as such and having dedication to it and being proud of it and stand proud and having your intents 100% to help another if not now with your work in the future when you pass on your BOS.

Kind of harder for lightworkers we depend more on our intuition which is more or less the Universe talking to us through our guides and we have to figure out each move ..or when we start to talk it just flows through no manuals for just some messages of encouragement occasionally ..not many. we are bound to the light and we know we are. although we had to go through darkness to get here..but is all part of the great plan.. We had to see and observe what was happening as we grew analyze the over all problems and energys..some of us were to live life just standing like a light pole just to spread our energy source..didn’t matter where we went ..or what we did..some were to just be here and spread energy ..luckly I am little more active then that lol But we are dedicated knowing our purpose and do best we can and is not easy..and really isn’t that many solid ones out a few here on site I'm proud to say I don’t feel so alone..and they are not incorporated into the commercial aspect of a Lightworker but solid true Lightworker themselves Willow being one with a touch of the other paths ..guess is what it took as it did for me to help guide was to learn all the paths..and have had my experiences from it as well ..not so good at the beginning..but only made me immune..and able to recognize the energy better. But I have never givin up and don’t see me doing so yet. almost have couple times..but something keeps pushing me..then all is ok again..I would just hate to see that what we have to offer here is not takin while it can be ..used and learned and explored while its here. you could not find anymore real info then we have here about the paths from anywhere else on the net ..sure is other sites..but what are they really dedicated to..little special circle of friends and everyone else is lucky to be part of the club? or allow disrupt and chaos just so their site is one can learn that way..and your not slammed for a ask questions we give you few answers then you choose what sounds good to you its all on you..not us and we don’t force info or force you to except behavior from others just so you can learn.. its not suppose to be that way.

I don’t see why people deal with it ..I just don’t .some have come here and told me things ..but yet go back to the place they were going off on for these very things..We have always made everyone feel welcomed and equaled to another except darkies sorry I have a problem with those..unless they trying to is our job to try to work with them..but only for so long..we watch our energyz very close..I hope that those who want to know their path study it research it ask questions..never be afraid to ask a question here in almost 4 years of Forrest I have never known anyone be made out to sound ignorant over a question..instead are replied to with best answers givin by those familiar with topic. Give the path a chance..I promise you as many Elders can vouch..the magic and spells will work for you ..if you give it the chance and time and dedication with proper intent..And if your only in the path for magic and spells ..and no other interest ..don’t waste anyone’s time ..for these reasons..for it will cost you if anything goes wrong when intent is not right.. and is up to Elders to know their information is being passed on or used properly or it can fall back on them some may not realize that but magic and spells aren’t cookies just to pass responsibility and reprocutions we have to consider and our conscious if something doesn’t go right. So learn what you can if your serious we take it serious in what we join us and be another standing tall member of one of these paths to lead it into the future as it should be.. be proud and energetic toward your learning experience.. stay positive and all will be as you wished for. and make your own magic work for you. even without spells..;) Thank you Shadow

Want to Thank all who read my Writings many are left off for more use on the site itself. And others left off too be continued on Shadow writings 4. If you have time please check our other magazines and the site itself full of great people and energy and lots of information to share. I try to release some writings every 4-6 months depending on how much I have written which is by impulse most of the time. I want to Thank everyone who has helped support the site and everything we are about you don’t find many these days that dedicate their time to total Truth and Wisdom from such great elders and all without drama. There is too much going on in the world we try not to distract from real cause or how to fix a problem. these are serious to us and in most Life changing and many leave with a more positive outlook..stripping that Fear away that is so planted daily into many minds.. Hope everyone has a great 2013 and as always we are always around when need . Thank you all Shadow

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