Gods of the Telukkan Setting Note: the Totomec nations worship the gods in the older more benign

fashion. Gods of the Itulcan Pantheon:
Coratzicmatl Symbol: A pair of Dice Home Plane: Alignment: CN Portfolio: Fate, Luck, and Travel Worshipers: Thieves, gamblers, sailors, and soldiers Cleric Alignments: Any chaotic Domains: Trickery, Travel, Luck Favored Weapon: Coratzicmatl, the Itulcan god of Fate, is depicted as both a young male and a young female. Coratzimatl is both the son and daughter of Huazcatiplal and Qualitlaca. In the days before the sundering, the people worshiped Coratzicmatl in her female form to bring them good luck. Since the sundering, however, the people now sacrifice to Coratzicmatl in his male form to appease him and to escape bad luck. Since the sundering his worshipers have become fewer but his temples require more and more sacrifice to avert his displeasure. Huhlcarca. Symbol: A burning Home Plane: Alignment: CN Portfolio: Fire, Creation, Destruction, Trickery Worshipers: Artisans and those in love with fire Cleric Alignments: Any chaotic Domains: Trickery, Destruction, Fire Favored Weapon: Walking staff seared black Huhlcarca, the Itulcan god of Fire, is depicted as a skinny old man that is quick as the wind. He is the son of Qualoc and Tezcatlipoca. In the days before the sundering, when the gods were still worshiped in the old ways, he was a benign god whose priests lit the holy fires in all the temples dedicated to the gods. Since then, however, he has been corrupted by the blood offerings and is now considered to be a capricious god who will strike down those who fail to sacrifice enough people to him and is credited as the cause of any major fires. Hualticalpa Symbol: Rotted corpse on a field of black Home Plane: Alignment: Chaotic Evil Portfolio: Undeath Worshipers: Necromancers Cleric Alignments: Any Evil Domains: Death, evil, chaos, and destruction Favored Weapon: Obsidian knife Hualticalpa is the Itulcan Goddess of Undeath. She was once the great and powerful Goddess of Life, but Huazcatiplal was seduced by a disguised Tezcatlipoca and in the throes of their love making Tezcatlipoca fed off of her power until she became nothing more than a withered and desiccated corpse. Seven days later she arose as Hualticalpa the Undead Goddess. Currently she is much less powerful than her previous

protection. life. driving him insane. He was stillborn of an undead goddess and is undead himself. His insanity makes him little more than a beast.incarnation and is considered to be only an intermediate god. law. however. before his birth. Spheres: Healing. Then seven days later Huazctiplal arose from death as the undead goddess Hualticalpa. This seduction and betrayal lead to her death and eventual resurrection as the Goddess of the Undead. is the Itulcan God of Darkness and Hopelessness. By this time Tezcatlipoca had absorbed the greater part of her powers and added them to his own. as the Goddess of Life. Now the goddess is little more than a memory to the people and her religion is all but forgotten. After rising from the dead Hualticalpa gave birth to Izultuculpa the Ravager. law. the Ravager. and good Worshipers: farmers. healers. and Tezcatlipoca the Destroyer. and sun Favored Weapon: Stone Mace Huazcatiplal. Izultuculpa Symbol: Bloody Mouth Home Plane: Alignment: Chaotic Evil Portfolio: Darkness and Hopelessness Worshipers: Undead of limited intelligence and necromancers Cleric Alignments: Chaotic Evil Domains: Evil. Cleric Alignments: Any good Domains: Healing. Huazcatiplal Symbol: A new born babe before a rising sun Home Plane: Alignment: Lawful Good Portfolio: sun. good. have decreed that every major city should have a temple to her and that all the empire should pay her homage. her husband. which commemorates the birth her prophet. Izultuculpa is the son of Huazcatiplal and Qualtilaca and was meant to be born as the God of the Path. This has kept her steeped in sacrifices and ensures that her priests are feared. escorting the souls of the dead from Huazcatiplal's embrace of life down into the underworld ruled by his father Qualtilaca where they would be judged. gave birth to all of the gods. She was powerless to escape and he fed off her remaining power until she was destroyed. her mortal enemy. Unfortunately. was the most powerful god of the Itulcan pantheon. Her symbol was that of a new born baby before a rising sun and her holy days were the spring planting and fall harvest as well as the 14th of Anush. once the Itulcan goddess of life. For thousands of years these two gods intrigued and plotted against each other. Huazcatiplal was seduced by Tezcatlipoca and she betrayed her oath of marriage to Qualtilaca. Many of the priests dedicated to the Goddess of Life were so closely linked and their powers so bound to Huazcatiplal that when she died and came back to life as the Undead Goddess they were either killed or driven mad. hers is not a popular religion among the outer states. As such. Huazcatiplal did not become aware of the danger until it was too late. and death Favored Weapon: Claws Izultucupla. She is feared and loathed by the general populace but her clergy is seen as a path to advancement for the unscrupulous. He was meant to act as the guide. including Qultilaca. Many refer to . the night of her reanimation as the Goddess of Undeath. and protection and sun. until Tezcatlipoca discovered an artifact that allowed him to change his appearance and hide his undead status. What power she does have is now closely bound to Tezcatlipoca such that she is little more than a thrall to him. Hualticalpa is now worshipped throughout the lands as the Undead Goddess and her priesthood venerates undeath in all of its horrible forms. strength. Using this artifact Tezcatlipoca disguised himself as a handsome stranger and seduced Huazcatiplal and while she was with him he slowly began to leech away her energy. Her symbol is that of a rotted corpse before a field of black and her holy night is the 28th of Nergas. destruction. Hualticalpa's holy night is celebrated with the sacrifice of 200 people and their subsequent reanimation as undead. The Itulcans. Huazcatiplal. good. The traumas inflicted upon the unborn god by these events twisted him and subverted his purpose.

Itulcan goddess of rain. has ensured that those that die in the empire are taken to Izuticulpa thus ensuring that their souls will never make the journey to the underworld. Slavery . If this happens. where Izultuculpa feeds upon the cadavers along with his legion of ghouls. There he eats the dead that are brought from all across the empire and with them their souls. His waters were the cornerstone of Itulcan agriculture. the mother and daughter of Kulplitulca. and Storms Worshipers: Farmers Cleric Alignments: Any Domains: Chaos. as well as his mate. then the bonds between life and death will be forever broken and all Itulcans born from then on will be soulless monsters of destruction. Water. under Tezcatlipoca's guidance. This has lead to the weakening of Qualtilaca and each year. He is said to be the both the father and son of Mulquixca. with the sundering farmers seek to appease him and prevent droughts. Kulplitulca Symbol: A thunder cloud Home Plane: Elemental Plane of Water Alignment: CN Portfolio: Weather. Izuticulpa will slay him and then gorge himself upon the souls of the underworld. the City of Dead. He has a temple in every major city and victims are sacrificed to him during the changing of the seasons to bring spring rains or ward against Summer and Winter storms. Water. He is depicted as a giant ghoul devouring souls and his symbol is that of a bloody mouth. Izultuculpa enters the underworld to battle his father. She is said to be both. Izultuculpa has no worshippers and gets his divine energy from the consumed souls of the recently dead. Before the sundering the Itulcan farmers worshiped him as the god of irrigation. By doing this he is rapidly growing in power and has broken the bond between life and death. and Water Favored Weapon: Scythe Mulquixca. Should Qualtilaca ever fail. Itulcan god of water. She is a goddess of the wind and rain and before the sundering people prayed to her for the rains that would nourish their crops and make life abundant. Tezcatlipoca. He sits alone in Izuticulpa surrounded by the undead creations of his mother.him as the Ghoul Lord or the Ravager. Failure to sacrifice enough lives to her brings on storms and destruction and all go hungry. Qualoc Symbol: A pair of red lips. Destruction. Every year Qualtilaca has been able to turn back his son. Home Plane: Alignment: CN Portfolio: Hedonism. through his priests. Water. Destruction Favored Weapon: Flail Kulplitulca. Since the sundering she has become a goddess of tempests and nature’s wrath. However. is depicted as a young man with his upper face and arms painted red while his lower face and legs are painted blue. but each year he grows weaker with out a steady supply of new souls to the underworld while his son grows stronger by feeding on the souls that should have made the journey. as well as her mate. is depicted as a beautiful young woman with parrot feathers in her hair. and Storms Worshipers: Farmers Cleric Alignments: Any Domains: Weather. It has been decreed by the Itulcan throne that all of the dead throughout the empire should be brought to Izuticulpa. He has no holy days and few worshipers as he is feared by all of the people. Her arms are painted blue and her legs white. Mulquixca Symbol: A raging river Home Plane: Elemental Plane of Water Alignment: CN Portfolio: Weather.

and pleasing curves. Qualtilaca Symbol: Golden Circle Home Plane: Alignment: Lawful Neutral Portfolio: Law. As such these states provide the few souls to the underworld that are not devoured by Izultuculpa and ensure Qualtilaca receives a small amount of power. the Itulcan goddess of vice. After a soul has spent a thousand years in the underworld Qualtilaca then sends it back out into the world to be reborn and thus maintains the bonds of life and death with his wife Huazcatiplal. Trickery Favored Weapon: None Qualoc. Qualtilaca gains his power indirectly from the souls that inhabit the underworld before leaving to go back into the world to be reborn. Redemption Worshipers: Artists. Since the sundering she has become a hedonistic goddess that wallows in lust and depravity. Passion. Before the sundering she was worshiped as the goddess of forgiveness for those that confessed their sins to her were forgiven and their souls cleansed. He is only worshipped in secret as the Texac empire has outlawed his religion. Fire Favored Weapon: Sling . Law. is the Itulcan god of the underworld. Should this happen no new souls will go out into the world and henceforth all that are born would be soulless. Underworld. Qualtilaca now stands alone against the tide of darkness that has engulfed the Itulcan pantheon and is the sole remaining god dedicated to the balance. At least that is how it was before his wife betrayed their oath of marriage and became Hualticalpa. renegades where not Cleric Alignments: Any Lawful or any neutral Domains: Death. Healing. Law. Illusion. those seeking forgiveness Cleric Alignments: Any Domains: Creation.Worshipers: Hedonists. Testing him every year and forcing Qualtilaca to expend vital energy he doesn't have as Izultuculpa grows stronger each year. and Protection Favored Weapon: Wooden Lance Qualtilaca the Judge. and Adulterers Cleric Alignments: Any Chaotic Domains: Chaos. To feed this hedonism her clerics having taken to using slaves and thus the goddess has picked up a reputation for slavery as well. His holy day is the winter and summer solstices. blood red lips. His symbol is a gold circle which depicts the circle of life and death and the bond. Now Qualtilaca slowly grows weaker as no new souls enter his domain while the older souls leave. Quirizloc Symbol: Step Pyramid Home Plane: Alignment: N Portfolio: Art. determining if they should go to paradise or suffer in the fiery pits of Golan. Death Worshipers: General populace where legal. is depicted as a beautiful young woman with white skin. But he is still well thought of and the few outer states that have been able to throw off the Texac yoke openly worship him. Qualtilaca sits in judgement upon the souls that enter the underworld. It is only a matter of time before Izultuculpa will be able to destroy his father and feast upon all of the souls of the underworld. Freedom Fighters. raven black fair. Qualitlaca is depicted as a large Itulcan male clad in a judge's smock. To make matters worse Izultuculpa devours the souls of those that die and gets his power directly from the unfortunate souls and now seeks to challenge his father. Slavers. Priests of Qualtilaca have a strong hatred of the undead and seek to destroy them whenever possible. Now the bonds have been shattered as there is no longer a god of life and the flow of souls has been stopped by his corrupted son Izultuculpa.

She is depicted as a middle aged woman whose face and body shows long exposure to the weather. She is the daughter of Qualoc and Qualtilaca and seems to have inherited her father’s personality. eternal youth. By then she was helpless before him and he ripped the last of her power from her and consumed it. time. So far she has been successful and her priests secretly give aid to those opposed to the Itulcan regime. God of War. Tezcatlipoca had destroyed the only sun god within the pantheon. Like the other gods she has been receiving blood sacrifices since the sundering but. Thus since the rise of the Itulcan empire thousands of people have been scarified to all the gods except Qualtilaca. The pantheon's greatest proponent of good was now dead while he took her place as leader of the pantheon. It was not until it was too late that she realized the danger she was in. Tezcatlipoca was a deity of darkness. As he lay with her he began siphoning off her power very slowly at first so that she would not notice. Blood Drinker. With this single act he turned the Itulcan pantheon upside down. Worshipers: Soldiers. Huazcatiplal the Goddess of Life and the Sun. Always one of the most powerful gods of the Itulcan pantheon. that goes against the celestial order set up by Tezcatplioca and she must secretly seek to oppose him while appearing to be the good and loyal vassal. Tezcatlipoca Symbol: Flaming Macahuitl dripping blood Home Plane: Alignment: Lawful Evil Portfolio: War. He lived in darkness and was a master of the arcane art and forbidden knowledge. a chaos bringer. Armed with this artifact Tezcatlipoca came to Huazcatiplal as a handsome stranger and was able to seduce the goddess. he declared that with Huazctiplal’s death he was the new master of the sun and that hence forth all sacrifices to the gods will be in human blood or he would extinguish the sun. With Huazcatiplal’s death. For many years he schemed and plotted against his greatest nemesis. Where Tezcatlipoca comes from or how he became the God of War is lost to the ages.Quirizloc is the Itulcan goddess of the arts and redemption. Of all the lesser gods and goddesses she has survived the sundering the most unchanged. unlike the other gods. whose religion has been outlawed. his powers have grown tremendously over the last 300 years and he is now the undisputed lord of the pantheon. aristocracy Cleric Alignments: Any Evil Domains: War. With the forced sacrifice of blood to the other gods Tezcatlipoca has succeeded in corrupting them and creating in them a lust for more. At the same time the Itulcans were building an empire dedicated to the war god. and Destruction Favored Weapon: Macahuitl Tezcatlipoca. and the night. and a drinker of life. All that is known is that even from the beginning Tezcatlipoca was a deceiver. Tezcatlipoca has also had the Itulcans force the people to worship Hualticalpa the Goddess of Undeath and thus created a stable power base for his thrall. Unfortunately. Single handedly Tezcatlipoca has brought forth a wave of darkness that has all but destroyed the pantheon as it was once known and has turned it into a nightmare that twists and corrupts the Itulcan people. Huazcatiplal was more powerful than Tezcatlipoca and defeated him at every turn until he found a powerful artifact that could disguise him. she has grown weary of the blood offerings and seeks to stop them. Then he infused her corpse with some of his own power and thus she arose seven days later as an undead goddess under his power. Undeath. however he was very charming and expert at both seduction and corruption. Though. is the Itulcan god of war and destruction. Trickery. ancestral memory. . a blood drinker. Under his guidance the Itulcans conquered all the surrounding lands and then put out a decree that henceforth the worship of all the gods must be consecrated with blood. She has always been the goddess of the arts and passion but since the sundering she has picked up the portfolio of redemption and is the god most often worshipped by those opposed to the Itulcan regime.

no matter their alignment. he will be tortured to death as a warning to others. When Izultuculpa finally defeats his father he shall devour all the souls of the underworld and henceforth none shall be born with souls. Victims of these rights leave them with a brand that marks them as one of the Reborn. Oneasit The Oneasit are a fundamentalist religion that believes that Phra is the one and only god and that all other gods. are merely demons trying to lure men away from the true religion. Healing. Azrabists and Syansists are persecuted. The Oneasits are at war with the Azrabists and Syanists as they are considered the most foul things in existence. What this can mean for the Itulcan people is unclear but none can believe that it can bode anything but ill. To help them in their cause they have developed new religious rites and practices that may severe an infidel’s connection to his god. unable to establish any connection to any other god but Phra. Tezcatlipoca's symbol is a flame with a obsidian maca across it. His holy rituals are on nights commemorating bloody battles that saw the massacre of thousands. heretics. Syanists believe hs has Law. Gods of the Foreigners Phra Symbol: Sun Home Plane: Heaven Alignment: Lawful Neutral Portfolio: To Oenasits and Azrabists everything. Such rites involve hours of torture and climax with the breaking of the victim’s will when he pleads for forgiveness from his torturers and says a prayer to Phra. Good. Because they believe this they are extremely tolerant of other religions despite being monotheistic. Whether the victim was honest in his contrition is immaterial as the victim has verbally forsaken his god and the brand prevents the victim from renewing his bond with his god. and to Syanists he is the Sun god Worshipers: the people Cleric Alignments: Any Domains: Oneasits believe he has all domains except Chaos. and Azrabists believe he has all domains. Favored Weapon: Long Sword The sects of Phra Azrabists Azrabists believe that Phra is the one true god but that all of the other gods are buts reflections of different aspects of Phra. Many of the reborn. and tortured within Oneasit lands. and War. the Oneasit are extremely xenophobic to other religions and anyone whose beliefs do not exactly match their own is labeled a heathen. .As a final result of his seduction of Huazcatiplal and her resurrection as the Goddess of Undeath he has managed to corrupt her unborn son and turn him into a devourer of souls and the mortal enemy of his father. enslaved. Oneasits have an especially xenophobic attitude towards demi-humans as it is known that they worship their own pantheon and are that much harder to convert from their heathen ways. Should the victim’s will never break. become some of the most zealous of converts willing to betray family and friends in the name of Phra. Evil. The ultimate goal of the Oneasits is the destruction of all other religions and the forceful conversion of infidels. As such. Qualtilaca. . and Trickery.

As such they view the Itulcan religion before the sundering to be an honorable religion but the practices after the sundering to be vile and corrupt.Because these rights only block the victim’s connection to other gods but Phra. they don’t work on those that belong to what the Oneasists consider the heretical orders since they worship Phra too. Syanists are tolerant of other religions as long as they don’t evidence signs of evil and corrupt tendencies. There are so many more gods from foreign lands that if you want someone to worship one please let me know and I’ll try to give you an adequate list. . For that reason members of the heretical orders are just tortured and killed rather than converted. Some Syanist orders are working closely with the Totomecs to restore the earlier religion. The Syanists are a pantheistic order that believe that Phra is an extremely old and powerful sun god. Syanist Syanists are the oldest and original sect of Phra worshipers.