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PMT09 Hoc Sunday, April 03, 2011 4:17 PM Virgilio, Martin Hoc, PMT12; PMT03 Hoc FW: Surface radioactivity screening levels Table 1 Screening Levels for Clearance.pdf

M arty, Scott Flanders said you were asking us to confirm that we believe a surface contamination level of 4 Bq/cm' (for Cs-137, Sr-90, or 1-131; but Cs and Sr are more limiting than 1-131) would result in a dose no greater than 4 mrem/yr. PMT dose analysts looked into this earlier today: below is our conclusion. This was based primarily on the draft ANSI/HPS standard, but the analysts performed additional analyses to confirm order of magnitude. Duane Schmidt, PMTR RAAD PMT-Ops Center From: PMT02 Hoc Sent: Sunday, April 03, 2011 1:18 PM To: PMT09 Hoc; Hoc, PMT12 Cc: PMT02 Hoc; PMT11 Hoc Subject: Surface radioactivity screening levels PMT 09 and PMT 12, Attached is a pdf of screening values for release of materials with surface contamination from the draft ANSI/HPS N13.12 Surface and Volume Radioactivity Standards for Clearance. The radioactivity concentration (screening value) for Cs-137 and Sr-90 is 1 Bq-cm2, which equates to a dose of 1 mrem/yr TEDE. Accordingly, a 4 Bq-cm2 contamination level on cargo would be about 4 mrem/yr TEDE. If transuranics were detected on cargo surfaces, the screening value is decreased to 0.1 Bq-cm2, which equates to a dose of 40 mrem/yr TEDE for a 4 Bq-cm2 contamination level PMT-Ops Center



Table 1 Screening Levels for Clearance Surface Volume Screening Screening (Conventional (Conventional Units)(b) Units)(b) (dpm/100 cm 2)* (pCi/g) 600 3

Radionuclide Groups(a) Group 1 Radium, Thorium, & Transuranics and Mobile Beta-Gamrna Emitters: lo0mAg, 129 1 (d), 21Po' 21°Pb, 226Ra' 228Ra, 22STh, 229Th, 23°Th,
232Th' 232U, 238pu' 239pu' 240 pu 242pu' 244pu' 241Am, 243 Am, 245Cm, 246Cm, 24Cm, 24 Cm, 249Cf, 251 254

Volume Screening Levels (S.I. Units)(b) (Bq/cm 2 or Bq/g)(c) 0.1


Es, and associated decay chains(e), and


Group 2 Uranium and Selected Beta-Gamma
1 4 C, 22Na(0, 36C1, 46Sc(,, 54Mnt 0 56 Co(, 57C0' 58Co' 60Co(0' 65Zn()' 75Se, 15Sr, 9°Sr, 94Nb", 95 Zr, 99 Tc, 1 06 Ru(0' 109Cd' 124 Sb 125Sb(O, 134 Cs(f, 37 152 0 4 55 1 Cs(0 14 0





Eu( , 15Eu(0' 1 Eu' 16°Tb(, ' Ta ' ir, r 2°4 T1 207Bi(), 233u, 2 3 4 U, U, 238U, Natural Uranium(g), 237 Np, 236pu, 243Cm,
82 0 19 92



244Cm, 248Cf, 2 °Cf,



25 4


and others(a)

Gop 3 General Beta-Gamma Emitters: 'Be, 59F(1) 7 7 F As, 93 mNb, 93 9 11 93Mo, 97Tc, 103 Ru, 4

mIn, 3Sn(0 125Sn' 123mTe(f)' 127mTe, 129m 131i 131D 139t-;(f) 144r, 153t.,•10f.f Te, 1, 1 18 a, Ce, 14Ce, 3Gd, 1 60 n 0 5 203 81Hf0,0Ss(0' Hg 202T' 225a 230pa 81 1 H10, 1 W, 15O(023Hg, 25Ra, 20Pa, 233Pa, 236U, 241Pu, 242Cm, and others(a)





Group 4 Other Beta-Gamma Emitters: 3H, --S, 45 91 Ca, 51 53Mn, 59 63 Ni, 86 Rb, 9Y, 93Zr(0, 'Cr, 9Ni,
97mTc, 115mCd, 115mIn, 125i, 135Cs, 141Ce, 117Nd, 10 7 91 237 249 253




Tm, 1 Os,



Cf, and others(a)

Group5 Low Dose Beta Emitters: -Fe, 'As, S9r, Te, 47Pm, 151 Sm, 171Tm, 18 W, and 30,000 1 , 0 0 0 (h) 6 0 0 ,0 0 0 (h) others(a) (a) To determine the specific group for radionuclides not shown, a comparison of the screening factors, by exposure scenario, listed in Tables B. 1, C.1 and D.1 of NCRP Report No. 1231 (NCRP 1996) for the radionuclides in question and the radionuclides in the general groups above should be performed and a determination of the proper group made, as described in Annex A. (b) Values have been rounded to one significant figure. (c) The screening levels shown are used for either surface radioactivity (in units of Bq/cm 2 assuming an average surface to mass ratio of 1:1 as discussed in Annex A), or volume radioactivity (in units of Bq/g). (d) Because of potential ground water concerns, the volume radioactivity values for 129I should be lowered by one order of magnitude when disposal to landfills or direct disposal to soil is anticipated. (e) For decay chains, the screening levels represent the total activity (i.e., the activity of the parent plus the activity of all progeny) present. (f) Because of photon dose-rate. concerns, the volume values shown should be lowered by one order of magnitude for clearance of bulk quantities in excess of t metric ton. (g) Where the Natural Uranium activity equals 48.9% from 2 38 U, plus 48.9% from 234 U, plus 2.2% from 235 U (plus all progeny in equilibrium). (h) For contamination control considerations, surface radioactivity screening levels for Group 5 radionuclides are controlled to the Group 4 screening levels.

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