650 Main Street • Erie, CO 80516 • P: (303) 828-3391 • F: (303) 828-3817 • ems.svvsd.

January 28, 2013 School Hours: 8:00 am—3:00 pm First bell rings at 7:50 am
MARK YOUR CALENDAR! January 28-February 1

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28 - Art Club - 3:10 - 4:15 pm 28 - Tiger Lily Select Women’s Choir - 3:15 4:00 pm 29 - Academic Assistance - 3:05 - 4:05 pm 29 - Student Council 3:15 - 3:45 pm 30 - Odyssey of the Mind Practice - 3:00 - 4:30 pm 31 - Academic Assistance - 3:05 - 4:05 pm 31 - NJHS Meeting - 3:15 - 4:00 pm 31 - FACS Cooking Lab 3:00 - 4:30 pm 31 - Odyssey of the Mind Practice - 5:45 - 7:30 pm 31 - Erie High Wrestling Meet against Mead High 7:00 pm - FREE FOR QUARTER 1 HIGH HONOR ROLL STUDENTS with Renaissance card and student ID Feb. 1 - FACS Bake Sale - 7:30 - 8:00 & 3:00 - 3:20

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All visitors now need to be buzzed into the building by a school staff member. The camera and door bell are located to the right of the main doors. All visitors will still be required to check in at the front office and show identification. This new system will allow all of the outside doors to be locked during the school day. Our main doors will remain unlocked from 7:45 – 8:15 am and from 2:50 – 3:30 pm. On February 7th we will be having a Community Safety Meeting to inform parents of existing and ongoing measures to ensure school safety. We will be informing parents of current laws regarding public and school safety, update the parents on all safety-related practices in our schools, provide them with guidelines on actions they can take at home to increase student/ school safety, and engage in a discussion on safety. This meeting is at 6:30 pm in the EMS Cafetorium.

Clubs/Activities happening this week:
Monday - *Art Club *Tiger Lily Select Women’s Choir Tuesday - *Academic Assistance *Student Council Wednesday - *Odyssey of the Mind Practice Thursday - *Academic Assistance *FACS Cooking Lab *NJHS Meeting *Odyssey of the Mind Practice *EHS Wrestling Meet FREE with Q1 High Honor Roll Friday - *FACS Bake Sale

TCAP time is quickly approaching and we are in great need of your assistance. We will need to supply over 3000 snacks and drinks throughout our testing period from March 11th– March 15th. If you would like to assist us, please bring your donations of granola bars and juice boxes to the main office by March 1st. Please limit your donations to only granola bars and juice boxes. If you have any questions, please call Michelle Drobney at 303-828-3391 or email her at drobney_michelle@svvsd.org. Thank you in advance for your donations!

TCAP Testing
The TCAP (Transitional Colorado Assessment Program) is based on the new Colorado Model Content Standards and has replaced CSAP. The TCAP will continue to assess the same content areas and grades as CSAP. Students will be taking the TCAP tests. The tests and schedule for each grade level at EMS are as follows: 6th Grade: Reading, Writing, Math: March 11 - 15 7th Grade: Reading, Writing, Math: March 11 - 15 8th Grade: Reading, Writing, Math, Science: March 11 - 15 Attendance is vital during this time. We wanted to let you know early so that appointments and vacations are not scheduled during these days. Thanks in advance for your understanding and cooperation.

Parent/Teacher Conferences are scheduled for February 19th and February 21st. Please look for information to come home within the next few weeks from teachers. If you have any questions, please contact Erie Middle School at 303-828-3391.

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