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Dear outdoor enthusiasts
Every now and then a company asks itself: What is our fingerprint? Who are we? What is the essence of our work? In a few years time we will become a 100 year old company. It is a milestone we are happy and proud to reach, and now is a good time to look back and see what we have accomplished. This brochure will hopefully give you an idea of what we stand for, what we do and who we collaborate with. It will tell you about our vision and values, it will show you our history from the very first rubber boot to the technically advanced footwear of today. It will also feature aspects of our collaboration with the finest manufacturers of specialized footwear technology.

But first and foremost this is our fingerprint. This is the essence of Viking. Who we are as a company has been shaped by our demanding geography and the outdoorsy people of Norway. “If it works here, it will work anywhere” is an irrefutable argument upon which we have always relied when making footwear. And that says a lot about what Viking is. Enjoy your reading!

Who is Viking?
Viking started out as an idea: Rubber, what can we use it for? Well, footwear for one thing. That is how it all began, the foundation for what Viking is today. The rest is history.

How did we get here?
Mostly due to Norway. Our surroundings have shaped our brand in ways we couldn’t think of. Not strange when you think about it. If it rains, you have to stay dry. If you walk across mountains you need grip. No secret ingredient, just Norway. Norway ......................................................................... 10-15 Our heritage .............................................................. 16-17 Performance Outdoor ............................................ 18-21 Everyday Outdoor .................................................. 22-25

How do we do it?
In short, we’ve come a long way because of our own accumulated knowledge and our partners’ know-how. When you combine the two you can create something special and stay ahead. This is our technological advantage. Our technological advantage ............................. 28-29 GORE-TEX® ................................................................ 30-31 UGC ® ............................................................................. 22-33 Boa ® Closure system .............................................. 34-35 World class leather ................................................. 36-37 Thermo (Polyurethane) ......................................... 38-39 Rubber technologies ............................................. 40-41

So, what’s next?
Staying one step ahead isn’t an exact science. But we can stake out our own course. We have definitive ideas and keep our research and development at max speed. The future is looking bright.

Foreword ............................................................................. 4 Contents .............................................................................. 5 PHILOSA – values and vision ................................... 6-7 Our history ...................................................................... 8-9

Where we are today .............................................. 42-43 Presence ..................................................................... 44-45 Around the next corner ......................................... 46-47 Corporate social responsibility ................................ 48

Leif Holst-Liæker, CEO, Viking fottøy AS



Our values and vision
A little bit of self-examination is always good. When you ask yourself a few questions you get the answers that make you see the way ahead. For Viking, the way ahead is to be at the very forefront. After all, someone needs to be the trailblazer. Our values and vision are summed up in one word: PHILOSA. Yes, it is perfectly fine to read it as our ‘philosophy’. It’s a very significant acronym for us, and letter by letter it has a deeper meaning. So, what does it stand for?

For us, being professional is all about meeting the expectation of those around us, and even exceeding them. We do so by maintaining the highest ethical standards and by meeting deadlines. Being professional is the only way to create strong and positive relationships with the world around us. It is how we build our reputation!

Consistency and continuity are important key words for us. As a nearly 100 year old company with a solid history we are used to looking backwards while, at the same time, focusing on the future. This is because we focus on the long-term potential. Long-term relations with our employees, suppliers, clients and customers are important. And, last but not least: A long-term relationship with the environment is essential.

It might go without saying, but honesty is extremely important to us. Honesty builds our credibility and creates trust, both internally and externally. We need to give open and accurate information in all our dealings. Half-truths or bribery are not acceptable. However, we cannot share the sources of our competitiveness. Still, honesty is something we rely on in all matters and it is important to us!

One Step Ahead
In order to survive in our marketplace, grow successfully and realize our long-term ambitions we need to stay “one step ahead” – in the products we make, in our communication and in how we cooperate with suppliers and customers. “One step ahead” as a vision also sums up our values. Innovation? That’s one step ahead. Long-term? You’ll need to be one step ahead. Professionalism and honesty can’t be achieved without being one step ahead.

Our innovation can be dated back to 1920. Our first product made by Per Mathias Røwde was an innovation. Our latest models are innovations. It is what brings our company and our brand forward. Innovation makes us seek effective collaborations and challenge existing truths. Innovation makes us open-minded and curious – that’s why it’s so important to us.



Take a walk through our history
Our history is all about battling weather and terrain with new footwear technology. Please take a walk through it and come out on the other side with dry feet!

Today 2010 2006 1992 Present Still going strong Hello GORE-TEX! 1950s A new reality
The 70s marked a change for us. New and cheaper materials and rising labour costs forced Viking to think again. So, in 1971 a new product was launched: Cherrox – a very popular children’s boot. New production methods and compounds represent an opportunity for us to be even more innovative! It is not often you can experience a game changer – but GORE-TEX® was! We were among the first to use this famous membrane in our boots. The advantages were perfect for us: A waterproof, windproof and breathable membrane is a perfect fit for the type of footwear Norwegian weather demands!

1970s 2 million and rising...
The year 2006 was a milestone for us. It was the year we surpassed 2 million boots in annual sales in Norway and Europe. Our sales agents and branch offices cover all of Europe and Viking is highly regarded for its high quality footwear. New models with high-end technologies have been developed. Our mantra is: If it works in Norway, it will work anywhere.

1934 1920

Viking celebrates 90 years – a considerable age for a footwear company! Viking is actually one of the oldest brands in Norway and has shaped Norwegian industrial history. Not bad for a 90-year-old. But we’re saving the big celebration for 2020, the year we turn 100!

We still keep evolving and developing. In the last few years we’ve seen more innovation than in the preceding 90 years. Things are really happening in the footwear industry and we are happy to see that we’re still at the forefront. And that’s where we want to stay!

Post-war Eventful thirties The early years
Nearly 100 years ago, on the 17th of January 1920, Peter Mathias Røwde founded a rubber factory in Askim, Norway. The very first item produced were galoshes to keep leather shoes from getting muddy or wet. The brand name was Viking and history was made. In 1934 a devastating fire burned the factory down. A new and more efficient factory was built and shortly afterwards the production numbers reached 10,000 galoshes, 1,200 shoes, 100 car tyres and 500 bicycle tyres per day. 1,100 employees made Viking one of the biggest workplaces in Norway. In the 50s and 60s Viking experienced tremendous growth, as did Norway: Because of the abundance of cheap hydro power generated by newly built dams and an endless supply of water, industrial companies were established all over the country. Viking also grew and set up branches in many parts of Norway.



Shaped by ice, draped in snow
There are several things that characterize Norway and make our country unique. Part of Norway lies inside the Arctic Circle and has been formed by recurring ice ages. The landscape has been carved out by glaciers and meltwater over hundreds of thousands of years creating dramatic and breathtaking scenery. Massive mountain ranges and snow covered peaks descend into narrow fjords and lush valleys. The many fjords that carve their way into the mainland contribute to creating one of the longest coastlines in the world.

The polar circle defines the arctic areas of the earth. Here, the climate can be very cold. Beyond this latitude the angle of the earth also creates a special phenomenon: During winter we have periods where the sun never rises; during the summer you’ll witness the midnight sun – a period when the sun never sets.



The battle of the North Sea
The weather in Norway is a climatic phenomenon. This is due to the northern extension of the Gulf Stream, the North Atlantic Drift. Warm Carribean waters are transported to our latitudes, which in turn collide with our harsh Arctic climate. This is a battle between two giants and is the origin of our climate. No country this far north is exposed to anything like it. It causes unpredictable and violent weather – all year round. Viking Footwear was born and raised under these conditions.

The coastline
The Norwegian coastline is 2,500 km long. If you include the fjords it increases to over 25,000 km! And we should include them - the 1,190 fjords define Norway! Breathtaking corridors stretch from open sea and well into the mainland. Some of them, like Geirangerfjord and Nærøyfjord, have been inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List.



Among ancient forests
Despite its harsh climate, Norway is covered by trees. Forests are limited by the alpine timber line, the height at which the ambient temperature is too low to sustain growth. Some tree species have adapted to endure partial frost and the arctic climate. In the southern parts of Norway you’ll find birch and oak trees, while fruit trees also appreciate the mild climate. Further north, pine and spruce dominate: They can survive blizzards and sub-zero temperatures and thrive during the few months of summer. The forests cover nearly 40 % of Norway, thanks to the Gulf Stream.

Know your lumber!
Nearly every Norwegian knows how to chop a piece of wood and make a perfect bonfire. Why? Well, just a few generations ago the lumber industry was our main industry. You’ll still find abandoned sawmills and forest roads in remote valleys. Old habits die hard and knowing your lumber is still important.



Our heritage is our way forward
Our journey started on the 17th January 1920. Our founding father, Peter Mathias Røwde, started making rubber products to combat the harsh Norwegian climate. In fact, the very first product we made was perfect for battling rain, snow and wet conditions: the classic rubber boot. It was used by fishermen, foresters, farmers and explorers of many kinds. They walked through mud, stood steady on rocks and rambled through cold winter days. Soon, the secret about Viking was common knowledge. Since then we’ve developed new footwear technology of our own and collaborated with the best experts around the world. Today we have products that cover the wide variety of landscape and regions Norway has to offer. New materials and production methods have allowed us to create footwear that takes you even further. GORE-TEX® is the membrane we use together with durable leather or textiles. New polymers are another; we create water proof boots that stay warm and dry. You can trace all of this back to 1920. We decided on a fundamental idea: If it works here, it’ll work anywhere. Today you’ll find our products on both the highest mountain summit and in the kindergarten. Performance Outdoor and Everyday Outdoor have one thing in common: the Norwegian lifestyle.

Page 18-21 Performance Outdoor Page 22-25 Everyday Outdoor



Performance Outdoor
It’s all in the name, isn’t it? Viking’s Performance shoes and boots are designed for the toughest conditions, for the most extreme weather and the most demanding people.

Living at the extremes
The kind of geography we build performance footwear for is sought after for both its beauty and the challenges it poses – many people use it for hunting, trekking and recreation. In Norway, the terrain varies from wide valleys and mountain plateaux to near vertical mountainsides. The weather can change by the minute and may alter the whole premise of your trip. Needless to say, you’ll need to be pretty confident to walk in these surroundings. Our performance collection is the answer to this rugged landscape where you’ll encounter anything from explorers and hunters to families on vacation. We test our footwear to meet the demanding conditions of Norway, our very own test lab. The feedback from the people who use our footwear is the foundation for further development – because if it works here, it’ll work anywhere.
18 19

When it matters where you put your feet!
Hunting, trekking, or trail running all rely on one thing: a firm grip on muddy, wet, snowy, icy or rocky surfaces. Add freezing cold temperatures, rain and a demanding terrain to this and you’ll get the idea. This is why we pack our performance footwear with the very best technologies.

Get a grip!
An essential feature for varying terrain and climates is grip. UGC ® – Ultimate Grip Concept is Viking’s own unique sole technology developed to suit Norwegian conditions. UGC ® combines keys factors like stability and grip with lightweight, durable properties. So when you go for a mountain walk we want you to enjoy nature, UGC ® will take care of the grip for you.

Hiking and trekking – a rewarding challenge
Pick a terrain. Choose a route. And remember: Good planning is half the battle. With map and compass in hand you can easily negotiate difficult terrain as long as you’re equipped with good clothing, proper food and, of course, the best footwear. Our performance collection will give you an idea. Is it rocky and steep? Ensure good support around the ankle and leg. Is it flat but slippery? Go for a slightly lower boot with rugged sole pattern. Our collection covers any imaginable terrain, and when you reach your goal, it will have been worth the battle!

Rubber – hand made performance
A rubber boot may look simple enough, but it’s been through a complicated process. Some models consist of up to 40 parts. We only use natural rubber and we build our models by hand. Rubber is also a 100 % waterproof material. We know that a boot’s long shaft needs to be both flexible and soft so that it can flex with the movement of the foot and leg. The grip needs to be outstanding, a rubber boot sees more weather and rough terrain than any other kind of footwear!



Everyday Outdoor
Yes, every single day in Norway offers an outdoor opportunity. It doesn’t really matter where you are. In most cases you’ll find the outdoors a few hundred meters from where you live.

Right on your doorstep
Every day there will be an obstacle on the menu. One day it might be slippery ice – the next it might be a full-on rainstorm. The day after it might be roots and branches on a footpath through the forest or a rocky hill on the way to your neighbor. Footwear is important to Norwegians because we have such varied weather and geography. Guaranteed, on any day of the weekend, you’ll find lots of people walking through the Norwegian countryside. You’ll see them kayaking, mountain climbing, rambling, and trail walking. That is why we call Norway “our test lab”, we develop and test our outdoor footwear in our immediate surroundings. Because the people that use it are the ones that give us the best feedback for further development.



Walking in a winter wonderland
Nothing beats the beauty of a Norwegian winter landscape, except a landscape with a lot of happy kids playing in it! And without warm, dry and happy feet – no happy kids. But protection from a harsh winter climate is important to adults as well as kids. So all winter boots from Viking utilize the best available technologies to fight off the cold. Insulation, durable materials and a GORE-TEX® membrane will ensure warm and comfortable feet. Our very own sole technology gives you a firm footing on a beautiful but slippery winter wonderland.

Under siege by King Winter
A long, cold winter where it’s dark most of the time is the reality in most of Norway – for almost half the year. Living in this environment makes you adapt to the circumstances. When we make winter boots we need to consider both grip on ice and snow, as well as insulation from the cold. We use the very best materials, like GORE-TEX® membranes, insulation, thick leather and abrasion-resistant textiles. We use these materials because they’re the only thing that work in extreme weather. It’s one of those things you couldn’t learn anywhere else.

Under development
Kids, as well as grown ups, demand the best footwear with optimum functionality. An active family will be all over the place, from picking berries along the hillside, to strolling along the coast. Everyday outdoor footwear is, in other words, a pretty wide area to cover. We are still discovering new areas and specialized topographies to develop products for! Today, we cover most segments and every imaginable terrain. Our collection of kids’ boots and shoes is as impressive as the variety of shoes that the rest of us wear. So, whether you are power walking, light mountain walking or just messing around in the snow, Viking boots and shoes have every option covered.





Chase the waterfalls!
If you are amazed by waterfalls, then Norway is the go-to country for photo opportunities. 9 of the worlds 20 tallest single drop waterfalls are situated here. Many of them drop straight into fjords or lakes and are accompanied by glaciers that feed meltwater.

Our technological advantage
We’ve come this far because of two things: Our own innovations and our partners’ technologies. We keep being “one step ahead” at the forefront of our minds; so we always try to innovate in the fields where we have know-how. Over the years this has resulted in a number of own technologies that have improved our products. Still, if we see other companies making innovations at the forefront of their field, we partner with them to merge the best of both worlds into our own products.


The world famous membrane!

Some things just work without you noticing. When your feet are working at full capacity, sweating, splashing through water and struggling through mud, and you’re still dry and comfortable then there’s a good chance that you’re wearing GORE-TEX® footwear. But you don’t notice, it just works! GORE-TEX® is known throughout the world for its excellent waterproof and breathable properties and was discovered almost by accident in 1978. GORE-TEX® is one of the wonders of the 20th century and remains W.L.Gore’s most successful invention. Viking was one of the first manufacturers of shoes and boots to put the now famous GORE-TEX® technology to use. We have used it in our models since 1992. The Norwegian climate, with wet conditions and temperatures varying from freezing cold to rather warm, calls for a waterproof and breathable fabric. GORE-TEX® is just that fabric. The membrane basically works like the human skin: it lets moisture out and repels water. This means feet stay dry and warm, even in the toughest conditions. GORE-TEX® is also windproof. All in all, this makes GORE-TEX® shoes and boots a necessity when walking in demanding conditions. Dry and comfortable feet are guaranteed.

Outer material

Protective layer

GORE-TEX® membrane Absorbing layer Inner lining



Ultimate Grip Concept
Viking’s own sole technology

Asymmetrical lug pattern that also provides good drainage

A recessed torsion bar for extra grip when this part of the sole impacts upon rocks, roots and slippery surfaces

Lugs placed in different directions provide grip, traction and braking power at all conceivable angles and in all types of terrain

Viking’s rubber mixture with a softness of 60 shore for maximum grip and durability

Keep your feet on the ground!
When walking outdoors your grip is defined by a very simple mathematical equation. Downforce, sole surface and friction are the factors. Now, the downforce is you and your weight, the sole surface is your shoe, and friction is the rubber density. We’ve created the perfect combination: a very soft rubber mixture that will do its best not to slip and lugs that sink their “teeth” into the surface. In the equation, all you have to do is walk. We call it UGC ® – Ultimate Grip Concept. UGC ® – Viking’s own sole technology with focus on perfect grip. A soft rubber mixture of 60 shore creates the foundation. Soft rubber, stability and shock absorption – these are the three primary factors that determine how our UGC® sole works. Not only are they key factors, the main forces exerted on a shoe/boot work within these frames – creating and relying on one thing: grip. UGC® – Ultimate Grip Concept – was originally developed for our heavy duty hunting and mountain boots. It worked remarkably well. That’s why we’ve adjusted UGC ® to fit new areas. Today UGC ® covers a wide range of topographies, terrains and varying climate conditions. The variation between the different UGC ® soles reflects their specific use. A hunting and trekking boot will have different characteristics to a trailwalking and hiking shoe/boot. First and foremost, because they require different flexibility – our UGC ® sole for hunting and trekking is much stiffer and rigid, while UGC ® for trailwalking demands a more flexible, softer sole with lateral and torsion stability. UGC ® has also been adapted for wet and snowy conditions on our rubber boot UGC ® soles, and for snowy/icy conditions on our alpine sporty boots.



Our Boa® systems
Viking utilizes the low power rear-mount and the low power eyestay-mount systems for our lowcut models. They’re built for sporty shoes such as trail walkers, trail runners and shoes for any kind of highly aerobic activity or leisure activity. In addition we have a slightly more robust system for our medium shaft Boa ® equipped models. GLOVE-LIKE FIT with even closure and no pressure points. MICRO-ADJUSTABILITY: infinite degrees of fine tuning. ON-THE-FLY ADJUSTMENT with a quick turn of the wheel. LIGHTWEIGHT: Boa ® closures shed water, mud and ice. FAST: Boa ® is quick to take on and off and saves time. DURABLE: Boa ® laces are stronger per gram than tank armor.

The Boa Closure System
Have you ever been annoyed by constantly having to re-adjust your laces? Well, some people were. Probably while running or walking and getting the undergrowth tangled up in the laces. So they invented a system that eliminates the lace completely. Thanks to them, you can run with no worries! The Boa® Closure system is an ingenious lacing technology that consists of an interwoven cable made of aircraft grade stainless steel that is bundled into a super strong core. The cable runs through the shoe and is attached to a wheel, which, when turned, tightens the cable in a single movement. The reel allows you to adjust closure for a perfect, glove-like fit. Additionally, the wheel acts as a quick release button, just one pull, and you can step out of the shoes.



World class leather
Nothing beats leather when it comes to creating breathability and waterproofness. Leather comes in several thicknesses and tannings and is processed to serve the needs of many types of products, footwear included. We use it for its unique qualities: it breathes, keeps water out, and protects the feet. It also happens to be a great material for making shoes, as it is durable and flexible. Choosing the right leather is a skill of its own. We use only top quality full grain leather, suede or nubuck leather.

Full grain leather

Full grain leather is the highest quality there is. It has not been buffed or sanded, and often bears marks from the cattle it came from. Over time it will develop a natural patina and a genuine look.

Nubuck leather

Nubuck leather is top-grain leather that has been sanded or buffed on the outside to create a velvetlike surface of short protein fibers from the skin. It is durable and very resistant to scratch marks.

Suede is made from the inner part of a hide. Suede has a napped finish that creates a textured layer and a more refined look. It is thinner than regular leather, so it is softer and lighter, and takes color well.



Insulated by air!
BASF Elastopan
The best lightweight insulating polyurethane for winter boots. Engineered in Germany. ®

Extreme temperatures require extreme materials!
Polyurethane is a fantastic material. It can be used in a number of ways. Our idea was simple: Take the best insulating material in existence, namely air, and make use of it! Our moulded boots have a history that stretches back to the late 60s. Now we have updated our materials through the use of high quality polyurethane. Both our kids’ thermo boots and heavy-duty thermo boots for adults are made using German engineered BASF ® polyurathane. When polyurethane is made, millions of tiny air bubbles are captured inside the material. This reduces the weight and creates insulation. This insulating PU, combined with a wool and synthetic pile lining, ensures that feet stay warm and comfortable even at very low temperatures.

Polyurethane is a versatile material and can take any shape or color. That’s why our kids’ boots come in a wide range of many playful colors!

Our Thermo boots have a lot of advantages:
100% waterproof: PU is 100% waterproof and is made using a one-piece
mould with no seams or joins.

Wool lining: The wool and synthetic inner lining creates the best possible insulation. Soft and flexible: Polyurethane stays soft and flexible, even at very low

Durable: Polyurethane is an abrasion-resistant and highly durable material. Quick drying: Thermo have a removable inlay sole for easy drying.
They are also easy to wash.

Special fit: Thermo models are built on a Nordic last, which is slightly
wider. This provides space for an extra sock, if required.

PVC free: Polyurethane is 100% PVC-free and biodegradable.
38 39

A natural advantage
Hevea brasiliensis is the Latin name for the rubber tree. Its magnificent properties have been known since the early 1700s, but it was the discovery of the vulcanization procedure (1839) that led to commercial cultivation and harvesting of the rubber tree. Natural rubber is the sap from the rubber tree, and is harvested by making incisions in the bark. In liquid form, natural rubber is also known as latex. For Viking, this is the starting point for a journey from sap to handmade rubber boots. In the vulcanization process, additives are added to the raw material. An irreversible heating/pressuring process then changes this compound, giving it the desired characteristics for each part of the boot, whether it is the upper, midsole or bottom sole. We harvest our rubber in Malaysia. Mostly because of the top quality rubber from the plantations. And natural rubber is a key component in almost all of our products.

Natural rubber
Natural rubber is an ideal material for making waterproof footwear because it has the advantage of retaining its softness and flexibility at both high and low temperatures. Grip, waterproofness, traction and abrasion resistance are some of its properties.

Light Weight Rubber
In Viking’s Light Weight Rubber boots, the rubber is combined with a new material which is less dense than normal compounds, making the final mix lighter than traditional rubber compounds. However, it is still hard wearing and durable.



Find your bearings
So, where are we now? And how did we get here? Well, we must have done something right, and we hope our products can speak for us. However, in recent years we’ve experienced how tough the competition is getting. But we are prepared. We have an advantage. Our products are developed and tested in Norway. Our test personnel are regular Norwegians: kids, adults, families, hunters, hikers, trailrunners – you name it. An outdoor lifestyle is a part of growing up, because we live near the mountains, the fjords: and we are used to our unpredictable weather. Their feedback is essential to us, because if it works here, we know it will work anywhere. In essence this is why we succeed and why our products can be found in everything from a kindergarten in Budapest to the very top of Zermatt. In 2011 our turnover reached € 55 million and we sold footwear in 20 countries. Together with Scan Global Logistics, our Danish-based partner with offices in 187 countries, we intend to reach even further.

Symbols of conquest
Cairns are found atop every peak in Norway, no matter how big or small. People tend to build them everywhere, and that says a lot about how outgoing people are here. Cairns were originally built to measure distances for maps or to form landmarks. In other words, they were tools to control our surroundings. Today they are used for marking trails, but in most cases they are built just to say: “I was here.”



Our footprints are clear throughout Europe. As a brand we are not the biggest, but our reputation has taken us far. Today, our head office and parent company Viking fottøy AS is situated in Lørenskog, right outside Oslo, the capital of Norway. Viking fottøy employs more than 50 people in the organization, including sales agents. We have subsidiary companies in Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Germany, while our presence in the rest of the world is supported through distributors. This has brought our products to countries such as Russia, Iceland, Belgium, The Netherlands, Great Britain, Switzerland, Italy, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Greece, Bulgaria and even China.

At the end of Europe?
The North Cape is considered to be the northernmost point of the European mainland. As the North Cape is an island, this is not true. Cape Nordkinn is actually the furthest limit of the mainland! But the easy access and the tourist attraction built on this mountain plateau is reason enough to swallow the bait – by car, at least, this is as far north as you’ll get!



What’s around the next corner?
Viking is always curious about the future. Will there be new, fantastic technologies or new markets to explore? One thing is for sure: we will continue to be “one step ahead”. After all, that is our vision. Still, we can’t predict the future, but we can do our best to be prepared for it. We can see trends and adjust to them. For instance, in 2007 we launched a new strategy and revised our company profile.Our product development was focused on the growing outdoor market in Scandinavia and Europe. We developed highly specialized products for the outdoor enthusiast who doesn’t compromise, while at the same time maintaining our usual product line. Today we see a different trend. Demand for specialized footwear has become kind of “democratized” in the sense that entire families or even people in urban environments want footwear normally used by the individualists and outdoor enthusiasts. We think that’s fine, everybody deserves good footwear. Furthermore, we can see an increased awareness of issues such as environmental and social responsibility. We welcome this wholeheartedly. We’ve already implemented a corporate social responsibility program, and want to create as little impact on the environment as possible. The beautiful countryside that surrounds us is, after all, what we live for.

Look around – see history
Many trails you walk on are actually ancient trade routes. Long before roads were built our ancestors crossed mountain passes on foot or on horseback and, as you walk along, you might see artifacts from those days. Hiking is very much a part of cultural history!



Corporate Social Responsibility
Big important words, but what do they actually mean? In essence, they mean to care. They mean that a company should look at itself from the outside, as others see it, and be aware of the impact it has on others. It means that we should use resources to create a positive impact. Viking, as a company, affects and touches many lives. We employ a lot of people involved in production both in Asia and in Europe; and we transport our products across the globe. In other words, our actions have an effect on workers’ rights, human rights, and the environment. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is self-imposed. It is something that we have taken to heart, and followed since we moved some of our production to the Far East. We’ve invested in production facilities and labour resources. We do not shop around for the cheapest labour rates or cheapest materials – instead we build long term relationships with the communities and the people who work for us.

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Our Code of Conduct
The framework for our responsibility is enshrined in a set of rules – our Code of Conduct. These are the guidelines we follow and, in essence, they mean that we ensure the following criteria are met: • No form of forced labor, slave labor or involuntary labor. • Acceptance of trade unions and collective bargaining. • No child labor (children under the age of 14, 15 or 16 in certain countries). • No discrimination in working life based on ethnicity, religion, age, disability, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, trade union membership or political affiliation. • No physical or sexual abuse, punishment or the threat of physical abuse. • Safe and healthy working environment for employees. • Minimum employee wages in accordance with national minimum wage. • Recommended working hours 48 hours per week. Maximum overtime 12 hours per week with overtime. Minimum 1 day off per week. • Protection of the local environment. • No usage of chemicals prohibited by EU environmental legislation. • Animals need to be treated in a humane and dignified manner; no breeding of animals solely for their hide or fur. A task like this is overwhelming. So we collaborate with several organizations that help up maintain our corporate social responsibility.

Der Grüne Punkt
An industry-funded system for recycling of packaging materials of consumer goods. Der Grüne Punkt receive a fee for package handling.

FINLAND Viking Jalkineet OY Pakkalankuja 6 SF-01510 VANTAA Tel.: customer service desk: +358 9 838 61 80 Fax: customer service desk: +358 9 838 61 82 0 E-mail:

Initiative for Ethical Trade
This is the body we report to annually. Feedback from IEH is used to create a positive dialogue with our suppliers and change for the better.

Climate and Pollution Agency Norway
We comply with the standards set by this organization, which works to promote sustainable development across the world, especially for Norwegian businesses.

GERMANY / AUSTRIA Viking Footwear GmbH MOC – Raum D 126-128 Lilienthalallee 40 D-80939 München Tel.: +49 (0) 89 32186879 Fax: +49 (0) 89 32195299 E-mail:

BlueSign provides us with an independent international standard for the whole production line – from raw material to consumer.

RUSSIA Rusdel Ltd Obraztsova str. 14 127055, Moscow Tel.: +7 (495) 787 91 07 Fax : +7 (495) 937 13 86 E-mail:


BåL reklamebyrå - Photos by: Vegard Breie, Jarle Nyttingnes, John Lerskau, Johan Wildhagen & Nasjonalbiblioteket.