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Maintaining Water Quality in the Distribution System May 7 & 8, 2013 Course Coordinator: John Dyksen Course code: EO0201CA13 Registration fee: $315 Multi fee: $290 NJ licensed water operators: $157.50 (T, W or VSWS only) 1.2 CEUs/12 TCHs for NJ licensed water operators only Approval #01-090007-10 This two-day course provides the information you need to meet the challenge of operating your distribution systems to maintain flows, pressures and high water quality. Experts in the field will present information on the types of water quality problems associated with distribution systems and how to prevent or mitigate them. Regulatory requirements and their impact on distribution system operations will also be discussed. A group of interesting and timely in-class exercises on day two will bring together the concepts and techniques presented. Topics will include: • Factors affecting distribution system water quality • Regulatory compliance • Planning and design issues • Monitoring, operation and maintenance programs • Security issues and corrosion control.


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Maintaining Water Quality in the Distribution System
May 7 & 8, 2013
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Human Error Reduction
May 9, 2013


Alternative Energy for Water & Wastewater Operations
May 21, 2013

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Drinking Water Treatment Technologies

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May 22 & 23, 2013


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Human Error Reduction May 9, 2013 Instructor: Terry Tomsky Course code: EP0801CA13 Registration fee: $275 Multi fee: $247.50 NJ licensed water operators: $137.50 (T, W or VSWS only)
0.6 CEUs/6 TCHs for water and wastewater license holders

May 21, 2013 Course Coordinator: Lisa Klein, Ph.D. Course code: EQ0401CA13 Registration fee: $275 Multi fee: $247.50 NJ licensed water operators: $137.50 (T, W or VSWS only) 0.6 CEUs/6 TCHs for water and wastewater license holders Approval #01-011102-30

Alternative Energy for Water and Wastewater Operations

Approval #01-020602-31 (SAFETY CREDITS)

Developed as an introduction to the rapidly growing field of non-conventional (non-hydrocarbon based) energy sources, this course will present information on the materials and devices used in alternative energy systems, conversion, storage and generation. It will address such questions as: • What do we mean by conventional energy vs. alternative energy? Sustainable energy vs. clean energy? • What are photovoltaics and fuel cells? • What are batteries and super capacitors? • How can energy be stored once it is generated? • What other energy sources are out there? In addition, case studies of real world utility applications right here in New Jersey will be presented.
May 22 & 23, 2013 Course Coordinator: Russell Ford, Ph.D. Course Code: EO0205CA13 Registration fee: $315 Multi fee: $283.50 NJ licensed water operators $157.50 (T, W or VSWS only) 1.2 CEUs/12 TCHs for water license holders only! Approval #01-010102-10

This full-day workshop is designed to help you understand the fundamentals of human performance and behavior necessary to prevent accidents and injuries both at work and at home. This course will teach you how prevent, detect and correct unsafe conditions and acts that cause human errors or injuries resulting from errors. Topics will include: • How prevention techniques can reduce the occurrence of accidents and injuries • The difference between skill, rule and knowledge based errors • The relationship between behaviors and performance • Human error “traps” that influence performance • The point of “no return” or irretrievable action and how it relates to tasks and behaviors. Upcoming Classes
Microbiology of Activated Sludge June 5 & 6, 2013 O&M and Issues in Municipal Wastewater Plants June 12 & 13, 2013 Study & Exam Skills for Licensing & Professional Certification Testing
June 19, 2013

Drinking Water Treatment Technologies

One of our most popular classes—expanded to two days! Join the experts as they present information on the latest advances in drinking water treatment technology. You will get hands-on training on crucial calculations for water treatment plant design. These advances in treatment technology will be linked to compliance with more stringent drinking water regulations. With customers’ demand for higher quality water, it is crucial that supplier and operations personnel are current on the available treatment technologies. Topics will include: Regulatory overview; Optimizing coagulation, sedimentation and filtration; Improving disinfection and reducing disinfection by-products; Groundwater treatment: iron, manganese, hydrogen sulfide and VOC control; Advances in membrane treatment and desalination; A look into cutting edge technologies.


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Rigging & Hoisting Safety June 25, 2013







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