Pricing strategy of SR Enterprises COMPANY: S . R. E N T E R P R I S E S is Located at No :9A,SIDCO INDUSTRIAL ESTATE Kakkalur , Thiruvallur-602003. S R Enterprise was founded in 2009 which is always focusing on supplying good paper cups to clients. They developed their role in manufacturing of paper cups and selling their products throughout India. Sri Ragavendra Enterprices is specializes in the production of Paper Cups. Their company pays major attention while maintaining The quality of their products.: Problem definition: S R Enterprise was founded in 2009 which is always focusing on supplying good paper cups to clients. Most marketers and small business tend to ignore pricing as a powerful strategy. They either do a basic cost-plus model or they simply following along with whatever everyone else is doing. This is major mistake in S.R Enterprises. Need for the study: The study aims to help the S.R. ENTERPRISES For proper price tags to their products. The pricing strategy model, It combines marketing and economic vantage points as well as demand pricing, competitive pricing and cost based pricing. Effects of product differentiation are important for devising a pricing strategy. In terms of strategy it combines inside-out and outsidein perspectives. The inside-out perspective is represented by the costs factor and the price. The outside-in perspective is represented by customers and competitors.

PRIMARY OBJECTIVE: How to devise a pricing strategy for SR Enterprises? SECONDARY OBJECTIVES: 1. How can pricing strategy be modeled combining theories on strategy and pricing? 2. What pricing strategy would be proposed to SR Enterprises, once the developed pricing strategy model is implemented on them? 3. What is the practical usability of the developed pricing model?

The low price policy is introduced for the sake of long term survival and profitability.

We are providing a new approach to pricing. However . Pricing strategy process model is not recipe for more profitability or success. prices may be increased as and when LIMITATION: Due to time limitations. Some errors might have occurred due to environment. I believe that such observation would add greatly to the purpose of this research: to make a practically applicable pricing strategy model. Consider simply asking respondents (existing customers) how much would you be willing to pay for this. we could not observe the practical success of the devised strategy. . EXPECTED OUTCOME OF THE PROJECT: The project aims to identify the proper price tags to their products.Profits may not be earned in the initial stages. The willingness to pay tool will be measured with respect to the existing customers. The main contribution is the way of thinking that combines different perspectives during the pricing process.

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