Pathophysiology of Acute Appendicitis

Obstruction of appendix

Intraluminal pressure increases

Abdominal discomfort

Venous drainage

Thrombosis and edema of appendix

Bacterial invasion of the bowel wall hyperemia Fever Inflammation of vermiform appendix Exudates formation Acute abdominal pain that comes in wave Periumbilical pain (RLQ) @ Mcburneys point Muscle guarding Sudden sharp pain in RLQ Bowel sound diminished & abdomen distended Perforation Lying still &drawing the legs up to relieve pain Vomiting & loss of appetite


Bacterial invasion of peritoneal cavity

Pain subsides

Walling off of omentum


Sepsis Death

Old books usually refer vermiform appendix as the body organ with no use. The common person makes a joke out of it as the organ that usually gives or share money to the doctor. But today we are already being educated that the appendix have also a role in maintaining the homeostasis of the body as it

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