FSTA Value Proposition

The FSTA formed in 1997 to provide assistance to hundreds of existing and emerging companies in the fast-growing fantasy sports industry.
Our industry has a bright future ahead. We already know about the 36 million fantasy sports players in the U.S. and Canada. As the industry evolves, we’re expanding to support both international companies and domestic companies looking to make inroads abroad. We’re also tracking emerging fantasy sports, like mixed martial arts (MMA). And even non-sports, like fantasy American Idol leagues.

By joining the FSTA, you will have direct access to resources that will help your company prosper. You will realize the value of membership immediately with applicable and timely research, networking opportunities, educational events and opportunities for exposure in the growing marketplace. The FSTA has compiled years of research data, spanning nearly every area of interest for member businesses.

Our biannual conferences offer the opportunity to learn about the latest research, legal updates and new trends that affect our industry. You’ll also network with nearly every meaningful company in the fantasy sports space.

The FSTA’s Board of Directors is comprised of representatives from 15 different companies, including some of the most recognizable fantasy sports operations in the marketplace. Our board members combine for nearly 200 years of fantasy sports industry service. We are beholden only to our members’ interests. The FSTA has battled to ensure that the industry isn’t monopolized by sports leagues or players’ associations. We will continue to champion the causes that best reflect the needs of our membership.

I encourage you to reach out to our Association Director, Megan Van Petten, for more information about membership benefits and costs. She can be reached at megan@fsta.org. Thank you again for your time and interest in the FSTA. If you’d like to reach me directly, you can do so at paulc@leaguesafe.com.

- Paul Charchian, President, FSTA and LeagueSafe.com

Commitment to the Industry
An Unbeatable Commitment to Industry Research, Communication & Support Catch the Latest Market Data
The FSTA’s annual market research program began in 2003 and continues every year. At each conference, you’ll hear the latest industry statistics and market trends from experts in the field. Researchers from IPSOS and major universities independently present findings that assist fantasy sports businesses in better serving their customers and with avenues to attract new clients.

Play on a Level Field
From the very beginning, the FSTA has been the voice of the industry. In the ‘90’s they worked with lobbyists to make sure Fantasy sports games were perceived as Games of Skill, and exempt from gambling legislation. In 2005-2007, the FSTA supported CDM Fantasy Sports legal battle with MLBPA/MLBAM which resulted in fantasy companies being able to use players’ names and playing records on their websites. And today, the FSTA is working to get fantasy sports games “legal” in some suspect states.

Connect with the Most Innovative Players

The FSTA holds winter and summer trade shows annually, so members can attend, network and participate in industry seminars and panel sessions. FSTA members gain valuable insight into the growing industry of fantasy sports and have the opportunity to connect with business leaders from all over the world.

Participate and Be Heard
FSTA is committed to serving and supporting its members. The board regularly surveys its members and acts on feedback to ensure that all members are getting everything they can out of their partnership with FSTA. “Head2Head Sports has found value in the FSTA for many years and for many reasons. Whether it’s visibility amongst our peers, access to the latest in research or connections that might not otherwise be made, if you’re in the fantasy sports business, you need to be in the FSTA.” –Stacie Stern, FSTA Board Member , GM Head2Head Sports

Member Benefits
Make your mark in the industry. Become an FSTA member and reap the benefits. Connections and Support
The FSTA provides an unparalleled opportunity to join a focused community of industry decision-makers through its casual and informative, biannual conferences. Additionally, the FSTA can arrange personal introductions to foster connections with prospective strategic partners and business opportunities. If you have a new program or project you’d like to undertake, or want something specific out of your membership, talk with the FSTA. We will provide assistance or ideas that help make your goals a reality.

The Latest Industry News
Members of the FSTA have exclusive access to highly-valuable fantasy sports industry research data. Eight years of studies are available to members online, including the latest studies presented at the most recent FSTA Business Conference.

Visibility and Promotion
The FSTA makes your organization visible at all levels as a committed industry player. As a member, you’ll have multiple opportunities to promote products and services to the FSTA membership. Your company can use the FSTA Logo and web site link on your materials. You will be given the first opportunity to sponsor FSTA events and programs. Contributions to the FSTA’s events and competition for annual industry awards will help keep your company on the radar of other members, and establish your expert reputation among peers.

FSTA members get substantial discounts on all FSTA conference registrations and membership renewal. The cost for joining the FSTA is $750 for the first year and $400 every year after.

“Now that I am in the real time statistics business, almost every attendee is a candidate to be a client for me. The FSTA Winter conference is the premier gathering for all networking, deal making and fun relationship building (craps table) in the fantasy sports industry. It is a must attend event for me.” - Rob Phythian, FSTA Board Member, SportsData, LLC Founder and President

FSTA Bi-Annual Conference
Research. Ideas. Success Stories. Connections. Get it all at the next FSTA Biannual Conference.
“In the past, we have found networking at the FSTA conferences to be among the most valuable features. We are looking forward to meeting with as many people as possible, face-to -face, once again at the conference.” - Mike Musuris, Co-Founder, SpinBall Enterprises

Ideas, People, and Opportunities
The Fantasy Sports Trade Association hosts a biannual conference that attracts the top names in the fantasy industry for two days of discussion of new technologies and trends in business. Conference participants are granted incomparable access to the thoughts of decision makers, thought-leaders, and successful veterans of the industry. There is no better way to keep up with the market shifts, legal developments, new concepts, and monetization strategies that emerge to impact fantasy sports each year.

Conference Workshops
FSTA conference sessions feature the most respected names and innovative companies in fantasy sports. Past speakers have included executives from major destinations like CBS Sports, Yahoo! Sports, FOX Sports, ESPN, and NBC Sports; independent sites like My FantasyLeague, Head2Head, and RotoWire; platform companies and content providers such as Facebook, Icon Sports Media, and STATS, Inc.; and the investors, attorneys, entrepreneurs, and researchers who know the industry better than anyone. We bring you the best information on the latest developments, to keep you on track to succeed.

Hang Time
Business is easier with people you know, and the Biannual Conference is the perfect way to form relationships in the industry. Attendees in 2012 enjoyed a fantastic San Francisco Giants game. The FSTA conferences make it easy to catch up informally with new and old friends and explore new ideas in a relaxed, collegial setting.
Can’t make it to our Bi-Annual Conference? You can always catch the Expert League Draft broadcast live from Sirius XM.

Recognition from Industry Peers
You work hard to be the best. The FSTA wants everyone to know. Show your Colors
With several categories for multiple sports, the awards program offers members an avenue to get exposure for their latest product or service. FSTA board members, nonpartisan 3rd parties with relevant category knowledge, and member companies review products and services and vote for excellence and innovation.

Award Categories
Best League Commissioner Product Most Valuable Fantasy Tool Best Mobile App Best Fantasy Contest Most Innovative Fantasy Contest Best Fantasy Live Event Most Innovative Fantasy Product or Service Most Valuable Fantasy Content Rookie of the Year

Get Involved
Learn more about the awards, including detailed information about the nominating process, program rules and category descriptions on the FSTA website at www.fsta.org/awards.

Meet the Fantasy Sports Market
The FSTA provides its members with high-value industry research analysis on an annual basis. Recent research affirms that the fantasy sports market represents a huge part of the North American population, and is above-average in affluence and education. Fantasy sports adoption continues to grow every year, particularly among women and teens. Fantasy players are using mobile devices to manage their teams, and are undaunted from spending money on fantasy sports during tough economic times.*
Percentage of Fantasy Sports Players compared to the Population of Age 12+*

HH Income <$50K

HH Income $50K+ No College Education College Education

Canada (3+Million Players) United States (32+Million Players)

Male Teens

Total 0 5 10 15 20 25

The average fantasy sports player has these characteristics: ****

        

Has played for 8.5 years Spends an average of $467.60 per year playing fantasy sports 3 out of 4 play fantasy sports with people that they know Spend about 3 hours per week managing their teams 73% are married 88% are White/Caucasian 78% Own Their Home $92,750 Average Household Income Average Age is 41.4 years old.

Fantasy Games and Spending Habits
Target your audience
Fantasy players follow every major sport, and most play more than one kind of fantasy game per year. The sport demographic that matches your advertising base is engaged in fantasy games, and is probably checking more than one online source for stats, tips, and information.

Which Fantasy Sports are Fantasy Sports Players playing? *

72% 37% 24% 20%





On average, fantasy sports players spend $95 on league related costs, single player challenge games, and league related materials over a 12 month period ***

Per Player League Fees Transaction Fees Website Hosting Fees Website Prize Fees Information Materials Challenge Games $36 $8 $9 $7 $20 $15

U.S. Market Share $1.18 Billion $262 Million $290 Million $230 Million $656 Million $492 Million

Fantasy Sports and Technology
Fantasy Sports Players still rely heavily on internet websites for their research. That is gradually changing as more and more players are using a mobile device or app to get their information.

How Many sports news websites do Fantasy Sports Players visit to obtain relevant data? *
None 3% 1 7% 6 or More 30%

2 or 3 16%

4 or 5 44%

30% of Fantasy Sports Players surveyed in 2011 used a mobile device to participate in fantasy sports. Among those that using a mobile device, fantasy sports players used a mobile device or app to: ** Access cheat sheets and ranking to help with drafts and auctions Access real-time fantasy games or player stats Get player news, information or injury reports Get scores of actual games (MLB, NHL, NBA, etc.) Change their fantasy team’s lineup, make trades, or conduct transactions Send messages or smack talk to other members of their fantasy league or game
* 2009-2010 Fantasy Sports Research Group and iPSOS study, n=1604 ** Dr. Kim Beason, FSTA Study, 2011 *** Summer 2012 Fantasy Sports Research Group and IPSOS study **** Dr. Kim Beason, FSTA Study, 2010

13% 67% 54% 69% 44% 14%

Meet the Organization
Led by the industry’s best talent.
The FSTA is led by a rotating board composed of industry veterans, pioneers, and experts. These individuals are well-known for their contributions to fantasy sports and the FSTA, and keep the organization relevant to emerging needs in the industry. Our Association Director Megan Van Petten has deep experience keeping associations running smoothly, and looks forward to answering your questions about the FSTA.

Event Sponsorship & Exhibiting
Take part in the industry’s success. Become an FSTA Biannual Conference Sponsor.
FSTA Platinum Anchor Sponsor: $8,500
Full Size Booth Two Conference Admission Passes 15-Minute Presentation during Conference Recognition by FSTA President during Welcome & Opening Remarks Logo in pre-event promotions Ad in Conference Handbook

Bronze Break Sponsors: $2,000
Full Size Booth Option to have signage displayed on easel during break Representative will introduce break and company Ad in Conference Handbook

Elevator Pitch Sponsor: $1,750
Full Size Booth Representative will introduce Winner Ad in Conference Handbook

FSTA Gold Cocktail Reception Anchor Sponsor: $7,500
Full Size Booth Two Conference Admission Passes Representative Will Introduce Reception and Company Logo in pre-event promotions Ad in Conference Handbook

Bronze Booth Sponsors: $1,550
Full Size Booth Conference Pass Ad in Conference Handbook

Silver Dinner Sponsor: $5,000
Full Size Booth Two Conference Admission Passes Representative Will Introduce Dinner and Company Option to have signage displayed on easel Ad in Conference Handbook

Technology Sponsorship: $1,500
Powers the Draft Wireless Internet Ad in Handbook

Event Give-Away sponsor: $1,250
Logo on event give-away (professional item) Ad in Conference Handbook

Silver Lunch Sponsor: $3,500
Full size booth Representative will introduce Lunch and Company Option to have signage displayed on easel Ad in Conference Handbook

Website Banner Advertising: $500
Full Month Run Weekly Ad Reports Ad in Conference Handbook

Silver Breakfast Sponsor: $2,500
Full Size Booth Representative will introduce Breakfast and Company Option to have signage displayed on easel Ad in Conference Handbook

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