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About WIN

omen In Need has been working with victims of domestic violence and sexual assault in the Franklin and Fulton County Areas of Pennsylvania since 1977. Women In Need is a 501(c)(3) private, non-profit organization working within the community to obtain safety for victims of violence. All of our services are free and confidential to victims of domestic and sexual violence and to the significant others of victims. Our mission is to educate, support, and empower victims of abuse.

Our Board of Directors


Captain Craig W. Hoffman, USN (ret)

Vice-President: Bonnie L. Harmon Secretary: Treasurer:

Captain Susan Pape, NC USNR (ret) Dr. Gloria A. Walker

Linda S. Baer Claire Hunter Rev. Barbara A. Hutchinson Deborah Ott Margaret Schollaert

Executive Director:

Barbara Channing

Financial Review Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2012 Total Assets $ 1,999,332
Unrestricted Net Assets Temporarily Restricted Net Assets Permanently Restricted Net Assets Total Net Assets 1,359,623 626,676 19,893 1,999,332

Contribution Income Capital Campaign Income Total Grant Income Total Income Program Services Expenses Supporting Services Expenses Fundraising Expenses Total Expenses Change in Net Assets (Net Income)

109,723 344,836 1,172,025 1,626,584 1,102,306 220,381 11,892 1,334,579 309,492

A new logo to symbolize WINs Vision

WINs new logo is symbolic of the work we do. First, the color scheme: teal is the color for Sexual Assault Awareness, while purple is the color signifying Domestic Violence Awareness. The four-petal flower design also symbolizes the fact that one in four women will be a victim of violence in her lifetime, but the flower itself is emblematic of new growth and life. Our new logo design was graciously donated by Pete Musacchio of Agility Marketing in Erie, PA.

Services Provided to the Community

Services for 2011-2012 Victims and Families Served Prevention Education and Training Advocacy and Counseling Services Safe Housing Legal Representation Volunteer Services Sexual Assault Response Team Office of Victim Witness Services Franklin County Adults981 Children160 712 programs provided to 10,382 individuals Fulton County


Adults208 Children40 122 programs provided to 2,149 individuals

1,578 834 programs provided to 12,531 individuals 12,788 hours 2,311 days to 67 women and 58 children 353 new cases

10,661 hours 1,952 days to 55 women and 51 children 322 new cases

2,127 hours 361 days to 12 women and 7 children 31 new cases

6,129 hours 26 victims served

714 hours 7 victims served

6,843 hours 33 victims served

809 adult victims 151 child victims

**service not pro- 960 victims served vided by WIN

Services Offered by WIN

Women In Need works to provide safety and options to victims of violence. Victims of domestic and sexual violence are offered options and information to help them make the decisions necessary when moving from victim to survivor. WIN serves all victims: Men, women, and children. Our Hotline (264-4444 or 1-800-621-6660) WINs hotline is answered 24 hours a day by trained staff and
volunteers. Victims of violence receive a listening ear, words of encouragement and options when they call. No matter the time of day, someone is available to listen and offer options.

Individual and Group Counseling Whether seeking individual sessions or looking to interact with a
group of survivors, victims are able to talk with a trained advocate to learn ways of furthering the healing process.

Legal Advocacy Legal advocates offer support and assistance to victims involved in the legal system. Navigating court hearings, helping with the paperwork for a Protection From Abuse Order and working with law

Shelter services The shelter for battered women and children provides a safe haven for victims of violence. While staying in our shelter, victims receive counseling services, referrals to other community agencies, and assistance finding transitional housing.

S.A.R.T. A team of trained nurses and advocates are ready to respond to victims of sexual violence 24
hours a day. The Sexual Assault Response Team works to comfort a rape victim while collecting the forensic evidence that may help police arrest the victims attacker.

Education WINs education staff has programs appropriate for all ages from 3 to adult. Topics are all based
around prevention of violence, ranging from bullying, to Healthy Relationships, to safe touching, to Teen Dating Violence and many more. All programs are free. Call our office at 264-3056 or email for more information.

Volunteers Volunteers are educated about the dynamics of violence and trained to respond to victims.
Volunteers answer the hotline, provide advocacy, work in our shelter, and speak in the community. Nondirect service opportunities such as yard work, maintenance, or office work are also available. Volunteers are always needed. Call our office at 264-3056 or email for more information.

Serving Franklin and Fulton Counties

PO Box 25, Chambersburg PA 17201 Business Phone: 717-264-3056 Fax: 717-264-3168 Fulton County Office: 717-485-5840

24 HOUR HOTLINE 717-264-4444 or 1-800-621-6660

A United Way Agency