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Executive Summary
Mission statement

Creation of a Multi-Language News and Classified Ad Site


y Mission is to sell 5 million dollars in ads in the first 5 years of operation and more than 10 million dollars in ads in the following 5 years, with a growth rate of 25 percent per year or more each year. To become the recognized leader in its targeted market as a platform where people can place high impact classified ads in bulk or one at a time and get news and information that they cannot get from so called gate keepers on the internet. The Combined News and Classified ad site will have up to 1000 cities listed in which ads can be posted. The Site will be available to read in English, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, Russian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Korean, Arabic, Hebrew and Hindi. Other Languages such as Dutch, Urdu, Farsi, Thai and Vietnamese will be added at a later date. The News Portion of the site will aggregate news from sites in each of the user languages listed, covering the areas of Business, Entertainment, New Medias, Tech, World, Health, Video, Money, Travel, Learning and Blogs, Forums and Groups. The news chosen and filtered through the site will act as a counter to the growing trend in the media toward conservative gate keeping on the web today. And since the world is neither all liberal nor all conservative EarthToday.Biz will attempt to strike a balance of opinions while offering a variety of news and information sources not found on the growing list of new internet gatekeeper site backed by major media conglomerates. Registered users will be able to customize the news they want to fit their needs. On the Classified tab, users will find the only Multilanguage posting ad site in the world. Clients will be able to post and ad in any one of the aforementioned languages and in any combination of the same languages for a modest fee. Ad postings will otherwise be free, with no need to register unless the user wants to have access to copies of their ads stored

000 per month on the portions of the earthtoday. Aggregation and Distribution is going to be key to any new applications which seek to provide service between publishers and readers. regional market places that covers the region of the city they live in . especially those interested in the entertainment section or the tech sections. The only cost involved with the ad posting will be an assortment of enhancements designed to prolong the duration of the ads visibility and draw attention to the ads when viewed by site users.biz site where we had the most visitors. to provide the corporate audience with consumers and to supply small business and single ad placers an arena to display their goods. Both the News portion and the Classified ad portion will be designed to be Mobile First and Desktop second. low cost means of promoting classified ads. For a small fee bold text and highlighted entries can be used to bring extra attention to ads. It will allow any user to post classifieds whilst having them syndicated. or to all cities .Biz. Multi-language ads will be posted via our real time customer support agents from which all languages other than the user primary language will be posted using contract agents who will log in to their own version of the admin and post the other requested languages of the clients ads manually. My Idea is twofold regarding Classified ads. translating the ads accurately rather than through machine translation. this will cost more to the client but provide better results in the end. and to any other web site affiliate. only India. rather than the whole city. Individual and corporations will be able to register for eBay-like bulk ad posting accounts to allow the clients to post large numbers of ads at one time. in multiple languages at the same time. only Canada. Assuming a 5% CTR at $1 per click. through EarthToday. we could earn $50. To provide an alternate. both for the use of corporations seeking masses of consumers and for small businesses and individuals seeking the widest dispersal of their ads at the lowest cost. services and used items for sale with the widest possible viewership.Biz can serve as a rally point for site owners seeking to have their ads aggregated. only the US. Another goal of the format of this site is to create platforms that will provide lasting value for the customers. To make classified ad users lives easier by giving them the options to promote themselves worldwide or regionally and to provide a place to run ads in a smaller. The site will employ Adsense as part of its revenue raising strategy. separate city postings alone will be free. easy to use. . in the same categories for one low fee. corporations seeking to acquire more customers and small classified ad posters looking for more bang for their buck. This is an audacious effort to build a fully distributed classified advertising platform for the Internet. cities based on location. any number of cities. Classified ad clients using our site will be able to post to one city. EarthToday. It's very difficult to estimate without knowing a typical CTR or CPC for our website. only China etc.3 on the sites servers where they can manage their ads for reposting.

computers. then another third when [X] is achieved and then the last third. I may want to consider and equity exchange option.com. Programming the Web Sites Script. as I have no money to put down for the venture.4 Why will there be so many Users in the Future for EarthToday. Financing for the first 5 years of operation. affiliates. The Financing Mr. Hiring and instructing customer service and translator contractors.Biz? The world is changing! In the west factory jobs are gone. The financing will be used for the following: Development of the Company’s online flag ship platforms and algorithms. As an option . Some of them will still need ways to promote them selves on mass beyond the limitations of social media and networking. Ipads. Those who understand this will begin seeking their fortunes by becoming creators. they will need advertising and promotional services. Capital to purchase servers. Creation and setup of initial new classified ad service and updating of current service: Beyslist. Testing of new classified platforms with test users. The interest rate and loan agreement are to be further discussed during negotiation. . Bey is seeking to acquire $25. Instead of using factories and mines to create a product. they will use their laptops. inform them of the trends of the world and let them promote themselves to the others to help them make the best of those changes. Smart phone and Dropbox accounts along with their social media accounts. Advertising and Promotion. people are no longer going to be able to trade their genius for security.000 in financing. blogs and web domains to be the producers and creator. I may further consider requesting only a third of the money until [X] has been achieved.Biz will do. desktops. This is what EarthToday. This business plan assumes that the business will receive a 10 year loan with a 9% fixed interest rate. and related technology.

com. churches and other organizations to target users of their services closer to where they live and operate. Property acquisition and setup of new site. all targeting differing segments of the classified market. people can read your ads on their cell phones. labor and tax costs. Earth . Paying for any fees. 5. 3. setup and travel cost. advertisers and other. Ipad and laptops. hair salons. 6. Regional Advertising. profitable classified sites. bake sale. Advertising and promotion net wide via contracted services for advertising. initially we will use offsite services to begin business. EARTHTODAY. residents and other business In much the same way a small town newspaper would. Global Reach Regarding the other sites planned for the near future. Hosting services and investment in the in script updates to make the site provide the service feature we want to provide. They will be as follows. mom and pop stores. licenses. National and Global Advertising Aside from the Existing Beyslist. there will be a suite of Classified Sites. both private and corporate.5 Includes: 1. university city and center city as they are known in Philadelphia. Setting up a new corporate structure and banking arrangements. 7. small and large. rent parties. This will allow all parties be them lawyers. By breaking a given city down in to neighborhood regions. these are seen as niche sites catering to the needs of local advertisers. north Philly. Contracting legal services. 2. regional stores and markets to promote themselves to neighbors.BIZ This will be the flagship news/ classified aggregator and manual posted classified site with a left leaning and international bent and with links to beyslist. porch sales. west Philly. such as south Philly. based on the research of other.com and what will be the other sites that will make up the community of associated classified websites. An Offshore location may be considered to lower overall operating. I will allow advertisers. computers and any security systems needed. Any miscellaneous activities related to startup and operation. only in this case. 4.

It is the intention of Earthtoday to make communities around the world relevant to one another.6 Today will pick up where Huffington post leaves off in that while we will aggregate the news. the same could be done for other ethnic communities to get them to see one another as part of a larger community that they may have an opportunity to do business with. Because of the human brain’s love of images. Vast. WESTPHILLYADS. beyslist which has been in operation since 2010 will undergo additional development and expansion to become the major provider of internet classified services for the marketer seeking to deliver his r her message to the farthest reaches of cyberspace. Pa. videos and text based news and information that is self updating and relevant.biz will be usable via an App that will run on many models of cell phone. Ads will be low cost in all cases and cost for ads will be restricted to only a small number of categories. BEYSLIST. if possible classifieds from all over the world.Biz: CityList. On the world wide level.000+ sources aggregated in one convenient location. Regardless of weather they live in west Philly or not. EarthToday. These sites are the main competition for Earthtoday.biz site will have access to untraditional as well as traditional (so called main stream ) media sources. the focus will be on picture ad or classifieds with graphics. users of the Earthtoday. Social media classifieds will also be provided. Oodle. blogs. we will aggregate. Because of the rise of cell phone commencer in African states for example.com – Millions of classifieds from 70.000 classified ad sources. It may be possible to program the site so that ads from African countries are displayed ticker style at the top of pages where people in African American communities may be attempting to place an ad and visa versa. not just the western world. Earth today will aggregate news from many cultures. . (or at least English language versions of non-western cultural site) and provide a platform to post ads as well with option to keep ads at the top of the listing even on a indefinite basis. User will be able to read news and post and read Classified Ads.COM The Name says it all.com – An aggregator from over 75. and then uses its search algorithm to help you find what you need. com – Pulls millions of ads from thousands of sites. this site will focus on the needs of entrepreneurs wanted to place ads under the noses of residents of West Philadelphia in the city of Philadelphia.COM Designed to capitalize on the growing need for multicast posting. in up to six languages.

7 All other ads will be free but have low cost option to make the ad stand out. Have cross-post capabilities . by city. by State County. All site created under the one banner will: Offer the same extensive posting features Offer low. south Philly. competitive prices Be advertised of each other sites and via venues such as face book. this model will be applied on all sites. UCITYADS. An “ads that might interest you. center city. west Philly.e.com will have all the attributes of its sister sites and target the students of the university area as well as the residents and small businesses and property owners.. SOUTHPHILLYADS. north Philly. linked in and Google Ad words Ads posted will be displayed on the websites Facebook and other SocialMedia pages.COM Targeting University City in Philadelphia. by region of country. the format may differ and an app will be available for smart phone users. Be promoted via articles written by third parties and placed on link wheels Be promoted by videos with links on sites net wide Be promoted by ads in print publications and via email bulk mailings Customization options to post ads in ever smaller regional areas.COM This site will focus on the area of Philadelphia south of market street and east of the Schuylkill river and will have all the attributes of its sister site including cross links and cross posting abilities.” section to be added to each site to promote retention of clients and increase revenues. UcityAd. by region of city: i.

1 billion in 2002 and is continuing to grow. their first stop is increasingly becoming the Internet and the World Wide Web. More personalized "push" services such as automatic ad alerts 4. With Africa just beginning to come on line in meaningful numbers. In 1999. More timely and up-to-date listings 5. that number grew to over 6% by 2002 and is now estimated to be close to 10%. While online classifieds accounted for only 1% of the overall classifieds market in 1999. video. User-friendly tools and features such as photos. Online classifieds have many significant advantages over their traditional print counterparts. Convenience and ease of use 2. Whether individuals or businesses are looking for a used car. there will new demands for new options that allow the user to have more freedom of access than ever before. including the following: 1. and sound clips in online ads . with recent estimates putting it at approximately US$6 billion.8 Business opportunity One the Great business opportunities of the 21st century are the ever growing market for classified ads. Financial projections Financial projections are available on the included excel spread sheet. Powerful search and "my checklist" capabilities for marking ads for future retrieval 3. a new employee. video and online advertising accessible by desk top or cell phone. or a date for Friday night. Industry Environment Overview of the industry Since 1999 classified ad sites have grown in popularity and market share. video resumes. the market for online classified advertising was US$300 million. This number grew to US$2.

online automotive advertising grew to US$1. skaters in NYC.9 Some of the greatest growth was in the following sectors: Real Estate . under multiple product names.online recruitment advertising totaled approximately US$1. my goal is to become #1.the online dating market totaled approximately US$500 million in 2005 Business-to-Business . many of which have already been chosen.8 billion in 2005 Employment .2 billion in 2004 Personals . to aim for the stars. . these market shares have increased since then. with our products serving clients in multiple languages. senior’s personals. 2005 was the year for which I could find complete figures.5 billion in 2005 Automotive .online classifieds in countries that traditionally have had a few dominant newspapers that controlled most of the classified advertising. and hobbyists of all types. With innovations and new products (new classified sites in new niches) I expect to become the star bucks of the classified world.online real estate advertising totaled approximately US$1.classifieds that target niches as diverse as small business owners. Global markets . Projected position for the future I expect that we will be able to establish a share among the leading classified ad services. either way we shall have a solid following which we shall capitalize on and work to promote.web sites that enable transactions between one business and another Niche markets . even if I hit only the moon.

INDIVIDUAL USERS OF EACH SERVICE. Craigslist does have almost 80% of Market share of current global classifieds. Hotel accommodation suppliers. Bearing in mind that only 25% of the world’s population is on the internet and web. fast loading venue that they can use from home or cell phone r corporate HQ. such as car dealerships . the product is the end user-consumers themselves. This score rates Craigslist customer service and customer support as Terrible. Home Appliances. Food and delivery services et al. The Audience is not the small user anymore. Electronics. travel agencies and airlines. This is by no means a dire situation. And that CL has some of the worst customer service on the net. . dirty ads at low cost with a high rate of viewer ship. corporate users of advertising space .10 Potential customers There will two distinct customer groups. Both will want an easy to use. real-estate sellers. Craigslist customer service is ranked #555 out of the 578 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard. Clothes. Ones that seek an advertising medium to place free ads. videos. These facts alone suggest that CL can be supplanted in time as the premier site for posting classified ads by filling the needs left by CL for better service and more and better posting options.07 out of a possible 200 based upon 766 ratings. Medical supplies. Providers of prescription drugs. Ones that will just want to place quick. It may yet be possible to shave off a major portion of their market share. Large. Computers. resume videos and a place to get their news fix. Retail sellers of recreational vehicles. Competitive Analysis Below are some of the most popular classified ad sites on the web today. THEN THERE ARE THE SMALLER.com rating with an overall score of 18. but the corporations that seek the small and midsize users and consumers of products and services.

though the companies listed do expend some of their revenue on advertising. since Craigslist leans way to the left politically.00057% -7. Giving user very low rates for the ads which do have a fee or very reasonable upgrade fees will work in our favor as many people will want lower cost option and better service. They've been rolling on that momentum ever since.736. They got to the marketplace first and everyone flocked to them.5 Listings: 5.84% Easyautosales market share Nov 2012 1 0.11 In researching this market it became clear that comparatively little effort is made to advertise such services.72% 1 month 1.com easyautosales.com reachoo.000 2 -10 Listings: 2. low gas and food prices or free ads. Also. 2010 fiscal year geebo.27% 3 month 1.175.886 $250.000 1.56% .440% -4.854 < 500k 4 Listings: 4. none seems determined to catch a significant share of the market.com Company Sales Net Profit (Loss) Employees Market Share Craigslist.648 $121 million 18-22 More than 75% of all Ads on the web today.393% -2.024. weather it is bread and circuses. Craigslist became large because they enjoyed the first mover advantage.508% -7. Newspapers across the country (at their own peril) gave them unbridled amounts of free publicity and still do today. A lesson to be learnt Political and business history shows that liberal policies and attitudes toward the masses always pay off.com Under $500. Below is a sampling of market shares for some of the major Classified ad sites Reach % Change Craigslist market share Nov 2012 7 day 1.

12 month 3 0.67% month 3 0.0071% +35% 1 0.0352 -7.0386 -18.0065% -8.00656 +26% month % Ebayclassifieds market share Nov 2012 7 day 0.0026% -3.0027% +5% 1 0.00057% +21% month Reecho market share Nov 2012 7 day 0.0355 +17% % 1 0.30% month % .00295 +67% month % Geebo market share Nov 2012 7 day 0.45% month 3 0.56% month % 3 0.

Currently. banners. clothing and gadgets will I expect increase in the US and other western markets such as the USA. With more and more 18 year olds entering the world of cyber space every day. and email advertisements. vacations. at which point the economy will begin a prolonged recovery period. . People will begin seeking new ways to make money and will place ads for programs which they embrace as mediums to make money such as affiliate programs and other legitimate work at home options. which has dropped to historical lows. the economic market condition in the United States is in Depression. used electronics and other consumer goods will increase as people seek ways to make ends meet by selling their possessions.13 Strategic and Market Analysis Economic Outlook Currently. classifieds. some will seek ways to make money as well as goods and services. This slowdown in the economy has also greatly impacted real estate sales. Approximately 80% of this revenue is from keyword search advertising with the rest of the revenue generated from rich media. referrals. Industry Analysis According to Price Waterhouse Coopers 2007 report on aggregate internet marketing budget statistics. It is therefore my belief that the market for homes for sale by owner. Many economists expect that this Depression will continue for a significant period of time. namely the large corporate providers of goods and services. The growth rate of the industry over the last five years has been well over 40% per year with this trend expecting to continue and then level off over the next five years. fore closures and rental ads will increase as people are uprooted by the misfortunes on the US economy. Western Europe and Canada. Ads for items for sale such as used cars and home furnishings. the UK. People tend to buy themselves new things when they are depressed so the market for new consumer items. the sooner we make our new classified sites part of their habits of internet access the better for the clients we serve. sponsorships. internet marketing is a $40 billion dollar per year industry. it was anticipated that internet marketing expenditures in the US will reach $50 billion dollars per year by 2010. cars. This industry is expected to continue to grow as the numbers of businesses increase.

• Between the ages of 25 and 60. 2. services or products.000 to $500.14 Customer Profile There are several levels of user the planned sites will cater to. .com already has 450 US cities. Common traits among end users will include: • Annual business revenue of $25. Corporations seeking masses of new clients. they include: 1. Beyslist.Biz will have up to 1000 cities with a user option to suggest even more. The Number of US cities to be listed could be as high as 500.000 per year. • Interested in selling used goods. • Has high speed internet access • Is familiar with the concept and operations of online classified websites. EarthToday. Private individuals posting the as-needed or small biz classified ads Some of the characteristics of the site user will include: Users from major Metropolitan areas of the United States such as: New York City Philadelphia Chicago Miami Washington DC Los Angeles Dallas Newark NJ San Francisco Seattle Los Vegas Boston Pittsburgh Richmond Detroit San Diego Houston Atlanta Baltimore New Orleans And Hundreds of other US and Canadian Cities as well.

which will over a host of publishing options for advertisers. comments made on Facebook profile. particularly in Africa nations where there is a growing use of cell phone to do business. . Establish relationships with advertisers that are targeting people that search online for services that they need. English is the primary language of cross cultural business on the internet so it is possible to stake out territories world wide. rent sharing. With people seeking low cost goods. India and China or other Asia Pacific location will be used to extensively promote the site to the largest number of people in the shortest amount of time. Develop an expansive online presence through the use of pay per click marketing and search engine optimization. cheap travel and other commodities. The classified sites will be equipped with multilanguage interfaces in major world languages to garner more clients. International and national PR agencies in the US. twitter. real-estate opportunities.Biz. Marketing Strategies: These are some but not all of the methods that will be used to promote the EarthToday. Cell phone campaigns will be used to generate users and revenue. couch surfing.com and other classified sites with the idea of people reaching other people in the most efficient ways we will be able to brand ourselves as classifieds with a social media bent. online.Biz Site and It companion sites. Business opportunity The existing opportunity is to acquire a growing market share of the growing market for advertising. By aligning EarthToday. rentals. Crowd sourcing of services such as press release posting. cell phone campaigns and email campaigns will be employed along with other methods.000 users in March or something to this affect. Below is an overview of the marketing strategies and objectives of the Classified Ads Website. jobs. Digg and other social media to generate visibility for the new sites will be employed. Reddit. I feel certain that there is more then enough room in the industry for an innovative new group of sites.15 Marketing Plan The Classified Ads Website intends to maintain an extensive marketing campaign that will ensure maximum visibility for the business in its targeted market. Beyslist. Develop promotional giveaways that will draw users to the website via viral marketing methods such as free ads for first 10. Social Book marking and related sites will be employed to have the widest possible dispersal of out bookmark. the UK. web based and cell phone based.

in bulk with easy implementation. customizing of what cities the ads are in. Other more common types of feature will be provided such as. featured ads. which will allow the Company to appear more frequently among search engines. language. region of country and subject matter. their ads go to auxiliary services as well. with an implementation scheme that is easy to use and at low cost. . Management expects that a SEO firm will place adequate amounts of linking data and text specific keywords into the business’s website. city. Marketing Strategies Continued Mr.com. when a person does a Google search for specific services in the New York metropolitan area. and the Classified Ads Website will use a search engine optimization firm to develop the Company’s visibility on a nonpaid basis. These strategies include the use of search engine optimization and pay per click marketing as options. depending on the overall marketing plan TBA. Bey intends to use a high impact marketing campaigns that will generate a substantial amount of traffic to www. The Company’s web development firm will place large amounts of linking text on the Company’s website. extended display periods for ads. community. Customized posting that has options for posting by state.mysite. For instance. the Company will appear on the first page of the search. increasing their visibility.16 Company impact I will offer the clients the widest possible set of advertising options such as: Post to our affiliates. bold text ad. when they post to the main service. lower than the competition! Multiposting to up to 1000 cities at the same time as a main OPTION for those who need it! Customized posting options to post only to required cities or countries will be available. An option to post on Multiple Face Book profile and multiple Twitter accounts. Posting as a partner. This strategy is technically complicated. allowing the client to display their entire product or service line with ease. zip code. all available cities or only certain ones.

com use a variety of payment methods. ads on the Indian side of our site will be priced to encourage Indian users to buy. Classified sites in India like Quikr. These and other online service like PayPal will have to be employed to give the user the most options for placing a purchase. Our Classified Ads Website will use several pay methods for increasing the website usability. debit. credit. prices will be set so as to be sensitive to the difference between rupees and dollars. Likewise users in the UK and US will be expected to pay modest rates. but the results can be phenomenal if this marketing strategy is properly executed.17 A majority of web portal and search engine companies use very complicated algorithms to determine a website’s relevance in relation to a specific keyword. but in their own currency. a small fee ranging from fifty cents to one dollar is charged to the Company’s account. I want to change this and make my product number one. This strategy is expensive. SEO firms place text and tags on the website to increase the rank of a specific website. net banks and cash cards. at the very least I can hope to take over a portion of their market share . This strategy will be used until the Company gains momentum and for many years afterward. Clients in India for example will only have to pay in rupees for their ads. and each time a person clicks on the website. Self promotion will be the strategy. It will not be easy or quick but it can be done. there is little real effort in the world of classified advertising to unseat Craig list from its near total dominion over the world of online ads. Below is a list of banks and banking Service we will use they use: Allahabad Bank Bank of India Dhanlaxmi Bank IDBI Bank Karnataka Bank State Bank of Hyderabad Union Bank of India Axis Bank Corporation Bank Federal Bank Indian Bank Oriental Bank Of Commerce State Bank of India Vijaya Bank Bank of Bahrain and Kuwait DCB Bank HDFC Bank Retail Indian Overseas Net Banking South Indian Bank State Bank of Mysore Yes Bank Bank of Baroda Deutsche Bank ICICI Bank J&K Bank Standard Chartered Bank Tamilnad Mercantile Bank PayPal Part of the marketing Strategies includes making purchases easy. These advertisements appear along the border and side of a website.

18 which may be dropping only slightly due to poor customer support.] Customer Pain Points Not being able to do multi city post and multi category post of the same ad High cost of ad postings for job offers and real estate A cost to register or complex registration Not being able to post using html My banking not accepted for payment. quick registration. no respiration posting Html ( web) EDITOR FUNCTION for placing ads We will use every banking mean available to us to do online sale of ads for the buyers convenience. Benefits matrix [The Table Below lists the benefits matrix that aligns my company's products and services to meet some of the specific pain points within your target customer markets. high quality port. I tend to disagree. but let’s be clear. not just post ads and hoping for the best. The newly made over Beyslist. Too few leads from the ads placed Client must repost every day or every few days Poor customer service. free and easy to use means more than just posting an ad. A post – ad creation lead option where people seeking the same or similar services are offered to ad poster to contact them after they post and ad. flagged ads. you must have results and that mean people need to know the ads exist and there must be solid customer support to attend to any problems faced by the ad posted. Auto reposting option for extended postings up to 1 year. Note see http://www. I want to draw people’s attention to the fact that you get what you pay for and make this our political mantra if you will.com will be advertised to the user public with the intent of promoting the site to as a place to place ads AND get results. it is said that nothing beats easy to use and free of charge. multicategory ad posting for up to 1000 cities. An app and a formatted version of the site will be provided.quikr. Superior customer service possibly contracted in India or other low cost. We will undercut these prices and still make a profit Simple.com payment options Not being able to post by cell phone Benefits Multicasts. ads not appearing .

working with ad partners. Mirroring of our site on other hosts Band width allocation ( included in hosting costs) Purchase of property to run operation out of. Contracted programmers for additional program script updates or additional expense with script provider for product support. Support computer equipment. . VP of advertising and promotions. A VPS will be chosen. this will a building large enough to house up to five work stations and workers. as a startup I expect to keep cost down while working on marketing and revenue building. Capital requirements Classified ad scripts Hosting service. affiliates and contracting out sourced service providers of advertising related services. Fees to selected public relations consultants and firms.19 Operations Organizational structure There will the following set up. Backup power supplies if we do our own hosting. CEO= myself VP or Operations. Office furniture and related office needs. VP customer service and support The rest of the structure to be built around out sourced suppliers of various services. for starters. Charged with the running of the servers or interfacing with the hosting company.

By carefully creating a product others will use. Making the basic services free and pricing its options to sell. By using Ad sense on our new sites to generate secondary revenue. the best bang for the buck as it were By using other classified sites to promote our services to our competitions clients. . By partnering with companies that want to post ads in bulk on a continuous basis. By extending the services we provide as an advertising medium to reach greater market share By not over extending our selves by trying to do too much. Marketing the services where potential users will see it.20 Company risk management Potential risks Major Risks Going out of business and how to avoid it. By creating Affiliate programs that can be used by us to extend the reach of the clients ads and the value of the services we provide. Suggesting on our websites that our site is best viewed in Google chrome or Fire fox By providing Affiliate ad posting on some of our Sites. Investing in the right kind of adverting and promotional service.

without city or other upgrades at cost..21 System Failure Hosted Servers and cloud computing may be used to offset site down time.Biz & BEYSLIST ADS COSTS $10.00 FOR ALL CHINA CITIES $2.00 FOR ALL AUSTRAILIA CITIES $2.00 FOR MULTIOPOST TO ALL CITIES OF ANY AD. two and three years for ads on Earthtoday. UcityAds.00 FOR ALL EU CITIES $2.5.00 $2. Financial Projections EarthToday.USA ONLY=$1.biz.00 FOR ALL CARIBBEAN CITIES $2.00 FOR REALESTATE ADS in the top 100 most populated cities $10. Beyslist.com.00 for 60 days $6.. Figures here are an estimate for one.00 FOR ALL OTHER ASIAN CITIES $2. $4. Inadequate or ineffective Contractors and Freelancers may be employed to provide services like Public relations.00 FOR JOBS OFFERED ADS in selected major cities $ 5. Trade of services.00 for 90 days. Figure reflect only paid ads.00 FOR ALL UK CITIES $2. PR Agencies and article writers will be used where possible.00 FOR ALL AFRICAN CITIES $2. .00 FOR ALL INDIA CITIES $2. $. not all Free Ads posted. ad space in exchange for services will be employed.00 FOR FEATURED ADS (TOP OF THE LIST) $2.00 FOR ALL SOUTH AMERICAN CITIES $2.com and Westphillyads.00 FOR AUTOMATIC REPOST OF AD FOR 30 DAY.00 FOR CUSTOM MULTIPOST. SouthPhillyAds and CenterCityAds.

131.519.00 $ 1.719.90 .00 11.00 $ 473.940.260.600.880.00 $ 220.22 PROJECTED FINANCIAL STATEMENTS STATEMENT OF FINANCIAL POSITION EARTHTODAY.579.00 $ 212.00 $ 220.00 $ 260.00 $ 163.70 $ 1.719.846.00 $ $ 11.697. 20XX Year 1 Note Assets Current Assets Cash and Cash Equivalents Trade and Other Receivables Total Current Assets Non Current Assets Property.00 $ 368.00 $ 1.00 $ 141.684.022.119.00 $ 682.838.90 5 $ 141.20 276.00 $ 693.800.822.00 9.00 $ 358.00 $ $ 248.BIZ COMPANY Statement of Financial Position As of December 31.780.780.660.838.90 6 $ $ 9.800.00 882.684.600.00 $ 368.119.800.00 $ 227.884.880.697.00 $ 693.200. Plant and Equipment (Net) Total Non current Assets Total Assets Liabilities and Equity Current Liabilities Trade and Other Payables Total Current Liabilities Equity Common Shareholder's Equity Total Equity Total Liabilities and Equity Year 2 Year 3 $ $ 1.00 $ $ 11.660.00 $ $ $ 606.00 $ 682.00 248.131.846.20 7 $ 358.

00) $ 672.563.80) Year 2 Year 3 $ (100.250.538.570.400. as recorded on Balance Sheet $ 370.270.00 $ (154.20 $ (63.00 $ $ $ $ $ $ - $ (57.000.00 $ (63.882.260.065.00) $ 498.00 $ $ $ (50.483.138.00 $ 606.260.000.90 .800.180.000.30) $ (292.800.00 $ 393.600.00 Year 2 $ 608.000.00) $ $ (3. net of Output Tax Operating Expenses: Selling Expenses Administrative Expenses Net Income (Loss) Before Tax Other Comprehensive Income (Loss) Total Comprehensive Income(Loss) for the period Note 1 2 3 $ 468.200.00) $ 71.00 Year 3 $ 790.00 STATEMENT OF CASH FLOWS EARTHTODAY.140.00) $ 498.180.180.00 $ (59.800.00) $ (15.042.30) $ 345. 20XX Year 1 Notes Cash Flow from Operating Activities Net Income Add back: Depreciation: Adjusted Income Increase (Decrease) In Balance Sheet Accounts Increase in Trade and Other Receivables Increase In Trade and Other Payables Net Cash Inflow from Operating Activities Cash Flow from Investing Activities Properties (General) Vehicles Building Improvement Computers and Office Equipments Organizational Cost Net Cash Outflow from Investing Activities Others Cash Flow from Financing Activities Net Cash Inflow (Outflow) from Financing Activities Net Cash Inflow (Outflow) Add: Cash Beginning Cash.388.020.780.00 $ 63.00) $ (58.00) $ 1.242.00) $ ( $ 23.00) $ 197.00) $ ( $ 526.00 $ 28.00 $ $ 370.00) $ (118.538.820.00) $ 370.00 $ (54.579.898.600.00 $ (47.00) $ 816.00 $ (65. 20XX Year 1 Sales.00) $ (250.538.00 $ 28.90 $ 260.BIZ COMPANY Statement of Comprehensive Income December STATEMENT OF COMPREHENSIVE INCOME EARTHTODAY.00) $ 672.00) $ $ $ (50.00) $ 63.780.00) $ (53.00 $ 260.00) $ (50.00 $ (129.200.00) $ 9.00) $ (231.400.00 $ 701.319.600.340.00 $ 63.00 $ (163.920.363.00) $ (174.00 $ (49.00 $ $ 498.00) $ (43.00 $ $ 672.260.300.200.588.BIZ COMPANY Statement of Cash Flows As of December 31.

363. Getting the needed funding will only be the beginning.880. Bey may seek to sell the business to a third party for a significant earnings multiple. In this event the Company will hire a qualified business broker to sell the business on behalf of Mr. Ending $ 118.200.24 STATEMENT OF CHANGES IN SHAREHOLDERS EQUITY EARTHTODAY.00) $ 682.00 $ (235. However if circumstances change and If the business is very successful.180.BIZ COMPANY Statement of Changes in Equity As of December 31.250. My intention is to stay with and guide the company as a flagship organization.00 $ (174.00 $ 498. to ever more profitable ventures. under which hundreds of other successful sites may be built. the business could fetch a sales premium of up to 10 times earnings. Bey Based on historical numbers. I am in this for the long haul.30) $ 1.880. I look forward to hearing from you.00 $ 370. Mr.70 Year 2 Year 3 Exit Strategy There is no EXIT Strategy.00 $ 672.697.697.00) $ 358. Beginning Net Income Capital Withdrawals Shareholder's Capital. I want to see this venture through.538.846. 20XX Year 1 Notes Shareholder's Capital.388.Tv 215-868-9932 .570. Muhammad Bey TheWinner@Blackfiber.00 $ 358. from strength to strength.00 $ (129.00 $ 682.119.

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