In 1990, while struggling to support the kids they force bred me to have as a burden and make me out to be a slut

. Having illegally evicted me and we were residing with my Mother's ex-boyfriend, she had already tried to murder, I refused to talk to Vikki anymore because she laughed at our Mother as she told me that our Mother was going to have her the authority to make her final arrangements (her funeral, etc.). She knew our Mother didn't want to be buried, but cremated because she used to say she didn't like the idea of burial and prefered cremation. She used to make up promise not to bury her because she wanted to be cremated. Vikki said (over the phone while laughing at her being stupid enough to trust, her favorite daughter, and only wanted child, Vikki) she wouldn't honor her wishes. I was exhausted from not taking my vitamins and working double shifts and found myself on the bus going to work crying because O felt sorry for my Mother, the woman who exploited me and expredssed hatred towards me. She was being victimized by those she used to brutalize me. She never loved herself and I knew she had no love for anyone else. The lust they had for power, control and destruction which will only ruin them and degrade them further.. *more about that Vikki's ingratitude (Dot really went to bat for ungrateful, rebellious Vikki)towards our Mother sickened me and I would have nothing to do with it. She's a Jezebel and will use withcraft, slander and instigate to gain control over people. I have never had any communion with them and was always glad to be left out of their activities. I know God understands tand knows the truth about the force they used against me with the corupt authorities who are their cohorts. God knows and he'll avenge me as he promised.

I told Vikki we don't have to talk to eachother just because we shared a little bit of blood. She ws livid and sent in that neighbor of Dot's, Linda, (dark, fierce looking like a bull) a crackhead, to talk Paul into getting money from me becuse I wouldn't do porn. I couldn't afford risky behavior at anytime in my life because of the beatings and my Thalassemia Minor, as well as the aftercare of the double hernia ioeration I had when they attempted to murder me the first time. I didn't have anyone and was isolated and forced into Motherhood against my will. I know I am innocent and what evil is because all of the people I encountered are evil. and unmerciiful brute beasts twice dead. God loves to judge and he judges everyday. God knows me and he knows the truth about me which is why I can only cleave to he who knows me. I never cared about this world and I'm grateful that God kept me from particiating in it's evil destruction. *more to that story *1990 the letter I wrote to my Mother about her favorite daughters receiving the evil she wanted for me *When Ilearned to tie my shoe laces I wass attending pre-Kindergarten *My cubby had a red rose sticker on it I liked the peanut butter on wheat bread, but my Mother thought it was odd and dry

participation in sin speeds up the progression of negative nature mutaites the person into and irredeemable beast degrade, retrograde, devolve

nothing compares to you Jesus I used to deliberately try and find something about people that was I perceieved as positive. I now deliberately see what's wrong with the degenerates. I'm innocent and know I'll be avenged. God knows everything about me. Sanity is not statistical. God's wrath is terrible.

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