Article 7, 19th of February 2012 AJN/RFB Movement "We can be given almost everything, everything but freedom!


John G. Bennett
Our understanding of "movement" is the following: 1) A community of people, the movement of the WTU. 2) A physical, emotional or mental process. 3) A sort of exercise in the WTU: • Motional-Movements • Solo- und Partner-Movements • Fight • Drill • Health • Guild • „Movements“ for the „Center of thought“ • „Movements“ for the „Center of emotion“

Furthermore the term is known for G. I. Gurdjieff's Movement-Exercises and Dances. Gurdjieff also called his "school" an "Institute for the Harmonous Development of Man". Following that, we see the WTU as a Movement, committed to harmonic development in humans. Wing Tsun, as we know it, can only be used in connection with that, as a tool to achieve it. This was also one of the reasons, for which we kept up the old term "Wing Tsun", as it means "beautiful spring" or "ode to spring". A notation also bearing the symbolism of resurrection, revival, a renewed sprouting after the winter, a new phase, an adapted form. So what is the harmonic development of humans after all? When talking about or explaining something we usually do so by creating images, trying to converge with the matter itself from different angles. One time from this direction one time from that. Thus we get various points of view, and shape a coherent overall picture, visible from as many different perspectives as possible. By "Movement" we do not mean just a gathering of people, conditioning themselves and each other to having the same inventory the same limited toolkit, and by that perceiving each other as being similar, sympathetic, and so forth.

A Movement really is a collective. It is a community of people dedicating themselves to the unfolding of their skills, potentials, using the time and place's appropriate tools. Basic, intensive working areas for that are the constitution of conditioning per se, what is awareness and what is identification. The Movement is working on a whole human being, meaning on a human aware of his entity. Who keeps deploying one's center of motion, center of mind, and of emotion harmonically and balanced and activates all the linking elements. We need to learn to distinguish between motions, entirely navigated by the center of motion and those being controlled by the intervention of our thoughts. There is another kind of movement still: Just when the mind can no longer control the movement and the center of movement wants to take over, when our normal conscious mind no longer knows what will happen next, a taste of necessity can appear, a taste of a new kind of awareness, we did not know until that moment, for we did not know we could need it until then. So as we learn to move inside this new area of awareness, we can also learn aware "living“. In everything we do, we try to take part in with all our centers. A situation big with development might be somewhat different than most people would expect. A teacher creates a situation, utilises an existing situation. What for?! Firstly so that a practitioner wanting to be taught can realise his or her conditioned, automatic reaction to an encountered situation (which is not necessarily in his or her ultimate favor). It's said that one watches oneself while it happens. Then he sees that the teacher has given him a mirror, not because the teacher would always do so, but because the student required it in order to learn. In the 'WTU' we of course also call our different kinds of motions 'Movements', if physical or otherwise. That points out they have been performed in a certain purpose. Certain movements are carried out to music, for we have also given the three areas periphrasis adverting to something: • • • Center of Motion "School of the Insance" Center of Mind "Science of Awareness" Center of Emotion "Path of the Heart"

and the collectivity unfolding from them: • The "Secret Circle".

I do not want to spoon-feed you this informations at this point yet, but everyone feeling the desire, or just having acquired a taste for it can engage with it by him- or herself. 'Developing' means bringing something to daylight so far covered by junk and trash assembled at the inside or on the surface alike. It is addressing people not dreaming of doing something, not those eternally, pointlessly searching, but desiring to find and then take initiative and responsibility, freed of all infantile side phenomena of merely fragmented "humans".

"The highest thing that man can do, is to do!" G. I. Gurdjieff


We move people!