Freemasonry, Fraternities, and occultism

Fraternities and Freemasonry have infiltrated churches for a very long time. This is a controversial work as I like to delve into controversial matters. The good news is that real churches have exposed these groups and assisted people to leave Freemasonry and occult inspired Greek Lettered Fraternities as well. When I was younger, I vaguely understood fraternities. I originally conceived of them as just silly benign cliques found in universities and other locations. I was wrong for fraternities are much bigger than that. Many fraternities and sororities among a variety of ethnic groups make up many world leaders (like engineers, politicians, scientists, lawyers, doctors, athletes, etc.). FRATERNITIES AND SORORITES ALWAYS GAVE ME A CREEPY VIBE EVERYTIME I SEE THEIR MEMBERS WALK AROUND ME. MANY OF THEM WEAR JACKETS WITH THE GREEK LETTERS AND SO FORTH. IN THE COLLEGE ENVIRONMENT, CRITICIZING A GLO IS LIKE DISRESPECTING ONE’S MOTHER IN THE EYES OF GLO MEMBERS. I HEARD OF THE RUMORS ABOUT THEM, SO I’VE RESEARCHED INFORMATION TO FIND THE REAL TRUTH ABOUT THEM. GOD IS ALLOWING THE REAL TRUTH TO COME OUT IN OUR TIME. WE CERTAINLY LIVE IN A SPECIAL TIME. I DON’T BELIEVE THIS EXPOSURE WAS BY ACCIDENT. YOU NOTICE THAT I DIDN‘T HAVE TO CHANGE MY ACCENT IN A FAKE FASHION TO BE REAL. I DON’T HAVE TO SWITCH UP MY PERSONALITY ILLEGIMATELY TO ACT LIKE A CHAMELEON TO BE REAL. I DON‘T HAVE SUCK UP TO ANYBODY TO REAL. I DON‘T HAVE TO DANCE TO THE TUNE OF CONFORMITY TO BE REAL. I DON‘T HAVE TO HATE ON ANYBODY TO BE REAL EITHER. I JUST GOT TO BE WHAT GOD WANTS ME & TREAT PEOPLE WITH RESPECT TO BE REAL. I thank all of the people reading these words and the many human beings waking up. This is the testament to the truth, who is God. There are a lot of connections between Freemasonry and Greek Lettered Fraternities. Even

Paul Rich, who is a 32nd Degree Freemason, wrote that GLOs are cousins to the Masons. Freemasonry is related to the ancient Mysteries as exposed by even Masonic sources. In the Masonic book “The Spirit of Masonry” which was published in 1775 we are told, "Masons know the way of gaining an understanding of Abrac." Abrac is a type of magic. John Theophilus Desaguliers (1683-1744) has been called the father of speculative Freemasonry. Rainbow Girls is a Masonic group for girls and the Masonic group for boys is called DeMolay. Other Masonic appendages include the Order of Amaranth, the Order of the Builders, and others. Strangely enough, 33rd Degree Freemason James J. Davis founded the Mooseheart Home, 13th Degree York Rite Freemason Robert C. Fletcher was one of the founders of the Rotary International in 1905, and Mason O. Sam Cummings was an organizer of the Kiwanis International. In 1798 and 1803 the Baptist Reverend Henry Crocker in Vermont

preached sermons against Freemasonry saying it: “...makes a disturbance in the churches..." Charles Finney was the great Christian evangelist. He legitimately exposed
Freemasonry from 1824 onward since he discovered what Freemasonry was all about. He soon issued evangelism and helped people to leave Freemasonry in the thousands. Some called this period of time the Second Great Awakening where God allowed people to return back to true religion and embrace true spiritual concepts. The first main Fraternity in America was called Phi Beta Kappa. It was founded in 1773. John Heath was a founder, but he wasn't a Mason since he was 15 years old. Yet, Phi Beta Kappa founder Thomas Smith was a Mason of the Williamsburg Lodge. Smith became the President of Phi Beta Kappa in May 3, 1777. 9 Other members of the fraternity joined the Masonic Lodge the next year. Other fraternities came about like Tau Beta Pi in 1885 and Sigma Xi for scientists in 1886. There is a website called the Black Church Page. NotYourTypicalNegro has a Youtube video about this subject. Watching and paying attention to things can help people to resist deception in the world. A lot of groups (not just false ministries) overtly explain their apostasy in their own website. The person with the Youtube video was criticized by a person with a Youtube account named Bishop321 (who is a woman). This woman said a lot of propaganda to NotYourTypicalNegro about how he accepts Eurocentric Christianity. That's false since Jesus Christ is meant for all people irrespective of their nationality, sex, or race. Not to mention that not everything in Europe was wicked. Not everything in Africa was wicked as well. There are righteous people in Europe, America, Africa, Asia, and the world over. So, Bishop321 tried to utilize the race card in trying to intimidate NotYourTypicalNegro. That didn't work since he found more information about this preacher. Bishop321 uses deception in saying that being pastored is equal to being told the truth. No, God can easily reveal the truth fully via the Word of God unto anyone. She talked about opposing intolerance, but we have every right to be intolerant of all forms of evil. The Bishop321 woman is affiliated with the site of The site has an image looking similar to Thaumaturgic Triangle symbol. The Thaumaturgic Triangle is known for being for magical purposes like spell casting or demon summing. Triangles have been exploited for occult purposes for years and they are readily embraced in Freemasonry. On the Board of Advisors of this site, Bishop321’s real name is shown on the page. The site has a place where you can set up an account. On the form, it asks for a Greek organization and a Masonic affiliation. Why would they do this only if Freemasonry or Greek fraternities have infiltrated this site. This women claims to acquire a degree as well. So, real discerning people aren't fooled at all.

Masons admit to wanting obedience whether they are right or wrong: "The first duty of the reader of this Synopsis is to obey the edicts of his Grand Lodge. Right or wrong, his very existence as a Mason hangs upon obedience to the powers immediately set above him. Failure in this must infallibly bring down expulsion, which, as a Masonic death, ends all. The one unpardonable crime in a Mason is contumacy, or disobedience." (Webb's Freemasons' Monitor, p. 196). Another source proving this is found in the following words: "The first duty of every Mason is to obey the Mandate of the Master…The order must at once be obeyed; its character and its

consequences may be matters of subsequent inquiry. The Masonic rule of obedience is like the nautical, Imperative: "Obey orders, even if you break owners." (Mackey's Encyclopedia of Freemasonry, page 525). There are other information about secret orders. Between Sweden and Norway 1814-1905 the King was simultaneously the Grand Master of the Lodges in both countries and the head of the Lutheran state-churches in both countries. The new Norwegian King Haakon VII did not wish to become Grand Master, not on religious grounds, but because he did not wish to become associated solely with the upper class. King Edward VIII, the Duke of Windsor, King George VI and Prince Michael of Kent, were each 33rd Degree Masons. The Historian, and former Freemason, Andrew Roberts correctly remarked, that when King Edward VIII abdicated, he used a Masonic handshake to say goodbye to his brother, George. Dr. Walter Martin also stated of Masonry that he strenuously objected to the paganism within it. Upon visiting the Masonic Temple in Los Angeles, he found there a statue of Moses, a statue of Zoroaster, one of Osiris, and statues of many Egyptian gods and goddesses. His objection was that "…when you put Moses, a representative of the God of the Bible, in the midst of the pagan world, which God judged for its evil, condemning them as vile, depraved, and wicked, then you have gone beyond 'just symbols', and are playing with dangerous spiritual fire…" Blavatsky accepted Gnostic tenets like her friend Albert Pike. Pike in his 1871 Morals and Dogma book said that: "…the fundamental teachings of Gnosticism,” beginning with “emanation from the Deity of all spiritual beings, progressive degeneration of these beings from emanation to emanation, redemption and return of all to the purity of the Creator; and,… the re-establishment of the primitive harmony of all.” Freemasonry is similar to Gnosticism since both ideas believe that secret knowledge via rituals (in ancient mystery traditions) can transform humans into a higher spiritual being (or even godhood). Gnostics believe that Jesus Christ escaped the gnosis to be a better being (They don't believe that Jesus Christ is God or the Son of God). In the Apron lecture, the Mason is usually told that the lambskin apron will be his covering at the great white throne judgment of God. The prayer and dedicatory sounds great, but there is only one Great white throne judgment and it is the judgment of the damned (Revelations 20:11). Masonry have their own sources promoting murder in the following: “…When a brother reveals ANY OF OUR GREAT SECRETS; WHENEVER, FOR INSTANCE, HE TELLS ANYTHING ABOUT BOAZ, OR TUBALCAIN, OR JACHIN OR THAT AWFUL MAH-HAH-BONE, OR EVEN WHENEVER A MINISTER PRAYS IN THE NAME OF CHRIST IN ANY OF OUR ASSEMBLIES, YOU MUST ALWAYS HOLD YOURSELF IN READINESS, OF CALLED UPON, TO CUT HIS THROAT FROM EAR TO EAR, PULL OUT HIS TONGUE BY THE ROOTS AND BURY HIS BODY AT THE BOTTOM OF SOME LAKE OR POND…" (The Masonic Handbook, pg. 74).

It’s an interesting era of time. There are record floods and fires in Russia, China, and Pakistan. Cultural disintegration is common. Greed and corruption contribution to the bubble in our recession. There are at least 15 percent unemployment in America. 40 million people have food stamps and Wall Street banks received record bailouts. There is nothing wrong with having technological skills. Yet, we should develop our literacy,

scientific, mathematical, and skills in the arts in order to function as socially aware human beings. Some people worship greed instead of God and it shows today. In early September 2010, President Barack Obama and the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is desiring the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas to organize meeting to develop a comprehensive peace deal. If it’s successful, a Palestinian state could occur in a year or 2. The prophet & Messiah Yeshua ben Joseph from Matthew 24 said that the end of the age will never come unless the fig tree blossom and days will be like the days of Noah. I don’t support the evils policies of any nation in the Middle East. I do support sincere Jewish people and sincere Arabic people desiring peace in the Middle East.

GLOs or Greek Lettered Organizations have been exposed since early 2008 in a big way. They have been exposed like in no other time in history from my opinion. In many of these groups like the Delta Sigma Theta, there are women chanting via praising Delta. I saw a video of Deltas saying they will give all of their love, peace, and happiness to Delta. That's wrong since we give all of our love to God ultimately. That type of devotion to a fraternity or sorority is definitely going too far. There are those in the Alpha Kappa Alpha singing about sisterhood. Those in Omega Psi Phi go into broad daylight stepping for Omega. I

found this out about Omegas. They use a slang word called “owt” to define activities (like partying, etc.). Omegas speak about the 20 pearls, which are the attributes about their Fraternity. The Omega rituals has the 20 pearls. Also, 20 Pearls can mean the founders of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Fraternity. You have people like ex-Mason and ex-Omega Psi Phi Minister Hatchett waking people up about these issues. Yet, there is idolatry in these Greek Lettered Organizations. Idolatry is
the devotion, service, agreement with, or worship rendered to a false god or material image. It's about the veneration of false gods. Many of the fraternities and sororities are affiliated with these false gods and goddesses. Phi Beta Sigma pays homage to Horus. Phi Beta Sigma was created at Howard University in Washington D.C. at January 9, 1914. Its founders are A. Langston Taylor, Leonard F. Morse, and C. I. Brown (whose colors are royal blue and white). Horus is the Egyptian false god. Alpha Kappa Alpha is associated with Qadesh or Qetesh. Qetesh is actually a Semitic nature goddess, not necessarily Egyptian. Now, Faye

Wattleton is the famous once 14 year President of the murderous Planned Parenthood group. Faye is an AKA woman, who is responsible for the millions of babies being murdered. Faye received the 1986 American Humanist Award. She received other accolades, so Faye Wattleton is a woman of the establishment. The establishment supported abortion for thousands of years (That is why the Hearst Foundation, the Ford Foundation, the Lilly Endowment, the Rockefeller Foundation, and other groups have funded Planned Parenthood for decades. Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion provider in the world). Abortion (that deals with tearing apart the body parts of a human baby), sterilization, population

control (as loved by the Club of Rome), extreme forms of genetic research, eugenics (American and British eugenicists of the early 20th century inspired Hitler and the Nazis to carry out the Holocaust), and sexual promiscuity have all been plans of the new world order crowd. That’s why you see it promoted by the mainstream media, culture, and other forms of media today in the 21st century. Edward S. Van Duyn even back in 1933 founded the Planned Parenthood Center of Syracuse, New York. Van Duyn was a famous surgeon of his day. He was a Lt. Colonel during WWI. Apollo is the false god embraced by Tau Kappa Epsilon. The Centaur
is embraced by Iota Phi Theta. Persephone or Demeter is loved by Chi Omega. Exodus 20:3 is clear that we shouldn’t have other gods before God, yet many fraternities (and sororities) violate this first commandment of God by associating with false gods. Alpha Phi Alpha (who is a fraternity) has the Sphinx as its logo. Alpha Phi Alpha was created in 1906. The Sphinx was a mythological being with the head of a human with the body of a lion. They are typically meant as temple guardians. Sphinxes exist globally even in ancient Asian cultures as well. Sphinxes are used near the doors of Freemason Temples (2 of them in the Scottish Rite headquarters of Washington D.C. meaning wisdom and power). Charles H. Wesley is quoted to give glory to this fraternity with idolatrous words (as found in his book of the History of Alpha Phi Alpha, Development in College Life from 1981). Of course Delta Sigma Theta praises Minerva, which is the goddess of Wisdom (It's symbolized with as an owl also. Minerva is also called Athena and Isis). Minerva is on the Delta Sigma Theta's coat of arms. Delta Sigma Theta Inc. The Grand Chapter, Membership Intake

Program from 1990 from pg. 106 admitted that: "...That is why Minerva the goddess of wisdom is our sorority mentor..." I will never embrace a false goddess as a mentor at all. Hence, the false goddess of Minerva overshadows Delta Sigma Theta. Mary Church Terrell assisted in the formation of the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority at Howard University in 1914. Mary Terrell accepted honorary membership, and she wrote the Delta Creed. Mary Church Terrell did many good things like protesting against forced segregation of businesses. She was especially close to Frederick Douglass and worked with him on several civil rights campaigns. Mary Terrell worked in the suffrage movement to give women the right to women (as found in the 19th Amendment to the Constitution. She was active in the Republican Party. His father Robert Church was the first black millionaire overtly in America who lived in Memphis). Her husband Robert H. Terrell became the Grand Master of the Washington, D.C. Prince Hall Lodge in 1895. There is nothing wrong with helping people, but there is something wrong with being in the Prince Hall of Freemasonry. In 1940, she wrote her autobiography, “A Colored Woman In A White World.” She lived a long life form 1863 to 1954 at age 90 (2 months after the 1954 Supreme Court decision of Brown vs. the Board of Education, which ended school segregation of public schools). She studied in Europe for two years, where she became fluent in French, German, and Italian. This doesn’t justify the Delta’s rituals, but it’s background on a person’s history. So, these groups are selective on who they pick. They admit their roots from Freemasonry in the following source: “…The most direct line of descent from Greek societies to America is the Freemasons (called Masons). Historians of American fraternities and sororities trace most of our rituals, ceremonies and rites to the Masons. An examination of Masonic rituals open to scholars suggest that our Founders were also influenced by Masonic ritual, symbolism

and initiation experiences." (DELTA SIGMA THETA SORORITY, INC., GRAND CHAPTER, CANDIDATE SYLLABUS, 1987, p.30.). Here is the fence straddling mentality found in Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, and in all other GLO’s. The National President back then said that: "WE believe in a spiritual life, but WE leave to the individual the selection of the MEDIUM for its outward manifestation." (DELTA SIGMA THETA SORORITY, INC., GRAND CHAPTER, Ritual, 1987, p. 30.). This means that a person can be apart of this group even if they have non-orthodox, nonChristian views. the National Chaplain of Delta Sigma Theta, Bishop Vashti McKenzie supports the Ecumenical author Susan Newman. Minister Hatchet wrote that Newman wrote a book a that says premarital and extramarital affairs are healthy for females (and is supported by McKenzie).
Many people gave testimony to Pastor Hatchett about how when they were in Delta Sigma Theta that they were assaulted by women, hazed, and subjected to hardcore treatment by their members. This women said that she had to learned these words of: “Excuses are the tools

of the weak an incompetent. They build Monuments of Nothingness. Those who use them seldom excel at anything, therefore we have no excuses." This was to be stated anytime any weakness or failure was shown on the line (She had to Cross the burning sands while reciting FTD or Forward to Delta). The Delta Sigma Theta Sorority has NGO states. NGOs covertly worldwide have been involved in exploiting the Third World and promoting globalism. Kappa Alpha Psi has Thoth (it's the god of wisdom) in their rituals, and Zeta Psi Beta has
the false cat god of Bastet (or the Devouring lady). Again, AKA was the first of the black sororities. Their coat of arms have the Greek mythological Titan Atlas holding up the world. The Bible on the other hand says that the Earth is of the Lord's and the fullness thereof. Also, Job 26:7 says that God holds the Earth on nothing. Altas hence represents the lies that the ancient Greeks believed in. They

(or the AKAs) are quoted as saying: "...To thee O Alpha Kappa Alpha! We pledge our hearts, our minds our strength. To foster their teachings, obey thy Laws and make thee supreme in service to all mankind" (from pg. 39 of their ritual book). Some of these groups knell on shrines
to false god. For example, pg. 14 of the ritual book of Kappa Alpha Psi says that: "...The Altar of Kappa Alpha Psi, which is the sacred Delphic Shrine, shall be placed in the center of the room and covered with a crimson and crown coverlet." The Delphic Shrine was used as the shrine of the false god of Apollo (in the Greek polytheistic religion). They want to bow to the altar.

Sigma Gamma Rho refers to Ma'at as its inspiration. Omega Psi Phi is associated with Anubis. Anubis is the Egyptian mythological false god with a head of a jackal. He relates to the embalming of those who are dead. Anubis was involved with the Underworld in Egyptian mythology. There are other groups like this. In Greek culture, there are Greek elephants. Ironically, Delta Sigma Theta offers elephant shaped key chains. There is a dog key chain offered for Omega Psi Phi. Delta Sigma

Theta's Grand Chapter, Candidate Syllabus from 1990 on pg. 130 outline that: "...Our founders were well aware of the need to transfuse the ideals of Greek moral virtues with the later concepts of brotherhood and love..." The Bible in
Exodus 20:1-5 forbids having other gods before me, have graven images, and you can't bow down to them. Therefore, these GLOs should never embrace false gods at all, especially as mascots for their organizations. The Deltas have this quote: "Question: What is the ultimate goal, then? Answer: Wisdom! The college educated woman seeks to become wise rather than smart. That is why MINERVA, the Goddess of Wisdom, is our Sorority mentor." (DELTA SIGMA THETA SORORITY, INC., GRAND CHAPTER, MEMBERSHIP INTAKE PROGRAM, 1987, p. 106.). Minerva is a false

goddess and isn’t to be praised at all. Minerva is the Roman goddess. The Greek version of Minerva is called Athena. Celebrations and altars were utilized for this false goddess. The Delta Sigma Sorority Crest or Coat of Arms was designed by Soror F. Ailene Marks and Soror Jeanette Tripplet Jones (both are of the Lambda). It was authorized by the 1934 executive committee. The sword to them means truth and the staff is representative of leadership. The laurel is a symbol of achievement as used by the Greeks. NPHC (or the National Pan-Hellenic Council, Inc.) is one umbrella group of 9
African American Greek fraternities and sororities internationally. So, I wouldn't be involved in the hazing filled, false gods embracing GLOs at all. There are tattoos and bands in these groups as well. We are tattooed by God's Spirit if we are real believers in God. We don't need to have man-made tattoos in our flesh (1 Cor. 3:16-17, Lev. 19:28, 2 Cor. 5:17, and Matthew 22:37-38).

Ex-Sorority member (of Sigma Gamma Rho) and Christian Helene Previl gave her story to another Christian named David Williams. Previl is an expert since she was apart of that fraternal culture in college. Helene was apart of Florida International University. Sigma Gamma Rho was created by 7 female school teachers. from November 12, 1922. They were from Indianapolis, Indiana. Of course, ΣΓΡ claims to be all about public service, a non-profit group, and they want to improve the quality of life inside of many communities. Each new members of ΣΓΡ must know of their history as well. Previl was once a leader in the ΣΓΡ. Helene Previl defined a sorority or fraternity as an organized group that is composed of pagan beliefs plus rituals. Their purpose is to prepare young individuals to continue on the legacy of secret societies via brainwashing and subliminal mind control. That's an accurate definition since GLOs are typically about dealing with the involvement of brainwashing young folks to embrace too much conformity. Much brainwashing is involved in such organizations. She (or Helene) pledged in the sorority. A pledge is a person who has been accepted for membership in a fraternity (or similar group) and has promised to join, but this person hasn't been initiated yet. She even went into National Boule conferences. A Boule is a legislative council of advisors. Boule comes from the advisors to ancient Greek kings. Helene watched pagan Haitian voodoo rituals. Now, Helene said that she saw rituals performed as a soror that were similar to those done in the practice of voodoo. Voodoo is a powerful form of witchcraft. Most GLOs have oaths of secrecy that candidates do before they receive full entry (This is similar to Freemasonry definitely with their secret death oaths). Helene said that she was required to repeat their oath constantly. She said that those wearing a ΣΓΡ shirt who isn't a member can be sued (since it's a trademarked image). GLOs use a recruitment tool of partying, bonding, community activism, etc. as a means to get new members. Yet, these groups incorporate hazing and other sick, occult rituals. This is done behind the scenes including incantations. The pinning ceremony is about being a soror and wearing an object (along with holding candles. You have to wear all white, use prayer, say 1 Corinthians, etc.). There are false Greek gods mentioned in such GLOs, which is a violation of Exodus 20:4. Crossing the burning sands was another ritual that was done by Helene as well. The first night has a bluebook and there is an act where information is written down. The information is about the things they do in the pledge process. They must swear not to reveal what they are going to do. Yet, the Bible in the book of Matthew and the book of James outlined the decree that we shouldn't swear at all. Sometimes pledge processes last for hours or days. This also leads into hazing like verbal or physical abuse. This is psychological manipulation of human beings. There are paddles that are carved on woods to haze a "brother" or "sister." Some hold bricks in your hands. Helene said that people will have to say the Greek alphabet before the match is done. She said they must remember their founders' names, and other things. After that (which can last for months), there would be the burning sands. This is when according to Helene, charcoal is fired up on the ground. Then, (this is apart of Hell Night including eating onions) they would blindfold people and make then walk across the charcoal burning rocks. There are black sheets on the head. This occurred during the night. The dues for the ΣΓΡ was over 300 dollars. The major 9 historically black international GLOs are apart of the NPHC or the National Pan-Hellenic Council. Helene said that the more hazing you have experienced, the more respect GLOs give unto that person. Hazing is supposed to be illegal. The National Pan-Hellenic Council banned hazing in 1990. The reason was the folks were getting murdered from it. Families sued GLOs and rightfully so. Yet, it still goes on in all sorts of fraternities and sororities covertly primarily. Omega Psi Psi have many lawsuits and undergraduates weren't put into it according to Helene. Helene pledged in 1997. There are committees in GLOs where people can run for. Helene was threaten with a lawsuit after she left Sigma Gamma Rho (if she talked about their by laws, wore their clothing, etc.). Sororities and fraternities can strip people's identities at times. Secret Societies do prey on the curiosity of individuals who are looking for identity and exclusivity. Helene said that her sororities inspired her wear a certain colors at parties, wear their hair the same way, etc. in order to strip her of her individuality. Helene said that one of her pledges involved praising the false god of Apollo. The

GLOs distort what the Bible says to justify their actions. Sigma Gamma Rho has a skull and cross bones as a call (the skull and crossbones represents death). Branding occurs in fraternities and sororities. Lev. 19:28 says you don't print marks or using cuttings on our flesh. It's known that over 50% probably of the founders of modern day GLOs are either Freemasons or Eastern Star members. GLOs have been recruiting tools for Freemasons. Helene had to paid their dues for 9 years. Helena said that she started each Sigma Gamma Rho meeting with holding hands, chanting, etc. An Aurora is a pre-Sigma Gamma Rho person in high school. Aurora is also the ancient Roman goddess of the dawn. A Legacy is a fraternity member marrying a sorority member to produce a child, so the child can increase their chances of joining GLOs. Hand signs are commonly shown by GLOs all of the time. Omegas, Kappas, and other groups use various hand signs. Each have specialized meanings. People knew and take their oaths in the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. The Christian Gail Gray sister wrote about link between Masonic groups & GLOs (or how the AKA like the Eastern Star compare life to a maze of labyrinth in their rituals. Eastern Stars are all over the USA. They wear jackets with the upside down triangle on them and some of their vehicles have the OES logo on them as well) in these terms:

“Along that line, there is a former church pastor who shamelessly admits that he is an Alpha man and a Mason. It’s obvious that he was one who preached on Sundays and fraternized at other times. This is a portion of his testimony: “First, it is a known fact that the majority of the founders of the BGLO’s were involved in with the Masonic and Eastern Star organizations. I can say with certainty that there was some type of relationship due to the similarity of several BGLO rituals, most specifically Alpha Phi Alpha and Omega Psi Phi, to the first three degrees of Masonry. In fact, I have known several members of both Alpha and Omega who are Masons who remarked that they felt a sense of dejavu when getting their Masonic degrees.” (Greek Letter Organizations: Offspring of Abomination, by Gail Gray, page 53-54). Alpha Kappa Alpha have this quote: “Hail Alpha Kappa Alpha dear, we greet thee here tonight, and may this noble sisterhood be always our delight. And may this noble sisterhood be always our delight. And may this noble sisterhood be always our delight.” (Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., Rituals, 1977, Initiation Ritual, Initiation Hymn, page 39)
That’s ironic sicne we should hail God alone not an organization. Delta Phi Epsilon has been exposed some more by research found by Thomas Richards. It's interesting to know that this fraternity Delta Phi Epsilon was founded at the Jesuit run Georgetown University. Its coat of arms has a rising sun, the Knight of Malta cross, and a sailing ship. This group is also the name given to several college fraternities and sororities. It's the only national professional foreign service fraternity and sorority. It was created in January 25, 1920. Typically, in those organizations, they claim to be for good fellowship among people in order to study or engage in foreign service. The Alpha chapter went into other universities in America during the early 1900's. There are 4 active chapters and one active colony. The active chapters include Georgetown's Alpha chapter, New York University's Beta Chapter, George Washington University's Eta Chapter, University of California, Berkeley's Epsilon Chapter and University of Pacific's Psi Colony. The president now of Delta Phi Epsilon's national board is James Michael von Stroebel. Justin W. Charity is the current president of the Alpha Chapter. James Michael von Stroebel ironically is a Knight of Malta. Fraternities and Sororities for years have been made conduits into the elite (That's why many of their members go on into the Skulls and Bones, the CFR, Freemasonry, the Knights of Malta, the Eastern Star, the Bilderberger Group, etc.).The Knights of Malta are heavily involved in the new world order agenda under the guise of "obedience, poverty, and chastity." They head many international corporations and were key in building the Nazi empire, performing the Vatican Ratlines helping Nazi war criminals from having justice for their crimes, and advance the Ecumenical Movement. Many GLOs praise false gods

and goddesses in their rituals. So, the power structure of the world is held in these elite organizations and a select group of bloodlines. It's a combination of religious/occult elites along with the political elite working toward the new world order. That is what they are trying to accomplish. This goal of a new world order has been admitted by Gordon Brown, David Rockefeller, Sarkozy, George H. W. Bush, and many other personages for a long time. A 33rd Degree Freemason William A. Hill admits that Freemasons have links to Greek Lettered Fraternities in the following words (in his article called “Masonry and the College Fraternity”):

“…My own college fraternity, which is dear to my heart and of which I am most familiar, was founded in 1868 at the Virginia Military Institute by three members of the 1870 graduating class. One of the three, James Frank Hopkins, a Confederate veteran, was a Freemason, and to him fell the task of drafting the fraternity’s initiation ritual…Thus, the tenets of Freemasonry, thinly veiled, found their way into the initiation ritual of Sigma Nu and remain essentially unchanged today. Both Alpha Tau Omega and Sigma Chi also have Masonic roots as do many other fraternities. Consequently, in a sense, initiates of college fraternities are already “friends and brothers.” By pledging a fraternity, they have already demonstrated an interest, and by becoming active, they have been exposed to ritual initiation. The Freemasons in Fargo, North Dakota, have, for a number of years, made the Masonic Temple available to college fraternities and encouraged use of the facility for meetings and initiation ritual work. Sigma Nu has eagerly accepted this offer as have others. Typically, the building is opened by a Masonic alumnus of the particular fraternity who then sits in during the initiation. At the conclusion of the meeting, the Masonic alumnus gives a brief talk on the fraternal relationship and Freemasonry. We ask visiting fraternity members to sign a guest book and encourage them to take informational materials home with them. This program has been received very well. This year, our objective of cementing a relationship was taken a step further through the efforts of Shiloh Lodge No. 1. To impress on college-age men the value of Masonic membership, the Lodge, under the leadership of Worshipful Master Stanley A. Jordahl, 32, hosted a Friday evening dinner attended by members of Sigma Nu, Alpha Tau Omega, and Sigma Chi as well as Brother Masons. Seated at a head table were the current president of each fraternity alongside the Masonic alumnus. After a great dinner, a film depicting the philosophy of Freemasonry was shown, and each Masonic alumnus spoke briefly on the relationship between his college fraternity and Freemasonry. Various publications were distributed and the floor opened to questions. Following this, the college men were conducted on a tour of the building and again encouraged to ask questions. What was remarkable was the easy relationship between these young men, not more than 21 or 22 years old, and the Masons in attendance---most over 40...” This is interesting stuff. It just proves that people like us were right all along. We know what Freemasonry is all about. It’s a deceptive organization.

These are such sly men. Nothing is new under the sun indeed. Although, the wise in history will always be up on their games. I am still a believer in the Lord God in spite of my life experiences. Also, my beliefs also include economic justice and real services given to the people to improve their lives. The world can be cold at times, but it hasn’t broke my spirit. My spirit and my heart are preserved and intact.
I’ve wanted to expose these facts to the general public for a long time. Here's a recap on Ron Paul's fraternity ties. Ron Paul gives a horned Il Canuto hand sign. The Satanic Bible have the salute with the thumb sticking out. Ron Paul refuses to support the view that 9/11 was an inside job. Ron Paul is associated with Ronald Reagan (a 33rd Degree Freemason, Vatican supporter, etc.). He is pictured with white supremacist Don Black. The white Supremacist and racist Bill White of the American National Socialist Workers Party is a person filled with errors. He wrote in the white supremacist forum named Vanguard News Network that Ron Paul supports white nationalism, he communicates (plus his aides) have meetings with members of Stormfront, American Renaissance, and the Institute for Historic Review (These are all racist and antiSemitic groups). Bill White says that Ron Paul keeps his true racial views and his views on Jewish people quiet because of his political position. Bill White has been criticized by his racist clique for outing Paul out. Mike Riggins says that he knows a lot of white supremacists involved in the Ron Paul campaign. So, if these words are true, who is Ron Paul then? Also, Ron Paul claims to be a “libertarian,” but he opposes the people’s freedom to burn or destroy their own copies of the design of the U.S. flag. Ron Paul’s friend and former employee Gary North wants to reinstate his version of Old Testament Law over and above the Constitution & the Bill of Rights. When he ran for President in 1988, Ron Paul called for the abolition of public schools. Public schools have problems, but they are one bulwark helping tons of poorer Americans from being without any form of education. Reagan was one his Paul's earliest supporters back in 1976. Ronald Reagan was a notorious Republican puppet of the establishment. Reagan signed pro-abortion and anti-gun laws when he was governor of California in the 1960's. The

UNBORN, our POSTERITY have just as much RIGHT TO LIFE, LIBERTY, and THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS, as ANYONE ELSE. Those RIGHTS are UNALIENABLE, which means they CANNOT BE TAKEN AWAY. In the 1960's, Reagan supported
suppression of protests in the Berkeley campus. He called the protestors bums when these protestors were exercising their Constitutional right of the freedom of speech. An assault on

protestors occurred in 1969 and it was called Bloody Tuesday. Tear gas came and 13 people were shot. One person was murdered. When he was President, Iran Contra

occurred under his watch, the national debt increased (During Reagan‘s term in office, the USA suffered the greatest economic downturn in that time since the Great Depression. He declared ketchup a vegetable and cut low income public housing funds by 84%), and he was a member of the Bohemian Grove. Combined individual benefits for the two largest welfare programs, AFDC and food stamps, were significantly cut in real dollars. This is why in the 21st century, these fascists want to privatize or get rid of Social Security, and other legitimate programs. As early as 1973, according to former George W. Bush Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill, Shultz was already peddling Social Security privatization propaganda. The Presidency of Ronald Reagan conclusively proves that laissez faire capitalism or trickled down economics don't work to decrease massively poverty in America. 138 Reagan administration officials have been indicted or convicted of criminal actions. E. Bob Wallach, close friend and law classmate of Attorney General Edwin Meese, was sentenced to six years in prison and fined $250,000 in connection with the Wedtech influence-peddling scandal. Carlos Campbell was the Assistant Secretary of Commerce and he resigned over charges of awarding federal grants to his personal friends' firms. Reagan in 1979 claimed that 80 percent of air pollution comes from chimneys and auto exhaust pipes, but from plants and trees. Reagan funded the FMLN that killed more than 80,000 civilians in the war on Communism (the supplies came from the School of the America's at Fort Benning, Georgia). The Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger have links to the Grove too. Arnold (who praised Hitler, is a female groper, etc.) is experiencing a budget crisis and now he wants to cut pensions, and other Friedmanite budget slashing. His cuts deal not only with welfare, but health care, education, and other human services. Arnold Schwarzenegger is an actor even today. He’s Governor of California during a recession and he found time to be in the 2010 movie called the “Expendables.” In an interview with George Butler in 1977, Schwarzenegger voiced his own views on the Nazi dictator Hitler: "I admired Hitler because he came from being a little man with almost no formal education, up to power. And I admire him for being such a good public speaker and for his way of getting to the people and so on." Arnold’s economic advisor is Bohemian Grover George Schultz. Schultz is an elitist and he supports radical free trade and privatization policies. He was the kingpin that allowed George W. Bush to be President as well. Schultz was a leader in causing the Nixon White House to promote the end of the Bretton Woods system back in August 15, 1971. After 1971, the U.S. economic went slowly downhill until the 1990’s. Schultz was one of the main figure that supported the fascist coup in 1973 at Chile (under General Augusto Pinochet, the labor movement was crushed, wages were down by 70%, and the country was once bankrupt). Ronald Reagan was pictured with Richard Nixon and others in the Grove. Ronald Reagan opposed the landmark Civil Rights Act of 1964 (from his own words in 1966), which was the same year that Goodman, Schewerner, and Chaney were murdered by cowards. As President, he tried to actually weaken the Voting Rights Act of 1965. He opposed a national holiday for the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., giving in only when Congress passed a law creating the holiday by a veto proof majority. Ronald

Reagan tried to get rid of the federal ban on tax exemptions for private schools that practiced racial discrimination. In 1988, he vetoed a bill to expand the reach of federal civil rights legislation. Congress overrode the veto. Reagan also vetoed the imposition of sanctions on the apartheid regime in South Africa. Congress overrode that veto, too. When Ronald Reagan went on about the: “…welfare queen driving her Cadillac,” (that is clearly racist and offensive being poor bashing too) and kept repeating the story years after it had been debunked, some people thought he was engaging in race-baiting. Reagan made the false statement back in 1979 that: "…80 percent of air pollution comes not from chimneys and auto exhaust pipes, but from plants and trees…." Reagan declared in 1980 that the Voting Rights Act had been “humiliating to the South.” In 1982, when Reagan intervened on the side of Bob Jones University, which was on the verge of losing its tax exempt status because of its ban on interracial dating. In 1983, Reagan fired 3 members of the Civil Rights Commission. Ronald Reagan almost tripled the national debt, he turned America into a debtor nation, and he honored Nazi storm troopers by calling them “innocent victims.” Reagan, in 1980 said of the G.I. Bill that: "Because Vietnam was not a declared war, the veterans are not even eligible for the G. I. Bill of Rights with respect to education or anything." Ron Paul’s views on these issues are similar to Ronald Reagan. The bigotry of Ronald Reagan is nothing new. Now, a lot of racists use euphemisms to promote their own prejudices.

It's a fact that 33rd Degree Freemason Ronald Reagan was into the occult and astrology. Ronald Reagan believed in lucky numbers and newspaper horoscopes. An occult philosopher have an influence on Reagan too. This has been reveled in Mitch Horowitz's book called "Occult America: The Secret History of How Mysticism Shaped Our Nation." Mitch Horowitz is the editor of chief of Tarcher/Penguin.

Reagan took the oath of office in 12:01 to align the inaugural with promising heavenly signs. In a speech and essay produced decades apart, Reagan revealed the unmistakable mark of a little-known but widely influential scholar of occult philosophy, Manly P. Hall. Reagan had an occult book library. Manly P. Hall was a famous philosopher and 33rd Degree Scottish Rite Freemasonry. He lived until 1990. He wrote on numerous subjects from Native American mythology to Pythagorean mathematics to the geometry of Ancient Egypt. His encyclopedia of esoterica won the admiration of readers ranging from General John Pershing to Elvis Presley. Novelist Dan Brown cites it as a key source. He made such extensive lectures on such subjects since the late 1920's when he was only 27 years old. Manly P. Hall gave lectures in the Egypto-art deco campus in L.A.'s Griffith Park neighborhood. This place has been called a mystery school in the mold of the Pythagoras's ancient academy. Pythagoras was a philosophy and was apart of a secret society-like group in order to promote the mystical nature of numbers (in his mind), etc. Ronald Reagan learned about Hall's book called "The Secret Destiny of America." This was when he was a Hollywood actor and he gravitated toward politics. Hall's book believed that Secret Societies wanted America to be created as apart of the Great Plan to find an Utopia (filled with self governance and religious liberty). This Plan in Hall’s mind was modernized under the English philosopher and Rosicrucian Sir Francis Bacon. Bacon wanted America to be the New Atlantis with flying machines, underwater vehicles, skyscrapers, high level scientists, etc. This was talked about in the late 1500’s and early 1600’s. So, the America that you see today have been mapped out centuries ago before 2010. Aleister Crowley predicted that cinema and pop culture would be used to advance a new age in the world. Hall wrote about a strange man desiring the Founding Fathers in Philadelphia on July 4, 1776 to sign the Declaration of Independence. Ronald Reagan gave a commencement address to his alma mater of Eureka College. He was the corporate spokesman for GE. GE financially aided the Nazis. He inspired students with comments from occult literature from Hall. For example, Reagan said that: “…This is a land of destiny...and our forefathers found their way here by some Divine system of selective service gathered here to fulfill a mission to advance man a further step in his climb from the swamps..." Ronald Reagan spoke about the unknown speaker in the July 4th meeting among Founding Fathers. This is similar to Hall's same story. He retold the legend as found in the 1981 story from Parade magazine. This legend is from the work of: “The Speech of the Unknown” in a collection of folkloric stories about America’s founding, published in 1847 under the title Washington and his Generals, or Legends of the Revolution by American social reformer and muckraker George Lippard. Lippard, a friend of Edgar Allan Poe, had a strong taste for the gothic – he cloaked his mystery man in a “dark robe.” He also tacitly acknowledged inventing the story: “The name of the Orator…is not definitely known. In this speech, it is my wish to compress some portion of the fiery eloquence of the time.” Ronald Reagan used apocryphal tales and occult teachings to represent his philosophy and political ideas. What’s ironic is this secret history is contrary to the sanitized history of Reagan.

One controversy intrigued me with Ron Paul. Why did Paul criticize Lincoln? See, once Ron Paul was on Tim Russert’s show and he blamed Abraham Lincoln

for the Civil War. This is false since the international bankers, the Secret Societies, and other wealthy factions caused the Civil War. These entities created debts in the war. Even some of these international bankers opposed Lincoln’s Greenback system that wanted the American people to create their own debt-free currency. Abraham Lincoln’s ally was the Mexican nationalist Benito Juarez. Juarez rebuilt his nation of Mexico and suspend payment on the forcing debt to British, French, and Spanish financiers. The French invaded Mexico and were defeated by Juarez’s forces in the 1860’s (Matais Romero acted as a intermediary between Lincoln and Juarez). Since Ron Paul agreed with the pro-bankers’ Austrian economic intentions, this is typically one of the reasons why he wants to discredit Lincoln. The Greenback had no interest and it was utilized to pay for the war. A bill drafted for the Government issue of $150 million, which was to be full legal tender for every debt in the United States. It was passed by the House of Representatives on February 25, 1862. The internationalists hated this measure. John Wilkes Booth shot Lincoln in April 4, 1865. It’s these same bankers (not the poor) that are causing high inflation even today. Ron Paul doesn't discuss lack of personal savings, which will be needed to provide purchasing power as the economy tanks. Also, Ron Paul won’t speak a single word about the fact that the rich and megarich do not pay their fair share of taxes. It’s better to have the people via Congress create money than to leave it to private banks issuing some fiat currency. Yet, the super rich instead pass the tax burden onto the middle class. This is one of many ways the super-rich have destroyed the middle class & poor in America. Also, Ron Paul seems to have a states rights fetish. Now, once states overtly denied due process of law, the right for citizens to have a jury trial, and other rights. So, states can be tyrannical at times. Human rights will always trump states rights. You have the Bill of Rights that existed as apart of the Federal Constitution and these laws are superior to states rights. There is a word called stagflation in economic vernacular. Not to many people know about this. Stagflation was a time from ca. 1965 into the early or mid 1980’s. Stagflation is a time when there is both high inflation mixed with a recession (or economic stagnation). It started in 1965 when President Johnson used deficit spending to fund the Vietnam War. It increased inflation and reduced unemployment. The Vietnam cost blood. The Vietnam War negatively effected the U.S. economy since of its cost. Yet, too much inflation will cause a economic downturn sooner or later. It’s a matter of time. The 1973 and 1979 oil crises contributed to the problem as well. Stagflation happened to reach its peak on Carter's watch, spurred on by the 1979 oil shock. Volcker of course decreased the money supply radically and this caused the unemployment rate to go down. It caused the recession in the early 1980’s and it ended by 1983 (after Volcker of FED radically increased the money supply in the summer of ‘82. Volcker claimed that this was necessary sacrifice, but numerous people of course will disagree with that view). It wasn’t Reagan’s tax cuts necessarily end the recession since Reagan’s 1981 tax cuts were already in effect in 1982 (which was the year of one of the worst recessions in U.S. history). It was the expanding money supply in 1982 that ended the recession. You can’t blame President Jimmy Carter for this recession in the 1980’s since he was deregulating the government

in the late 1970’s. By 1982 there had already been enormous cuts in the capital gains tax, the most sacred tax cut that conservatives hold dear. Between 1978 and 1982, the top rate on capital gains was cut from 39 to 20 percent. And the top rate on unearned income fell from 70 to 50 percent. Between 1978 and 1982, the top rate on capital gains was cut from 39 to 20 percent. Carter wasn’t the radical liberal his critics maintain. Carter raised Social Security regressive taxes (that targets the poor the worst). So, tax cuts & radical deregulation existed and the recession still occurred all before Reagan was inaugurated President. The S & L scandal nearly wrecked the entire financial system. There is nothing wrong with spending money in the right way as long as you handle inflation. The greatest economic boom in American history was from 1933 to 1975, which was a product of numerous New Deal policies (that negates the laissez faire economic propaganda that is promoted by Glen Beck & others). Form the 1930’s to the 1970’s, the poverty rate radically declined. By the 1950s, the poverty rate had been reduced to 20 percent. Johnson's Great Society reduced this even further, to an all-time low for the last century in 11.1 percent in 1973. The percentage of African Americans below the poverty line dropped from 55 percent in 1960 to 27 percent in 1968. When President Johnson declared war on poverty in 1964, the poverty rate was 19 percent. By 1973, this was cut to 11.1 percent, approximately where it stayed for the rest of the decade. Poverty only began growing again during the sharp cutbacks in welfare benefits that occurred during the Reagan years. By 1993, the poverty rate was 15.1 percent. It decreased into a low of 11.3 by the year of 2000. The poverty rate has risen when George W. Bush has been in office, from 11.7 percent in 2001 to 12.7 percent in 2004. By the late 1970‘s, corporate power increased its hold in American politics. Beck, Limbaugh, O‘Reilly, and others have fascist views. See, fascism is about the support of imperialism, the hatred of ethnic groups to show appreciation of their heritage in a strong way (via ethnic solidarity. Many Limousine liberals don‘t like legitimate nationalists of any stripe either. There is nothing wrong with real nationalism), the love of curtailing civil liberties, the hatred of the labor movement, and intimidation of independent intellectual thought. Of course, the Reagan Revolution radically (and immorally) cut legitimate services and harmed many human beings of numerous backgrounds in society. Income inequality soared. Today, there are those that want all oversight and regulation gone, which I don’t agree with. Ron Paul is correct to oppose torture, to oppose a draft, and that he is right that there should be no wars of aggression. Ron Paul is accurate to point out that we should have religious liberty in America. So, Paul isn’t wrong on everything he proclaims. Ron Paul supported Reagan's Presidential campaign in 1980. Although he claims to be pro-life, Congressman Paul would leave the abortion issue up to the state legislatures and courts to decide. Although Ron Paul claims the U.S. needs to return to the Constitution, his Sanctity of Life Act of 2007 bypasses the Bill of Rights as well as the Declaration of Independence which guarantee the right to life. Ron Paul supports the controversial Ayn Rand, even though Paul doesn’t agree with Ayn on every issue. Rand wrote the book entitled, “Atlas Shrugged.” One major error of Ayn Rand and Ron Paul is that they support the discredited economic policy of laissez faire, unregulated, and unbridled cartel capitalism. Laissez faire in French means “let them

do as they will.” This system (like the other failed model of Communism) have removed many safeguards that protect against predatory schemes of international bankers. It’s never apart of true economic freedom to allow bankers to steal wealth from American citizens via monopolies or to cut legitimate services from citizens at all. Ron Paul’s economic philosophy is called Austrian Economics. This has been promoted by the Mont Pelerin Society. It was created in Mont Pelerin, Switzerland by Friederich von Hayek. Hayek wanted to oppose socialism and advance “laissez faire” capitalism.

Classical liberalism, the philosophy upon which von Hayek based the Mont Pelerin Society, does not mean ‘liberal’ in the current sense of the word, but its exact opposite; economic ‘liberalism’ refers to public sector (government) permissiveness toward the private sector (business). Ironically back in 1931, von Hayek was affiliated with the British Fabian Society (a place of socialism. He even gave lectures at the London School of Economics). Other founder of Mont Pelerin was Otto von Hapsburg (a Papal leader and the heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne), and Max von Thornund Taxis. Hayek believes in the mystical, divine power of free markets alone that can be utilized (in a laissez faire capitalism order or system) for the market place to regulate itself and it can allow the central banks to oversee the financial system. Historically, this hasn‘t worked 100 percent at all. Some of its proponents want the economy to collapse on its own to let the market correct itself, which is extreme causing many folks to be in the streets literally. Von Hayek

believed that even a little regulation would lead into totalitarianism. Members of the Mont Pelerin Society have included high government officials, Nobel prize recipients, journalists, economic and financial experts, and legal scholars from all over the world, who meet regularly to strategize for laissez faire capitalism in the global marketplace. Mont Pelerin Society used economics as a cover to promote the United States of Europe ruled by their own multinational corporations as well (which is the EU today). In 1923, Count CoudenhoveKalergi launched the Pan-Europa Union (Walter Lippman was a figure in the Pan Europe movement and he was a Mont Pelerin figure. Lippman worked with President Woodrow Wilson and he assisted in drafting Wilson‘s Fourteen Points. These points formed the basis of the Paris Peace Treaty and then the League of Nations), an organization that won the immediate support of the very people who would install Hitler in power. The first person to join the PEU was Hjalmar Schacht, who was later Hitler’s finance minister and the actual author of much of Hitler’s slave labor programs. 33rd Degree Freemason Schact promoted Pan Europa being an architect of Hitler’s coup. Hayek was influenced by Ludwig von Mises (who lived from 1881 to 1973). Mises was an Austrian aristocrat, and major influence of the Austrian School. He was funded by the Rockefeller Foundation. Mises was a close friend of Coudenhove-Kalergi. Ludwig von Mises as late as 1925 didn’t believe that women should have the right to vote or giving women equal rights. He believed that races are different in their cognitive abilities, which is inaccurate & bigoted. Ironically, Mises too work in Count Coundenhove-Kalergi’s Pan European movement in 1943. This movement was preEU. Von Mises’ pupils have been Arthur Burns, Milton Friedman, and the Soviet apologist Murray Rothbard. Rothbard was pro-abortion viewing the fetus as an invader of the mother‘s property, which is a lie. A fetus is a blessing from God not an invader. Friedman opposed Keynesianism as the President of Mont Pelerin Society from 1970 to 1972. Keynesian economics isn’t perfect either. Milton was a leader of the University of Chicago’s School of Economics. Friedman didn’t want to do deal the Federal Reserve in a serious fashion when it was a privately owned bank acting in corruption. CNP member Edwin Feulner was the President of the Mont Pelerin Society from 1996 to 1998. He was President of the Heritage Foundation, which served to try to infiltrate real conservatives in the Left/Right Paradigm system. Eugenics is tied to this wicked von Hayek movement as well. This information isn’t what some in the alternative media don’t want you to know. Friederich von Hayek formed the Manhattan Institute in 1977 with Sir Antony Fisher (being a member of the Fabian Society). In 1994, Manhattan Institute scholar Charles Murray, co-authored The Bell Curve, a landmark publication advancing the theory of intellectual inferiority of the black race. The racist Bell Curve (which was financed by the neo-Nazi Pioneer Fund that promotes eugenics) have been debunked by mainstream scientists today, because IQ can improve irrespective of race via strict intervention. A very large, eight-site study published in Pediatrics in 1992, which found that intervention for at-risk infants (those born prematurely or with low birth weights) raised their IQs nine points by age three. In other words, IQ isn’t genetically fixed. The science behind The Bell Curve has been denounced by both the American Psychological Association and even the Human Genome Project. The book has been funded by the Bradley Foundation. The Bell Curve promotes the lie that some people of color have genetic and unchangeable

disposition to have low IQ (so any social programs promoting equality are unnecessary to help certain people in growing their IQ levels). There is the even the famous “Flynn Effect,” which causes IQ raising among all people and all classes worldwide in about 3 points per decade. Better nutrition can improve IQ levels as well. The Pioneer Fund has been linked to Roger Pearson. The neo-Nazi Pioneer Fund was one out of many groups that promoted the controversial Proposition 187 in California. The Pioneer Fund was created in 1937 by Wickliffe Draper, an eccentric millionaire who wanted to rid the U.S. of its black population. Another founder, Frederick Osborn, described Nazi Germany's sterilization law as "a most exciting experiment." So, Osborn was a liar and an extremist. Another founding member of the Mont Pelerin Society was “Ralph Harris, a leader of the British Eugenics Society which had earlier helped draft Hitler’s race laws.” Harris died in 2006. He was a director of Rupert Murdoch’s Times Newspapers company from 1988 to 2001. Sir Antony Fisher founded the Institute of Economic Affairs and the Atlas Economic Research Foundation (named after Ayn Rand’s book, Atlas Shrugged). Through Atlas, Sir Antony Fisher helped establish up to 150 other think-tanks worldwide. So, these people exploited the economic system to promote the evil of using central banks in order to control societies. One of the headquarters of elite multinational corporate system is the BIS or the Bank for International Settlements. This issue is really about us wanting honesty in economics or cronyism (which deals with government and select businesses working together to benefit their own interests). I choose honesty instead. Also, compassion is apart of the life of the Lord Jesus Christ not Ayn Rand. Ayn Rand was the radical libertarian atheist that believed in extreme views. Rand's views are the foundation of much of the economic/moral philosophies of the neo-conservative movement. “Rand” was born Alisa Zinov’yevna Rosenbaum in St. Petersburg, Russia, in 1905. She acted as being a radical anti-Communist, but she don‘t realize that Communism is a paradigm of control just like the other extreme of cartel capitalism. Rand promoted negative stereotypes of women, and she didn’t believe in any legitimate governmental assistance for those truly in need (which is one definition of fascism. Let’s call like it is. It’s fascism. There is nothing wrong in using active government to better the condition of our neighbors). Rand was a woman did evils like teaching selfishness, used negative stereotypes against women, she promoted a disregard of humanity, etc. She was one of the slick agents promoting the “Me Generation” that has caused economic plus social problems in our time in the 21st century. This isn’t new. Nietzsche promoted a nihilistic, sexually obsessed (although, sex utilized in the right way is fine), materialistic will among man (instead of embracing morals with love). Ayn Rand was so anti-God that even back in her 1959 interview with Mike Wallace in which she expounds her philosophy of “Objectivism” and “rational selfinterest.” Before an American audience, Rand disparaged God and Christianity, promoted Marxist atheism and unbridled capitalism wherein the pursuit of self-interest is the highest virtue. Rand redefined morality as the individual’s pursuit of his own happiness to the exclusion of others’ needs, while condemning altruism and charity as

immoral because the recipients are unworthy, or they would help themselves and refuse help from others. Ayn Rand was from Russia. She praised the axe murderer William Edward Hickman. Hickman killed a 12 year person girl Marion Parker. Rand wrote great stretches of praise for him, saying he represented "the amazing picture of a man with no regard whatsoever for all that a society holds sacred, and with a consciousness all his own. A man who really stands alone, in action and in soul. … Other people do not exist for him, and he does not see why they should." She followed laissez faire capitalism. She said that: "The concept of God is degrading to a man" being an atheist. Ayn Rand loved selfishness as a virute. That's false since charity for your fellow man is a blessing and virtue not selfishness. A real human lives to serve other people and help other people. Reagan, Gingrich, Delay, Trent Lott, and other Republicans praising Rand don't know that she hold their so-called Christian views in disdain not admiration. You know John Stossel, Rush Limbaugh, George Will, Ann Coulter, etc. promote Rand's views all of the time. Ayn Rand's self centered views are contrary to the teachings of Jesus Christ. People have the right to volunteer to help the sick and dying in the world while rejecting Objectivism. There is nothing wrong with being self-reliant, but not have self-indulgence to evil. The greed, materialism, and the Me entitlement wicked culture that you see today is a product of some of Ayn Rand's nefarious ideologies. You sacrifice your time to make another human being feel better. Ayn Rand is a sick person. Like Ron Paul, the extremist Ayn Rand wanted America to be placed on the ruinous Gold Standard. Paul wants the powers to the federal government to be eroded heavily in order to promote laissez faire capitalism in the name of “freedom.” Ron Paul promotes the interests of the wealthy by wanting nearly all public benefits gone when people earned them by hard work and other means. These benefits can help to provide each American with the opportunity to have an education, obtain medical care, drink clean water and breathe clean air. Yes, we should have personal, individual freedom. On the other hand, we should also provide education to people, protect our environment, help people that need help, and secure our government too. Paul deceptively sells this Medieval fraud to the American People with the lie that the people will control the gold and make their own money. He must know that there is not enough gold in the World to monetize in a way that meets the needs of the economy. Also, the high level bankers, who hold most of the gold , can try to deceive the public (in order to create fiat money on their computers and printing presses. Some major so-called “Patriot“ radio outlets are mouthpieces of the gold cartel). Sorry, Ron Paul, but people are not free to make monopolistic cartels control us or monopolize the media. Capitalism without checks quickly results in a master-slave relationship. It does not create a free state, nor does it promote equality. It is a form of class warfare which arms the wealthy and hobbles the middle class (and the poor). So, Ron Paul is an unconscious agent of the super rich global elite in my opinion. The State and free markets aren’t gods to be worshipped at all. As far as Social Security and Medicare go, a majority of the Tea Party supports these programs. In fact, much of the Tea Party are probably relying on Social Security or Medicare right now. But, much of them do not want the government to legitimately expand its social services to create a bigger social safety net for all members of American society. We don‘t

need corporations, the government, media organizations, think tanks, and policy institutes using fear and anxiety to manipulate our thinking. The Tea Party shouldn‘t be puppets of free market worshippers and agents of corporate oligarchs. Another tactic the establishment uses is the promotion of certain drugs beyond medicinal purposes. These acts are typical of glamorization of drug abuse, tobacco, and other poisons that harm the development of a community. We should oppose drug abuse, but use treatment instead of mass incarceration of those afflicted with drug abuse (with non-violent convictions). I don‘t agree with the War on Drugs for its violations of human civil liberties, etc. A real leader would build up the poor & middle class, take stolen wealth from the bankers to benefit the people, and reconstruct the infrastructure of America. Rand Paul recently in late September of 2010 have talked with neocons. I would never ever ally with the neo-conservatives at all. Neo-cons embrace abhorrent miltiarism and tactics that consistently violate our cherish human civil liberties. At a private office in Dupont Circle, he talked foreign policy with Bill Kristol, Dan Senor, and Tom Donnelly. Ron Paul meet with the neo-con group of AIPAC as well. This agenda of Ayn Rand contradicts the Christian concepts of charity, helping the poor, and preserving the family. It also permit’s the left/right political paradigm with obscene rhetoric existing among many corners. Ron Paul’s “The Revolution: A Manifesto” book recommended his supporters to read all of Ayn Rand’s books even though he doesn’t agree with her on all issues. These issues aren’t stated. Paul loves “Atlas Shrugged.” Paul and Rand loved the book entitled “The God the Machine” which was written by Isabel Paterson. Ron Paul believes that we should use our resources to track down and kill “terrorists” in the war on terror. Both Ron Paul and Ayn Rand are Libertarian followers of laissez faire free market economics (or a pure, unregulated unbridled capitalism that has destroyed safeguards put in place by the elected U.S. government). Now, that political agenda is about allowing the internationalists to steal personal wealth and limit individual freedoms. A contemporary of Ron Paul is monetarist Peter D. Schiff. Schiff and his ilk are in the same network of the Libertarian Party, the Constitution Party the John Birch Society, and other “freedom type groups.” They are right that humans should have individual freedom, but they ignore the truth that this freedom doesn’t mean that there is no restriction on how corporations conduct their activities either. Although, there is nothing wrong with real free enterprise that’s legitimate. The neo-cons and other in the Austrian Economics talk about spending, but won’t talk about the billions of dollars going into military spending totally $200 billion+ yearly. They won’t talk about how some entitlements and social services are keeping much of the poor alive literally. When, these services are utilized in the right way, they are an excellent blessing for America not a curse. Rumors abound that Ron Paul is a member of Freemasonry in the Grand Lodge of Texas (or his father is one). Ron Paul accepts nearly isolationism too. In a sense, the elite use the liberal establishment as the good cop and the conservative establishment as the bad cop in order to divide, confuse, and conquer the power of the rest of the populace. These political puppets from the Left and the Right want to place

people (especially those of color) in some mental underclass where they dictate how we vote. Well, those days are over. We have the right to think for ourselves and not allow some mental slave promoting, limited solutions having, corporate sponsoring entities (of the Rs and the Ds) to stir us like cattle. Instead of looking Left or Right, we should look up to God for our salvation (plus promoting help for our people) The good news is that tons of people are awaken about this reality.
This hasn't been conclusively proven (of Paul being a Mason), but it wouldn't surprise me if he was. The reason is that he appears to show Masonic handshakes with people on the Bill Maher show. Ron Paul has been tolerant of the John Birch Society (when the JBS has ties to the FBI, Freemasonry, the CNP, and the establishment as documented by real Patriots). I can‘t believe that Alex Jones supports the John Birch Society recently in 2010. The 1979 expose, “The Belmont Brotherhood,” exposed the John Birch Society as a front for the Council on Foreign Relations, the Federal Reserve Board, Freemasonry and the Communist Party. Now, the JBS member William J. Grede was

the director of the 7th Federal Reserve Bank, which is an important branch of the Federal Reserve. Other JBS members associated with the Federal Reserve like Louis Ruthenberg. Why would Ron Paul associate with the John Birch Society when its past members are linked to the FED that he supposedly wants banned? JBS
Freemasons include Robert D. Love, Coleman Andrews, and Ralph E. Davis. Some are members of the Council on Foreign Relations (like William Benton McMillan and Spruille Braden) and apart of the Newcomen Society. The JBS is linked to the CNP or the Council for National Policy, the Knights of Malta (who are infiltrating much of the Patriot Movement as I type these words), the Belmont Brotherhood, the NCC, Median Shine, and the Pilgrim Society. Ron Paul supported Pope John Paul II when he supported the new world order. The Pope is apart of the Roman Catholic Church, which has many false doctrines from the Rosary to calling a man Holy Father. Paul gave a speech opposing abortion, but the Vatican's Georgetown University are some of the leading supporters of abortion in America. This connections of Ron Paul to the elite contradict his followers' opposition to these organizations (and his political rhetoric). Ron Paul is definitely a member of Lambda Chi Alpha. That fraternity has tied to the Freemasons and occultism. Their brotherhood ring has a cross with 4 equal sides on it (which is a sun symbol back in ancient times) and a crescent moon on it. Ron Paul went into college in Gettysburg College in Pennsylvania. The November 2007 issue of Lambda Chi Alpha’s publication called “Cross and Crescent” announced Ron Paul’s Presidential bid. Paul was a leader of the Fraternity (as a chapter secretary and the President of his pledge class). The June 2006 issue of Cross & Crescent featured an article

about the 33º Mason and Worshipful Master of a Masonic Lodge who formulated the initiation ritual of Lambda Chi Alpha. His name was Dr. John E. Mason Jr. The November/December 1929 issue of Cross & Crescent exposed the occult nature of the Lambda Chi Alpha’s rituals. The section titled, Fraternitys Ritual of Ancient Origin states that:
“…In the summer of 1912 Mason, being dissatisfied with the then ritual of Lambda Chi Alpha,... began gathering material for a ritual which should incorporate existing insignia and combine them with high ethical teaching, traditions drawn from the remote past, a certain degree of esoteric philosophy, and specific perpetuation of old fraternal rituals. Particularly, Mason hoped that he could locate, in some European library, one or more ancient manuscripts which would embody long forgotten ritualistic teachings. He therefore pored over histories of ancient and medieval fraternal bodies, books on occultism, catalogues of notices and extracts from libraries, etc. At once a new field

opened up…” “The outlines of fraternal history were sought in such books as Heckethorn's Secret Societies of All Ages and Stevens' Cyclopedia of Fraternities (copies of which are now in the central office library); books on the mystery cults of Egypt, the Orient, Greece, and Rome, by such authors as Wallis-Budge, Foucart, Cumont, Farnell, Jane Harrison, Lobeck, and many another; books on the esoteric cults of the East, by writers like Max Muller, Whitney, and Rhys-Davids; modern books on occultism like those of Mme. Blavatsky, Annie Besant, Eliphas Levy, Rudolph Steiner, Edouard Schure, and A. E. Waite; books on Masonry like those of Gould, Fort, and Mackey – all were devoured eagerly; all were laid under contribution, and voluminous notes were made from them. 251 South 44th St., Philadelphia, was littered up with a strange collection of occult and fraternal lore...Out of all these emerged a formidable collection of notes for the new ritual. In later years, from these same notes was extracted the text of the lecture on fraternal traditions...Out of this welter of material, a few typical and important lessons were extracted. What they are is well known to every initiate. It is not so well known that several portions of our ritual are extracted from ancient fraternal documents, which had lain hidden for many years until they were dug up for use in this connection…”
Freemasonry use the cross and crescent imagery in many of their logos. Lambda Chi Alpha motto is "Vir Quisque Vir" which means in Latin "Every Man a Man." Patrick W. Woehnker was killed in a Lambda Chi Alpha hazing incident from 2007. Numerous fraternities perform immoral hazing incidents on their students. There are a balance, a book with Greek letters, a Masonic handshake, a standing lion, and a genie bottle as part of their coat of arms. The lion is holding a plant. The Masonic handshake has 3 stars near it. Ron Paul has supported fighting against Osama bin Laden & al-Qaeda (being funded by the CIA/ISI/Saudi network for decades). Paul have been accused of saying and writing racist literature. Today, he doesn't anymore. Ron Paul should apologized for those statements. People like Alex Jones, CNP member Stan Monteith, the Mormon Glen Beck, Ron Paul, etc. are simulated opposition trying to lure people (many of whom are sincere, decent people) into some “Revolution” yet Revolutions controlled by the establishment always end up benefiting the elite. GCN is owned by Adnan Khashoggi, who is a Saudi arms dealer. He’s a billionaire businessman that was involved in the Iran-Contra Affair. He has close ties to Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Gruman Aircraft Engineering, and Northrop Corporation. In 1991, a declassified American intelligence reported listed the top 100 drug traffickers of all time. He was on that list. This rebellion rhetoric is very similar to the rhetoric of the first rebel, Lucifer. “If ye fulfill the royal law

according to the scripture, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself, ye do well.” (James 2:8) Christ’s Law does not allow for hatred of enemies or rebellion against governing authorities, which Scripture states are ordained of God. This doesn’t mean we don’t expose evil. We should oppose and expose evil in peaceful ways, but we shouldn’t form a theocracy (as Dominionists like CNP member Howard Phillips desire) or tyrannical system in the process.

One CNP member is Paul Weyrich. He is involved in the Free Congress Foundation. He publicly supported the 2nd American Revolution. Also, Ron Paul authored a book titled The Revolution: A Manifesto (2008) and he repeatedly calls for another American Revolution. Mr. Weyrich works with an organization called Tradition, Family and Property (TFP) which was founded by one Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira, a Brazilian extremist and self-styled prophet who openly called for the implementation of a world-wide "Christian" regime based on medieval hierarchy and repression. Plinio Corrêa's 1993 book, titled Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites in the Allocutions of Pius XII has been praised by CNP member Paul Weyrich & Morton C. Blackwell. Weyrich’s patrons are abortion advocates and population control funders Richard Mellon Scaife and Joseph Coors (which funds the Heritage Foundation). Coors and Scaife are nexus points exposing the Left/Right paradigm (whereby the Heritage Foundation and Accuracy in Media act as conservative overtly but they are covertly funded by their supposed ideological “adversaries”). That paradigm is an illusion or a house of cards. Once, you expose it, the cards will come tumbling down. Free, independent thought is fine with me not being a mental slave to the Republican or Democrat parties. This paradigm exists to stop real personal individual liberty while promote centralized control in our society. The Heritage Foundation was formed as an establishment counterpart to the establishment liberal Brookings Institution. The DLC or the Democratic Leadership Council is another Left gate keeping group (even Patrick Moynihan was an agent of Bonesman Averill Harriman. Patrick Moynihan was right on some issues and incorrect on other issues). DLC members like William A. Galston, Elaine C. Kamarck, and others believe in union busting, sucking up to the rich, and other measures. Even a proDLC book written by Kenneth S. Baer entitled, “Reinventing Democrats from the University Press of Kansas mention that:
"The DLC especially admired the [right-wing Republican] Heritage Foundation ... for its influence in shaping public debate. [DLC founder Al] From recalled that the DLC respected Heritage's ability to accomplish 'effective political work [and] message work' and not only inject its ideas into public debate but reshape it as well.' In fact, Ed Feulner,

the president of Heritage, met with From and [Will] Marshall to offer some advice on raising money and disseminating ideas." (Reinventing Democrats, pp. 135-136.)

I’ve wanted to mention this information here for a long time. 2010 is a new era indeed. Elitist billionaires are controlling the political discourse in the mainstream cultural paradigm. That's easily proven. In the Left paradigm, you have people like Sumner Redstone and CFR member George Soros spewing their propaganda. On the right paradigm, you have the Koch brothers funding some of the mainstream Tea Party movement as well. Henry Makow created a great article on this issue. It's as easily as stirring people up in obsessing with concepts like Capitalism and Communism, while people behind the scenes promote a feudal, corporate takeover of our public and private resources including especially lands. They've been doing this divide and conquer strategy against the common people for thousands of years. Nothing is new under the sun indeed. David and Charles Koch are the brothers whom the left gatekeepers like those in the New Yorker believe that they want to war with President Barack Obama. The Koch brothers are radical libertarians that fund lobbies, think tanks, and Foundations. Radical libertarianism has been popularized by the fellow travelers of von Mises and Ayn Rand (with their political descendants by the names of Michael Wiener Savage, even Bill O’Reilly, Glen Beck, Rush Limbaugh, etc.). Glen Beck is a $50 million so-called patriot acting as a shill for Rupert Murdoch. The mainstream media in many occasions try to even equate legitimate government criticism with extremists that want to dismantle any form of government. The Koch brothers' father is Fred Koch. Fred was a founding member of the John Birch Society (with ties to the Vatican, Freemasonry among its early members, even the CFR back then. The JBS’s job is to mix legitimate issues like exposing eugenics and corporate corruption to covertly promote Ecumenicalism and reactionary rhetoric). Fred hunted animals in Africa with his 4 sons. Fred was a billionaire, who made his fortune by building refineries for the Communist murderer & dictator Joseph Stalin back in the 1930s. So, these people are utilized, so Left gatekeepers can come and intimidate people who disagree with parts of Obamacare (though legitimate things are in the law like you can‘t discriminate against a person because he or she has a preexisting condition), the climate change bill, etc. So, these billionaires act like they disagree on issues, but they are unified in supporting the Israeli Likudnite empire in the

Middle East, the war on terror, the Wall Street banker bailouts, destroying our culture, having exploitation of people, globalization (which is code for world government), etc. These political shills won't call for the end of the FED, expose 9/11 as a false flag operation, or call for the closure of hundreds of military bases globally. This is why it's hard to have radical change since the oligarchy don't want radical changes in our society. Charles and David Koch are worth about $20 billion each. William Koch accused his brothers of Charles and David of criminal acts in 60 Minutes. See, the Jesuit & Vatican agents, many Masons, Pilgrims, etc. not only facilitated Communism in Russia, but they create the controlled "anti-Communist" movement in the USA. That is why the JBS had members of the CFR in its early days. Many of its early writers were former Communist writers. For example, the founder Robert Welch had been a member of the Communist front "League for Industrial Democracy." William Grede, for many years Chairman of the Executive Council of the JBS, was a Fed banker. Robert Love, member of the Governing Council, was a 32nd Degree Mason. William Macmillan was a member of the CFR. Writers Eugene Lyons and Harold Varney used to work for the Communist "Workers World." It's suspected that Robert Welch was a 32nd Degree Mason. This is why the John Birch Society don't want Freemasonry to be exposed in a great way. So, you have labor and management fighting, but the capital of the elite isn't targeted. The elite are monopoly people, so they form monopolies to control the media, businesses, education, mainstream religion, and other functions of society. Even Justices Scalia and Thomas went into Koch related rallies. The Illuminists henceforth want a monopoly on our minds (even if your Left or Right, they use psy-ops like the Tea Party to stir the Patriot Movement in the Left vs. Right matrix as the late Alan Stang warned about). This present Tea Party isn't even like the original one since this new Tea Party movement have been infiltrated by neocon militarists. Politics are controlled. The establishment liberals can criticize the Tea Party all they want, but they are just as funded by CIA-backed foundations as others are. So, Soros, Newhouse, the Koch brothers, and Rupert Murdoch are enemies that should be exposed. Be strong brothers and sisters of any race. We will be strong. I thank God that I woke up.

The liberal establishment is heavily in the media with puppets like Keith Olbermann, Jimmy Carter agent Chris Matthews, and the Rhodes Scholar Rachel Maddow (who recently denied that fluoridation have negative consequences against

humans. The threats of fluoridation has been documented by mainstream scientists for decades). Rhodes Scholar was formed by Freemason Cecil Rhodes. Cecil Rhodes was a racist who advocated that Britain rule the world in global government literally. George Bernard Shaw was the famous Fabian Socialist. He was a famous person on the Left side of the Left/Right paradigm as well. It's been discovered that Shaw defended Adolf Hitler and defends mass murder. This is proven by the clip from the 2008 film called "The Soviet Story." He claimed to be a progressive playwright. Shaw wanted to kill people who can't justify their existence and called for the development of lethal gas 10 years before the national socialists in Germany did exactly that. Shaw said in the "Listener" on February 7, 1934 that: "...I appeal to the chemists to discover a humane gas that will kill instantly and painlessly. Deadly by all means but humane not cruel…" The Nazis used such a gas called Zylon B. Adolf Eichmann oversaw its implementation. That's an oxymoron since a death gas is painful and cruel by definition of its components. Shaw was evil indeed. George Bernard Shaw praised Stalin. Joseph Stalin was a mass murderer and he murdered more people than the Nazis did during World War II. Shaw supported Hitler since he knew that Hitler was going to exterminate people deemed "unworthy of life." Some leftist establishment figures love him, but he was an extremist. He won both an Oscar and a Nobel peace prize. Shaw wanted people to die based on class, but Hitler and the Nazis wanted folks exterminated based on nationality or race. He praised the Italian dictator Mussolini by imitating his posture and his salute. Shaw called Mussolini "amiable" and "kindly" which are lies. Mussolini was a dedicated dictator that utilized fascism in order to oppress human beings’ rights in the nation of Italy. George Bernard Shaw said other praising words of Mussolini. Another extremist in the Left paradigm is Professor Ward Churchill from the University of Colorado. He slandered the 9/11 victims as “little Eichmanns.” He said that anyone that disagree with the official story that 19 hijackers achieved 9/11 was a racist since they denied that Arabic people could achieve those ends. That’s silly since these hijackers didn’t cause NORAD to stand-down nor Building Number Seven to collapse. Back in 1969, Ward Churchill worked together with Weatherman leader Bernardine Dohrn at the Chicago SDS National Office. Churchill taught the so-called “revolutionary” Weathermen Underground to build bombs (according to a Fox News report
citing the Jan. 18, 1987 issue of the Denver Post). The Weathermen Underground were a terrorist group that falsely believed that bombing buildings could create meaningful social reform in the USA. William Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn were leaders of it. They were lucky that they didn’t receive life in prison for their evil deeds. “I don’t regret setting bombs,” Bill Ayers said [to the New

York Times]. “I feel we didn’t do Enough…” Ex-Weathermen Mark Rudd (who organized the Columbia University protests in NYC in the late 1960’s) said that the Weathermen acting too violently and the FBI exploited this to harm authentic people in the anti-war and peace movements: “…My recall is
that my comrades and I in the leadership of Weatherman made specific bad decisions based on our evolving and deepening ideology toward the chimera of revolution and the strategy revolutionary guerilla warfare. One thinks of the roads not taken. We could have chosen to fight to maintain the organization, to strengthen its anti imperialism and antiracism among students, to build the largest possible coalition against the war. Perhaps

we could have ended the war sooner, who knows?’…” In

other words, the Weathermen allowed the elite to smear the entire anti-war movement as nothing more than incoherent nihilists. The Weathermen Underground was right that the Vietnam War was wrong, that oppression against any people is an obscenity, and that social injustice ought to be disagreed with. They were wrong in using unjustified violence against people (and even property) in claiming that these acts were a sufficient solution to develop a real, absolute reformation. So,

Churchill and their ilk promote the blowback disinformation to ignore the sophisticated nature of intelligence agencies and Big Foundations like the Ford Foundation even funding their own movements covertly. It’s as simple as this: You stop a real Revolution by funding puppets from all of the political spectrum (hence, you can stir the movements and agendas in society). 9/11 is bigger than blowback. It’s an orchestrated event that allowed the Western elite to possess the justification to fulfill their evil “war on civilizations” scenario. That means you use 9/11 to promote religious, political, class and ethnic tensions in the world, so you can easily create the new world order system. In many cases, the Left Gatekeepers (& Right Gatekeepers) would provide legitimate reasons for why the evils in society exist. On the other hand, they would rarely outline comprehensive reforms or real, tangible solutions to help the poor, solve health care complications, improve our economy, etc. One real solution is to allow working people of all ethnic and racial groups to form an united front to extract from Wall Street the necessary means for social and economic renewal in housing, health care, jobs, education, mass transit, and related areas.

The Heritage Foundation and its pseudo-conservative network have collaborated with the Brookings Institution and other liberal NGOs to develop programs such as the federal government's GOALS 2000 plan to radically restructure American society through education reform. This doesn’t mean we have unconditional support for

the Government. We shouldn’t. We have unconditional support for God alone. In other words, if the government says do an abortion, do unjustified violence, or murder innocent people, we have a right to say: “No, I’m not going to do it,” plus we ought to be willing to suffer the consequences of our acts. Some of the government‘s acts have been obscene and terroristic. Rev. R. J. Rushdoony (he was in the
Council for National Policy Board of Governors) is a theocratic extremist who desire a theocracy as well under a distortion of Old Testament law (under a priest King, which is nothing more than a promotion of a new world order with a religious flavor). The system of theocratic government advocated by Rousas Rushdoony is based on the theocracy which John Calvin established in Geneva, Switzerland. Calvin ruled Geneva without mercy, executing heretics and others who violated the Old Testament Law. Although to give credit when credit is due, many Protestants who were Calvinists did promote legitimate precepts like religious liberty, the freedom of conscience, etc. There is not a verse in the New Testament that offers murder against a person who disagreeing with you theologically at all. These actions constitute a violation of the OT and even the NT of course as shown in these verses:

“Wherefore, my brethren, ye also are become dead to the law by the body of Christ; that ye should be married to another, even to him who is raised from the dead, that we should bring forth fruit unto God... But now we are delivered from the law, that being dead wherein we were held; that we should serve in newness of spirit, and not in the oldness of the letter.” (Romans 7:4, 6) “For there is verily a disannulling of the commandment going before for the weakness and unprofitableness thereof. For the law made nothing perfect, but the bringing in of a better hope did; by the which we draw nigh unto God... By so much was Jesus made a surety of a better testament.” (Hebrews 7:18,19, 22) The Dominion heresy views Jesus‘ kingdom as just a secular government that can‘t be established without man forcing it to occur. That‘s blaspheming God since the Bible is clear that God‘s Kingdom will come after the Tribulation irrespective of what man does. So, Dominionist provocateurs on the Right paradigm and provocateurs on the Left side of the political paradigm seek to stir the masses against our moral code (and especially against true Christianity) in an attempt to form the new world order. Beck has been successful in trying to infiltrate much of
the Tea Party Movement. The Mormon Glen Beck (Mormonism teaches blatant falsehoods like man can be his own god with his own Planet making children, Lucifer & Jesus are spirit brothers, Jesus Christ traveling into ancient America, etc.) is not a real libertarian or conservative neither is his ally the Roman Catholic Bill O‘Reilly. The Glen Beck & Bill O’Reilly duo is had their Bold Fresh tour in Norfolk, Virginia in May of 2010. Glen Beck supports the Patriot Act, the Iraq & Afghanistan wars, the banker bailout, etc. Glen Beck wants a country with police state like laws with profiling, suppression of our liberties, etc. while having an evil war on terror causing destruction in the world. He’s a neo conservative. Glen Beck recently said that African American is a fake word and black people shouldn’t call themselves by that phrase. Mormonism ironically has a racist history among even their early leaders. My frank response to his ignorance is that who is he to make a judgment about what any person can call their own selves. People have a right to classify themselves as anything they wish. There is nothing wrong with being called black American or African American either. I like both phrases myself. African American is a real phrase since my ancestry comes from Africa and I’m an American citizen at the same time. Glen Beck recently lied in 2010 that 9/11 Truth people might try to kill the President when 9/11 Truth people are peaceful human beings. Glen Beck is known to disparage or disrespect the victim’s families of 9/11 and he called the victims of Hurricane Katrina “scum” (I never forgot what this man called the victims of Hurricane Katrina at all). Beck falsely accused President Barack Obama of being a racist. Glen Beck compared many Americans to Nazis and Communists just because they disagree with him on political matters. Glen Beck slandered Texas gubernatorial candidate Debra Medina for just saying people have a right to question the official story of 9/11 that even some in the 9/11 Commission have issues with. The sister Alveda King (she is the niece of Dr. Martin Luther King. Pastor Stephen Broden, who is

in the Fair Park Bible Fellowship in Texas, ought to wake up too. Alveda is right to oppose abortion on demand though. She legitimately exposes Sanger) needs to wake up to the fact
that Beck wants to support the chains of the Mormon false religion not true liberty & justice for all people. GLEN BECK SHOULD REPENT AND RENOUNCE MORMONISM. Although, Alveda King should be greatly respected since she has fought for many legitimate principles for decades (and her family suffered harshly). So, she has the right to speak at any forum she wants to. Beck can never reclaim the civil rights movement at all. That movement existed for centuries among my own people when we had the Gullah rebellions in South Carolina and other events. Civil rights is about giving all people equal rights and equal opportunities in society. The Reconciliation Rally by Glen Beck is near the Lincoln Memorial, whose building was a model of the Temple of Zeus. This is apparent as D.C. is based upon a Masonic influence. The Lincoln Memorial has 10 hidden pillars, coupled with the 36 outside pillars. Glen Beck is definitely a fake conservative and a disrespectful fraud in my opinion. I’m an independent politically too. There are sincere conservatives, liberals, libertarians, independents, etc. that want the best for people without malice. I know many of them myself. *The neo cons like Beck, Limbaugh, the AEI obsess with Iran. Back in 1952, Monshizadeh

was the co-founder of the Nazi Party called SUMKA. Some of the Nazis viewed the Persians as their Aryan brothers. The U.S. indirectly funded Nazi supporters (who were involved in Iranian nationalism. There is nothing wrong with true nationalism excluding hatred) in order to counter Soviet influence in Iran. This was in 1948. The elite exiled Monshizadeh to Europe when he supported the Iranian leader Mohammed Mossadegh's oil nationalization. Operation Ajax in 1953 overthrow the government of the nationalist Mossadegh (with agents from the Gehlen Organization and CIA director Allen Dulles organizing the coup in Iran). Even Zbigniew Brzezinski (ZB) as President Carter’s National Security Advisor implemented a Pan-Islamic crescent strategy in the late 1970’s to serve as a buffer to Soviet southern expansion. This plan wasn’t about true development in the Muslim world, but patronizing Muslims in order to deal with the Soviet Union. So, the West supported the fascist Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini to replace the Shah. Of course, the Shah was a dictator himself. The Shah left Iran on January 17, 1979. Khomeini was aided by the West too via foreign nationals. Robert Gates has a meeting with Brzezinski to accept the Revolution, recognize Khomeini's government, supply arms contracted to Shah delivered to Khomeini. This wanted a working relationship between Iran and the USA back then. According to Mike Evans in Jimmy Carter: The Liberal Left and World Chaos, a former naval intelligence officer and CIA operative informed him “that the U.S. government wrote checks to Khomeini in increments of approximately $150 million.” The CIA have been drug running that has been harming the communities of America as well (as proven by Gary Webb, Kevin Booth, Freeway Ricky Ross, and including other scholars). So, these fascist Mullahs have influence in Iran to. Today, some in the West either want to invade Iran or make the Mullah compromise to have more influence with the Shah's son called Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi. Pahlavi lived in America since 1984. The Western elite are trying to play Arabic people, Jewish people, and Iranians against each instead

of promoting real equality in the Middle Eastern region. Hopefully, Iran can have real freedom without a military invasion.

Scott Brown won a Senate election in one of the most liberal states in America of Massachusetts. The media portray as extremely conservative when he isn’t. It’s just that numerous Independent Americans opposed the current administration (some of them opposed the present health care bill since the bill threaten to cut benefits from Medicare, the bill was heavily promoted by the insurance industry, and it will involves an unconstitutional compulsion of the average person to bail out bankrupt health insurance companies). Even Obama’s budget czar, Orszag, wants to deprive

Americans of medical tests and probably represents the hidden hand behind recent efforts to limit mammograms and Pap smears. This doesn‘t need health care reform isn‘t needed, but it should be the right kind of reform to help citizens, As for the health care law today, there are many legitimate parts of it like there is no discrimination to our care based on preexisting conditions. Scott Brown isn‘t perfect either being pro-abortion, Brown supported a tax-subsidized golf course over 9/11 rescue workers in 2001 , Brown was educated in Boston College, he’s a Lions Club member, he voted for carbon credits, and he serviced in support of Homeland Security, etc. Henceforth, Martha Coakley lost the election and now Scott Brown is the new Senator from Massachusetts. The seat used to be the seat of the late Senator Edward Kennedy. We should watch Brown‘s actions in the months and years ahead beyond late January 2010. 2 Corinthians says don't have
fellowship with works of darkness. Therefore, I won't fellowship with occult inspired GLOs at all. It’s certainly apart of love to make these facts known for the whole world to see. This isn’t hate. It would be hate to omit these words from the public. So, I agree with love of people, but dissent as well over some issues.

The election of 2010 is over. There is a radical shift of power in America. Republicans have took the most of the House. FOX News is having a field day and most of them are celebrating the occurrence. Just because Republicans have won many seats, we shouldn't allow them to turn back the clock. Tax cuts for the super wealthy is wrong and protecting our services is the right thing to do. We should go forward, but not be weary of the future. Rand Paul and other Republicans are in the Congress now. Now, many of them are in Congress and they have a lot of the ball in their court. Either they will have gridlock or try to make their policies known. The truth is that policies should exist in helping the American people. There might be a record filibusters. Boehner wants to eliminate the health care law completely. There are some legitimate parts in the law like providing care for those with pre-existing conditions. Harry Reid won the election in Nevada against Sharon Angle. The deal is that we should be careful and use discernment about these Republicans since many of them falsely believe that laissez faire economics, cutting the social safety net, and empowering the elite’s corporate power will make the people better off. Groups like Empower DC want to prevent private contractors from ruling urban areas (like preventing more public schools from closing down). You don’t use public money to invest in private ventures that won’t do nothing to solve problems. It is wrong to yell about deficits and debt and then desire the following: bailing out the wealthy, increase the military budget, and cut social services. These reactionary extremists like Rand Paul, David Webb, Matt Kibbe, & Dick Armey want no spending whatsoever. Our economic problem is caused by deregulation, too much harm to economic rights of the people, and the war on terror.

For Christians, this is not the time for taking up arms to “reclaim America,” but for soberly watching unto prayer, “But the end of all things is at hand: be ye therefore sober, and watch unto prayer.” (1 Peter 4:7) “And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.” (Lk 21:28) For our citizenship is not in this world, but in heaven, where Christ is. “But now they desire a better country, that is, an heavenly: wherefore God is not ashamed to be called their God: for he hath prepared for them a city.” (Heb. 11:16). For the world, judgment is approaching, and God is calling all men to repentance. “And the times of this ignorance God winked at; but now commandeth all men every where to repent: Because he hath appointed a day, in the which he will judge the world in righteousness by that man whom he hath ordained; whereof he hath given assurance unto all men, in that he hath raised him from the dead.” (Acts 17:30-31). The Scriptures are clear that: “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” (John 3:16)

Appendix A: The Boule
The Boule is a Secret Society. It’s apart of the Black Elite of the establishment. The Boule has been very popular in discussion among the alternative media. The Boule is also called the Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity. Many of its founders were Prince Hall Freemasons or have Masonic affiliations. Therefore, I wanted to create a simplistic, yet hard hitting mention of this mysterious organization. These black men try to stir the black community into their direction of globalization, compromise, and control.

Black Freemason Zachary P. Gremillion wrote a book entitled "African Origins of Freemasonry." In the book on page 167, he wrote that: "...founders of nine Black Greek

Fraternities and Sororities were Freemasons and Eastern Stars...Alpha Phi Alpha first initiation was held in a Masonic Lodge." The Boule can pose as Freedom Fighters during the Civil
Rights era, but they promote submission unto the elite. The Boule work with the same factions that promote the new world order. The Boule (as Sigma Pi Phi ) was created by Dr. Henry Minton and others in was founded in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on May 15, 1904. Sigma Pi

Phi is generally considered to be the first African-American Greek-lettered organization. He joined the Alpha Phi Alpha. Alpha Phi Alpha was the first collegiate African
American fraternity being founded in December 4, 1906. Alpha Phi Alpha has tons of black doctors, lawyers, politicians, scientists, and other leaders of the black community then and now. Hinton invited 5 of his colleagues to create the Boule. Their names were Dr. Eugene T. Henson, Edwin Clarence Howard, Dr. Algernon Brashear Jackson, Robert Jones Abele and Richard John Warrick. This occurred in Philadelphia. They desired to create a social organization that would: “bring together a select group of men with a minimum degree of superior education and culture-men who were congenial, tolerant, and hospitable.” Minton was educated and married into the Wormley family of Washington, D.C. Minton was responsible for opening the first 2 hospitals in Philadelphia called Douglass and Mercy. In ancient Greece there were the Solonian and Athenian Boule cliques. The Athenian boule, with its distinctive advisory function, is thought to have been established by the archon Solon in 594 BC. Originally it was made up of 400 men, 100 from each of the four traditional tribes of Athens. The Boule was a council of citizens that was appointed daily to run affairs of the city in ancient Greece. The Boule once advised the King. Later, hereditary boule cliques formed. The Boule today is known as Sigma Phi Phi. Steve Cokely is a leading black researcher of the Boule. Steve tells a lot of things that are true, but is caught up in antiSemitic rhetoric at times. He said that: “…Conspiracy Theorist and Futurologist Steve Cokely,

had this to say: "Anywhere there are prominent professional Blacks, chances are they're in the Boule.” . The Boule say that they historically takes pride in having provided leadership and service to Black Americans during the Great Depression, World Wars I and II, and the Civil Rights Movement.
Very little is known about how the Boule functioned at this time and its existence has even been doubted. However, evidence for its existence is as secure as evidence for other sixth century institutions. The Boule today is a black Greek Secret Society that was based upon the Skulls and Bones Secret Society of Yale University. Charles H. Wesley, a Boulé member, wrote on page 28 of his Boulé history book, about why one of it’s founding member’s, Minton, (who also owned the first black drugstore in the United States), wanted to create such an organization: “Minton

wanted to create an organization which would partake in the tenants (basis, or root) of Skull & Bones at Yale.” Why would any black man would want to mimic the Skulls and Bones when their ilk was involved in the slave trade, secretive & wicked ceremonies, drug running, and aiding the Nazis. Even thousands of black people were murdered by the Nazis (who were funded by the Skulls and Bones like Bonesman Prescott Bush including Rockefeller’s Standard Oil. One of the logos of the Nazis was the skulls and crossbones) during World War Two. That is a historical fact that few people know about.
The Skulls and Bones are an occult order that is an entry level group into the CFR, the Pilgrim Society, and the various Knighthoods (like the Knights of Malta, the Constantinian Order, Order of Francis I, etc.) that run most of the policies politically of the world. Skulls and Bones have a coffin ritual where individuals confess their sexual secrets. The Skulls and Bones have been complicit in the funding of the Nazis, the Opium trade of the 19th century, the Manhattan Project, and other wicked endeavors. The Skulls and Bones is nicknamed the Brotherhood of Death. Charles Wesley had written historical book also for the Alpha Phi Alpha, the Elks, and Prince Hall Masons and founded Central State University in Ohio. In the Boule' history book, written by Charles H.

Wesley, it also states, "...the Round Table can live through us!" That quote tells it all of the agenda of the Boule right there. What many don’t realize is that the Round Table was invented by Freemason Cecil Rhodes. Rhodes based his organization on the Order of the Jesuits.

Sometimes, these men couldn’t stand each other, because of ideological differences. Both WEB Dubois and Booker T. Washington were Prince Hall Freemasons. Each men were a paradox in that they represented the black culture’s unity and it’s diversity of thought or thinking. Each man were right and wrong on some issues. DuBois focused on intellectual development, while Washington focused on business skills. The truth is that both intellectual growth and business development are key factors necessary to further grow the black community. You need both instruments. As people say, if you’re both book smart and street smart, then you could be a dangerous person to the establishment. There is nothing wrong with being book smart, street smart, or both. Although, we as a people ought to strive to be a jack of all trades. Since all human beings are created in the image of God, we have the right to have creative thinking to fulfill the essence of human progression. So, forever I respect the brothers and I will always love the sisters gracefully in my existence. When I connect with a sister, it’s one of the greatest feelings in the world since I have a genuine cultural relationship. Booker T. Washington was an educated man who founded Tuskegee University. He graduated from Hampton University, which is not too far from where I live at. I’ve been to Hampton, Virginia on plenty of occasions. Hampton has a lot of dynamic culture and it’s a great place to live at. Being resolute in our consciences, yet discerning in our actions are keen duties to live by.
WEB DuBois was a founding member of the New York City chapter of the Boule. W.E.B.

Dubois advocated the blacks should pursue a classical and/or Liberal Arts education. Booker T. Washington wanted technical training among black Americans. He headed the Tuskegee Institute and his successor was Robert Morton. Henrietta Vinton Davis criticized

Morton for saying that blacks must take the inferior position in life (which is ludicrous). Also, Steve Cokely accuses Robert Morton of spying on Marcus Garvey’s activities. DuBois
promoted the Talented Tenth theory (or that 10% of the black population should learn liberal arts from universities and colleges as apart of higher learning in order to use that knowledge to help out the black community). This concept is found in his book entitled, “The Souls of Black Folk.” DuBois said that the Boule was created to “keep the black professional away from the ranks of Marcus Garvey.” Freemason Robert Sengstacke Abbott was the founder

and publisher of the "Chicago Defender." Robert Abbott wrote a letter to the Attorney General Harry M. Daugherty to criticize the agenda of Marcus Garvey (the first black Rhodes Scholar & Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity member Alain Locke opposed Garvey’s agenda). They wanted to deport Marcus Garvey for just expressing his First Amendment rights. He and others (including William Pickens, Chandler Owen, and Robert Bagnall) promoted the “Garvey Must Go” campaign. Marcus Garvey’s Universal Negro Improvement Association (U.N.I.A.) was reaching into great heights during the early 20th century. I don’t agree with all of the views of Marcus Garvey, but even him has his rights. During this time of the early
1900's, Marcus Garvey's Back to Africa movement was reaching its peak. It was reaching a million people without television or radio. Garvey wanted the industrialization of Africa to be achieved by black people, so European multinational corporations won't exploit its resources. Garvey wanted this to occur in Liberia where that nation can control and produce their own rubber crops and other industries in natural resources. Garvey said, “If the oil of Africa is good for Rockefeller’s interest; if iron is good for Carnegie trust; then these minerals are good for us. Why should we allow Wall Street and the capitalist group of America and other countries exploit our country when they refuse to give us a fair chance in the countries of our adoption? Why should not Africa give to the world its black Rockefeller, Rothschild, and Henry Ford?”

The courageous and brave Sister Ida B. Wells described Marcus Mosiah Garvey (He was the head of the Universal Negro Improvement Association or the U.N.I.A.) in these terms:

“Undoubtedly Mr. Garvey made an impression on this country as no Negro before him had ever done. He has been able to solidify the masses of our people and endow them with racial consciousness and racial solidarity.” -Crusade for Justice, Ida B. Wells, p. 381
Harlem, New York back then and still today is a huge epicenter of black culture and black people. Decades ago, black folks from the South and West traveled into Harlem to escape prejudice and develop their lives‘ dreams. Harlem even back in the 1920’s set trends for clothing, entertainment, and culture for the Black community worldwide. The Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture still exists today. Dr. John Henrik Clarke, Dr. Yosef Ben-Jochannan, J. A. Rogers, and other scholars worked heavily from Harlem too. The center was named after Arthur Schomburg. Harlem was one major home base of the UNIA movement. African culture deals with building ties of family and community as well. The legacies & philosophies of Malcolm X, Steve Biko, Nkrumah, Kwame Ture, and Dr. King are more important to support than the agenda of white supremacy. Mary Turner, Laura Nelson, Marie Scott and Jennie Steers are our true historical heroes as well. African cultural awareness is a great blessing in the world. Black Wall Street in Oklahoma is a great example of successful infrastructure being formed before terrorists destroyed that community. In Black Wall Street, there were Ph.Ds., attorneys, doctors, and other black professionals. There were shops, jewelry stores, 21 churches, 21 restaurants, and 2 movie theatres. Black people owned their own planes. The area had over 600 businesses and had a population of over 15,000 African Americans. The lesson here is anybody (especially people of color) have the right to promote the interests of their own communities and have the sense of selfdetermination.
The Rothschilds are Keepers of the Vatican Treasury according to Tupper Saussy's book entitled “Rulers of Evil.” The Jewish Encyclopedia., Vol. 2, p.497 states, "It is a somewhat

curious sequel to the attempt to set up a Catholic competitor to the Rothschilds that at the present time (1905) the latter are the guardians of the papal treasure." Today the large banking and financial business of the Catholic Church is an extensive system interlocked with the Rothschilds (whose members have been well known figures in Freemasons and other elite groups) and the rest of the International Banking system. Troy found some interesting information about the Rothschilds. He found that the Rothschilds received Papal and Royal knighthoods. For example, Lord Jacob (the 4th Baron) Rothschild received the Queen's Order of Merit in 2002 and the Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the British Empire in 1998. The Queen of England is Sovereign of the Order of St. John. The Queen is apart of the Saxe- Coburg Gotha family that

had one member in the Bavarian Illuminati (whose name was Ernest II, Duke of SaxeGotha-Altenburg. He was a Freemason and his Illuminati code name was Quintus Severus and/or Timoleon. In 1787, Ernst II gave Adam Weishaupt refuge in Gotha. Karl of Hessen-Kassel was another Illuminist & Freemason), funded the Nazis, and

promote population control to this very day. One famous Saxe-Coburg Gotha family member by the name of Prince Philip said racist, sexist, and xenophobic comments before. He is also a strong supporter of population control. He’s slick, sinister man to me.
Of the Rockefellers, Emanuel Josephson said in “Rockefeller Internationalist” (1952) page 20 that: “The wealth of the Rockefellers is incalculable. Favored by law, their fortune grows while others are wiped out. It is doubtful if there exists enough money in the world to make their wealth liquid.” As for the Rothschilds, legendary in European and world finance, we read of their “endless assets” (page 121 “The Rothschilds” by Frederic Morton, 1962). On page 57 we take note: “Of money the brothers now had unimaginable amounts. The total wealth encompassed by the clan during most of the nineteenth century has been estimated at well over 6,000 million dollars. No one else, from the Fuggers to the Rockefellers, has come even close to that hair-raising figure.” The Mellons are in the Pilgrim Society clique as well. Lundberg called the Mellons (page 143) “astronomically rich.” Another Mellon biographer, William Hoffman in “Paul Mellon---Portrait of an Oil Baron” (1974) said (pages 134 and 189)-- “Billions, zillions---did not seem unusual to Paul Mellon. Paul controls thousands of companies.” On page 186 Hoffman spoke of “to grasp what is almost ungraspable---that is, the vastness of Mellon holdings…” On pages 52 and 55 Hoffman quoted Congressman Wright Patman on the Mellons--- “Mr. Mellon has violated more laws, caused more suffering and illegally acquired more property to satisfy his personal greed than any other person on earth. The fortune I have mentioned is equal to two-thirds of all the gold in the entire world.”

The Rothschilds are very powerful, but not more powerful than the Vatican or even the Saxe Coburg Gotha families of the UK (including the secret Black Nobility families of Europe). These Black Nobility families include the Krupps, the Bohlens in Bavaria, the Wittelsbachs, the Farnese, the Burgundy family, the Wettin family, the Orsini/Maximus, the Guelphs, Breakspear, the Grimaldi family, the Hozhenzollern family, the Aldobrandini, the Somalgia, the Savoy family, and the Borja.

DuBois wanted black professionals to reject Garvey's philosophy because he accepted a compromise of blacks to the white elite establishment (during the early 20th century). WEB DuBois was a race traitor until he tried to wake up before he died. Some accuse DuBois and Alain Locke (another race

traitor being the first Rhodes Scholar. Rhodes Scholar was created by the racist Freemason Cecil Rhodes who wanted the British government to rule the Earth in an one world government. Rhodes believed in the lie of eugenics and white supremacy) demonizing Garvey in disrespectful terms. The Round Table Group was created by Rhodes as well (Lord Rothschild supported this organization). Today, the Round Table Group is known as the Pilgrim Society. WEB DuBois followed Margaret Sanger and both agreed with a depopulation of the black population under the guise of "birth control."

According to Canadian columnist Michael Coren:

“Margaret Sanger believed in the existence of so-called ‘dygenic races’ or ‘human weeds’. There unfortunates were blacks, Hispanics, Amerinds, fundamentalist [Christians], and Catholics as well as Slaves, Latins, and Jews. Sanger though such people were a ‘menace to civilization’. They simply had to ‘stop breeding’. Her magazine, The Birth Control Review, favoured immigration restrictions based upon race and published a glowing review of a book called The Rising Tide of Color Against White World Supremacy; a fascist rant particularly popular with the later National Socialists in Germany.” (The Toronto Sun, Jan. 7th, 1999) Sanger would go to a Klan rally in the 1920’s. The Klan is a bigoted hate group. That shows what kind of person she was. The following quote has Sanger wanting to kill infants: "The most merciful thing that a large family does to one of its infant members is to kill it." (Margaret Sanger, Women and the New Race [Eugenics Publ. Co.,] 1920, 1923). Margaret Sanger was a wicked woman indeed. She even wanted a Plan for Peace proposal, which desired to segregate people by force who were mentally disabled (including restricting even legal immigration. Radical, racist antilegal immigration sentiment historically have always been tied with the evil

eugenics movement. That‘s a fact. I reject eugenics and I reject hatred of immigration. Immigration is a blessing). Here are some new information that I know about. LBJ signed the Fulbright bill into law in 1963. This funded international population research and assistance. LBJ had a mixed legacy. He passed civil rights bills, but he supported the Vietnam War and he backed population control efforts worldwide (with the support of the then Republican representative from Texas named George H. W. Bush). By 1966, Johnson was given the Margaret Sanger award for his foreign policy on family planning. LBJ didn’t show up for the event. LBJ did some legitimate policies in his term of office, but Vietnam crippled much of the end of his Presidency. LBJ is no JFK as we know (LBJ passed those legitimate laws since without passing laws, America might of disintegrated into chaos for real). JFK rejected Communism as a negation of personal liberty, but he respected the Soviet people as a means to advance a peace platform with the Soviet Union back in 1963. He believed that the Third World from the Congo, Algeria, Indonesia, Laos, Algeria, and other nations have a right to achieve nationalism without the chains of imperialism. Frankly, we don’t need IMF-style austerity measures that can damage the essence of growth of public and private services in the world. The United States (via Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Health & Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius) in October 1, 2010 had to apologize to Guatemala for John C. Cutler of being an author of the evil Guatemala syphilis study. The recent news that U.S. government medical researchers intentionally infected hundreds of people in Guatemala, including institutionalized mental patients, with gonorrhea and syphilis without their knowledge or permission more than 60 years ago, during those studies has promoted the United States to issue an apology to Guatemala. It was unethical to perform such experiments in Guatemala from 1946 to 1948. Culter’s wife said that her husband John was in favor of population control efforts in the world. John C. Culter’s wife Eleise admitted that she served on numerous boards like Planned Parenthood. Eleise Culter also contributed to Planned Parenthood’s research arm the Alan Guttmacher Institute, whose founder was a Vice President of both Planned Parenthood and the American Eugenics Society. In 1969, Guttmacher as then President of Planned Parenthood-World Population, said this: “…I would like to give our voluntary means of population control full opportunity in the next 10 to 12 years. Then , if these don’t succeed, we may have to go into some kind of coercion, not worldwide, but possibly in such places as India, Pakistan, and Indonesia, where pressures are the greatest…There is no question that birth rates can be reduced all over the world if legal abortion is introduced…” ( SOURCE: Family Planning: The needs and the Methods, by: Alan F. Guttmacher; The American Journal of Nursing, Vol. 69, No. 6. (June, 1969) PP. 1229-1234) And in February of 1970 Alan Guttmacher was interviewed by the Baltimore Magazine and said this: “Our birth rate has come down since we last talked.. I think we’ve hit a plateau- the figure’s not likely to drop much more unless there is more legal abortion. , or abortion

on request as we call it …My own feeling is that we’ve got to pull out all the stops and involve the United Nations…If you’re going to curb population, it’s extremely important not to have it done by the d____ Yankees, but by the UN. Because the thing is, then it’s not considered genocide. If the United States goes to the Black man or the yellow man and says slow down your reproduction rate, we’re immediately suspected of having ulterior motives to keep the white man dominant in the world. If you can send in a colorful UN force, you’ve got much better leverage.” Well – Alan Guttmacher and Planned Parenthood want subsidized abortions for EUGENICS and the new health care law (with some good parts) is being exploited by some to endorse such policies. This is about POPULATION CONTROL. Increasing abortions with our taxpayers’ dollars and decreasing human kind is apart of that specific agenda. It’s as simple as that. This population control against all of us (and especially people of color) is shown in Kissinger’s NSSM 200 document. That document wanted the West to control the Third World’s food and resources under the guise of population control. The document lied and said that Third World development is a threat to U.S. national security.
Today, some of the biggest supporters of abortion have been members of sororities and fraternities. Even today, organized institutions are trying to prevent people from having real self-improvement. So we find in the same period as the founding of the Boulé, the founding of the four black male (Alpha Phi Alpha, Kappa Alpha Psi, Omega Psi Phi, and Phi Beta Sigma) and four black female (Alpha Kappa Alpha, Delta Sigma Theta, Zeta Phi Beta, and Sigma Gamma Rho) college-based fraternities and sororities. The NAACP and the Urban League today were founded in that time period of the early 20th century. Ironically, the NAACP was co-founded by WEB DuBois and many white people in 1909. Other early members and founders of the NAACP include: W. E. B. Du Bois, Ida B. Wells,

Archibald Grimké, Henry Moscowitz, Mary White Ovington, Oswald Garrison Villard, Jane Addams (She was apart of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority), William English Walling, Julius Rosenthal, Lillian Wald, Rabbi Emil G. Hirsch and Rabbi Stephen Wise. Why is George Bush, Sr. a life-time honorary chairmen for the NAACP when he’s a member of the Skulls & Bones society? The National Urban League is another early civil rights organization as well. Many NAACP members have done a lot of good for black Americans and all Americans. Yet, they are controlled by the Elite unfortunately. In other words, the NAACP to this day is funded by the Rockefeller Foundation. In THE ROCKEFELLER FILES, by Gary Allen, Rockefeller speaks of the power of "not owning a corporation but controlling it through money." Money dictates power on many levels. The NAACP tried to pass the Anti-Lynching Bill back in the early 1900’s, but it was never passed by the government until 1959. Some
believe that WEB Dubois slightly began to see the errors of his ways in the 1960's just before he died. About that time, he moved into the African country of Ghana. DuBois was the first black man to write for the Round Table Group's offspring the Council on Foreign Relations magazine called Foreign Affairs. There is the story of Dr. George GM. James. Boule member Carter G. Woodson is called the Father of Black History. GM James (although a Mason) wrote a controversial book entitled, "Stolen Legacy." It was published in 1954. Shortly after the book was released, James died. Some said that his death was a Masonic death. His book described how Greek philosophy was stolen from African, specifically in Egypt. This book took Afrocentric history into another level (although, a similar book existed even in the 1800's in America). It doesn't take a rocket scientist to decipher that many Greek philosophers like Socrates and Plato were taught in ancient Egypt by priests.

Pictured here in 1917, are the founding members of the Atlanta Branch. Five of the founders would become charter members of Kappa Boulé three years later. Front row (l-r) Archon Harry Pace, Archon Dr. Charles Johnson, Dr. Louis T. Wright, and Walter White. Standing (l-r) Peyton Allen, Archon George Towns, Benjamin Davis, Rev. L.H. King, Archon Dr. William Penn, Archon John Hope, David H. Sims. Presidents of these fraternities are called Archon. Archon is Greek for ruler. Ironically, archon in Gnosticism refers to God’s angels since Gnostics hate the Creator God (which the Gnostics call the Deimurge in a blasphemous way). Many of these fraternities and sororities have members learn the Greek alphabet before becoming apart of the group.

Carter G. Woodson was a member of Omega Psi Phi. Woodson was found receiving money from the Carnegie, Lord-Spellman, and Rockefeller Foundations to help his education programs. Omega Psi Phi quote scripture in their ceremonies by saying that: "Without faith

it is impossible to please God." Then Omega says, "Without faith it is also impossible to please man." I do not see where this is implied in scripture. We should be a God pleaser not a pleaser of men (or loved of the world). Carter G. Woodson became well known for his infamous

quote, "When you control a man's thinking, you do not have to worry about his actions. You do not have to tell him not to stand here or go yonder, he will find his proper place and stay in it. You do not need to send him to the back door. He will go without being told. In fact, if there is no back door, he will cut one for his special benefit." Woodson became controversial and wrote his bestselling Miseducation Of The Negro, years after being exiled from the Boule' along with DuBois. Malcolm X is claimed to have called the Boule as the Big 6. Also, Malcolm X called the Big 6, the 6 major civil rights leaders in the 1960‘s. The logo of the Boule is the Sphinx. A sphinx is a third part woman, one-third eagle and one-third lion (notice the breasts and wings) among Greek mythology. The Sphinx was there to guard something. Collectively, the 4,000+ members of the Boule represent the wealthiest and most powerful politically group of black men on the planet Earth. The Boule is a Greek organization since Boule is a Greek term meaning "advisor to the King." Who is this King? This King is the highest levels of the new world order as found in the Vatican/Jesuit network, the Pilgrims, high level Freemasonry, and the elite bloodlines of Europe. These are the same people that have organized Revolutions, raped people, stole land, murdered people in various Holocausts, and have colonized people of color globally for centuries. Even Dr.

Martin Luther King Jr. had connections with the Boule. MLK

did tell Harry Belafonte that he is afraid that he had led his people into the fire (like a burning house) just before Dr. Martin Luther King was murdered. Dr. Martin Luther King opposed the Vietnam War, he promoted Black Power before he died, and he disagreed with imperialism & colonialism. Dr. Martin Luther King wanted solutions to the poverty epidemic in America, and he desired to deal with problems in a national including an international basis. Dr. King evolved in his thinking so much by 1968. Malcolm X was already at a radical stage of thinking as early as 1964 in promoting African cultural liberation (of ending the shackles of mental & cultural colonialism). Malcolm X exposed the massive weakness of the unregulated capitalist system and he desired an alternative to it. I will forever believe in equality. I do believe in building families and building real culture.

The Boule have regional conferences every year and a national conference every 2 years. Each May, as a mandatory ritual, each member must read the Boulé history book from front to cover. So we know that each member has read pages 28 and 38 and know of the basis of their organization and its false acceptance of the Greeks being the founder’s of civilization. What was interesting about the LA Times article was the association of the Boulé with Skull & Bones. Bilderberger Vernon Jordan is a famous Boule member. Vernon Jordan is a famous Trilaterialist. Vernon Jordan was the one who assist Bill Clinton in his travel into the exclusive Bilderberger Group. Therefore, he is one of the most powerful black people in the world today. The incoming Grand Sire Archon, New Orleans banker

and financier Charles Teamer, says the Boule "is unique because no other organization brings together so many talented leaders-- sometimes you have in the same room the mayor and the biggest educational and economic leaders in town--and no other organization provides such an unparalleled opportunity to mentor, change structures, and build bridges." A writer in Ebony Magazine who authored and article titled,“1904-2004: the Boule at 100: Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity Holds Centennial Celebration” stated, “What makes the Boule's success all the more interesting is that it was founded as a secret or quasi-secret organization and did not seek public notice until the 1960s and 1970s” Freemasonry have tried to infiltrate the leaders in the Motherland of Africa. Many Masons set in the power structure of Senegal even though Senegal is mostly Muslim. Even Kofi Annan‘s relatives have Masonic ties. Mason Adewale Thomspon is a high level Freemason in Nigeria. The good news is that many in Africa disagree strongly with Freemasonry. The Boule wants to infiltrate the black community as usual.
The banking establishments and Foundations are involved as well in controlling the cities greatly. They include Exxon Mobil, the Rockefeller Foundation, JP Morgan, Proctor and Gamble, etc. Some

of these corporations are headed by the elite Knighthoods like the Knights of Malta, the Knights of St. John, the Knights of St. Gregory, and the Constantinian Order. These Boule members serve these elite institutions. Again, a lot of these Greek Lettered Organizations have an origin from Freemasonry:
"The most direct line of descent from Greek societies to America is the Freemasons (called Masons). Historians of American fraternities and sororities trace most of our rituals, ceremonies and rites to the Masons. An examination of Masonic rituals open to scholars suggest that our Founders were also influenced by Masonic ritual, symbolism and initiation experiences." (DELTA SIGMA THETA SORORITY, INC., GRAND CHAPTER, CANDIDATE SYLLABUS, 1987, p.30.)

In such fraternities and sororities, many members have to know about the 20 Pearls, the Supreme

Basileus's past and present, etc. The leadership of the AKA sorority in the early years was derived from three separate groups—the original group, the sophomores and the incorporators, who together were known as "The Twenty Pearls." What is the Supreme Basileus? This is some information that I’ve only recently heard about. In ancient Greece, the Basileus dealt with monarchs in history. They mainly dealt with monarchs in the GrecoRoman world, especially Greek leaders. Now, in the AKA, the first 14 Supreme Basileus are their earlier leaders.

This is an image of then Senator Barack Obama meeting with a woman named Lisa Grain Archousai and a man named David Grain. He’s an archon as apart of Gamma Xi Boulé in Sarasota, Florida. Barack Obama is President today. He’s funded by Wall Street and investment banking interests (as found in the Trilateral
Commission, Bilderberger Group, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Skull and Bones Society, the Ford Foundation, and the Chicago School of Friedmanite economics. That is why his mother had connections to the Ford Foundation. She worked for worked for the World Bank and the US Agency for International Development). Barack Obama has worked for or has been allied with the Gamaliel Foundation, the Woods Fund, the Joyce Foundation, the Annenberg Foundation, and other Foundations. Some of these same foundations in the early 20th century were leading figures in the Luddite, proMalthusian eugenics movement (including fascist movements). During the late 1960’s, the Ford Foundation used a divide and conquer strategy to polarize folks in the New York City Public School system. Today, they exist to bring crumbs to the poor (that enriches the Wall Street banking interest), while excluding massive and radical policies to help the poor in urban & rural communities. These authentic,

radical (and comprehensive) policies deal with economic populism or a like a Marshall plan for rebuilding urban & rural areas. Could you imagine giving the

poor and the middle class over $700 billion dollars instead of giving trillions to the big banks. You notice that the big banks weren‘t told to get up by their own bootstraps & acquire personal responsibility. It‘s hypocrisy since the Oligarchy spends trillions on their allies, while the poor are receiving scraps.
There should be other solutions like having labor rights, fight against predatory lending, rejecting sodium fluoride & aluminum in our water supplies, have Third World development, and other economic recovery reforms. On the other side of the coin, disinformationists like neo cons portray Obama as a socialist, a Muslim, and a fascist. These characterizations aren’t accurate either since it only gives President Barack Obama “left cover” to proceed with his own agenda. That neo con/reactionary rhetoric about Barack Obama eliminates the need to legitimately talk about promoting our Second Amendment rights, enjoying our God-given civil liberties, having a foreign policy that rejects immoral wars with a huge military budget [and tons of veterans are in the 911 Truth Movement and are fighting for legitimate actions worldwide], believing & cherishing the dignity of human life in all stages, accepting true religious liberty, etc. The political reality today in America is precisely why I‘m glad that I‘m not a Republican or a Democrat. The financial elite are allowing the neo cons like Glen Beck to unfairly bash 9/11 Truth. The federal government admits that the 9/11 Truth Movement is legitimately gaining ground in this nation. Many GLOs have to

learn poems and remember Invictus by William Ernest Henley. One part of that poem reads, "…I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul…" How about letting God to be the master of your life instead.

Indeed, the Jesuits, the Vatican, Papal & Papal-loyal knighthood Orders, Royal Orders, Freemasonic Rites (of major, provable international political/military/social influence) have that global reach that is still taboo to talk about even in some circles of the alternative media in 2010. It’s a known fact that Masonic Orders have occultism, death oaths,
and praise false gods in their rituals. James Cone, who is one architect of Black Liberation Theology, was part of Alpha Phi Alpha. Freemason Rev. Dr. Otis Moss Jr.-is part of Alpha Phi Alpha. His son Otis Moss III is a Pastor of the Pastor of Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago. Langston Hughes, who was a great poet and a Christ denier was a member of Omega Psi Phi. Kappa Alpha Psi member Tavis Smiley is a proponent speaker and leader in the black community. Smiley suffered through some controversy in his legitimate critique of Barack Obama. Smiley even shown accurate information on the legitimate radicalism of Dr. Martin Luther King in his PBS Special called “MLK: A Call to Conscience.” President Barack Obama is brilliant in his intellect and leadership skills, but he is no Dr. Martin Luther King. Dr. King opposed the concentration of

economic power in the hands of the super rich elite and opposed war (in promoting global human rights). Barack Obama is the commander of chief of an American Empire
promoting war with taxpayer dollars and he’s an ally of Wall Street (as evident in his cabinet picks).

Dr. Martin Luther called America the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today. President Barack Obama won’t utter these words publicly at all. It was obvious great that
the civil rights movement and the anti-war/peace movement worked together then and now to disagree strongly with the concept of imperial war. So, our job isn’t to act as reactionaries

like the deceptive Newt Gingrich and try to tear down or slander President

Barack Obama. It’s our job to inspire and make the brother President Barack Obama wake up and see that the Empire concept (including the Patriot Act, corporatism, etc.) is a futile effort in attempting to establish some sense of global stability. Sucking up to Wall Street or the establishment hasn‘t resulted in no real benefit toward anyone. The socalled free market can‘t solve every problem (as numerous Tea Partiers promote), so legitimate regulations exist in society. If change ought to come, we need to end the war on terror, have real negotiations with
nations, and have real radical changes in our society. Pastor Jamal Bryant is a humanist and a member of Kappa Alpha Psi according to Minister Hatchett. Ms. Vashti McKenzie is a member of the national Chaplain of Delta Sigma Theta and promotes sexually immorality according to Minister Hatchett. Minister Hatchett said that the connection between McKenzie and Bryant made McKenzie the first ordained Bishop in the AME Church. Other famous Boule members include Douglas Wilder, Freemason Jesse Jackson, Prince Hall Freemason Al Sharpton, the late John L. Johnson (who once headed Ebony Magazine), Lynn Swan, Bill Cosby, Dinkins, etc. More members include Kenneth Chenault (He is the CEO of American Express since 2001. He is a member

of the Council on Foreign Relations), Kase L. Lawal (who owns the 2nd largest black owned company), Ralph Bunche (who was the United Nations ambassador), Bobby Scott, Arthur Ashe, Ron Brown, Earl Graves (who is apart of Black enterprise magazine), Clarence Otis Jr. (CEO of Red Lobster/Oliver Garden), and Rodney Slater. I didn‘t know that Eddie Long is a member of Kappa Alpha Psi. So, he‘s a Kappa. If he is guilty of sexual abuse, then he should be punished. Attorney General Eric Holder Jr. is again another famous member of the
Boule. Holder once supported the D.C. gun ban, which even banned law abiding citizens in Washington, D.C. from fully having the right to bear and own guns. Holder is aligned with President Barack Obama. It’s funny that some say that redistributing wealth from the rich to the poor is wrong, but won’t condemn corporate corruption or the stealing of the wealth from the poor and sent to the rich. Even Pastor Hatchett needs to realize that restricting labor standards and the redistribution of wealth from the poor to the rich are evil. Some Conservatives and some Republicans don't want to face the fact

that more often than, without supervision and correction by outside forces, the market doesn't work the way it is supposed to. The government isn’t a god, but it should be used as tool to help
society. These hypocrites forgot that there in economic inequality that ought to be addressed. There is nothing wrong with infrastructure funding as long as it’s done the right way regardless of what Michelle Malkin or any of her neo-conservative ilk think.

reality, many of these Fraternity and Sororities members from the Deltas, the AKA, the Omegas, etc. hold top level jobs in the corporate environment. I see license stickers with their respective fraternities or sororities constantly in the streets. The truth is that some of these people are arrogant (not all of them, so I want to make that clear). On the other hand, these people have no moral superiority above me or anyone else. Their memberships don‘t define their value since all human beings have equal worth. All people have equal value irrespective of race, creed, gender, class or wealth, orientation, disability, or any other classification. Regardless of what the Vh1propaganda shows may tell you (which is controlled by the corporate giant of Viacom), we have right to dress in how we want. We have a right to think how we want, and we shouldn’t be ashamed of what we look like period. Being different and being unique is special and interesting. We ought to never be ashamed of our fundamental, legitimate personalities. There is nothing wrong with being an intellectual, musically inclined, artistic, athletic, have the gift of comedy,


have business skills, being introverted or extroverted, socially conscious, that have love for their community & people, that is meek without backing down from a challenge, have unique or eclectic tastes in life, etc. All humans, without exception, should be treated with equal dignity and equal respect. All human beings have the right to express that intellectual freedom and to respect the diversity of mankind. Although, we can easily love the unity of the whole human race. I‘m not perfect, but I never in my life will be intimidated by any man or anyone else. I will fight as a man for my true destiny in life. Don‘t let anyone take your manhood or your womanhood. The truth is on our side. We should never sell out (these sellouts include James David Manning, Jesse Lee Peterson, etc.) to be accepted by some worldly culture that doesn‘t really care for you anyway, They can talk all about this mainstream religious mess, but they don‘t practice what Jesus Christ said. We know what Jesus said. Jesus Christ said treat your neighbor as yourself, help the poor, promote peace, and love God with all of your strength. Do you think modern mainstream culture follows these ideas or principles? The answer is of course NO. So, be strong. If they or those in the corporate pop culture empire truly care about us, why would they disrespect our intellect by showing exploitation, lies, and distractions. Instead of accepting distractions, we should embrace more tolerance for our fellow people and love our neighbors as ourselves (with encouragement, building people up, and harboring compassion). More people will have to respect their elders, respect women, respect men, stop using epithets, and respect children. A man should be treated like a man and a woman should be treated like a woman. I think and act like a man. There is nothing wrong with building real businesses too. Jack & Jill is another famous organization. These entities exploit wars and our economy on the backs of people in the world (in order to centralize wealth). We shouldn’t have neo cons, neo libs, war hawks, deficit hawks, and elite bankers dictating our country’s policies at all. I still believe in my dreams. Nothing changed with my core convictions. The rejection of oligarchic elitism, imperialism, cartel-capitalism, and these secret societies are very wise things to do. I reject oligarchy. As Dr. Martin Luther King (from his famous “Beyond Vietnam” speech in 1967) accurately pointed out:
“…A true revolution of values will lay hands on the world order and say of war: "This way of settling differences is not just." This business of burning human beings with napalm, of filling our nation’s homes with orphans and widows, of injecting poisonous drugs of hate into the veins of peoples normally humane, of sending men home from dark and bloody battlefields physically handicapped and psychologically deranged, cannot be reconciled with wisdom, justice, and love. A nation that continues year after year to spend more money on military defense than on programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual death. [Sustained applause]…These are revolutionary times. All over the globe men are revolting against old systems of exploitation and oppression, and out of the wounds of a frail world new systems of justice and equality are being born. The shirtless and barefoot people of the land are rising up as never before. The people who sat in darkness have seen a great light. We in the West must support these revolutions. It is a sad fact that because of comfort, complacency, a morbid fear of communism, and

our proneness to adjust to injustice, the Western nations that initiated so much of the revolutionary spirit of the modern world have now become the arch antirevolutionaries. This has driven many to feel that only Marxism has a revolutionary spirit. Therefore, communism is a judgment against our failure to make democracy real and follow through on the revolutions that we initiated. Our only hope today lies in our

ability to recapture the revolutionary spirit and go out into a sometimes hostile world declaring eternal hostility to poverty, racism, and militarism.
With this powerful commitment we shall boldly challenge the status quo and unjust mores, and thereby speed the day when "every valley shall be exalted, and every mountain and hill shall be made low; [Audience:] (Yes) the crooked shall be made straight, and the rough places plain…Love is somehow the key that unlocks the door which leads to ultimate reality. This Hindu-Moslem-Christian-Jewish-Buddhist belief about ultimate reality is beautifully summed up in the first epistle of Saint John: "Let us love one another, (Yes) for love is God. (Yes) And every one that loveth is born of God and knoweth God. He that loveth not knoweth not God, for God is love." "If we love one another, God dwelleth in us and his love is perfected in us." Let us hope that this spirit will become the order of the day…."

There are still tons of heroic black American men, women, and children fighting for real liberty though. Now in the future, we should build businesses to help our people (not only in one arenas, but cars, scientific research, trade, and other endeavors). So, I want to make that perfectly clear. People of many walks of life are waking up. There are those who are describing about real issues more so than even 5 years ago. That’s a good thing, but we have a long way to go in developing that society that our ancestors and leaders dreamed off. Commonsense is important to maintain. We can’t degrade our women, we can’t disrespect our elders, we love what the Creator created us to be physically & spiritually, and we should stand up for ourselves plus others. We have the right to exercise and reject poisons like liquor and cigarettes. Mocking the poor, mocking single parents, and mocking those living in the ghettos is a disgrace too. Status don‘t mean a thing when your fellow man or woman is suffering (when we should help folks suffering without patronize or condescension). We can’t be bigoted toward of a person of another background. Also, we shouldn’t unfairly scapegoat anybody for any reason. You sacrifice your time to make another human being feel better. This is right and just. So, self-respect and mutual community cohesion are excellent modes to improve our society. Some folks fear taking risks, but they fear that they will experience pain, embarrassment, or failure. Although, taking risks is the spice of life. With risk taking, you develop character and inner strength to succeed in endeavors. I love taking risks. Even if you fail in one event of your life, doesn’t mean you should give up. No one should give up in any circumstance. Even when our ancestors suffered like hell (via the Maafa, colonialism, lynching, assaults, discrimination, murder, exploitation, religious exploitation & religious deception, rape & sexual abuse, and other events) and dreamed, they never gave up that quintessential faith. As long as you have breathe, you

have hope. So, I will never relinquish my faith. I still have faith and hope that the glorious, revolutionary light of the future will be much better than the discords of the past. Energizing and inspiring people are great goals to incorporate in one’s life. Well, I’m inspired more than ever to fight for the truth and keep on believing in God. The good news is that human beings are waking up and want real freedom. I like to fight like a man for my dignity in the world. People have the right to speak out and not suffer in silence. No political philosophy is 100% perfect. Although, we still have that right to fight for equality, equality of opportunity, respect, decency, morality, and truth (via any independent means possible). I like to dissent and I like to think outside of the box. I will never be brainwashed in my life. I have to show the truth before I die. This is something that I will do. It’s kind of wild that this article is very popular now. Once when I child, I thought about what was the real. I’m so glad and fortunate to understand some of real happenings in the world today. All of this information coming out means I‘m doing something else that‘s constructive. I do believe in love & romance. These are lovely blessings in life and one of the greatest joys a human being can experience in life. I rather be a sucker for love than a sucker for death. Now, that’s real. Communication, confidence, true love, and being yourself will always bear fruit in the end. I

like to give a special thanks for people of every background reading my words. I truly appreciate it. I’m keeping my sense of humor and I’m moving forward.
By Timothy

I will preserve this work for many years to come. Some of the words mentioned here are information that the establishment hates since it goes against their visions for humanity. I will forever keep my faith.


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