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Name Location Notes

Bent Cross Staff of
the Holy See
Governor of the World, the Vicar
of Christ
Bent Cross with crucified Christ; the cross is emerging from a Pine Cone.
Bronze Pine Cone Aachen Cathedral, Aachen,
Located in the Cathedral narthex. Believed to be from 1,000 C.E. & to of come
from a fountain. Displayed with the 'she-wolf'.
Caduceus of
Greek - Museo Pio-Clementino,
Two serpents wrapped around a winged-staff, the serpents meeting near the top of
the staff that's topped with a sphere.
Cloister of Ice Milan - University Large Pine Cone on display in middle of courtyard.
Fontana della Pigna Cortile della Pigna of the Vatican
City-State - Rione IX (District 9)
A huge (nearly 4 meters, or 13 feet tall) Pine Cone, flanked by two peacocks, &
directly in front of a large, empty sarcophagus. In front of the Pigna, & flanking the
peacock, are two Lions with Egyptian hieroglyphics adorning their foundations.
Fontana della
Pigna (Rimini)
Rimini, Italy Roman origin, renovated in 1543. Visited by Da Vinci in 1502.
Fontana della
Pigna (Venice)
Piazza San Marco, Venice Italy Smallest of the Pigna fountains. Pigna emerging from a bloom? & at each corner
sits a naval-type pillar. Near Piazza Venezia.
Pine Cone Louka (District of Sand) Stucco Chapel with bell. Pineal under bell resembles Egyptian Brain Mapping of
the Olfactory Nerve.
Staff of Osiris Egypt - Turin, Italy Entwined by two serpents meeting at a pine cone at its top.
Thyrsus Greco-Roman - Prado, Madrid Staff of giant fennel covered with ivy vines & leaves, often wound with a taeniae &
always topped with a pine cone.
Urn of St.
Herts New Church - Ayor St.
Publicly displayed urn of St. Lawrence in the shape of a pine cone placed atop a
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