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Embedded System Developer Telephone: Email: 845.507.3336 am383@njit.


I am interested in projects involving new product development (software, firmware, and/or hardware design) or related field. I maintain an exceptional reputation for quality work, dedication and flexibility. TECHNICAL BACKGROUND SKILLS: o Extensive experience in embedded system development (hardware/ firmware). o Microprocessors: 8051, MSP430, Atmel, 68000. o Excellent analysis and troubleshooting skills. o Assembly Language, C/C++, JAVA , Visual Basic, MatLab. o Logic and digital circuitry design. o Proficient with in-circuit emulator. o Real-Time software. o Software verification and validation. APPLIED TO:Medical devices, Flow Meter instruments, data communication, automatic test equipment, computer interfaces, sequence of events recorder, micrographic equipment, batch controller, handheld helium detector, telecommunication equipment, etc. EXPERIENCE: ADM TRONICS UNLIMITED Northvale, New Jersey - August 2009 to Present Software Engineer o Development of firmware for medical devices in C, C++ . o Developed a Visual Basic application to automate verification of translations between requirement documents (Microsoft Word/ Excel) and source code. o Developed a Visual Basic application to automatically generate source code for glyph bitmaps characters for ANSI, extended ANSI (Greek/Turkish), Chinese and Japanese utilizing existing BDF (Adobe Glyph Bitmap Distribution Format) and/or customized BitFonter/Fontographer generated BDF font files. o Developed a VBA Access application to simulate medical infusion pump screens to allow translator to view/edit foreign translations. Ivivi Technologies Northvale, New Jersey - May 2007 to July 2009 Software Engineer o Responsible for managing & developing firmware for thermal mass flow meters using Cygnal 8051F020 and Philips P89c66, Keil FR51 RTOS and development

tools (Model FT2, 4 products which includes I2C, SMBUS, RS232 & RS485 Modbus serial communication, 4-20ma & pulse output & keypad/display interface with option for Profibus, Devicenet & Ethernet) which has significantly increased company sales. o Developed a Visual Basic Windows application (MCAL) to automate the calibration process of multiple mass flow instruments (MSComm, MS Access, Excel Graph & real time charts) reducing manufacturing calibration cost by about 75%. o Developed a Visual Basic Window application (SMARTVIEW) to configure and monitor flow meter parameters as well as capability to download calibration curves, data logging to Excel, auto-calibration for board bring up for 4-20ma ouputs, ADC & temperature calibration. o Developed Palm hand held application to communicate and configure flow meter instruments using MobileVB software from Appforge. o Developed firmware and Visual Basic application to automate a volumetric bell system use for calibration. o Other Visual Basic applications include misc test programs for Modbus, Ethernet & Lonwork.

In a full-time employee position capacity - July 2007 to Present o Developed firmware for flow meter instruments using 8051 assembly language (2500ADS cross-assembler), Metaice, and Nohau emulators. o Interface with marketing and manufacturing departments. o Occasional field service for difficult problem solving. o Developed PC application software to configure mass flow meter instrument through RS485 serial communications port. Some of flow meter instrument features were: o Mass, volume, density, temperature and concentration measurement o Batch and closed loop flow control o Analog 4-20 ma and frequency outputs o Hart, Exac, Modbus, Honeywell message protocol for serial data communication