The conference is drawing together the most important business transparency initiatives in Latvia and region wide.

Corporate leaders of business integrity will present their cases of positive change and discuss challenges of putting business integrity into practice.

“There are economic leaders who demand and promote clean business”, Huguette Labelle, Chair of the Board, Transparency International

February 14th, 2013
9:00 - 9:30 9:30 - 9:45 Registration, coffee Opening of the Conference
Ambassador of Norway Mr. JAN GREVSTAD

Riga Business School, Skolas iela 11, Rīga,

Ambassador of Netherlands Mr.HENDRIK (Henk) G.C. VAN DEN DOOL Chair of the Board of Transparency International Latvia INESE VOIKA


Part I

Looking Inside the Business Transparency: Can it be Measured
Presenting Corporate Transparency Index created by Transparency International(TI)in 2012 Speaker: KAREN EGGER, head of Private Sector work, Transparency International Secretariat (Berlin)

Regional transparency indexes - a chance for growth in organisational commitment; corporate transparency index of Sweden and Norway
Speakers: BIRGITTA NYGREN, Board member, Transparency International Sweden

Best practice in corporate governance: transparency and anti-corruption tools: “Siemens Case: Compliance - Competitive Edge or Bureaucracy”
Speaker, MIKA WINQVIST (Finland), Siemens Regional Compliance Officer Speaker: KASPARS CIKMAČS, Board member, Citadele “Bank Citadele - From a Collapsed Institution into the Best Governed Baltic State Owned Enterpise” Panel Discussion: “How transparency and anti-corruption tools can help compaies to achieve their goals”

11:15 - 11:45 11:45 - 13:15

Coffee break Part II

Working Towards Better Governance of State Owned Enterprises in Latvia

Speakers: DANIELS PAVĻUTS. Current Tasks Working Against Corruption in Public and Private Sector in Latvia Speaker: Panel: JAROSLAVS STREĻČENOKS. The panel highlight the most important aspects of the reform and share some of the best practices. Rector.11:45 . OECD. Head. Ministry of Justice of Latvia OLGA SAVRAN. the Latvian Privatisation Agency ANRĪ LEIMANIS. Minister of Economy of Latvia JUSTIN BANKROFT.15:30 Coffee/Lunch break Part III Setting Government's Agenda to Improve Transparency of Business Environment Many business organisations have expressed their concerns as well as suggestions towards fair and transparent business environment in Latvia. IMF Representative in Latvia Panel discussion: “How to avoid hindrance to reforms of better governed state owned enterprises” TĀLIS LINKAITS. KNAB (Anti-corruption bureau) JERRY WIRTH. Latvenergo 13:15 . economist ANSIS. Board member. This panel aims to discuss the most urgent tasks and find ways of moving forward. representative of Government appointed Task Force on SOE evaluation ARNIS KURGS. State Secretary. Representatives of the government institutions will present their view of the business responsiblity towards better Governance. Riga Business School (will participate via webcast) .13:15 Looking at the current satus quo and efforts by the government and NGOs to improve the governance of the state owned companies. ways forward JĀNIS GRĒVIŅŠ. Foreign Investors Council in Latvia KRISTAPS PETERMANIS. Director. Transparency International Latvia MĀRTIŅŠ LAZDOVSKIS. SPRIDZĀNS. Anti Corruption Netwrok for Eastern Europe and Central Asia (ACN) 15:30 . the Baltic Institute for Corporate Governance DAVID MOORE.15:40 Closing of the conference. Board member. as well as will answer the questions about the reforms. Chair of the Board. LMT.14:00 14:00 .

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