Righteous Fury

By: Michael W. Davis

When the line between honor and treason fade

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Early Review
“Outstanding Novel! Mix a thrilling government conspiracy with a romance novel and you get
‘Righteous Fury’. on’t !e "ooled !y the !eginning# which is a !it technical and peppered with
government acronyms# !ecause very soon you’ll !e caught up in the color"ul and dramatic lives o" real
people. $adies# there are some very reamy men in this novel# so o Not miss meeting them!
‘Righteous Fury’ will hold you captive at the edge o" a cli"" until the very end. % loved it and plan to
discover more o" Mr. avis’ novels.& Avid JT Reviews
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Torn between !ast mistakes and her a""inity "or im!ossible relationshi!s #odi Emery is cast into a web
o" dece!tion and intri$ue. %er new assi$nment in a com!artmented "acility shrouded in e&treme
de"ensive measures and secrecy !its the youn$ intelli$ence analyst a$ainst her emotions and nativity
on what's best "or her career and her heart. (erendi!itously #odi discovers an Arcanum !ro$ram o"
clandestine o!eratives sanctioned not by the $overnment but the ire o" a select $rou! o" !atriots with a
bold !lan to rewrite history. (he stru$$les a$ainst com!etin$ "actions her loyalty and her core belie"s.
)hen she con"ronts her "indin$s !leas "or a sane e&!lanation somethin$ beyond her ni$htmares the
*uest to understand the line between honor and treason !uts her at risk "rom a rou$e element. Only the
stren$th and determination o" a youn$ maverick +arine can save #odi "rom hersel".
E,#ER-T .
#odi $a!ed her le$s only sli$htly but enou$h to draw his attention. (he com!leted si$nin$ the
a""idavit and returned his $old !en. /)hat ne&t01
Bret nud$ed his head as i" to $a2e away but he was a man. One de!rived o" the taste o" "lesh
"orbidden by his archaic ethos o" what was !ro!er what was ri$ht but this was di""erent. (he wanted
what he needed what could be more ri$ht than that0 O" course there were taboos33the a$e di""erence
the lack o" "inality in his divorce the com!lication o" work relationshi!s not to mention she was his
subordinate. (he clicked each obstacle over in her mind yet the nature o" her desires her "eelin$s
toward this man 4ust rea""irmed her determination. #odi understood his reluctance he had more to
lose but who would ever know0
The time was now here. )hen would the o!!ortunity be ri!er her coura$e more resolved. #odi
li"ted her ri$ht le$ until the e&!osure stirred a chill.
5nstead o" lookin$ away his "ocus endured as he licked her caramel colored inner thi$h with his
eyes and studied the wave o" tiny bum!s si$nalin$ somethin$. Then a$ain as always his eyes
conveyed con"usion uncertainty "or the messa$e bein$ sent. /)hat's $oin$ on01
/)hat'd you mean01
Bret !ointed at her head. /6ou're "everishly combin$ those "ollicles with your "in$ers a$ain.
(omethin$ dan$erous is $oin$ on inside.1
#odi scrunched her nose and redirected the discussion. /5 know you're tryin$ to "inish the
re!ort "or your re!lacement so 5'm out o" here.1 (he rose "rom the desk and stated /Just one more
thin$1 then bent and whis!ered /be"ore 5 $o1 and kissed him on his "orehead insurin$ that her
ton$ue $raced the sur"ace o" his skin. /Thanks Bret. 5've always a!!reciated how you've cared "or
#odi hovered above washed the residual "lavor o" his taste "rom her li!s and waited.
Nothing. Fine# % won’t !e ignored li'e !e"ore.
(he eased $ently into his la! only this time it wasn't a "riendly !eck on the head. (he wra!!ed
her arms around his thick neck !ulled him in and made "ull contact with those li!s. Those hot but ever
so so"t li!s. (he used her ton$ue as a ram and s!lit them o!en to his inner cavity inhaled his breath the
moist s!icy nectar o" his mouth.
%e didn't !ull away until she did. /)hat are we doin$ here #odi01
(he !anned his eyes those in*uirin$ but con"used eyes and !lanned the ne&t move visuali2ed
takin$ control consumin$ his muscular "rame caressin$ the ri!!les down his abdomen till she had
consumed everythin$. /)hat 5 wanted to do "or so lon$ but was too a"raid.1
(nd you were too damn dense.
(he trailed kisses alon$ his neck around to the inside o" his ear and still he didn't !ull away
yet his body res!onded. Beneath her she "elt it comin$ alive searchin$ "or more.
#odi !laced both hands on his burnin$ "ace "ou$ht to hold back the "eathers twirlin$ below her
stomach her tiny breast "larin$ u! throu$h her blouse in re!ly to his reaction what was ha!!enin$
with the man below her the ener$y in his la! s!urrin$ her to $o "urther. /7nderstand now.1
/(ure this is what you want0 Once we o!en the $ate venture down this !ath there's no return
#odi. The stone will be cast and you and 5 what we are our connection to$ether8 it will never be the
same. Are you !re!ared 5 mean have you considered the !otential end !oint and how91
(he cut him o"". /5'm countin$ on it. :ow shut u!. 6ou talk too much.1 (he returned to his li!s
"ollowed by unbuttonin$ his shirt weavin$ her thin "in$ers delicately a$ainst his !ectorals. (he
combed the so"t hair in the valley $entlin$ stroked his ni!!le until it $rew ri$id.
A low3!itched moan s!anned the $a! between them and the direction o" the attack shi"ted. %is
demeanor chan$ed the broad chest e&!anded contracted. Bret's heartbeat his !ulse elevated throu$h
his body across to hers. %is "ace ti$htened eyelids lowered nostrils "lared. (he knew what was about
to ensue that she was the meal bein$ served to a starvin$ male and it "ired alon$ the "ibers o" every
nerve in her body. The ima$es "looded her mind the im!endin$ "orbidden act the *uenchin$ o" her
own erotic thirst with his. The stimulus became too much and between o!ened li!s #odi issued a
!rolon$ed drone a siren's call "or more.
%is massive ton$ue invaded her small mouth !lummeted dee!er until she drowned in the
minty "avor dancin$ across her taste buds. %er lun$s cried out "or air yet her body be$$ed don’t stop#
go "urther complete the )ourney.
#odi mer$ed with his movements. %is muscles contorted radiated an in"erno o" ener$y and it
envelo!ed her blurred who she was her role the !ath she'd thou$ht out. The sensual smell emanatin$
"rom her body had !ulled the tri$$er escalated his actions. ;ravity disa!!eared and her "orm "loated in
mid air "or an instant be"ore everythin$ visual rotated one hundred and ei$ht de$rees9
E,#ER-T <
;raham switched the synchroni2er into the circuit and immediately "elt the low !itch hum
vibratin$ "rom his skull into his teeth. /(hit=1 %e "li!!ed the !lastic "ace !rotector down on his helmet
and the discom"ort sto!!ed. /5 hate that. >eels like it's rattlin$ my "illin$s.1
%e ste!!ed over and closed the e&it door to the control room 4ust as his assistant Jones yelled
back into the micro!hone. /)hat'd you say01
/)ait a minute.1 ;raham slammed at the receiver dial on the side o" his helmet and switched
down the volume. /5 said9 Oh never mind 4ust hurry u!.1
Jones $ave a thumb u! si$n "ocused the camera lens onto the ca$e and hurried back inside the
control room. They watched the monitor as the !rimates tra!!ed inside the chamber $rew more "rantic
more a$itated as i" they were about to be dro!!ed into a !ool o" sna!!in$ alli$ators.
The lar$er male o" the three rhesus monkeys !er"ormed somersaults while the two "emales
4erked at the metal door. /5t's almost like they know what's comin$0 Every time we run the test they
act u! like this. +akes you "eel kind o"9you know.1
;raham shook his head. /6ou're im!artin$ human behavior on animals. They're 4ust reactin$ to
the !re3i$nition vibration. 5t drives me cra2y every damn time without the helmet in !lace like
someone's runnin$ a 4ackhammer a$ainst my teeth. Besides the tar$et must be livin$ tissue. :ow
move over.1
;raham reset the "re*uency scale and stared into the video camera. /(orry about cuttin$ out on
everyone. )e had a minor !roblem. Test (even #harlie o" the *ilent +hunder !ro$ram blew all the
breakers. )e've cut back the in!ut !ower. %o!e"ully we'll be able to obtain resonance this time.1
%e turned to his assistant. /5 think we're ready. #heck the "ocal len$th at the !oint o" the
Jones read the dial o"" the laser ran$e "inder. /(i&ty3two yards to the wall !lus about three more
inside the chamber to the ca$e.1
;raham ad4usted the incident an$le o" each wave $enerator ato! the black bo& outside the
window so they would conver$e at si&ty3"ive yards. %e rotated the knob on the side o" his helmet to
channel one. /(T Test ?#. Tar$ets are live sub4ects. >re*uency is set at twelve $i$ahert2. The
conver$in$ Theta wave"orms at the "ocal !oint should $enerate an ener$y !ulse o" two me$a 4oules and
establish the necessary resonance !attern to initiate the Tesla E""ect. Be$innin$ the test in three two
one :ow=1
%e li"ted the sa"ety shield coverin$ the "irin$ switch and slammed the to$$le lever "orward but
nothin$ ha!!ened. /)hat the9 #ra!.1 %e swun$ his head away "rom the screen toward Jones and
"li!!ed to channel three. /Did you reset the breakers on the second !ower $enerator01
Jones shee!ishly $lanced at the video recorder. /Be ri$ht back.1 %e o!ened the e&it door
hurried outside and veered ri$ht away "rom the test a!!aratus.
;raham shook his head and switched back to channel one. /(orry everyone. Just take a
second. (omebody "or$ot to reset the au&iliary !ower su!!ly.1
A voice came throu$h the helmet s!eakers and warned /Our instruments indicate the i$niter
switch is still in the on !osition.1
/)hat01 But it was too late. The cone3sha!ed e&trusions on to! o" the black bo& be$an to $low
blue. Two circular tunnels ei$ht inches in diameter "ormed between the device and the $ray wall o"
the test sub4ect chamber. The hori2ontal columns a!!eared as translucent arms rammin$ into the $ray
wall down ran$e like the wavy air that rises "rom a black road in the desert.
/:o=1 ;raham reached "or the i$niter switch 4ust be"ore a voice broadcast "rom the intercom
/6ou can't cut it o"" while he's out there= The ca!acitor must dischar$e or it'll e&!lode and kill him.1
%e !ulled his hand back slowly and watched the screen. The ima$e became "o$$y as i" the very
air molecules in the room were vibratin$ ra!idly then it cleared to three animals screamin$ as i" their
bodies were boilin$ "rom the inside out.
;raham !ressed the button on the side o" his ear set. /)e have visual !enetration.1 There were
three bri$ht bursts o" li$ht like "lash bulbs "ollowed by skeletal outlines on the monitor. 5n an instant
a !o! like a cork "rom a cham!a$ne bottle broadcast "rom the screen and the skeletal "i$ures
disa!!eared leavin$ behind nothin$ but a "ine layer o" black and white !owder linin$ the base o" the
ca$e. There were no li"e "orms no clamberin$ animals 4ust a sound like a crackin$ whi! as the "u22y
columns o" air e&tendin$ "rom the wave $enerators sna!!ed back inside the cones.
>rom the micro!hone in the screen someone yelled /5t worked. +y ;od it actually worked=1
;raham barked into his helmet /Jones are you all ri$ht01
A $eek "ace in horn3rimmed $lass !o!!ed throu$h the door. /Jesus look what ha!!ened to my
visor.1 %e shook his head as i" to clear his senses. /:ever "elt anythin$ like that. 5 was thirty "eet "rom
the beam and it was like bees were stin$in$ the inside o" my skull. )e've $ot to eliminate that
collateral vibration be"ore this thin$ $ets de!loyed into urban o!erations.1
;raham switched o"" his mike "li!!ed u! his visor and o""ered an awkward $rin. /6ou scared
the shit out o" me.1 %e turned his intercom back on and e&!lained /;eneral Adkins +r. Thurman 5
assume now that we've success"ully destroyed an enca!sulated tar$et we move to our ne&t ob4ective.1
/Ahhhhhh.1 ;raham turned toward the sound o" an a""licted animal but instead "ound Jones
clutchin$ his tem!les. /(to! it.1
/)hat the hell are you doin$01
/-lease the !ain. 5t's drillin$ into my91 Jones slammed his head a$ainst the helmet a$ain and
a$ain. ;raham reached out $rabbed him by the arms and "ollowed him to the "loor.
/:o no dear Aord make them sto!.1 Jones colla!sed. %is le$s *uivered as i" he were
e&!eriencin$ an electrical shock. %e kicked twice whim!ered several times and "inally curled into a
silent ball o" "lesh drawn ti$ht into a "etal !osition. )here a human had stood moments a$o a body lay
with blood s!ewin$ "rom every ori"ice in its head.
Throu$h the s!eaker Thurman demanded /)hat the hell's $oin$ on back there01
;raham !ressed his thumb and "ore"in$er beneath the cor!se's throat. /%e's dead.1
/)ho's dead01
/Jones. %is body's twisted like a !ret2el and there's blood oo2in$ "rom his eyes his ears33Jesus
it's comin$ out o" everywhere. %is brain must have hemorrha$ed.1
/But how0 %e wasn't anyway near the conver$ent a!e& o" the beams.1
;raham "ell back a$ainst the console and wra!!ed his arms around his knees. %e "i&ed on the
!ool o" blood e&!andin$ outward into a circle around the skull o" his youn$ "riend and slowly rocked
back and "orth.
The dee! voice broadcast "rom the s!eaker. /;raham answer me. )hat the hell's $oin$ on
down there01 But there was no res!onse until one o" the marine's leaned over and re!lied /)itt here
;eneral. )e have a condition three al!ha. 5 recommend you send91

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