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lymphatic system Mrs.


Name________________ January 29, 2013

1. Which transport structures have specialized regions for filtering out bacteria and dead cells? 1. arteries 3. veins 2. capillaries 4. lymph vessels

2. Which contains nodes that filter foreign substances such as bacteria from transport fluid? 1. Coronary circulation 3. Lymphatic circulation 2. Systemic circulation 4. Pulmonary circulation

3. The diagram represents the human lymphatic system. A major function of the structures labeled X is to

1. pump lymph in the proper direction 2. transport glucose throughout the body

3. filter bacteria and dead cells from the lymph 4. remove undigested food from the blood

4. A malfunction of the lymph nodes would most likely interfere with the 1. release of carbon dioxide into the lymph 3. release of oxygen into the lymph 2. filtering of glucose from the lymph 4. filtering of bacteria from the lymph

5. The disease known as malaria may result in a fever, a decrease in red blood cells, and an enlarged liver and spleen. These symptoms are evidence of 1. a disruption of homeostasis 3. an increased number of cell organelles 2. a decrease in allergic reactions 4. hormone destruction