Code No: D109110406 JAWAHARLAL NEHRU TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY HYDERABAD M.Tech I Semester Regular Examinations March/April 2010 ADVANCED MECHANICS OF SOLIDS (COMMON TO CAD/CAM, DESIGN FOR MANUFACTURING) Time: 3hours Max.Marks:60 Answer any five questions All questions carry equal marks --1. Determine the shear center of the thin walled section shown in fig.


2. An ISWB 200mm × 140mm rolled steel beam is freely supported over a span of 2 meters. It is subjected to a bending moment of 1000kgm at the central section, the oy1 of the plane of loading being inclined at 200 to the principal axis oy. If Ixx = 2624.5 cm4 and Ixy = 328.8 cm4 locate the neutral axis and calculate the maximum bending stress induced in the section. Also calculate the maximum deflection of the joint, assuming the bending moment being due to a load 40 kN uniformly distributed over the span.







determine the maximum shear stress developed and the angle of thist of the shaft. A thin walled rectangular shaft of 50 mm × 60 mm is having a wall thickness of 2. A solid plate of 400mm diameter and 20mm thickness is acted upon by a uniformly distributed load of 1000 kN/m2. The length of the shaft is 3M and is subjected to a torque of 150 N-M at one end and the other end is rigidly fixed. A thin disc of uniform thickness is of 800-mm outer diameter and 50 mm inner diameter. Determine the radial and hoop stresses at radii of 0. 7. A concentrated load of 8 KN is applied at a point on the beam.jntuworld.jntuworld.28. It rotates at 3000 rpm. 50 mm. 100 mm. Take E = 2 × 105 N/mm2. l/m=0.5mm.com 3. A chain link is made of 20 mm dia round with mean radius of circular ends 25mm. Calculate the central deflection and the values of the maximum stress in the radial and tangential directions when i) The edges are truly supported and ii) The edges firmly clamped E=205 Gpa.www. Density of the material is 7800 kg/m3. An infinitely long steel beam of unit width and 200mm thick is resting on an elastic foundation whose modulus of foundation is 10 N/mm2. 8. and poisson’s ratio n= 0. 6. 5. 4.25mm. length of straight portion being 20 mm.a) Derive expressions for principal stress for contact stresses b) Briefly explain the methods to compute contact stresses. J T N W U ********* R O D L www. 150mm. 200mm.com . when the link is subjected to a pull of 20kN at its ends. Determine the values of maximum tensile and compressive stresses. 300mm and 400mm.05×105 N/mm2. Determine the maximum deflection of the beam and the maximum bending stresses. Taking G = 1.3.