Project Plan (DRAFT

Project Name: Center for the Environment, Ecological Design and Sustainability (CEEDS) Objective: “Facilitate Collaboration and Synergy among Environmental Interests” Project Description
A primary role for the CEEDS will be the facilitation of communication and collaboration among college constituents with an interest in or connection to the environment.

Project Manager: Drew Guswa, Associate Professor, Engineering

Through increased communication and collaboration, CEEDS will increase the efficiency and effectiveness of curricular and co-curricular programs related to the environment. By serving as a clearing house, CEEDS can readily serve the environmental information needs of students and others in the Pioneer Valley.


Project Implementation Team Members Role
Project Manager; Advisor to the President, CEEDS Program Coordinator, Environmental Science and Policy VP for Finance and Admin. Manager of the Ada and Archibald MacLeish Field Station Director of Environmental Science and Policy Sustainability Coordinator

Andrew Guswa, Associate Prof., Engineering Joanne Benkley, Program Coordinator, ES&P Ruth Constantine, Vice President for Finance & Admin. Amy Rhodes, Associate Prof., Geology L. David Smith, Associate Prof., Biological Sciences Dano Weisbord, Sustainability Coordinator

(Specific, Measurable Achievable, Relevant, Time Bound)

Programs/Projects/Tactics to Achieve Objectives & Metrics

(Idea, Study, Planning, Execution, Completed, Assessment)


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By fall 2009, develop an engaging web portal, a virtual home to all things environmental at Smith

 Develop pages that communicate the mission, vision, personnel, resources, and facilities associated with CEEDS

 Execution  Planning  Execution  Idea  Idea  Idea  Study  Study  Study

     

Develop pages with links to departments, programs, and curricula; pathways by which to study the environment at Smith Develop pages with links to student groups Develop pages with educational content Develop pages to communicate results from Environmental Research Groups Develop pages by which to submit applications to CEEDS (for ERGs, Green Fellows, small grants, etc.) Develop pages for the display of environmental data (from the MacLeish field station, individual buildings, etc.) Secure appropriate staff support for maintenance of the site Develop a program for CEEDS’s physical space (building on the program laid out in the original proposal) Identify a campus location Secure funding for renovation/construction Renovate/Construct the space Ribbon cutting event with alumnae, etc.

By 2012 have a physical home for CEEDS, a physical home for all things environmental at Smith

   

By fall 2009, CEEDS will publish a newsletter two times per year to keep the campus community and alumnae apprised of its activities.  Coordinate international environmentally related internship, volunteer, research, and educational opportunities for students

 

Develop appropriate electronic format for the newsletter  Secure financial and administrative support Identify relevant entities at international sites  Hire administrative personnel (Director and others) to establish and maintain connections with these groups  Secure appropriate funding

 Idea

 Idea

 Coordinate internship and volunteer opportunities for students with environmental entities in the Pioneer Valley

 Coordinate post-Smith information and opportunities for students: graduate school, professional school, work, volunteering, etc.

 Coordinate outreach activities for K-12 students in and around Northampton

Coordinate with Center for International Study  Identify relevant entities within the Pioneer Valley  Hire administrative personnel (Director and others) to establish and maintain connections with these groups  Secure appropriate funding  Coordinate with Center for Community Collaboration  Hire administrative personnel to work with the CDO regarding these opportunities  Have faculty and administrative staff learn about program and degree requirements, opportunities, etc.  Establish regular programs to inform students of post-Smith opportunities related to the environment  Identify opportunities  Secure financial resources  Identify and secure appropriate staff support

 Idea

 Idea

 Idea


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 Create efficiencies of space and instrumentation within the center

 Director of CEEDS is the clearinghouse for use of shared space and instruments for the entire campus

 Study

(Risks are things that MAY happen; Issues are things that are already happening) RISK: Most, if not all, activities are wholly dependent on funding availability ISSUE: We are certainly not among the first educational institutions to develop a Center for the Environment; consequently, there must be a unique or extraordinary character to our Center in order for it to stand out among our peers


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