(E & TC) (Second Semester) EXAMINATION, 2012 INTEGRATED CIRCUITS AND APPLICATIONS (2008 PATTERN) Time : Three Hours Maximum Marks : 100 N.B. :— (i) Answer three questions from Section I and three questions from Section II. (ii) Answers to the two Sections should be written in separate answer-books. (iii) Neat diagrams must be drawn wherever necessary. (iv) Assume suitable data, if necessary. SECTION I 1. (a) What is need of level shifter block in op-amp ? Explain different circuits used for the level shifting. [10] (b) State the values for all ideal parameters of op-amp. [4] (c) State the different op-amp technologies and compare them. [4] [4162]-157 2 Or 2. (a) Derive the expression for differential gain (Ad), Input resistance (Ri) and output resistance (Ro) for dual input balanced output difference amplifier using -parameters. Draw the small signal model for the same. [10] (b) Design dual input balanced output differential amplifier with constant current bias using diodes to satisfy the following requirements. [Dual supply is ±10 V] : [8] (i) Differential voltage gain = 45 (ii) Current supplied by the constant current bias circuit = 4.5 mA (iii) Supply voltage |VCC| = |–VEE| = 10 V. 3. (a) Explain the effect of temperature on : [8] (i) Input bias current (ii) Input offset current (iii) Input offset voltage (iv) Output offset voltage. (b) Write a note on noise in op-amp. [4] (c) Explain the method of op-amp powering. [4] [4162]-157 3 P.T.O. Or 4. (a) What is need of frequency compensation ? State the different methods of frequency compensation with explanation. [8] (b) Explain the following terms for op-amp : [8] (i) Full Power Response (ii) CMRR (iii) Slew Rate

[8] (b) Design square wave generator to generate a perfect square wave of 50% duty cycle with an output frequency of 1 kHz. If a sine wave of 2 V peak at 500 Hz is applied to the differentiator. (a) Explain voltage to current converter with grounded load using op-amp. [4] (b) Draw and explain instrumentation amplifier with bridge input. set and hold modes. [10] (c) Draw the practical voltage regulator using LM 317 and justify use of each components in it. (a) Explain the working of inverting Schmitt trigger. (a) Explain the block diagram of IC 9400 for voltage to frequency conversion. Also explain the applications of DAC. Or 10.(iv) PSRR. [8] (b) Explain how the defined non-linearity can be generated between input and output using op-amp.1.T. [8] [4162]-157 5 P. write the expression for its output and draw the output waveform. [4] 9. Find : [8] (i) Analog output due to LSB change (ii) Full scale output voltage (iii) Analog output for digital input 11001. Assume the feedback factor to be 0. [8] (b) State the specifications of DAC. [8] (b) A 5-bit R-2R ladder network with reference voltage of 10 V. [10] Or 8. Mention applications of this converter. Also derive the equation for the trigger points. [8] Or 6. 11.O. Derive the expression for its output voltage. (a) State the important characteristics of a comparator using op-amp and explain. (a) Explain the working of : [8] (i) op-amp based Active tone control. [8] (b) Design differentiator to differentiate an input signal that varies in frequency from 10 Hz to 500 Hz. 5. give example. (a) Write a note on dual slope ADC. Also draw the output waveform and waveform across the capacitor using op-amp. [8] [4162]-157 4 SECTION II 7. . (a) Draw and explain the integrator working with run.

[8] Or 12. (b) Design first order wide bandpass filter for the following specifications : [8] Quality factor (Q) = 3 Pass band gain = 5 Centre frequency (Fc) = 1 kHz. (a) Write notes on : [8] (i) FM demodulator using PLL. (b) With the help of neat diagram explain function of each block of PLL. (ii) Notch filter using op-amp.(ii) op-amp based pre-amplifier. .

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