A child’s imagination is a powerful tool.

You, and others that have come before you, are the key to unlocking that tool which has the ability to give shape and form to unholy creatures, bringing those monsters into our plane of existence.

You are the yin to a child’s yang.

and according to the sensibilities of those eras our family has been called to serve... our guise as protectors has taken various incarnations.

The obligation to defend a child’s life from absolute evil is ingrained into the Rose bloodline.

However, that is not to say every Rose descendent is blessed with these unique abilities. Only in the most dire of times is a Rose called to...

For you, “babysitting” is the mask by which you will serve.

OK. Just stop . Please.

This is all too much.

I had hoped this path would never reveal itself . I had hoped that you would continue living a blissful, albeit , uneventful life as a normal, teenage girl. But from the moment you were born, you were marked with the power of the Rose family .

More often times than not such paths , are not of our own choosing.

The men who attacked me at the Campbell ’s? I… killed them? Yes. But labeling those creatures as men is an act of generosity by any degree.

Fortunately , your power manifested itself as a protection of sorts. When you have mastered your abilities, this fail -safe will no longer be needed .

Mere foot soldiers as it were, members of an insidious cult known as the
Brotherhood of Sleep.

Their only goal is to open the gates of hell by eliminating any Rose endowed with the power to stop them.

how did they know where to find ... every puppet has a puppeteer.

they won’t stop .

no. they will not stop .

they’ll keep coming and ...

But that does not mean you are powerless to stop them.



Auro ra
OH. MY . GOD .



Where are you?! You wouldn’t believe me if I told you. EVERYTHiNG OK?

Yeah. I guess. Look, I need ...

Couple pieces of bacon stopped by last night , wantin’ to know if I knew where you are. Course, I got no clue what they’re talkin’ about. They said you pulled a Houdini at the hospital!

JuJu! Can you just listen for a sec…?

I need you to come and get me.

You never call, you never write… go, go go.

Where we goin’?

I don’t care. Just... drive.

Alright , we’re drivin’. So what’s with the cloak and dagger stuff?

I think I’m in trouble.

Soooo, spill it.

OK. No matter how weird everything I’m about to say sounds, just stay with me.

Yeah, yeah.

Those guys who attacked me at the Campbell ’s? I killed them. All of them.
Then, at the hospital, I saved a kid from a… a… thing.

A thing?

Yeah, a thing.

It gets weirder. I was kidnapped out of the hospital by some commandotypes…


Right. And then I met my grandmother...

...Or at least a woman who says she’s my grandmother.

OK. So in the last 24 hours, you’ve managed to kill some dudes, save a kid from the boogeyman, get kidnapped, find your long, lost family and…

I know how all this sounds. Pretty… …crazy . Ohhh, yes it does.

All things considereD I’d say you’ve handled all the drama well.


...you ain’t seen nothin’ yet?





Finishing a job I shouldn’t have to be finishing. duh.

I was just supposed to keep you on the hook.

Show the boys where you were.

boys have all the

Let the

fun, ya know?

Guess they weren’t countin’ on the fact you’d be good to go by the time they came a knockin’. But when ya sprout ya sprout. ,

And you’re the only thing standin’ between us and some really cool stuff that’s gonna go down. Besides, all those years of hearin’ ya bitch and moan can get really old after awhile.

You’re my friend!

Can’t tell ya how long I’ve been waitin’...

shut you up!


To deprive of power, strength or capacity . Verb.


...is the definition of incapacitate.


And next time I improvise on cleanin’ up your mess, I’ll keep that in mind .

So, other than flushing 11 years of trust down the toilet , kinda fuzzy on what the whole point of this was.

The point JuJu, , was to send a message neither she, nor my grandmother will soon forget.

The point was to take all she holds dear in her life and smash it into a million pieces.

My dear sister now has no one to turn to…

…and nowhere to run.

She is as lost as she ever was with no hope of rescue, not even from my dear, grandmother.

The only person who will be there for her time of need ...

…will be her long, lost twin , brother.

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