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Contact information

a. Contact name: John Neustadt, ND

b. Presenter(s) full name/degree: John Neustadt, ND

c. Address, City, State and Zip code: 1087 Stoneridge Drive, Suite 1, Bozeman, MT 59718

d. Day time telephone: 406-582-0034

e. Fax number: 866-648-7579

f. Email address:

2. The abstract is being submitted for: (a) Oral Presentation (60 minutes)

3. Presentation title: Medication-Induced Mitochondrial Damage and Disease

4. Short description of presentation: This talk reviews the molecular biology and biochemistry of
mitochondria, and their role in health and disease; and how medications damage mitochondria,
causing iatrogenic disease. It is based on articles written by Dr. Neustadt and published in the
journals Molecular Nutrition and Food Research and Integrative Medicine: A Clinician’s Journal.

5. Abstract: Damage to mitochondria is now implicated in most disease processes, including

depression, cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer disease, atherosclerosis and more. Many medications
damage mitochondria and cause iatrogenic diseases. This talk reviews the research on
mitochondrial function, dysfunction, and disease, and how side effects of some medications are
explained by mitochondrial damage, and how this damage can be prevented. It also discusses, in
detail, the biochemistry of mitochondria, and how nutritional medicine can be used to reverse
mitochondrial damage and promote health. It has six learning objectives: (1) understand the
subcellular structure and functions of mitochondria; (2) understand the nutrients required for
optimal mitochondrial function; (3) understand laboratory tests for mitochondrial function; (4)
understand the role mitochondria play in health and disease; (4) understand which medications
damage mitochondria and the mechanisms by which they inflict this damage; (5) understand how
mitochondrial damage is expressed as iatrogenic diseases; (6) understand which nutrients can be
prescribed to prevent and reverse medication-induced mitochondrial damage. Pharmacy will be
discussed during the presentation. The presentation outline follows the same progression of ideas
as the learning objectives. Target audience is: medical practitioners, researchers, scientists,

6. Biographical sketch: John Neustadt, ND is medical director of Montana Integrative Medicine

(MIM) and president of Nutritional Biochemistry, Incorporated (NBI) and NBI Testing and
Consulting Corp. Dr. Neustadt is coauthor with Steve Pieczenik, MD, PhD of the books, A
Revolution in Health through Nutritional Biochemistry, A Revolution in Health Part 2: How to
Take Charge of Your Health, and Foundations and Applications of Medical Biochemistry in
Clinical Practice. He also wrote the booklet, Thriving through Dialysis, with Jonathan Wright,
MD. Dr. Neustadt is an editor of the textbook, Laboratory Evaluations for Integrative and
Functional Medicine and a frequent contributor to the journal Integrative Medicine: A Clinician’s
Journal. He is on the editorial advisory board of the Journal of Prolotherapy and Remedies
magazine. Dr. Neustadt has published more than one hundred research reviews and is a frequent
guest on national and local radio health programs.