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RealDWG Licensing Application

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Licensing Application Instructions Before you can license the RealDWG SDK from Autodesk you must:\adn RealDWG Licensing Application 2 of 5 . 2000.RealDWG Overview The RealDWG 2013 software library allows C++ and .com This form can be filled out using Microsoft Word. 2009. 2.00 for the RealDWG SDK and a one year distribution license. 2006. you will be emailed a RealDWG contract to review and sign. 2007. 2004.00.EMIA. 2000i. RealDWG 2013 provides compatibility with AutoCAD DWG files. • By signing the contract. For an additional fee. 2002. ADN Membership provides professional software developers with access to technical support when developing your application with RealDWG. Autodesk Developer Network As a RealDWG customer. www.NET developers to read and write AutoCAD® DWG™ and DXF™ files. you agree to pay in full an initial license fee €5000. Complete this Licensing Application and email it to: RealDWG. 2005.Licensing@autodesk. 2008. 2010. you have the option to become a member of the Autodesk Developer Network (ADN).autodesk. • If approved. 2012 and 2013 releases and drawing enhancements now available with AutoCAD 2013. Each year thereafter you agree to pay an annual licensing / upgrade fee of €2500. this includes read and write support for the AutoCAD R14. Autodesk will notify you if your application has been approved. RealDWG 2013 is also used internally by Autodesk to provide DWG support in nonAutoCAD-based applications such as Revit®-based products and Autodesk® Inventor™ software products. 2011. You also have access to a broad range of Autodesk products and marketing support that helps you stay competitive.

RealDWG Licensing Application This application outlines the information critical to a fast response and quick approval of your request to license RealDWG technology. Background Information Contacts and Location Name of organization       Your name       Address:       City       Telephone       Email       VAT N°       Other pertinent background information 1. Submittal Date:      I. All information is kept strictly confidential. The information in the application will help Autodesk understand your market and solution. Current relationship and position with Autodesk (check all that apply) Autodesk Registered Developer Autodesk Strategic Account Autodesk OEM Partner Independent Software Developer Autodesk Reseller Autodesk Distributor Other (explain)       RealDWG Licensing Application 3 of 5 . Subsidiary information (if applicable)       3. Date Company First Established       State:       Corporation Partnership Sole proprietorship State/ Province       Fax       Website       Title       Zip / Postal Code       Country       2.

Application Information 1.             4. Opportunity 1.       2. 2. Design. Building. Does the proposed application that will incorporate RealDWG technology compete. 3. Documentation and Management or Process & Power Competition 1.       Describe your application features that will require RealDWG technology? III. Names of competitive companies and their application(s).II. Construction and Management Mapping. Describe the market that your application will target. in any way. Number of potential end-users (seats). Select a market segment that best suits your application. please explain.       RealDWG Licensing Application 4 of 5 . Application Name       Detailed application description and application functionality :      3. Civil and Infrastructure Management Manufacturing Design. with functionality contained in Autodesk products? If yes.       2. Number of potential customers (companies).

Will you be interested or require consulting services from Autodesk to implement this project? (Mark all that apply so we may present an estimate of services) RealDWG specific training API training (ObjectARX.IV. Technology Licensing Needs 1. C++.) Consulting/Planning ADN membership for Technical Support RealDWG Licensing Application 5 of 5 . etc. Check all functionality that you will use from the RealDWG SDK Read DWG Write DWG Create new DWG Other. Please explain: Read DWG/DXF Write DWG/DXF Create new DWG/DXF       2.

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