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com August 17, 2012

Hon. Secretary of State - Hillary R. Clinton U.S. Department of State, 7th Floor 2201 C. Street, NW, Washington, DC 20520-2818

Re: Israel Violation of the U.S.-Israel Treaty of Friendship, Navigation and Commerce Request to Invoke Article XXIV
Dear Ms. Clinton I am writing on behalf of American nationals who reside in Israel, who are being deprived of human rights, equal protection and basic justice. We ask you to invoke Article XXIV (2) of the U.S.-Israel Treaty of Friendship, Navigation and Commence and submit a dispute on our behalf to the International Court of Justice. The Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu, the Minister of Justice Yaakov Neeman and minister of Welfare should also be prosecuted individually for committing crimes against humanity, and their own people. The Friendship Treaty guarantees Americans in Israel “most favored nation” protection equal to that of the most favored sector. The Friendship Treaty’s mechanism for resolution of disputes is in The Hague. We therefore ask you to launch proceedings to take the Israeli nation to The Hague. In short, Israeli laws contain discriminatory preferences for women, which result in a butcher shop for men at family courts. American nationals are technically supposed to receive the same treatment as women, who are the most favored sector. In fact, the Americans suffer just the same as the Israeli men. As a 1

result American citizen children are being disengaged from fathers for prolonged durations, they lose their fathers or required to see them in security facilities “Contact Centers”, one hour a week. Oddly, most of the money to build the Contact Centers in being donated from the United States via the Jewish Federation, or IFCJ (International Fraternity of Jews and Christians). Fathers are being constantly arrested, persecuted, haunted by social workers who are trained in male hate ideology, lose licenses, lose livelihood, and their properties are being taken away, en masse. Many American men immigrate to Israel, and the Prime minister of Israel, Bibi Netanyahu, may send them to the wars of Israel to defend the country, and risk their lives in combat. Later, they marry, and then divorce. At that point the biggest betrayal of Netanyahu of his own people comes. Suddenly these same men, who were Israeli heroes and defenders of the State are abandoned, sent to the butcher shops of the family Courts, and slowly roasted until they either escape back to the United States, or commit suicide in Israel. In fact, the State of Israel, Netanyahu, Neeman and Kahlon, engage in a systematic practice of torture, violations of human rights and egregious gender discrimination for the intentional purpose of separating fathers from their natural born children in proceedings related to the dissolution of family relations. In order to perpetrate the assault and torture of men in divorce and child custody proceedings, The State of Israel utilize a myriad of tools to suppress men and torture them, as follows: (a) The State of Israel protects, condones and encourages abductions of children from foreign countries to Israel by women, where women enjoy the presumption that the best interests of the child is equal to the best interest of the abducting mothers, (b) The State of Israel automatically disengages fathers from children either completely or by sending men to visitation centers, as a routine practice, (c) The State of Israel encourages women to file false domestic violence complaints against men and remove them from their homes, thereby preventing the fathers from physically being in contact with their children. (d) The State of Israel’ policies operate to validate false domestic violence complaints, thereby giving women unfair advantages financially and in matters of custody,


(e) The State of Israel’s policies operate to place greater evidentiary weight on the woman’s testimony and evidence in family courts and criminal Courts, (i.e. a woman’s testimony is always considered more credible than that of a man), (f) The State of Israel automatically and without Due Process grants motions against men, most times ex parte, or they aid and facilitate such practices, (g) The State of Israel imposes unconscionable child supports awards on men regardless of the women’s income or the men’s actual income (sometimes at 80% to 250% of the men’s actual salary) for the improper purpose of prejudicing them, making them unable to meet court imposed obligations and coercing them into giving up their parental rights, and their share of the marital property, (h) The State of Israel attributes to men fictitious “imputed salaries” without testimony or evidentiary support, (i) The State of Israel depletes men’s property and transfers it to their wives without testimony, evidentiary support or Due Process, (j) The State of Israel’ policies cause men to be arrested without due process for inability to pay child support, be arrested on charges of “anticipatory refusal” to divorce, be arrested on false domestic violence charges, result in the revocation of men’s passports and driver’s licenses, and deny men the ability to work by issuing a constant stream of executions and levies. Even the rabbinical courts discriminate in favor of women. Rabbinical courts routinely support women’s claims in divorce, routinely award automatic custody to women, routinely issue ex parte orders of arrest of men, even nonresidents, based on spurious charges of “potential to refuse to divorce,” routinely issue ex parte orders restraining men’s abilities to leave the State of Israel, and routinely transfer marital property to women or curtail the men’s right to equitable distribution by allowing women exclusive possession until the children mature. In cases of abduction by women of minor children, because of the ancient religious policy of preference for custody with women, The State of Israel and the Rabbinical courts support and facilitate kidnapping by helping the women kidnappers trap the fathers in Israel with excessive bonds, threats of arrest and ex parte orders. In the area of child abductions, The State of Israel consistently violates the objectives of the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of Child Abduction by systematically denying left behind fathers their right to a speedy return of children abducted by mothers to Israel. 3

The State of Israel’s ideological adherence to the Tender Years Presumption, the statutory discrimination in favor of women and the overall preferences in favor of women and mothers inspired by radical feminism, (or in the case of Rabbinical Courts, the fear of violating the anti-male feminist trends for fear of losing his job), enables The State of Israel to prolong litigation, interpret the Convention in contrast to the rest of the world, and, in the rare case a father wins a Hague Convention case, impose drastic and draconian financial conditions that are unaffordable to ordinary men. Rabbinical Courts set up legal and jurisdictional traps for the men who come to Israel from the US and elsewhere solely to testify on the issue of abduction by issuing ex parte orders of arrest, ex parte restraining orders on properties and bank accounts, and ne exeat orders secured by exorbitant bonds (in one case $500,000). The State of Israel coerces the men into divorce and to submit to a rabbinical jurisdiction that they would otherwise not be subjected to. American divorced fathers, or any male in other matrimonial proceedings, are automatically treated as “second class citizens” by family courts, rabbinical courts and the social workers that answer to anti-male policies maintained by the subordinates of the Ministry of Welfare. The State of Israel intentionally discriminates against such men who lose the basic protections of human rights. The State of Israel’ policies institutionalize the practice of egregious and unconscionable discrimination and the acceptance of unequal statutory presumptions as follows: (a) The Tender Years Presumption gives automatic custody of children to mothers, pursuant to Article 25 of the Guardian and Capacity Law. (b) Under Kahlon’s supervision, all men are sent to court appointed social workers who act as personal criminal probation officers and cancel visitations without reason or notice. (c) Due to policies promulgated by The State of Israel Ministry of welfare, the rate of supervised visitations (20-33%) in Israel is the highest anywhere in the world. The rate in the U.S. is 1-3%. The rate of children’s removal and outplacements is also the highest in the world. (d) The rate of false arrests and false convictions is also extremely high; the false arrests are an institutionalized tool used to disengage fathers from children.


(e) Pursuant to policies endorsed by Neeman, women are exempt from paying child support in all cases. Child support awards do not take into account the women’s income in setting the child support amount. Child support awards should be formulas based on disposable income as in other developed countries. Instead, Israeli child support awards are based on multiplying the number of children by a certain minimum (about $450 per child), and adding additional amounts (e.g., 30%, 40% and 50% of the woman’s monthly rent, medical, dental, extracurricular, babysitting, and other expenses a judge feels like including). As a result, most men are burdened with child support awards substantially exceeding their income. This rate of non-disposable income vs. award of child support is unconscionable and is the highest rate in the world. Finally, it is unknown how many Americans in Israel are prevented from leaving Israel under brutal and draconian policies of ex parte issuance of ne exeat orders. Such ne exeat orders violate many international treaties that guaranty the right to enter and exit the country. Please review the additional material attached herewith. All efforts to induce the Government of Israel to change its ways have failed. Even the United Nation’s Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in November 2011 found that Israel violates basic international human rights. Respectfully, Sharon S. Ben-Haim

Mr. Benjamim Netanyahu - Prime minister

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