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48^) Cum aute orone fecisset b'ts ioha nes tanta lux sup' eu emicuit qd' nullus i eu respicere potuit Hie e b'tus ioh'es de quo dns dixeat ad pe tm sic eum nolo manere donee ve. or for a Memorial Library. GRAFTON STREET. JOANNIS]. ^W. On the blank backs of some of the leaves are explanations of the pictures. : la : [blank]. BLOCK-BOOKS 1 [APOCALYPSIS lb : | S.•595054 1 . SCHOOL A CATALOGUE OF EARLY PRINTED BOOKS ILLUSTRATED WITH WOODCUTS OFFERED FOR SALE BY BERNARD QUARITCH. written in a neat XVth Cent. Bound in loooden boards covered with dark red-brown leather.No. 295 x 205 mm.„. IjAugeCovy. the leaves measuring 11^ x Sin. inches).nia Iri sepulchro eius niehil nisi manna luentium est qd' usq} hodie scaturire ternitur [verso blank] | Conu'si ab ydolis I | | I | : A GERMAN BLOCK-BOOK OF THE MIDDLE OF THE XVth century. Fol. the accompanying text cut with the design in bold gothic letters. or more exactly. consisting of 48 xylograpliic blocks (c. folio. . 353 -^ ^ ' London.—i^o/. splendid nucleus for an Art Museum. predicacione b'ti iohanis drusiana et ceteri At end (Fol. — | || COLOURING Sm. having never been tampered with nor removed from its almost contemporaneous binding. Some lower edges of the leaves have been strengthened by plain paper on the blank backs. May. hut otherwise untouched. 1919 2.. It could not have been got together had it not been for enforced sales during the period of the War when there was a fall in prices. NE^W^ BOND STREET. each printed in brown ink on one side of a leaf all with the ( ? by rubbing) ORIGINAL as when first issued. 10 X 7|. 11 Ltd. The collection of Early Woodcut Books r offer in this Catalogue In its entirety it would serve as a is most exceptional in its range. hand. p. elaborately stamp>ed on front side with borders and .

which appears thus in most copies. British Museum copy (formerly George Ill's) has the last leaf The leaves of the present in facsimile and measures 280 x 200 mm. ? Bavaria. s. continued : — ' £ etc. but it must be understood that the precedence of the editions except those which Schreiber denominates With the exception of these two all first and second. No. ypocrisis est In the later the inscription rea^ding " Equus impressions of the same blocks. his editions in three groups. in brass or latten . d. He married Hedwig. Founded Ingolstadt University 1472 died 1503. The above copy. is provisional. leaving the scroll blank.580. where Bractschedl was parish priest. "Get premier etat est assez rare. repeated at intervals. p.and corner-pieces of Schreiber and Sotheby look upon this as the fourth edition while Heineken thinks it is the second. and the copy described below. the compartments having in centres a quadruple lozenge with ornament. scrolls with mnricl. 1455-65] 2750 in much larger letters : rampant lions and floral There are embossed centre. Ergolting or Ergolding. is a — : : : . c. with the horse on sig. " Jodocus Bractschedl plebanus in ergolting singularis fantor (?) nr. a shell design. Qui quid' vita functus est 16 die Mens' maij Anno salutis M°. fourth edition forms Group B his fifth and sixth editions form Group C. nobis librii hunc legauit ad dei honore ac marie virginis diue hantno conuentus utilitatem. in 1501. 164. The following inscription inside the front cover considerably adds The to the interest of the volume. leafy sprigs^ acorns. demonstrating that the binding itself was executed before 16 May. 358 JoANNls]. ". panels composed of circular stamps of stags. des exemplaires il n'y a que la banderole vide. . This copy is one of the rare copies in the FIRST STATE. Schreiber {Manuel de la Gravure sur bois) places the various His first three editions form Group A. and having some 20 of the others mended and made up) sold in 1909 at Vienna for the . [ApOCALYPSIS S. these words were cleared away from the wood. . measure 295 x 205." It should be noted that the present copy is not amongst those enumerated by either Sotheby or Schreiber. called Dives or the Rich born 1455. the six editions were printed from different woodblocks and differ materially as different manuscripts were used as models. iiij'= Ixxxxv Prefatus iudocus pluriu annorum principis georgij pedagogns.BERNARD QUARITCH'S CATALOGUE. daughter of Casimir 1\ of Poland his daughter married Rupert. D coloured black and the word " pallidus " omitted. flowers in lozenges. he admits that both groups B and C contain evidence of having been copied from earlier manuscripts than those in Group A. de sorte que dans la plupart Schreiber." Bractschedl's pupil referred to was undoubtedly George Duke of Bavaria. the obverse side of an entirely different design. Elector Palatine. the date of the MS. car bientot cette inscription defecteuse fut tout a fait enlevee de la planche. in the volume see below. Although he places these groups in this order of publication. are therefore not duplicates but essentially distinct productions. The latter authority's own copy of the second edition of the present Block-Book (wanting the first 6 and the last 3 leaves. | | sum of £3. being covered with large ogee compartments formed of single lines and reinforced im'th a pecidiar hammer -shaped ornament of various forms. 1495 in all probability soon after 1478. each of the latter deeply engraved ivith the ejaculation : i^tsus xuxti malia Ijtlf the two leather and brass clasps are also engraved with mir (?) [Germany.

F.. b 10. 496. without signatures or other marks. Thomas de). Selingthal. t-18]. Zainer. F. The following important pieces are bound (1) tip in the AQUINO (S. described above. The University of Ingoldstadt founded by him was transferred to Landshut in 1800 and thence to Munich in 1826. died c. hound in green morocco borders inside Saec. but quires count nono.BLOCK-BOOKS £ «. Gothic letter (as No. (5) (J. RED. ON 48 BLOCKS IMPRESSED ON ONE SIDE ONLY. 1 * in extremely fine condition. but quires count as follows : \_a-h 10. Pellechet LOO I records only the Bibl. Proctor 2469. U69 Gothic rnarks. | A salutifero | anno currente Millesimo quadringentesimo sexagesimoletter. Fyner. on paper. . 1 Secunt' oclusioes de diuersis materiis moralib? vtiles valde posite p' mgr'm johane3 de gersona Incipit prologus. broad and fine rich gilt and out. Fol. Nat. At end : Explicit tractatus bonus et vtilis de occultatione viciorum Anno domini Millesimo quadringentesimo septuagesimo octauo Die lune dominicum palmarum. G. n. 2a : Summa magistri Johannis. [Charlier] de). do7ible columns of gothic letter. . 42 long lines to a page. 49/. Proctor 2461 Esslingen. and each block separate (not pasted together). village a : *^* See illustration A. 103: (Colophon) Anno Millesimoquadringentesimoseptuagesimoq'rto. 1 . circ. Vicarii. red and black dated 1478 . Pellechet 5149. Type 1 [s. Pellechet lb99 Augsburg. The Duke George is there buried. partu virginis (Joh. | In job feliciter incipit. . b-f 8]. 1190. but quires count [a 8. per di. | ( . BLOCKBOOK OF THE XVth CENTURY. extra. . . : First leaf (Table : printed on verso only) mounted. few miles from Lanclshut. XV. [_verso blankl Gothic letter. 1473-4] : GERSON . 1 above) 42 long lines to a page. (this has 18 with blank). Esslingen. having had lower blank margin torn off. folio. 17 ff. (4) Summa de Sacramentis. 1474 (2) TEACTATUS de Occultatione Viciorum sub Spem Virtutum. Hain *1397 mentions a Tabula of 4 leaves preceding the text. . 35 long lines to a page.{Colophon) a Ginthero zeiner de Reutlingen. Fol. c. 2 APOCALYPSIS S. . Proctor \b22. de). Fol. PURPLE AND BLUE. artis huius ingeniose magistro. . | | | — . . d. . (3) APOCALYPSE. in vrbe aigustensi impressus feliciter.scretum Conradum fijner d' gerhuszen artis impressorie magistrnra. Lower corner also torn off last leaf. joints. F. The Convent to which this volume was bequeathed is apparently that of Seldenthal (Seligentall. but a few rvords missing. . same volume : thome de aquino . neatly mlaid on stont modern with 9' e. paper. Fyner. [Appears to be mainly compiled from GODFREY of VITERBO.] MS. WITH CONTEMPORARY COLOURING CHIEFLY IN BROWN. copy which apparently contains those leaves. without signatures or other [a 10 (last blank cut away). The Second or Third book printed at Augsburg. : Postilla fratris . G. Sm. Hain *7641. loithout signatures or other marks. 1460 1500 It is A very copy of the fifth issue /" according to Schreiber. G. last blank"]. or Salntal Cistercian order) in the suburbs of Landshut founded by Ludmilla in 1231. De aurbach. lb : Pro capitulis libri facilius requirendis. initials painted in red (none printed). I I a blank is cancelled and cut away = 103 ff. la: [blank] F. Crr? . but which he had not seen. . mended.. Bambergensis. JOANNIS APOSTOLI. | \ AURBACH . Hain *2124.

in his important Manuel de la Oravure sur hois et stir metal. ^^^ See illustration B. . He is careful. 2 seq." and further " Les planches de cette edition. and vii. of the first ISSUE (according to Schreiber). consisting of 39 leaves {of 40). disciple of Jan van Eyck.pa7\y[Cologne. 1460] 600 g. for the most part in unusually clean and sound condition . comme je I'ai dit auparavant. They are very slightly tinted and in fine condition. lut not so as to obscure the designs . the others lightlu washed with sf-pia. Strassburg. 6. 2.. and a few slightly washed in yellow in parts^ hut not so as to obscure the designs. possesses only two leaves. comprising 12 leaves containing 11 retnarkahle full-page woodcuts. According to Graesse. and the Brit. designated first in point of date. with accom. 3370) are those in the British Museum and Apel (at Ermlitz. only five. Role winck (Werner). Johann Prilss. Hain *6937 . Bound up 1. folio. pp.) [Bruges'? about 1450] 2500 This is a most desirable copy of the earliest and perhaps most celebrated of the blockbooks. Schreiber. folio. the last leaf missing and two others slightly defective. only the same number (possibly 3). however. / Schreiber cites only 8 complete copies besides one (Rylands) WANTING 4 leaves. inlaid to folio size^ blue Levant morocco extra. having the blank backs not pasted together. by him the first. as is often the case. The leaves consist of signatures h to u of the first series. the latter surrounded by text . 3 of which are in contemporary colouring. 24 the same. describes ten distinct editions or varieties of this blockbook.to Schreiber. Most of the copies of this edition known are imperfect.. each containing a woodcut in jive compartmenfs^ three in the centre and one each at top and bottom. Sill. 1488 Proctor 533. of which three are in public libraries. The Royal Library. fait tout I'oeuvre. bound with two other works (described below) in old vellum [portion of a liturqical MS. The wonderful ^YOodcuts are from the same blocks as those in the earlier libraries. 4 Fourth issue accordino. he asserts " la beaute de celle-ci lui donne la preeminence entre toutes les editions qui nous sont restees. Vol. EACH PRINTED ON ONE SIDE OF THE PAPER." : : — pL 41. cit. the latest and most authoritative exponent of xylographica. the above (though he does not include it among his list of copies known to him) belonging to his first. CONSECUTIVE LEAVES OUT OF 40. N. Gotz. [5. near Leipzig). iv. to point out that there is not a single edition which can claim to be the But i^eferring to the above edition.. 353 BIBLIA PAUPERUM BLOCKBOOK. Fasciculus temporum. Berlin. 3 No. by Lloyd The FOURTH edition according to the details given by Schreiber. The only copies mentioned by Schreiber (V. blockbook editions. op. sive Historia A^eteris et Novi Testamenti in figuris. c. the designs were executed by Roger of Bruges. Biblia Paupemm. Netherlands and Germany^ c. 1477 ?] ing printed text in Latin Extremely rare and interesting.BEJINARD QUARITCH'S CATALOGUE. Mus. being complete. sont executees par un main tres habile et il semble qu'un seul graveur ait See Schreiber.72. in the same volume are : Aes moriendi Sm. M. and a to of the second series. With woodcuts.

\ !l-^---.— 'fill i n fc L <s mfpfanipita 3. ^Af ''. BiiiLiA Pauperum Block-book (Much reduced) .$ [l^.<?ST3SCSSSS22E >^: z^^s^>!^ ^n I' /.'^'^^^.HMIMMMM«W*MMli dj itt'^^tnirtD' ni'^ no Innutta ^ni iil?l)ur vmd n mnitli' Q i'iai fed' V mftu^ilru uini SlMiJl /j9 — ^^-^^--ii^/f ^.



.^5^/©^? ^ .1 .-.-ififc- .«! '^ .::5.- 'J CO 1.^ <5j fe m ''.1 H : ! .

41. 32. 6. (Prototypes). Christ 34. 29. Christ's ascent to heaven. 44. Jesus turning 16. giving tithes to Melchizedek. 19. The parallel types from the Old Testament are not the same as are found in the printed Block Books. See illustration C. d. Lot and his family leaving Sodom. the 35. Christ's descent into the tomb. 27. This vert remarkable MS. 46. with 13 lines of Flemish verse beneath each. 13. 51. 22. Presentation in the Temple 4. Jeroboam denounced before Golden Calf. 11. 5 MANUSCRIPTS IN THE STYLE OF BLOCK-BOOKS. ' 14. The Temptation of Christ. Abraham circumcising Isaac. Samuel finding David. Hekeziah receiving a present from Berodach Baladan. 43. Kesurrection of Lazarus. Elijah bringing to life the widow's son. 45. The Illustrations are as follows : NEW TESTAMENT 1. 18. Daniel explaining the handwriting on the wall to Belshazzar.) with an original blank leaf at with contemporary scrlhhUngs^ brown morocco^ filled tooled with antique gilt and blind ornaments. 49. (12 hi/ 10 in. 12. The Kesurrection. expelling the money changers. of the molten calf during Moses' absence on the mountain. Bathsheba speaking to Solomon on The Last Judgment. Judith bringing Olofernes' head to Bethulia. It contains 53 designs There in pen and ink.BLOCK-BOOKS £ *. 20. 10. 30. 7 are 4 designs on each page placed opposite to one another. and the Virgin in heaven. Christ's descent into hell. the Recorder of Ypres. XV. Elijah's ascent to heaven. adoring the Virgin and 2. 24. (Life of Cheist). behalf of Adonijah. The Adoration of the Magi. . Moses receiving the tables of the law. 36. 25. The Priests and Scribes questioning Christ. 23. 87. The Circumcision. The judgment of Daniel. The last drawing is a full page design of the Coronation of the Blessed Virgin. 17. 38. The descent from the cross. Elisha curing Naaman of leprosy. Moses hidden by Pharoah's daughter. 28. The spearing of Christ. Christ disputing with the doctors. and that on the right portrays the type taken from the Old Testament. David and Goliath. Feeding of the multitude. Moses' flight from Egypt. 9. Some of the drawings are executed with considerable delicacy. the life of Christ. 21. 26. BIBLIA PAUPERUM. Jonah cast out of the ship. 42. Kebecca clothing Jacob. was probably executed in West Flanders IN the middle of the 15th centory. 5. in which are grouped a very large number of Saints. that on the left exhibits a scene from. Christ on the cross. b. Christ 50. The Adoration of the Shepherds. The Pentecost. Baptism of Christ. Lambrin. Flemish Manuscript on vellum. Jonah cast out of the whale. Entry into Jerusalem. Elisha feeding the hundred men. 40. Moses ascending the mountain. 7. Worship 39. 47. Absalom killed by Joab. 48. water into wine. Joseph Child. 15. OLD TESTAMENT 3. Claessens Saec. J. Abraham receiving food from and Flight of Holy Family to Egypt. folio. Sm. 33. The Fountain of Knowledge in Paradise. adoring the Virgin and A Sibyl Child. end //. The volume was formerly in the collection of J. inside dentelles^ by L. but the volume was doubtless intended to serve the same purpose as they were. Massacre of Innocents. 31. 52.

Sathanas v'suchet 4. . Christ. Virgin. 6 No. The volume contains somewhat more than half of the original German production. Hie wekent die iiigern ihesu. Dis ist wie ihs uf dem b'ge transfigeurieret wart. right a in the act of cutting his own throat while a devil says to him On the further side a devil draws the sheet away from the interficias te ijjsiim. 2 b. colour being used incidentally. 6. six leaves Scbc. 3 a /. /. of the bed is the monogram i h. series of 21 Scenes from the Life of Christ. and at first glance the pictures give the impression of being xylographs. Hie wund'nt sich die gebrochen 19. Hie erquicket jesum lazar' 21. . . The subjects are: 1. drawn and coloured in the same style as the German xylographic productions. XV. XV. consisting of 6 full-fcige drawings hy a French cirtist. /. with descriptive text in French. ff. Dis ist das frowelin das die ehet 20. . Paul falling from his horse and in the foreground is a demon bearing the scroll victoria michi nulla. while a devil appears from beneath the bed. The red : devil's scroll is fiu/iamiis. Jesus machet wass' zu win in d' stat cana 8. 3. has a scroll /ac siciit pagani. 7 ARS MORIENDI or L'ART AU MORIER. Sathan v'suchet jhesum 5. . Behind the sick man's bed stands Christ and on the /. man The latter devil f. On the cock. laid on in the same patchy way. Manusckipt on Yellum. head of the bed and six figures are praying to a figure standing on a pedestal. . 1 b. . Text.s. The drawings are strongly outlined and washed in with sepia. . In the head board le . commencing Contre la pmiere temptatio de I'enemy une bonne inspiracon au malade en luy dysant la sainte foy mon amy soyez bo ange donne f erme en . Hie also iesus schrib' und glissen' von den grossen zeichen jesu furget do schre ein blinde zu ime. 2. . . that of the angel sicfirmus in fide. . Et pource q la foy est fondemet et coriiaincement de tout . . 11. old red velvet A DRAWINGS A most interestiug series of drawings executed probably in Bavaria about the middle of the 15th century which may have inspired a designer of some of the early German Biblical woodcuts. Bona impiratio . Text. 13. At the foot of the bed is S. Joh'es d' toiflFer toiffet ihesum in de Jordan. sm. . . 9. Got brediget das ewige leben Jesus 10. written in a Gothic ha?id^ hound Scec. . . sauluemet humain On the head board is perched a red avgeli cont>a desperatione.. 18. contents are as follows Bona impiratio angeli defide. 353 (BIBLIA PAUPERUM). Each page contains two designs measuring about 6^x5 ins. .BERNARD QUARITCH'S CATALOGUE. & b. 4. Hie isset iesus mit symone 16. exhorts the latter. The /. with a scroll issuing from his mouth bearing the words victi sumus. nequaq dexperes. Jesus reiniget einen 7. and white. *:^* See illustration D. 120 in green velvet This interesting volume is a French version of the well-known block book Ars Moriendi which was so popular in Germany in the 15th century. and Moses with horns.. . further side of the bed stand S. Tentatio diaboli defide. Although the illustrations are founded on the German work they are by no means servile copies and differ in many respects. The angel kneeling on a red devil by the side of On the further side of the bed stand the the sick man's bed. and on the right kneels an angel with a scroll. . 120 hound in a small folio volume. 4to. Mary Magdalene and the penitent thief on across. . Hie sprach iesus zachee 1^. Hie isset ihesus mitsinen frunden 17. Sathanas d' tufel v'suchet jh'm zum and' mole jh'm zum dirten mole . 1. . green. Peter. . Hie machet jesus ein toten lebendig 12. Jesus machet set peters swig' gesunt malotzigen machet ein tufelschen gesunt 11. Hie machet iesus ein tufelscheu monschen gesunt 14. Johanes prediget das wort gottes 2. The colours are red. IN INK with a little colour on of paper (with a seventh blank leaf (llf x 8f ins.

15 CENT. BiBLIA PaUPERDM. DrAWIKGS in ink.D 6. (^Mrcch reduced) .




/. Zainer. Tertemet lennemy tempte le malade par Inpacience /. jgotbk hiUi'. Proctor 1542. II. of SS. dysant /. Text. . Contre la tierce temptacon de lenemy le bon ange . 1. Centre la scde temptacion Inspiracion . ivithout signatures fine in contemporary colouring. " coronam meruisti ". 38 large spirited ornamented initials. 7 a. On the right is kicked over a table on which are a knife. " Gloriare ".. Text. /. without marks. 11 b. and at the foot of the bed a maid On the further side brings in one hand a dish of food and in the other a mug. full . red jminted capitals. woodcut first page decorated." Sra.BOOKS WITH WOODCUTS: GERMANY AND HOLLAND Ars Moriendi.. at the Monastery of SS. On the further side stand the "Virgin. germanice. »• <*• le bo ange donne une bonne 4 b-ba.. 1473 250 German German the first First edition in Latin and German together. c. 8 b-ll b. At the foot and the further side stand Christ with the instruments of the passion. Hain *14929. b. *j^* See illustration E... 11. Gregory and Peter Diaconus engaged in conversation . stand a man and woman. 8. /. 29 to afidl page.. and first of the text. Christ. Text. 6 b. J. . In the foreground three devils stand by the bed bearing the scrolls " exaltate de ipsum". Quartement lenemy tepte le pauure malade du pethie dorgueil . An angel kneels at the right of the bed and by his side crouches a demon with the scroll. folio.. mon amy aye bone paciece et ne marris point .. 35 long lines to a full page. *^* See illustration no. Folio.. Ulrich and Afra. Catherine with a sword... long lines. Text. Paul (?) with sword and book and another figure. and a devil with the scroll " tu es Jirmus in fide ". Bdmler. 96 uncoloured woodcuts.. except for a few wormholes towards the end a fine sound copy in brown morocco extra by Riviere. On the pillow is a square shaped cushion (?) outlined in red. /". S. with a Gothic letter. Sm. crushed purple morocco extra. 193 leaves. mon amy ne te despere point The sick man with a leg out of bed. " Hie hebt sich an das buch Belial genant von lere und undwej^sung der meschen. cum speculo Sanctce Mariae editum a fratre Johanne]. S. rubricated. *^* See illustration no. 2. Dialologi. Temptatio diaholi de vanaploria. BOOKS WITH WOODCUTS GERMANY AND HOLLAND 8 GREGORIUS MAGNUS. folio. a very fine copy in the original oah hoards covered with stamped goatskin^ WOODCUT with clasp \_Augsburg.. lit. dish. 7 continued : — . 10 JACOBUS DE THERAMO. Bona tnapiratio angeli de patieniia.. a devil with the scroll quam bene decepi euiit. Temptatio diaholi de impatientia. . has /. loithout signatures^ ivith 192 boldly designed cuts^ cdl neatly coloured. spoon.. ^ . First entirely typographical edition. kaee [Augsburg^ G.. Besides the text there are certain supplementaiy pieces which appear for time. lahores amisi. 9 [SPECULUM HUMANAE SALVATIONIS latino-germani- cum. the latter having a scroll ecce qHampend patitur. Ulrich and Afra] 1473 105 Hain *7970 Proctor 1605 = 1631a.. and cup. des o-erichts ordnung zu einer befunderii ein nutzlich iind kostlich buch. at the Monastery of SS. Qoi^-. etc.

with which no title was . in line compartments.. by Lortw.CCCCLXXX iiii nonas Februarias infinem actum. aiio domini Millesimoquadringetesimoseptuagesimonono (Coloniae 1479). contemporary colouring. e. gedruckt in in Hain.BERNARD QUARITCHS CATALOGUE. Very rare.. Milller of Konigsberg. 11 [PLENARIUM. g. modern pigskin. 53 lines.. (W. Nilrnberg. 353 £ s. Augsburg An sant valetins tag . KARE [s. fine copy.n. Hain *6923 Proctor 1240. Gunther Zainer].. etc. 18 13 [ROLEWINCK lit.. et typ.. 12 VEGIUS loith (Malfaeus) [Philalethes] Fd. metal corners and clasps (one clasp catch missing) from Wm. Proctor 1241 . numeroris small WOODCDTS carefully coloured by hand. 2 handso'iue looodcut initials. FINE COPY [Colophon] Impressa est hec cronica colonie agrippie p me arnoldfc ther Ruerne sub annis did MCCCCLXXiiii [1474] Hain *6918 Proctor 935. folio. 72 II. und volenndt JaJidnes {sic) Blimler . but first with the woodcut. Both fine large copies WITH ROUGH edges. bound his printed Kelmscott House label (1479-80) 52 10 ." 72 . all with contemporary colouring. quentel . 42 . . Hie vachet sich an ein plenari nach ordenung der heilige cristelichen kirchen In dem man hat epistel vnd ewangeli als die gesungen vnd gelesen werden in dem ampt der heiligen mess}. The first leaf containing a large woodcut is missing. Joh. Augsburg. Sm. Hain *159'25.. issued.. Not in Hain or Proctor Schreiber 494t». 9 metal bosses. ictttv.. Thomas Aquinas: Super Quarto libro Sententiarum. Is. double columns. only cites four perfect copies. Evangelia et Epistolae. Ht. Jacobus DE Theramo. 14 Fasciculus Temporum [ad annum 1474]. folio.. [Schreiber : ^ In dem namen .. ivith original blank for lad leaf. e. Proctor 2215. II. with . with small circular and lozenge-shaped stamps of lions.l.. Pellechet 1070. Fasciculus Tempordm [ad annum 1474]. — frame e. 1473 170 Proctor 1603. . lovg lines. 1: Maffei Vegii Lavdensis ad Evstathivm Praefatio. first page. fleurs-de-lis. d. . 30 lines io a page. No. Sm. g. lit. *^* See illustration F. [colophoii'\ Impressum.. Sm. perfect copies. Contemporary German binding of thick oak hoards and leather. but that eleven are ^®^*** See illustration no. . e. per me Henrico. 1474] Probably the second edition. c. and ornamental initials.)]... Hain *1483 2 works . without marks. rubricated. original blank. {two types).. 388 II. M. of text surrounded by a fine woodcut border o/ Mummers performing the Miracle Play of the Nativity ib. Schreiber states that the woodcuts are chiefly those of the earlier edition.. . sides. Schreiber 4280 Not — he only cites 6 This is the second illustrated edition. 49 woodcuts (54 with repeats) illustrating the Life af Christ. 3. without marks. double columns. with elaborate gilt orna- ments. 1474 100 Second edition. . g.. bold 00t|)ic 2 parts in 1 vol. a veryjine cojjy . Morris's library. g. numerous woodcuts. gotl^. . by Bedford. inside dentelles. brown morocco antique. 1 des herren ame. a very fin. Theroernen's first issue of this celebrated work. "Anno salutis. gotl).. 34 lines to a page. in massen hernach volget. in German] Fol. 4to roman letter. lamb and in one flag. cjot]^.e coyy in brown morocco extra. fullpage woodcut with the title " Philalethes Veritas " cut above on the block. volume large folio. continued: gilt ornamental hack.

o H O o .


fol. old calf gilt repaired The numeration of the leaves begins with ij on fol. and some of the tables and other icoodcuts jjartly coloured by a contemjjorary hand. are of the highest degree op rakitt. and some loioer margins in the first volume slightly spotted with damp. This copy is quite complete. with 83 woodcdts of the 2 woodcut toiuns. gotl). as a specimen of early printing. cum Tabula.. inferior to this. . and quite perfect copy . one or in two of the genealogical tables slightly cut into." BOOKS WITH WOODCUTS: GERMANY AND HOLLAND [ROLEWINCK (W.lxxxvi.. Adam de Rottweil. pjrinted red and blue throughout. the verso being blank described by Hain as being present also in the Munich copy. The blank for aj is absent. animals. . large printed in double columns. long lines. The Dunn copy. 72 II. Lucas Brandis. etc.. . folio.. les sujets les plus . *. Anno Salutis m. that " die boekprinters worden seer vermenicht in alien landen. but a fine. 17 Fasciculus Temporum [ad Annum 1481]. Large folio. printed in a bdtarde type resembling Caxton's second type. newly bound in crimson levant morocco extra. 338 leavs . between the two dates of 1450 and 1453. This is practically a reprint of the edition of 1479. On leaf Cxci we find the statement. sept jours de Creation. de la Creation du est ornee d'une foule de g.. 5 large initials.cccc. 1474]. one of the most remarkable of those illustrated with woodcuts in Germany during the fifteenth century. Jan Veldener. Sm.. folio. Sm. . 2 double-page MAPS. the sides of a former binding with the douUures. numerous woodcuts. by virtue of its numerous heraldic woodcuts.. et elle des arbres genealogiques. C^ot^ic (ftUr.. Impssum p me Henkicu Quentkl et admissuz ab alma Universitate COLONIENS. monde jusqu'a I'an 1473. continued 15 Fasciculus : 9 £ «• — [ad d. back repaired. large.. 10 and ends with cccxxx on There are no signatures. 14 oldest printed Armorial. 1475 250 gilt edges Perfect copies of this book. with signs. 16 Fasciculus temporum (in Dutch). etc. QoH). " Cette chronique renferme tons les evenements importants pour . with small circidar stamps in square compartments of fleurs-de-lis. and was carried down to the birth of the Archduke Philip in 1478. Bound in 2 vols. the first blank. a few blank corners mended and slightly waterstained otherwise a good sound copy in old limp vellum. . : 40 18 EUDIMENTUM NOVITIORUM. . Independently of its value as a text. ntbricated. paragraph-marks etc. personages. fol.. having the additional leaf at the beginning.. les y voyons des initiales historiees. nwrnerous sviall tvoodcut views of cities. 1486] Copinger 2438 not mentioned by Hain nor Proctor. 4. besides about 150 other fine woodcuts {many of them rejjeats) . veky rare Adam alamanus Impressioni paravit. etc. lit. ARMS of Prince Eugene of Savoy inlaid as L'ubeck.. and as a book of Dutch woodcuts. with differing woodcuts of the Tower of Babel and Jerusalem.. the . original German binding of oak boards and half leather. .s.). Campbell *1479 . Veldener had already printed the Latin text at Lou vain in 1476 but this Dutch version contains nearly twice as much matter as the Latin in the forms of supplements. These additions were probably made by the printer himself. icith initial capitals. and 248 woodcut escutcheons Utrecht. large and clean copy Temporum Annum [Colophon] Hain *692o . long lines. rosettes. 383. 474 leaves {of which 1 IS blank) with 21 full-pacje (genealogical tables {repeated throughout the book). Proctor 8858. Anno 1480 18 Proctor 1245. realised £36. with the woodcut of 5b (Ofin & finces Eneas) on the recto.b.. 1480 borders cut into .* See illustration no. folio. die secunda mensis [Aquila. this is. Nous les ecclesiastiques. lit.

Quadrupeds coronation of the Virgin 8. one on the title and one on sig. nor In the present Bodleian. folio. . . Not in Proctor. 550 (the B. BERNARD QUARITCH'S CATALOGUE. a8. etc. ^ *• t'- imporfcants de I'Ancien Testament. not in Brit. 19 CONRAD VON MEGENBERG.. Serpents and mythical reptiles the Sea 11. des portraits fictifs des hommes les plus cel^bres. copy 4 leaves (29 and 30. A man being 2. 50 22 — ALEXANDER ANGLICUS. *^* See illustration no. and the only woodcut BOOK BY this PRINTER. a b — dIO. The earth.e. Destructorium Yitiorum. p. H. . a2 Tabula compendiopa sin alphabeti ordinem operis presentis destructoriii viciorum intitulati. 1476] copy in old. x — z6. 5159. 79 is mended involving a letter. 353 . . innhaltende another edition.ssion de N. e. une mappemonde. M. -Seigneur. with the same cuts as the first of 1475. : 40 Collation: — —x. V. planets. Jo. : . folio. Birds 5. The last two leaves are slightly wormed. . 31 lines to a page. . 3um ersten vo eigenschatt't und natur desz menschen g. . . Folio. . without marks. Elles une carte de la Terre Sainte et beaucoup d'autres sujets. 1499 The woodcuts in the later edition are free copies in reverse of those in the 1478 edition. Bdmler. Wonders of 3. 1478 120 extra^ g. 5 and 6. Proctor 1242. a corner offn. the lower part has a representation of the Adoration of the Magi (used in the Coin Bible by the same printer). 10. 20 Hie nach volgt das buch der natur. 77. Hain 640. the first leaf is iri facsimile. and has not the additional leaf) *^* See illustrations nos. the margins of several leaves mended and slightly soiled original oak boards covered ivith pigskin Augsburg. Two new cuts were added. huntsmen. etc. leaves n^ and B^ missing. .. Hain *49P6 B. 1480 The first or second edition. leaves. Incun. g. 63 pages of woodcuts of engines and implements of warfare. Augsburg. Insects 6. . Sm. very rare Second edition. 14 woodcuts one of ivhicli is slightly defective. folio. both copied .] Fol. Sm. and a few margins are waterstained. sont empruntees de diverses sources. fonhnwet^. Schreiber (3779) only records five copies. 38 from Brunschwigs Chirurgie 1497.otJ[)tc letter. text rubricated. Fishes 7. e — v8. double columns of 53 lines. S. Quentell. c. . and a few leaves at the end waterttained. Proctor 1729. otherwise a very fine large copy. The woodcuts represent the following subjects 1. Ulrich holding a fish. half russia Cologne. Hain. abcdS = 360 leaves. ^8 lines to a full page^ inthout marJis^ woodcut initials and 12 full-page woodcuts^ crushed green levant morocco Augsburg. also by Bamler. not numbered (first and last 2 blanks missing). Wiener. ai. niais pour la plupart dessinees par un ma!tre assez habile et aussi gravees avec beaucoup d'adresse. 1 Das Register." Schreiber. 1 : Dem wolge- bornen herren herren lofcansen Grauen von Luplfen landgrauen zu Stielingen vnd herren zu Hewen Embeut ich ludwig Hohenwanng von Tal Elchingen gehorsam mit dienaten. See no. 231 and 288) are shorter than the rest of the book. the initial on this leaf is also in several colours. Collation : 108 leaves. stars and examined by two physicians 4. . semi-Qoil)ic letter. calf The first and only XVth ckntury edition in German.n. Plants 9. Mus.. 21 VEGETIUS (Flavins) [Von der Ritterschaft. Hain *15916. German qotbu de mensche in einer gemein.] Zu dem ersten haltet dz piich jnn v5 F.— 10 — No. *4042. sky. on e\ is a very fine coloured woodcdt border of foliage. letter. . II. Hanns Schonsperger. i. Sni. otherwise a fine \_s. loh. Trees 12. Mythical beings and monstrosities.- Rddimentum NoviTiORUM. 7. de sorte que ce volume est un des plus beaux de ce teinps-la. M. a very fine woodcut. copy lacks 2 Scbreiber. Cat.ot!)tC letter. la vie et la Pa. : [Buch der Natur.


X481 .G 25. Atjgsburg. EiBRONrMQS Leben der HEiLidEN Altvater. Schonsperger.

the flyleaf On is : 25 HIERONYMUS 2ter Theil : (S. Das puch gehort zu dem hailligen Creutz In Begespurg. by Bedford \_Strassburg. without marJcs. a few plain corners mended. Leeti. BOOKS WITH WOODCUTS GERMANY AND HOLLAND : 11 23 [VORAGINE £ (Jac. 26 AESOPUS. and at Ulm by Johann Zainer.. 1481] 140 Probably the second edition. gotbix Icttci'. which were copies from those used in the editions printed at Augsburg by Giinther Zainer and Anton Sorg. On the flyleaf (repeated below the colophon) is written " Das puch gehort jn das closter zii dem hailligen Creiitz jn Regespurg p'diger ordes (the Dominican monastery of the Holy Cross at Regensburg) i. 211 verso). Sm.). double columns o/ 31 lines. icith . . The British Museum and the Univ. J. G. in very fine clean condition \s. both lack this volume. gilt edges. also by Leeu. double columns of 34-36 liiies. c. 114 leaves . about 1481] 250 Apparently the first edition with these cuts. is known. with birds. by Chambolle-Duru : lohannes Bdmler part. and a loonderfully fine copy dark brown levant morocco. The same . Ratisbon. and of which .2: Hier beghint dat prologus van dat passiorael. . Library. Augsburg. but of this pdition only the 2nd portion. Cambridge. blind tooled. having appeared in 1478. 1480 120 Bamler's second edition. Hain *9973. die Beispiele]. and ornamented initials. a cat -which had been pasted over the woodcut of S. [Leben der heiligen Altvater. Proctor. The book nsualJy consists of 2 parts. Knoblochtzer. dat beduyt in duytsche dje gulden legende. Sm. full-page frontispiece and 127 other woodcuts^ coloured . 20 ^ + 2-1 Collation : 1st blank (missing) + Table 1 leaf + Prologue 1 leaf + fif. 3 Hye hebett sich an das Summer teyl der heyligen leben. but otherwise perfectly sound. zii Augspurg. 20ti)lC letter. . etc. unnumbered. : — *4j:* See illustration G. Dominic (fol.*^chreiber cites but 3 copies. folio. double columns of 34 lines. Not in Hain Proctor 8918-19. besides a number of pretty woodcut initials. large woodcut of eight hermits on verso of second leaf 137 smaller ivoodcuts. 1-cclxiij 9 leaves. Collation 188 leaves. or Pollard Schreiber 4218. e. Unnd zii dem ersten vonn dem lieben heylige lerer sand Ambrosio dem heyligen Byschoff. g. cdl coloured. Vita et fabulae.e. «. blind-tooled. folio. unnumbered (first and last blank). the first. pdiger ordes. German gotbit Ictttr. : — [Der Heiligen Leben Summerteil] F. Sm. stamped with ogee pattern. as the present. d. folio. ende is geheyten in latijii aurea legenda. Not in Hain. n. 10 Feb 1480 Second edition in Dutch. Winterstuc] F. a fine copy in dark brown morocco extra. . H.. Sm. wooden boards and brown leather.. many of which contain little p>ictures depicting the occupations of the months . half russia Gouda. a large portrait of Aesop and 190 other remarkable woodcuts the portrait and the page facing it surrounded by enticining borders of flowers. [Passionael. On the blanks there is written. painted imtiah. Sch(5nsperger. fine woodcut hnrdtr to a2. seldom found together with the Winter Not in Proctor or Pollard. Gothic letter. folio. de)].

red morocco extra.h:^. e. 1483 Fifth edition. [Die vierundzwanzig Alten].54 leaves the first is a blank. a blank. hy Ulm. 40 long lines to a page. a. latter edition William Morris remarked " The cuts in this ^sop are copied from the earlier woodcuts of the Ulm and Augsburg editions. Erklarnng der zwolf Artikel. qilt edges. but third with date. If not identical. Leea. ' ' G. by Riviere. . rough g. without marks. 29 HERBARIUS. It may be noted. Ifttfl". ici'th 12 remarkable full-page WOODCUTS Bedford a very fine copy in calf extra.— 12 — No. Sm. 28 SALLUSTIUS. Sm. Sm. series . that in most cases the Plemieh [really German] designer has substituted clean-drawn bunches of ornamental leafage for the mere fuzzy heads of trees in the earlier designs he also shows his appreciation of the value of black as a colour by taking advantage of the shoes. which are entirely different from those in the preceding Italian editions. 15 are slightly rubbed. For other editions see under books printed in Italy. 8 and 9. Conrad Dlnchnut. Herbarius Patauie impressus Anno domi cetera Ixxxv. with 14 coloured woodcuts. — — . . copy is very imperfect). or to have the same spirit and ease of drawing. 150 coloured woodcuts. Altogether these cuts ai'e a very successful and ornamental : : d. unnumbered. d4 (last. F. Besides these . Bellum Catilinabdm 30 to . with woodcuts which display much more artistic skill than is usually found in books of this early date. 6 Nov. Martin Schott. 5. folio. note by long lines. 1485 220 An extremely rare and little known book. . BERNARD QUARITCH'S CATALOGUE. They are among the best to be found in Ulm-printed books. 4to." . Collation : 174 leaves. Collation: — a-c6. cut of Mars and Catiline on title. Petri]. A few letters on f. the Creation of the World but the rest have two or more compartmeut. Vita ET Faublae. The first one depicts one subject only. 35. small gottiic a full page. and other details of raiment. — 55 . It is a rare edition Schreiber mentions only 6 perfect copies of which this may be one. Third book by this printer. At the same time they show a greater feeling for decorative effect than the German cuts. " Campbell's description was given him by Delisle from a ? unique copy at Paris. Not in Hain Pollard p. 363 £ s. brown morocco extra. 27 OTTO VON PASSAU. and with coloured grotesque border and large initial to Fo.ati)ic IcttCt. *^* See illustration H. The numeration in a few instances is slightly cut into. c6?ih'««f(Z blocks were afterwards employed for the edition printed at Antwerp On the flyleaf of his copy of this (-See tio. two of ivhich recur 22 times in all. Hain 14195 (not seen) Campbell 1502^. 162 leaves . 93 (imperfect) Schreiber 4881. — 30 ERKLARUNG. Passau [Joh. g. z [Aggregator]. *if* See illustrations nos. .s. belts.. gotijic letter. and the backgrounds of caverns and the like to introduce black points and masses. Diss biich ist genaut die vier vnd zwentzig alten.) in 1486 by G. Salustii. partly uncut IStrassburg']. [14 ] Extremely rare if not unique. by Riviere Zuollis opera ^-^ impensls Petri Os de Breda etveJate inipressus s. for instance. Sm. Dunn. but are not literal reproductions of them. this too may be an 'only known coiDy. 90 nor Proctor .M. wanting). without signatures. 1485 84 Proctor 2829 (the B. : Absopus. . pine copy in dark blue morocco. folio. . Gothic letter. First edition with these woodcuts.. 4to. very RARE Hain *8445 . oder der guldin tron gesetzet von briider Otten von passowe etwan lessmeister der mindern briider barfiisser closters der stat Basel mit vil schoner berichtunge.' " MS. 31-34 lines to a page.. Collation: 1. They cannot be paid to be as well cut as their originals.

{Slightly reduced) [Strasshurg]. Schott. Die vierundzwanzig Alten.27. 1183 . Otto von Passau. M.


. besides the Van den proprieteyten der dinghen. Jacop Bellaert. *#* See illustration no. Crete. Quadrupeds. painted initials. ivith 11 remarkable full-page large printer s mark icithin an ornamental border of 4 pieces. Erliard Reuwich of Utrecht ranks with the first of his time. Tne illustrations. These woodcuts are remarkable. a very fine and sound copy in an eighteenth century Dutch binding of calf gilt Haarlem. by Clarke and Bedford. Modon. in charming little circular designs of their various occupations 7. within a glory. which besides the panoramic maps mentioned above comprise a number of others. with a stately City on a River in the foreground 10. with all the plates intact. . The Twelve Months. and the Holy Land. They represent 1. Bound in 2 vols. all partly coloured by a contemporary hand . ivith a full-page frontispiece represtnting an allegoriccd figure of Mainz. the printer's mark. especially in such fine state as the above copy. . 1485 125 Extremely rare. : — . and their designer. especially in the angels about the throne ") 4. some of the folding looodcuts a little mended in the folds. Hain *6668 Proctor 2566.: BOOKS WITH WOODCUTS : GERMANY AND HOLLAND £ fine s. Rhodes. brown morocco extra. which so far as I know. and fields 11. four demons falling headlong in the lower portion (" traces of the traditions of the school of Roger van der Weyden are evident here. It is very rare. 1486 210 First Edition. Creation of Adam and Eve 5. sm. not only as the best executed illustrations in any mediseval book (William Morris) but as being the first woodcuts in which shading is used in masses and not merely to help the outlines. from the Huth collection Maine. with the arms of Breydenbach and his companions. are never found again. . Beuwich. WOODCUTS. Campbell *258 Hain-Copinger 2622 Proctor 9173. *^* See illustration no. ornamental pen-letters. Farenzo. he terms them "very remarkable folio cuts. which are entirely free from colour. E. printed in double columns. *'• is entitled to equal credit. 11. .. . . but on the ichole an exceptionally fine and sound copy . Landscape. Fishes 9. (Bernard von). mark a new era in the history of wood-engraving and bookillustration. continued cuts. whose name is unfortunately unknown. . . Figures of different kinds of Birds 8. the icoodcut of Indians slightly cut into (jxs usual). Corfu. 7 large folding views of Venice. within a circular frame upon a black ground 2. in the upper portion. The engraver. are thirteen woodcut initials. The Ages of Man 3. Angels worshipping before the throne. . Gothic letter. folio. Trees. flowers. These illustrations are described at length by Sir William Martin Conway in his Woodcutters of the Netherlands in the Fifteenth Century . gilt edges. and rubrications . . 32 BREYDENBACH sanctae. as the first which are the acknowledged work of a . . . 12. and other woodcuts . and a few smcdl wormholes at beginning and end. Earth in the centre of the heavenly bodies 6. Itinerarium terrae Sm. folio. Erklarung. as are all the early Haarlem books and this one with its large and striking woodcuts is one of the most interesting. 10. The Almighty. — ornamental 31 BARTHOLOMAEUS ANGLICUS. 13 d.

hut without catchwords and foliation . besides that of ^iJsop occupying nearly the whole of title. Antwerp. full page. dem cristenliclien gelauben genottrenget vnd gebracht Sm. not numbered. 17 Hain-Copinger *3960 . . 353 £ *• Bretdknbach (Bernard von). crushed brown morocco with antique gilt ornaments. 14. e. 18 large and spirited outline German woodcuts. *^* See illustration no. 194 a blank. edition in German.: 14 BERNARD QUARITCH'S CATALOaUE. comento folio. g. 193a:) durch Anthonio Sorgen jnn der keyserlichen statt Augspurg gedrucket. Dinckmut] 125 g. Sorg. 1486 250 Fabule Pogij z vita : : florentini : : : Probably the first Latin edition (with date) printed in the Hain 329 (nor. The second edition. Alfonsij esopi cum fabulis Auiani cum optimo z aliorum Sm. 192 gotJDic coloured woodcuts.. 32 to a seind worden &c.. 15. vnd lieplich die kiirtze zu horen begrifFen gar vil niengerlei schoner alter geschicliten so vor mer dann tausent iaren geschehen zu den zeitten do die schwiibischen land vnd Vnd durch wen sie zu andre land haiden gewesen seind. . No. No woodcut views were ii issued with this 34 [LIRER (Thomas)] In gottes namen Amen. A-i6 = 104 leaves. Collation: a-g6. Gothic letter. Tausent vierhundert vnd Ixxxiij Am abend leorij des heiligen martrers Enndet sich hye seligklichen {The reverse blank. . h8. blank. *i^* See illustration no. and as the being the first definite attempts represent This places and persons in a life-like way. folio. bene diligenterq} correcte z emendate. Utter of two sizes. 193 leaves. 1. and drawn from the life. an extremely fine and large copy. but both are clearly from the same press. a good copy in half morocco. cloth case Augsburg. last page Netherlands. with 8 WOODCUTS DNCOLOURED and numerous woodcut initials some contemporary MS. 35 iESOPUS. 12 and 13. lit.." Hain *3956 Proctor 156. . Fairfax Murray had to be content with a copy having seven There is no copy in the Huth collection. 38 long lines to the page . gilt and blind tooling. G. \_Ulm. Extremely rare. gotlj. 1488 . C. folio. FINE COPY [Oti a begins:'] This edition without date is esteemed by Panzer to be earlier than with Dinckmut's name dated 1486. Mr. brown morocco extra.(Fol. lo7ig Imes. with signatures.. — . Fol. . (Fol. cut away) Sm. notes in the margins . e. . A. continued: named artist. Leeu. Im jar vnaers hails'.. p7 Pellechet 210 Campbell 26 Proctor 93G1. la :) Die fai't oder reys5 iiber mere z& dem heylige grab vnsors herren Ihesu cristi gen Iherusalem Auch zu der heyligen iunkfrawen sant Katherinen grab auf dem berg Sinai. with signatures. seen) Copinger Supp. 64 ff. — "• 33 Reise ins heilige Land. Proctor 1705. leaves in facsimile.. il In diser Coronick wurdet durch verdrieszLiCH vermeiden langer geschrifft zu lesen. is also the first book with folding illustrations.. *#* See illustrations nos.


39. Antwerp. 1487 {Slightly reduced) . LuDOLPHUs DE Saxonia. Leven Ihesd Cheisti.

38 another edition. Eckert.. double columns. 306 leaves . If the two or more pieces of which many of the illustrations are composed are all enumerated the number of woodcuts . 1490. double columns of rubricated initials. slightly defective. 4to. 39 LUDOLPHUS DE SAXONIA. probably printed at Paris circ. gotljic letter. . printed in Gothic letter. folio. 1486 110 A very tall and fine copy with the another copy. Johann Zainer. gotj^ic letter... the printer s device. . all carefully coloured by a contemporary hand. Sm. who quotes a somewhat similar copy in the Mazarine library. \Qth Century wooden boards. covered with stamped leather ib. heeren Ihesu Christi. woodcuts COLOURED. 1503 At the end are inserted various leaves including a printer's device. gilt edges. and the printer s large device on the last page. curious coloured cut on title. 39-41 lines to a page. 1486 105 first Campbell *563 Proctor 9363. 16. enclosed in a case Vert rare. doublure of ib. a quite sound copy in straight-grain blue morocco gilt. 4to.. .. Dialogus creaturarum golbk hiitx. c.. but not heavily a very fine copy in red levant morocco super-extra^ covered with a mosaic arabes<pce design of light and dark green morocco. Quos xpi : | | i \ ] 9 9 j ' i socij docuerut ff. de)] Dialogus inter clericum et militem super dignitate papali et regia. 28 lines (14 U. 24! full-page looodcuts and 125 smaller ones. with 147 fine woodcuts.. richly tooled and gilt. fine Sm. Leeu. bound in red morocco extra by Biviere 'ib. 1491 72 with Campbell *564 . [Leven Jhesu Christi]. printed at Antwerp. and printer'' s large device representing the city of Antwerp. No perfect copy has been offered for sale in England for many years. . 10048 Proctor 9369. *^* See illustration 1. 1487 200 redmorocco. 32 1 I 41 [OCKAM (Gul. g. from the Yemeniz Collection 37 Antwerp. the *^* See illustration no. BOOKS WITH WOODCUTS GERMANY AND HOLLAND : 15 36 DIALOGUS CREATURARUM. of of which 24 are full -page. and numerous woodcut initials. Sm. half bound lUlm. crimson morocco extra. Henr. by Duru. Leeu's fourth Latin edition. Proctor 9396. . gilt edges^ with the Syston Park bookplate ib.. 124 outline ivoodcutSy 2 woodcut initials the others being painted 7'ed. besides ornamental initials . G. Tboeck van den leven ons Sm.. This was the first edition of the Dutch text. is very much greater than that specified above. I cannot find it mentioned. Hain-Copinger Campbell *1181 (incorrect collation) 40 Sm. j . 90 leaves over 120 remarkable outline woodcuts. which do not belong to the book. De Natiuitate z moribus Anti-christi. Gothic letter. 41 lines. COPY. moralisatus.. folio. e.) viith signaiures. folio. . 1487] Bound up with it is ARticuli fidei bis sex sunt cor de tenendi. 10. but it may be identical with Pellechet 1384. and also the first appearance of most of the woodcuts with which the book is so richly illustrated.

long lines. Kistler. gilt edges Mainz [Jacob Meydenbach]. Hain n0084 Proctor 755..16 BERNARD QUARITCH'S CATALOGUE. 46 another edition. lit. Tractatus de Spiritualibus Ascen120 II. title tvith woodcut. Three old engravings of the Passion . Duchess of Bavaria [an unknown printer. 4!4 other fine woodcuts and large initial. (2) =8931 (2) . small g. Schreiber 344 a. KEYERSLACH No. 45 another edition. g. There is only a very imperfect copy of the first mentioned book in the Morgan . 4to.oti)ic letter. GERARDI ZUTPHANIENSIS. a fine coi^y in calf extra. (ut supra). Sm. lit. The woodcuts are entirely different from the two preceding items. ivith signatures (48 II. *. [Colophon :] Impressum Colonie ibid. goth. and striking woodcdts. siONiBUS. Proctor 918. about 1488 105 are printed uniformly in the same two types throughout by Ulric Zel. below.. (txoo types). goth. 36 leaver. folio.. The woodcuts are impressed from the same blocks (the last two omitted) as those in the first edition. d. absque nota 3 veorks in 1 vol. 8vo..otI)ic letter. 48 An Italian edition. Hain-Copinger *10080 Proctor 3264.. lit. 1511. Hain 10993 = 10995. folio. one of 24 on wood and another of 13 in the crible style colourpd hy a contemporary hand [ife." [On first page after " Ihcipit in horalosiu devotionis plogus circa vitam Christi " Explicit Horalogium devotionis. is described in No. : 52 10 First edition of this celebrated book of prophecies. contemporary Netherlands binding of oak boards and leather. 14<99] Fourth or Fifth Latin edition. 126 II. 1487] Hain *9780 Proctor 907 Schreiber 4457. clasp catch. 22 to a full page. 2 woodcuts of the crucifixion (one on title). after April. 25 on covers. Venet. a)] devotissime meditationes cu gratiaru actions. unwashed copy in brown morocco. 1491 Second Latin edition. rebacked. Zell. 43 [BERTHOLDUS.. oldrussia.). s. 353 £ 42 (Petrus) Passio Christi ex quattuor eaagelistis p devotu Petl/ kyerslach . . very rare Absque nota [^Cologne. {ut supra). A curious ropework initial 96 Q also appears in both books. ahoxht 1488] Hain 2995 (1) = 8931 (1). Proctor 161.. a sound.. but sides fairly well preserved ib. with arms of Marie Auguste de SitUzbach.. 17. The last authority points out this variation with 37 woodcuts.. with small stamps of spread-eagles. vnth 43 woodcuts. Gothic letter. apud Lijskyrchen Hain 2995 Proctor 918 a. Cu tractatnlo de plactu Marie.* See illustration no. 18.. 122 II.] title] : " Horalagid Devotionis. in which his name is mentioned. Hain *10082." l2rao." [At end] iesu. with the Oratio autoris. 44 LICHTENBERGER Gothic letter. 12mo. fleurs-de-lis and rosettes. Title : Hec pi^actica narrat de presenti ano et sequetibus quampluriniis annia de nouis raris et inauditis rebus et gestes que futura sunt in hoc miido. ** See illustration no...e„ by Petit Strassburg [B. c. [KEMPIS De Vita et Beneficiis Salvator^ Jhesu Cristi (T. Prognosticatio Latina. On the reverse of the fourth leaf is a portrait of the author on his knees before the Almighty. yilj. 38 leaves {the last blank) . with 45 largf. g. . . Proctor 917 a. 14:88] (Johann). These three very rake pieces collection. . goth. " apud Lijskyrchen " and as appears by the triple set of signatures were originally|issued together in the form in which they appear in this volume. and apparently the second book printed by Meydenbach (the first being the Hortus Sanitatis of 1491). 4 leaves in facsimile (Ag B^ D3 D^) mottled sheep gilt. Sm. Sm. with two sets of : cuts. 36 Imes. JJ.

without marks. with full-page cut on reverse. with woodcut initial letters and numerous woodcuts . Proctor 9135. foremargins of the former stained a little 1488-9 straight-grain blue morocco extra. 106 other woodcuts and ornamental initials. d. 1489 110 morocco extra. and AuQshurg. 19 printed leaves {of Flores astrologiae. P. 42 lines to a page of the smaller type. Martin Schoft. Introductorium in astronomiam. and four or five letters on the verso are missing there are also small paper flaws on HHg and pPg. Sm. folio. 40 long lines to the page . w. Copinger 4303. 36 lines. 2 works in 1 vol. 9982(2). Peniteas 7 10 50*HIERONYMUS 35 Very bare. . inhoudende dye historien in legenden der heyligher vaderen die hare leve in stregher Ouergheset in goeder verstadelre penitencie ouerghebracht hebbe. title of one line loith woodcut below.BOOKS AVITH WOODCUTS GERMANY AND HOLLAND : 17 £ 47 8. for which the illustrations were entirely re. a2: Libellus de modo cito. Schreiber 4138.engraved. Collation: [*]2. dat in den latijne is ghehieten Vitas patrii. Sm. but nothing is missing. 20 Dec. 20. 1 Sept. Hain-Copinger *612 Proctor 1880 Prince d'Essling.. a block cut in two divisions on title. 1490 and capitals painted in red .. Hain-Copinger *609 Proctor 1877 Prince d'Essling 436. 10s. The F. old vellum *^* See illustration no. E. 1489 . Murray copy of the second item alone fetched £10. duytscer sprake. ib. 4to. 1488 NUMEROUS WOODCUTS First dated edition. Hain.. sm. 2 . First Strassburg edition. 1489 FiEST DATED EDITION PUBLISHED IN Gebmany. J. got^k ItiitX. 19. 4ito. x z. . 132 looodcuts including the full-page frontispiece. 14 48 [VORAGINE sich (Jac. got^k letter. Fol. Hye hebt an d} wynterteyl der lieylig en leben vnd 3um erst en von dem heyligen Eere3engell sannt MichaeL Sm. bevelled wooden boards and brown morocco. knew of one copy. and fullpage printer s device on last leaf. Dit boeck is ghenomet. blind tooled. on the recto as well as the reverse. confitendi z penitendi. Not in Haiu. Batdolt. 1489 100 Schonspbrger's fourth edition. 70 leaves. rubricated. Gothic letter. Vitas Patrum. and The corner of the title that imperfect. with ea libris of G. Faulkner The woodcuts are figures of curious animals and monsters illustrating the positions of the various heavenly bodies. Schreiber only Not in Proctor or Pollard. . van Havre Cologne. (S. 50 MODUS CONFITBNDI. initials Zwolle. de)[ [Der Heiligen Leben]. Campbell 938 . Ein hubsche histori von der KUNNGCLICHENN STAT TROY WIE SI ZESTORETT WARTT. pp8 (last 2 blanks. Gothic letter. by J. dat vader boeck. Qoti)ic letter of three sizes. otherwise a very fine copy in crimson Strassburg. a j is entirely occupied by a fine woodcut of the Annunciation.. brown morocco extra^ by Riviere Das hat gebrucket Hanns Schonsperger zu Augspurg. all coloured. ALBUMASAR. by Gruel Hain 5518. Gothic letter. missing).. folio. is mended. with ornamental initials. . involving a few letters.). folio. AA Four of the pages are curiously printed with blank reverses. Proctor 401. — — — — 49 COLUMNA title (Guido de). Koelhoff. 524. Proctor or Pollard. van Os. in 3 lines of large xylographic letters. double columns. 39 lines to a page. Sm. One or two margins are repaired and a few leaves waterstained. double columns of 42 lines^ title in six lines of gothic letter. bor- der to ay slightly cut into. First edition. A V. the blank last leaf being cut away).

De 18 18 The woodbook on witches. Cat. except that on the titlepage. large copy in russia extra. nlO = 82 leaves. about 1500 a fine. B. large [ib. and a few letters defective c^. Johann Otmar. . Gothic letter. russia extra. ». they are powerful illustrations of the scenes jects is original.. p. This copy conforms with the variation. 4to. 56 another edition. . . No. Collation: a m6. full page cut on reverse of title. 12 12 these editions the woodcuts are very quaint and the treatment of the subBoughly executed. 307 (the second described) Schreiber 4792. Sm. 4to. one of them. M. p. Priiss. 587 Schreiber 4785. Sm. Sm. 22 leaves . by Bedford \_8trassburg. 13 13 53 another copy of the same edition.. Schreiber (4790) locates only 4 copies. and paragraph marks etc. with UNCUT LOWER MARGINS. . of Incun. 307 (the first described). M. 22 leaves. vellum gilt \_Gologne. with the blank last leaf. Glaessens [Keutlingen. 50 to a fall page. 126 . Gothic letter. long sapientu [Edita a Johanne de Capua]. Gothic letter. 1490] Hain *4411.. 20. Cat. Hain *11536 B. for which a repetition of that on Cj^ is substituted old fancy boards [ib. c. Directorium humane vite alias parabole antiquoru Sm. . Schreiber 4786. 310 Schreiber 4794. 28 leaves (of which the last is blank) with 7 fine woodcuts. gotfjtc letter. Gothic letter. 58 BIDPAI. II. Johann Priiss. of Incun. Sm. Sm. I. 12 12 Schreiber 4791. I. p. a large and fine copy in light brown levant morocco extra. 4to. of Incun. about 1499] copy.. by L. lines.. VouUieme 840 B. however. Not in Hain Voullieme 823 B. by Bedford The text of the verso of Diii and recto of Diiii has been erroneously shifted by the printer to verso of Biii and recto of Biiii. Probably the first edition . Cat. Cat. 15 15 57 another edition. the blayih last leaf having been cut away) ivith 7 fine woodcuts . M. a fine. with soiled copy . 22 leaves . M.. 2 printed ornamental initial letters . by Lortic ib.18 51 BERNARD QUARITCH'S CATALOGUE. p. with signaticres. gilt edges. an ornamental initial letter painted on the first page of text. 4to. folio. being repeated on the last page . sed Argent.l. gilt edges. and 118 spirited woodcuts. . and it is undescribed by Hain and Copinger. of Incun. ** See illustration no. of Incun. I. 27 leaves (of 28. in red and blue throughout .. about 1498] Voulli^me 841 not in Hain B. p. Sm. with the same woodcuts as in the preceding edition. An extremely rare 55 another edition. gilt edges. 52 another edition.. in half morocco Not in Hain Copinger 4338. Cornelis de Zierikzee.a.. I. gilt edges. described in the text. . cuts re-appeared in the German edition printed at Beutlingen by Michael Greyff. a slight mending in the title leaf. with the same woodctits as in the preceding edition . about 1490] . 54 another edition. otherwise a very good copy . It is the first of the five printed by Cornelis de Zierikzee. Jo. FABULAE. a fine copy in old French veaufauve l_Golophon'\ Explicit liber parabolaru antiquoll sapientum \_s. about 1489] . MOLITOR (Ulricus). a jine. 353 £ lamiis et pythonicis mulieribus. . . 4to. about 1496] 21 edition. with the same woodcuts as in the preceding edition.. large copy in purple levant morocco extra. about 1490 15 15 Hain *11535 . etc. Sm. of this very curious . including one of a judge hearing a case . M. Schreiber 3489a. d. fear.. There is no copy in the British Museum. ib. Cat. diabolical In all delight. 4to. 4to. . 7 fine spirited woodcuts a large but somewhat Gothic letter (types 84 and 150-^). In this the artist shows a vivid imagination and exhibits great skill in the delineation of countenances expressing horror. . Gothic letter. 63 —— A fine clean copy from the La Valliere sale. unnumbered.

fine copy [s. FINE COPY s. 12 July. Large folio. Gregory seated at a desk. Eisenhut. Defensoriu inuiolate perpetueq5 virginitatis castissime dei genitricis Marie. boards {partly uncut). with signs. 23 (this copy).. The Huth copy fetched £30. double columns of 53 lines. 36 to a full page. 1490) Hain *6086. naturalia et mirabilia exemplar claroru scriptoru auctoritate roborata : etexperietia rerum conprobata. Sm. Die Neue Ehe und das Passional]. Hibbert and Yemeniz copy. *#* See illustration no. ab6 (last blank) -f Table 4 leaves. large ivoodcut on title of 8. ornamental initials in outline^ blank margins of title and a few leaves mended. 45 2 • . Xj is repaired and some words filled in in manuscript. Speier P.. lit.. cotf). Morris. Collation s z. Drach.. Not in Proctor. Schreiber 3726. H. long lines. by C. signatures. b — q6. d. over 50 curious woodcuts .1441. *»* See illustration no. . about 1493] 60 Hain 5826. gotf).). Sm. rubricated initials." . inscriptions on title-page. g. large number of the illustrations this edition. plants. Sm. Registrum huius operis cronicarum cii figuris et ymaglbus ab inicio mudi. — r8. gotjjtc letter. the blank margins of a few leaves repaired Ntiremberg. German Woodcuts. 1493 First edition. sound UNCOLOURED copy. 16 II. Opus Ruralium Commodoriim. there are said to be 645 different woodcuts in the book plus 1164 repeats. gotbic Itlhx. No. Title: cristi. long lines.n. 64 SCHEDEL libri (Hartmann) [Nurnburg Chronicle]. (Basel. In quo adducuntur xlvi. brown g. with the " De Sarmacia regione Europe " and the 3 blank numbered leaves. H. Quentell.. 4to. I have also cheaper copies in stock. Sorg. not after 14:91] ad gaudia paradisi 4 10 62 [CHRISTUS. *^* See illustration no. d. Leon. folio. 4to. 28 to a full page.. with signs.. A.1i90-4!'\ Hain *14912 Proctor 1415. green morocco extra. 23. c^otbtc itiitx. G. didl e. arfcis bene moriendi de teraptationibz penis infernalibz interrogationibz agonisantiii et variia ofonibus pro illo'2/ salute faciendis. e. Hain *4060. new vellum n. lit. clean and fine except that a small corner of sig.. a very tall. 1491 120 Fourth edition. 21. sound copy in oak boards with a modern calf back. A were specially engraved for 63 CRESCENTIIS (Petrus | de). double columns of 36 lines. 64 long lines to a page. ib. M.from the Bateman and William Morris collections Augsburg. "Accipies " woodcut on title.. blind tooled to a XVth Gentary pattern. xylographic title-page. folio. | Fo. Koburger. Sm. this includes 31 double-page cuts. [Cologne. Quentell. Proctor 7717 (B. * # * See illustration no. over 300 woodcuts of husbandry. gotj^tc letter. MS. copy lacks title).. Smith. 1 Petri de crescentijs Ciuis Bo.nonien. n. initials in the Table coloured by hand . 4to.: BOOKS WITH WOODCUTS: GERMANY AND HOLLAND 69 19 [RETZA £ (Pranciscus de)].. German morocco extra. chiefly by Wohlgemut and Pleydenwurpf. This is the E. s. hunting and other country j^ursuits. 28 60 SPECULU 5 5 61 BERNARDUS flores (S. 74 Jine woodcuts. A Proctor —a8. 22. Ant. in commodu ruralium cum figuris libri duodecim. Floretus in se otinens sacre theologie finali z canonu tereos (qui se in illos exercitauerint) perducentes. falconry.. mottled calf [n. circ. Von der kintliait vnsers her ihesu cristi gent vita Sm. 25. d.

Proctor 3006. Basel.. vert rare Hain *3733. rubri[s. and it is not in Proctor.~~d.. a.. s." is j '. existence is i 20 '. lit.. I. P. d. 40 Imes to a full page... between Potsdam and Wittemberg. 26. Hain *11891. [Begins on aij. Qathxc ItiUx'. Cat. type and J ' 2 full-page cuts. vellum. I BRANDT In laude gloriose virginis Marie nmltoruq3 sanctoru varij generis carmina. blind tooled morocco.ot{).. M. of Inc. . lit. long lines. 165 smaller cuts each with wide pictorial border on two sides. 4to. 1494] cated.).20 65 BERNARD QUARITCH'S CATALOGUE. 28 lines to a page. Proctor 3226.. very rare \_c. 14 SPIRITED FULL-PAGE GeRMAN WOODCUTS J^?26 cleaU brown morocco extra by Riviere S. signs. 4to. 37 to a full page.xcili " Hain 15078 not in Proctor. Some 66 NITZSCHEWITZ (Hermann). J.. et typographo [Letp>zig Conrad Kachelofen.^ 14 II. 32 leaves with signatures and 32 long lines to a page. Even the copy described in Mr. 1495-8] 120 Hain never i \ Extremely rare edition. Sm. \ % J. with 21 large outline chiromantic woodcuts . The lower margin of Ag in this copy has been enlarged involving a few small spurs of the border. [Colophon as above] " Anno dni M. 4to. *** See illustration no. long lines. roman letter. fidei j \ \ i Stella Clericol/ Cailibet Clerico summe necessaria... Nouum Beate Marie VirgTs Psalterium de dulcissimis noue legis mirabilib' dini amoris refertis nouit' ad t'ci oterito} ofectu. j . It was very much shorter than this. Exordium . Bergmann. . J. ai containing a blind woodcut outline of a j j hand impressed without ink:'] Ex divina phol/ Academia s'm nature vires ad extra chyromantitio diligentissime collectu3. Hain *4970. | 2 works in 1 vol. saw this edition. 353 ^ : V. 1494 Very rare. Cuilibet christifideli vtilis ac multu necessaria. press of the Cistercian Monastery 1494] 100 i First and only Latin edition. *^* See illustration no. *^* See illustration no.. the last an original blank. gotj^. 00tlj.. I . 67 j j ] PHARETRA Catholice sive ydonea disputatio inter Cristianos et Judeos. The only other copy I remember seeing of recent years is the Huth copy which through an accident only fetched £134. n. Sm. Q.. 2 leaves with coloured floral borders and initials. " Accipies " woodcut on title Impressum Lyptzck per Arnoldum de Colonia. who assigned it to Conrad Hist of Speier. etc. 4to. but after 21 Jan. 24. a fine and large copy in calf n. sm. a very large copy.cccc. this opinion is not precisely confirmed and the book placed in the section of " non assignables. Morgan's Catalogue wants four leaves. ~. 4to. Proctor 2453. ! Zinna. c. etc. 27. In the B. SI to a fidl page (14 //. title-page ivith 2 lines of ] \ large ivoodcut in facsimile and without the tvoodcut on verso. Hain * 12913. Sm. ' No. a. 12 II. with remarkable woodcuts. gothic letter. of the woodcuts are extremely fine. doubtful this is probably the first edition. and the only book from this press in the Cistercian Monastery at Zinna.. the last an original blank. lit. An edition dated 1494 is quoted by Hain (13734) but as its real (Seb. signs. woodcuts. signs.. purple morocco gilt 1494 3 10 I 68 CHIROMANTIA. with some uncut leaves.) copy. 12 12 i ' 69 ARS MORIENDI c\\ figuris ex variis / scripturam senteciis collecta ad resistedu in mortis agone dyabolice suges- | j tioni vales Sm.

. except one which reversed. at the end. . Roman letter. Conr.et eruditione simplicium Ixxxvij. . some leaves at end {Fol.. *^* See illustration no..cccc. goti)ic letter. Quadragesimale de filio prodigo . .) and numerous large and small ornamental initials in black and white . 148 leaves. De diuina predestinatoe. Anno gratie of two sizes.* See illustration no. from 72 \_fipeier. M. 12 . Johannis Hierosolymitani. (1496) Die xxiii Augusti 70 75 BRANDT (S. and M.). 30. DOUBLE with red morocco. *j. with woodcut on title representing the Almighty supporting the nude figure of a man. but it was never in this copy. containing larger woodcuts than the small octavo. gilt edges. Anno incarnationis drii. 71 It is unmentioned by Hain and Proctor. Sm. M. 16 leaver. the first leaf remargined otherwise a very large copy with uncut leaves hound in crushed brown morocco.. by Riviere Basel. in the preceding item. another edition. above a full-page woodcut . . 74 CAOURSIN .). otherwise a fine and tall copy in calf.) Formula pui'e ofessionis.. UXCOLOURED. Of these two issues. the quarto is the finer. 26-27 long lines to the page . Gothic letter cbristifideliu. with 18 interesting full-page woodcuts. Stultifera nauis. Vicecanc. Locher's Latin version. It may have been an afterthought and only inserted in a few copies.. la. . with sigiis. . the other in small octavo.xcvii.. Some copies have a Tabula. ahoiit \'^Qh'\ 10 10 Very rare. 1495 5 5 MEDER (J. e. old hoards with old cuts pasted on inside cover the Inglis library . . calf gilt \_Gologne. 4to. 8vo. contemporary calf . joints^ g. on title . with 117 {including repetitions) fijie woodcuts . This is the only edition with these illustrations. FELICIANUS lines to Sm. 1497 : 25 First edition of J. 1497 one in quarto. ammonitone Sm. Hain-Copinger H746 Proctor 7776. These woodcuts are justly esteemed among the best of the Basel school. lit. 34 a page. the Basel. ad honore dei. : MCCCC slightly wormed . Bergmann de Olpe.). Furters woodcut device below the colophon a fine copy in contemporary calf with fleurs-de-lys. ib. 29. d CONFESSION ALE. 20 remarhahle full-page woodcuts^ lines (92 //. 8vo. J. : . {Golophon) Impressum Basiiee per Micbaele Furter Ciue Basilien. *^* See illustration no. z de angeli's ipius 73 gothic letter. tvith 18 full-page woodcuts uncoloured of the parable of the Prodigal Son and of the Passion.. The woodcuts are the same as . with broad ornamental gilt borders. by Chambolle-Duru. . 8vo. 7 leaves. the initials illuminated by hand in red and blue. 4to. 1495 back mended Hain * 13628 Proctor 7728. Two editions were printed in the month of March. /rc'??^ the Seilliere ( Gulielmus) i^AocZ. and Amherst collections Ulme impressa P Joannem Beger de Kemnat Anno Hain-Copinger 4364a Proctor 2585. 28. a few leaves very slightly wormed and the lower plain margin of the title-page repaired . ((otlj. {On the reverse:) Libellus iste Formula pure confessionis intitulatus compilatus est Colonie lucubratione diligetiaq5 accuratissima per religiosum et deuotu quenda patre Ordinis Predicatol/ ibidem ouentualem. Hain *6954 Proctor 2429. . in double columns. 1497 is 18 18 Hain 13629 Proctor 7736. folio.. with a woodcut of five penitents kneeling to as many confessors. . long S. blank last leaf cut away . Sm. title. Furter. stamped on the sides. (Fr. Hist^. Volumen StabilOrdinis hospitalis IMENTORUM Rhodiorum Militum Sacri Sm.BOOKS WITH WOODCUTS GERMANY AND HOLLAND : 21 £ 70 s. Sm. . etc.

folio. 31. last 2 leaves very slightly repaii'ed touching 3 letters. school of German Hain-Copinger *4018 Proctor 481 (not in the British Museum) Schreiber 3642b. PrUss. 124. numerous woodcuts and large ornamental letters. folio. or are close copies of those in the edition printed by Johann Bamler in 1491 (Hain *4038). J. with the bookplate of the Heilbronn library Strassburg. double columns of 55 lines. before Oct.) Cleaves {b^ and Ci) in facsimile . Hain-Copinger *4039 Proctor. which form a special design. De * 45 press . 1789. icith Sm. sont assez bien dessinees. nearly full-ijage size. Strassburg. by Riviere . 32. folio. ivith 50 large and fine woodcuts. numerous woodcuts. Ortus Sanitatis De et reptilibus De Auibus et volatilibus 60 . Quoi(jue I'execution en soit tres-groissiere. rebacked. elles ont une grande naivete. double columns. 1507] Hain 8943. 55 lines. d. He remarks of the woodcuts " Ces figg. but Strassburg. dit I'auteur. a large copy in the original wooden boards. a few ivormholes filled in .an copy has a leaf in facsimile. a large copy (uncut at tail). . good cound copy in green morocco by Riviere \_n. est traduit du latin. in the same or similar type and thus probably all from the same the same. . 4to. J. leaves. De animalibus et reptilibus. De De Piscibus z natatilibus De Lapidibus z in terre venis na8ce(tibus De Urinis et eas Speciebus Tabula medicinalis Cum directorio generali per omnes tractatus. Augsburg. . 353 76 BUCH DER KUNST letter^ geistlich zu werden. c. qui. J. 130 leaves. very rare 75 This copy has the remarks in his Catalogue Raisonne : " Get ouvrage. / 1. 1497 book-label of Ambroise Firmin Didot. 1497 52 10 Gothic First edition of the illustrated . Griininger. Even the Mors. gilt edges \_s.22 BERNARD QUARITCH'S CATALOGUE. parait du meme genre que le Miroir de Vdme.M. n. ou bien que le Speculum humanoe salvationis. 79 herbis et plantis. plain margins of the title and small hole in a feiv leaves skilfully mended. crimson levant 95 printed morocco.] Hain *8941 B. bound in green morocco extra. 1497. s. metal ". J. 21. Animalibus herbis et plantis. *^* See illustration no. Sm. op great raritt. and several small ones . gotljic letter. Gothic 106 curious woodcuts of archaic character {average size 94 x 81 mm. Incun. Cat. Raee. On voit par ce volume quelle a ete la rudesse des debuts artistiqnes de I'habile editeur des livres a gravures de I'empereur Maximilien. blind tooled. : 78 HORTUS SANITATIS. au commenceTnent. and 2 or S insignificaut wormholes in a few leaves . letter. Sm. who 77 BRAUNSCHWEIG Sm. with the extra four leaves to the fourth treatise. . et gravees a la maniere des g." The cuts are from the same blocks. (Hieronymus). No. De Auibus et volatilibus De piscibus et natatilibus De Lapidibus z in terre venis nasce (tibus De Urinis et earii Speciebus Tabula medicinalis Cum directorio generali per omnes tractatus. gilt edges. I. It is one of the earliest and best books produced by Griininger. Prilss. Buch der Chirurgia. printed in double columns. *#* See illustration no.. and large ornamental initials. This is the third of the three undated editions in Latin very difficult to distinguish apart. Schonsperger.. Les 104 [106] gravures sont plus anciennes que la date de I'edition et se rapprochent de celles desxylographes allemands.

and with ex-libris " Bibliothecae Fratrum Ordinis Praedicatorum Conventus Bulsan. he cites 5 copies only. Clein.) As a consequence there are many MS. 1498 Hain 8936 (not seen). UNCUT. Lebuin.IVI. Prayers in contemporary MS. Nom. . colophon :) Elaljoratum per prouidum virum magistrum Johannem Grriiniuger in insigni ac libera ciuitate Argentina. Sm. p. [bbjj ajid g. Odulj)h. At the end of the volume are 22 leaves of 84 another edition. woodcut of the Virgin. which represent a variety great attraction of this office of the Blessed Virgin lies in its pretty woodof subjects taken from the Scriptures. rebacked : 7 10 Lyom. another edition. nos iulij. and where the Festum Reliquiaruvi was held on Nov. (Colophon printed in red on 2606 . numerous Large spirited German woodcuts {by Hans Burgmair ?'). A^ remargined and Fols. printed in black and red. rom. J.BOOKS WITH WOODCUTS 80 : GERMANY AND HOLLAND £ s.. iij. with 75 woodcuts . Anne and the child Jesus on title and repeated on last leaf. Sm. 32. 1497 Hain *10153 Proctor 483. loith 70 pretty ivoodcuts . half bound. Dr. 1500 is 8 Hain 8937 . eterne felicitatis olbus hoibus utillissimu Sedecim signa p que ojecturare possumus alique fore de mimero electoru vel damnatoru ut in tine. Sm. Fol.) Hortulus aie impesis pbi viri Antonij Kober=ger Cinis Nurebergen. Cat. The Brunei. Hortulus anime denuo diligentissime per pre statissimos viros z diios doctorem Brant z ragr'm lacobii Wympffelingam castigatus.. Schreiber 4245 . 85 86 another edition. mottled calf Impressum Argentine per Joh'em Welling er. : per me wilhelmum schaffener de Roppersswiler in inelita ciuitate Argentiri. Grilninger. 1498 Voullieme 430 B. Brandan and Fredericus ep. Klosz's copy. 500. Thurcia et Suldano. 12mo. LOCHElv 81 FUNDAMENTUM : Panegyrici ad Rege Tragedia de Djaloguz de heresiarcbis. . large initials rubricated in blue Sm. 25 lines to a page. 12 mo.^long lines. alterations and additions. Per Mag. i. J. The B. Varia Sebastiani Brant Carmina. ff. (Fol. unmentioned by The cuts. 12mo. old calf with Tnetal clasps . 2o2a.ccccc. modern boards. and Ai = 12 leaves.xcviij 8vo. W. printed in black and red. in contemporary stamped calf. device at end Basel. 4to. 84. 1498 dated 1497. printed in black and red in fine Gothic characters . Schaffener.. S. M. 26ileaves. were held in esteem. Hortulus anime cum alijs q'plurimis orationibus pristine impression! su=peradditis vt tabulam in huius calce annexani an tueti patetissimii erit. such as the . BBo-g missing . Hain *3731 Proctor 7779. xj. \a :) Ortulus anime cum oratiuncnlis aliquebus super additis que tame i prioribus libris non habentur. (Colophon) .oti)tC letter in red and black. lb. Impressum . 82 BRANDT (Sebastian). r. impresaus: finem optatii sortit? ebt Lugduni arte z industria lohanis Clein chalcographi. 10 10 . et ^Q{\). with 68 of 74: tmcoloured woodan imperfect copy lacking [aa]j^ and g.g. 1503 Proctor 10162. Johanve Griminger (Reinhard). 8vo. Quentell. cuts. with brass ornaments.. 15.). From the William Morris and Dunn Collections.. and die Martij Anno dni. . Anno dni. eg. and in a few cases printed leaves have been cancelled and replaced by MS. 23 d. Pinet feliciter. Schreiber 407 (J. This copy has been adapted throughout in conformance with some local liturgical use where SS. 4to. first EDITION. hf.cccc. Schreiber 4242. [ccjj^. Ibll 21 editions . Tg. 10 10 ensis SS. G. (It may perhaps have been Utrecht. the 15 Schaffner's earliest dated book. bound in contemporary stamped calf with clasp iStrassburg. M. Not in the British Museum nor Bodleian. 83 HORTULUS ANIM^. xiij red. Pridie vero Kalendas iebruarii.M. with 3 ivoodcuts on title and 2 in the text. Libri Philotmisi. RARE Argentine. Proctor 491." *»• See illustration no. FIRST EDITION. 312 Not in Hain nor Proctor. Jesu. first and rarest of the Clein-Kobcrger J. (Fol. morocco Colonie p Henricum. 5 5 . Anno incarnationis. 33. copy imperfect. e. lit.. Bergman de Olpe. numerous small woodcuts . g.. a^..

.l) obverse : Ertzbuschoue ind der hilliger Stat van Coellen. 1515 Title: Die Cronica vander hiUiger Stat va 88 COLOGNE CHRONICLE. otherwise a very fine copy in 16th century stamped pigskin. . beautiful woodcuts. with 61 woodcuts . There are 6 full-page cuts. Revelationes..) *^* See illustration no. Pratt. Reuelationes fancte Birgette (Fol. Sm. with numerous woodcuts. col. folio. 2576 . myt etzlichen anderen historien van begynne der werlt. who had only gone to Venice to begin his cutting and arranging of type.). Hain-Copinger 3205 . was the creator. M. by W.. from the designs of Albert Durer a few small wormholes at beginning and end . Methodius primu olympiade . 30 to the designs. attributed to Albrecht Durer the plain inferior margin of first leaf and 2 or 3 wormJioles repaired. a smaller one " Magister Magnus. A. gedruckt mit groissem ernst ind vlijs lohan Koelhoff Burger in Coellen. Proctor 2124. fine copy in red morocco extra. De reuelatione facta Ab angelo beato methodio in carcere deteto. 1499] Sm. . . Here the arms of Cologne surrounded by the effigies of seven Archbishop. at Mentz on the Khine. 35. Koberger. For long it was supposed Clein had not only printed the work but was likewise the artist who designed the woodcuts. . | | . the head-lines on 3 leaves slightly cut into . a golden year. . Mr. [Colophon. . in the original oak boards covered with calf stamped with ornamental tooling Nuremberg. 310 leaves.. Nonis Januarijs. 45 very fine copy of one of the most important documents of the history of " This highly worthy art aforesaid was invented first of all in Germany Printing. double columris. quia sanguine tincta Sanctorum meritis." Collation 14 preliminary leaves . 1498 12 another edition. . 15a. 44 lines to the page. A Conrado Celte inuenta. continued No.— £ s. 87 METHODIUS.•) p Anthoniu Koberger ciue Nurembergeii. 57 lines to the column . 34. with several fine and spirited woodccts. and the first book printed was a Latin Bible in big types such as are used for Missals. from the Didot collection Cologne. 8vo.xxi menfis Septebris Sm. with 8 full-size.Saints. Koelhoff. ' A ' 89 BRIGITTA . hf. and in 1450.. 1 :) Incipit primus liber Reuelationu celeftium domine Birgitte de fuecia . Annunciation. roman letter. a-z^ A F* G** H' a-f* g°. otherwise a clean and good copy. folio. 1500 .e. folio. Later conclusions point to Springin-Klee and E. the Crucifixion. . (Fol.S.if-. but the critics are generally agreed that Diirer. and was called Joncker Johan Gudenburch. 45 A duplicate from the British Museum. and was born from Strassburg. It is the first plain public declaration made in Germany.. {Colophon :) Finit Basilee per Michahelem Farter opera et vigilantia Sebastiani.: 24 BERNARD QUARITCH'S CATALOGUE. in his earlier period. making 7 by repetition .Q. and under them Sancta Colonia diceris hinc. after typography had been already practised there. (S. Gothic letter. Opera Hrosuite . with several small inoffensive stamps. that " the first Finder of Printing was a burgher at Maintz. bd. Sm. by a printer. Anno Quingentesim op rimo supra Millesimum (1501) . brown morocco. some of which are full-page. [i. Sm. besides a number of views of saints and martyrs. . gilt edges Basel. Coelle. imprefie finiunt Anno domini M. (This was stated to rebut the absurd claim made in favour of Nicolas Jenson. ." On the reverse of folio ggl (under the date of 1450) begins the article " Van der boychdrucker kunst. . printing was begun. . . quol/ stas vndiq5 cincta. the blank margin of title repaired. Revelationes. . a few colsured .. From 1440 essays and investigations were made. Schon as being the designers. gilt edges ib. 353 HORTULUS ANIMAE.. with arms in gold on the sides.] Impressum Norunbergce Sub priuilegio sodalitatis Celticce a senatu rhomani Imperii impetrate. Copinger is There no signature — — incorrectly gives the number of leaves as 298. 90 HROSYITA. Furter. . | . 4to. . 1499 ing item | 87* *^* See illustration no.ccccc. in vollendet vp sent Bartholomeus auent des hilligen Apostels Anno vursj. . . with the same woodcuts as in the preced- 6 6 . Last dit boich van den geschichten der leaf {foliated CCC. . d. Brant Anno l. a few marginal notes slightly shaved. clasps." which gives to this volume most of its importance.

a little boaterMartio mense m. some of the red type being arranged in . Int iaer ons heeren Sm. The second work is very Coin. Sm.. together 3 works in 1 vol. 8vo. It is finely printed in Eoman letter in red and black. la. . rare Impressa Colonie n Martinu de werdena [s. woodcut on title Sm. some partly coloured by hand. ibid. 8vo. stained. and one on reverse of last leaf 43 fullpage and four smaller very early Dutch woodcuts. . long lines. De erudicione versu prosasq5 mirificum. Bound up with this copy is " Quodlibeta Varie questiones de quolibit disputa re ac edite a Thoma Aquinae m. Laudib^ sancte Crucis opus 12 12 symbolical figures. 1503 50 ments. title and reverse. 24 Dec. c.. goti). 91 URSULA title. 1503 A work remarkable for the curious arrangement of its typography. enclosed within outline woodcuts. rubricated. . den xvii dach in October. cut on Impressa Colonie p. . d. folio. . . Syntbin.. 96 RABANUS MAURUS.BOOKS WITH WOODCUTS GERMANY AND HOLLAND : 25 £ s. with a border on reverse of last " Historia undecim miliu Virginu finit felicit leaf. 1501 4to. This contains pretty woodcut initials. Proctor 11747. 3 3 ? Proctor 10521. . large vjoodcut on title H. cut on title. gotj^ic letter. well preserved cristi. en iii. 1500 Hain *14790. . Coin. 95 LEVEN JHESU heren Jhesu Hier bediint dat leven ons [Colophon:] Gheprent t'Antwerpen aldernaest den grooten Mortier. . the Carthusian monastery of Buxheim The last work is not mentioned by Proctor. Ursula.. . .. XI. . 1509] . . Hain *124o 7. lit. half bound.ccccc. ff 4. rare It was probably printed at Cologne by Hermann Bungart about 1503. 0ot^.. hoards small gotljtc letter. mostly cruciform. urith head-title : Scd Ursula cu Sodalib^ tui} Orate v nob9 " mottled calf extra. large woodcut of the Martyrdom on title. by T [sine ulld notdl Bedford. a. 85fc. 302. 30 II. . £15 10«. lit. miliu v'ginu.) Virginum breuiori atqj faciliori modo pulcerrime collecta : Milium . printed in red :) Pbor^beim in aedibus Tbome Ansbelmi Sm...) Composita Verborum. The Fairfax Murray copy of the former item in a modern calf binding fetched . oak hoards covered ivith leather. H. with panels of small floiver stamps in diagonal compartAntwerp. bound up ivith a contemporary work in I6th century oak boards cdvered with leather on which is stamped a beautiful ornamental design introducing acorns and roses.. {two types'). Historia Undecim (S. large icoodcut on lit. rehacked Pforzheim. 94 GrARLANDIA (Job.. De Diva Ursula Exastichou 48 to a full page. . Agnencij Rabani Mauri . gotf). 20 to a full page. Synonyma et Equivoca. Proctor 1474. ET XI MiLLiA Virgines. atq3 faciliori modo pulcerrime collecta.ccccc. Quentell. De 2 10 Diua Ursula Exastichon. Quentell (not in Proctor). Martinu de werdena \_after 1500] . -Ito.iii. cut on title c. [Garlandia] Verba deponentialia Job. . pine copy. 1500 as Hain *7476. CHEISTI. M. 33 to a J'ull page. g. Stnthin (Job. . long lines. cum nonullis additionibus que in prima defuerut.d. 92 PASSIO siue Historia. de).i " printed at Cologne by H. long lines. Quentell. e. dark blue morocco extra from 1501-1501 slightly 7 wormed. Besides these there are two large and fine woodcuts of the author presenting his book to the Pope. above gotljic letter. gotj^ic letter. title :) M . .. {Fol. . 10 10 93 HISTORIA Undecim Milium Virginum breviori . colophon. (Fol. and full-page woodcut figure of S. vert rare. imperfect Schreiber 5402 Pollard 1. clasps. . 8vo.

) with the woodcuts 30 A Museum . slightly ivormed. a-o. Argefi. . gilt edges Nuremberg. with 40 full-page woodccts. lb07 . gilt edges Strassburg. (B. . 102 PINTER (Ulricli). Dat boek des liyllighen Ewangelij Profecienvii Epistelen ouer dat gliantze yaer myt der Glosen vnde Exempelen. by Lloyd Impressum Traiectip'me lohdne Bernardi ^clbOb^ The woodcut on the title represents a bishop leading a man to a church door. J. title over a woodcut of ttvo devils tempting a ivoman.3 leaves have been enlarged.. duplicate) and William Morris. No. g. sm. from i^e HuTH Collection Impressum Nuremberge p' Hier. Collation —a4. . 25 lines to a -page. Lamparter. d. Impressum Basilee p magistru . A third is also signed. Hijltzel. (circ. N. 2 works in 1 vol. Bedford.argins of 1. ~ 97 ALPHABETUM SACERDOTUM p'p'antis se ad missam. crushed brown Levant morocco extra.•— a-o. Sm. 2 parts in 1 vol. 12ino. Passionis Cliristi ex qnattuor euangelistis textum (Colophon) loannes Knoblouchus imprimebat .. g. die Julij. 38 lines to a page. Sm. Only two of them bear his signature. with 26 fine full page woodcuts loith the monogram V G (Urse Graf). morocco extra. a very tall copy (298 mm.. Sm. The cut of the Annunciation is in pure outline. a large copy.. a-v. folio. aa-dd6 (last leaf blank) = 228 leaves. Scti Isidori hyspalensis epi libellus soliloqorum de angustia z miseria hominis (Colophon) Nicolaum lamparter ciuem basiliensem. Ano dni millesimo quingentesimo quinto. double columns of 49 lines. xxxiiij. the same. folio.. Vnum . a monogram of S and H. d. 4to. . calf gilt. by F. bound Basel. . 1507 duplicate with small unobtrusive stamps on some of the pages. 1507 12 Probably the first edition. sm. Isidorus de summo bono et (Colophon) . but the mark is altered or unfinished and cannot be quite identified with that of the others. 1506 50 Collation .. with woodcut of St. . From the library of George III. with crowns and Tudor rose on back Stsffavd Andes inwoner vnde borgher der stad Lilbeck. ibid. . woodcut on title and another on verso of the Annunciation. with two small shovels en sautoir. numerous woodcuts. The woodcut on fol. and some verses in latin from Petrarch. NicoJaii lamparter. Traut. and is copied doubtless from an earlier Italian source. 10 10 Proctor 10058. eius.. gotijtc letter. A theologis Coloniesibus approbate cum additionibus aacratissimoru cauonu . 101 [WIMPFELING : (Jac. ... bound British folio. gotijic letter. . The Fairfax Murray copy realised £36. printed in Roman letter. calf extra. vellum. . Folio. . The book contains the Celebration of the Mass according to Utrecht use. attributed to W. : . 8vo. Scheuffelein was hardly twenty years of age when he furnished the designs (probably half the number of the larger series) which make this volume the finest of the Passion books issued in 1507. Isidorus on verse of Fol. 67 is pasted on the leaf. 26 BERNARD QUARITCH'S CATALOGUE. vel Ordo sacerdot? 12 10 98 ISIDORUS soliloquiornm.). e. 22 10 *^* See illustration no. . printed for the Sodalitas Celtica. . 1505 (St. signatures. coloured by a contempory havd. . 1 of the first ivork . At the Huth sale this copy realised £17. 32 of them by Hans Scheuffelein the woodcuts uncoloured the top m. Speculum passionis domini nostri Ihesu Christi (Colophon :) Speculum de passione domini nostri Ihesu christi cum textu quatuor euagelistarii cum figuris pulcris et stupendis mysteriis sandissime crucis per do6torem Vdalricu Pinder couexii & in ciuitate impiali Nurerabergen bene visum & impressum M.. Die xo quarta augnsti. 1507) The last leaf contains an epistle from Eingmannus Philesius who translated the work from the German. 103 tcncoloured. 2 10 99 PLENARIUM. b6 = 10 leaves. .)] Auisamentii de coneubinariis no absoluedis quibuscuq3 ac eoru periculis qjplaiimis.e. and 37 small ones. . 353 £~s. Knohlouch. Proctor 10992. . M. ornamental blind tooling on sides. . 100 RINGMANN.. Passio Cliristi.. Die vero xxx mensis Augusti. . in a few instances involving the headlines.ccccc.. .vii. n. 36. Proctor 11031. .otl)ic letter. Anno domini millesimo qaingentesimo qninto. g. 18th Cent. the last leaf mended .

. mensis Martij. A 105 Bambergische Halso-erichts und Ordenung in peynlichen sachen zii volnfarn alien Commune. by F. durch vnsern Burger.. 36 leaves . A British Museum duplicate with small stamps on reverse of title and last leaf. 1507 calf binding slightly repaired Bound with the above is Ep'Ia Lentuli ad Eomanos de Cbristo Jesu. bd. HuTH Collection . Proctor 10704. in a contemporary blind stamped Basle. fine copy. . 1603 Veey rare. 12 A few letters in the margin of the fourth leaf are slightly shaved. .. Oglin and G. folio. 108 STAMLER (Johannes).. Branet. & Dorothee agonia passionemq5 depiagens. aliqua (S. Nuremberg 1512. . . jn vnser Stat Bamberg. lit. 29 lines to the of cdso auss unserm heuelhe. of register.. g. and a confutation of their religions by means of passages from the Holy Scriptures. *^* See illustration no.. full and interesting account of it is given in Panzer's " Annalen der altern deutschen The numerous woodcuts which it contains represent the Litteratur. (jotj^. Sm. has remained altogether unnoticed by M. large cut torture instruments on title repeated on M 4. title. 13 full-page cuts and 10 others three-quarter page. Sm.. This very remarkable book. and are smaller than those in the former item. slightly wormed. roman letter. 0Otl). boards^ very rare another edition. over which are the words " Bambergische . folio. and 20 other of large spirited German woodcuts. Und ist die Then follow 7 11. and Gentiles. with a large number of woodcuts .BOOKS WITH WOODCUTS GERMANY AND HOLLAND : 27 104 BAMBERGISCHE HALZGERICHTS ORDENUG. 1507 Nauis stultifera a domino sebastiano Brant primii edificata (Colophon) Impressum Basilee p Nicolaii Lamparter. lit. M.. Stetten Verwesern." begins on folio iii. Ampleiiten. a page. . e. jpfotbic Sm. device on last leaf. Saracens. hf. Hannsen 150 Pfeyll daselbst gedruckt. and ends on folio Ixxx. folio. long lines. Sm. 14 ccat-of-arms on German cut of a wild man supporting a 11. E. Anno zc. Vogten. rare 2 16 107 BRANDT Impressum Liptzch per Wolfgangum Monacensem. It is EXCEEDINGLY RAKE. 12 12 Moralia philosophie . Augsburg.. 4to. rechtlich . The text halszgerichts ordenug." execution of the barbarous ancient criminal law of Germany. the foundation of the Carolinian criminal code in Germany. 1507 The title is a large woodcut presenting the different instruments torture and punishment.... with a fine full-page woodcut title {repeated on the verso of the same leaf) . long lines. Comedia gloriose Parthenices 8vo. Nicolas Lamparter. a very curious tract in the form of a comedy with numerous references to the Turks. three types. . xv. Dyalogus De Diuersarum Gencium {sic) Sectis Et Mundi Religionibus. an extremely fine tall copy^ broivn morocco extra.). cccccvij. from letter. unbound. . Die ^o. Jews. Nadler. [1508] 75 Probably the second edition. but Schoeffer's first edition of this singular work. Getruckt zii Mentz durch Johannewj Schoffer auff Symonis un Jude im Jar do men zalt nach geburt Cristi /(hiffzehenhundert un acht Jare {with shields in black). 37. Bedford. Regimenten. The woodcuts lack the wonderful boldness of. 106 CHILIANUS Martiris Eques Melleestatini. .

each with Durer's usual signature at foot. auffmonende auffrustig zesein wider die feindt christi vnd des heyligen reichs. e. des jars als man zalt nacli crist gebnrt. hem Josephe Griinpecken beschehen. 109 LA YEN SPIEGEL Von rechtmassigen ordnungen in Burgerlichen vnd peinlichen regimenten. 1509 hy Bivihe.: 28 BERNARD QUARITCH'S CATALOGUE. Sm.. note states that this copy was bought by the Monastery of Tegernsee in 1570. The compiler was Ulrich Tenngler. large and spirited Germian woodcut on title of a heavenly host descending and destroying in the air Church reliquaries. the Merchant. Sm. gothic letter. SO Jine full-page spirited German looodciits^ one double-page. the Doctor. ExTEEMELT RARE. by Hunzinger Munich. double columns of 61-62 lines. A 111 GRDENPECK Ein newe ausslegung. 38. . Sm. 353 d. and Jacob Locher. Durcli ordnung vii darlegung gantzes kostens Des ersamen vn fiirsichtigen herrii johann Rynmaii von oringn in der teutschen nation namhafFtigsten buclifiirers. *** See illustration no. als vorpoten des Almechtige gottes. in der kaiserlichii haubtstat Yindelica yetz Augspurg des lands schwaben.. large cut on title and 15 full-page woodcuts. circ.) zaichen vnd wunderpiirden. and large ornamental wooden hoards and blind stamped ornamental leather. 0otlj. freitag vor Marie Am Magdalene. vellum 4 10 112 DtJRER Apocalipsis cu Figuris. o fly-leaves. The work is a miracle play in rhyming verse and the characters include Almighty God. \_CoIophon . a. vn geendt an sant Andreas abend des ersten zwelff poten. xylographic title. coti). 4to. m. lit. 1510 monstrances. so ein zeyther im reich. enclosed in a brown levant morocco case Nuremberg. some of which are There are German and Latin Prefaces. lit. folio. gilt edges.. 1. I. gotljir kttw. No bibliographer except Panzer mentions this volume. Augsburg.). by Sebastian Brant repeated. HiJlzeT]. with remarkable woodcuts. Two old i7iitials^ e. a fine copy with each leaf mounted on a sunk card. one signature slightly cut into ... 0. \_Colophon zu munichen gehalte worden.] Yollbraclit ist also sJiligklichen das buch genant La^^enspiegel. Large folio. etc. 110 GOT ZU LOB dem Gedruckt zii menschen zu besserung sind dise figur und Exempel vom aygen gericht und sterbenden mesche 1. erscheinen sein an all Kurfiirsten vnnd Fiirsten so auff dem reichs tag zu Costnitz versamlt sein gewesen v6 eine Erwirdige briester. and the text of the Apocalypse on backs .). jm zebenden Miinchen von Mayster hannssen schobsser jare.ix. Der seltzamen wundert(Jos. 1511 110 (Alb. (4 II. s. No.. 4to. Christ. etc. Anno -^C. IblO 55 Extremely rare. ivith 2^ quaint woodcuts {including repetitions) . Death. the Devil. and he gives only the bare title. fine copy g.d. 60 German ex-libris of the Kraft family are pasted in *^* See illustration no. 5. otherwise a fine copy in maroon morocco blind-tooled^ inside dentelle borders. von Maister hansenOtmar. 39. [/7.

\ ." vol. . with woodcdts. .. marked in error xyiu :) 1409. ffotj^. J. g. by Chambolle-Duru {ex-libris Seilliere. . The ' . lit.. . . large woodcut device of printer on title. inn dem iar . 37 a page. (Johaun). Sm. large ivoodcut j \ {repeated on verso). . gotl^tc Utter. lit. large spirited German woodcuts and ornamental initials. . and 12 full-page woodcuts. 1 ! ' . Dis seind fier predig vo unser lieben Frawe Gepredigt doctore lohane geiler von Keisersperg durch Anno dni. . 1519 mnemonic end. ' 116 CUSANUS (Joannes) Tractatulus artificiose memorie omnibus cuiuscunqj etatis studiosis admodum vtilis at necessarius. gotlj. gotljrc letter. sm. 232. and a cancel leaf is inserted to remedy this. [Colophon:] Tractatulvs artificiose memorie finit feliciter.. crushed crimson morocco extra.BOOKS WITH WOODCUTS GERMANY AND HOLLAND : 29 i 113 BRACK (Wenceslaus). 4 II. 10 leaves of woodcut circular diagrams in black and white. loannis Weyssemburger. gilt borders inside.. ibid. and 1 leaf of Latin verses at the fourth page of the woodcuts is printed upside down.. as neither of them give any particulars about it. 1512 . 4to. . gilt folio. Impressus Vienne Hieronymii Victore Sc Joanne Singreniu. eiusdem artis ^fessoris. 1514 This curious treatise consists of 3 leaves of title and text. (Colophon on fol. A VERY FINE AND LARGE COPY Nuremberg.. Bedford. das er zuletst Romscher keiser. with ' 3 10 An 114 interesting some etymologies. col. . < repeated. Sm. where it is placed under "History. Imes to £ s. . i Bjusdena Autoris Algorithmus linealis Proiectiliu de itegris perpulchris Arithmetice artis regulis earundeq3 probationibus Claris exornatus studiosis admodii vtilis & necessarius. 3 10 ! 115 ARS MORIENDI. 4to. Brunet - 15 ] speaks of the book as " extraordinairejient rare. vollendet . lit. 1 full-page. Sm. d. Impesis vero venerabilis Magistri Johannis Cusani. with arms on sides). j < necessaria. . It appears that Brunet and Graesse knew of the book only through Panzer.. Proctor 9926. (Title :) Predig d'himelfarfc Ma. hrown morocco extra^ blind-tooled. folio. 13a. purple morocco. by F. 0Ot]^. e. blindtooled [Colophon :] Vnd ist disz Buch getruckt in der fryen stat Straszburg vo Johahes grieninger vff samstag vor d' Herren fast nacht im iar 1514 The numbering of the leaves is most irregular.e. EiN schone warhaftige Htstory von Keiser Karolus SUN GENANT LoHER ODER LoTARlus wie er verbant ward siben iar usz dem kiinigreich vnd wie er sich die selbig zeit so ritterlich bruchte. Sm. 1512 *4c* i j j 80 \ See illustration no." Panzer also testifies to the rarity of the volume. GEILER VON KAISERSBERG . one of which is initials . . and numerous woodcut edges a few wormholes Strasslurg. zc. with the stamp of the Library of the Boyal Society (Norfolk Bequest) 1514 The two WORKS ] \ 10 10 . iii. The book is not mentioned by Brunet. slightly wormed at beginning and end. 1512 Latin-German vocabulary. .. vnd im vszgeschniten ward. 3 smaller ones. calf. . and Graesse knew of no earlier edition than that of Leipzig... fine copies. 40. [sic for 1509] Gerfcruckt durch lohannes griininger in Strasaburg vnd Tusent fiinffhund't vii zwolffe gezalt. g. half calf Impressum Argentine per Martinum Flach. j VocabularinsRerutn. multum on title Ars Moeiendi ex Variis sententijs coUecta cum Figuris ad resistendum in mortis agone dyabolice suggestioni valens cuilibet Christifideli vtilis ac : .! 117 LOTARIUS. Cambridge Griininger. The title forms A 1. printed on one side only. double columns. classified according to subjects. folio. . 1514 : : : I ' ! in 1 vol.

The woodcut on the title-page of the " Descent from the Cross " is It has a beautiful border of scroll-work and foliage on a in the style of Urs Graf. One of ivMch is repeated on the title. jar.j Antwerpen. and above a woodcut. 1516 55 in vellum . half morocco. 32 lines to sententias prestantiores explicans. . iii. pt. sewed Oppenheim. About 1515 dark Hue morocco ext7'a. 358 £ 7. Z 118 ALTDORFER. En hi Hi er is voleyndt den Bibel int corte 162a . . . 162 leaves. uff sybe hoche Das buchlein hat deutsch Marial genatt. Gothic letter^ printed throughout in red and blacky with 12 exquisite full-jjage German woodcuts of Scenes in the Life of the Virgin . Hain *7123 Proctor 11931. a large woodcut on the titlepage. e. (Henricus de). dach va Int iaer Sm. vol. Wten latine De bibel int corte ghetranslateert. Trans. a sound copy Antwerp. The complete The Fall and Redemption of Man. where a facsimile of the title-page is given. .. b-bb in eights. Gothic letter. . very rare . blank margins of title and last leaf repaired.. . . J. Cf. It appears to have been unmentioned by any bibliographer till Graesse. . and very large copy hound in polished calf extra. folio. . *^* See illustration no. calendar and woodcut. ( Colophon :) Sm. 122 BERO ALDUS (Phil. and 9 ornamental woodcut initials . c. . Eyn besunder schon enffelische heilio-en un ynniges buchlein aus dem psalter marie des Bonauenture unnd aus anderer machtwirdiger heiliger lerer schrifft un auch aus gewonliehen gebeth der heiligen cristliclien kirchen mit gotes gnade czu samme gebrocht gesatzt uii geordenet. . dotted background. 1515 Vekt rare. very fine impressions (141 x 89 mm. . Pafraed. the corners of the others have rubbed round Deventer. g. . by Riviere 42 the collection of Julian Marshall.30 BERNARD QUARITCH'S CATALOGUE. bi mi Claes de graue is gheprent in M. *^* See illustration K. . Colophon on fil. 4to. Jacob Kobel. i. 73-6. 4to. woodcut of St.) hound in a sm. Bavo on title. ende Xvi. a fine^ clean. of the Bibliographical Society. den vi.). 41. gilt edges. got!)tC (ctttr. pp. A. a page. : From 119 FIRMARIA *^* See illustration no. No. 42. . gedruckt Melcher Letter czu Leyptk. cc 9 leaves. set of 40 ivoodcuts (Bartscli 1-40). 8vo. 20 smaller woodcuts.. coloured by a contemporary hand . 8 leaves. with the following note in bis handwriting " This set is quite unique in condition and brilliance of impression. Heptalogus sive Septem sapientium Grecie Sm. June /59. by Bedford Leipzig. 1517 1 16 . : — 121 BIBLE HISTORY. 1516 52 10 This German Book of Hours is of exceptional rarity.CCCCC. 6 6 120 MARIAL. (This title ende walsche Metten figueren. xvi. A. aufF ire liplich Deutsch Marial unser liben frawen gemaclit hocherwirdige syben fest. . who has copied a portion of tbe title from a bookseller's catalogue. partly xylographic. Sm." The only watermark is a bull's head with cross and flower. Collation Title.. . octavo volume. with lanuario 62 EEMARKABLE DuTCH WooDCUTS.. Passio Domini Litteraliter & moraliter ab Henrico de Firmaria explanata. Im.

1516.1 ijf^OBb eft . . Antwerp.tin uoic Deoeghen inoer ordo otouttic oar en Touoe ocDc nfm crinccg 121. Bible History.


blue morocco Wittenberg [1520J-23 A Bound Contents: — [Kleine Exegetische Schbifften]. zii Spott gemacht hat. Epistel S.•) tausent fiinffhundert vnd.. covered with leather stamped with ornamental borders Strassburg. . I cannot trace . M. another. the title within a decorative woodcut border of great beauty. and folding woodcuts of fish . unnumbered. the verso blank. gilt edges Antwerp. with woodcut portrait of Imther on reverse of title . large and small. . title slightly cut into Ingelstadt. 158 {of 160) leaves with one full-page woodcdt. with WOODCUTS on titles. one or two small wormholes at the beginning . printed in red and black.. v6 Johannes Griininger last page . with 17 woodcuts of various sizes . 1520 o6. curious off. .. Morris vffgeleson v6 Frater Johaii Paulin barfiiser ordes . von). B4 C4. *»* See illustration no. . a to c in eights this copy contains only 16 leaves.. . nearly all with woodcut borders to the title-pages . . brown morocco gilt. zc. Gothic letter . Strassburg. A full-page woodcut occupies the recto of the last leaf. 1516-21 .. Jo. 1 10 126 PASSIONAL. . Die brosamlin doct. .).). Docter Martin Lutrer vnnd siner leer. hi leaves . "Der richterlich Clagspiegel . 7 10 another copy. 10 10 Das Magnificat Vorteutschet . 2 5 Probably the first edition. Bi my Willem Yorsterman. lit. Grunenberg. with thiimbs obern vnd Nidern Bairn ivoodcut escutcheon (coloured) on title Ingelstadt. . Satziing vnd Gebreiicb des fiirstemthumbs in Obern vnd Nidern Bairn . 1516-20 Dy new erklerug der landsz freyheit des lobliclien haus vnd FurstenPrinted in red and black.. . Pauli zu den Chorinthern Auszgelegt . theil gebessert. Petri Geprediget uu auszgelegt durch Martinu Luther m. 1516 . 123 BRANDT d. M. ib. about 1518 The book should probably consist of 24 leaves. Collation: —ab4. de captivitate babylonica ecclesiae praelvdivm MARTINI lvtheri Sm. first edition. zii lob vnd syne widerwerttigenn. 129 Collection of Tracts relating to this celebrated reformer. Roman letter. 1523. . 4to. 43. J. The cuts are very interesting. 1517 from the library of William. (Ulr.: BOOKS WITH AVOODCUTS GERMANY AND HOLLAND : 31 £ I. 8vo.. 127 LUTHER (Martin). half morocco \_Wittenberg f. p. (39 II. with woodcuts original oak boards. 4to. title within fine woodcut border with figures of Adam and Eve. Dit is een deuoote meditacie op de passie os liefs here (Colophon:) Gheprent tot Antwerpen buy ten die Camerpoorte indengulde Eenhoren. 1523 . . folio. 16 leaves. title (mended and very slightly defective) in red and black. . in 1 vol. antwurt. ib. and the text illustrated with several woodcuts. vn ausz sprechene vrteile Durch Doctore Sebastianuni Brandt wider durchsichtiget. .). 9 9 Four Beneath the title is . Sm.xxiii (86 M. Ag. sigs. 125 HUTTEN title. 4to. Keiserspergs yColophon on Strassburg. sm. almost as large. 128 Ein Kurtz gedicht so niiwlich ein thurgowischer Pur. 1516 {seme of them bearing his mark " EF 1516 ") . vellum. within architectural woodcut border. figured border. 184. . Griininger. Strassburg. c6. goti. Panzer IX. Flach. Sm. 233. und auszgelegt durch D. within fine floral and... vnd mit mererm fleisz vo neiiwem zum (S. 7 7 124 GEILER VON KAISBRBERG. Wittenberg [1520] Auszlegung der Epistell unnd Evangeli des Advents (104 III). Martinum Luther Aug. xvii. Flach. d-n4. 11. . 12mo. .. sni. .lh2Q'] . new vellum . . by Hans Furtenbach. black letter. . folio. Sm. (44 II. sine nota a large woodcut then follow 5 pages of verse printed in two columns. lands ordniing. and Ingelstadt. 2 parts. Ein nutzbarlicher begriff Wie man setze vnd formiere sol nach ordniig der rechte ein yede clag. title . Exteemely kake. 1522 Das Siebed Capitel S. 3 works in 1 vol. on title. original editions.). Ex woodcid of Fortune on Libraria loannis Scheffer. 12 Proctor 99416.d. Moguntiae Proctor 9872. p-e4 = 72 leaves. etc. green morocco Dialog!. 1521 Das biiech der gemeinen landpot.

King. etc. sm.. : — 13 . o. Rhaw. 1520 Wittenberg. dem . . title loithin fine architectural and figured border. Wittenberg. (109 leaves). 1543.). S. . Luth. so man nach der Messe spricht vber das Volck. Von den zehen auszsetzigen vordeiitscht vnnd auszgelegt M. 1522-46 blue morocco [Vermischte Schriften]..). . Jobst Gutknecht ?. ivith mark IG (mon. title within fine figured and ornamental Wider die Verkerer und felscher Keyserlichs Mandats border. fine ivoodcut title border of Saints and Evangelists.. fine woodcut ornamental title loith lions. title ivithin fine woodcut border of cupids. 1523 Vuittemberg. j. John the Baptist. 1520-38 Contents: [Kleine Theologische Schrifften].. Weiss. Otmar. Luther.. n. . Otmar. . Die drey Symbola oder Bekentniss des glaubens Christi jnn der kirchen 1533 eintrechtiglich gebraucht Mart. L. Lut..). Ausgelegt durch D. ib. . ib. .).. Eyn Brieff (19 U... Von der Freyheit eynes Christen menschen D. fine icoodcut architectural title with Evangelischem Frumen Bawern. etc. M.D. n. durch Silvanum Ottmar jar. . 1523. fine woodcut title in compartments of Biblical scenes. Ain trostlichs bUchlein Da Martini Luthers in aller widerwertigkait ains yeden Christglaubigen menschen neiilich getelitscht durch Magistrum Georgium Spalatinum {Colophon :) Gedruckt zu Tausent Funff-hundert vnd im zwaintzigsten Augspurg.. Nuremberg.). 1527 (14 II. S.). . 132 another collection. about 1520] gebot gotes ain Sehone nutzliche Erklerung... 1528 Wider die Antinomer (12 IL).. original editions : d. 1520. Luther Wittenberg. Jo. Wittemberg m. .). (Colophon:) Getruckt zii was Christus vnd seyn Konigreich sey Nlirmberg durch KUnigund Hergotin..) [Nure>ubei-g.xxxij. d. Bound in I vol. Wittemb. leremia. (33 II. p. a printing press in one corner.). 1525.). Martinus Luther. vfl gepredigt beschriben zc. 1520.). title loitMnfine woodcut ornamental border.xxiij (18 II. 1539 Eyn Missive allenden tzo von wegen des wort gottes Verfolgung leyden trostlich an den Erenvestenn Harttmutt vonn Cronberg gescbrieben (10 IL). 1522 Vom Schem fine woodcut architectural title with lion below. Jo. Wittenberg.). k. .). — 8 8 . 1831 Hamphoras und vom Geechlecht Christi (64 II. Gepredigt durch Martinu bltoe another collection.). . H. Ein nutzlicher Dialogus fine woodcut title with the Three Graces below.. Wittemberg. u. Augsburg. . . continued : No.. Schirlentz. Wittemberg dmxxxiii (56 II. icith mark NS (mon.). title lolthin ornamenlal border. 1522 . . : — 12 12 . . Bound in 1 vol. ib. ib. . title ivithin ornamental border. title within ornamental border. . original editions Wittenberg. . .). Von der Widertauffe an Zwen Pferrherrn. Wittenberg. Luthers predig.). Von menschen leren zu meyden D. . ii. border. 1532 Von der winckelmesse und Pfaffen Weibe D.D. sm.. n. k. . Augsburg.. 131 in 1 vol. . 1525. Luther D. 4to. etc. Mart. durch N. von Christus reych unnd Christlieher freyheyt. with fine woodcut 1522-48 borders to the titles . 1525 d baurschafft ynn Schwaben (14 II.) Wittemberg. ib. large cut of the Ascension of Christ on reverse of last leaf.32 BERNARD QUARITCH'S CATALOGUE. Liifft. : . . 4to. Otmar. (10 II. etc. Eyn Sendebrieff von dem harten buchlin widder die bauren (16 II. H. Mart Luther.p.). Martini Luther schoner Contents beschaid vom Glauben und Wercken (9 II. ib. vierden buche Mosi. original editions .c. another collection. Contents Marti.). . . . blue morocco Auslegunge des hayligen Vater vnsers fiir die ainfeltigen layen Contents (35 IL). . 4to. 1523. Wittemberg (35 II. title within fine woodcut border illustrating animal fables.) title loithin looodcut border in compartments. Augsburg. n. am VI Cap. title within a fine woodcut figured and ornaDoctor Martini Luthers mental border. MDXxxii (8 II. title within fine figured and woodcut border. Von der Christlichen hoffnung ein trostlich leer fiir die kleinmiitigen Martin luthers liber on ein de letsten Ein Epistel ausz dem Propheten versz des fiinfften Psalmen . ib. mended. d. Euangelium.. 353 £ *. sm.. Ermanung zum frid auf die Zwolf Artikel fine architectural woodcut title. m D. Lufi't.. 1520 Luthers Augustiner zii Wittenberg (50 II. ib. (24 II. odder gesprechbuchlein zwischen einem MUntzerischem Schwermer und einem II. . LUTHER 130 — Bound in 1 vol. bhie morocco extra Wyder den gevaffeten Man Cocleum D. morocco Bound — 15 15 . title within fine ivoodcut figured ornamental Das Ihesus Christus eyn geborner lude sey Doctor Martinus Luther. fine icoodcut title border of Biblical scenes. . M. title in red ajid black within fine figured and ornamental woodcut woodcut border . containing scenes in the Episode of Herod and St. k.).xxij (9 U. 1538. Wittemb. . ib. . : 133 another collection. S. ib. (Martio). . 1520 Eyn kurtze form das Pater noster zu versteen vnnd zu betten fiir die jungen kinder im christlichen glauben Doctoris Der zehen Martini Luther (6 W. M. Widder den Meuchler zu Dresen gedruckt (15 II).). ib... 4to. n. etc. k. 1527 Wie das Gesetz und Evangelion recht griindtlich zu vnterscheiden sind D. n.dxxxvi (24 II. Eyn Schrecklich geschicht und gericht Gotes uber Thomas Muntzer darynn Gott offentlich desselbigen geyst liigenstrafft und verdamnet (7 II. aus . . Augsburg. 1532 Der Segen. Item. title within fine architectural border. Mart. full-page cut of the ResurrecVon den giiten wercken Doctor Martini tion on reverse of leaf. sm.xxiij (14 II. durch Doctor Martinum Luther item Ain Predig von den Siben todsinden D. (13 cupids. 1525 Wider die Mordischen ufi Eeubischen Rotten der Bawren (4 II. G.

d. 1527 wer." Panzer describes this little volume as consisting of 12 sheets A M (the last leaf blank) but this copy has another piece of 8 11. stained. They are chiefly in the form of Triptychs. title (hacked and slightly defective. place. etc. p.d. . 1521 58 A K in fours. 12mo. as is also 1 leaf) within border of scenes of Herod and John the Baptist. with antique gilt ornaments. TUrcken Mar. of Paris. j).Schyrlentz. eyn nutzlich Buchlin newlich geschriben von Mart. 1523 Von welltlicher aberkeytt wie weytt man yhr gehorsam schuldig sey Mart. ih. 368 leaves (one ' blank) title within a broad ornamental woodcut border . So man will beten das heylige vatervnser. crushed brown morocco. widerstand thuen sol. von gegenwertigen Nic. ih. Klagrede D. lit. Luther Anno M.xlvi (4 II.D. but without date. The volume is exceedingly rare. Etliche Schliisse D. gedruckt im Jar 15i6 n. Hanx Luft't. 44. Wittemberch m d xxv. .. Die geystlich strass bin ich genant Im lejden Christ! wol bekant. ivoodcut figured and ornamental Auff das Vermeint Keiserlich Edict. . Schyrlentz. Das man dem Bapst und seinen Schutzherrn wider vnrechte gewalt vnd Kriege. Nic. 1 3 . e. Fliehen muge. e. D. Martinus Luther Ob kriegs (12 IL). *#* See illustration no. d.. Gezoge ausz den predige D. with clasps . . Martini Lutheri vnd vrteil. got]^.BOOKS WITH WOODCUTS GERMANY AND HOLLAND : 33 £ ». 1625 Written in the dialect of Lower Saxony. m. Enthalter vnd Nachvolger (16 IL). . lit.b. 135 BIBLE.xxvij (12 II.xxiij (1(5 It. luther M. 1523 Ordenug eyns gemeynen kastens. Luth. 9 spirited full-page German woodcuts. — 134 GEISTLICH STRASS.). Wittemberg (30 II. some II.xxvij (20 II. Mart. 61). n. Wittemh. by F.). .. M. N. 8vo. . xxiij. . 1528-9 D.. with large decorative initial letters and many full-page woodcuts. . 1531 etlichen hendeln vnd iamer dieser Zeit (15 II. •LUTHER (Martin). d. eine copy Gedrucht vnd volendet in der Kayserlichen Reichstat Niirnberg durch Jobst Gutknecht. title within Ob Man vor dem Sterben der Pestilenz. . . Der Zehen gebott. wider D. in — ornamental frames. Hans Weiss. Dat Ollde Testament dudesch. Des Glaubens. Luth. g.c.. extremely rare Wittenberg. Wittemberg. stained).— .).). Eadschlag wie die geystlichen gutter zu handeln sind Martinus Luther. continued-. The type and typographical flourishes are similar to those used in the " Tewrdannckh.xxiii (26 II. M. vol. ih. Martini Luther zu Witteberg. . Eegenshurg. . 1527. Luther Vuittemberg. Die Maynung dis3 biichleins. The woodcuts in this volume.. OLD TESTAMENT. Mart. p.). . 133* BETBtJCHLiN.. and are very finely engraved. to the press of Hans Schonsperger of Augsburg. FIRST EDITION. (6 II. n.). The title is " Ain Christliche vorbetrachtung vil bekantnusz iu got. 4to. 1524 Vom wucher und widerkeuiiiichen Zinsen D. Bedford. . title {some II. fine ornamental title with lions Von Kauffshandlung und wucher Martinus Luther. m. Martinus Luther.). dmxxxi. . Glosa Luthers. AiN 42 Extremely rare. . Vnd des Aue Marien. pine Gedruckt im zweyvndzweyntzigisten Jar [1522] COPY This beautifully printed volume is attributed by Panzer (Annalen der altern deutschen Lit. Wittemberg. a fine copy in an old stamped pigskin binding. on ornamental plinths. und fine figured harder of cupids. leutte auch im seligem stande seyn kiiuden Mar." The woodcuts are quite in the style of Burgkmaier and are probably by him. alms man zalt nach Christi unsers seligmachers gebiirt. seventeen in number. signatures or pagination. ih. .. title in red and black uithin fine ornamental woodcut border^ brown morocco extra. II. Luther. Martin Luther seine Anhenger. 1523 1524 (36 II. Sm. ^zih--. Ausgangen jm 1531 jare nach dem Reichs tage des 1530 jars. fine ornamental icoodcut title. ih. Martini Lntheri.D. Des Yatter vnsers. the sides elaborately tooled in involved gilt lines and foliage^ g.. Hans Khol. (28 II. fine woodcut architectural title. sculptured by Veit Stoss at Nuremberg... m. 1546 Der Ecimischen Kaiserlichen Maiestat Edict. Vuittemberg. Schirlentz. .).. Sm. Gothic letter. d.n. fine figured and ornamental title. are said to represent the Stations of the Cross. helow. 7i. p.). It is unmentioned by Gotz and was \ 7 7 \ 1 unknown to Schiller (see his Biicherktinde der Sassischen Sprache). Mart.xxviii.). by Thompson. Von dem wirdigen Nicolao vonn Amsdorff Licenciaten in deutsch gebracht. (the last blank) in exactly the same type. Vom kriege widder die Wittemberg. ih. .

. and ornamental initials. . title within woodcut border. Fewrwerck. deren sich das gemeyn volck. 34 BERNARD QUARITCH'S CATALOGUE. 1529 ments of war . Sm. with a woodcut on the title .. about 1531] The rather coarse woodcut is a representation of a banquet.. Puluer. . by W. d. . On the title is a half-page woodcut showing labourers sowing and pruning. 8 8 139 Most of the woodcuts in this highly illustrated volume are from Strassburg blocks but several belong entirely to the Mentz atelier in which they were used. No. . with the guests in various stages of intoxication.. hy Holbein. durchs gantz Jar Uberhaltet. iin jar TausentFiinff hundertvnnddreiesigsten. and woodcuts throughout the book . got]^. Hittorpij. Gothic letter. Sm. brown Sm. 138 CAESAR. Martin Lempereur. Pratt circa 1530 Eight 11. . vellum . bds. durch Sebastian Franck.. folio. is dated 1531. . but is undesoribed by bibliographers. H. von Biichsen geschoss. folio. with the same woodcuts as in the edition of 1530 . new vellum. with 31 woodcuts n. . . lettres bdtardes. Svo. half Cologne. The text is that of Jacques Lefevre d'Estaples.. (Lucas)]. . 5 5 The woodcuts are remarkable for their strength and clearness. J. so in desen letsten zeiten. Historien Caij Iulij Cesaris (Colophon:) Getruckt zu Meyntz durch luonem SchofPer im jar . Auff ain newes gemeeret vnnd gebessert. Stainer. par Martin Lempereur Ian. zu schaft Kryegssleiifen gehorig Mit einem zusatz. . Gothic letter. folio. 202 leaves.. William Morris's copy 137 VEGETIUS (Flavins). . gilt edges Most of the designs in this are copies. : 28 136*THUCYDIDES. COt]^. 4to. which is repeated on the reverse of the last 10 10 leaf. of war-engines and curious impleAugsburg. . 1530 . 136 [CRANACH Passional Christi und Antichristi. of those of preceding editions. 1531 First edition with the woodcuts. 1532 another edition. . Sm. .ents. Peypus ?. ivith 124 remarkably FINE WOODCUTS. Gothic letter^ IQ leaves. F. Allwegen werend. 1527 russia. G. Kaij Iulij Cesaris des groszmechtigen ersten Romischen Keysers Historien niitzlich vnnd so er selbst beschriben fruchtbarlich zulesen (Colophon :) Getruckt zu Meyntz durch lohannera Schoffer. roman letter. but it contains four woodcuts which are new. 2 2 zu Culmburg. The dedication to Wolff von Hessberg. 6 10 Le nouueau Testament. . 7 7 . padded with blanks sine nota Six 11. . Flauij Vegetii Renati vier bucher der Rittermit mancherleyen geriisten. im Septemb. . 353 £ s. M. . with antique gilt ornam. It was probably printed at Zurich about 1530. . d. auquel est demonstre lesn Christ sauueur du monde estre venu Auec la declaration des oeuures par lesquelles Ihome veult estre congneu. Schoeffer. . m.xxxi Sm. Sm. nearly all full-page. [Nuremberg. sometimes reversed.. Mentz. Bolwercken vh gebeiiwen. 2 2 . 4to.. A conversation in verse between a young monk and the different members of his monastery on the question of his leaving the monastic life. (c. . 4to. title in red and black within woodcut border.d. . Sm. . Amptman 142 . . taglicher erfarung. Tausent Funffhundert. a tall copy in half calf ib„ 1532 . lit. 1525) levant morocco gilt. Vondem grewlichen laster der trunckenheyt. There is a large and fine woodcut on the title. 32 leaves . 195 leaves. 143 FRANCK (Sebastian). .. 141 LEYEN REGEL vnd Practic. . lit. Some are very curious. . brown morocco. BIBLE. a sound copy in old vellum Anttverp. 101 leaves {the last blank). . It contains weather-wise rules and maxims for the peasantry. De Bello Peloponnensium Atheniensiumque libri YIII Laurentis Valla interprete & nunc a Conrado Heresbrachio ad graecum exemplar diligentissime recogniti. . . erst schier mit dem Frantzosen aufPkommen ausz gotlicher gschrifte. One woodcut for instance represents a diver with helmet and air tube. folio. Sm. Sm. . z en soy z des autres Imprime en Anuers. with 116 woodcuts of various sizes (some of them occupying a full-page each) bds. . . vnnd zwey vnd dreissigsten im lulio. . 4to. 5 5 140 KLAGRED eins jungen Miinchs iiber sein Kutten.

Schoefer. The woodcuts are wellin 1527. folio. Sm.. 558 leaves. Scenes of Medieval Life. Liuij delj aller redtsprechsten vii liochberiimpsten geschicht scbreibers Romische Historien. but there is no clue to the artist's name he imitated Diirer. i 147 [BRANTEGHEM by Weiditz. 45. etc. Steyner. etc. The book consists of an analysis of two works published by Albert Diirer Rodler was both the author and the printer. . by F..BOOKS WITH WOODCUTS GERMANY AND HOLLAND : 35 £ s. versus e Germanica lingua in Latinam. eleganter picta 12mo. I d. German '. Seidenstickeru. old blue morocco. page woodcuts introduce architectural designs of great variety. avec celles de Auien et Alfonse. slightly stained. gebessert vii gemert. old calf gilt . title in red and black.).T. plusieurs aulcunes joyeusetez de Poge Florentin auo^mentez. j i 10 10 . title within a woodcut architectural design. Eyn schon niitzHch biichlin vnd vnderweisung der kanst des mit dem Zirckel. Mart. 8vo. Baron Schwartzenberg. fine copy Gedrucht zu Augspurg durch Eeinrich Steiner.. . 45 leaves. Goldschmiden. goti^tc letter. with 26 fullpage woodcuts marginal notes on a few pages slightly cut into. three leaves. in the style of the Strassburg School. lettres bdtardes. \b31 Many of the woodcuts in this volume are the same as those found in Crom's editions of Tyndale'sNew Testament issued at Antwerp 1538 and 1539. with about Titi : 250 fine woodcuts of Battles. very fine large copy. Sm. 1581 in vellum Eake. first latin edition. \ Sm. 3 * g. Lut. brown morocco extra. Sm. 1533 (G. T. Steynmetzen. I 8 8 j | . Oratoren vnnd Poeten bewerfc. Gothic letter. gilt edges Antwerp. Wittemberg. H. numerous fine looodcuts. in verlegug Hieronimi . : — . Many of them are simply outline drawings intended to illustrate first principles but the full. I 144 RODLER. . von den tiigentsamen amptern. auch alien andern. first initial illuminated . e. in the foreground Christ on the Cross with the two thieves. folio. H. Collation A G in sixes *** See illustration no. j 28 ' i i . J. vellttm Mentz. large woodcut on title of Julius Csesar enthroned. fiirnemlich den Malern. 1538 The woodcuts are quite different from those in the edition of 1514. Its I J • 148 NEW TESTAMENT. Bildhawern. 33 lines to a page. 4to. executed. les v Christi Vita. Rodler. 456. Hans Lufft. Ein Biich. sampt der antworb darauff. Das Newe Testament. 1532 146 CICERO (M. folio.C. Sm. Messens. also ornamental initials. chiefly by Weiditz. Some of the woodcuts are of the 15th century. with 57 woodcuts. . Bedford. Et ' i 12 12 j 7 10 i der Romer .Jine copy in Antwerp. crushed red morocco extra. j ] connexion therefore with the earliest printed texts of the English Scriptures enhances the interest and value which already belong to it as a book richly illustrated with woodcuts. Fiirstlicben Secretarien daselbst 1531. for Gregoire Bont. 12mo. Sm. colophon below Bodlers woodcut device :) lust haben Gertruckt vnnd voinendet. gilt edges Augsburg. Gothic letter .. artificio graphices perq. kunstliebhabern.. goti^tc Icttfr. jetzundt mitgantzem fleil^ besichtight.. VERY RARE Wittenberg. icith coat-of-arms. 1632 old calf gilt [Institutiones 145*Dt!rRER (Albert). Schreinern. folio. 1537 4 4 ] 149 LIVIUS. . with numerous fine woodcuts. . over 100 other woodcuts. . after Dorer. Richtscheidt oder Linial. Wechelum. So Marcus TulHus Cicero 145 -^SOP. j 4 10 j ' 150 EYB (Albrecht von). with looodcut of ^sop. '67 lines to the page . . blank corner of title mended otherwise a fine copy Siemern. modern vellum LutetuB apud Chr. . woodcut of a marriage on title and 25 other cuts in text. diagrams and alphabets. including 20 occupying the full page . so sich der kunst des Messens (Perspectiua zu latin j^nant) zugebrauchen {Fol.. juxta quatuor Euangelistaru narrationes. Ob einem Mail gezimeziinemen ein Eeweib oder nit. H Les subtiles fables de Esope. de)]. aus den alten Philosopbis. . Geometricae] Albertus Durerus Nurembergensis pictor huius etatis celeberrimus. Officia M. Sieges. 1540 There is a very slight flaw in the paper on one leaf involving two or three letters. 1 \ 16 16 ' . zu Siemeren .. and on verso the fine portrait of Johann. Za nutz alien j Rodlers. . Jehan le Graphier.

. G. brown Antwerp. 1539 the same. swords. aiid 51 pages of designs of female Iieads^ hands. of the two Vogtherrs on title dated 1537. in order that the arts should be restored. durch Antonium Bertram [c. Vonn allerley seltzamen. Rildschnitzern. 50t]^ic Utter. Goldschmiden. fine copy in olive morocco. Moved by the marked degeneration and corruption which had come about in the fine arts in Germany in our time. Lt72 Sm.m. feet. 46. Waffen vnd Messerschmiden nothwendig Sm. medallion jjortraits gebraiichen. Schreinern Platnern. 353 £ s. Both copies have the variant. Lan 1540. . gotbic letter. . ff. and four new cuts .. . 1572 morocco A reissue of the Antwerp edition of 1540. making it evident that before long we shall ' ' ' ' have few artists at work in this country. . but the cuts are in a later state. . capitals and bases. tresnecessaire aux Paintres. No.. gilt edges . etc. Liure artificieux. from the Didot Library There is Antwerp. 8vo. candelahra. 36 This edition is UFually described as the first. 28. 1540 no preface : 52 10 153 154 another edition. 4to. g. Steinmetzen. Sm.. issues of the all work in stock at the same time. 4to. 4to. 155 BEHAM. 1600] . with the same woodcuts as in the preceding. Frembds vnd wunderbars kunstbiichlin alien Molern. Liure artiticieux et tresprouffitable pour another edition. 1539 The line of verse referred to in the note to the first edition runs thus Exprimit banc celebri elarissimus arte Bohemus. . . en anvers chez lean Richard. la within a looodcut border) Biblicae Historiae." The impressions in these copies are brilliant. nearly equalling those of the first issue. Roman letter. ^' a tons autres amateurs de Sciences. Egenolff.. Svo. a pretty copy in russia. gilt edges. bake Vogtherren. helmets. 4to. and 31 pediments. Pointres taillenrs des images et Dantiqnes Orfeubres et plusieurs Nouuellement iniprimes. 54! leaves Georgio ^mylio iilustratae with 82 WOODCUTS and border as in the 1533 edition. 42 . *^* See illustration no. e.m.. Sm. mentioned by Pauli. . Not in Brunet nor Muther. Tailleurs d'ouurages Antiques. and G4 in facsimile otherwise a fine copy in brown morocco. {Here aultres gens ingenienses. vnd wunderbaren another edition. .. I have never before had four . 155* Sm. The book is so rare owing to it having been used up by draughtsmen that a bibliography of the work is attended with great diiiiculties. Allen Mahlern. the series of woodcuts begins on the back of the title. Bildschnitzern. 28 30 ' : ' * „* See illustration no. B3. and furnish models for students to imitate. . 47. daggers.. 36 BERNARD QUARITCH'S CATALOGUE. Orfeuvres. ivhich is followed by 56 pages of woodcuts as in the Vogtherr edition but containing additional subjects. 1538 40 The earliest known edition and apparently the first. . brown morocco extra. e. feet. of architectural columns candlesticks and two other designs for a conclusion. 151 VOGTHERR Ein (Heinrich I and II) [Kunstbuchlein]. Steinmetzen. leaves B2. differently arranged. and legs in every kind of movement 133 pieces of decorative 154 examples of weapons of offence 45 heraldic shields 87 defensive armour 18 figures like metalwork capitals. .) z«veZZ%m z6. . . WafFen vn Messerschmiden hochnutzlich zii Sm.xxxix in the Colophon. 2 circtdar portraits on title. Heinrich Vogtherr brought here into a single volume all the creations of his fancy and invention so as to stem the tide of decay. d.. There are 108 heads of men and women with a great variety of feature and head-dress 128 designs of hands. Goldschmiden. {Fol. Very few of those who describe the book appear ' 152 have seen it. a ^a?Z eoj^iy (183 x 126 m.. Getruckt zii Strasshurg durch Heinrichen q. . . d. by Ghambolle-Duru Qetruckt zu Strassburg. On las vend en Anuers en la rue de a small figure of Fortuna. to with copies of the woodcuts in the Vogtherr edition. frembden Stucken. magno artificio depiflee & utilitatis publicse causa latinis Epigrammatibus a . from the Bechford library Frankfort.) Chambre a lenseigne du Soleil Dor par Jehan Richard.

. 1545 (J).. folio. Anno Cliristi autore . Sm. facsimile . XLIT. BOOKS WITH WOODCUTS GERMANY AND HOLLAND : 37 £ 166 s d. 32 Title and pp. /7-om designs of Burgmair. Queen of Ferdinand I. . 1543. M. and a series of olo jidl-page woodcuts . Folio. . also 2 fullpage cuts with revolving discs. without the last leaf (blank but for the printer^ s mark)^ the inner blank margin of title page skilfully repaired . 1546 . has the rare last leaf containing Isingrin's device.] Very kake. De Historia Stir-pium Commentarii In signes. . but it was issued by Stainer at Augsburg— probably his last book. "Livre de fortune en I'honneur de la reine des Eomains. He died in 1548. . heyligea Rbmischen Reichs Teiitscher nation {Colophon) Tin Franckfurth am Main Ti'uckts Cyriacus Jacob. . D. 886. copy in old mottled calf gilt a sound and good Basel. in. contemporary stamped . [See Brunei. C. and others crimson morocco extra. 14 14 160 SCHEUFFELEIN. with portraits of the author^ the designers and the engraver. gilt edges. . and a series of 509 fidlpage icoodcuts of extraordinary beauty .). blind tooled. Supplement I. about 1548] . with the initials JK. KOBEL . vita. many of the cuts are after Holbein. double columns of 40 lines. The copy belonging to the latter fetched at his sale. a few small looodcuts. 169*PONTUS. Anno. Some of the cuts bear Scheuffelein's mark. £56. lo4<3 with German text and the 6 additional 58 woodcuts. Leonharto Fuchsio medico liac nostra setate lono-e clarissimo. 158 New Kreiiterbuch Getruclit zu Basell. Folio. . pigskin A 159 fine copy It of the issue ib. and the engraver.. Doctrina. the printer s devici only. otJiers (Paul). with 73 fine large wooDCDTS from the designs of Scheuffelein a fine and very large copy in purple morocco extra. Von Adelischen Mannlichen Tugenten. possibly by Beham an extremely fine copy in the original pigskin covered with stamped figures and ornamental roll borders. 1542 36 I sold copies of this. Hans Scheuffelein. . 1-144. des Hongrois et des Bohemiens. and a good many are borrowed from the Tewrdannck. with f)ortr aits of the author. *^* See illustration no. 50. Ritter Pontus Ein Rhumreich. Folio. . 1545. et passio iesv Christi Sm. nunquam antea ad naturte imitationem artificiosiiis effi-ctis & expressis. by Riviere Frankfort. 157 rUCHS(L. Adiectis Earundem Yivis Plusquam quingentis imaginibus. gilt edges . In Officina Isingriniana.. gotljlC Utter. the last leaf. ivith arms on title of Anne." This was probably Libri's copy. the most beautiful of all the herbals. 115 square ruts in the text. Wapen Des 28 *^* See illustration no. rare Getruckt zil Strassburg bey BaUhassar Beck. Erbarkeyt. with the Seilliere arms on the sides [Augsburg. with 144 fall-page spirited woodcuts of standard bearers with armorial flags. 1550 18 18 . durch Michael Isingrin. . Maximis Impensis et Yigiliis Elaborati. others are by a different hand. Egenolff. Frankfort. bitainer. a fine copy in purple levant morocco. Basiloae. the designers.. with 44 WOODCUTS. and many cuts of vario7is combinatiovs of dire . both of whom were fascinated by its woodcuts. This rare book bears no name of place or printer. . PAMBST Loos3buch zii ehrender Romischen Yrgeriscben vnnd Bohemischen Kiinigin. vnnd Zucht. . a few small luoodciLts. 49. Domini. especially in such fine condition. 4to. folio. H. . . Zitrlich vnnd Fruchtbare Histori Von dem Edlen Ritter Ponto Sm. to John Ruskin and William Morris.

GoecJc d'Alost a fine copy in old calf gilt . France. Spain.. Sm. Prince d'Espagii. db altera urbis antehac typis excusa . (iv) Disputatio . The poem is written in rude rhyme and assumes now and again the form of dialogues between the Pope and the Kayser. p. Der heiligen XII. (Colophon:) Gedruckt zu Wittemberg Durch Georgen Rhawen Erben. with his autograph at the top and also at the bottom of the woodctit title Antwerp. (iii) De Adriani Aug. : . tres magnificque. . folio. vii seine Aposteln. vnd der wellt trewlich. about 1553. The whole of this entertaining work is copiously illustrated with woodcuts . 33 161 BERNARD QUARITCH'S CATALOGUE. and numerous Grand Dukes and Princes.. and apparently printed at Nuremberg by Valentin Newber. with l^fine large woodcuts by Haxs Cranach half bound. . Sm. with ornamental woodcut initials . 162 GRAPHEUS. ivith woodcdt border and 101 WOODCUTS scattered throughout the text including 7 full-page cuts a fine sound copy in old mottled calf [Nureynberg. lesquelz ont este faictz er' bastis a sa tresdesiree reception en la tresrenommee florissante ville d'Anuers Anno 1649 composee . ^ . The work includes (i) Alciatus.•) La tres admirable. en langue Latine. H. . from the library of Philippe Desportes. ciuilibusq . 1549. Scotland. Notitia Vtraque Cum Orientis Turn Occidentis Vltra Arcadii Honoriique Caesarum Tempora Basileae.. folio. The woodcuts belong to the best of Cranach's work. . . with signatures but without foliation . truths which the author wishes to bring home to the church he is denouncing. in a jocular manner. 40 leaves. . 6 6 . a fine tail copy in old calf Basel. . Gothic letter. 15 This is a British Museum duplicate and has small unobtrusive stamps on the reverse of title and last leaf. d. . . Yon der Erschrocklichen Zurstorung vnnd Niderlag desz gantzen Bap stumbs. archz triumphaula. the description by Bartsch. De vtagistratih. 1552 First edition edited by Sigismund Gelenius. POLLICARIUS No. *^* See illustration no. 18 18 : 28 representing the actors in the various positions and attitudes suggested by the text. and his work is in the style of the best Basel artists and resembles the contemporary productions of English wood-engravers. 1549 The twelve woodcuts of the martyrdoms of the Apostles include one representing S. du treshault trespuissant Prince Philipes. . although Mulpe says George Scharffenberg was the artist. & Sm. . disc gegen wiirtige ding. mdlii Sm. . 12 leaves. filz de Lemperenr Charles . Newber '/. Portugal. the title within a panel border of woodcut figures of the 12 apostles. an additional interest is added to the work. Episcopius. Constant inopolitance incerto autore. . Each has the device of the two Saxon shields.. viii. ensemble la vraye description des Spectacles. en la susception dn Prince Philips. with over hO fine large woodcuts and numerous smaller onef. As each of these latter illustrations contain the coats of arms of the various countries. zum Ewigen Leben. 353 £ s. . 163*NOTITIA. gepropheceyet vnd geweissagt. vii auss Johannis Apocalypsi Pigiirlich vnnd sichtlich gesehen. Two of the full-size woodcuts contain the monogram which perhaps refers to Crispin Scharffenberg. 48. etc. 6^ triumphante entree. . The artist's name is unknown but he was one of the best masters of the school that followed Holbein. vol. the Eeformer. dnrcli die propheten. faict (Title ivi thin a tvoodcut border :) Le triumphe d'Anuers. niinqud Rebus Bellicis incerte autore. . Among these are included the Kings of England. <& Epiaeti pldlosophi. folio. titulo Pub. gothic letter. . . Durch ain HochgeJehrten. often expounding. the Pope and Satan. auffs kiirtzest hiermit fiirgehallten. with 30 large woodcuts from designs by P. a very fine copy Wittenberg. : . Cf. 1550 163 [SCHNAUSS (Cjriacus)]. The full-page woodcuts are mainly allegorical religious subjects still a few illustrate the text. der Seelen. Ans heiliger Schrift't vnd glaubwirdigen Historien auffs aller kurtzst zusamen gestelt Durch Johannem Pollicarmm Prediger zu Weissenfels. Froben and N. Aposteln anknnfft beruff glauben lere leben vnd seliges absterben etc. zu Nutz vn gut. rovian letter. theatres. 8. dr'c. . Matthias just about to be guillotined. (Letterpress title . V. . Germany.. 1553] A curious work of the greatest rarity. vor sehr vii Jaren beschriben. ac militarihus officijs (ii) descriptio urbis Ronice sub . .. Poland. Prince d'Espaignes. the pofit. par Cornille Grapheas & . written probably by Cyriacus Schnauss. ViBoris . .. while throughout the work the fool has much to say. Christum. depuis traduicte folio.V°. (Johannes).

. 1557 etc. On Gg occurs a second title " Ein Trawbiichlin. ivith a great mimher of interesting woodcuts of prodigies. 1657 8 10 illustrations are remarkable as one of the earliest processes of chiaroscuro printing in which a combination of etched plates and wood blocks are used. Zephelius etc. . original edition.d." ivith 8 woodcuts by Brosamer (included in above numeration). a fine sound copy in old vellum (Hubert). in 1 vol. Owing to the ink employed in printing these curious woodcuts all copies are more or less discoloured throughout. Teutsch. and a German prose description below. 27 cuts imitated from Beham. 15 with his mark calf. W.. Folio. lulio Csesare insino a Carlo vechie medaglie Folio. .-) Biblia Veteris Testament et Historic.. with 31 woodcuts depicting the Decalogue. (Conrad).. Frankfort. sm. vrith small portrait of Goltz.. Y . Schrifft. . M. .. Collation A-H'* P.LXI. .. Antwerp The {Qillis Copenius van Diest). The three parts of which the book consists are. . Graesse. . 1561 18 169 SCHNELLBOLTZ . a very pretty copy in . italic letter. Le . Basle. — . Even the H B of the title-page may not be his monogram.D. . Bildnis etlicher gelarten Meunner durch welche du reine Lehr des heiligen Evangelii gepflantzet hat. . Gedruckt durch Hans Krafft . The blocks are said to have been cut by Jose Gietleughen of Courtrai. etc. d. Counts Palatine of the Rhine. . per Conradum Lycosthenem Rubeaqnensem. Han [abmt ] 660] of Sutherland A rare book. . old calf 5 5 166 LUTHER. 35 leaves. . some of which are original and (Gabriel). title in red and black. with arms of the Duke Frankfort. Novi Testamenti Iesv Christi historia effigiata vna cum alijs quibusdam Iconibus Apocalypsis S. — 16 16 extremely decorative. . ornamental title-page. W. 1562 Each leaf is surrounded by a woodcut border. - . 4to. folio. animals. and others. Mart. . Prodigiorum Ac Ostentorum Chronicon coDScriptum. crushed red levant morocco by Riviere Wittenberg. 15 15 168 BIBLE. with 141 illustrations copied from Holbein and others New Testament. Gantze Summa der rechten waren Christlichen Lere des heiligen Euangelij Durch Philippum : : . durcb Weygandt Han. 3I. Panzer. broad gilt inside dentelles. Han. title printed in red and black within woodcut border. with the original stamped sides super-imposed.. 109 cuts copied from Diirer and others Apocalypse.lxi. with 277 charming woodcuts. — . D. da et Ferdinando suo fratello dalle C. . Henricus Petrus. Warhaffte . and one medallion portrait. It is bound up with " Corpus Dodlrinfe Christianfe. gilt gavffred edges Biblia . portraits of Frederick and Henry. gilt edges. 164 GOLTZ vive imagini di tdtti quasi gl'imperatori. . . HB 8 impressions of the woodcuts. Apud VVigandum Galium Anno m.D. and numerous other fine WOODCUTS by ViRGiL SoLis a fine copy in a contemporary German binding ( partly mended) of oak boards covered in leather richly ornamented with gold tooling. . With 21 full-page woodcut portraits together 2 parts in 1 vol. unknown to Brunet. D. . . With 20 full-page woodcut portraits.LXX. . . Gabriel Schnellboltz. (Title within woodcut border. views. fiir die einfeltigen Pfarherrn. with original . . ." 167 BEOSAMER'S BIBLE. Biblical Sce7ies. that upon the title signed with the monogram of Hans Brosamer . 1561 A work known as Hans Beosamee's Bible although it is uncertain whether he was really the engraver of any of the cuts in it. by Hans Brosamer. Melanthonem . . . Das ist. Sm. Das ist. 165 LYCOSTHENES . . . . the Old Testament. 12mo.. in der Schnnrgassen. . Luther (Colophon:) Gedruckt za Franckfurdt am Mayn. loannis Francoforti. Artificiosis pi6turis effigiata Franc. Excudebat VVigandus Gallus. Mart. Catechismus Fiir die gemeine Pfarrherr vnd Prediger. B. by Lortic Frankfort. . Die Gantze Heylige Luth . zum Krug. Warhaffte Bildnis etlicher Hochloblichen Fiirsten und Herren. 3 pts. 133 large medallion portraits in tints . Folio. Each picture has a Latin quatrain above. BOOKS WITH WOODCUTS GERMANY AND HOLLAND : 39 £ g. Wittemberg. . polished red morocco extra.

initials N. A. gilt edges.) of wooden boards S. with German arms in gold. Some of the woodcuts bear the monogram G (Hugo Goltzius ?) according to M.— 40 170 . Newe Testament Philippi Melanthon. gilt edges Frankfort. a fine copy in vellum gilt. with 58 pretty woodcuts .. with woodcut portrait of the author and nearly 170 woodcuts hy Virgil Solis a few wormholes at beginning and end . . . with 'S^ fine woodcuts of plants. Legnminum.. .. Seven of them contain a scroll with the legend in Italian. . . one slightly coloured. loith ties —a-r8.. by F. . tvithin large borders. 1564 8 8 173 another edition. vnd Sigmund Feierabend. G. d. 176 ALCIATUS Ab (A.. fine large copy Antwerp.. and the date 1627 ib. Ex postrema lacobi Micylli Recognitione Francofvrti Ad Moenvm. s. sm. Sm. . 1566 The second edition. Gothic letter. . italic (R.LXXXII. ac eornm quae eo pertinent historia. . E. e. by W. Bedford. onany of which bear the monogram of Virgil Solis . 8vo. Ad D. woodcuts of Emblems and coins.. Han. PvbOvidiiNasonisMetamorphoseonLibriXV . 8vo. Eiusdem ^nigmatum Libellus. Pratt ib.. The woodcuts are the same as in the earlier edition. Arnoldum Cobelium. 1562 . accompanied by initials I. etc. . impressions. . vnd lohannis Brentij {Colophon :) Getruckt ... gilt edges. . they were executed for an unknown Italian work..). G. Plantin. .. 8. 4 4 designed by Virgil Solis. Sm. P. ivith numerous woodcuts of emblems original g. . both title-pages and every page of the Emblemata within an ornamental ivoodcut border. purple m. B. DIETERICH (Vitus). das Alte vnd audi etliche andre Christliche SchrifFten. a fine copy in citron levant inorocco extra. w. brilliant (Joannes). M. 5 5 174- JUNIUS (Hadrianus). gilt Svo.LXIII. 175 DODOENS letter. many of which bear the monogram of Virgil Solis two leaves very slightly defective contemporary . S. 8vo. stamped pigskin. with 134 fine woodcuts by Jost Amman and Virgil Solis . M. 1567 Eare. ib. Sm. T. Tohan Raschen. but the large borders to them have been replaced by smaller ones. Palustriam. loith the covered with stamped pigskin ib. edition. . 8vo. Hadriani luuii Medici ^nigmatum Libellns .. Gorvinus. Arnoldum Rosenbergnm. BERNARD QQARITCH'S CATALOGUE. antique ornaments. durch David Zephein. 1566 9 s4 = 140 leaves. with 178 pretty woodcuts.lxii. ib. et Aquatilium Herbarnm. 1565 Hadriani lunii Medici Emblemata.). . Sm. a fine copy in brown morocco. and culs-de-lampe. . . No. 1563 3 3 171* another edition.D. .orocco..d. with over 170 pretty woodcuts. original limp Collation: vellum. folio. " Charmant recueil d'emblemes c'est le volume le plus elegant que les presses . sm. Antwerp. 2 vols. . within fine figured border. italic letter ." Brunet. title evm aliqvot nvmrais antiqvi and. 1582 2 12 6 172 SAMBUCUS operis. Vinet. 6 6 de Plantin aient produit a cette epoque. .. This edition is notable on account of the majority of the woodcuts being . 8vo. . 353 £ die gantze Biblia. Summaria vber zu Franckfurt am Mayn. in a contemporary binding of oaken hoards covered with stamped pigskin with clasps Frankfort. Zephein.. Feirabend and heirs of W. G. binding {dated 1566. in 1. by Be Goverly 1565 First edition. 8vo. the title loithin an ornamental woodcut border and a large woodcut portrait of Sambucus on the verso. Im lar m. 5 5 171 OVID. 1565 2 parts in 1 vol.D.. Frumentorum. Plantin. Emblemata Andreae Alciati Postremo Ac Vltimo ipso authore recognita Adiecta Sunt Insuper Epimythia sen affabulationes Sm. Ad D. Feierabend. .. first Embleraata.

slightly water-stained First edition with and the title mended.). In the cut which own portrait.. 5 5 woodcuts. .. Oblong sm. (Colophon) Gedruckt zu Franckfurt am Mayn. Sm. Amurath vnd Mahometh vom jar 1444. .d. . Wai'haffte eigentliche vnd kurtze Beschreibung. . den jiingern. P. 4to. d. by ib. . and four by the man who signed by S F (Sigmund Feyerabend). . . celebritate excogitari breuiter & dilucide confefta Sm. Geordnet und gestellt durch den fiirtresslichen und kiinstreichen Johan Boekspergern von Saltzburg. (Title :) . . .d. bey George Raben und Weygand Hanen Erben. 176*AMMAN Caesar (Julius). . 180 Biblische Figuren Kiinstlich vnd artig gerissen. . all of which had already appeared in second edition was brought out in 1588. Amman has given his *^^* See illustration no. . genannt Scanderbeg beyde Tiirckische Keyser. with 115 charming WOODCUTS.lxxi. . red morocco..d. . With 199 spirited woodib. Warhafitige Beschreibunge aller namhaffteii fiirtrefflichen Kriege (Colophon . 1-t60 numeris lohannis Hofferi Item Historia the above 2 works in 1 vol. 1568 A duplicate from the British Museum. 12 12 the last leaf. . by Jost Amman. three by S used a curious Gothic (Monogrammisten III. 108 full-page woodcuts of spirited design Bedford Barletius. and seems to have himself done some of the Zurych Oblong sm. gilt edges. aller namhafften Ritterlichen Schlachten vnd Thaten. redrew them for the block-cutter. . five are F.. quotquot CARVM AVT SEDENTAriarum artium vnguam vel a veteribus. Neuwe Amman . . 1573 15 15 182 Scanderbeg. zu Franckfurt am Mayn m. . A Frankfort. Anno. mottled calf extra... 12mo.) Getrackt zu Franckfurt am Mayn.BOOKS WITH WOODCUTS GERMANY AND HOLLAND : 41 £ s. . . 51.lxv. H H 178 Schopper (Hartmann). folio. with a total o/279 woodcuts. slightly varying from the Latin issue. . . 570).. m. . one Bocksperger's. the blank margins of two leaves mended. m. 8vo. gothic letter. dui-ch J0S3 mit schonen Teutschen Reimen Gedruckt Gestellt durch Herr Heinrich Peter Rebenstock : . 1571 cuts HoFFERUS (J. lulij des Brsten Ro. . printed in red and black:) C. 3 3 177 desz Alten vnd Neuwen Testaments geordnet vnd gestellt durch Johan Bockspergern von Saltzburg Josz Amman von den jungeren vnd nachgerissen durch Nenwe Bibliscbe Figuren . . . so wider George Castriot. A German edition. . Schmidt. 179 the same. . . . half vellum ib. .. These illustrations were reissued in the German Bible of 1580. same year. . light 1568 16 16 Very rare. 8vo. hanohaia qmnivm illiberalivm mechanigenera continens. neatly hf. broion morocco extra. with small stamps on reverse of title and potueruut. 1571-60 very fine tall copies in olive morocco gilt.lxxiii. appeared in the represents the art of engraving. gilt edges ib. Icones Catecheseos. 1565 woodcuts. et virtvtvm ac uitiorum illustrates ib. 8 8 engraving work. 181 Neuwe Liuische Figuren Darinnen die gantze Romische Historien kiinstlich begriffen und angezeigt. Keysers. .. ivith 183 full-page tooodcuts {three of them on two folded leaves each) . the name of each trade in Latin and German on the top and Latin verses below them . a finer copy ruled in red.. . . Feyerabend. . the title in red and blade .. Amman's Fronsperger's Kriegshuch. with about 1 50 woodcuts by Jost Amman the fore-margins (Jost). Gorvinus. . . 1565 Jost Amman The original designs were by Bocksperger and are his best work. bd. 4to. . . vnd Simon Hiiters. (Title. . Many of the cuts bears Amman's monogram. durch Peter Schmidt. gilt edges The copies are exceptionally tall and contain brilliant impressions of the . . in verlegung Sigmund Feyrabends.. . Sm. by Trantz-Bauzonnet and bound in i&. Three of the cuts bear Amman's mark. aut nostri etiam seculi. J.

m. 100 woodcuts of costume. Principum Electorum explicantur. {Colophon) Impressum Prancofurti Ad Moennm. .* which the preceding cuts have and a leaf with the colophon. sampt den Passion vnd zwolff Aposteln Sm. editae. The sequence of the cuts is. 167? . each of which has four blank shields without the supporters. ^* See illustration no. and 40 leaves with 80 cuts of the same size in which the shields are left blank. 15 15 *^* See illustration no.... 1579 The copy contains two leaves more than required by the collation in Becker's work on Jost Amman. 52. ivith fine impressions of the 81 woodcuts a sound copy in broum morocco gilt. 136 leaves. three large woodcuts and 78 smaller ones illustrating the Gospel history. inside borders. No. bisz auff das jar 1466 roannlich . . &c. each with verses in Latin and German . These are followed by 14. Illustres Veternm Graecae Comoediae Scriptorum sententiee.lxxix. . . 68 which had not appeared in the Latin issue.. Constitution. 1587 10 11 11 187 the same. 4to. Sm. with the Marquis of Blandford's crest in gold on the sides ib. . 1585 figuris. darinn aller Geistlichen Personen. 1585 Best and first edition of the German text. 1579 First edition.d. 4to. It was intended that this book should be used as an Album . d. Apud Georginm Corvinum. by de Coverly . 9 9 second figure was added on cut No. Sm. 4to. Anno m. Sm. blue morocco extra. 1579 Kiinstliche . and A . impensis Sigismundi Feyrabendii. 87 leaves.. vpllum ib.d. by de Coverly 1587 The verses to each cut are in Latin and German.. brovjn levant morocco extra. 184 liberaliter Insignia Sacrae Caesareae Majestatis. 18o Und wolgerissene figuren der fiirnembsten Evaugelien. Pontificiorum Ordinum Omnium Omnino A'triusque Sexus. Several cuts bear Amman's monogram. vellum gilt. Ad 28 Moenum. Impensis Sigismundi Feyerabendii. erhalten Erstlich von Marino Barletio . The Fairfax Murray copy in old calf fetched £6. 53. Habitus Artificiosissimis 188 quibus Francisci Modii singula octosticha adiecta sunt. ^to. .) Impressum Fraucofarti ad Moenum. . 186 another edition. . however. prius ab Henrico Stephano. der fiirnembsten Euangelien. better in the German issue. gilt edges. Rahen. Impensis Sigismundi Feyerabendii. thereby spoiling the volume. Cleri totius Romanee Ecclesise subiecti. . 3 3 183 Anthologia Gnomica. . sampt den Passion und zwoliJ Aposteln. unnumbered. etc. b-z. hence the blank shields. . They are beautifully designed and finely executed. Ritter vnd dero verwandten Herkommen. ivith over 72 fine woodcuts hy Jost Amma^ and others. with 1U3 PINE woodcuts by Jost Amman. . Seu. qui & singulas Latine conuertit. although Becker thought otherwise. Kiinstliche Ynd wolgerissene Figuren. . . gilt edges. . 4to. title in red and black. there being the title. The impressions with the Latin text are the earlier.. .. * a-e4 Collation — a6. red levant morocco extra.d. . . H.: 42 BERNARD QUARITCH'S CATALOGUE. gilt edges.. etc. Romischen Catholischen Kirchen. dergleichen vor nie in druek auszgangen Durcli Jost Amman Getrucht zu Franckfurt am Mayn. . 353 m.d.lxxix. a larger copy . durchs gantze Jar. gilt edges ib. (Colophon . a fine copy in morocco extra. This copy has the blanks in their original state. (Jost).cuts on 7 leaves. . in Latein beschinben. ib. Habit vnd Kleidung fleissig beschrieben Durch loann Adamum Lonicerum Zu Franckfort am Mayn. Sm. ..lxxix. 4to. . G.. first edition. Apud Georgium Coruinum. Regeln. . . by Hardy-Mennil ib. 42 Amicorum. AMMAN continued: — s. durchs gantze lar. folio. gilt edges. .. by Bedford ib.lxxix.. Anno m. in verlegung Sigmund Feyrabends. old half vellum Frankfurt.. m. Copies usually have these crudely filled in or defaced. . italic letter. Darnach dnrch Johannem Pinicianum verfceutscht Sm. which have descriptive text above and below them. Sm. with 174 woodcuts. (Colophon) Impressum Francofnrti . 6 = 189 Stand vnd Orden Der H. 110 leaves. Sm. 8vo with 167 woodcuts of figures and of blank shields with supporters and other decoration . per Petrum Fabricium.



43 £


(Jost), continued : numbers are given corresponding to a list of the designs printed towards the end of the book. No such list was issued with the Latin edition. The text is totally different in the two books. The Latin one is dedicated to Joannes Christoph. Neustetter, Canon of Bamberg, by Franciscus Modius the German to Joannes Latomus, and Helias Deublinger of Frankfort, by Joannes Adam Lonicer.



Gynseceum, sive Theatrum mulierum, in quo prfecipnarum omnium per Europam in primis, nationum gentium, populorumque foemineos habitus videre est Sm. 4to., first edition, italic letter, title in red and black, with cut, 122 fine full-length woo'Hcut figures of Women ; old calf, with the name " Edward Owynn " on the side Frankfurt, 1586







—A-z, a-g4 •
. . .



120 leaves, unnumbered.


The Fairfax Murray copy realised £12. Charta Lusoria, Tetrastichis ilhistrata per lannm Heinricum Scroterum de Gustrou Kunstliche Figuren in ein new Karten-spiel Sm. 4to., roman and g;oti)ic Ictttr, with 52 beautiful woodcuts of PLAYING-CARDS with Latin and German verses, and 2 other woodcuts ; modern olive morocco extra, tooled with a fine Grolieresque design, red m,orocco doublures with gold tooled borders, g. e., by 8. David, in a pull-off morocco case, very rare Noribergae, excud. Leonhardus Heuslerus, 1588 FiEST EDITION. The four suits represented by the cards are (a) printer's dabbers, (b) books, (c) drinking cups, (d) glass bowls. The 10 in each case is represented by a woman.
. . . . . .


At the Pirovano

sale in 1901 this copy realised £50. *^* See illustration no. 54.




Series of 79 (of 80) etchings on copper. PROOFS BEFORE LETTERS, vussia extra,

Folio, brilliant




elaborate ornamental borders on sides, gilt edges, hy

Lebrun about 1580 45

Extremely rare. Although Becker mentions 80 plates I have not seen one before with more than 78. The work is described under This is various different headings, since no title was issued with it. the Yeminez copy. This volume of engravings is inserted here as an expediene. Stultifera Navis Mortalium Olim Sebastiano 193 (S.). Brant Germanicis rhythmis conscriptus, & per lacobum Locher. Latinitati donatus Sm. 8vo., with 113 woodcuts by Tobias Stimmer ; a fine, clean copy in calf gilt, gilt edges, by Bedford Basel, S. Henricpetrus, 1572 194 STIMMER, Neue Kunstliche Figuren Biblischer Historien griintlich mit artigen Reimen begriffen von Tobia Stimmer gerissen Ynd durch J. F. G. M. [" Johan Fischart genant Menzer "] Zu Basel bei Thoma Gwarin. Anno, m.d.lxxvi. Sm. 4to., Gothic letter; ivith 170 fine and delicate woodcuts, every page enclosed within figured borders ; a very large and fine copy in polished olive m,orocco extra, gilt edges, by de Basel, 1576 Coverly Stimmer was the designer. His monogram appears upon only one of the cuts (Joseph welcoming his Brethren) and it is upon the same design that the monogram of the block-cutter is found. It resembles BV, but it is more probably BJ, and is






















15 15

accounted for by the allusion in the dedication to Fischart's father-in-law, Bernard Jobin, who had helped to cut the figures. Fischart dates his preface from Strassburg, and mentions incidentally that he had been in England a few years before, and had seen halls full of noble paintings by gi'eat masters in the " Schloss zu Londen." The title bears the inscription " Sum Ludovici i\ Rittersbach."



Nicolai Reusnori ic. partim ethica, et physica partim vero Historica, & Hieroglyphica ... 4 parts in 1 vol., sm. 4to., with title within a woodcut border, 2 portraits, and 162 woodcuts; A fine copy in straight- grain blue morocco extra, gilt edges, Frankfurt, 1581 by Kalthceber






No. 353

(J.). Introduftiones apotelesmaticse Blegantes,In ChiromanPhysionomiam, Astrologiam naturalem, Complexiones hominum, Naturas Planetarum, cum Periaxiomatibus de faciebas Signorum, Autore loan Indagine Lugduni, & Canonibus de segritudinibus
. .



m.d.lxxxii. loan. Tornaesiura With a woodcut portrait of Indagine on the Haoecips (Tliaddseas), Thaddsei Hagecii Ab Hagek
. .





. .

Francofarti Metoposcopicorum Hbellus vnus. Editio secunda Apud ligeredes Andrese Wecheli, mdlxxxiiii. 2 works in 1 vol., sra. 8vo., with numerous woodcut diagrams, etc. ; Lyons and Frankfort, 1582-4 fine clean copies in vellum ; rare 197 AMADIS. Desz Streitbaren Helden, Amadis ausz Franckreich Sehr Schone Historien ... in vnser allgemein Teutsche Spracb transferiert Gedruckt zu Pranckfurt am Mayn, In verlegung Sigmund {Imprint on title to vol. II :) Gedruckt zu Feyerabends m.d.lxxxiii. Franckfurt am Mayn, durch lohann Feyerabeudt, In verlegung Sigmundt Feyerabendts, m.d.lxxxiii. 2 vols, in 1, folio, with the arms of a very fine copy in polished the Duke of Baden and 240 pretty woodcuts

2 10






morocco extra, broad gilt tooled inside borders, gilt edges, by Niedree ; with the Seilliereariiis on sides Frankfort, J. Feierabend, 1^83 The woodcuts are unsigned, but are pretty compositions of the kind usually met with in the Feierabend books, and resemble the works of .Jost Amman. The large symbolical woodcut, representing Fame, on the first title, bears the monogram of
Tobias Stimmer.





appears on the second




without a


(Nic). Icones sive imagines virorvm Uteris illvstrivm Curante Bernardo lobino Recensente Nicolai Revsnero ic. Sm. 8vo., with 98 fine full-page woodcut Argentorati ciO lo xilic. Strassburg, 1587 portraits by Tobias Stimmer calf 199 RUMPOLT (Marx). Ein new Kochbuch, Das ist, Ein Griindtliche Bescbreibung, wie man recht vnd wol, nicht allein von vierfiissigen, heymiscben vnd wilden Thieren, sonde rn, auch von mancberley Vogel vnnd Federwildpret, darzu von allem griinen vnd diirren Fischwerck, allerley Speisz, als gesotten, gebraten, gebacken, Presolen, Carbonaden, mancberley Pasteten vnd FiiUwerck, Gallratt, vnd Hispaniscbe, Italianiscbe auff Teutsche, Ungeriscbe, etc. Folio, lit. gotj^. Franzosische weisz, kochen vnd zubereiten solle. title in red and black, numerous spirited German woodcuts, with engraved marks, M. F. J. A. H. S. etc. polished calf extra, inside dentelles, g. e., Frankfort, S. Feyerabendts, 1587 by F. Bedford, pine copy










2 10







most unusual to find an early Cookery book in such very fine condition. praxis revvm civilivm, pr^itoribvs, propr^ioribvs, Sm. 4to., with vtilis & necessaria. CONSVLIBUS, PRO-CONSVLiBus Antwerp, 1596 curious full-page woodcuts, old calf
It is









En skunoch

nyttigli Dicht,


Wijssheet, godli Liiro, ocli



hwilken alle Menniskiors wasende, Handel, Otroo, List och Snillheet afFmiilat warder, sampt medli thet sedliga Forstandet och thenne Books bruuk. Allom Menniskiom i thenna siillsamma tijden ganska tienligh och nodigh at weta, &c. Medh skone Figurer beprydd. Tryckt och vplagdt i Stockholm., aff Ignatio Meurer^ 1621. Sm. 8vo., (it. gotb., numerous crude icoodcuts^ crushed red morocco extra, inside dentelles, q. e., hy F. Bedford, fine COPY Stockholm, 1621 60

First Edition of this celebrated Pi0.mance in Swedish


extbemelt rare.









Theorica PLANETARnM. (Gerardus). {Colophon) Anno domini nostri ihesn cristi. 1. 4. 7 8. die 10. mensis Septembris. In uenezia. Per. Magistorem adam de rottueil. Sm. 4to., with 8 woodcuts {one coloured) of the Solar system, etc., a very fine copy hound in red levant morocco, gilt edges Venice, Adam de Rottweil, 1478 Hain 5825. Not in Proctor.
(W.). Fasciculus temporum [ad Annum 1474]. Sm. numerous small woodcuts of Cities, etc., FINE COPY ib., G. Walch, 1479 g. e., hy F. Bedford

14 14



folio, gotl; ic Ittttr,


polished calf extra, First Venetian edition.

The woodcuts

are not the


as those used by

Eatdoldt in his edition of 1480.



pacifica contwo initials on a I illuminated, in gold and colours, others painted red or blue, fine clean cojjy in old vellum Milan, P. de Lavagna, 1479 Hain 12259. It should contain three engravings for which blanks are left in the text, but with or without the engravings the book is rare. Hain does not

Sumula ho uero Sumeta de





12 12

mention them.


Latin edition.

De Re Militari



The second

87 to a full long originalhlank for fol. 1, painted initials page, 252 //. including in blue, first p)CLg6 of text decorated icith a large illuminated initicd, numerous full-page and smcdler tvoodcuts, hy Mateo a good sound Pasti^ the same as in the edition of 1482 hoards and leather, with copy in old Italian binding of oak stamped frame horders of involved scrolls, four clasp catches, Vcrona, [B, de Boninus de Boninis, VERY RARE


13 Feb., 1483]
The blank Hain *15848; Proctor 6921. destroyed, and 2 leaves have been enlarged.
*^* See illustration no.


at the

end has been


opera de facti De l'Arte Militare E PRECEPTI militari DI LO EXCELLENTE MISIER ROBERTO VALTVRK) ARIMINESE GIA INSCRIPTA IN LATIN A LO ILLVSTRE SIGNOR SIGISMON DO PANDOLPHO MALATESTA PRINCIPE DI ARIMINO ET HORA TRADVCTA IN VVLGAR Sm. folio, roman letter, 314 leaves, with nearly 100 curious and spirited outline woodcuts a sound copy with all three blank leaves^ in olive-green levant morocco^ gilt edges, hy Riviere, with the bookplate of the Duke of Sussex ib., 17 Feb.^ 1483 inserted from a former binding
. . .



FiEST EDITION in Italian, of great rarity. It is printed in the same type and has the same woodcuts as the second Tiatin edition which was finished four days previously (see preceding item). The cuts are for the most part freely copied from the originals attributed to Matteo Pasti the famous sculptor, which appeared in the first edition (1472). Hain-Copinger 15849 Proctor 6922.



No. 353






[Aggregator] incipit herbarium apulei PLATONici AD MARCUM AGRiPPAM. Sm. 4to., romau letter^ without marks^ the numerous icoodcuts of plants coloured^ crushed orange morocco extra^ g. e., hy Lloyd, very rare
[Rome, Joh. Phil, de Lignamine, 1483-4]
Hain *1322; Proctor 3962. First edition of the first printed Herbal. Reasons are given in Pollard iv. 131 for dating it 1483-4.


— 106

and a few

of the

11. The first six 11. and leaf 102 are in facsimile, woodcuts have been covered with fine lawn as a




Quadripartitum. Figura celi generalis magisterij {Folio 2a, heading printed in red .•) Liber Quadri partiti Ptolomei id e quattuor tractatuu in radicanti discretione p stellas d' futuris i hoc mundo costructiois z destructiois cotingetib' Sm. 4to., gothic letter, printed in red and black, 68 leaves; with 2 woodcut diagrams and numerous fine ornamental initials, white on a black ground ; a jew small worniholes and one leaf slightly cut into, othericise a good copy in boards Venice, E. Batdolt, 1484








Hain-Copinger *13543


Proctor 4394


Redgrave 40


Prince d'Essling 513.


(D.). Libro deuotissimo et spirituale de fructi del la lingua, title over woodcut n. d. (Florence, F. Buonaccorsi, about 1490) Specchio di Croce, title over ivoodcut, and a cut (repeat of the one in the " Fructi ") on reverse of same ib., n. d.


2 works in 1 vol., sm. 4to., roman some stained; original vellum



a few leaves repaired, and Florence, about 1490
no copy quoted.

15 15

Hain *im. Hain 4784.

Kristeller, 96a but

Kristeller, 95a.




Le deuote meditatione




nostro signore.

14 outline zooodcuts, and device at end, wormholes otherwise a fine copy in red morocco

roman a few


extra, hy

extremely rare
Venice, Matheo Codeca^ 26 4-prik

1490 84



Hain or


First complete edition as the two earlier issues had only 11 woodWhen writing his " Early Illustrated Books," Mr. Pollard had to be content with reproducing a cut from the 1508 edition. The engravers of these cuts were the same as were employed on the Mallermi Bible.

*^* See illustration no. 56.



DiviNA Comedia. {Fol P) comento di christoLandino fiorentino. Sm. folio, round characters, the poem in larger type than the commentary ; 324 leaves; loiih 100 woodcuts in outline scattered throughout the text, and numerous woodcut initials, white on hlach ground 07ie leaf slightly cut into otherwise a
. .


fine copy in black morocco blind tooled, gilt edges ib., Retrus de Piassiis, 1491 *** See illustration no. 57.


and 9 full-page ctits within borders differing frovi the previous item Rome. without marks. IhOb"] *. d. 9 woodcuts within borders (A.. &Oti)ic letter. a fttll-page woodcut as title with the legend S. crushed brown morocco extra. J. some leaves slightly oil stained..] ff. ^otj^ic letter. 10. cut on title Coniurationes demonum. cut on title n. . . Silber. I2mo.. 1499 5 pieces bound in 1 vol. Eucharittm nati sunt Silber.. 9 woodib. ib. 12 n. 51. Besicken. d. Stephen Planwh. 12 217 In isto MIRABILIA Rome. etc. Q.. 58.. cut on title and one other n. d. 8 leaves. In isto opusculo dicit quo modo.. Besicken. 4 full-page woodcuts. 1505) Mirabilia vrbis Romae nova recognita Sm. bound in crushed brown levant morocco. In a note Mr. crimson morocco extra 1499 — 22 10 All except the last piece are without date.. [ Venice. 4 n. 59. Aj blank except for signature.. bds ib. 1500 *»* See illustration no. die xiiii. half morocco n. ff. 1500 Modus Diuisiones decem nationum totius christianitatis. cccc. by 2 12 6 6 6 Romulus . . opuscule dicitur quo modo Romulus z Remus nati sunt et educati. d.. gothic aud roman letter.. gotj^tc letter.. (@otI)tc Ittttr. cut on title. etc. 8. ff. 215 MiRABiLiA RoM^. ©otj^tc letter. [but Rome. *. . d. about 1490 213 SACRO BOSCO (J. including one on the title .. 1491 by Root 214 ROME. Sm. crimson morocco extra. with 9 small woodcuts. Sm. Bladus. repaired). 14 218 ' Mirabilia Rome.ot})tC letter. Silber. some writing on title . Riviere.^^. d. 60. ff. vert rare ib. or printer's name. on title Modus Confitendi. cut on title n.* See illustration no. 61. 4to. crimson morocco extra [ib. and woodcut initials . . Januarii. Varia Judeorum & Gentilium de Christo testimonia Centones Probe Falconie. e. Birgitte. 28 U.. Confitendi. of * ^* The arms See illustration no. cut ff. Roman letter. d. Sphaera Mundi. (some II. B.. with full-page woodcut on verso of Fol.. de). roman letter. Gr 8) Rome. boards 218* ib. 10. ivoodcut on Orationes sancte Brigitte. circ. with a cut on title siviilar to that in the preceding copy of the book. 216 In isto MiRABiLiA RoMAE. long lines. Steph. BOOKS WITH WOODCUTS ITALY : 47 £ 212 s. g. I. Benalius. 1550 . toith signs. . Planck.. .. 32 leaves. A. /'. RARE [^Ronie. 12mo. Christo vaticinia z Remus nati siit z educati l2mo. waterstained. but probably all by the same printer as the last. Fairfax Murray states that comparison with the 1491 edition shews that the woodcuts in this copy are earlier. gilt edges. 5 10 . cut on title [Orationes S. 4 pieces bound in 1 vol. 4to. gilt edges. etc. DisAugustini Sibyllaruz de cordantie sanctorum doctorum Hieronymi (Philippus de). 1 10 . 12 fvM-page woodcuts of the Sibyls within ornamental borders. cuts title 1505 n. (? E. d. 5 pieces bound in 1 vol. The above four items form an interesting series as the cuts arc different in each of the issues. Ixxxxi. Bvo. 8.. Qaatuor hie Compressa Opuscula. M. and a large number of geometrical cuts some of which are printed in colours . Modus confitendi.. ff. large woodctit on reverse of A. 22. 12mo. looodcut on title n. BARBERIIS . place.* See illustration no. d. Gothic letter.. 1505] opusculo dicit quomodo Romulus & Remus . Gullielmus de Tridino. {Colophon:) Hoc quoq sideralis scientie singalare opusculum Impressum est Veiietiis per Magisrum Gullielmum de Tridino de Monteferrato Anno Salutis.. [MIRABILIA ROMAE].. Translatio miraculosa ecclesie beate Marie uirginis de Loreto. Brigida In isto opuscule dicitur quo modo Romulus z Remus nati sunt ^ educati. before 1491] 22 10 Pope Innocent VIII on f 2 shew that it was printed before 1492.

AUGUSTINUS (S. Eare.. No. Collation:— &-bQ. 4to. Theortca Mvsice Franchini Gafori Lav- Sm. a large copy . folio. one or two trifling wormholes.. rom. Orbis Breviarium. p. a-h. vellum gilt First edition. 4to. 2 small wood15 hrovm 'morocco ejctra ib. Sm. Hain-Copinger 12773. .48 219 BERNARD QUARITCH'S CATALOGUE. . Roman letter. Petrus de Piasiis [1492] 42 . 12mo. 63*. Miscomini. boards. These cuts appear to have been printed only in the 1490 edition and the present. . vellum {part of a liturgical MS. edizione originale. Ioanne Climacho. 68 leaves. woodcut title figuring a musician seated at an organ {fore margin of which is restored). Serraones ad heremitas 2 ad alios. fine copy in broivn morocco extra with broad gilt ornamented borders.. and numerous diagrams and musical illustrations . rare Venice. Kristeller 237. Pythagoras. folio. *^* See illustration no. 222 PETRARCA Li Triomphi. engravings attributed by Bartsch to Nicoletto da Modena (B 39-44) bat the authorship of which has never been decided... gotijtc Venice. brown levant morocco. 221 GAFORIUS. col Commento di (Francesco). 220 CLIMACHUS PABADISI.fine large Florentine woodcut on title of Chrises Agony in the Garden. 63.). 34. 14 //. 1492 50 Hain 7406 Proctor 6055. Tractate o vero Sermone Oratione composto da frate Hieronymo da Ferrara. 2. *^* See illustration no. Philipjms Mantegatius. by Leighton. The woodcuts are copies of the 78. 4to. 224 LILIUS. some marib. a fdl-page woodcut in four compartments on b^. Ver^ rare the second edition of the first treatise on music to be The remarkable woodcut on bg figures the inventions of printed. 1492 25 Proctor 6160 Audin 95 Kristeller 382e. Altramente schala 31 lines. The first two leaves are very slightly wormed. Vol. Sancio Sm. d. with a BEAUTIFUL ARABESQUE WOODCUT BORDER. 1493 and a little water-stained . MatJieo CodeGa. Sm. Sm. Hain 5468 Proctor 4992. Augustin. On the reverse of the second leaf there is a fine woodcut of the baptism of S. A... white on a black ground. . Benalius. *^* See illustration no. on the reverse of the third leaf. /zV.. Rivoli series of six 223 SAVONAROLA (Fra Hieronymo). The border afterwards appeared in Savonarola's Predica della te 4 6 4 6 del Bene morire (Kristeller 375c). 62. double columns^ calf gilt Hain *2004 Eivoli 695. 1493 ginal notes cut into . gilt edges. by Leighton Milan.). and 3 red geographical diagrams .. rare Hain 14405 : . the same. Florence. . One of the earliest Savonarola tracts with a typical Florentine woodcut. della. 1492 Ictttr. 130 leaves. roman letter. 353 £ «.. roman letter. Two of them are reproduced by Rivoli. .) 224* Sm. 4to. six iine full-page outline Italian ivoodcuts to the Triumphs within black and white renaissance borders . Hain-Copinger 10101 Proctor 6163 . One of the woodcuts is reproduced by d'Essling. cuts (J.\4!^\ .. roman letter. I do not think the cut was used again. 3 3 *^* See illustration no. DENSIS. signs. . gilt edges. painted initials. Two blank leaves are missing in this copy. Bernardo Glicino [e gli Sonetti col Comento di Philelpho].

BOOKS WITH WOODCUTS 225 : ITALY £ s. 1493 14 14 See illustration no. Sm. Stephen on title . Stephani. by L. page of text with a woodcut and arabesque woodcut border on the one or two small worniholes at the beginning . D'Essling 80. Codeca. roman letter. Manfredus de Bonellis. 63 of 67 spirited luoodcuts within borders.. . 3 woodcut devices and a charming WOODCUT on title . plain foremargin of the title and one or tioo corners mended. new calf \_Rome. Besicken ^. Zucchi. (Colophon Misser Fracescho Peti-archa corcti & castigati p me Hieronymo Centone Padouano Impressi i Venetia p Piero de Zohane di quaregi Bergamascho Nel.. The woodcuts are reprinted from the 1488 edition printed by Bernardino da Novara. Sermo de Visione dei. 30 realised £410 in 1911. Sermoni vulgari. Details are inked Sigs.. . from which issue D'Essling reproduces several illustrations under the number 76. gotljit Latine et Italice per Accium hihx.. Extremely rare. Copinger nor Proctor Reichling only two copies. rom. 1493 40 Not in Hain or Proctor Rivoli 362 (only 2 copies cited). a few letters on fol. a^. . The rarity of these editions may be evidenced by the fact that the Huth copy of the 1508 edition (the fifth issue with these woodcuts) . . ib. gli soneti di end of Sonetti) Finisse .). . a larger copy . The book however is of very great rarity in any condition. 231 MONSAUREUS (Raynaldus). 64. Sigs. 4to.. and ig are missing. 226 Esopo HiSTORiADO. and a few leaves stained in the lower margin.. 4 . lit. the last leaf and some other leaves are in poor condition. otherwise a fine. in . . 124 with small woodcut initials. Sm. Fabulae et Vita. tall copy. eg. 140 leaves page . see helow Venice. Sonetti e Trionfi. edges. L. eg and Cg are missing and e^ is damaged. 65. ij. 4to. loose in half vellum cover. Hain *2898 Proctor 6359 Kristeller 5G. two blank leaves cut away and one or two trifling wormholes in a few leaves . 67. 1496] Hain * 11548 Proctor 3720.Mayr. 4to. It is practically a reprint of the preceding. in old vellum gilt 1495 The very bake first edition. . Sm. Manfredo de Bonellis. gilt 230 Broca Florence. under " Planck " in error. and it is soiled throughout. vellum ib. *:n* M. Papa die S. roman letter.. several woodcuts of which are reproduced by Rivoli. Piero Quarengi. yESOPUS. 673 Hain. 1497 see below Hain 351 Proctor 5368 Rivoli 363.] Sm. Not who cites 229 BERNARDUS leaves . 66. calf RARE. with numerous ivoodcuts. [Oratio de Visione dei coram Alexandro VI. 12 12 14 14 ''^* See illustration no. Anni mccccxcvi. inside dentelles. 1494 45 .. . 6 II. 4to. *#* See illustration no. vellum ib. It contains the same woodcuts as the edition of Jau. 228 PETRARCA at (Francesca). Morgiani and J.. gilt . . m. 49 d. *^* See illustration no. (S. 227 CANTALYCIUS. Petri. 7 10 . . 4to. 31. Sra. Sm. with sign. 1495 the same. in in some of the woodcuts. . 65 of 67 woodcuts within borders^ woodcut title with the word Esopus on a panel. a outline cut of the Martyrdom of S. Boman letter.. 4to. 1 obliterated.cccclxxxxiiii Adi xvii Zugno Folio. 1491. 30 lines to the first Epigrammata. otherwise a good copy in broion morocco.

273 leaves with three blank last leaf being cut aioay). roman letter. . folio.. 233 LIYIUS. Valenza : ne . : Lorenzo del di Kossi da . Guillaume Le Signerre. the woodcut borders very slightly cut into old half russia Venice^ Philipims Pincius. 1495 45 The woodcuts had appeared in the Italian Livy of 1493. 353 £ s. 4i .) Epistole. d.. .. roman letter. 1496 the Dunn library Proctor 1607. . 111 leaves. white on a black ground . 1 recto a woodcut of the interior of a Pescia. in the Magliabecchi Library. large and crisp copy in old half binding. 2a. 60 Hain 7407 234 HIERONYMCJS Fol. Fol. a very fine. 68. (Coloel libro die tracta di Marcatatie & usanze depaesi.. Questo e (Georgio) ?]. [CHIARINI No. 233*GAFORIUS. 6a are tioo beautiful looodcut ( On borders ivith various designs. *^* See illustration no.cccc. tmder a woodcut .. (S. This copy has a conventual ex-libris on the end paste-down.) Epistole de sail hieronymo uulgare. (missing) [Vita epistole de sancto hie. Decades. Hain-Copinger 10141 Proctor 5308. with Music printed from woodblocks^ woodcut title and 4 charming woodcut borders with figures . printed in double columns . 273 leaves of 214^. Impressa e la presente oper cosi con diligentia emendata como di iocunde caracftere & figure ornata ne la inclita & florentissima cita de Ferrara per Maestro title la . as ivell as numerous fine u'oodcut imticds. . except the title ivhich is in gothic xylographic. finis. woodcut is probably the earliest representation of the interior of a bank. 271a colophon :) .. pages gracefully framed in woodcut borders and 171 small woodcuts scattered throughout the text (some of them marked loith the initial F). the fii'st book printed by Guillaume le Signerre at Milan. (Fol. old half calf very rare banker^ s j^remises Florence^ \_Bartolommeo di Libri. The . (Fol. from Milan. about 1495] 31 10 Hain 4955 (not seen) Kristeller 104.xcvii. 4to. The authorship of this volume is attributed to Giorgio di Lorenzo Chiarini. Fol. . folio. (of 274.ronymo ul'gare]. *^* See illustration no. but the artist's work is here in large quantity unsigned. None of those which bore the initial b were retained in this issue. ba. the Sm. on the authority of a MS.-) Vita de sanClo Hieronymo (Fol. the reverse and on fol. un'th numerous beautiful woodcuts.) . Very scarce. phon :) Impresso in Firenze appetitione di Ser Piero de Sm. gli . a di xii anna de de 06lobre la salute . Sm. folio. practica mvsice franchini gafori lavdensis. and ivith fine initials . mundo Sm. 69. . . xylographic .50 BERNARD QUARITCH'S CATALOGUE. .. m. The woodcut title is a representation of Music and all its tones. 232 Libro de Mercantie.

171 + 1 blank. 4 * . 1497 90 copy in vellum extra. Theonis commentaria copiosissima in Arati Phgpnomena grsece. Meditationes titj: Christi. It has a was made by an Englishman. 71. Linacre. roman letter. ib. libri o£lo infcegri. 235 BONAVENTURA. Procli eiusdem Sphaera. 171 rev. and dean Ferrara. and a few icormholes mended. bound in brown morocco extra by Riviere ib. Fol. 72. . Anno Domini . p. They were probably designed and executed in Venice or by Venetian Hain 8566 Proctor 5765 (the copy in the British Museum artists. B. by Riviere as in no. Arati Phaenomena Germanico Csesare interprete cum commentariis & imaginibus. which seems to have been The data there cleared up in F. . s. in regard to which a great deal of confusion has existed. Bevilaqua. of German Books. very S. The small illustrations are sharply cut. Murray's Cat.p. continued:— {white on blade. tvith woodcuts. gothic letter. and a letter of William Grocyn to Aldus is printed near the end. 8yo.). repeated with alterations in the " lunettes "). and a larger one of the Crucifixion red levant morocco extra. ex Scythicis oris ad nos nuper allati.. especially with the " Vita ". Rossi. with vite christi a woodcut of the Descent from the Cross. in interlacing style) £ . CI Impressum Venetiis per Simonem Papiensem dictum Biuilaquam 1499 die xiiii Decebris. 10 10 Hain-Copinger *3562 Proctor 5369 of both woodcuts). . fine large copy in old half calf Hain *1807 Pellechet 1315 Proctor 5415. 64a :) Uersiculi arboris Bonauenture Cardinalis meditationes Sm. . Arati eiusdem phsenomenon fragmentum Marco. L. d. . which is very often It is also one of the most important of the illustrated Italian books of the fifteenth century. printed in double columns . DucdeKivoli. 20. folio. . Arati eiusdemPhsenomena grgece. T. a fine copy. This is the first of the three undated Latin editions. Thoma Linacro Britanno interprete Sm. . similar to those in the Mallermi Bible and the Livy. but two or three black on white grounds. Aldtcs. 237 ASTRONOMICA VETERES. 1499 75 given clearly differentiate the various issues. . being remarkable for the beauty and number of its outline woodcuts and ornamental initials. mostly white on black grounds. . . . interprete. 25 most important works published by Aldus. 26 lines.) lulii Firmici Astronomicorum emendati. . Incipit Tractatus de virtutibus herbarum. . *^* See illustration no. .) and a great number of fine ornamental initials. *^* See illustration no. Marci Manilii astronomicorum libri quinque. which gives a number of details concerning the study of Greek literature in England at the time. 4 of which enclose large woodcuts 178 column cuts (each about 50 x 75 mm. and are of Venetian type.BOOKS WITH WOODCUTS: ITALY 61 HIERONYMUS (S. Arati eiusdem Pheenomena Ruffo Festo Auienio paraphraste. . Proctor 5570 . Hain-Copinger *14559. because a part of the translation not occur in that book. Prince d'Essling 414 (with reproductions 236 HERBARIUS [AGGREGATOR].no. wants the "Vita "). 70. There are 5 beautiful full-page borders (2.. 1497 missing. One of the woodcuts (on Hg^) is certainly by the artist of Poliphilo. Deuotissime. . CI Finiut Liber uocat Herbolariu de virtutibus herbaB/'. 4to. . 150 woodcuts. {Fol.Eenouard. gilt edges. ff. otherwise a fine. tall. . *^* See illustration no. roman and greelc letter. Sm. ... though it does of First edition one of the special interest for English collectors. lAiOB & . 265 Venice. gilt edges Vert rare. C. the plain inner margins of the first 4 or 5 leaves and of the last leaf skilfully repaired. Procli Diadochi Sphsera groBce. \a . lesu Christi . Manfredus de Bonellis. 376 leaves. .3.208. (Fol.

gothic letter. 241 PLUTARCHUS. 234 leaves. sewed . Poliphili hypnerotomachia. [a Julio Caesare Cantelmo]. with the same woodcuts as (1499). . Sm. 1545 in the first edition 60 Second edition. 1503 D'Essling only knew of this copy. The place of the errata leaf is taken by the register and colophon. 36 lines. In and the errata leaf This edition is rarer than the Renouard. otherwise an exceptionally jine and large copy measuring 311 x 204 mm. Benedicti e Vita. vert rare Venice. St. Fr. Bbnedicti. 4to. Jo.. and a fine border on b v. in EXTREMELY FINE CONDITION. ornamental woodcut initials. and he reproduced the woodcut from it (Joannes). instead of being in opposite corners. it is a page-for-page reprint of the 1499 edition. qnatuor primu approbatas religiosis qbusqj vivendi regulas. p. These variations point to an undescribed first issue. 4to. ib. 1501 4to. full-page cut of Plutarch writing. This copy differs from any other that has passed through my hands. gothic letter. first. 14. 8 8 lightly touched with colour. \_Title in red']. vellum. with a viola hanging on a branch above within a fine renascence border. title in red with Giunta device. 363 238 COLUMNA Sm. Sm. Giunta. at end not existing (the errors having been corrected). 133. vellum. roman letter^ 234 leaves. A.. long lines. is in three lines instead of two.. U4 are both placed on the inner half of the page. Habes isto volumine lector cadidiss. two or three quite insignijicant wormholes at begi'jining and end. Second edition. folio. y. and the Hebrew inscription on bg rev. 240 REGrULAE S. with the exception of the first title being different.) 15 15 (III. etc. Brixianum]. 73. letter. . It is the Undoubted masterpiece of the school of Venetian wood-engraving. *-* See illustration no. with 172 superb a very Jine clean copy hound in vellum ib. Among many 239 Poliphili Sm. rare Ferrara. but without the ornamental initials.62 BERNARD QUARITCH'rf CATALOGUE. Roman WOODCUTS Hypnerotomachia. case 1499 275 First edition of the most beautiful op all woodcut books. Francisci. Basilii. Regulae S. gilt edges. a very title. the two woodcuts on eig. folio. £ $. John of Speyer for L. Sm. No. (Francesco). Epithome Plutarchi 10 10 242 STELLA fine large outline cut on Vita romanorum Imperatorum. title in large flourishing gothic letter. e.. roman letter. double columns... other variations from the normal state. 23 to a page. {top margin of the latter shaved). Augustini. Bernardinus de Vitalibus. Prince d'Essling 1199 . with the cut initials Priapus cut undefaced extra. with ornamental looodand 172 woodcuts . d. etc. The woodcuts and some of the initials are very . Aldus. 1500 Hain * 13827 Proctor 5504. bound iti crimson levant morocco in a half morocco Venice. no. 67. [Regulae S. woodcut initial letters. S. one above the other. floriated initials (inner plain margins wormed). collecta atqj ordinata per D. Aldine Press. by . two fine full-page Italian outline woodcuts. Trautz-Bauzonnet. etc. fact.

. and 4 full-page wood engravings within ornamental borders. 273 (of 274) leaves (tq being missing) the title printed in red and black . *»• See illustration no. le virtute li costumi morali prouando per auctorita de sacri theologi e de molti philosophi doctissimi. and 40 fine historiated woodcut initials of large size. and the printer^ s mark) Sm. ( On the reverse. Sm. throughout the text. a list of chapters. Roman letter except the title. 74.) Impssu impensis nobilis viri Luce Antonij de giuta floretini Mcccccij die xix. Mcccccij . 12 10 grand typographical achievement. and numerous ornamental initials.. with woodcut initial letters. above a woodcut of a monk walking in a garden. where Columbus says there were six or eight species of palm tree. : . A. white on black . A 244 FIORE DI VIRTU. plain inner m. bearing the initials B. . I cannot trace the sale of another copy.ended . 30a. . the music noted in red four-line staves. la. . ii. 89 woodcut views of towns etc. Decembris. . . . *^* See illustration no. . and 35 smaller spirited cuts . B. NouissimeR hystoriaR omniu repercussiones nouiter lacobophilippo Bergomese edite que Supplementum supplementi Cronicarii nuncupantur Incipiendo ab exordio mundi vsqj in . Mccccc. Missale s'm vsum sancte Romane ecclesie. Laquale tratta de tutti li vicij humani iquali gli homini che desiderano viuere secundo Et insegna come si debia acquistare dio debono fugire. Missals imprimis d Venise. .. Nouiter Impressu.) Impressum Mediolani per Lazarum de turate anno dni. with fine bold woodcuts. folio. de Turate. This account is even more definite in some particulars . {Colophon . : 21 vol. pp. 1503 This book contains the first printed account of the discovery of America by Columbus to appear in a history or chronicle. L. woodcut border-pieces.argin of the first leaf m. 53 d. printed in red and black. Sessa at Venice in 1499. Folio. . T. and were probably copied from the edition brought out by Z. The narrative was probably taken from one of the Cosco Latin editions. 62 not in Bourbon collection (Alfes) not mentioned by Weale. colophon . (Fol. is dedicated to Cardinal Pallavicini and a woodcut on the Prince d'EssIing 346 (with 5 reproductions). . woodcuts are of the Venetian style. It is one of the earliest issues of the large Eoman missal published by L. 4to. Due de Eivoli.. 75. Nouembris. thus. (Fol. gothic letter. 245 BERGOMENSIS. which is in Gothic . . purple Milan. 73-77). one leaf slightly defective. .— BOOKS WITH WOODCUTS: ITALY £ 243 «." WhUst being no more than a reproduction in a narrative form of that letter. . on the first page. 53 and 55 long lines to the page . *^* See illustration no. die xx. with a beautiful full-page woodcut before the Canon. 1502 72 morocco. the whole loithin a ivoodcut harder in Incomincia vna opereta vtilissima chia comimrtments :) mata Fiore de virtu. 1602 . 76. ii. The account " De quattuor begins at the bottom of folio 441b with the following words pmaximis insulis in India extra orbem nuper inuentis. it contains some additions from the speeches of the Spanish Ambassadors. title his arms. as is also the first leaf of Book I . a very large and fine copy in vellum ib. 30 leaves (a-c^ d^) with a large vwodcui and border. printed in gothic letter. consequently the first account of the discovery to appear in any other form than that of the " Letter. Albertus de Lissona. . Annum ." Vide Thacher's Columbut. in the original Venetian binding of wooden boards covered with stamped leather Venice. The : . Giunta. MISSAL. . Bergomensis is able to specify the number as seven. a . gilt edges Extremely rare. The book contains .

. g. 12m. 32 leaves. ib. 244. Very 247 ARS MORIENDI. ib. woodcut on title and numerous diagrams on the outer margin of each page .. tain figures of birds. lo. 4to. 77 and 2418 78. (Colophon:) Baptistam Sessam Cal Per. but the most beautiful are those executed in simple outline containing allegorical figures amid interwoven arabesques. [1520] The two last were issued from the same press. Due de Eivoli. and Boetids. . gilt edges ih.. 2 16 : . Venice. below which is the printer' s device.. ^Qi^icltiitX. Gauricum Neapolitanum . 249 GRANOLLACHS . another edition. 6 10 Not mentioned by D'Esslmg. Sm. on title. woodcut initials are executed in outline and conThe large woodcut on the title is within a black and while border fcw of the A Due de Eivoli. 4to. entirely uncut ih. 5 5 . ExcESSiVELy RARE the only othei' copies mentioned by the Prince d'Essling are that in his own collection and one in the Museo Civico. lunii m. outline cut {? Venetian) on title.. (Johannes)]. Prince d'Essling 272 (with reproductions of 5 of the woodcuts). 54 BERNARD QUARITCH'S CATALOGUE. The eleven remarkable woodcuts which illustrate the text are pretty close copies of those in the blockbook Ars Moriendi. 53 and 54 long lines to the page without catchwords . Tetragonismus idest circnli qaadratura per Capanu archimede Syracusanu atq5 boetium matliematicae perspicacissimos adinuenta {Here a large woodcut. by Lloyd Absque nota \_c.1 . . green morocco gilt.. with woodcut initials. p. [1525] : . . of a remarkable character a large copy in hrown levant morocco extra. and diagrams. . Brunet I 1522 . [1513] another edition. 1504] : . J. CAMPANUS. {Venetian?) cut on title shewing three students standiyig before a teacher in a desk. *^* See illustration no. 79.o. [PECKHAM datii . Lunarium in quo I'eperiuntur Coniunctiones et Oppositiones lune et eclypses solis et lune per anni circulum (1504-1550). e. Lunaria in quo reperiuntur Coniunctiones & Oppositiones Lune & Eclypses Solis & Lune (1525-1550). with a woodcut of a monk offering a crown to the Virgin and Child. Roman letter. Some a. X^vao. B. bds. same cut as preceding on title . 3 10 : . bds. Lunarium in quo reperiuntur Coiunctiones & oppositiones Lunte & Eclypses Solis & Lunse / per Anni circulum (1513-1550).. The woodcut on the title represents Campanus in the dress of a magician standing between two astronomical instruments on the Earth surrounded by the sea. .. 238. . folio.. slightly waterstained. and the printer s device. 1503 . p. by Lloyd ib. fine copy in crushed green morocco gilt. Impressum . . same cut as preceding 0)1 title .. g. with the legend " altiur incubuit animus sub imagine mundi ". (1520-1550). The real value of the work as an early woodcut book lies in its charming initial letters which are executed in fine style.') Sm.ccccciiii Diiigentissime eman. 12mo. . d. [about 1503] 200 Ben morire Cioe In . 15 is especially fine and would seem to have been designed several years earlier than the date of the book. large WOODCOT On title. with WOODCUT INITIALS. hoards. with large stars {no moon) on a black background . 20 leaves. Gothic lette?-. Sessa. 250 251 252 another edition. communis. and represents the author instructing three of his pupils. 24 leaves . Baptistam Sessa.re white on a black ground. 5 5 babe. That on f ol. rovian letter. Above all are the signs of the Zodiac. . Questa Operetta Tracta Dellarte Del gratia cli Dio {Colophon :) Impressum Venetijis Per To. . Lunariii in quo reperiunt Coiunctiones & Oppositiones Lune & Eclypses Solis & Lune 12mo. . *#* See illustration nos. and 1 other WOODCUTS. vellum Venice.. Archiepiscopi Cantnariensis Perspectiua hoc opus Venetiis per lo. (Bernard). Sm. 1504 6 6 FiEST EDITION. L. 246 Archimedes. 353 £ s. No. e.

The arabesque border resembles somewhat in style the early Dantes. folio. Statutapp. Sirus and Augustinus. an ornamental border. Zuanne de Trino. dark green crushed morocco extra. The woodcuts are slightly shaded and are beautifully executed. including repetitions. a beautiful ivoodcut border. Bertolamio de Very rare. ivith and \0 fall-page WOODCUTS each within a border similar to that of the title-page . . de Gregorii. Both the arabesque borders and figure-groups are executed with in Vrbe Fani Augusti m. to a page. long lines. 1505 A work of much rarity unknown to Brunet and Graesse. 15 15 . woodcut initials. . in 1879. 254. Zani in good condition. la. . Gothic letter. The "woodcuts June 20. a fine copy in vellum Pavia. The arabesque borders are probably the work of a different artist from the designer of the figure groups. the brother and assistant of the more famous Zoan Andrea. hy Lloijd de Portese. . tcith numerous looodcut initials. white on black ground. ib. and ornamental initials. half bound -49 Statuta de regimie Ptatis comitat' pp cu qbusda decret5.cccccv. & crialia civitat5 & QOti}tC letter. Vigerii Saonensis San Mariae Transtibe Praesbi Senogallien Decachordvm Christianvm Ivlio II Pont Dicatvm (Fol. 254 GUALLA (Jacobus). Max . The large woodcut of the triumph of Fama on the {Fol. and 10 fine woodcuts scattered throughout the text . Anno domini M. . 1507 First edition. folio. roman letter. {Fol. the initial N have been finely illuminated with the naked child playing with a swan. 15 15 title.. de misser Giovanni Boccacio de mulieribus claris PROEMio Incomincia el libro intitulato de mulieribus Claris Sm. Sm. 12 12 marked ability. . 255 STATUTA civilia Papiae. Soncinus. . vellum. 270 leaves... H. with arms on the sides Fano. . . mensis Nouembris. devices at end. .). 13 are missing'. antiquities of the town and the relics in the churches. 4a :) . Marci Car . (Colophon on fol. p. . 1506 6 6 256 BOCCACCIO. The last of these bear the initials F. romanl etter. roman letter^ double columns. . 35 small WOODCUTS. and the portrait of Eve. . et Comitatz. 257 VIGERIUS. The letterpress contains an ecclesiastical history of Pavia.x. . x. by a contemporary artist. Among these are mentioned two hairs supposed to have belonged to the ass and the ox in the stable of Bethlehem. BOCCACCIO the text. Xagler is also of this opinion. Montagna. 12 and and several leaves are mended. Lopera . *^* See illustration no. . . The woodcuts in this volume represent scenes from the life of Christ.vii Sm. full-page cut on title depicting SS.* See illustration no. chordum Christianvi finit his cara6teribus impressit Quod Hieronymus Soncinus die .. . ivith 106 woodcuts. and further ascribes the borders to Ben. 4to. . a good large copy . V. 82. are the same as in the edition of b)'. 102 leaves . heloiu a portrait of the author:) lacobi Gualle lureconsulti Papie Sanctuarium. 102a:) Impre8U5 Papie p magistrii lacob de Burgofracho. Venice. 4to. Didot's copy in a modern binding fetched. and numerous woodcuts in (Gio. loithin etc. which allow us to assign them to Florio Valvassore. Sm.G. .d. colophon:) Marci Vigerii Deca. leaves 6. 785 frs. 1492. rebacked. *. 1506 First emtion in Italian. 254fe. . die. Due de Eivoli. tohite on black ground. old calf. Sm. a description of the . rare Venice. white on black. .BOOKS WITH WOODCUTS 253 : ITALY 55 d. folio. 83. book is e. Jacob de Burgofranco. \hQ4: 35 The title is mended and imper-fect. Decamerone ouer Cento nouelle cle misser Johanni Boccaccio. . published at Venice *^* See illustration no. 81. but the body of the g... .

. la.xi . and a title waterstained. a very fine cofjy in crimson morocco extra. . on a black ground pill lion . . olive Mantua. 1507 Tacuinus Anno salutis . adi xiiii. 125. fa9ade of a temple. Ixxxxii. plain corners of a few leaves mended. 32 leaves . die 8 novembris..D. 353 258 OVID. P. but the woodcuts are Venetian and of good qualit}'. on vellum prepared for the use of a Congregation in Prague instituted by the Jesuits about 1580." At his feet is a lamb. one of which is . . but this early one combines rarity and artistic value in its designs. a.. ipressit Venetiis initials . . each 10 leaves. Gothic letter. several small Libri de Ponto . miracoli di sancto Anselmo vescouo patron di Ictttr. and Q and K. . around which hangs a ribbon bearing the words " Ecce agnus dei. double columns. 84. . (Colophon . title of On the 259 MISSAL OF PRAGUE USE.xi adi. 17 10 imperfect. 1511 30 Extremely eaee. vellum Venice. inferior later editions are costly. gilt edges Venice. with 45 remarkable WOODCUTS.d. 2 works in 1 morocco 12mo. s. [. .•). . folio. . . . . .cccccviii With woodcut initials. Venice. . . . .. white on blach ground. . (Fol. Weale mentions three copies. . . . . introducing a pattern of floreated designs supported by allegorical . The fly-leaf and end-leaf are composed of the illuminated frontispiece and title MS.. vellum (it. 1511 (Colophon :) Venetiis Tacuinus Anno salutis M. title. woodcut portrait of Saint on title vol. Due de Eivoli. Impressa in Venetia nel anno m. folio. .ccccc. white on black ground. {Fol. and . . many containing allegorical figures 1507 3 works in 1 vol. being missing) with a full-page woodcut of the Crucifixion (coloured) before the Canon. xx. missing from this copy:) Missale s'm choru Archiepatus Pragen ecclesie cu oibus requisitis] (Fol. 315 (of 336) leaves (>^i. (Sotijtc Ittter. 335a. title. In Edibus Petri Liechtenstein Expensis wenceslai kaplitzer Bobemi].. portrait of the Saint on e within a border wanting last leaf [^Mantua"]. . S2a. but a good copy . with miniatures in the compartments. Sm. except Prince d'Essling (1253). . Sm. who mentions only one copy. printed in red and black. . colophon . *** See illustration no.. 8. Tacuinus. The text is derived from that of the German 4to. .ccccc. m. 12 12 each work is a woodcut representing Christ holding a cross. Venetiis anno 1507. leaves slightly stained. .vil With charming woodcut initials.. Blissels imprimes a Venise. p.LXYii. letter. . Mantua. cccc. .56 BERNARD QUARITOH'S CATALOGUE. de Aj^rile. ivlnte Pronosticatione in iiiilgare rara & :) udita Et clurera piu anni cioe insino a lanno M. 260 LEGEDA La Vita <SiQi\)\t d'l Bto Zanebono d Matua. . woodcuts scattered throughout the text . s. 16 Ales 126 . . 1507] A very rare Slavonicum. They are painted to represent the of a . . also missing :) [. 1507-11 . . P. that in S. Roman Even the Lichtenberger. a. . Album Maeianum. :) . This edition seems to be unmentioned by all bibliographers. . Ouidii Nasonis Fastorum libri (Colophon:) Impressum Venetiis opera loannis Tacuini de Tridino Anno M. . Nov. Oftobris cauada da unaltra stampada in Modena per maestro Pietro francioso nel anno M. double columns Avood cut . which is printed ON VELLUM. No. above a woodcut ofy h : s. . a few {Title. Mark's Library. With woodcut . numerous woodcuts scattered throughout the text and a beautiful arabesque border. . about 1510 7 10 261 LICHTENBERGER. [fManttio]. figures Libri de tristibns . Mr. and about 300 historiated vjoodcut initials]. Weale. Liechtenstein. .

). The auditorium consists of nineteen persons . Piero Quarengi. we also find CC with a pillar or castle. containing St. roman letter. 86.. M. 1611 Very rare. upon which is erected a scaffolding. 94. The woodcuts are very fine Siennese productions in the style of Zoan Andrea.fj^rinted in .. . 12 12 . 1511 First Venetian edition with woodcuts. xxiiii Nouembris . The artist has been plausibly identified. jects. 59a. 1512 .. . Opera noaa della Vita & morte della Diua Seraphica on the stage stands an & Catharia da Siea coposta p lo excelletissimo & famosissirao Poeta miser lo. 264 actor. and the finest which had yet appeared.xii. while another is about to enter from the wings. a fine copy in vellum Venice. ivith numerous woodcuts. Del. The smaller cuts are likewise in great part copied from the Benali edition. . Vitrwivs per locvndvm so lito castigatior factvs cvni figvris et tabvla vt iam legi et intelligi possit. Brunet II. a few margins slightly mended. gilt edges. 262 VITRUVIUS. De la uictorie hauute in India . fine full-page ctit of the Crucifixion within a border of amorini before folio v." Brunei. the loicer . new vellum. and Jonah and 28 *^* See illustration no. Pollio Arretino. . . and 17 small cuts in the text . L. adque comentariis Bernard! Saraceni. The idea is to raise heavy This is probably the first illustration of a objects that have been lost in the sea. 8vo. m. method of raising sunken ships which still has a practical value. Soar. a seraphico doctors Bonauentura editu {Beneath. DANTE. The full-page woodcut is partly copied from a cut in the Benali edition of Dante published in 1491. including one full-page . one large and 100 small woodcuts.. . margins of the first 20 leaves repaired. with plain tvoodcut initials and very clear impressions of the numerous woodcuts . border in compartments. 1513. Ee de . 123 leaver. 265 BONAVENTURA tionum incipit : Denotlssimum opus passionis Christi Medita(S. 317 printed leaves . and the pillar alone. but the spelling of the title differs slightly from this. first ILLUSTRATED EDITION roman letter. Adam. . . and Eve tempted. Princc d'Essling 420. calf Venice. The letter is dated from Lisbon. . 85.. & Malacha : al 4to. by Riviere ib. 1513 A copy is quoted by Brunet. 87. Fol. Adi. *^* See illustration no. M. First edition by this printer. . folio. Besides the initial C. olive morocco extra. lb :) Comento di Christophoro Landino Fiorentino sopra la Comedia di Danthe Alighieri Impressa in Venetia per Miser Bernardino stagnino da Trino de monferra. In rima. . loannis Petri Yallse Plauti Comoediae xx recens singulari diligentia formulis excusae Sm. a tvoodcut of the Crucifixion. a pretty co2yy in polished dark brown morocco extra. 1511 Vert rare. 267 EMMANUEL.^.ccccc. 2. . by Tliierry ib. containing the finest impressions of the woodcuts. ivoodcut initials . 57 d.. Stagnino. gothic letter. *^* See illustration no. 4to. uncut. broad gilt inside dentelles. I cannot trace another copy. . 4 4 One illustration represents 263 PLAUTUS. John. Sm. . Portogallo . They were executed by different artists but many bear the initial " C ". Ex emendationibns. Sm. The woodcuts illustrate the scenes and characters of the various comedies. . Zorzi de Rusconifor N. fine copy ib. Leone decimo Pontifice Maximo. The woodcut border and the full-page woodcut are both in outline. . Epistola del potentissimo et Inuictissimo Hemanuel & de algarbii &c. From the middle beam of the upper part of this scaffolding hangs a rope running on pulleys. The large woodcut was probably due to the artist of the Poliphilo. Catherine receiving the stigmata. 16 contains a full-page woodcut of the Crucifixion with the Virgin and S. Colophon. 15 . 7 A 266 SCARCE little VOLUME. 16 .— BOOKS WITH WOODCUTS: ITALY £ ». the text in larger type than the combeautiful borders. Sm. with 2 WOODCUTS. 501 Due de Kivoli p.entary besides with (too numerous italics.) Sm. . POLLIO. boards no place or date. This latter represents a theatre with stage and auditorium. with Cristoforo Castelli of Parma. . June 6. gilt edges. 1512 " Edition assez recherchee. iolio. Tacuitms. The woodcuts are of great interest and embrace a variety of subtwo boats lying parallel to each other a few paces apart. the ivhale. woodcut title within S. in Nagler's Monogrammisten. cut of a sea port on first leaf . B. Operedel divino poeta Danthe con svoi comenti {Fol. Sm. Zopino. ^to. Fol.

the crowning of the Pope by a demon. 1516 70 An extremely rare edition. filij {Fol. 68 BERNARD QUARITCH'S CATALOGUE. ib. 2a) Comincia La Elegante Et Bella Hystoria De Gli Nobilissi mi Amanti Paris & Viena Sm. gothic letter. Johannes Tacuinoda Trino.. 4to. roman contemporary vellum Prince d'Essling 845. signs of the Zodiac. constellations and diagrams. 1519 4 273*LEUPOLDUS. roman letter. which certainly contains a superfluous c. \_Bindoiii'\. Soar. 6 10 269 GRATIANUS. double columns. otherwise good.. . and the last leaf hacked. . although the numerous woodcuts scattered throughout the 5 10 271 Abbot himself was canonized. Inamorameiito De Paris e Viena Nouamente Historiado {Fol. 1516.repaired Venice. . in the style of those in the Mallermi Bible . Abbas Joachim magnus propheta Hec subiecta in hoc libello. The curious prophecies of the Abbot Joachim concerning the evil fortunes and revolutions of the Church. .Giunta. ivith mimerous woodcxjts of spheres. B. 4to. red and black. 4:to. letter. title in red and black with device. some repeated. 24 other spirited Italian cuts..-) Compilatio Leupoldi ducatus austrie de astrorum scientia Decern continentis tractatus. 94i leaves. 76 leaves. semi-gothic letter. another edition. and 36 smaller cuts. a few slight wormholes. by Petit ib. 49 lines to the column . similar. Sm. . while the Benali edition contains a dedicatory letter dated Padua.. 19 April. lbl4! . with initial letters and continenteur . one or two letters in the colophon heing defective. BONIFACIDS VIII.. the real date being therefore 1516. Sm. 48 lines to the cohcmn. vellum ib. Piero crescientio De Agricultura Uulgare. etc. Sm. including one {repeated) of David and Uriah. while the allegorical illustrations of the heavenly constellations are copied from those in Angelus' work. L. SO leaves. de Bavanis. *^* See illustration no. 4to. the Trinity. 4to. . some of lohich are repeats a feiv leaves at the beginning have the plain foremargins slightly wormed. in concilio No. rubbed The bindings ib. Sm. caused them to be condemned and burnt. and they imagined the Benali edition to have been issued first. reman letter . But several cuts are original. etc. Benalius \_about 1516] . p.. 1520 4 4 These cuts are mainly taken from Sacrobosco's work and Angelas' Opus Astrolahii. 88. 1516 FiEST EDITION. a larger one of the author lecturing. double columns. with similar woodcuts to those in the earlier edition . 425. and . la. L. .. 22 May. ... ib. ISll 8 8 of this and the preceding item are . Due de Eivoli.. Expositio magni ppheto Joachim de magnis tribulationib^ z statu sancte mfis ecclesie Item tractatus de antechristo magistri Joanis parisiensis. (Papa) Lugdunensi editus . z annotationibus Bartliolomei brixiensis small goti)ic letter.. a fine copy in red morocco extra. text . a soimd copy in vellum ib. . Sessa and P. . (Pietro). 273 CRESCENZIO Sm. 270 JOACHIM. . small Qoti)ic letter. . niimerous small woodcuts . . with a woodcut of Justice on the title. original oak boards covered with Leather stamped ivith an ornamental design. 38 leaves (a-d^ e^) with a woodcut of the Triumph of Chastity {repeated). The cuts are curious illustrations of battles waged against the Church. except the title which is in gothic.22 May. I full-page (the Betrayal of Judas) and numerous smaller woodcuts .. oak boards covered with leather and stamped with ornamental prepositi alberstatensis tooling. while the full-page wood-engraving on folio 6b represents an enormous serpent with seven heads. gilt inside denielles. red and black. This is conclusively shown to be incorrect by a comparison of the two editions. M. The date in the colophon is 1616. Decretnz Gratiani cu Glossis dHi : Joannis thentonici . on the verses. title... bds. Sm 4to. 353 268 Sexfcus Decretaliom liber a Bonifacio YIII. apparently unrecorded. . This was long supposed by Prince d'Essling and others to be the second issue. This issue is dated April 5. 4to. 5 272 PARIS AND VIENNA. double columns.

. 69 d. of MSS. 4to. Sm. *^* See illustration no. with 1 full-page cuts . who was one of the most celebrated preach«rs of his time. A. who about 151G founded a school of music at Eome which became famous. P. green morocco [ih. This is the best of the works of this great musical writer. 1517. Roman inches) by Anton von quently became bishop of Vienna. Vavassore. translated by Abraham Fleming. . Quentell. HTGI DE STELis " from the Yemeniz collection . First Edition. P. 12mo. 1539 1539 16 16 15 15 . 1517 Due de Rivoli 495. de Bavanis. Nel quale le virtu de le lierbe et 12mo.. The borders — Guinta. and black v>ith looodcut. An English version. and Cologne.. herbs. a stamp erased from the title of the second item. In 1 vol. . .. 276 HERBOLARIO and numerous ornamental extra molti simplici se dechiarano others initials. Nausea (Fred). fine copies. linen back ib. a fine copy in olive morocco. M. Nic. 1529.BOOKS WITH WOODCUTS 274 : ITALY £ s. printer's device on last Venice. Folio. with a large cut on title and another. . Septem . 1520 9 9 The corner A5 is torn.. with 26 fine woodcuts {each about 4 x 1| Worms. are from blocks which had been in the possession of Gregorio de Gregorii but the very large illustration which contains the portrait and representations of some musical instruments is an original work signed by "La" a monogram resembling one attributed in Nagler's Monogrammisten to Lucas Allantse and L. all uncoloured. 1883. planets and constellations. 1523 The very rare first edition of one of the great books in the literature of early music. Mohn. .. simple gilt ornaments in the centre and at the angles. 1557. . half calf. soil. And. etc. xvi. rare : Fabule and Vincentio. gotj^tc letter. full-page woodcut of Aron lecturing and other woodcuts throughout the text . title-page printed in red and black uithin a woodcut border. and 15G2. e Motti. The book was reprinted (P. 1560. by Zaehnsdorf ib. and Printed Books at the Historical 22 10 Music Loan Exhibition. Cat. . 279 another copy.. in 1525. Clarissimi Hyginii Astronomi De vtriv8q5 Partiam Ueclaratione Cum Planetis . 89. on the a sphere. printer s device at end. a fine copy in boards. toriatis. Weale. 48 leaves .. His book contains details of several extraordinary events of the time. gilt edges. besides ornaviental initials ib. mundi Efc spheerse Ac Et Variis Signis His- Roman verso of letter. about 1522] 28 of flowers^ 277 AEON Thoscanello de la Mvsica di Messer Pietre Aaron. repeated) by an unknown hand Cologne. small cuts in the text. involving three or four letters. 1532 The author. Folio. . frederici navseae blancicampiani ." Venice. numerous leaf. volgare. Zoa. and 3 larger ones (1. folio.. was published in London in 1577. 1539 (see below). 278 another edition. double columns. The volume was already in its present state when the inscription was written which appears inside the cover "Emptus. in a Venetian binding of smooth dark morocco. HYGINUS. . MIBAS FREDE. title within woodcut border (differing from above). and nearly 50 spirited woodcuts of the signs of the Zodiac. for some collector who had imported the Nausea from Germany. a large and fine woodcut of Aron lecturing and a number of other woodcuts illustrating the theory of Music throughout the text . 5 6 Bound in Venice : 275 ARLOTTOMAINARDI title (Piovano). sm. Libri Mirabilium 82 leaves . lettered on the upper cover " LIB. a fine copy in blue morocco extra by Raparlier ib.). Zopino of sig. Facetie : in red. 1532 and lettered as above about 1540. subseletter.. Sessa and P.

1524 7 Two 285 of the large cuts are marked one L.. They are shaded and in the later style of Italian woodcuts and the attitudes and grouping of the figures are often impressive. a large and fine copy in the original stamped Venetian binding. 8vo.. The impressions are equally fine. . whose name appears in the Inquisitor's licence. with numerous woodcut diagrams and illustrations of musicians playing.. No. 1569 same woodcuts. ib. 445. gilt edges ib. .. 8vo. . . gothic letter^ 256 leaves. and hundreds of smaller ones which are . also within decorative borders . likewise within decorative borders. comprising 30 large ilhistrations of the text. from the Ashburnham library Venice.. BOCCACCIO 12mo. 60 BERNARD QUARITCH'S CATALOGUE. with 189 woodcuts also within decorative borders . G. etc. gothic letter. Mvsica Theoretica Ludouici Foliani Mutinensis docte simulac dilucide pertractata: inquaquapluresde harmonicisinteruallis: non prius tentatae continentur speculationes.d. gilt edges . 8vo. Arodia. The author seems to have been the designer of all the woodcuts. 1529 : 12 12 . 224 (of 228) leaves (»J<6-7 h^i^g missing and O^. 8vo. est ordinarium cu multis alijs officijs z ofonibus q hactenus nullibi impressa fuerunt Sm. as in the 1522 edition. with 189 WOODCUTS. 90. N. A 283 reprint of the edition of 1522. loithin a luoodcut border Sm.A. besides illustrating incidents from the New Testament before and after Christ's time. *^* See illustration no. same woodcuts. 256 leaves. printed in red and black. . . bds.. . each page 189 WOODCUTS in the style of Zoan Andrea. Mense octobri . de Gregoriis. Sessa. each within an arabesque woodcut border. corretta de nuovo del m. a fine copy in olive morocco gilt. . . Prince d'Essling 493. A. . and one L. very pretty italic letter. another edition. a sound copy in calf ib. 10 10 282 another edition.xxv. Rosario della gloriosa vgie maria {Colophon on fol. Vittor della Serena.. 256 leaves. 1525 : 5 5 286 FOLIANUS. Sessa. Sm. with the OFPICIUM ROMANUM. . 1551 3 10 another edition. original limp vellum ornamental woodcut border to title . first impressions . which. with 189 woodcuts in the style of Zoan Andrea. Fiammetta Amoro. Sm. each page within a woodcut border .. etc. 253a.. if it ever existed. enclosed in the borders . each page within a woodcut border . also ivithin decorative borders 256 leaves. The author of the text was " Alberto Castellano veneto. does not now seem to be known. (G. vellum ib.) nella Inclita cita de venetia studiosissimamente impresso p Marchio ." a Dominican Monk. I. ib. the last four leaves a little icormed . gothic letter. G. 4 A 284 lector reprint of the edition of 1522. Folio. gothic letter. with the heirs of Pietro Ravani. 29 lines to tlie jjage each page within a ivoodcut border. 25 Due 281 de Eivoli. 353 280 ROSARIO DELLA VERGINE. . Nota deuotissime . 1522 Probably the first edition. The woodcuts... p. gothic letter. though Panzer (viii 470) mentions an edition dated 1521. . brown morocco extra ib. and in his own Epistola proemiale. quod hoc oflBcium : Officium Romanum . though in some eases with different borders.g in facsimile) with a great number of looodcuts.. I634i With the same woodcuts. 8vo.. as he had already been of those in tiie Missale Bomanum of 1509. Sm. Zoppino.). represent scenes from the life of Christ. Varisco... tvith ..

6 6 (Francesco). the proof of sevens. 1540 edition of this singular arrangement of cards. Svo. . They are charming in every detail and in excellent state of preservation. title in red and black. rule of three. . mdlxxxiiii. limp vellum Venice. and such familiar problems as those of the couriers. . . Kristeller 147&. is very rare. with a full-page citta di Uinegia woodcut of a lecturer and pupils on reverse of title. . Et Martire. roman 2 2 6 leaves. Ag torn atvay and neatly repaired but damaging the cut on fol. Giouanbattista Palatino Nel qual s'insegna a Scriuere ogni sorte lettera Et Con Yn breue Discorso De Le Cifre Riueduto nnouamente Sm. 1536 .. . 1547 290 TAGLIENTE (Girolamo and Giannantonio). one of these cuts cannot have been impressed from a block later than 1500 and another (here reproduced) belongs to quite the early part of the sixteenth century. double columns . first 22 10 This. with 2 woodcuts unbd. Liechtenstein. the testament. P.. and the sale of eggs are given with illustrations. . diagrams. 1548 A VERY KAEE EDITION. Ashburnham copy Venice.. Le Sorti . and many looodcuts of calligraphy and ornamental alphabets . printer s device at end . Some of them have. repeated). UNCUT [Florence. been rather rudely printed. Giovanni Padovano. 4 4 insegna fare ogni ragione mercantile z pertegare le terre con larte della geometria z altre nobilissime ragione straordinarie con la Tariffa come respodeno li pesi s monede de molte cittade z paesi c6 la iclita Sm. Thus the last cut in this volume is impressed from a block executed before 1500 for Luigi Pulcio Morgante Maggiore. with a woodcut portrait of Palatino on the title-page. roman letter. and small woodcuts of fortune-telling cards . *^* See illustration no. 80 leaves. addition chiefly of denominate numbers. a fine copy in russia Rome. . and numerous smaller curious WOODCUTS illustrating problems. 12 leaves. (en (A. finger symbolism. decollato.* See illustration no.. . In quo etiam addita est Missa 5 5 288 MARCOLINO DA FORLI di Ferrara. old limp vellum ib. with woodcttt title. . 8vo. : 61 d.. Libro de abaclio ilquale 289 PALATINO . portrait. 18 292 La Rappresentazione Del Figlivol Prodigo. Baleni. the work on the Art of Fortune-Telling by . The edition is not mentioned by Kristeller. the loiver part of fol. 8yo.. : . division by the galley method." Smith. repeated on another page . some leaves a little waterstained. and applied problems. however. There are numerous interesting woodcuts. modern Italian viorocco. Francesco Marcolino da Forli. . . the operations with fractions in the same order. . and a corner of the title very slightly defective . many being taken from works printed about 1500. . Rara Arithmetica.BOOKS WITH WOODCUTS 287 : ITALY £ I.) Stampata in Firenze Appresso Giouanni Baleni.. " The book opens wiih a brief treatment of notation and finger symbols. RAPPRESENTAZIONE. vellum ib. with 18 charming cuts (13. The blocks are about fifty years older than the book itself. Sm. 6 leaves. . 91. *. with a large woodcut in compartments. La Rappresentatione Di Santa Cicilia Yergine. printed in red and black. Sm. CORNAZZANO et Passione di Christo . historiata. 1550 ?] A precious little volume of great rarity. (Colophon . 12mo... numerous woodcuts of emblems.. with numerous woodcuts . 4to. which is. 4to. 4to. double columns . 92. 7 7 — 291 various methods of multiplication.. unfortunately. there were few text-books so influential as this in shaping the subsequent teaching of arithmetic. La Vita & rima). one with initial B. .lbSl 287*MISSALE Romanu nouiter impressum . nuovamente stampata mdxxxi. exchange. . con somma diligenzia corretfca. etc.Zoppino. All are in the best style of Florentine woodcuts with their charming borders and exquisite delicacy of design. subtraction. Libro Di M. 36. . 1612 .. . A few even appear earlier and may have been executed about 1494. . I'Anno. " bds. Archageli Gabrielis: una cu Missa sancti Ambrosij Anno Diii 1536 Venetijs A Petro Liechtenstein. Then follow in order the multiplication table. G. 17 small cuts in the text. 293 La Rappresentatione Di San Giouanni letter.. Nnouamente restampata Sm. (Giovanbattista). 1584 . .. Siena. intitolate Giardino de Pensieri alio illustrissimo Signore Hercole Estense Daca Folio. ib. roman letter.). with three woodcuts unbd. tables. 8 8 In the early Florentine style. N. In spite of the arrangement of topics.. double columns.

fine copy in crimson morocco extra. S. Probably unique as it is not mentioned by Hain-Copinger or and Pellechet (1343) cites only a copy at Versailles vpanting first the A E^ (reverse blank). 353 294 habiti antichi. woodcut initials.. Con molti bellissimi Secret! medicinali. 93. by Lloyd VERT RARE 297 Florence. n. In (J.). rehached . crimso7i morocco extra. {about 1490) 180 . and Mexico. Don Hieronimo de Orlando Fvrioso tradvzido en romance Castellano Yrrea. 7 10 Second edition of this celebrated collection of Italian woodcuts of costume. gl' animali. and from these remarkable conclusions are drawn. those added being mostly The designs have been representations of savages from Virginia. g. .. But they must at any rate have been executed by a skilful follower of his school. e artifiziose. et moderni di tutto il Mondo (Cesare). 4to. 62 BERNARD QUARITCH'S CATALOGUE. qua plantarum.. with two small stamps on the title. B. e. puzzles.. with woodcut title.. hd. semi-gothic letter^ 20 II. FRANCE 298 AES MORIENDI. According to Adanson the method is ingenious and comprises as much dated 1588. 4to. of explosives. . . Di nuouo accresciuti roman letter. gilt edges Venice. Mareschal. g. roman letter. 7iumerous woodcuts. 36-40 lines to the page. without foundation. but a good sound copy Venice. ib... attributed. Proctor. Naples. Sm. 1589 This curious book treats of the resemblanceg between animal and vegetable life. 1589. rerum deniq. No.). one or two headlines cut into. 1644 7 10 A duplicate from the French Eoyal library.\698 russia. uncle of Vecellio. ' 9 9 295*PORTA Phytognomonica To. 1 10 296 GIOIELLO di sapienza nel quale si contengono gl' Auuisi d'Arme. . {Title over yrinter's mark). a fine copy in old French red morocco. 8vo. Collation: 12 leaves. H. italic letter.. slightly waterstained. G. VECELLIO Di . e alcuni auuisi contra 12mo. portrait on verso of The colophon is neapoli. Fabulae. 295 ARIOSTO por el (L. Gabriel Giolito. device on title. 1625 15 15 AESOP. — — . truth as error. including 4 views of Venice. to the great Titian. d. animalium. title and 41 unnumbered leaves. *** See illustration no. Tractatus succinctus ac valde vtilis de arte et scientia perfecte viuendi beneq3 moriendi: varijs historijs ac orationibus illustratus. each within an ornamental border . folio. and over 30 fine and curious woodcuts . Sm. P. . italic and CESARE VECELLIO. Sessa. title within a woodcut border . 564 leaves . cut on title and others in the text of sword-play. 1553 At the end is Exposicion de todos los lugares difficultosos. Fol. 16. Apud Horatium assequatur Sm. metalloru. Salvianus. Peru.. tricks. Sm. 172 leaves . €1 Im^^ressum Lugduni a Petro Mareschal. with 606 jine full-page WOODCUTS. Pacillimaqve affertur modus. etc. . with 58 full-page woodcuts ... y nueuamente impresso y con diligentia corregido. very rare Lyons. omniu ex prima extimae faciei inspe6tione quiuis abditas vires Saluianum. hut a fine large copy in blue morocco gilt. B. It contains over 80 cuts more than the first edition (1590). Baptistae Portae Neap. 8vo. Qvibvs Nova. 11 full-page woodcuts. AISOnOT MYeOl.. This edition was not in the Salva collection. e.


CO CO o 2 I e &5 OQ .

Vol. Fol. . cut away. . : —Introduction and table. the and monogram of John Reynes. Collation leaves in all. 1491 180 Hain-Copinger 2517 Proctor 8564 Pellechet 1884.. : " on Fol. ivith large woodcut initial " L wise a very fine large clean copy bound in red morocco by De Coverly ib. ff. . and passed from Martin Husz to his successor Mathias Husz. 3. colophon . copied from La Mer des Hystoires. p. printed in a fine large trhtcll letter. . arid 19 other large cuts. the initial letters rubricated in red and hlue^ those on Ai illuminated. . 1. (Fol. high. 8. On the recto of the title is a large letter " L " 180 mm. Even the copy See illustration no. of which only one is cited by Proctor. Several woodcuts are reproduced in Claudin. fullpage iDOodcut of Charles V. *^* See illustration L.BOOKS WITH WOODCUTS: FRANCE 299 63 [SPECULUM HUMANE SAL VATIONIS] /o. other- Folio. I'lmprimerie en France. Lan Milcccclxxxxi. double columns. text. . in the Bibliotheque Nationale at Paris wants the very important title. saincte escripture. 2235. 3 Cy com- mence LE MIROUER DE LA REDEMPTlf) DE LUMAIN LIGNAIGE. RERUM. Frere iulien des augustins de lyon et a este imprime p maistre mathis hu3 la de grace mil. . and it is unknown to Proctor. .cccc. binder to Henry VII. toooden boards covered with oalf unth Tudor rose tooling. *i^* tome 3. Hain gives no collation. late par reuerend docteur . and apart from a few insignificant wormlioles in the first few leaves. hoWld in . De Pro- la i) Lc proprictaire en francoys. . the first ILLUSTRATED BOOK PUBLISHED IN France. Vlmprimerie en The woodcuts by Martin Husz France. [Lyons'] rebacked by F. 3 March. GLANVILLE. 1483 250 Excessively rare. . . Bedford Mathias Husz.le iii. They Were Originally procured from Richel of Basle. They are reproduced in Glaudin. 94. 1-cci = 204 in this remarkable book are the same as were used in his first issue of this work in 1478. 287. nnth 257 most remarkable woodcuts COLOURED IN THE STYLE OF THE BLOCK BOOKS. veu corrige et transen theologie. 3 II. The woodcuts are the same as used by M. A very fine large crisp volume. apparently blank. the top of the title mended. de mars Folio. In this edition there are introduced a new series of rustic initials. TRASLATE DE LATIN EN FRACOYS sclon Hntecion de la Colophon . 204 IL. Extremely rare. Husz in his three earlier editions.) imprime au dit lieu de lyon par honnorable homme maistre Matliieu huss maistre en lart de impression le. xv. . 300 BAHTHOLOMAEUS PRiETATiBUS DE {Fol. iour de mars. 159-164. Matthias Huss. on the reverse a large woodcut of the author presenting his book to the King.lxxxiii.

roman letter {with gothic for texts in borders). On a fly-leaf at the beginning is a prayer written in a contemporary hand addressed to St. (Colophon:) No. . Sm.. The large cuts John. 1500-20 Lacombe 91. otherwise uncoloured . Nativity. the first leaf damaged. old red morocco ib. O Marculphe Pater samulis succure potenter . hut otherwise a large .. 301 HOR. sound copy in a contemporary calf binding. P. printed on vellom.. Sm. 1491 260 ver}^ rare edition. .iiii. illuminated throughout in gold and colours .xi. . 64 BERNARD QUARITCH'S CATALOGUE. a fine copy illuminated in gold and colours by a contemporary hand. green morocco. entirely uncoloured. Crucifixion. G. 18 large and 35 small cuts. 30 An apparently *^* See illustration no. Flight into Egypt. Annunciation to Shepherds. with printer's device. Presentation.. grotesques. *^* See illustration M. comcommencing. 1507 Not in Lacombe Brunet V. Coronation of the Virgin and a cut of the Anointing of David is substituted for that of David and Bathsheba. Magi. 15 full-page woodcuts and 21 smaller ones. gilt edges tjndesceibed edition.. Virgin with emblems. of biblical subjects. illustrated in Kerver's early style. not in Lacombe or Proctor. Kerver. Pentecost. . : 60 Nativity. printed on vellum. grotesques. 18 large metal cuts and 31 smaller. Heures a I'usage de Rome. roman letter (gothic for texts in borders). comprise: S. . but a good copy . 50 303 aliis Hore diue virginis Marie scd'm verum vsum : Romanum cum characteribus suis diligentius multis folio sequenti notatis impresse Per Tbielmanu keruer. Anahat. T. . Hain SSi? 302 . in red black. Sm. printed later for Vostre. . 30 July. with printers. in red and black. 7. 1503 extra. Trinity. with a perpendicular parallel pattern of small floral ornaments in blind tooling on the sides Paris. T. gilt edges Paris. Lan Mil.. the Betrayal. dentelle borders on sides. Marcon. Visitation.-E. . 8vo. Pigouchet. 1620. bound in old red morocco gilt. except for hundreds of illuminated initials. Ces presentes lieures a lusage de Rome furent acbeiiees le vingtiesme iour de Januier. among which are illustrations of Scriptural. a border to every page. David and Bathsheba. blind-tooled. . no. Christ as Man of Sorrows.cccc. Death and the Traveller. 8vo. device on title. . and PRINTED ON velldm. the Anatomical Man. vna cum Sm. Calendar. Flight into Egypt. and 38 smaller ones. gilt edges ib. etc. Kerver. and on the end flyleaf another prayer in French for use before mass. hunting and rural scenes. etc. the founder of the Abbey of Nanteuil. and a border to every page. skeleton man. 95. and. figuris apocalipsis post figiiras biblie recenter insertis . with the following exceptions the Annunciation. the Anatomical Man (a little defaced). 353 £ s. 304 Hore diue vginis Marie scd'm verti vsum Romanu . 8vo. Annunciation. . 181.. The large cuts are the same as those in the " Grandes Heures" printed in January of the same year.xx.. pour Simo vostre Libraire demourant a Paris en la rue neiiue nostra dame a lenseigne sainct Jehan leuangeliste. . 8vo. a Dance of Death series. ivith the Skeleton Man and 18 large woodcuts. col. Tree of Jesse. the mark of Philip Pigouchet on page 1 .z. . a little soiled in places and some top margins a very little cut into. and a border to every page. (Colophon:) Imprimees a Paris p pour Gillet hardouyn Et pour germain Guillaume anabat hardouyn. with many hundreds of illuminated initials. . with Kerver's device on title. . Annunciation to Shepherds. 13 Sept. 80 leaves. A The borders On differ completely from those each leaf of the Calendar is a quatrain in French. printed on vellum.

an» ctafia na gic ma% 6cafc fifftma 'Sttfufc fupcrno/ turt) cfata.cmtmur» 1^». Paris.p*' Bcatc^fea t0etme 'Sirgmte cf mar^ ft'ttetucpet fattrtoe <xn^ Sn^ iEueqia6catart)| matgatctattj'Bit I $tcfo6tii06mira6ifi^ cof focafli ttiBuc quefumue gmctt) f uatt) aS ccfoe pet j '<rl' ^tti^ mcttfieettntctccf (tone a8 monfej qut cftt^ f?u6 efi^^afeamue pemc nitc^ibctbttn)* mattitn pafmaw) pcmc^ j mtefecifitconcebeno6ie quefumue ^t etu6ej>em pfa fcrtanfee ab te ^eni^ I j i I jcjefctSmatgateta* ttmtteamuupa bilnj* j 301. RoRM.M pitctna impcftcf Bcafifu t>inett). 'ptoptttta BcncbiV Bbcue ictctnil»£>Jo ^ueqiubcbif?! k gcrt)mo»fht) pxcciBueerp fute abcflo cafamitcitt6u6 nofhie : qut6^'3nbiq5 p.art^ tc fufae fac tt06 lungi cfetnafr c^oxo JFufa cf? gratia tt) fa6u6 fute.ptt btitt} iBe fctrt ^at^etina.Oxapxono6t6 6eata cfficiamur ^mifJioniB^ fum mitatcmontiB fj^naieti totz foco co.aubi ^ct(i <::^i no^ fftae co. 1491 .


8vo. with the exception of the following the Betrayal. ivith printer's mark. the 19 large and 15 smaller ivoodcuts. Eustace. . italic letter {with gothic for texts in borders). Hardouin.). Ad . gilt edges. 85 leaves. (Aim. goti)ic letter. . .. 80 leaves. and the Virgin with Emblems and for the Anointing of David is substituted a cut of David's Choice of Punishments. . a woodcut border (Dance of Death. usum Romanum virginis Marie scdm (Colophon :) Impssu Parisiis Anno dni Millesimo quingetesimoquinto XI kalendas Mali. ont este imprimees a Paris. with Kerver' s device on title. . red morocco extra. . G.. all FINELY PAINTED AND ILLUMINATED. . wanting 6 II. hound in contemporary calf. very rare ib. 8vo. printed on vellum in red and black. Romanu . Skeleton Man. the sides blind tooled with a parallel perpendictclar pattern of small flovers. for G. a stamp p^j. printed on vellum. by Bedford ib. 5 35 .. repeated twice on the first page . pour Gilles hardouyn 4to. . 1505 A very pretty typical French Book of Hours. 14 large and numerous small woodcuts. and a border to every page. modern calf. . the Anatomical Man (a little defaced). : Marie scdm usum Romanu cum aliis multis ana cum figuris biblie. arabesques on afiuid gold ground on every page (the pages with large cuts have a plain gold architectural border). printed on vellum with device on title. (Aim. 1514 lines 32 10 307 folio Hore diue uirginis sequenti notatis.-) Ces presentes heures a lusaige de Romme.) to every page except those on which the large cuts occur . ont este nouuellemet Tprimees a Paris pour Gilles Hardouyn. . T. apocalypsis. each page with a harder . a rubric and a. (roy. (Bj ^ g. 22 December. 1516-30) Not in Lacombe or Brunei. ^g. etc. n. 8vo. printed on vellum. 104 leaves. (Aim. 1516. chorea 32 . 305 continued : 65 — vemm . . 40 309 ries Ces presentes heures a lusaige de Romme. de la Roche. size). etc. 4to. a very good copy in modern vellum gilt. with the bookplate of Lewis Way ib. Ei^^g. all finely ILLUMINATED IN GOLD AND COLOURS. d. Kerver. roman letter. blind-tooled. 1520-30) An apparently undescribed edition. and a great num.. Hore diue . Skeleton Man on next leaf. a remarkably fine and large copy. toutes au long sans requerir. gilt edges. gothic letter. 1-507. K4 ^ 5). prayer at end scored with ink . Opera Thielmani keruer.. printed on vellum with printer's mark on title. n. d. 18 large and 35 small cuts. slightly repaired. old gilt and gauffred edges ib. ated in gold and colours. bound in modern calf with the sides gilt with Grolieresque pattern. 1534-52 Lacombe 402-3. . Sra. (8vo.. 16 large cuts and 26 sm. nouisq3 effigiebus decorate.. n. with device on title. £ . 308 incipiiit honore dni nostri iesu xpi & ei9 genitricis ac sep virgis Marie Hore bte marie scdmvsii Romane eccl'ie Sm. Qilles Hardouin. Sm. d. . Kerver. gilt edges ib. and 17 large and 27 small ivoodcuts. and the borders and initials finely illumin. in a morocco case Paris. illuminated initials. printed for Gilles Hardouin. roman letter. all finely illuminated as Miniatures in gold and colours. comprising scenes from the life of Christ. T. 806 . 8vo. and very many ornamental initials. 22 10 306 Les presentes heures a lusaige de (Rome erased and dauphin inserted by pen) sont toutes au long sans riens reqrir auecques les grans suffrages Sm. Apocalyptic and Dance of Death series. etc. . 8vo. g. . (Colophon on fol. J. tlie Skeleton Man. printed in red and black . All the large cuts are the same as in Kerver's edition of 13 Sept. russia gilt. ruled tvith red . . Not in Lacombe.BOOKS WITH WOODCUTS: FRANCE HOR-^.. one Or two borders added by hand . skeleton man and 12 other large cuts. besides several hundred ornamental initials . Lethi. 40 310 laudem gloriosissime virginis marie seciidum vsum nouiter Impresse Parisius Per Germanii hardouyn Sm. 1516 Appakently undesceibed by bibliographers.all. besides an added border of fioioers and Hore in ..ber of smaller ones.

Mil cinq cens vingt sept Par maistre Simon du bois imprimeur pour maistre Geofroy Tori de bourges Sm. Ces presentes heures a lusaige de Paris toutes au sans rien reqrir auec plusieurs belles hystoires long nouuellemet imprimees. Veuve Kerver. 11 en est de meme pour les 45 grandes planches placees dans les Heures. The borders comprise representaBiturigicum . and the Arms of the Redemption on verso of colophon. On trouve dans le catalogue de M. *** See illustration no. continued:— ^ No. a Paris par la veufue de feu Thielma keruer demourat audit lieu a lenseigne de la Lycorne a la grat rue sainct Jacques au dessus des Maturins et furent acheuees Lan Sm. le xvj. 1860. tions of birds. of which there are two impressions) gilt edges. insects. pp. 1522. 12 oval woodcuts of the events of a life-time in the calendar^. morocco extra gilt Lacombe 324. with other things such as the crowned monograms and escutcheons of Francis I and his Queen Leonore of Austria (not his mother Louise de Savoie as Bernard supposed) also of Henri d'Albret Roi de Navarre and his Queen. La 12''. in 8. . entirely uncoloured green Paris. ccccxxij. ( Colophon :) . with skeleton man. 353 £ ^ HOR^." : 312 Hore in laudem beatissime virginis marie Yenales secundum consuetudinem Ecclesie Parisiensis habentur Parrhisiis. printed in black and red within elegant decorative borders. 10. Of that edition Brunet " C'est une livre fort remarquable par les grandes planches et "writes les beaux encadrements qui le decorent. iour. et qui depuis a passe dans la collection de Felix Solar. une description detailee et curieuse de toutes les gravures et vignettes que contient I'exemplaire de ces Heures qui possedait cet amateur. Sept. 46 other large cuts including the 3 living and the 3 dead men. Ces planches sont d'abord 12 figures o vales. Paris. gr. by Bedford ib. and foliage. Marguerite de Valois. apud Magistrum Gotofredum Torinu : . This edition contains exactly the same woodcuts as the Roman Hours printed by Kerver.. de Feurier. 96. Un explication en vers fran^ais et au-dessous de chaque tableau. At the end are 8 a fine large clean copy. ito. . . flowers. with 13 beautiful outline woodcuts designed and executed by Tory {not including the Pot casse olive morocco extra.. The calendar runs from 1623-1536.. . pour Decembre represente un homme age de soixante-douze ans a son lit de mort. Techener. G. a great number of smaller cuts as verse headitigs . au calendrier ofi'rant des sujets analogues aux occupations de chaque mois de I'annee. This is the book which aroused the ecstasies of Dibdin who declared the illustrative ornamentation to be the most beautiful he had ever seen. in red and blacky gothic letter. Kerve7''''s device above. printed Mil. d. : : .. 1522 90 . ( Colop)ho7i :) Ces presentes heures a lusage de furet acheuees dimjDrimer le vingt deuxiesme iour Paris Doctobre. . de Clinchant.66 BEKNARD QUAHITCH'S CATALOGUE. within : ivoodcut borders. sub insigni vasis effracti gallico sermone Au Pot Casse. with colophon ending as additional leaves of Commendationes defunctorum in the Horse. Tory. 311 ». . 184-86. 4to.. 1527 120 A rare and charming volume.

colophon :) Opera Germani Hardouyn beate Marie virginis secundum vsum Romanum. gilt edges ib.d. 52 10 65 . 8vo. with 14 large woodcuts within a fine woodcut border of architecticral character. 25 . . a fine. Roman soldiers and trophies. 16 large CUTS and 22 small. gothic letter. Rovillium. 176 leaves.. from the library of Philippe de ib. 96b. L does not exist as shown by the context. G. gilt edges. They are the initials of Philippe de Mornay and his wife Charlotte 67 — £ s. G. . blindtoole^. imprimeur z libraire demourat entre les portes du Palays a leseigne saincte Maj'garite. additis. The letter 4> is also stamped on the back at top and bottom. n. 8vo. Hardouin. It is not Lacombe 377 (see above). (Fol. printed ON vellum with printer's mark on title. d. 1528-45) copy This is Lacombe 377. Cum Nouiter impressis. totaliter ad logum sine require Cum multis suSragiis z Orationibus. 45 314 Hore beate Marie virginis de nouo multis suflfragiis . 16mo. . Nouiter impressum per Germanum Hardouyn 8vo. He has confused ... Sm. arabesques. a fine. initials in gold and colours. Guliel. by Claessens An undesceibed edition. cut of the Skeleton Man. besides illuminated initials and a border of gold to every page .Hardouin. a fine clean copy in brown ibid. with printer^s device on title. as it does not seem to be recorded by any of the bibliographers. on a lend or 3 trees ppr. and 15 cuts. . with the cuts illuminated in gold and colours and the printer s monogram. on title-page overpainted with the arms az. . . 1550. The sides of the binding are richly ornamented. old French red morocco. clean copy in dark blue morocco. . Several of the borders are signed P. 1528-45) morocco extra. Cum multis suffragiis . Q. Nouiter impressis. Bonhomme for G. dentelle borders. . 88 leaves. 96b. . maroon levant morocco...) beate Marie virginis secundum vsum Romanum. 1550 Very rare.. etc. .. 16 large cuts and 20 small. all finely illuminated AS Miniatures. 5 * . clean ib.. G. gothic letter. . Imprimees a Ces presentes heures sont a lusaige de Romme Paris par. .an letter. etc.. numerous illuminated initials. in the corners over " stamped in blind. (Aim. Nouiter impressum per Germanum Hardouyn . elaborately tooled to a Grolieresque pattern. Horae In Laudem beatissimaa virginis Mariee ad vsum Romanum Lugd. per Germanum Hardouyn. . each page having a plain gold border . Collation 315 — A—Mg sig. printed on vellum with the printer's mark on the title. roman every p>age letter. 383. . par Germain Hardouyn. initials which have been assigned to Pierre Vingle. . and ornamentation resembling metal-work. . by Riviere Lyons. . 152S-4:b) another copy. having a dentelle border and in The same letters appear the centre a myrtle wreath enclosing interlaced oc in gold. printed on vellum. arabesques. printed on vellum. printed in red and black . every p^ge except those on which are the large cuts having a border of Apocalyptic subjects. which however is misdescribed by him.. 100 leaves . 96 leaves. printed ON vellum with the printer's mark on the title. 8vo. by Riviere Lacombe 411. enclosed in a brown morocco case .. all of ivhich are finely or partly illuminated. M. V. Hore beate Marie Virginis secundii vsum Romanum : : . 30 . all finely illuminated in gold and colours. d. a fine. with interlaced $<I> in the opposite corners. (Aim. Boville. (Aim. otherwise entirely uncoloured . Hardouin. Paris. secundum vsum Romanum additis. n. Parisius Finit oflScium . . cut of the Skeleton Man. Apud. 1676. and \4icuts. rom. G. 1528-41) Mornay An apparently unknown edition. 313 continued : Hore beate marie virginis secundum vsum Romanum. . . no. . Hardouyn Sm. n. Not in Lacombe Brunet V. BOOKS WITH WOODCUTS: FRANCE HOR-^. . 1638-55) gilt edges. . (Aim.. clean copy in brotvn morocco extra. colophon. Svo. roman letter. which has no borders and has a different title and colophon.. gilt edges. Hardouin. de nouo Nouiter impressis Parisius. gilt edges. \04ileaves. d. . . Parisius Finit officium 42 this edition with the foUov/ing item. contemporary stamped calf binding .. d. 316 31 7 318 Opera Germani Hardouyn (Fol. gilt back.( Aim. de nono additis. n. with the S in gold in the centre. (Colophon:) Imprimes nouuellement a Paris. . .

mentioned in the text as material points in the art of palmistry. Apart from its bibliographical interest. . a few II. Verard. the first edition of Corvus' work which was reprinted several times in the course of the sixteenth century. 12mo. Colophon Cy finist le liure des eschez et lordre de cheualerie translate de latin en . The " Cisio Janus zu Teutsch vnd ein jegliches Wortgibt einen Tag. Gourmont. ih. interleaved ... while the most complete copy known runs from a-1 in eights a total of 88 gi'aphers. HORTULUS ANIM^. No.68 BERNARD QUARITCH'S CATALOGUE. under which are the words '' Sensuyt vng liui'e qui consone fort a la matiere precedente dudict Jeu des eschez. and is apparently perfect. is possibly the earliest printed volume on chiromancy. The we find Cy finist etc. existence. Lyons.. and two other cuts of which are is This defective. ac : xviij . d. gothic letter. curves. for A. morocco extra. Sm. folio. Imagines Mortis. gilt edges. 1511— see no. The first work bound up with the above is a German edition published about 1557 of Holbein. Atous Nobles princes cheualliers et gens de touz estatz. 78 {of 88) leaves. The copy Dibdin mentions in his Bibliographical Decameron is certainly not the same work and is probably later. . each illustration contains the outline of a hand. gothic letter . slightly shaved. red by Trautz-Bauzonnet. who is represented playing On the reverse of that leaf. in modern vellum . 504: 200 this translation. 1512 Gourmont produced the Gourmont whose device 15 15 on the title. historiographi clarissimi Pauliq3 Diaconi de Inclytis totius Italice provincie. folio. copies of which are extremely 'i Bretagne. the title printed in red and black with publishers device in black surrounded by ornamental border-pieces in red . and for Jean G. I have in stock perfect copies of the two English editions of this book printed by Caxton. 86. Executed in white on black ground. It contained signatures a-i in eights. Chess-treatise ends on folio 58. Et see commence comme it sensuyt. . crosses. : miitia exercitatissi mi illustrissmu Joannem Franciscu Excellentissimi et singularis viri i chiromagistri Andree Corui Mirandu lensis ad . a reprint published about 1550 of the Cisianus Calendar. is : The second title is as follows 321 [JACQUES DE CESSOLE]. It is dedicated to Anne de chess. with woodcut initials and 141 woodcuts. Didot Collection First edition known of rare." On folio 82 recto " Cy fine le liure de lordre de cheualerie. Le Jeu des eschez moralise : paris. roman letter. 353 £ ». in a large woodcut. The first edition in folio was issued in 1472 and is extremely scarce. a woodcut. with 89 small WOODCUTS a large copy. 320 Gozahe Matue niar- Matue marchione benemertu opus rarissimum de eadem chyromatie facultate destinatum. and beneath it : : 322 EUTROPIUS. CORVUS (Andreas). with icoodcuts ." and a little below (by way of intitulation to a third piece) " Cest vng petit trectie a lenseignement et au prouffit de tous princes et barons qui le vouldrot entendre et garder le quel fut fode extraict dune fiction trouuee en escript. Andreas Corui Joani Fracisco cbioni optime merito . there cannot be more than two or three copies in Hain had never seen the book and there is no copy in the British Museum or Bodleian Library. from the Paris. Galliot is The du printer Gilles Pre. unknown to most biblioPerfect or imperfect. with the various lines." *if^* See illustration no. Romanorura Eutropii gestis libri eiusdem emuli excelletissimi . its value lies in the numerous cuts with which the book is copiously illustrated. 31 lines to the full-page . edition for Geoffroy de Marnef. &c. The editor was Nicholas Maillard. about 1498] Hain 5776. Sm.. 97. . Nouuellement imprime a Francoys . with the single exception of Hartlieb's book. otherwise a sound copy in generally excellent condition." It is fully illustrated with woodcuts. 12 leaves. with some uncut foremargins. . A work of the greatest rarity. hound up with two other works in vellum. and. double with red silk [Lyons. circles. which wants 10 cuts.

the first coat-of-arms is painted over a ivoodcut. Jo. gy. folio. a good copy in half vellum. 8 II. icanting 8 leaves. 4 II. with 2 woodcuts. 327 LATBRANI De institutione Conceptionis Marian^ & norman16 II. with cut of Crucifiion on title Paris. with Geoffrey de Marnef's device on title ib.\h\'^ In Smith's Rara Arithmetica the copy described has the device of Jean Lambert on the title.. in edibus Joannis Meraussei (1515 ?) Nic. 8 8 book. Sm. Calculatoribus admodam utilis.. double columns . 5 vols. canonum concordantijs veteris et novi testamenti et sacrorum folio.Kees. etc. Sm. with cut on title Paris. 98. musical notes.BOOKS WITH WOODCUTS: FRANCE 323 69 MISSALE PARISIENSE.. Apparently the book was printed for both publishers with their own marks. Wolfgang Hopyll. with Jo. Sm. . Koberger. 1515-18 norum laudibus 10 10 . On a flyleaf is the inscription Ce present livre appartient a Madame. about 1515 the 4 works bound in 1 vol. tivo small cuts on recto of last leaf. . also a smaller shield (^without salamander or motto) is found at the end of the Missal. morocco Paris. with his large coatof-arms emblazoned at beginning and end of the volume. long lines. Dy.). contemporary crimson velvet. Lyons. de Marnef's device on title. specially executed FOR Francis I.~\. 1515 Very raee. The British 5luseum possesses only a very imperfect copy of the Biblia . Springinklee. in almost perfect preservation. lettres bdtardes^ long lines. Coquille Nivernensis (Jo. etc. folio. numerous spirited woodcuts. lettres bdtardes. and ornamental initials.. and Fg (in red). Anthoine Verard. . PRINTED ON VELLUM.. as I can trace no other copy printed either on vellnm or on paper. ammcut copy in half vellum \ib. i^. The woodcuts are said to whe imitated the (G-ul. printed in red and black . in 2. Folio. hf. J. red ruled throughout. style of the be copied from an earlier edition containing cuts by master of the Mallermi Bible. Elegiarum liber. 8 aeon for A. 1518 on reverse 14 II. . gothic letter. Liber Arithmetice Practice Astrologis Phisicis et (J. with numerous pretty woodcuts. M. in a red levant morocco case [Paris. Cappusoti Passionis Xpi Jesu heroica elegansq3 deploratiuncula.). On 325 Blasius *#* See illustration no. yothic letter. 4 4 326 BIBLE. Oratio. Eg. a fine copy in IQth century French olive morocco gilt. about 1511] 750 Probably unique." for whom the book was probably bound. title. numerous large and small ornamental initials added in gold and colours. in red and blacky double columns.. The missing leaves are a^. corner and central ornaments ib. 1512 52 10 the paste downs is the inscription " Symon Teste Gonseiller du Roy et ord.^ de sa chanibre de optes. with 25 large and 144 small woodcuts. fg (in black). and a full-page ctit of the Visitation Paris. line borders and frames.). 1515 Petrus Rossetus de mirabile cultu Hostie ab equo suppliciter culte. . 324 SULLY (Maurice cle). 42 lines to a page. Exposicions des Epistres et EvANGiLLES. woodcut border to title and the device of Jean Petit . cum Sm.. King of France. It is a magnificent example of beautiful printinpj and miniature painting. de Marnef. T. 12 Jan. hg. richly painted over in gold and colours in the style of miniatures. also a full-page cut of the Cruci/ixion.. 4to.

l2mo. . : •] j 331 EPISTOLE THURCI p Landiniii hieroso limitanii eqnitem aggregate . | 110 i 333 LEGENDE DES FLAMENS. Paris. g. ARTisiENS ET HAYNUYERS.. No. double columvs . 1519 The woodcuts in this edition were copied from Giunta's edition published in Venice in 1506. 1519 [ 330 another copy. j several full-page. about 1517 Two of the cuts.. I 328 COLUMNA Le premier (. (Jean). 4to. from.. with 266 ivoodcuts. some of which are 'slightly cut into and a feio waterstained^ otherwise a fine copy in eighteenth century calf gilt Paris.. Sacon. Allemans. Anno domini. . initials. D. Anno domini Idibus Junijs. et gestoru eorum ex diuersis : voluminibus collectus gothic letter. tant au royaulme et courone de Naples & Sicile que au duche et estat de Millan. .. J. . Sm. title in red and black. 1520 Parisjis 10 10 j 332 ALPHABETUM SACERDOTUM sumptibus z (Colophon) Impressum Joannis du Pre commorantis erigione collegij Cluuiaceii sub signo diui Sebastiani M. . unbound. many spirited woodcuts and woodcut initials. A fine copy with autograph of Stephanus Baluzius i ( : & i j . folio. 353 j £ 8. Sm. Ou autremet leur cronique abregee En laquelle sont contenues plusieurs hystoires de Friice Angleterre Allemaigne.1 \ ' j on title. 246 leaven. Petro de natalibus . the tSelliere Collection.Dxx. e. Marion.. Sm. with a woodcut of the instruments of the Passion on title . M. lettres bdiardes. ! | Colophon . are French copies of Italian cuts appearing in Bergoviensis. Augmetee en la fin du dernier volume de plusieurs belles hystoires Et premieremet des faictz gestes z victoires des roys Charles VHP. J. Die vero. illustration no. De claris mulierihtis. \ 50 \ \ Ferrara.. La Legede des flames. XX. e. 4to. half length portraits of women on Jig and LL^. d. ( i 2 parts in 1 vol. *^* See 329 NATALIBUS. g..second) volume de la mer des histoires. broad and rich side borders. on verso of last leaf a five woodcut of country pursuits with the birth of Eve in foreground and a number of other wood cuts in the text.. . 1620 . some repeated. xxx. Catalogus : sanctorum editus a . First edition. Sm.. by Cape. lettres hdtardes^ long lines.. with woodcut 16 16 21 \ \ two woodcut bordeis and 256 cuts scattered througJiout the tf-xt limp vellum Lyovs. Francois & Arragonoys. with arms on sides ib. by Mackenzie Paris. . princes & Ducz de Myllan qui ont regne iusques a present Et le Droict et tiltre que les treschrestiens roys de France ont. \ . a fine copy bound in brown levatit : I j i \ i morocco extra by Bedford ib. 1497. martii. arte . et loys. XIP. Mesmement des viscotes. 99. [1522] 30 Very rare.. crimson morocco. inside dentelles. . Auecqs les genealogies et descentes des roys de Naples et Sicille qui y ont regne en quatre nations iusques a present Ascauoir Normans. {Colophon) Impresse Lugduni per Joanne Marion sumptibus & expensis Romani Morin bibliopole eiusde ciuitatis. ! . 70 BERNAED QUARITCH'S CATALOGUE. .. bound on crimson morocco extra. folio.•) Nouuellemet imprime a paris pour maistre Anguilbert de marnef et pour Francoys renault libraries. folio.

2 vols. . II :) par Nicolas le rouge Imprimeur et libraire Lan Mil cinq centz et trente Le vingt et ung iesme iour Dapuril. by Cape. . The Yemeniz copy j i (formerly the Prince D'Essling's) fetched. folio. Nicolas le Bouge. with nearly 200 spirited woodcuts. one of the most interesting of the romances of chivalry. II. \ . i . . gothic letter . in 1. Nouuvellement reueue et corrigee avec plusieurs notables mis en marge Imprime en Januier Ian mil cinq cens xxv. 336 COMMINES (Philipe de). \ by Purgold. '] . gothic letter. very rare fro7n the Didot collection ib.000 fraacs. Mares chal. ] . plusieurs prouesses et conquestes en Allemaigne ytalie et j Dannemarche. the Corser copy in 1869. de Mamef. . . with woodcut border to title of Vol. bd. and clean copy. . . VYaruich cheualier {Title . 1530 .BOOKS WITH WOODCUTS: FKANCE 334 BIBLE. an extremely fine. chrestiente liure Et aussi sur les infidelles ennemys de la ' ! Comme pourrez veoir plus a plain en ce present . concordantijs veteris et noui testamenti Sm. within a woodcut harder . (FoZ. 36 338 FILLASTRE (Guillaume). I i j 18 I . 1528 : . with many woodcut illustrations and initials . 5. 221b occupying the page.. .) Cy commence Guy de qui Dagleterre en son temps fit . . I. large. title (remargined^. folio. le. a fine copy . 3 prel. with some leaves uncut.. Vol. £286. by Biviere. and 106 II. libraye iure de luninersite de Paris. 1525 160 of this book. bound in calf. . . gothic letter. . green morocco super extra. gilt edges Only some five or six copies are known Paris. iour de Septebre Pour maistre Enguillebert de Mamef. covered on back and sides with Jleurs-de-lis. Sm. gilt edges.) Le premier volume de la Thoison Dor Imprimee a Troyes (Colophon. ! 4 • 335 GUY OF WARWICK. . { j j j j ] ' \ Galliot. the title and some other leaves water-stained . ' in red morocco extra gilt. quil feist en son voiage de Naples et de la conqueste dudit royaulme de Naples & pays adiacens Et de son triumphat et victorieux Compile par Phelippes de retour en son royaume de Frace Comines acheuez dimprimer Ian mil clq ces. I *^* See illustration no. . folio. . XXV.\b2'6 Biblia . besides a large number of ornamental initials. that onfol. Nonuellefine ment imprime a Paris par Anthoine couteau pons Francoys regnault Et a este acheue dimprimer le YIP iour de mars Mil cinq ces xxv). jgotjbic hiUx. . in 1867. | . . inside dentelle^ double with green silk. 1525 22 10 \ 337 Croniques du Roy Charles huytiesme de ce no que Dieu absoille. Sm. for E. gilt back Troyes. with 20 fine woodcuts and numerous decorated initials . Sm. Lyons. a FINE COPY in red morocco extra. which is remargined. gilt edges. la. 71 ' cum folio. J. Toison d'Or. rare ih. i Imprime nouuellement a Paris [Colophon:) Cy Guy de YYaruich cheualier anglois. Cronique & hystoire faicte & composee par feu messire Philippe de Commines Cheualier seigneur Dargenton contenant les choses aduennes durant le regne du roy Loys onziesme tant en France Bourgogne Flandres Arthois Angleterre que Espaigne et lieur circonuoisins. . contenat la verite des faictz et gestes dignes de memoire dndict seigneur. . . . 100. 11 other ivoodcuts (several repeated^ and many large initials . folio. . title printed in red and black. {Colophon :) xxviii.

gilt edges. gilt edges. Sm. 160 the leaves. etc. Sm. primebat lodocus Badius Ascensius. 1528 75 From the library of R. 101. 25 Nov. double coluinns. 340 - 341 another edition. the first and second in large third jjajis printed in red and black gothic 35 beautiful looodcuts^ including a few repeats. This beautiful volume contains woodcuts of remarkable excellence.. : Ou present Volume sont contenus les nobles faictz darmes du vaillant roy Meliadus Ensemble plusieurs autres nobles proesses de Leonnoys de Cheualerie. cu earunde cultus defensione aduersus Lutheranos emissum opera & industria loanis Bertaudi Petragorici Venundatur lodoco Badis. 'printer's device on last leaf . large cuts of the author ivriting and the knight on horseback.. by Bauzonnet. lettres hdtardes. . otherwise quite sound and a fine copy . red morocco extra. iam finem prospeftans ad X. 1529 96 Very rare. green levant morocco extra.. . lettres bdtardes. Sm. Josse Badius. On the last leaf is the autograph of Guyon de Sardiere. from the Yemeniz collection Paris. joints. the pages printed in gothic letter within broad ornamental ivith and the printer'' s borders containing small woodcuts.). faictes tant par le roy Artus/ Palamedes/ le Morhoult dirlande/ le bon cheualier sas paour/ Galehault le brun/ Segurades/ Galaad que autres bos cheualiers estas au temps dudit rey Meliadus Histoire singuliere et recreatiue/ nouuellement Imprimee a Paris. 1532 the same. mark of the ^''Prelum Ascensianum^' . . double columns. Encomium trium Mariarum .. printer s device on last leaf. FIRST EDITION. a fine copy from the Palais Royal library. woodcut border round a j. Denis Janot. ib. with arms of the Marquis de Coislin on sides ib. are printed in Gothic letter in red and black with fine Horse cuts and borders. a veky fine copy. which occupy 60 leaves. . 1529. roman letter .72 BERNARD QUARITCH'S CATALOGUE. *^* See illustration no. . 1532 50 63 The rare second edition. folio. a small p>ortion of the plain lower margins of the last few leaves mended. gilt edges. grotesques. 20 March. . folio. DOUBL^ with red morocco with elegant gilt tooled ornamental fram. & Galeoto a pratis.es. letter. in old blue morocco^ by Padeloup The EXTREMELY BARE Turner.. 102. No. floreated designs^ etc. *^* See illustration no. Sm. folio. ornamental initials. large ornamental initials. . title in red and black within architectural woodcut border. S. . (Colophon:) im. folio. A finer copy in crushed blue morocco extra. 342 BERTAUT (J. The Offices. 353 339 MELIADUS DE LEONNOYS. title within fine woodcut border. large cut of author writing {differing from above). inside dentelles. with stamp on title ib. Calendas Decemb.

.). Sm. . .BOOKS WITH WOODCUTS: FRANCE £ 7. Mis En Rime Francoyse. . 4to. The rare first issue of the fourth edition. gilt two in the series which had not appeared before) ib.. 4to. . 1539 edges [by Charles Lewis'] from Samuel Rogers' collection Second edition. richly gilt ib. . with a playn and brief exposition.. coat-of-arms on reverse^ 13 vey^y fine fidl-page French woodcuts^ Jioreate woodcut initials^ fine clean copy in vellum Paris. S. Liitzelburger's heirs at the same time as they had those of the Death- First Edition. Presentation copy from David Laing to J. gilt edges Fifth Edition. Et Puis nagueres re-imprime auec curieuse correftion Sm. loith 98 woodcuts. with the ib.. with 113 woodcuts . . 1547 the same. 103. Excudebat loannes Frellonius. Besides the 94 Holbein woodcuts. suo numero restitutis. . The two additional cuts given here which had not been in the The rhymed first edition. Sylvigniacus aliquot (Jo. by Paris. 1549.. having English inscriptions substituted for the Latin ones above the designs.. Sm. . . set forthe in Ynglishe and Frenche. 4to. Gibson Craig. 1540 Gape . tione homoeoteleutis . but having ib. There is here no mention of the artist whatever. not even an incorrect one as in the It is clear thae the Trechsels bought the blocks from other book. . Historiarum ueteris Instrumenti Icones earundem expositione. Chr. a fine large copy in old calf With the autograph of Sir Frederick Leighton on the flyleaf. 14 10 10 347 a large and fine cojoy (186 x 125 mm. . 4to. CoBi. Sm. with in the former's autograph. the editor's dedication " Fran" . interleaved and Lyons 1538 42 in red morocco gilt^ gilt edges hound . ^ the larger than those Death-Dance series but they were evidently executed by the same hands.). . 'id 18 12 12 345* ib. Colophon : Lvgdvni. Colophon: Vna cum breui Excudebant Lugduni Melchior Et Gaspar Trechsel Fratres. quatrains in French (by Corrozet) also appeared here for the first time... 348 ALCIATUS. and Isaiah 1.. a fine copy in citron levant morocco. Melchior & Gaspar another edition. 1538. with 92 fine woodcuts. 22 10 345 Gallicis in exposiIcones Historiarvm veteris Testamenti Colophon : Lvgdvni. 42 leaves. On the back of the title there ciscus Frellseus Christiano Lectori an inscription 344 is .. This edition was intended for sale in England. 1547 inscription " Hadriani Beverlandi et amicoram " on the title . inside dentelle borders. by lohan Frellon. T. The woodcuts are a . 1549 inside dentelles. 154^ the last leaf inlaid. .. Wechel. Sm. gilt edges. figuris Praxis Criminis illustrata elegantibus (cum commentario). with 94 looodcuts (there being Trechsel fratres Excvdebant. the yere of our lord God. 5 6 349 MILLAEUS BOIUS persequendi. 8vo. are those which illustrate II Kings 12. folio.. 73 d. Printid at Lyons. gilt edges. with a gold-tooled design on the sides. and shew the same style. red inorocco extra. Otherwise the contents are precisely the same as those of the second edition. device on title. IHl 35 *^* See illustration no. olive morocco extra. Sm. gilt edges the same. Sm. loith 4i woodcuts . and feeling. . 4to. four smaller woodcuts (by another hand) of the Evangelists are added upon the blank reverse of leaf 51. besides the device on the title. 346 THE IMAGES OF THE OLD TESTAMENT. 343 HOLBEIN. a very fine and very large copy in old blue morocco. 1547. . Lately expressed. red morocco extra. little m book. Les Emblemes De Maistre Andre Alciat. ivhich is repeated on the obverse of the last leaf . technique. 8vo.

cest a dire des figures par lesquelles ilz escripuoient leurs mysteres secretz traduict de grec en francoys.. . woodcut diagrams. et Claude son filz." the translator promises to publish before long the work in Greek and Latin. m. and some retouching of the blocks. see the next item. Anxquelles sont adioustesdixsept Sm. 351 [HOLBEIN . Keruer. contains the earliest impressions of the woodcuts.. tnodern vellum ib. coraposee par le noble philosophe M. 8vo. with 195 pretty woodcuts attributed to Jean Cousin. Le tout veu et corrige bien et deuemet selon la vraye verite. . . This edition. Angelier. sm. very slightly wormed^ hut on the whole a very fine copy in red morocco extra^ gilt edges^ by Derome lejeune. 1543 .li. 1562 It is 10 10 The only complete number of woodcuts. g.. with the bookplate of Wilmot Viscount Lisburne {about 1770) ib. . et ioue par personnages a Paris en lliostel de Flandres Lan Mil Cinq cens. (Hans)]. J.. border. . in 1. 4to. . and is perhaps part of a third collection made by Girardot de Prefond. . by Lloyd Paris. italic letter. . J. . Imagines de morte et Epigramata.. Qnibus accessit Parisiis & sculpturis libri duo uersio recens per lo. Some differences were made in the arrangement of the second issue changes in the application of the cuts. ^ '' premier (et le second) volume des Catholicques oeuvres et Actes des Apostres redigez en escript par saint Luc Auecques plusieurs Hystoires en icelluy inserez des gestes des Cesars. folio. . with 53 woodcuts edition with the full . which is in French alone. No. ruled copy in half calf Paris.. The binding was probably done about 1770. calf gilt. xli. . 12mo. . Charles de Bouelles et nouuellement par luy reueue. Although the artist who produced them cannot be named with certainty they have long been supposed to have been designed by Jean Cousin. 1547 12 . The licence is dated 1. It is a beantiful specimen of Derome's work. Orvs Apollo de -^gypte de la signification des notes Hieroglyphiques des Aegyptiens. 3 vols. . 4 4 Bare. de sacris notis [Greece et Latine"] . Les Images De La Mort." Brunei. e. . with morocco. Le . Begnaud Chaudiere. Kerver. 1542 duplicate with small stamps on figures. .romanlefter. . augmentee et grandement enriche. . . g. 12mo. very rare. British Museum the reverse of title and on last leaf. e. 25 Second 352 edition. Frellon. 354 Ori Apollinis Niliaci.5 Octobre 1543. ou sont comprinses les visions et reitelations que icelluy sainct Jehan eut en lylle de Patmos Ensemble les cruaultez de Boviicien Cesar [compose par Maistre Lays Ghocquet]. ISSl . " Edition la plus recherchee. Et les demonstrances des figures de Lapocalipse veues par sainct Jeha zebedee en lisle de Pathmos soubz Domician cesar. fine copy in blue morocco extra. and the leather is particularly rich in colour. 353 350 [MYSTERE DES ACTES DES APOSTRES].. . and C. 353 HORAPOLLO. from the Beckford library Paris^ A. .d. Lyons. title within a very fine (Charles). The third part has the following title: Lapocalypse Sainct Jehan zebedee. Vticesem concinnata Apud lacobvm 3 3 355 BOUVELLE Italian Geometrie pratique. auecqs les cruaultez tant de Neron que dicelluy Domician. got^if UiUx. . e Gallico idiomate a Georgio Aemylio 4:1 in Latinu translata 12jno. with the arms and name of Girardot on paper-labels pasted inside the cover. fine icoodcuts after Holbein. with 195 woodcuts. Sm. '^oitli luoodcuts . 1541 60 Excessively rare. In the address "Aux lecteurs francoys..— 74 BERNARD QUARITCH'S CATALOGUE.

C. The artist who designed the illustrations was Beknaru Salomon.. auec I'instruftio & maniere de faire chiffres & lettres pour bagues d'or.ents exquisitely laid out. the hack neatly repaired . are attributed to the greatest artists of the period. 1535 (R. . printed in italics. copied in reverse . . a charming copy in polished green morocco super-extra. the whole within outer ivhite borders with gilt lines. 75 | d.. Royne de France. Romaines. diagrams." 358 TORY (Geoffrey). green. contemporary English binding of oak boards covered ivith leather. The 11 large woodcuts it contains and which represent triumphal arches. by Binda The woodcuts are admirable examples of the French wood-engraver's art. trespuissant Prince. vert rare Paris.. The two works i j i j ' . 1550. with woodcut initials and 15 full-page woodcuts. Sm. II. Modesti de vocabulis rei Militaris liber vnus Roman letter. polished red morocco extra. par maistre Geoff roy Tory de Bourges. G. autremet di6tes. Numerous large woodcuts the Verona edition of 1488 Paris. 1549 . fai(. xii. 154:9 60 This remarkable little volume is the chef d'oeuvre of eixteenth century wood -engraving in France. broad gilt inner borders^ hy Chambolle-Duru Paris.:t en I'Eglise Monseigneur faindl Denys en France. . selon le corps & vsaige humain.). and represent the festive scenes presented by the decorated streets.xlix.. gilt inside arabesque Lyons. from . 104. 1532 Vegetius de re Militari libri quatuor. the designs themselves delicately coloured blue. . Sm. Aeliani de iDstrueudis Aciebus liber vnus. capitale de son Royaume. Sexti lulii Frontini de Strategematis libri totidem. 2 works bound in 1 vol. Boville borders.d. 4to. warriors. que tres| treshault.. le Roy en sa bonne ville & cite de Paris. Henry deuziesme de nom. andspecimens of plain andornamental letters . Wechel. di Septemb 1548 . . the sides covered with an intricate interwoven arabesque design containing various floreated ornam. ^ 367 HENRI Re et Trivmphale Entrata del Christianiss. . 24 359 VALTURIUS de Re Militari lib. Henrico secondo di questo noma fatta nella nobile & antiqua Citta di Lyone a luy & a la sua serenissima consorte Chaterini alii 21. I 356 HENRI chrestien IL and CATHERINE & ce de MEDICIS. tresexcellent. j \ \ i \ 25 | ' i I ] J ! " Le Petit Bernard. better known as . vitres & pain6tures le tout inuente. .BOOKS WITH WOODCUTS: FRANCE £ «. rebacked 1532 7 On the the title-page of YeKetius is the signature Thomae Blundeville. Sw. in pull-off case. all of which were enthusiastically displayed by the loyal citizens of Lyons on the occasion of the French king's stay in that city. yellow and white. contemporary calf. 410. a faicile C'est rOrdre et forme qvi a este tenue au Sacre ment de treshaulte & tresillustre & CouronneDame Madame Catharine | ! de Medicis. La Magnifica j di Francia ' . le seziesme iour de luing m. with over 120 large woodcuts ib. . pour tapisserie. the triumphal arches. slightly i in 1 vol. circ. with stamped frame sides of ornaments. iour de Juin m:d.. ' *^* See illustration no. etc. etc. 8vo.. 144 leaves.. L'art & science de la Vray Proportion des Lettres Attiques. monumental columns and Eoyal vessels.. C'est •' rOrdre Qui a este tenv a la nouvelle et iovevse entree. medallion heads. Viuant Gaultherot. ou Antiques. Jean Dallier. some of the woodcuts shaved . with numerous woodcuts.xlix. heightened tvith gold. le X. columns.

With 74< woodcuts Quadrins Historiques D'Exode. Le Fort inexpugnable de I'Honneur du Sexe Femenin.. rather short copy in green morocco extra. Quadrins Historiques De M. . old vellum ib. . with 318 ivoodcuts . Large 8vo. Per Gulielmum .. observations antiqves dv Seigneur Gabriel Symeon Plorentin.. Historiarum Memorabilium ex Exodo. 1554 2 vols. gilt edges 367 BILLON (Francoys de). 1554 The German edition. 1554 Maraffi and 225 other fine woodcuts Figure Del Nuouo Testamento. Svc. Pratt ib." Lyon. italic letter . Sm. Figures Du Nouueau Testament Reuuz. numerous woodciits. Bart. both titles within an arahesgue woodcut border. with 96 woodcuts . D. in 1. decriptio. by W.. italic letter . The 194. They are consequently the first of a famous series of volumes containing woodcut engravings to the Bible which were frequently reprinted with slight additions or otherwise during succeeding years. . construit par Fran(5oys de Billon Secretaire. Con Versi Toscani. Lyons. 2 2 365 Quadrins Historiques De La Bible. sm. with a total of 231 fine woodcuts . 1558 Les illvstres 5 5 .. A Lyon. grand nombre de figures. 1555 10 10 368 SIMEON. illustrate. 149 cuts. 4 Jan d'Allyer .76 BERNARD QUARITCH'S CATALOGUE. Liii. gilt edges ib. 4 4 363 Figure Del Vecchio Testamento. With 94 woodcuts. M. first edition. 14 14 862 — ivith Wol gerissnen vnd geschnidten figuren Ausz der Bibel. & augmentez d'un The two works in 1 vol. sm.. Per Damian nuouamente composti. Liri. 361 [SALOMON La Bible. 12mo. 366 Historiarum Memorabilium ex Genesi Paradinum. 8vo. 4 . e. PRIMALEON No.. 4to. a fine copy in red levant morocco extra. both titles within an arabesque woodcut border . Par Jean de Tournes. . Svo. making 96 woodcuts. 1553 FiKBT EDITIONS and moreover the first books published by Tournes containing illustrations to either the Old or New Testament. 364 Figures Du Nouueau Testament. 1554 Extremely rare.. with the boohplate of Sir Henry Edward Bnnbury. 12mo. Sm..)] dtt " A Le Petit Bernard.. Jan de Tovrnes. eight cuts were added to the Old Testament. gilt edges ib. 1558 morocco gilt. 327 pretty woodcuts . gilt edges. fine copy in hroxori morocco extra by Gape Paris. gilt edges. D.] With 95 ivoodcuts ib. sequentibusq Per Gulielmum Borluyt. g. with a large number of woodcuts .. tall and fine copies in red morocco extra. tall and fine copies in brown ib.. some having pretty ornamental borders. . a fine copy in blue levant morocco extra. With a woodcut portrait of ib. 1558-6 In this edition. hound in contemporary calf Paris. L'Histoire De Primaleon de Grece continuant Celle De Palmerin D'Olive mise en nostra vulgaire par Francois de Vernassal. (B. full page woodcuts and an ornamental border repeated on the first page of each book. Folio. With 125 xvoodcuts The 2 works in 1 vol. With 137 woodcuts. 1550 . italic letters . 4 or together 327 illustrations. portrait on title.. woodcuts in the 1553 issue of the Old Testament were increased Maraffi to 10 10 223 (an addition of 29) in the 1554 edition... 1556 The sixains are by Charles Fontaine. First complete edition of the cuts to the Old and New Testaments. libris de- The two works in 1 vol. the title within an ornamental ivoodcut border.. polished calf extra. En son dernier voyage d'ltalie Van 1557. 353 _ 15 ___ 360 of Greece. scriptio. The text was written by Claude Paradin. Lyons. Illustrate da versi vnlgari Italiani [da Maraffi. bringing the number up to 231 and one cut to the New Testament was duplicated. in which the number of woodcuts was reduced. Par Jean De Tournes.

J. gilt edges. . with arms on sides of Baron Selliere ib. with woodcut head and tail pieces. a fine copy in old French calf Beroalde de Verville. Les CEvvres Poetiques d'Isaac Habert. 1560 372 COLUMNA. Paris. . Lxxxi. with the bookplate of Paris. 1559 La vita et . ov Discours du songe de polipbile. Luther. diagrams. e. Calvin.—Ar&ti Solensis works in 1 vol. 1600 title . 8vo.." he has wantonly uncovered what the Italian designer took care to conceal (in obedience to the text " couvrait de ses aelles ce qu'elle avoit de nu "). etc. 7 10 375 HABERT Roy. 1581 by Bedford Best edition. — . .. g. italic letter.. qui sont representees dans le Songe de Poliphile Desvoilees des ombres du Songe & subtilement exposees par Beroalde Sm. corrected by Jean Martin. numerous portraits within borders and 44 eonbleins also within woodcut borders . with a very small piece of the title filled in. ruled in red. a ." Brunet says that copies These woodcut borders are partly in the are "fort recberches. . with 2 bound in old red morocco crowned — two 1 16 371 (Jehan) Livre de Perspectiue de Jehan Cousin. very beautiful vjoodcrit border to title. 4to. pretty copy in polished red morocco extra.. by " Le Petit Bernard. An important work ou emblems. otherwise a good sound copy in calf. Sm. 1582 Le Tableav des riches Inventions Couuertes du voile des feintes Amoureuses. For instance. device on back. large device on title. 374 BEZ A. Les Vrais Povrtraits des Hommes Illvstres en Piete et Doctrine. Senonois. . et Phaenomena. gilt inside dentelles. first edition. calf gilt. Another copy with a few blank margins mended. 14 . gilt edges ib. 9 style of the ancient missals and partly Didot conin that of Finiguerra. .. ornamental side borders. folding woodcuts of constellations .. COUSIN 15 15 . and a very fine copperplate Paris. . . 369 OVID. and among the many portraits are included those of John Knox. adapted for silversmiths. Figurato & abbreuiato in (Here an oval-shaped forma d'Epigrammi da M. Abel VAngelier. APATOY ZOAEOi: ^AINOMENA. and illustrated by Jean Cousin with 186 beautiful woodcut designs wlfich are free imitations of those in the Italian edition of 1499. a feiv leaves slightly soiled. NouuelDeduisant comma Amour le combat a I'occasion de Polia Folio. la natvra et woodcut) A Lione per Giouanni di Tomes apologia generale di m. first edition. e. with Sir Frederick Leighton's autograph on fly-leaf ib.BOOKS WITH WOODCUTS: FRANCE A $. pour re. 22 25 Translated by Jacques Gohory. 77 d. metamorfoseo d' Ovidio. with an increased number of portraits. folio. Kerver. . Prognostica. is identical with that of Gohory's edition of 1553-4. . corners of title and first leaf mended." sidered the work to be " le chef d'ceuvredu Petit Bernard. Viscount Lisburne Graece. dv Travail desquels Diev s'est serui en ces derniers temps.. Hypnerotomachie. Peter Martyr and Grynaeus. Jehan le Royer. lined panel sides. by Hardy. Latine.. [^Geneval. The French artist treated his original with much freedom. 1559 Wilmot. . 1561 373 the same. folding and other maistre Painctre a Paris. in the design of the " Cygne amoureusement accolle d'une Nymphe. a fine copy in blue morocco extra. gilt edges.. Morel. with nearly 200 pretty woodcuts surrounded by a great variety oj" singularly chaste and beauti/ul ornaments . . brown morocco. . vnth over 180 beautiful woodcuts. made some alterations at beginning and end which give his book the appearance of a new translation but the body of the text . Folio. It is dedicated to James VI of Scotland. gabriello Syraeoni effetti della Ivna 12rao. 376 (Isaac). . 1561 calf . g. mettre sus la vraye Religion en diuers pays de la Chrestiente par lean de Laon Traduicts du latin de Theodore de Besze M. ." 370 ARATUS. with 186 lement traduict de langage Italien en Francois. — . woodctits ... D. old gilt ib. Gabriello Symeoni 1559. Secretaire du 2 parts in 1 vol. 28 . it is also of great interest as a volums containing portraits engraved on wood. G. de Laon. who was a far more skilful and ingenious writer than Francisco Colonna or Jacques Gohory.

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Icones Catecheseos. 1-538-55 notes des Signification HorapoUo. 354 De sacris notis. n.. Expositiode maguis tribulationibus. Locher. Strassburg. De Mariane. 1499 276 Herbolario volgare. Jhesu Cristi. 92 about 1503 93 1509 Hofferus. Layen Legeda d'l Bo Zanebono d Mantua.. Giardino Pensieri Marial. 1495 . n. 1550 318 Paris. 1498 1543 Fundamentumeterne felicitatis. 1498 83 84 ib.. Nouvelle Paris. Hrosvita. Dialogi. 1473-4. 78 79 Hutten. ib. 1510 Lunarium. 1497 Historia Undecim Milium Virginum. 1625 296 Goltz. Frankfort. 1491 302 Anabat. 156 Frankfort. [1513] [1520] [1525] 110 Venice. Ulm. 1511 43 [Cologne. Venice. Passio Christi. scientia. G. 1531] Von dem grewlichen De Trunckenheyt. Unknown 44 printer. 1473 Jeu des eschez. 1497 Opus Ruralium CommoCrescentius. Kempis n. Ferrara. Divina Comedia. 1532 145* 375 Habert (Euvres. Granollachs. 1600 Aphorismorum. 1528-41 314 1528-45 315/6 1528-45 317 Lyons. 200 Frankfort. 1557 Marcolino da Forli. Lilius. d. Fillastre. 1582 196 De sumno bono. 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Wit169 Schopper. 1480-1 Summerteil. 329/30 Eingmann. Antwerp. 1566 Antwerp. 1480 15 OfiQcium Eomanum. Cologne. Lyons. etc. Vierundzwanzig Otto Strassburg. Mirabilia Eomae. Kevelationes. 1549 161 Vita della S. —— 241 De Concubinariis. 1480 16 Libri de tristibus. 1492 222 Sonnetti e Trionfi. 1501 Sambucus. Benedicti. 1480 Winterteil. Psalterium. 1505 255 Stella. 1507 258 tions 214/218* Mfetamorphoseon. ib.. 1474] 11 . Venice. 137 Nuremberg. L'Histoire de. 1550 ?] 51 291 Strassburg. 1493 64 Scheuftelein. Venice.1494 Siemern. Frankfurt. 1548 290 Thucydides. Zinna. De Ee Militari. Nuremberg. Venice.Winterstue] Voragine. Emblemata. Leipzig. Sermone dell' oratione. StrassLibri Mirabilium. Venice. 1 paper. Leipzig. 1547 Pambst. Bound up with others in Tagliente. Pavia. Pacifico da Novaria. [Augsburg. Sumula de pacifica conscientia. Savonarola. Modus Confitendi. Augsberg.515 No. 1587 198 Catalogus. Various ediLibri de Ponto. Siena.. Praxis Criminis. 14—? 1529 Vegius Philalethes. 1527 Tory. Strassburg. tenberg. Exposicions. 1488. Frankfort. Vita romanorum imperatorum. 1540 152 des images 153 ib... 1491 Sallustius.) Valturius. Notitia utraque cum orientis Cologne. Comaedise. 1556 364/5 Historiarum Memorabilium ex Genesi [ex Exode] per G. Doctrina iesy Christi.. 1598 Vegetius.. 323 about 1511 ad usumPragensem. 1553 361 Figuren Ausz der Bibel. Verba deponentialia. Kochbuch. 201 Passio Christi. Paris.

1478 {Slitjhtly rechtcea) . Augsburg. Uialogj.S. Gregorius Magnus.

Augsburg. . Speculum Humanje Salvationis. Das Buch Belial. 1473 ^[ TScltal tcdpiews Itttetam a {Jco^ umg allet Ftim0 \>nb bctt aHet b^tt^/bet <nbcvit: lof^pjjcn bee 10.9. 1473 Jacobus DE The RAMo. pafiriarcJ)eti ftin/vnb vcc wcf<c &cs Augsburg.

9 'i rj< o P5 .o 00 O O o 'A.

v/frch» 'A 'T3 ^ e s to ^»ft< ^ i c .

G O pi a .

Boch der Natur. .19. Conrad von Megenberg. 1478. Augsburg.

Aesopus. {Reduced) Stbassburo. Vita et Fabdlae.8 26. about 1481 .

f^bnU^P* D^ cane et came

26. Aesopus.

Yita et Fabdlae.

Strassjburg, about 1481



Erklarung der zwolf Artikel.
{Slightly reduced)

Ulm, 14S5



Bartholomaeus Anglicus.




Haarlem, 14S5j






Mainz, 1486

{{Hfuch reduced)

1486 {Much reduced) .13 32. Breydenbach. Itinekarium. Mainz.

LiREK. Cronick. y.D.14 3i. Ulm. .

Fabule et Vita.15 35. I4b6. . Antwerp. Aesopus.

. 1486. DiALOGUS Creatcraeum.16 db. Antwerp.

AFTER VrRir>.ATINA.acaif9nones.intcrfecnonee. vctcmmqs caufe^foj^tas e^aeat bum fimultatcs.v^inai!a carccrcs oain natione6X)dia9C fcdinonu rurbulenta certamma. PrOGNOSTICATIO I. vans qHoq5 fnncik CQUmrnvs Difmrnma paaenmr que 44. ramcninciucrj LlCHTE>.BEhGEK. GrRMANY. 1488 .17 (£ftatnnnctmiovtt)emlgi flatuafiquatMcercntbcumulte^amq^ ma-primto^ boiesrijce'X contcntionc9crnnt.


HuBSCHE HiSTORi VON Troy. Strassburg. CoLCMNA. liS9 .^9 49.

Deu8gr. gnumedacdderc fibiquodaaidif cuidam ftulto mcdico.ucmodo connate tUitlnquit Dimna * ^I fjSaraboia 4\CD!dmrfiiiircmqU3damtmap2oumcieindicpemu8mediai8:ctvaIdc&i(^^^^^ apiidomnce bomi'ncs.^cfpondemntindq:ctko^ pardu&. -ConcdTitcmmfib.vt vniurrfi mfirmicciilen? 58.O.itiam.20 ifgapi^uium Zerdum. about 1490 . BiDPAi. Fabulae. Strassbdrg.

05 m < CQ .

[Chbistus. Augsburg. 1491 .22 62. Die Neoe Ehe und das Passional].

about 1493: 24 €k^^cbri(ticolhp^ieccfu 65. Brandt. Speier.63. Y. M. Opus Rcralium Commoiorum. Carmina in laudem B. Petrus de Crescentiis.. 1495 . Basef.

jfjcob' eo tge regnabat qdrac^ t mulco abdomine gniuis.£b:0cc fomerfcti Ouce ac a" cqmiara irruptt eumcg Tie ccg cu cflct logc potetio: luflb rcgc vt in parte fe recuperet mojc'xaptatrocatocaptteintcrfecit.5»Kr Ss vltioc pacta fUiVi^regnufufcepit.7 in terra onectod putrefcere.fcotorum amiatut (bcietatecg gaudet.fludaicram'noeoJiazbojeee in fcocia qfu^ pta npl flumis enata fruct* pduceret aneta. 1493 {Much ti duct ) \ I .q leges .ifeic nos bmnali tge mim? cu fol pauloampU" eg trfe bona terra illuiaret.^HjJ tn nobis in ^(ocii mtraculu pfentata e. NuBEMBEEG^ Chronicle.in aqua ^o Oimeifos mox atatos enatare fub a<i3 "7 »" acra plumis penifcB eucfttgi*? cuolarcSe q re cu autdi* tueftigarem' ftidicim* miracula fp rc' mott* fugerc famofamcB 3rt)o:c no fcpaa 6 apd olcbades infulas inucniri.iRer bctnnc' folitudfs ac odj' cupidus alicno ma^ b(xiL§ -r m res anglica apud fracoe minui ceptflct arb^ gfi. ScHEDEL.ia pa boc tenipud cc quo fcrpob eflgeftum acc^pimus ad rc9 btlpuniCii&fclhnamue.np cjpcaaml ei^ aiuem fofjjjln g naiiibio rapt! coz viri CBPlurcs necati.T ipe tade a fuis domefli/ rt8interfett'e.ludomas . -r »a jmeiu salliinin pnfttna 9m emcrgeret. Dibernia nunc nobis abfoliteda e que puo a bnttannta bifruncta freto.aliS in aqua. jmtat' em ob ca caj pjiccps ebozaceTis ca maionb^ copqs eg pji^. ncc fttu poftea en bujc cbojacefte Domu rediffct fomcrfctt part cgjs c carccre miffus Emittetc rcge subemarc.a 3^0 ccLxxxvirri Vn tram anglifl •Egid (g fuo ludioo regnu gubemauiit.partis kbaa.^ntcr as t attiic' nf ada molyncs fccrctt reg] ftgnacali cu Dos t Ifa? culto: amifla capite|trucat' lacuit.anms in culbdia fuiri^ ac Dimtf Tus tade fufcepta ejtragbc^ coiuj>e boma reuerfus plurea regulos gladu) ccufTtifj.! fozma bntes t toe tide cu matuntatt pjojnmt effet fponce fu ceddercaliod in terra.c) ca o\\ in angUa capr'^jci.cut cu rcjc obuia vim d\ buce fomerfett oauifletjputas illu aut *bo9 lenoantoplacare aut regw mateftatl auctojttatc ortcrrere. Nuremberg..flumib' baud magm's t mote quoda ab T^j angU J Oiraeta.na paupes penenudos ad ecciasimendicantes accept] lapidibus ekmoftne gfa bans (etos ebtjfte conlbejcimus.iperauit.piuo et ppRs -r pjiapjli" qua to albtott tu baianil vetcrcs rocaucre.poted apd eu m pztmis auditf Oujc foffitlti Kiit. 3ld genus lapidis fiue fulpburea fiuelab a pmguis materia pditum pio \iS)M quo Ire^ -^ ©efeibernta gionudaidtcomburftur. Koberger.nec faccrdotio pdit] parfus e.Sj qm ntbtl Oifinu memo. ©eScocia cjj m /ircocia ei' mfalc in quo eangUa fupma pc»«io€ in a<Jlone '^fa. res fupn je fibi cladts ci fuit.resnu ceprt.pam:m angltcano paret impeno. m 64.&uj: cbojacefis coarfi no Euts ajptja necpauc] ftipat' baromb' lundonias veiiit re^ mutatur' ativtipe Utobat red pfiUuj rcgm ^uti'cofultas.nibil j3fecit.


27 S 69. tt Ars Moriendi. Leipzig. about 1495-8 .

28 |Fo:mula pure ofeflioni^. CCLOGKE. CONFESSIONALE. 70. . ABOUT 1495.

74. Stabilimenta Rhodiorium Militum. 1496 t ^ . Ulm. Caoursin.

Inuenipaucos(cred!tc)vbicpbonos.^.d].30 LXXI Dcmcndicis SC eornm vanitatibus. Seplures nutrirc voluntmatofi^^tcnellos:^ Hocftudium multis:h^ <jap^ virAtrfactt: 75. £n mctui nc mc ftult^ dcfed:io Ce&^ AfFicercttnumerus nee fatis vfcp font: Sed mendicorum turbas fcrutatus vbicp :.Vn6ois S6. Vcmerito hos fatuis grandibis accunrr'JT Inter mcndicos fatuorum eft magna caterua: vail li. 1497 . Brandt.pafc&.c. * v. Basel. Toe medi corum Cir nis&aiidef (^ delofq^.xi De quorum ritu noftracam^na refert. Stultifeea Navis.

1497 .31 (em mtt 0attQem ^crijen begerai folDarumb l^r em Qikid}mp bkbzm r^o:^eyt jfig^^i^ ber lieff • ffifejVigctemieflct: emcttaOiitmtt feme ^ii?i6c beycmem waflerm 6cm ccfcmptl^nwj? nacp lagcri rnbf^pbrtfclbembcirvriblpiUtgcgeitfcmcpube «lfoUitg vntim beriegcrvngewamctiiAm vnb trarftm ben l^uiibcii/Bi:bicm mit Qt^wmmiit^ ti(\invmibv:tittm. BucH DEB Kpnst. cr|Ji^e i?mtb rcrrgap bamtt bcs icgera 76. Augsburg.

1497 . {Slightly reduced) Strassburg. Braunschweig. Buch der Chirurgia.32 ^ze vi) capitel 5iP fierdcn tractates wtirt t>icb Icren (o ein mcnfcb flange oder and wiirm t>ce 77.

S. 1498. Brant. Brandt. AA82. Basel.33 ^nmumpaitimUiattu ' Romano^ regem glonorifTimuiin vitatn &c6"uerfacroncm regu Ifrahel SC luda. Carmika. .

34 87. 1498 .. Methodius. Revelationes. Baskt.

1499.Cologne Chronicle. Cologne. .

36 fpeculi parfionis domi'm XXXV 102. . 1607 {Much reduced) Speculum. Pinter. Nuremberg.

Bambkrgische Halzgekichts Ordendng.37 1<4. 16()7 {Much reduced) 8 * . Bamberg.

Augsburg. 1509 .38 109. Layen Spiegel.

1511 {Much reduced) . DuREK. Apocalipsis. Nuremberg.39 112.

40 115. 1512 . Ndremberg. Ars Moriendf.

41 118. Fall and Redemption of Man. Altdoefer. About 1515. .

1516. Maeial. . Leipzig.42 120.

1517 (Eeduced) . Die brosamlin. Geiler von Kaiserberg. Strassburo.43 ftle wolfcil cr ymmer itw^ tfn ycjlt^nr t§ut 9ae ee nic^t wolt % ma vntil) dncc vctfa uffet ate ce I'm f^/^ae i(T unt) c r bJu&erU'c^c U'ebc* 123.

44 131. 1521 . Nuremberg. Geistlich Steass.

45 144. 1531 . Reduced) ( Siemern. RoDLER. KuNST DES Messens.


00 .

156. KoBEL. 1545 .49 Mt>m. Wappen des RoMiscHfiN Reichs. ( Reduced) Fkankfort.

Basel. Dk Historia Stirpium. 1542 {Much reduced) . FucHS.157.

sl. e la ^ i ^ P ^ t. 12. s 2 « a .CX) CO < s m o o Q *"«! 4Ci 5I J "5 I ^ • ~* o « >. S o Q a ^ V *»• f.5 *^ QQ .s S s^ »5 2 . -.» o fc- — o •:: ^S ^S £ Li ^. i.^£0 5 -Hi tti ^ 11^ ^ -^-. ?S * ** o ? ^ S s* « "^ ^ ^'^ -22 l.

Figuren der Engelien. 1579. FrankfoSt. . Amman.53 185.

00 00 o Oi fid « 03 b to O U ta o n Oi •• ^•^ ^"^ a^^ «^ io ^ C M e sosk. e w e ? ** fsii S 4?5 .

55 205# VAiTtJRius. 1483 9 * . De Re Militari. Boni>us de Boninis. VEKONi.

( o iZ! :^ D EH S5 iz. o pq o I— .

^^ N^^ n7 ft 05 1^ '^•^ 7..* ^^'/ .^. *lv\: W3 1^ O is H P .s * •^^ ^^'#.


o o






Sonetti e Trionfi,
(^Greatly reduced)

Venice, 1492


CTractato/o ucro Scrmonc dclla orationc compofVo da frate Hicronymo da ferrara


Savonarola, Sermone.

Florence, 1492

jFabiild. Aesopds. Fabdlae. Venice.S. 226. 1493 .64 J6 c ff mfrtiiftubcmc furf.

DApinius ftatius neapohtanus pocta pfsfftantiflime equitum mi po!ydorc:diu multumc^ ut ipfe aicdubiV taui£:an filuas fuas copiofiflimasrquas icermiflfa pic/ ( rum9 thebaide fefl:manti{rin3eluferat:coUec5las6C i uolumen congrcgacas emicterc .TVM CAESENATEM EO VITEM COMITFMQ^VE. AD PO/ LYDOR-VM TYESR. fingulorum in quorum gradain icribebantur mam a 11 227.P. Cantalycius.OSVO. Venice. quoniam antca eas edidirfetjaccK iV. CANrALYCiVSPOLYDOR. Epigrammata.S.65 CANr/\LYCIi EPIGK^MMATVM LIBER. 1493 .

Petbarca. (Greatly reduced) Venice. Sonetti e Trionfi.66 228. 1494 .

Sbrmomi.MM£^^js^j^ 229.67 f:sjs:^. 1495 . Ohiabint. Florence. Libro de Mercantie. Florbnci. 1495 68 (J^Qucfto c/ cllibbro chc trat^a di Mcrcatatic K ufanzc Jcpacfi 232. Bernardus.

Practica Musicb. dimcnfione dcterminata habcnt interualla Pedeftrcs indiffinita Equc quodammodo ex vtrifc^ commixta .Hunc cnim&fi ccrtis eft re/gulis innitutus canto tamcn pulchem'mum : 1 1 1 1 ' I ' 1 1 1 xdimari licet :quanto cuenerit vfui nobiliori . 1496 . Vocum autem Alia pcdcftrisqua.Alia ex vtriufcp commixtiscripladifpofi^ . dimcnfione extremis vocibus concluduncur inter/ ualla : quorum longiorem in hannonia inftrumcntali profequcmur enar/* fie fcribit . Inccruallorum Alia ^quifonis vocibus extremis dupla dimcnfione intercludutur. canendum coniungunt nullam tamen red/ piunt diuifioncm intemalla : Irrationab'a igirur Si inccrta dicimus qua: in chordotono a tribus primis multiphcibus feuinda funt. Capuc primum Armomci modulaminisGfcnus aucftorcBac/* chco eftmos vniucrfurn quid fubindicans diV ucrfas in fe habcns ideas ideftcxcmplariaifcu diucrfas cantilena: compoCciones: quod qui^ deip contrapundlum vocamus:quaficoncor-' dcm conccntum cxcrcmorum fonorum inui^ com corrcfpondcntium contrapoGtisnotulis: arte probatum. De Contrapundlo SC eius elemcncanjs vocibus . Alia modulata qua 8C nacuraliter 8C in inftrumecis fccCi^ dum harmonicam ftrcs vcro quafi cancntcs aliquid opcramur . Eft itaq? contrapun^ (fhis ars flcdlcndi cantabiics fonos proportionabili dimcnfioncK ccm^ pons mefura:NaqjMclodia ex vocibus conftatK interuallis atc^ tcm-' poribus. X rationero:Dc his item Guido Ditonus & Semiditonusatc^ huiufmodi femitonium 8C fi voces ad .'K a prioribusduabus fupcrparticulafibus fegregataxumomnem arti potiftime melodicamconfyderationem vcl multiplidtati vel fupcrpar/ ticularitati ipfi afcripferinc Pythagorici Hacc cnim funt huic . Alia cqueftris qua poccicacarmina fecundum ArumSfthenm enuiiciamqs. rurfus inccrta irrationaliq. Gafokius. O' tione atcp quadrupla Alia(Tninima quidem jfcfquio^ilaua Alia .1 1 69 LIBER TERTIVS. con/ <^ 233*. . {Greatly reduced) Milan. Hca: cnim voces ccrta .f. Alia confonis hcmiolia K cpitrita.orationcslceimusSdlo/ quimur.

70 234 ] . 1497 1 J. HiKBONiMus.' ^. Ferbara. . (^Much rediUced) . EpisTOLE.


. Stklla. Venice. 1503.73 ita '^omm^ S'litperatoau* 242. Vita romanorum Imperatorum.

74 243. 1502 (^Much reduced) 10 . MissALE RoMANDM. Venice.

Milan. FiORE Di Veetu.75 214. 15C2 .

1-503 . Htstoriaedm omnium repercussiones. Bergomensis. Venice.76 245.

about 1503 . Ars MoRiENDi. Venice.77 24'7.

Venice.78 247. Abs Moriendi. about 1503 .

s M. • ^.c v> ss Sn 1— "" ^ 12 S 2 *i « 'xX .05 n ^ t.2 ^ 3 ^ 2 == '4 o t* t-» --» *-» f>* *-• « ^ ^ w o <i^ o «5? § t^ ew s 2 *3 O P o as o.2^3 5 .

GO .

. £a rone miozi vcnc ratioecolumrmdcoqj nonulUctil ciufdcs vrbis incoleiiUud rl picciofus ante (iios oculos -*-"*- *--*—- —.5 254. 15.^v. Pavia.^vvv\v^ ^^cobiiQmlkimcdCulti B^tmrij Htbapiep^fiitio^ Tjbud multos ^ubitjiri foktim pa pie cot rancto:u rdtqutc fmb^bc-' mt t)omid!iu: qtfi cos Utct: vhdc piodkrint: ab quibiis t>clatcfint:i qui t»emu5 ipfi v:bi munus tl cjci- miu cotulcrit. GoALLA.--- - -- -ffiaaitt Papie Sanctuaricm.82 I « » t^Fy<i^iT^fgy»1"TP^^i»"» < 1^ ll^o\^\<^\>\->\-^<^.^7?.

{Much reduced) Fano. 1507 .83 257. Decachordum Curistiakdm. ViGERius.

* - • QO ..t.

85 263. Venice. 1511. Plautus. Comoediae. .

1511 . PoLLio Vita della S. piu facilmf £€ a qie carte ql uorrai ucdcr oardma tamfreK Hecorre^a 264.86 is* J^ Opera Noua dclla Vita dC morte della Dlua dC ScraphicaeSoCstharia da Siea copcRa plo ejs cellaifdmo Si^ f^imbfifficB© Pocta raifer loePol lio ArrednOotn nr»a<>fn SraraoMhCapkulis^o nettijEpiftoksSr Sexdne.Cu lauuob^tfotsar ^^hJftoriata. Cathakina da Siena. Ci5 gratia. Venice.

t I> 00 ^ w <j t— p o > 00 00 ^ '?-* <i«* P-. .

89 277. Thoscanello de la Musica. Venice. Aron. 1523 .

1522 11 . VENICE.90 ^li^neetlrcfirio 280. ROSARIO DELLA VfiBGINE.

vE .to KK^.h^^^i»i:?l«5.^2iJ^JI ^^^^ssEa w O ^ to CO o t-l .

Ars Mobiendi. Lyons.93 298. about 1490 11 • .


M. 1503 . Kerver.V.95 303. B-OUM B.

Paris.V.M. HoR« B.96 Ife^/ '?) quonian) t^ccuSitt 5omt^ ti <iuia ittcrinoutf autCHj fmn)mi^i x \t)Pk%m mci6 itt«ocrt6o» CQrcw«5c5n:uttt mebofocein(ttrie:et |jertcufo \mj^ utferm inmmmnt mc* 312. Tory. 1527 .

1504 . Paris. Jacques dk Cessole.97 321. Jeu des eschez.

(^Reduced) Paris. Sully.(^itt<. 1612 .98 . Exposiciones." ijJj.M***---*****^ 324.

CoLUMNA.99 328. about 1517 . {Reduced) Paris. Mer deb HisToiRES.

Paris.100 335. 1525 . GrDT OF Warwick.

101 339. 1528 . Meliadus de Leonnoys. Paris.

1529 . Bertaut. ENCOMruM tridm Mariarum.102 342. Paris.

Praxis Criminis perseqdendi. MiLLAEDS. (^Reduced) Paris.103 349. 1541 .

104 356. Henri II and Catherine de Medici. 1549 . Paris. Entri^b.


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Anfange der Druckerkunst Schrift . [Premiere Partie... ivith upioards of 100 plate". orXyio- graphic Delineations of Scripture History. Sotheby (S. £10. hound. Par Illustration. England. N. Zesterman. XVIP. Folic. \yith introductory Notes by Campbell Dodgson. and of the earliest English and French Bibles and Prayer-books .. 2. Hooks of the first half-century of the Art of Prii :ig. 12s. [Catalogue of] Monuments of Typography and Xylography. half red Troyes. large paper. [Heineken (C. A. Ph. Leipsic. les Reimpression Pur Ips Planches originaleF. and S. etc.. with 120 full-page facsimiles {some colours). from the Beginning in 1898 to 1911 inclusive. folio. VIII tiubound. et antres Seconde Partie. Wynkyn de Worde. £1. 4to. £12.. containing 121 plates .. 4to... £1. 1861 • • Weigel Bild (T. Pynson. TOWER STBEKT. Les Bois graves pour les Brevaires. in STRANOEWAVS AND SONS. six vols. unth 5 plates and 350 1894-6 full morocco super-extra. Bibliographic. £3. in portfolios £21. Gohn. Impl. accompagnee d'une Noiice par Max smaller wood engravings on 55 leaves . £1. France. cloth gilt. Due de Schreiber (W.). Reimpression sur les Planches originales. 8vo. lOs. 5s. SeconD' Impl. roxhurghe binding. vol. 1858 m . illustrations in the text . remarkable Block-Books. with numerous facsindU-. tvith woodcjit iitle-paqe and 11 large woodcut engravings. with about 330 facsimiles. 3 vols. of Block-Books half morocco. 7 3. with 63 plates . 14") facsimiles {many in colours).. Flanders and Germany. and boardsf 1898-1911 Montagu Peartree. 12s. during the XVth Century.. uncut. 1868 (P-).). Is. etc. £3. XV^ Imprimerie Troyenne. exemplified and considered in connection with the Origin of Printing. with numerous plates of facsimiles of Block-Books. O. Description. L. comprising facsimiles from the most Issue. 10 vols. bound in half yellow morcco extra by Riviere. 191? Quaritch (B. 6d. 21 G Grravures sur Publiees par V.. and 3 vols. cloth.. Reproduit en facsi oile. With an innotated list of Florentine Illustrated Books.. avec Introdue' ion historique et bibliographique.C. ^oith portrait of Weigel. including 44 facsimiles of the Press jf Caxton. 8vo. 1866 und und A. avec une Dissertation sur I'origine de la Gravure et sur les premiers Livres d'Images.) au deren friihesten Erzeugnissen"^ in der Weigel'schen Sammlung. Antwerp:— Breviaries and Missals. 4to. Roy. Broca. Manuel de 1' Amateur de la Gravure sur Bois et sur Metal aux XV© Siecle. I— iv and VI—viil. half morocco. Les Missels imprimes a Venise de 1481 h 1600. by L. Speculum HumanSB Salvationis et de la le plus ancien Monument le la Xylographie Typographic reunies. accompagnee d'une Notice par Max Rooses. . CAMBRIDGE CIRCUS.A Selection of Important Books of Reference Complete Set of the Publications of this Society Diirer Society. sd. 8vo. 1910 pour le the same. 4 vols. H. Idee generale d'une Collection complette d'EstampeS. de)]. roy. Berlin. Gustav Pauli. uncut. et XV IIP Siecles.. Berjeau. roy. Kristeller 1897 Illustration de I'ancienne Bois des XVI% morocco. cloih. Holland. ivith vof' ^cut title-page and 247 Roosi^s. 4to. 189" Rivoli. W. from its Invention wide-spread Development in the middle of the Sixteenth century. folio. Early Florentine Woodcuts. and numerous woodcuts . 2 vols. £1. 17s. issued in Holland. £1. A and 2 vols. 1850 The Plantin-Moretus Museum. Livrs liturgiques. Vol. sd. neaHy 1771 Humphreys to its (H. roy. 8vo. Rivoli.] Les et Bois Graves pour le Breviaiie Missel in-folio. Fol^'o. Italy. 8vo. Roy. Missals. 3s. folio. PRINTERS. Is. L. Leigh). Folio. 1891-1900 Principia Typographical The Block Books. and from all the important Typographical Monuments of Germany. History of the Art of Printing. par J.. 14s... £14. le Is.).