The 'no BODY is above the law' PETITION.

The cornerstone of Commonwealth law was initiated by Queen Elizabeth I with The Act of Supremacy of 1559. NAMELY: no ONE is above the law. It replaced feudal law, where King Henry the 8th was above the law, and prior to 1538 the Pope was above the law and infallible, and lawyers had to be submissive to them. NOW God was Supreme, and the Queen was under God, therefore even the Queen was not above the law, and this resulted in lawyers changing their oath of allegiance to being 'respectful' to the Crown, instead of being 'submissive' to feudal law and despot rulers - Proof that this trust is founded in: IN GOD WE TRUST and our solution actually fixes the fundamental flaw of respondeat superior [the Rule of Law of international business] - In 1562, the Queen declared The Supremacy of Parliament, and now Parliament was Superior to the Queen and this really was the beginning of Democracy as we know it, and - The BAR secretly went back to being submissive in order for CORPORATE tyranny to rule under NAFTA I'm convinced that Thomas Jefferson knew a deep dark secret about the Supremacy of Parliament, when he said: “A departure from principle in one instance becomes a precedent for a second; that second for a third; and so on, till the bulk of the society is reduced to be mere automatons of misery, to have no sensibilities left but for sin and suffering." And the fore-horse of this frightful team is public debt. Taxation follows that, and in its train wretchedness and oppression." Jefferson knew the big picture and masons are imposing tyranny on us

Frankly this secret was why the USA separated from England , in the 1st place,
and why he hated international BANKSTERS so much. Yet he was bound to a mason oath to not reveal this secret that shows how they 'legally' subverted the foundation of law and order The result of this secret was obvious tho; The fact is the Banksters simply refused to give up their status of being above the law, and the departure from principle was done by declaring the Banksters and Parliament to be a BODY, and that means these bodies were above the law; TODAY: EVERY BODY IN POWER IS LEGALLY ABOVE THE LAW. We are being ruled by hypocrites with consciences as if seared with hot irons [1Tim4] - Exactly like Jefferson warned: The implementation of 'No one is above the law' was executed under authority of COLONIAL RULE or is it HOMELAND SECURITY now? - By converting the founding principle of law from 'no ONE is above the law' to 'no BODY is above the law' would succeed in returning to the original noble intent of Democracy itself. Converting 1-word would close every trick the Banksters and Government use as a case law precedent to impose tyranny, and this can be done quickly under the Grand daddy of all laws NAMELY: The Act of Supremacy of 1559 With 1-word, every Nation in the world could return to the principle of equality before and under the law.

BE INSPIRED BY A SOLUTION TO TYRANNY THAT CAN BE FOUND IN 1-WORD The revealing of this secret, will inevitably 'shock the public consciousness': This PETITION offers a genuine opportunity to take a chance on Peacefully returning to a form of Law and Order that is not corruptible. It's the Hope the USA was founded on This is not just pulling a cat out of the bag, it's dragging out a lion because it would result in waking up the White House with a united voice that says: Law and Order has degraded into TYRANNY Just ask yourself: How can the Congress defend that they must be above the law? Ask yourself: How can anyone in Authority say NO? No one in Office can defend an argument that their NEW WORLD ORDER cannot operate without being above the law, - IMAGINE: under 'no body is above the law' Corporations must start to serve society It would mean returning to a sane resource based economy, and abandoning their insane monetary management practices. IN FACT it would trigger our Golden Age. The only thing that would be destroyed is corruption of Public Officials who caused public debt

After the abuse we get from all Public Officials, can say: - Let's take a chance on implementing a sound doctrine that Democratically fixes everything FRANKLY our grassroots initiative will promote that we MUST give Peace a chance. This initiative can deliver what all Americans want: to Peacefully return to our founding principles Denial of consent to be governed is the most powerful force devised by man to affect the make-over. The law created the mechanism to take itself down Peacefully and this challenge is inevitable
The only way any Grassroots Movement can win, is by inspiring the hearts of good people' to just give Peace a chance, and focus on: “what on earth do we have to lose?” Frankly, no one can win without offering a general amnesty program just like South Africa did. Because 99% of the 1% didn't know the solution. AND if they refuse to repent then send their ass to jail, for Breach of Trust [for example]. No one in power can claim to be innocent of the charge of behaving as if they are immune from prosecution by an Office that is above the law DEAD THINGS called CORPORATIONS rule, and the only way to fix the system is a makeover All hypocrisy in law stops with 1-word & if we don't accept a makeover, the hypocrisy will literally kill us all BY THE PEOPLE FOR THE ECONOMY IS FASCISM the profits of forever civil war is their only solution Frankly authority has nothing to lose without offering a genuine opportunity to Peacefully enter into what in law is called “a makeover”, or 'the millennium', which is what Jefferson knew we must eventually face: a real chance to start all over again - Literally every Patriotic cause would benefit immensely by accepting that their goal is not only possible but inevitable by defending that “no BODY is above the law” fixes our mess

BOTTOM LINE: How can consent of the governed be restored without returning to a real
form of law and order? This notion is in effect a ripple that will create a tsunami of Love by accepting that a genuine offer to start all over again is not only possible but inevitable, and frankly only achievable thru Peaceful means. - It's honestly justifiable to admit that we love our country and hate the government because systemic corruption destroyed our civil society Let's take a chance on Love, by getting involved in any good cause that brings us together

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