Your Horoscop….


LEO Long time ago, Leo or I can call it lion was a wild animal. But now, lion can be a good friend of human kind. If your zodiac is Leo, I have some message for you. You have to eat everyday. If you do not do it, you can died. OK? You also have to drink. If you don’t drink water, you will feel thristy. Slowly you will died. But I hope you don’t drink hard drink. If you need soft drink, you can come to my drink shop. I sell many kind of soft drink. I am welcoming you and give you some discount if you bring all of your friend to buy my drinks. (27-01-2002) CANCER If your zodiac is cancer, I hope you don’t have many hands like cancer or I can call it crab. I have some messages for you. You have to store your money. If you don’t do it, maybe a thief sill steal your money. I hope you can store your money at my bank. I promise that my beautifull bank can store your money forever. My bank has a security system (of course). I have some banks in this world. I also have three banks on the moon. If you visit the moon, you can store your money at my banks on the moon. I think you want to know my bank’s name. The name of my bank is Bankrupt. Are You surprised? Of course! You want to know my name? my name is Ghost Phantom. I am the most wanted creature in the world. I had robbed one hundred banks in the whole world. I hope you call the police now. Maybe I am making a robbery in your house. XD. (27-01-2002) PISCES If your zodiac is pisces, I hope you don’t live in the water. I like pisces or I can call it fishes. My favourite fish are whale, shark, golden fish, cuttle fish and so on. I have two messages for anybody that resonance pisces. First, if you want to eat, you can come to my restaurant. You can choose your foods. I have many workers. We have shark juice, turtle cereal, white coffee, black paper tea, many kinds of doughnut, whale soup and crocodile’s eggs. Second, you have to work everyday. If you don’t work, you can not get the money. If you don’t have the money, you can not eat. If you don’t eat, you can die. OK! Actually, if you don’t eat (at my rerstaurant), I cant take your money. T.T. (27-01-2002) TAURUS If your zodiac is taurus, I will surprise if you have four legs like taurus or modern being call it cow. Although your zodiac is taurus, don’t eat the grass. Its gross. I have one message for you. You have to take a bath three times a day. If you don’t do it, your body will make a bad smell. If that happens, your friends will run when you arrived. If you don’t have friends, you will alone. But I have a good place for you. You can come to my hospital. I will check you. Maybe you are crazy. I think I have one message again. You can call me from everywhere. If you call my number, I will come to your place to pick you up. My number is 089628320957. you have written it? I wait your phone. But if you don’t call me, I will call you day and night. See you again next century. (27-01-2002) AQUARIUS

If your zodiac is Aquarius, I have some messages for you. According to your nature, maybe you are a trouble maker. You can make flood in the city. But people need you very much. If you don’t want to be the best troublemaker, you have to school. I have one school. Yau can come to my school. I am the head master. But you can not make any trouble at my school. If you make it at my school, I will call the police. You will be put into the prison. But if you study at my school, you can be a superhero such as superman, batman, robin, spiderman, masked rider and so on. I want you at my school. (28-01-2002) SAGITARIUS If your zodiac is sagitarius, I think you have bad talent. I can smell it. If that is true, I have some messages for you. You have to train your good skills. If you don’t do it, you can not get to work. You can be an unemployed. Maybe your title is the jobseeker. If you don’t have job, you can come to my office. I have one job for you. You can help me make white bombs from crocodiles eggs. I want to destroy famine, hunger, ignorance, poverty, crime, war and its friends. I hope you can help me in my office. If you don’t want it, its OK. I don’t cry although you don’t help me. I have the last message for you. You have to use an umbrella when rainy day. If you don’t use it, you can be sick. You are sick because your army in the your body can not defeat the enemy. (28-01-2002) VIRGO If your zodiac is virgo, I have some messages for you. But it is very very secret. I can not tell you in this media. But I can write the messages in this media. Oh, that is wrong sentence. If you want to know about the message, you have to come to my home. But first, you have to find it. My home stands under the sky and on the ground. My home has fifty doors, twenty five windows, sixty rooms and one hundreds mouses….mice I mean. After you arrive at my house, I give you the messages. First, don’t sleep when you ride a motor bike. Second, don’t eat when you feel hungry. Third, don’t drink when you feel thristy. And the last, stop your breakfast, lunch or dinner before you feel your stomach is full. Oh no, I leak out the secrets. (28-01-2002) GEMINI If your zodiac is gemini, I invite you to come to my school. Maybe you can be a student there. My school is very very rich. It has swimming pool, two football fields, one and half soccer fields, one golf field and one tennis court. My school also has a hospital, a restaurant, a bank, a zoo and one million mosquitos at night. I will wait you. I hope you call me. If you dont call me, I will call you through your dream to night. Sorry, I forget something about my school. My school is bigger than the white house in U.S.A. I promise that you will be happy if you are a student of my school. But you have to find my school. If you cant do it, you lose reader!! (28-01-2002) ARIES If your zodiac is aries, I have some messages for you. But I have bad news for you. I have written the messages on a paper. Then I stored it on a bank. But two days ago, Mr. Flood brought the bank to a far far way place. I could not stop it. So, I could not tell it to you because I forget the messages. I can not find the bank but I heard the bank is on the moon

now. Of course I cant go there. When I have found the messages, I will tell you the messages. First, don’t eat grass like aries do. Second, don’t look at the shining sun. Third, hunger will come if food don’t enter your stomach. I think I have remembered the messages. So you need not to wait fot the messages anymore. OK. Goodby readers!! (29-01-2002) SCORPIO

If your zodiac is scorpio, I hope you don’t have the poison like scorpio. Scorpio is a dangerous animal. If your zodiac is scorpio, I have some message for you. You have to sleep at night and work or study at day. Don’t become a bat, sleep at day and work at night. But if you are batman, it does not matter to you. My second message is about eat. If you have breakfast, lunch or dinner, don’t eat when you are sleeping. Do you know the reason? Of course yes. You can not eat when you are sleeping. But you still can breath although you are sleeping. If you can not breath, you will need life support device. OK. That’s the end of your messages. (29-01-2002) CAPRICORN If your zodiac is capricorn, I have some messages for you. If you want to have vacation, maybe I can help you. I have an island. The island is called dinosaur island. Two thousand years ago, my great great grandfather bought the island. He gave me the island when I was fifty years old. You can stay there. The island is very very beautifull. There are two mounts. Maybe they are a couple. They have a baby. But five days ago, I had killed the baby. There are many kind of dinosaurs. They are stegosaur, triceratops, hadrosaurs, velociraptors, and my best friend, tyranosaur reX. I wait you there, Capricorn. But you have to have the tickets. If you don’t have it, you can not visit my island. (01-02-2002) LIBRA If your zodiac is libra, there are same messages for you from me. If you wanna be famous, maybe I can help you. First step, prepare your pictures. Second, write under the picture two words, Most Wanted. The last step, stick your pictures everywhere. I am sure, people will search you. Or you can call the police. Follow my sentence, “ dear, Mr Police. Hello. If you don’t have job, I want to be a criminal. You can chase me since now. But if you have jobs, it doesn’t matter to me”. Or you can do this job. Kill all mosquitos species in the world. You will be written in the guinness book of records. If you can do it, I will thank you because I can sleep soundly all night. (01-02-2002)

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